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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1867, Page 3

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 6, 1867, Galveston, Texas Flakes Galveston weekly bulletin. 3. I3swisfieae��. In rest. A Jar less. Dads. Alles Sci Dea in italian and quota Erica. K3 a is e a 55. Quot monuments Tomb headstones a a a a in Ini itt Iua it in Quot to Quot incr. Dr5 Rdv is a in to country re live prompt attention. _ a a. Bum a co. A visa it t. U. Udoibe commission. A am it Din Ivi a r c h a n t a tir a a i Quot Iro Torr Farroni. 1 Lodi. ,--txa5�? Given to Tho Sale and Ovy we. Super. Anil for ail ii Clit a from the ii Razos and Trinity Rivers it Rod by pc i policy Xiufu Muco. Utile cd formerly Galve it tou ii id Houston. Lexal n Wislou Ali 1 bulb in boots so shoes 05 Darren Street 3\etr Yoru. A 1 a a Ltd a hand n full Stock t for the Texas Market. And solicit Tho our to tvs Fri amp to. All Ordvin iii actually attended to. A a a a v <1 m i Ltd Damp Lyli i is smut amp co.,. . in i ii merch a n t ii it Ohka i. Havana. A 1 i it Tiu Oidis Fiorin oni i Ion in such in be liar t Otic. It a oui Ini Oti our Elva i in the Trade a it. Palm mph it. Bk1ssnk-k. Pc co. A is y a 6i barktov7. Tnp it it it anti it Alt if iii m res a2ii> medicines. Paints oils vaiimsh1>. A a lots i Ink Ullock Liali Kiln v a to. Etc. R �la&12as amp Hrth a i factors. Galveston i a ok9 so Najj cd a Rio be , 2d floor i strand Street. A t p stairs n. C h a 8 a a i t 0gunj commission Mekch cd is a strand. Glt it ton. J 1-u Schmidt a v0k�ot, cot �>ri., refit in Quot. For Nurding Ani a a oki Rii no merchant a t . Str a Galt a h Rcv by . Tagging. Vil Fattini. Ltd g my Livi is. Of Iio a Ilus a Uli Kiuda. it a a Muir to a Hytt n. W t Rev to. I j st�., go ivc ton to. If taul f. Oswald a co., ukr a \ j for a i Cir a Iier in Jim a Jav Mon and Allt Jlon in Quot i ii 1. T. H. I Mahas. A a. I wis. In. V. Mcmahan i. I. Mcmahan co. General commission merchants a d a. A a dcaler6.,.intoreign_ and. Eschar est and it a a a r. i a a a shop go a co. 1 c i a x g e and lies i a eni Loii .v2erc Liante. Oft do to. Co i so a n a Galuti a . Min a Van Ltd is f i . t i it band ire to Fiji duh ool Llavet. . Bure. Neilt Ujj Romu ii Aii Exchange no Vav new a a a ans left la us Pou. In aft v la. I Atud , j us a a Sivri v a. Ii. Chino11. Go Ituk i t h i \ a s v a Canth amp co. And Lian Liers. a a _ Wool. Fly. To the Nar to it Day to jail a wit Eft Dock. A. Wiio Lesalie and i ail Gigot j a Iti to Chi in Aid a a Cliart w you Tantle d Gro a la to Iuit much a a Louii. Lutat iof in a i in. I it Ard. Cd fam sour Kii tip vie. Almi. La orn Ltd a a a Cne in y. To a Arr to and a a iut a Vawl 1 i a Jim adj la it to Ioina Navy a Lylda n a 7. N. Zap a i1>on, Lysat r do Ali i a in pm Stag i i Ancy goods a its a a unit do a strand. A a Ives to. K f u us. U r.0 Vav n a c o., a is p. Ii. Vienne set. Lii i Ortiz i and in i uni i i Ltd anti Domestic Hai i a a i. I . Us w a us. Tin la to. Mikut Ikon disc n Nolab Iron a ii. I to. If iii iut ret Foj Alvaton Texas pm Elsif jims n. It m i m a x t a it t Jik k i Uealer. Is. Mir Strec-.d.lorli 11 i Oil a a it Rufii i i-.t1 i am a s ii Iiri Kiili a. R it tall a and i a steam in Jinks avd a it Quot a to Power iii ular saw ills \ to i Ali a Ottil to i t��?o1 . Ii i t i Viilu r a it i i hour grist Mills. M i 1 i it ii Walrer Avik ii and in Viry kind Mil a Suai ,.l Uji it a and milling Mur iii i in a i. 1m. T Ank arc., fur my Ami Salt Potuin u a ii re Ike. Vertical Lili Tise a Iti a i.imi.-i. I Nuin it ii ilk a Fiill latin a Len rms la maeliltte.�, Quot a Pri fit drills steam la ii. A. A a r i�?Tusip.�?T. . Snet iou pumps i let i it Itu Elir screw a run Luif tiny Pulley Iava jun4.-r�. Kuril ice ail Leathier Lieut ups. i it not her hot i Lutol a Anil Oas slum and Jan in Uipi it steam nil v Ator Maui get i tii i Maeli Iurii Ginaj Ltd Woodel in Bijj net Iines Darnelia Plain in machines a Glnnth say la Macli Ivien the ii Nikii a. I Ower Merti Cini machines. Liomin Alae lines. T Linin Sla Tenning Ive Larsa v Nelies / Wii Pitit a patient Hiroi sawn Patent Elt scroll sawn Tien Lar a Ilir Mill Phi Quot lit lies Ervins m,i1h. Lui Lary and mining la Uinn a very d Latip Tiomi Mai at a railway supplies. Thu an w u factoids a met a its. /.vi. a .xas. R in Cit. A 0�?~.uliima re by -�.ji�t-. To Tiiu old h he Public Cie Auy. Oct i i Umidi amp i i a it Nir n. A in try in ii ii a Fiat , a i k Sennit t amp to. A jux st .�xt�?.houbton. . Pm clan saws a la ing Sadmir Tkv . A dec 1 iii stay is j. Fht Klitin a toy Factor Axl cession m p r c h a a t. Galveston. A apr tag Sto. A. Quot i it n. A i a i. Name amp Ltd. Jav Viool factors it Cossi Mercia its i Truid . Made ail a a Coltton i it Wooi Ito for Puent to european it Amer ii Uia it like Jim ilk.i j. Zigi i1 cot ton gins cd Lon a ins Cotton gins tailor i�?T.,. Re Wii Rou Lioni Craver _ kneels for and Mccartlin Cott gins with in ims Cir lion Power Ami rest Ureil Lor tie Yale stoic. Iii Lor Bale at tie lowest Pigiees. Yom Ordein Hii 11r1v elicit by. De div Twain Lylea "77 t. N. Quot Vearil Hwy fit a in endless a Uris Din it in it Jiahui Galveston. . So amp zip Ler la y b r 0 e e los Irani Galveston. I. Dilli i co., caves Tod and Henderson Lial Irois. covet the United states Eastern District . Texas. N. A. Cowdrey and others �?�1 in chancery. Tyg. The Galt Stan Honston and order Henderson Railroad a Nipa appointing by and others. _ i receiver. 7 Ino Ion win. G. Hale Esq counsel for complainants Nuice thereof being duly served the defendants and upon the complainants and in Fec iavits 3d by Tho complain ants. And the court having heard Hon we. P. Hill and we a. A esq., counsel for the defendants a and. Having considered the affidavits idled by defendant. Opposing said motion now. Non consideration thereof the court doth find that it is necessary for the care and preservation the mortgaged premises sought to be subjected to the payment the claim the complainants As set Forth in their Bill herein filed that 8aul premises be placed in the hands a i receiver subject to the order the court herein. It is therefore hereby ordered by the court that Tipton Quot Walker esq., be and hereby is j appointed receiver in this cause with Power a to enter upon and take Possession the rail Road the said Galveston Houston and Henderson company and their entire property real and personal and Galveston Houston and he Deison Railroad company successor to the first named company and their entire pro Eric real find personal and the Galveston and Houston Junction Railroad company and their entire property real and personal and the premises claimed by the real and personal estate association to have been purchased directly indirectly from the said Galveston Houston and Henderson Railroad company from persons claiming to have been judgment creditors ,e said Galveston. Houston and Enderson Railroad company except however., the real estate purchased and held by a said association in the cities Galveston and also All supplies materials including fuel and Oil wherever situated belonging t sad pm Panneb. Or either them and Pori if y All either them for the use i the said Railroad and. All Side tracks. It witches. Shops water stations and turn tables and also All station houses and Ware houses except those lots claimed by said j real and personal estate association in the cities Galveston and Houston and All Loco a motives engines a cars and rolling Stock every kind and description and All tools and Impi Emerts used la operating repairing i said Railroad in j her property provided said Railroad �,tm>pgim7<r&p-»Flt-i�?~-. Them., tor by said real estate association Quot and also the moneys credits i choirs in action books papers and All other property real and personal belonging to. Said Railroad companies to either them by whatsoever name the same May be known r designated and the same to demand and collect by suit otherwise and to retain j hold use and dispose under. And subject to the order this a cart any Jude there i . To be made in this be Hilf and therewith and with the income and a innings said premises until otherwise ordered , court some judge thereof a Iid receiver in the corporate name Sidd a Railroad company arid by the exercise its corporate -franchises,1 shall maintain and keep in repair the said rail. and Tarry the same and shall transport persons and property to. The a for the interest All parties concerned. A and to this end the officers agents and employees said Railroad c Injia Nies either them having the custody control said i property Aid pre Pises to be taken Possession by said receiver As aforesaid Aro hereby i ordered Ana re ii Lorth Nith the request the Sai , to stir Rva Iier the same to him. His agents a employees and the Legal and control i it All and singular said pro Jieri and Elf acis Vest in said a Eceil i mini mediately upon his taking the oath and the Bond is Herci waiter a it quire. And the Aid receiver is hereby authorized Ana empowered to retain and ii ploy such i c-bas>e2, agent , la Boicos account ants clerks and assistant As May to reason 1 ably Nece its by in do r him to Carr this order Inte sect with econ Niy and Pience and to it that end sublet to the ther order 1 this Conn any judge thereof to approx pirate to Petty Toney and. A f , together with the current i e mines the said Road. And the business to i be carried in and about the transportation j persons and property so. Far a it the same Quot May be necessary and in the coi orate name said companies either then to 6 enter into contracts for the obtaining supplies. For prosecuting said business,.anu for putting and maintaining said Railroad and equipment and ruining Stock in proper repair and condition. A it is further ordered that said receiver out the receipt the business the premises after paying current expenses pay irom Dinie to time As he sh. be Able is to do t Legal tales and assessments the prop r in his Possession by virtue this order and any rents due. Or to become due for the use and j occupation Quot premises belonging to third persons companies and associations also the j balances due and to becom Elotte to other j companies with which the said companies j either running arrangements in reference to the transportation persons and property and amounts due and to become due for injuries to cattle along the line the Road and to property transported by said companies either them and amounts to Bee oui. Due to third person is companies . Corporations not parties hereto under contract for the line. rolling Stock in use by the company and the property other persons not parties hereto and also pay the interest falling due during his Possession the prom less re Quot Iho tons tour Quot Trinity Quot an Quot a Tyler Quot rain Road company and May make a Quot suitable to temporary Ana gement with the City Otoi to a. Plum amp Bio role amp Alo dealer in -7. Drig and Bocea to Lons etc., in a trend. Gale Chiton it i ,dev7<l Trooda ii in front us Riding. A Galveston for the use the Railroad Bridge across in Bay. And that the receiver j to permitted to borrow Money in the Namo the companies defendant either them to anticipate the reasonable Ielicki Botito seipts the Road to enable the receiver to meet existing engagements and that when tie Eurll so borrow he shall forthwith a a a report to the court the Stem Borrowe d and to time the loan has to run. 1 i Ltd it is further ordered that said receiver without unnecessary delay upon entering upon his duties shall make a schedule inventory and apr ailment All items property with an Apt description the same which shall come into h�3 hands under this order and All chosen in action and evidences debt due to said companies b r either them from third persons and file the same in this cause. He shall keep in systematic order full a Connon his receipt and expenditures Money by himself an Ltd employee and the Gross receipts arising from said business he shall Deposit in some National Bank Banks Good credit in Galveston in Houston and he shall not use permit the same to be used otherwise than in pursuance the order this court and he shall within Twenty Days the Cloe each Calendar month and oftener if required by the court file monthly statements the receipts and expenditures and a like statement All liabilities incurred by him during Tho same month which shall remain unsatisfied and All liabilities and dues others incurred during the same time to the Trust in his hands remaining unpaid with such other accounts and statements As May be be necessary to a Clear understanding the condition the Trust in his hands at the period covered by each report. The receiver shall make and return a separate inventory and appraisement ail the property which comes into his hands and is claimed to belong to the Galveston and Houston Junction Railroad company to the real and personal estate association and to shall also keep Clear and distinct accounts to he a led monthly Quot showing the respective a id relative receipts and earnings dec out to ail such property fair reasonable estimates hire their for As distinguished from the property the Galveston Houston and Henderson Railroad. Said receiver Iff hereby authorized at his. Discretion to dismiss from his service any agent employ co said companies either them and before entering his duties under this order he shall take an oath truly and faithfully to discharge his duties As receiver herein according to the Best Quot his skill ability and understanding in conformity with this order and such other orders As shall be made by the court herein from time to time hereafter and shall also give Bonds to the complainants As obliges payees for the use All persons interested in said receivership in the penal sum Twenty five thousand a dollars conditioned for the True and faithful performance his duties a a receiver and for the due and faithful payment Over All the moneys which shall come into his hands As such receiver according to the order and direction this x ourt a to be held for the use All persons interested in the subject matter this cause. And the said receiver is hereby further authorized and empowered to audio and adjust All accounts against 6aid Railroad companies either them for supplies labor and materials furnished to said companies either them for the prosecution its proper and legitimate business and out. Of any surplus earnings Over and above the entrant expenses operating said Railroad to pay said account and it is expressly declared that this order is made without prejudice to the rights any persons not parties in this cause and that such persons May at any time appear and make tech application for Relief As May be then respective signed j ohs a Nyat Ocsus United states judge. Messes. Clip a an amp Hast Aonya a we cutly Cotton Clr clap feb 15., our Market during the , under review has been Niode Ateiya Active without however exhibiting any improvement in Price. Exporters were willing to overrate close margins and As holders evinced a willingness to meet their views the business which was transacted gave More appearance returning life and animation than it has been in our Power to report for some time.,each Day the receipts at the ports Are eagerly watched and even slight reduction at Auy Given a int is seized non As an indication that a general a falling off must soon Fol Low. Indeed it is the opinion both buyers add Sellers that receipts will close much More rapidly this season than formerly. There is now evidently greater Faith exhibited the part exporters As to theft Ture ruling the Staple than at any other period this season a proof which is exemplified in the fact that Only those expressly compelled ship by steamers a sailing vessels being rapidly called into requisition inasmuch As Quick transit is considered not Only unnecessary but even a disadvantage the shipments being intended to meet a Market when Lancashire is actually assured that the crop cannot possibly exceed one million seven Hundred thousand Bales which estimate is More generally accepted As a maximum than any other. Cotton goods Are better Gray printing cloths and most styles shirting advanced j to �c., Witti better demand. A to Day our Market is Strong figures readily offered induced in a Init a sure by reported telegraphic advices from the Southern ports a probable reduction receipts to sixty thousand Bales for our next weekly statement. The sales chiefly for Export and speculation comprise 5,100 Bales. We were rejoiced last evening to Welcome our old Texas Friend d. Vej Hardson just returned from a trip to Scotland and now his Way Home. He comes Back in rude health and All his friends will be glad to Welcome him Home again. As one the compilers and getters up the a a Texas almanac a a Long ways the Snorf Val Nablo publication Ever issued in the South . Ii. Has a Nade his name widely kilo in. Great Linc Cess has met this work but no More than it merits. We repeat that . Richardson a friends in Texas will be glad to see him Back 0. Picayune feb 23. Emma Hardinge Long known As a Aud lecturer spiritualism is preparing a a history spiritualism in America a which will be published in two volumes. She has collected a vast amount curious material including personal narratives contributed by zealous believers and full accounts the did Erent manifestations which have taken Placo in Tho United states since the first Peai Ance the Fox girls. Miss a Quot is Dirige Quot has find shed her Public engagement at Dod Virth Vilall and after a Short Tarry in the West will return to England to Complete her Book. Hop Fultn Raja Wisconsin. Kit learn City correr polite new Sentinel. Of the Mil Wake Quot the getting out hop poles is becoming an important business. There is now Sinco the fall Snow a grand rally to Supply Tho growing demand. Those with teams and unable to pay speculators from so to $70 per thousand Are Rushing for the swamps Supply themselves. There Aro Large Tamarack swamps both sides the st. Paul and Minnesota Railroad track Between Ionah and Lisbon. These poles mostly transported by rail. Of the Othir Large swamps one covering Large tracts in the Vicinity tins head Waters yellow River is the most prominent. Some portions this swamp extend to within a few Miles Point Bass and grand rapids from which Point poles can to transported by the Way the River to within a convenient distance. The poles will have to be drawn from five to right Miles Bat inconvenience will be counterbalanced by the advantage being Able to raft and run them to their place destination in the Spring in time for use. As the swamp at various places touches close upon the Banks yellow River and its tributaries it would be much easier to procure the poles by the Way this River were it not for Tho log-driven4 in the Spring which would obstruct the running that the pos would not. Reath their destination till in Morffy cases the Middle the summer .there.js.fi. Fine swamp the norther Bank and near the Mouth the Lamo Ziwier anti also another within four Miles directly Back from the Southern Bank the Wisconsin in the Vicinity Lisbon. Tom Arak poles Aro the lightest and most durable but where they cannot be conveniently obtained Oak poles Are used. The greater number hop Yards Sauk county Are so Distant from Tamarak swamps that Oak poles which grow abundantly a most localities Are mainly used and where poles cannot be got without too a Reat amp Cost twine is used so that one Polo to a Lill will suffice., a i As there Are plenty hop roots and they Are going to be cheap from All appear Neil it May be safely estimated that the number new Yards to be set out in the Spring will More than double the present area hop ground in the state a machine a lattes Boes. Undoubtedly the contributions Quot from thin country for the Paris exhibition Thich will attract the most a a attention will be our wonderful mechanical inventions. Our reapers mowers sewing machines etc., will excite the. Curiosity and admiration All european observers As they did at the worlds fair a London. In the latter specially we shall have something new to exhibit which is Likely to Surprise even americans themselves. We a Lade to the sewing machine work upon Ladief and children a boots and shoes. the other Day several specimens this work at the store . Edwin c. Burt 27 Park Row who has devoted his whole time and energies during the past for years to the perfecting machine work the finest character. His Success has been truly remarkable. Every portion Tho process making shoes is now done by machinery. Tho shoes for come i Wear were made with comparatively Littie difficulty but it required More skill to manage the More ornamental styles. The latter task has been accomplished however find now . Burt is Able to Send sixty different specimens the machine work which for Beauty delicacy finish and Chaste ornamentation cannot a a a believe be surpassed anywhere. These shoes All which were made by the Howe sewing machine Are All colors materials shapes and sizes and Are Fiji shut with a degree . Extravagance that would not be attempted in the i be there Are four slippers for instance which a Tild not have been made by hand for less than one Hundred dollars. Indeed it is doubtful if the work could have been done with such mathematical accuracy in the Graceful stitching by hand. Some the achievements in this line would have Quot been regarded As utterly impossible a few years since such As the exquisitely ornamental kid gaiters spotless and untarnished White fitted to excite the admiration every lady who look at them. How the work can be done by machine without soil ing the material is a mystery. A the Howe machine by which this work is mainly done is the one which won the a highest Premium at the London world s fir and the six first premiums at the new York state fair and is made under the Immediato supervision the. President the Howe machine company Elias Howe jr., who is the original . J. Postie saw some shoes made by this machine and by the above maker at Grey a Sheldon a they Are magnificent specimens Tho cobblers Art. Quot indians As mail Washington chronicle learns that the Sioux Indiana now in the capital propose to guarantee by treaty the safety travel the transportation the mails and supplies through the country a claimed by them and also the safety the Frontier settlements in Minnesota from All depredations from hostile Sioux other indians provided the. Government will authorize the org imitation not less than two Hundred and fifty men belonging to their bands under an officer satisfactory to the indians to be appointed by the presidential that a purpose. Tho compensation they require for their services they put at sixty Doit sri per month and rations for themselves ��3 a to lilies and Grain rations for their horses the. Indians furnishing their arms ammunition hordes transportation and equipments every land a thus making the actual Cost the organisation but Little if any greater than that the same number troops cavalry Arm the service while their pm Cliency in repelling attacks punishing depredations hostile Indian is far greater than that the Ordinary cavalry Soldier. A these indians have been used very successfully a scouts for the past Hirw years a and their services have been highly spoken in connection with the Protection the Minnesota Frontier and the prompt Iti ont the hostile indians attempting to reach the settlements

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