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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 24, 1867, Galveston, Texas Flakes weekly Galveston bulletin. The Confederate loan Alec Lonj or Cotton loan . Of the 2<>tli ult. I meeting of the conned a rate Cotton loan bondholders was held at London l in. Ii. A Admiral la a. Mlis who occupied the hair said the meeting had been called at the request of a great majority of the bondholders who assembled in their committee room on the ctr of january. It Wissi Lulu a for the purpose of laying before them the second report of the committee. And he wished to. State at the Lansi rim-.-, that they had done their utmost ill tin matter which was of mgt much importance to the bondholders. Hear hear l h Vej received. To begin . The Best Lef it Al opinions which could be obtained in this Louii re with , Nii Djie wished to. the mind of the bondholders to an idea Lii bad got abroad that the loan was not a Legal one. I it via sir Hugh Cairns and or. Ilei Irv Cotton had expressed their opinion that the loan was perfectly Legal and they were moreover led to believe that the southerners it re at the present moment perfectly willing it allowed to pay their quota. Hear. Har. J the so called Quot United states were determined that the Money should not lie paid and extraordinary part of the proo Editto that not Only did the. United5 i Stales wish to punish tin Smith in every pos a sible a a Mijc. But desired to punish the Bond j holders of this loan through them. 15y All inter Liht ional Law the w hich was the Roll Illel or l dec United the debts it . A or. Prussia. . Had conquered j Hanover. And had d debts . Appeared that the i United states were . to repudiate those of the South. A iie"i.op-71. t7 Udalof Diu a a be it let it establish their claims in a it with the Cotton loan. At thu a dior of the chair Man Lead report in the c Smittee. An a i which has a a ready appeared. Or. it it a Little a Dot Ali of report. Or. Lung a a Ltd a Suud the proposition. Or. Harris it the committee had Metis realised the to a a run sent on the subject of the loan. Tin u the affirmative. Or. Harris to. Know if an answer had b. In receive. To the memorial. The chairman said hot y Hud a a Cei Vedan ii or in in. The effect 1 n Jav made in connection in a. . The tribunal would 1 to. It. A -. The other. Hear. In \ Quot. Tin of hot to carried. �?T1 i Quot car j a i i solution he 1 t. A Nkia it was. F Ile solved ,.s i i. Dings a. .vt-4,, . Veri. T of the. I nitty states to recover in to. Ii a i hand French courts i a Mlo a it the Lite ii Derat. -. The utri import to to it a. Ltd e.aint�-. Claims should 1 a a a i,.- �., holders of i a. A eos. In to tha the. To t e r .i3 a a get i requisite in a i a a. A a \ be. Diners in .-hr-.i-. Ltd tills r r. A. In i Liv tip a1 t a t Haeeun _ a i. Ii a were r .i.v--. A tii. the Hope t a tsp. La_i_t>.�?~-.--i Bli it ved t he j a i try entity -. D. 11 a it that v l a i �?T1 had . .1 Miichi their tin. To it. And a in mint it in a Iaid a. It but i Enid it a in via ,. A. To a to ii h chm. �?T1 in a 1 had m at Aii. A 1 Vry 1 Ahi hip a at d and i Ahi to tin it i Mitt. L i y ohi.���?d the opinion of 111je 11 ,.-, it inns to Counti a a Hon. A. To. A Sullin Ltd new late m tor of the t. Listed to 1 Ortu Al. Or. O Sullivan had Jive to the foil win Jii Kinin a in my. U a. Ban a air ? ,ljkaliil._4lih_______ . By a Aust the Sverd states referred ail tale a dict i of the lab lie the it Uttah Siam Public debt while at a same Triin the ftr in Tovern Niento. It "�?T.��, it Al of Tay . J. That the Rpiiihatioi am indic. Its Inive been a 11�r .1 to Ilion. A,.pted by their. Respective i Tat cd not Inatio. Have no can Titu Tioila a i Holt can b Eady a a oked la y have and olist11ute not a Tlle Tivi id Tacle Alra inst their a Nie it. T. The it a i Sutlar in Uillutiit t it the l i Deral Cut it t to , i it Ely to be. Id . Ill a 1 it it ii to Tui Ilia a lion j prt.tic.d i Mpeditiiir t their it it lit i Van if it an i . Hit they will a a ild Aud a a t it it i a. To the Utti i Quot appii.t�-. A ii it a d v.i v b it in lipid it t i. A a tii ii t or Ltd a Ai a. .it wus or. Wtn . I to a i.d,.�?~.j.0,1i-i in it to. 1.1. -. . In 1 tail. A 2tat . The country and that a 1 a ,Nvii d t a1. A it 1 c a Titre ,.a-. V. H to t y due. At the . A i. The ..ii.lle, ,. Was b 1 a 4 to. I arts m tin , to. Cint a Stull a a a All Liin ii a tii ill or tin purpose o in. Iti.tsi in Ray. Tie it to. A a , 1 a . A , ii to. C i a a i a it \ .<-1 j tin a i Edint. In i of with it. The it oni Mitti i Iliad of in 1 t Pnan of noun a 1 he Lar thy aiil.i ii to. M.ittr, Aivil th1 i. Arts Iez i enl Nin to whom Theyra. Erred til .iu. R had a >.�?�. Sed himself and Slizis should ii. Instituted on a nit Cut the bom holders Avau a a his ter. . It to. The arne.l a a Nian Tat d that it b an expend be Ope Atiim. And tin it Quot in Maui tree desired to Leav it Nitt the a i to Dit a they h jul l Tak a i. A Din a in the matter. Southern pious Ray. Tje Quot extent of millions Stai -. My it was Lor tie i bondholders to say with i the should taut to. Cur the Aiu omit do tii 111. 1 j Bandhold wr Widlin. That Ali. Y should it to so. It would of course be necessary i r them to Suji ply funds for that Purpo i. Morgan Vish it it state that a subscript. 11.11 had air Ady Bcn hit Anil the i commit i. D Siim d it to be ,\-n that 1 in the. Vent of the elders not thinking it Worth will to air ced in the matter the i won it it Quot Lelu Neil to it it Trio a who had Quot Quot a a subscribed a j or. Tucker mi"�?�.-Su-,1 that the amount re i qupied i uld be Rai by tax a the Bonds instead of. Sub Crip inns. The Bonds to he a Shari Ipei on by Injo . J. My Morgan said that Ruih thy raised a i Lai him Lorth pure of a it Tun the ques to it i in which they were int a st Ltd settled a i at Tinyk dime it in thrown in Tenn a Viv. Hai. Har. A a 1 h a Hail Naii r i Matthi a that Many persons. Hud i�?�-�t.--1 to be Imprcssd with the idea i that tin loan v. an illegal one but that a�?Ta not cori.-.-. A Vniiid in sen fro the a 1 a it Al o ii Nii Lis had Ben obtained. A a or. U. Toni a Aid to. Coli Mitt a had served j notice. Ii the persons Conle iterate j property to. Art wish it. It so Oihi a in Quot ioi3 a i Vith to the Kuyi est ions inside by or. Tucker nud ultimately. Or. Harris proposed Tho second Resolution with the following addition Bonds be dealt in at the Stock Exchange unless stamped by the committee of the Confederate bondholders having paid the sum of 16 percent to enable that committee to carry the above Resolution into i. Bingley seconded the proposition which was carried new. Ilis. Or. Hurvey moved the next Resolution which was follows a that the holders of. The 7 per cent Cotton loan have committed no breach of International Law by making advances to the Southern states on the Hypoth cation of Cotton and Tho loan to the said states being a perfect Legal transaction the bondholders 1ier Dot a Host Soleine Lily protest a against the injustice and illegality of the United states Congress or the Legislatures of the Southern states passing any Law which would prejudice ten in lights or the contracts made with such states Aud that any such proceed ing would be a direct violation of Tho Law of nations and fatal to the Honor and Liulin Cid credit of Bot i the United and the Southern or. Tonart seconded the motion. Or. Morgan said that it was Well that it should be known that All the Twenty live. Cent Bonds of the Northern Stales were illegal until they receive the Sanction of the Southern slates hear a ill hug her a and perhaps they would lie Able to see the opinion of he most eminent counsels on that subject Quot before Long. The Resolution was carried unanimously. Or. Howland then proposed that the thanks of the meeting and of the Bondholder Quot enery ally were due to the the great attention they had devoted to the Protection of the bondholders interests and that the meeting had every Confidence that they would Lead to a settlement of their claims. Or. Solix seconded the proposition which was carried amidst applause a the chairman returned thanks on Behall of himself and the committee Aiter which the proceedings terminated. A o. Times special Washington april 10i learn to Nigut from All authoritative source that the at-1 Toniey general has not Given an opinion to the president Hor Lias lie been called upon to give his opinion upon the tenure o Ollice Law notwithstanding the intimation or surmises of or. Sumner who said a Lew Days ago that such a communication find been prepared by or. , and been Quot delivered to or. .1 . The decision of the solicitor of the Treasury the Points of which i gave a few Days ago was submitted to or. Stanbury and by him Cour urn re in a this a tenure tii a Ottee two seems generally to be misunderstood and a should the Quot Senate adjourn before the vacant Are i 11�. 1,teat and Trophie will in Ali ill be it interest will lie jeep wiil live the special Morrow in Viw tensile and t a a died. Tii attention of the Biliet 1 "1 lie probable adjournment o tin Senate tomorrow aft . construed by some the dec native has no a Nnttie Kitty to appoint a Petton to ii 11 an a be. A lil a n Whei c the a Senate ll. ii a d without t continuing tin of tie i Rem dint. Und a he construction for example.�?T. The citizens Cincinnati will Emir Cly deprived of postal Laci ties Sli Ould tii Senate adjourn to Morrow without continuing tin nominee of. Taylor now Beton them and who by the Way. Has heretofore been rejected by the Senate. Wasi ution. Panl l i. A under act of mar h 2 i 1.sii7. To rim Birse the states of Ohio and Indi Itilia for moneys expended for eur poliing. I equipping Aud provision aug the militia to Aid in suppressing the rebellion the Presidio it to i Day Aji pointed the following commissioners Viz for Revet major Lett. Silus Casey Fez Graves Aud Tohn i Stonehouse of new York. For Indiana a. Phelps of Missouri h Obinson of Illinois and Frau Wal Ford of Kentucky. In answer to daily applications to the administration i for la theirs of introduction to our diplomatic agent sign Europe Aud especially in answer to the letters of visitor so to the Paris exposition Secretary Seward publishes a circular letter stating that a strict and Long established Rule of the forbids the department to Grant any such letters. Obvious Public reasons demand this Vuie. An Elfort has been made recently to induce the president to make i a Large increase of .e army Lor service in the Southern states and in the Indian territories. Under the Law the a can be increased to nearly double . Present lore. Or. refuses to increase the Lorees believing it to be Sulli event now if judiciously managed. Ii. Sides it shown irom numerous ct.-, Otlie Aud private daily received by the administration Tom the South Thill the people in the.South-, pm states Oiler no obstruction to the a ecu Tion of the Laws recently passed by Congress. A letter received to Day from a prominent citizen save lie has been in new Orleans Lor several weeks has. Mixed the. People Aud Linds the most perfect Good will and Loeling existing towards the Federal govern. A melt a not the slightest desire to oppose the i. Administration. The Only turbulent spirits her Are Northern men whose aim to pm Duce. T rouble Aud get up which. May. Lie .iig__ o. , Mil ice. capital for political. Parties in the North to the injury cd the South. The negroes Are peaceable and have found. Out that their like iils aide their old Tonko Kmeil Oil a fur. Skoot nations. The austrian government appears disposed to think no More of any influence Over Southern Germany Only ambition now to Strong relict the amiable conduct of Prussia a a in designing to inform it of the treaties of Alliance before they were published. Such at least .the sense of the following a a communicated Quot note in the Vienna Joji reals which says it seems to important to Point out that the government of Prussia gave confidential communication to the Imperial Cabinet Asfr-bi"kusj�?Ttbe-13t�?Thinsrrby tlre�?�orgiiu-6ftliir prussian legation of secret treaty passed Between that comity on the okie Side and and Baden in the 1�?~jth, in giving the information above mentioned the prussian minister added that the. Treaty was to be interpreted in a purely defensive sense. A Only it ii i skiis Aiyer March 127 tin. Sort a Abandons Johnson. A a gentleman whose chances of observation have been excellent has just readied this Eity from Galveston having Visi i d nearly All the principal towns in the Gulf and Seaboard slates. He says the wont notice Aliu fact regarding the state of the Public a find that the Dis affected everywhere a Rai idly transferring their Hopes from Johnson to he supreme .-,7ii co t Rrt Zulli Quot april a terrible murder id Cata. Lav line Corroa Olence x. A times april i. But the Case which has caused the most intense excitement among All classes being without a parallel in the annals of crime in Cuba has been the horrible murder of a German peddle named Maas who Well known. By the citizens of Havana having for years visited their houses for the purpose of disposing of his dry goods Aud fancy articles the deceased had lately opened a Small store in Trocadero Street but continued to sell about the Street before. Of Batu Day evening last a Man came to the Bouse and proposed to or. Maas to accompany him to the Cerro suburb where according to Bis statement a dry goods merchant intended to dispose of his Stock at a great sacrifice. The wife beg a ged of him not to go seeming to have a presentiment that evil would befall her husband but he Only laughed at her fears and after putting one thousand dollars in Bills and about one Hundred and fifty dollars in Gold in his pocket started out with the stranger. or. Maas had not returned at 11 of clock the wife became uneasy Aud informed the police but nothing was heard of him. The same evening a Carriage with two men inside drove to the door of a hotel near the outskirts of the City and asked tor a room at the same informing the landlord that they had a heavy trunk which they desired to leave themselves going about town for a Short while and that they would return at 10.30. The room was promised ten a and the trunk placed in the entry remaining there a All night the men however not yet returning., Oil sunday after noon some dogs ran in from the Street com Inen ced smelling about that trunk and setting up a piteous a howl. The attention of the people was drawn toward the trunk by the strange action of tie dogs and on raising trunk to see if a rat was underneath the Bottom of , the floor was covered with blood. The owner of the hotel now became aware that some terrible mystery was con Liei ted with the truck sent Lor the police Aud when the trunk was opened in presence of the authorities the body of the unfortunate Maas Cut in several pieces so to put it in was Louis Al ill in of the hotel together with every waiter guest Aud in fact. Every person about the premises was immediately arrested according to Spanish Laws and Fil aced in jail where they now Are and Are Likely to l Emiil there for some if other cases May be Tiik ii u criterion the police roused from apathy went to work in hard Earnest to discover the Mur viewers Oil monday afternoon the Coachman who had brought the two men and trunk to the hotel was Lound and informed the police Vii Ere lie had taken the trunk from. The pulic. Went to the indicated place a House situated in the Calle san Nicholas Aud arrested All the in mates. several suspicious look a a ing characters were found who had already done the state so service. The. perpetrators or originators of this foul deed., have not yet. Been Lound All the arrested parties Are Ilii and the Man who in veiled t lie unfortunate Maas from his House Aud brought the trunk to the hotel was French according1 to in accent. The pour i Are registering every ship in the Bay. And it hoped that Thefi-Richm-.�?TMay-Bo loud. A Maas Joyed an Excel Lent reputation for sobriety and Industry and leaves a widow and two Small children to mourn his untimely loss. Or. Maas formerly resided in new Orleans Xiii Galveston where he has a brother it a Large commercial Bill Silles. appears that the indians on the Plains have been Conte debating Lor the purpose of inaugurating a War of sex. Termination. The Montana Post of the a the ult., gives the Folio Wing information to their movements eighteen Hundred lodges of Sioux numbering three warriors to a Ioupe. Under chiefs lied Cloud. Iron plate and White Young Bull Are encamped on Alio it Quot to fifty a live Miles from fort Smith. The crows bloods penguins Cro Ventres Aud Sioux indians have made peace among themselves Aud joined in a league against the Whites. About eight Hundred lodges Are yet North of the Missouri live but will Cross Over and Camp near the muscle Shell River soon Spring opens and after concentrating their forces the confederation will wage a War of extermination against the Whites. They say the Whites have occupied their Only Hunting ground that death inevitable and they prefer it in the Battle lather than starvation. The commandant at fort Smith Don t expect to be Able to hold his position and it thought in reinforcements do not arrive soon a the command will come to Clark fort of the Yellowstone. A Paris correspondent a Short person undoubtedly 1-. Responsible for the follow aug paragraph a colonel Norton doing Admiral Lily in Paris exhibition commissioner and has made a Host of trinds. He quite Frei clip in appearance very gentlemanly in manner and about the same size general Lux. In parisian society Small sized men bocce de much better than tall ones. Or. Bige lows great disadvantage was his very tall a a. Lire and his Stern editorial look. Such a person freight the Hgt a i ii Isle of Paris. Thiers would never be the popular sni a Man he if lie were uni of a convenient a pocket size a so. That the ladies May talk to him without All the Wuy up. We very Fang in to their charming littl.-, a makes englishmen so Little liked a general tiling by ladies. Their never ending size Merle in with their Success with the Teri Der a Quotgendero a Quot ii exp Wienck. A the South must learn Wisdom from the past Aud we Are gratified to believe from the tone of nearly All our Southern exchanges on the part of the Whites and from Tho almost Universal sentiments expressed by the coloured people at their Public meetings in various parts of the Southern states that this lesson being profitably Learned and that the Souton by Wise action maj be a great gainer even under that Law. Which her people so much dreaded. The evidences of the determination of our people tojnukethi2._mosl.ut-o�?Tur_pr�m� it in Itu Atio Are multiplying every Day and show that they Are generally resolved to use rightly the effective instrumentality which their opponents have so unwisely placed in their hands. Quot two believe Trio South has reached a turning Point of the utmost importance to her future weal Iid it therefore urge Unity of. Action among All her people White and coloured to bring her up out of the Slough of despondency to life activity great"es and Prosperity. This can be done in the Way indicated nud in no Jiki Multi a.c. . A / thursday night before the a closing of one of the terms of the Ohio a University at Athens some stude.n tried the old prank of smoking the faculty in their rooms. The re-7flit was expulsion of three. Student met he suspension of two. Why do the tool Mimas eat Ihu com Anglica new York Lew person Are. Aware that we have cannibals among . Yet we have a a them. The Tonkawa indians of Texas Are cannibals. Many years ago sex governor Runnels of Mississippi informed me that the notorious colonel James Bowie Tho inventor of the Bowie knife assured him that once when he a was with the Tonkawa they killed a Comanche Warrior in a skirmish who was duly cooked Aud ten up by them. He added that the Tonka Wasj out of compliment to him their guest offered him a piece of the Arm of the broiled Comanche which he from curiosity tasted and found tender and palatable. Some afterwards. Or. Powhattan 15. Archer of Brazoria stated that after the pm twin Creek fight lit which he was present and in which the texans aided by the Tonkawa routed the comanches he saw the Tonkawa warriors Cook and eat some of the comanches that had been slain Aud left on the Field. Still later divers of the rangers who were in the raid Aga inst the comanches in the Wichita mountains in 1857, where the Texas troops Wero accompanied by a considerable baud of Tonkawa warriors who acted their allies and guides stated that they saw the Tonkawa Cook and eat a Iron jacket a a noted chief of the comanches whose Iron scale Armor pierced by the bullets that slew him now hangs in the state Library of Texas. The Tonkawa pressed them to participate in the feast made upon their foe holding up Choice morsels to them and saying a Comanche meat Good a and seeming Hurt because they indignantly declined to partake. Only last�?oweek77 an Quot sex Lieut Nahr of the rangers assured me that after a successful fight of the Par. Of the Tevius and Tonkawa jointly against the comanches the ton Kawas was usual with them Cut up and broiled Aud roasted a Comanche chief who a was Patnou the slain and annoyed him by their import unities insisting that he should eat a slice from the leg of the Comanche which was done to a Crisp and was displayed before him in order that he might be tempted to partake. The Tonkawa told him that while they ate the comanches and vice versa neither of those tribes ate White people or other indians. He added that there Are now not less than Twenty disbanded rangers living in or near Austin testify in court of their own personal knowledge that the Tonkawa Are cannibals. A testimony to the same effect has been Given by officers of the regular army of the United. States who served on the Western Frontier of Texas before the rebellion. The proofs Are cumulative Aud Art unquestioned. The fact that to have caries cannibals among must be regarded established beyond a doubt. Not very Long ago the tonk.iw�, Wiio have Ever been the deadly enemies of the comanches and the fast friends of Tho texans lived u roving sort of life along the Frontier. The comanches surprised them. Placido their first chief was killed and with him a major 1 Ity of the tribe including the women and children. In consequence the Tonkawa who Lead always been distinguished for their bravely. Ami who within the memory of men not yet old. H id been quite numerous but had for years a been continually losing in their unequal contest with the comanches who a ire the most numerous and powerful of the tribes of the South West were sudd Only reduced to some Lu or 150 souls All told Aud thus were compelled to leave Tho Frontier and come to Austin where they now Are to claim Succour Aud Protection from their White friends. They want rations and clothing for Tho present Aud a a Reserve of land farming implements stocks seeds Aud instruction How to use them for the future. Their first chief Castillo and their second chief Chia Hoke have stated their condition and made their requests. The commander of the a. S military Post Taus i tin. Furnishes them with subsistence. The a legislature of Texas has made a appropriation sufficient to Supply Hein with blankets and clothing. The Tonkawa in their Intercourse with each other speak their own language though most of the warriors speak Spanish and some of them English but their acquaintance with the last mentioned language very imperfect. Chia Hoke the second chief of the Tonkawa and myself have become very Good he Duke stands English quite Well bettor than one would suppose from his Mode of speaking. Quot while going to dinner to Day i saw Chia Hoke waking briskly up Congress Avenue in the direction of the sixth a. S. Cavalry which lies beyond the Capitol. Thinking it a Good Chance of satisfy Ziy curiosity Aud to get a truthful answer to a delicate question by putting it to him when he was off Eis guard i joined my Cannibal Friend who seemed to be in a Good humor being dressed better than usual wearing for the occasion a cavalry hat and being painted with care and after exchanging salutations walked along with him Aud enquired where he was going. He an Jweied speaking by jerks Indian fashion a i go campy draw i requested him to Stop a moment which he politely uld. A a my Friend Chia Hoke Quot said i a a i. Have Al. Ways regarded you a very Clever sort of a native american and hence ask you to do me the favor to answer a question Why Tonkawa eat the comanches it because their flesh Goon to the taste because you think that by eating a great Warrior you acquire his Courno acid or it from in insatiable feeling of revenge.?�?� a my Friend Chiaook leered upon to and a cunning smile such you May have seen a Little boy assume when questioned by a playmate to the Quality of preserves confidentially confessed to have been pilfered from his mammals pantry and a inward Cli Uckle replied the eur queries made had evidently at first brought vividly to his memory Savory morsels of broiled Comanche wherewith he Hud been wout to regale himself a but immediately it seemed to Leash across his mind that in the estimation of White people cannibalism was disreputable he stopped Short. Upon being pressed to give n further and Quot More definite answer he would Only Saya two bits whisky a Maui thereby that lie would give the information sought if he was supplied with Twenty live a tents Worth of whisky. The Noble Savage had become Cie bashed he craved for the a Firu water a that no less than pestilence Aud War had wrought Truiti upon his race. This disgusted me so i took leave of. My Friend Chia Hoke who w ent his Way. I had seen from the expression of his Coli Ute sauce that suspicions were aroused and that the adage Riuo Veritas would not hold Good in his Case. No fiet had been elicited from him save that in his judgment the flesh of comanches emphatically Good to a eat. Quot Quot the a pc anime Almuth a a tribe of a i tic indians to bit inhabited the coast of Texas were also can i Bals. The vonlc.uaucahiia&Quot said to Signil j a Maii Iley oui Eil. Letters their Asi nil a Quot pronouns div. Liviu Quot tin English Sulu ill Olti a Huff. My curiosity unsatisfied. None but the chiefs and principal warriors of Tho Tonkawa can give authoritative answers t6 the enquiries stated. I shall watch each Ono of them when he comes from his Camp to town and when an Opportunity offers for a private and confidential Chat will propound to him the question that disturbs my mental repose. W. A. Austin Texas november 30 1866. Pacific Ballinny. The completion of the Pacific railway has a ceased to be a dream it a by steady Steps and the end of nest year will witness a surprising forwardness of this Gigantic might to difficult to. Say which was really the greatest undertaking of this Active age were not Tho claims of the Pacific Road of that title out of the reach of Competition. From the Missouri thas already been pushed Forward More than three Hundred Miles now operated while from the Pacific Shore it has progressed one Hundred Miles eastward to to made 15fi Miles by next july running up and Over the Sierra Nevada mountains whose Summit it tunnels at an Elevation of 7000 feet and thence making an easy descent into the great Silver Plains of Nevada. The traffic on that end of this Enterprise the Central Pacific Railroad was at the rate of $1,409,000 in Gold for the three last months of 1876 and the Gross yearly earnings Are s3,000,000, two thirds of which will be net to carry the. Interest accruing on Bonds Anco Complete construction. I 12,000 chinamen have been All Winter at work on that Section of the Road and 10,000 More Are at once to be put of. The Sierra Nevada Range will no longer stand the Barrier Between the Pacific and the Plains. Tho Loco motive engine will by july be hauling freight to the mines and carrying Back the swelling products of their Industry. When this great undertaking of a Railroad across the continent was first proposed Twenty years were assumed the limit of the for completing it but it now demonstrated that Tho work will be finished within live years of the Day when it was undertaken. Government has granted generous Aid so to bring Down the interest charges on the Central Branch with the Aid of California corporations to but Little Over half a million of dollars on a line 156 Miles Long. Rapid Progress will be made on this Section during the approaching summer. The advertisement of Fisk amp Hatch offering the first mortgage Bonds of the Central Pacific on most favourable terms bearing a Gold interest will not escape the attention of investors. No better Security could be offered the traffic of the Road increasing with such rapidity and the interest charges being Only 2i per cent on the outlay. The future of this Road Well assured any Success can be before it wholly realized. It to open an entirely new business future to the Atlantic and Pacific shores and make the population of the United states the most Active and enterprising on the face of the Exchange. Austrian Opl non of the Elliet of the prussian Trca ties. From the Vienna press March �6. Henceforward there will be in Bavaria a civil King Louis ii and a military one William i. The fundamental Laws of that country will be similar to those of Japan where Power divided Between the tycoon Aud the Mikado. And although it not to be presumed that the notables of Bavaria will rip their bowels. Open in Case of a collision among their duties the practice among the japanese there nevertheless a Strong probability that this division will be for them the cause of disagreeable conflicts. The dependent condition of Bavaria will be above All manifested in foreign affairs. Who abroad from this will care Abs our the government of that state when for All the eventualities of. Wiir it has transferred the command to Prussia and has consequently deprived itself of All personal initiative in political questions it a All Over with the Independence of Bavaria far european diplomacy concerned. She has placed herself in the Wake of Prussia and every foreign Power having political questions to discuss with Germany will hereafter address itself exclusively to the Cabinet at Berlin. If Bavaria should henceforth entertain any thought of allowing herself the luxury of representatives at foreign courts these gentlemen will occupy useless posts because the government will not have forgotten but omitted to suppress them. Tho King will be no longer anything More a in Japan Thau the spiritual head of his kingdom. That we May not be accused of injustice let hasten to add that the direction of the theatres Aud musical institutions without however including the band of drummers and lifers in the army will still remain in his hands. The function Al currency nuisance,.�? from Belleville 111., we receive the following communication hic i explains itself. It needless to say that we Are in perfect Accord with the writers feeling regarding the fractional currency nuisance Aud Hope to see it abated very soon Belleville april 10. Editors Missouri Democrat. not about for the Public to inaugurate a War upon our present miserable fractional currency especially that part which counterfeit ? the writer of this has heard tha assertion made by practical business men that lit least one half of the ii Ftp cent fractional a Are counterfeits. It Inis got to be so now tit a child cannot be sent upon an errand to pay for a4 article Aud receive change without some such worthless trash being thrust upon it a Cor Tauly this intolerable nuisance has been borne Long enough. If those emitting counterfeits fire convicted a a. sure to Pardon them out to go right on in their criminal practices. T. The question arises cannot the Secretary of the Treasury Issue from such plates have been least counterfeited and retire those that a Are most counterfeited surely if he can a it to be about it t7 Dickens according to or. Mackenzie of Philadelphia certainly coming to this coun try. The doctor adds ohej.s_in_treaty with two parties one in new York and the other in Philadelphia to come hither toward the close of the summer and remain six or seven months Here giving readings dramatic readings they might be called from his own writings. The idea of his i York Lessee that lie should toward the end of the fashionable season at Saratoga Long Brauch and Cape May and subsequently go through the principal cities of the there has a singular fatality attended the amusement in new York that a do not advertise in the a these in succession have been destroyed by fire since they joined in the fight against Bennet barn Uuie a museumo4-14,�?�. Broadway Academy of Jusic new bowery theatre and win. Good people think Tho Herald in league with the Devil and this maybe taken sure proof of it

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