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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 6, 1867, Galveston, Texas Weekly h a a --w�?2l a a i i he a amp Phr a of \ a lug i in fit a. A he vol re sgt = amp to o a Ltd via we Kyo r l. A Galveston. Wednesday a ion my March 6, 1867. . 1. Telegraphic. I a Ahkii Noton Feu. Is. A the president Quot and a a Pruey a a Genfan Rivere in consultation the entire Day on the message the interest in is intense. is currently re Porten nut the judiciary committee has had Quot my knitted to the accumulated evidence of of eminent Legal Talent. The opinion of the lawyers is in favor of the feasibility of impeachment. The friends of the Tarioli Are in despair democrats Are jubilant Over the Vic i toy obtained through the dejection of Veurn kit publicans. The cd Uon is Over one third which keeps the Bill in committee of the whole. The president. Has signed the Bill i Vii the government employees to Hii per. Cent Advance. To a salaries Quot a counting Iron ,lv.�?T y a ave i 1 i a president will veto the tenure of of Sci Bill. And the military appropriation Bill. The to adult a Lii h gives generals of the fruit i Cubar a Quot a i. Has been a Reudy reported the i amendment disband the militia i a Nurer mated . J a a lie democrats had a Jollif cation Over the Rei Usai of the Ohio legislature. By a decisive nil. , not Quot a me Franche Law. 1. 1 be Secretary of tire Treasury Lias to Lcy lined of an Quot Rani Matioli of English me is to Quot smuggle Roods through Canada i lit l a Bill is in the Senate in View of the Lailure Tariff these air a a Orrence in the Houte red Utu is regarded As probable. The House con Eon Cuirence. In the sen a zip uie Hundred million three air cent Ioan certificates redeeming Compaq Ufa p interest note conference appointed. I he i Iuse refused by a in Ltd majority Talle the bankrupt bul und jointed a i coi. R i. Ten in Yozie Mireh 1.�?george Wagner for Quot Jig his wife Ivaa hanged Halifax. Wyom. Alar ii 1.�?money easy. The by exceeds the demand. Call Loans 50, 6<rcent. A prime discounts cj�7i. Gold cd firm_aul39j, much fluctuation d no the Day. Foreign Exchange quiet to Nylon a for i inc Bankers Bills. Govern Eit securities. Lower on Gold , steady Aust of open Board and Kiriu after Call but Visout activity. A Vashi Agtos March 1. �?11 i . vises in session no part a Greet of the message flight l. The Washington ii publican caucus elect cd Ole president pro i. He nomination of anyone Marrio appraiser merchandise for new Orleans rejected. The Senate Quot passel Quot the Itu Erual Revenue goes to the House a the naval appropriation Bill res mod the House conference on bankrupt Bill , to seventy one. still m session. March 1.�?<�ov. Swann a to the legislature declining tie sen or . He says the Honor was conferred solicitation and he was so strongly. I Hviid Xiy men to retain the Quot ver Norship that he did not Leel Liberty 1 Consul individual preference. Foi Tunis March commission r tester held several magistrates. Under a for refusing negro testimony in fifteen a a undred dollars Tii ii a to appear before the a strict court. New Yoke March 2.�?stocks duller and Quot tidy. 5-20s�?coupons 02. 110�?Tf/ l o co of. Money c per cent. Exc Iai of 5�?~-. Nys r sight 94. Gold is a ship of Sti . Quot . Louis. March 2.�?the Cental system to int into operation yesterday. To Dav to officers Koss Browne that the Rich Niit tee of conference. This a kinds Regardi a ineral Are worthless for agriculture to a the friends of the measure As a sure mid a lower California. To ions of its passage. I a Rev Yoke. March 2.�?flour lower. Wheat a number of now members to the fort i i a of a inborn lu2c. Lower. Pork hade liar nor. New most $21.30. Lard a six any and drooping bbl 12 to �3-. Whisk. Jim quiet. Pm As Ifni . Cotton Dull 31 or meddling Uplands. Freights Dull s new Yoke March 2.�?Cotton Dull and under Large receipts. Sales Coo Bales �?T,.t Aifa Lic. Flour Duil and unchanged. Heat Dull and Droop inc. Corn closed firmer a i a mixed Western. Pori tinier $21 00c� Congress have arrived. I new vow fab.-2b a Gold closed firm Kis n 140. securities go Orr Telly during the Forenoon although was not fully no to the highest pc of the Moru Iii. Stocks steady last of Tiomi but inactive. Mining stocks Gen a firmer.i-Day. And rather More Active. A Stock very Dull. 5-20s�?coupy 11mouey up a cent. A >21 50 for new mess spirits of turpentine in Case of Cap. Olney arrested a 4i 73 i .7o cents. I ism. $1 5ufvi 0 to. Virginia has been Kubr cilia pics quiet. Freights unchanged by governor Fenton to the attorney Gei Iora arrived Sappho from Newborn Munh amp to judge Mii Tindale of the supreme Cov c from Liverpool. A a alabainar�i�?~-8-�?Iltcided.The__Etnancip,o i Ewo a Rusf. Feb. 2. Cotton Lucett cd proclaim anon operative m Low 5iiddiing, a a a a. I a v i �?T.0 receipts 74rrr�?� ,_5 i>2. Sugar 28.�?ptomero, theve 3 rec Ivea an Kje re no on inning a d quiet. But. Firm fair 12. C. Molasses Iltz Lle 7. Fiona Dull sup Trine $11 25. Corn to i by an 1 . Litt a Ltd. I 12. Oats Dull. Hay Vancha aged. Pork la nor mess $22 00. A of 13� i a i. 40 j i v.1-. New York sight half per cent 1-. Ilmet a i a a w a in 2 p m. A the veto w a on i can mi.n<r, irrow z a a a. I. ,�-. L Ltd. 2w. Tobro co nov Gojii 1, March 1. A Cotton firn. S mid Bali a at�?T31 a ii 2. Flour Dull and dec . -wi-j.- a Lull and Tim lying. Corn. Western. î-1 -07. A opinions Are e air Liis Keyin Fai Quot Demaud s2� .t2 i a. Ilice ijw�?T.. Sugar steady. 0 f i a. R.-.eight-, Kiriu. Stocks Active. I tit a i Irlich uric an . Good a ,\1 a per i i. t�ii.la.s. March j. Sales of co to Day. A 100 Baies Low middling 30 n.3l>ii4 receipt i of the week -25.57ti. 20,76 Bai. A ,., 2 a a ecu on hand 2 i5, investments mexican Ponds. Tiu i 1� to March ?wrr4iwb�h.4sa� jitnl4oalus-Uonie. Latuk a 1 he Bill a to ssh a the Al Jirjis i the to notwithstanding by a vote Vii a i5 of 47 , March 2 a the Buijk a tips Bill and Ges to the president. foreign committee reported adversely to. Re of Utica to protect the rights of americans a Mexico and the a i a rce Tny of claims of Sanction. Tho authority Given amounts to absolute despotism. Agreeable to his Power he May Delegate despotism to subordinates the Bill declaring he shall punish or cause to be punished. This Power was denied to English slings Tor. Five undred years. In All that Titae people a pealing jibe English language have borne no such servitude. reduces the population of ten states regardless of color sex condition and strangers within their limits to degrading slavery. May lie answered that officers Are just and humane and doubtless they arc equally so with other classes but the history of. Tho world As has been a Ritten show the danger of unrestrained authority. is almost inevitably tyrannical when under a stranger appointed by unfriendly Power was tried in Hungary and Poland resulted and aroused of the world. In Ireland though tempered by principles of English Law begot indignantly and denounced cruelties. The French convention arming deputies with similar a Power sent them to the departments. Massacres murders and atrocities followed. A irresponsible a Deputy never yields v.iat.Law done to Esi. have we Power to establish and e try the measure into. Execution v certainly not deriving no Power from the Constitution or acknowledging its balance of the message consists of an elaborate constitutional argument embracing copious extracts. The speaker replied to n question that two thirds could suspend the rules rendering filibustering out of the question. Tiie Bih passed. 135 to Washington a March 2.�?the Senate Ujj Josed the Bill adopted by the House increasing the duty on Wool. goes to the president Tho indemnity Hill passed and goes to the president among Ither things forbids the civil courts Federal state and territorial for hearing prosecution for acts done under proclamation or military order. Nays of the Senate on Sherman a Bill Buck new Cowan Davis Dixon Doolittle Headrick Nesmith Norton Patterson and Sauls Bury. Absent Brown Guthrie Mcdougall and Kiddle. The legislature appropriation passed. A conference was asked on naval compound interest Bill As amended by the Senate passed the him so the Nebraska members were admitted to the Senate and the parties participated in yesterdays voting Thomas who contested Arneho a seat was allowed wages and mileage since he commenced the contest is steel Hundred dollars. Arnell retains his seat the new Wool tan if is twelve cents per Pound on Best grades ten cents on pm and ten per cent and Valorme. A from the nays on the Sherman Bill Jiu the House. Ancona. Berger Boyer a calf Cabell Chanoler Cooper Dawson Denison Elf ride i ills gloss Breunner. -.goollyear, aug of Kentucky Humphrey Hunter Kerr of Kentucky Kendall , lr.-Wick, March Mccu Loeh Milbank , Noel Phillips Leadford. Hitter lingers Ilos seau. Shakhn Silb raws. Stillwell Stevens Taber Taylor of Tennessee Taylor of a Norw York. Xu3riifon7 Al a Quiej �?T\viir3, Quot of lit s. Flu r. , Prie i >1�?T., i i d per .i.,. Quote a i Ood Milijan �.21 a Liri Active a super $-11 25. Easter a �-1 h in 1 10. Of Iii cd pc. Flay sj7 he prime Western. Pori a 1 Atid Firth or a to a a a oir.d, s21 a .22 a a us sed or 1. Is. In bulk. In Rov Sions Dii if Lio 6 Teu a 12�ci mh1? Gold l3&ifn, us Vori sight a to a i sugar lower Ady rates. Sterling mi1 new a Vii int. A a was a i of. March 1. Serate. A a resident s i to of the Colora Iii b la Vas i ride. David a vote i pay Silig the Bill i Teakell. 1 yeas 2 a nays 10�?� Huc Balew a Civan. Davis , do Lisl i 1-.fmundn, Fessenden poster Grimes Heindricks a a Hiason Midot Gall slow i Nam with no Ito i Patio son and Salsbu a. Tilt Coli Siderati in f the Tux Bill i Hume. A to e removing taken. Cd a the last vote the state Auric not recess. Coli Smittee. Of Tho Whol in a i fixed tic la. ,�?~2 cents v to tid y. Unimportant. Hoi or in. I ii in i Lucy Bill. involves Leven and Uil in a no. The details elicited a heated Deh provisions were adopted allowing nothing Dai Iii of participants in the rebellion. I privations Lor the White House were Reni i ainu Iii ninth appropriating 5>0,00 for by Ria a to until i men Aro Al. Wed to vote in l itis aria up a cd whole in matter Vail ��1 c 3 in til. The postponed. very dilatory Lleces. Intense excitement relative to the in prevails. A a Long a a Biliet consultation result edit to not ii is. Cum in Ile Luy. In a a . Tacit a import Ati cuu thu Ucero Meriu a Dos Zuments. I Washington March 1 president a l proclaimed Nebraska a state of the i �1 i a Iori. The semite mud about sixty a Jet Orji. On Tereice committee report a Tir a l interest notes adopted. a in 1-sue of per Petit loan c fifty millions Only so do be . The tenure of office veto was read and ill passed . By a vote of 35 ill. Executive session. House prot feedings i of generally cute in est if. Until she arrival of the a message 2 a Ujj Cut. The galleries were Jamed. The president says -.- that he has sex anneal the Bill of provide a More efficient government for the states. The Case i hic i is of trans Eidt in Polauco awakens re a interest. 11� is unable to assent for a -asr.n-. Grave that he Hopes the statement Eric ref Wil influence a Ned 5, Yeii. The Bill places ten states under Mill try . He combats the preamble. His in a Irma ion shows people have United in rear i Mizing their governments on a basis of Senate to tip a peace the face of the Bill Quot shows its object i not place. After the states adopt measures a Tori Only objectionable representation will allowed without Rete Ruoco to the Security f life and property. The Peai cult excuse for no Bill is admitted by the Bill to be false. Military Rule is a a a Stablish 1. Not for the pre a a a Tiou of crime but for the a adoption of odious Laws in character scope and Etui without precedent or authority. Al Pablo conflict with the Corfi tuition Ami destructive of blood bought Liberty. The wer Piven a Gen end being that of an Basorto monarchs will. The i.e.7 determines the a Goth of person and property and disposes a lands and goods within his District and by his own criminal code everything criminal which to denominate crime every a on a huty Ai Xoai Jle Cpd no e Ira. Need make no report. Ile Cau break up i Urta and jurors. Criminals Aro to find by military courts of Bis own. Making officers Jii his subordinates. Instead of mitigating be harshness of a Tang to Rule Tuch a a id Divide the Despou Ibi lit a a of making 1.�?governor Fenton Taro cruel and unjust. Several provisions and Captain Olney. To be discharged i to j. by humanity introduced in the Bill ground that Tho crime charged in Quot Thucie. J stain of Liers. Ore inoperative. Each of ii on did not justify expatriation Thuja void ing the political question involved. March 1.�?horace Fely negro recused of a harder Caffea big i a i built Tran execute cd. May define cruelty us cording to his own a Siper. Gag. Lush Ball and Chain lie within Hoice of Tho military Ruvi Dodg of the Bill he May condemn to j without trial thus avoiding executive Kentucky and Winfield the tax Bill As finally passed fixes the Cotton tax 2i cents passed. The judiciary committee reported that immediately alter the impeachment was to than or. Ashley submitted facts supporting the charges. The committee worked without intermission. Tuo investigation Eov trs Broad grounds and has not approached completion. / he evidence was placed with the clerk for the use of the Sconi Mitilee of the next Congress. Sufficient evidence was gathered to justify and demand Jurther investigation. The Senate is engaged in executive session. The speaker of the House a engaged Siga ing engl Osseo Bills to night. Ii ogers submitted a minority report. He says All the proof has been carefully examined a no evidence a sustaining Tho charges. 1,he grounds of impeachment Are utterly found Tio less All Tny a proof his been before the committee n High has beet very kudu suitts. He deprecated farther As tending foolishly to excite the Dix has been confirm tried minister to pans and Hugh giving to the Hague. New ionic March 2.-�?captain Olney was formally discharged. A a new March , Sacramento from Newborn Manhattan from Liverpool Merrimac and general Grant from new Orleans. March 2.�?the judiciary committee whitens impugning the motives of the officers of the government is constrained to say that they did. Exec be duo Iligir gence in arresting Surratt. A Boston March 2.�?the equitable life and Marine Ini Durance company Twenty get years standing has failed. Tai ii ii March 2. A Exchange Hofei a Burlot. R Wasitis Tok March 4.�? All the great appropriation Bills except the deficiency Bill have parsed. The latter including the pay of Southern Treasury agents Over which there is a big fight. The military Aijiro privation Bill involving the disbandment of Southern militia end placing the general of the army in b great measure Independent of the president and War department is Noc vetoed or signed. Adjourned. J. bankrupt deficiency Aud array appropriation Billu Are waiting the president signature to become n Law. Jinx Yoke March 4.�?stock Market excited 5-20�?Tb c2 coupons 110j. Money g�7 per cent. A Exchange 60 Day 8i. Bight pfc. Gold 138= new Yosuf March 4.�?flour 5@10c. Lower. Wheat Dull and nominally a lower. Corn Dali a acid drooping. Oata Dull. Pork without dec Itil de change., mess �21 45@2i 30. Lard Dull a we 12013�c. Whisky Dull. Peas drooping. Cotton quiet 31@31ic., for middling Uplands. Freights quiet. Log Jeon. March -1�?noon.�? Consols 81.�? Bonds -73�.------------------------------- live tool March of Citon probably reach 10,000 Bales. Prices have declined one eighth Penny since last re port. Middling Uplands 13�d. Middling Orleans 14d. New , March 4j�?havana advices of feb. 27 confirm the reported defeat of crate stud his death Maracaibo. The troubles in Corabo were about to be adjusted. The expedition to Gounod for the proposed submarine in blk. Yulch started from Havana on the a ill inst had returned with a satisfactory report. The Small pox continued to Abate Matanzas. The United states Steamer Shenza sailed for Vera Cruz on the 20th. The Winooski was to leave on Tho 1st for key West. New York March -1.�?the Herald s mexican correspondent says Miramon .-Enriy stated that Hindman was corresponding with the imperialists with the Hope that the Empire and confederacy might so work together As to make both successful. New one Law March la Cotton sales 3250 Bales. Market easier. Low middling 30c. Middling 31c. Receipts 7,215 Bales. Sugar and molasses Dull sales and receipts Small. Flour Dell sales Only for retail business. Prices unchanged. Com Dull and three cent lower. Oats Dell and two cents lower. Pork firm mess $22 50 s�?T22 75. Bacon Verv Dull 10i, 12�f�l3i. Lard 124 Gold 1384� 138�. Quot Sterling 4si@49i. New York Sigil half per cent discount. New York March 4.�?Cotton Dull and declining. Sales 800 Bales 31@31i. Flour better feeling Southern s1o oo0s16 00., Corn advanced one cent and in fair demand mixed Western is 07. Pork firm 2i�.�? whiskey quiet. Sugar firm sales 1,200 Hhd Musco Vado 10�@1u�?T. Coffee firm. Freights unchanged. Stocks excited and lower. Gold 138�. Five twenties 103�. Arrived Aibe mrle from Litchmond. Queenstown March 4. A the australian has arrived. Washington March 4.�? the House organized and proceeded to the election of republicans nominated Colfax who received 127 votes. The democrats nominated s. S. Marshal who received 30 votes. Brooks referred to the a Iet that seventeen states were unrepresented. Of which seven were of the original thirteen and presented a protest from the democrats against further proceedings. The clerk refused to receive the a totes. Cd fax then a est med his seat and the members were sworn. Colfax Iannou iced that the presid signed within the Legal time a Bills passed within ten Days except that a appropriating fifty thousand dollars for the Paris exposition which was not engrossed. A protest accompanied the a inv approx Ria Tiou Bill to the four so Inge feet a Xuereb Are provisions in the act to which i must Call attention. Tho second Section contains provisions virtually in certain capes depriving the president of his constitutional a nne a on As commander in Chiel of the Ansty. Tho sixtieth Section deprives states of the Union of Tho constitutional right to protect themselves. Atlanta March 4.�?a Large a Public meeting held to consider the condition of the country and resolutions approving the terms of Sherman a Bill acid the course recommended by gov Brown was rejected. The meeting then divided a minority hold a meeting tonight. The majority recognized and passed resolutions consulting quiet submission and can rate ring the Billas harsh and unjust and approving the Noble course of president Johnson. The Southern people should not barter manhood and Honor by accepting the Tenis of the Bill. They recommended Southern governor to take stops to test the constitutionality of the Bill. Ave Ochoa. March 4.�?a meeting was called to consider Brown s recommendation. Opinion was divided and the press agitated. Tire Iron tour papers favor and the rest opposed . Anxiety very. Great. New Orleans March 4.�?the annual Celebration of the Pire department to Day was a of splendid affair. The weather was warm and pleasant and there was a Large concourse of the people. Washington. March 4�?the income Tariff on Wool includes nil Woolen fabrics. Considerable excitement on account of misrepresentation regarding the signing of Bills. appears that the officers were too modest in disturb proceedings a the House Laid them gently on Tho table. Tho bankrupt Bill is o late with others. A by Means of their own militia these provisions Aro ont of place of the appropriation Bill. would to compelled to defeat necessary appropriations if i withhold my signature. 1 sign with the greatest reluctance against Tho provision named. The rules of the last House adopted except during that this week a bail due in . To suspend thera. Carried by 130 to 30. Add Jon Ned. , Wade was conducted to the chair Forney Secretary. Adjourned. Jet is not probable that the president will Send a formal message to Congress before tomorrow. will to Vorva Brief. Jeus Oprah news. Londo Fob. 28.�?the directors of the Atlantic Telegraph company hold a meet beg on the 12th of March to determine what i a. Dec tins shall be Quot made in the rates of lotto the Atlantic Cable. Yii Nna feb. 2s.�?the turkish garrisons will be withdraw from the forts in the principality of Servia. London feb. 28�?evening.�?a Geneith feeling of distrust prevails in financial Cir Cir. Stock Market prostrate. London Moroh 1�?evening.�?consols close re 91. Bonds73. Liven Rool March 1�?evening.--Cotton closed firm. Middling Uplands 135� atm a Long 0fet.uit3sdr gales 2,01 0 Bales. London March 2.�?noon.�?consols 01. Bonds 73i. Ooi. March 2.�?noon.�?Cotton opens firm sales reach 8000 bides. Middling Uplands 13gd. Orleans 13�?T. Bread stuff s generally unchanged. Pay is. March 2. A dispatched have been received from Vera Cut which state that communication with the capital is interrupt thereby preventing the transmission of a Liilian s dispatches. Sti ,. A Barcli 2.�?the Czar her urged the Porte to cede Candia to Greece. Live Pool March 2.�?evening. A Cotton quiet and Active and showed in tendency closed firn middling Uplands advanced quoted 13ad, sales 12,000 Bales. London. March?.�?Tho colonial minister a has resigned for reasons connected with the Reform question. The Reform Bill will be presented to parliament on the 11th inst is reported that dispatches have been received Here reporting that War has broken out in India. A fp.aksfor, March 3.�?bonds 77. Berlin March 3.�?to-Day Herr Simon lib chosen president of the North German parliament. The Ping of Prussia gave a banquet to tic members of parliament. A Sambo Havo you fed the pigs Quot a yes Maeson me fed Mem a a replied Sambo. Quot did Yon count them a a yen Massa me count Mem All but one Der be one Little Quot speckled pig to frisked about so much ins a old no to count in. A Asen Orleans arc scent pc club Quot Washington March 2.�? half past one of clock to Day the galleries of both houses i Congress were crowded for the purpose of witnessing the reception of the veto mess amp go of the president on the military Bill and the action of Congress upon the message. There were also a number of members elect of Tho next Congress on the floors of the chamber a when colonel Moore announced the Wece Piiohia of the veto message from the president in Tea House. A after several executive documents i com paying the veto message had been read to the great trial of. The patience of Tho House the clerk proceeded to a a the Reading of Abiy printed copy of which had Butren transmitted to Tho Hoose a Loyin .<inu4ts.-imppiant_ Points All marked emphasis the Messing Evcic listened to for the most part in propound silence but this was broken by occasional derision from individual Niem Berc and the conclusion, Reading of the. Document characteristic bursts of laughter arose from the radicals while the democrats applauded the message with Aries cordiality. A a a a order Havi no been restored to Lack. Stevens moved Quot that the Blouse proceed immediately to take action upon message bin yielding to Eldridge and Joe Bloid who Showes a disposition to resort to parliamentary tactic of for the purpose of prevent aug that he Induc Cili Blaine to introduce a Resolution providing Fox n Siison Ensio of the rules. This having been done the speaker Colfax announced that Luis a predecessor had held the right of the last ten Days of the session to sus spend nil the mles in the digest so As to pro j vent delay in the passage of any Bill j Leblond appealed from Tho decision of Tho chair and made a motion to take a recess and for some moments was thought that a repetition o similar appeals night prevent a. Tinal vote from being reached. was evident however that there was a Lack of organization and cohesion among the Jemo crab which i a result from being attainable and the rules having beep a to Ere fore suspended the Voto was onco taken on the main question. A the Bill v.fis then passed Over the veto of the president by More than the requisite majority the speaker Colfax nevertheless recording his vote so As to leave no doubt of , and the announcement was received on the floor with characters a applause. X rna. Wasiuk Niton March 2�? is Asce Rameil Apon Kun Lucient authority that the majority of a the judiciary committee will submit a report before to close of the session stating that its their opinion satisfactory reasons exist Lor continuing Tho investigation into the proc edition to impeach president Johnson the session of the next Congress. Icy a incline however to submit to Congress portion of the evidence they Havo taken. Or. Rogers will present minority report setting Forth in pop there is not a particle of evidence to Sii stain the charges suggest to to ,-<jr-t6-Varraht Tho Quot tempt a impeachment. What Evidine risk been taken this report a Ould show to Boci Fitich a character As would not for a moment be admitted in a court of Justice. Tho Baton a Kongo sugar planter says Canji a too scarce there to make much sugar be Foo 1sc9, by which time there willbe Plant Anil Zaitoon care enough to Makoa full drop. Why is Bingen in Germany like a pig amp aria Tea is on Tho Shine. _ year ads Airal Fletcher u. S. N., has Besa decorated with n Cross of Honor by que is Emma of the Sandwich islands

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