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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 8

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas I Regar lug the provisions herein contained since removed from office. Sec. S. And let a Quot a null acts or parts of acts in conflict with the i provisions of a a this act lie and the same Are hereby repealed and All offices and with Indian a lairs in Coli a Mia nut provided if iii this act be and the so iii hereby abolished. A i re Ovi i a april 8, 18g1. Chi Vici incorporate ii iii the a a a a strict . In. Enacted by the Senate and House of 1. Pre Viita Tives of the United mates of in Wii rest assembled Sayles a , William Elmer William lib Tes k a a a. Milbank. Andrew m. A Nyiry Wil Uiti. Iki Silwin . Gilman 1. C. I or .vv. Rovn John Green and Gamaliel 7 and their associates and assigns be and v hereby created a body corporate or name of a a the Union Gas Light i Pauy of the District of Columbia a with a a pity,.i manufacture and sell Gas be a Coal. Zinc Oil tar pitch peat tur a Are. , other material and be used in the City Nln a Washington and Hie Laud any buildings Nian Ulac Ltd ii m-.-, therein situated and Lay a i 1 pipes the Purpo eol conduct a u any of the avenues streets lanes <1 the Aid city1 provided How. V. I the said company shall so conduit manufacture and Lay said main and a ,.s Creati a nuisance in injure r a r a a. a i i Quot re Jik Quot property a a ii i pro d. A in i the said Mains and pipes. Laid subject such conditions and in Riv with such regulations May . A a ii 1 in a by the Munici authority of the a v i Washington and the right erect a a a .1 a i ii any a buildings apparatus or Lor the manufacture of Gas. Shall i Quot a such regulations and restrictions a and Pri scribed a -i.1, municipal authorities of was Liing. 2. A in tin. Cd i i the said company shall not he a i Hundred thousand for ,. One Dollar and the said a. I. be i ii \ idea into shares of each a shall be deemed a. I and be tray Lel Noble ili Sueh. A a Tae by a v.-. No Saivii company May Avi be Ruth a , a. -.Lay. Ai i a Quot this a i approved by a a a a a i in i d stats the c in a a e pm the. R.-Cte u. Ora a. -.-r. La Ivy i iii Glt . A a a a a a i u Lars. Diali a a. J a 11 ii a a e p. I sen a of Joop be liar i kept be Ell in a i his of a Hiim noon an. A a a a. La aft Roo. A or a period of. I. A tia by a i a a a Udo Longi r i re 11 pie i rile and the. A of a a i in. Notie of in a a Aid b res a l. I v a a . ?.� a the a a k via a Ety a a a. A a. T a. A a tii o. _ b. Tic. . I Fiat Ltd re . The tit in Vei i. Ataa Quot of iii want subscribed by a a a a. but a join a ii a a e p i,.1o ivc the Sana a a pit a shall be null nid void. A i Quot a minimum Ane nut of the a. Ai a a company. ,.s in the. A Taia shall 1 be been subscribed. A a per Neatam Thi ref paid a a the said fori a a arms. Or a majority Ata a a i . A iii a i then a of. Of the others shall within tit teen a ter Call the first meeting of the a of. Said a a lib inv. To., be held place in the City of ,\vu.sh- a. R the in of directors of the a. A. whereof notice shall be Given r ,.ito Iivo Days in least daily pull shed in. The City of washing. I a notice thereof signed b v More of said corp orators and raid on each stockholder and in. A. A a of the stockholders each share a the h older one vote tie a. A a a Pison or by proxy. And lie path a enacted. That aaa i and Diletti ii of the of Aav -1. Of Quot a \ a ted in the. Boal d of -. Cap i. Mber, v. Kot a adj . An Wiio All hold the. In r a the. 11 i be a. Aad Tirik a a a a. 1- a d and Ltd 11 i i i a a d take a Del and tie said a a c. A a a in Lilla 1 a a i.,. A a o id who Elmili Al in a a e , and a ia.,j. .1-, a a i and a a Plo Rimi a a i Sii i Chou a 11 Casari a. A e o a i v. A Salici i Sec in i by . A., laac., 11 a tic.a.d e feeding dollars and fifty cents per thousand cubic feet nud n failure co apply with these conditions shall operate a forfeiture of this charter. A Sec. 11. And be the said company shall not be authorized sell Gas until shall have produced the mayor of the City of Washington and the Secretary of the Interior satisfactory evidence has Laid Down in a i Roper and work manlike manner in the avenues and streets of the. Said City Gas Mains of an average diameter of least six inches and a total length of not less than Twenty five Miles nor shall the said company connect Gas Mains with the pipes supplying the Capitol and other Public buildings belonging the United states or Selt Gas until a shall have produced the Secretary of the Interior satisfactory evidence has erected and in operation go Dauid substantial works and holders capable of manufacturing Aud holding a Quantity of Gas of the Quality aforesaid sufficient Supply the consumption All times required 111 the Capitol Anil Public build nos aforesaid. And unless the said company shall have complied with the requirements and conditions iii this Section prescribed within years from the passage of this act. The said act shall be null and void provided however said company shall have the privilege any within the said years of lighting with the Gas manufactured by ii some one. Street a. Distance not exceeding one mile. Sia. T2. Aud be each of the stockholders in the Quot Union Gas Light company Quot of the District. Adum Bia. Shall be held liable in his or her individual capacity for All the debts and liabilities of . Said company however contracted or incurred he. Recovered by suit other debts or Lia. Abilities before the court or tribunal having jurisdiction of the Case. Sec. Kkt and be . That this net May any be altered amended or repealed by the Congress of the United. , april 8, Isc-1. C1ia1�?T. A an Art iii / Ltd re .v&.i-,\?, a. A Jihu Rry High a a tiny i i. A lie enacted by the Senate and House of of the United states of America in Congress assembled Lucy go Vutci. Teresa Angela costello Sarah Mcdonald. Mary k. Spalding and Mary Carroll and their successors in office Are hereby made declared Aud constituted a corporation arid body politic in Law and ,. Under the name and style. Of tie directors of Providence Hospital and by mane they shall be and Are hereby my Ade capable iii Law sue Auila a fessed plead and be imply add in any court within tin county of Washington iii the District of a have and use a common Seal a Amend the same pleasure Hase receive possess and enjoy i land.-, tenements annuities 1moncres. Or i tie cts. And wee k by i Altes of b ill let in15 Colu Jioia and alter i have Puri any est i goods Chalk 1 1 a -1�?�-e the.-,1 ill manner they May deem most f or. The Titer. .-.1 of the Iio d 1�?Troviiled, nil real estate held by such corporation slide note need in value the sum of one Hundred and fifty thousand dollars . A and b . Thr a Quot a no in c. A.or.tf7 a Quot Atida a Vivily Quot a i Olin e Lull Power appoint from their own body a president and such other officers deem Neci scary for the purposes of their creation and in Case of the death resignation or refusal serve of any of their number. The remaining members shall Law tithe. A up Point other i Eis oils in lieu of those who a 1 laces May have been vacated and the said corporation shall have fill Power and 11 the. Rights of and a keeping a Hospital in tin City of Washington for the care of such sick and invalid persons Quot May place themselves under. The. Treatment and cared the said corporation. Ski. A and be . That the said corporation shall also have and enjoy full Power and authority make such by Laws rules and regulations May be necessary for the general accomplishment of the objects of said Hospital provided they be not inconsistent with the Laws in Force iii the District of. Columbia and provided further Quot Tomt this act shall be liable be amended altered or repealed the pleasure of Cou a ii a pub Quot a r tic i Litho i a Char a la a a i a \ in ii i 1 .i1 -. A a 111, i. Removalti.i -1tin of Quot i b a lid by the Oiler and b onto Relec ted. That k i a an a la 1 nil iii i-1 the Stoil. A. Of he of in 1 dec i. Of a Quot Jit a a id a Quot. And under Sudia of Quot tic. Aid company in a a a a -ha�.pio.oi�,e. And a i d a. I a i n r 111 not a iii i a a ,-. Soe jars. Of Quot Quot x i d �., Iuah r Quot and Kae Tylij a Iowa r., add a a i v in la la a i a an. A a Miagi ment and a Puspos Ittoli. I and Eity of c Quot the 1 i \. Colion l i the i a a a i Quot i Paziy Oas the Salii Quot shall i a a a a a a i this Ehart i a j.,v a a mate or i tin ordinance a 1 net Quot a. And be tia f a te7eonstrued a he a nip Iny sue any note a a Quot script of outlier a Lect Iloilo Nin by a a and i a it�?1 Art lie or Nactor or Quot l hat 1 a a or p. . Tiss Hail wilfully destroy injure the , Jii pics Aji Paia try or Appu ten. J o a and used by said oct pan. 1 a. Tuning Gas or in furnishing the Liiaiim-r.-, theroith i person or Quot Quot a tel Dipo Quot i very Sill la j and pay of said a oni any a Quot ski and shall in addition a a i. Div rein Uiti i i \ lo or e occasioned lev a id if . That Hie by a Jojou conditions Furni Ligas a a Luei a a a. 1-eot Eonta Illin Lilly 1 a a a Quot i a pow r la iii a i. D by Washington a Pauy an.,1 a cos .- Ai i , april Quot a 1sii. Chap. I. A Art a hrs Lii Iolj Quot a of in a i ii out a Nih . I Quot enacted by the Senate and House of of the United states of America in. Congress no a ii Public a or the District Oil Columbia Mav Jie appointed by the supreme court of said a a strict Oliosi. To in of of by five Mars and who May in i by Aid a Cut tor i a . 1 hire Shail be no new appoint Nie of a Nowai a Public until the numb r m this distr ii reduce id nty.m and Ali i tic Nuibe -. so reduced -,.--. Their Titei occur they May the a Lile by said com. A in. 2. And in further n..-d. That 1 acid Public hereafter a Hippo incl. Be Al Quot in entering upon the duties. A a a i a shall take an oath faithfully disc a go the same and a dial give Bond slates in tic sum of thousand Dolkins with i unto be approved1 by thu sai1� sep Jiri Coin of a judge thin of f a a he i Chaie. Of the duties of his office. And the said court shall with dispatch by a general old. R be published in one or. Mole newspapers Princeil ill tin said i Listle Rei Viire All pc sons now Hoid Hig the cominis. ill. I .a,., .y-pi14i�?~�?~ Vul mid i Quot Ali Quot Tig be11cw Bond in ii a before f Quot within a Short in prese bed tin la in ii a ail. A such person jail ugh i coins in therewith shall be stricken Ironi the notaries. Six. And be funner enacted. That Sofai ii Public shall have authority demand . Ami payment of foreign Bills of Exchange and protest the same for non acceptance audion a tel a Leif a own air i 1t�fies&Quot in a the Law of nations and Aci of Riding Cornu reial usages order Vise and elect beyond the Jurist diction of the said District according the Law of any state or territory of the United states Cir any foreign govern Yit in Amity Quot with i ii led states May be performed by notaries Public. c. La and licit . That notaries Public May demand acceptance of Inland bilks of Exchange and payment thereof and of promissory notes and May p Roth the for non acceptance or non payment the Case May requires e. A. And Eficio notary Public shall have Power take and cent ii the acknowledge sent or proof Quot of of attorney Nisi gages. Deeds Ami other Insu Zuments of writing the acknowledgement of any conveyance or other in str Lieut of writing executed by any married Quot Oman take depositions air a. To administer a oaths and affirmations in All matters incident or b longing the duties of his take. A i i i�,-1 \ be used Befle my cult 1t1 a or 111 i i r wit iii a Sec. A. And be each notary Public shall keep a fair record of All his official acts except such Are mentioned in the fifth Section of this act and when required shall give a certified copy of any record air Hie office any. Person upon payment of the fees therefor a Sec. 7. Quot and each notary Public before he acts such shall Prcy a notarial Seal wit i. Which he. Shall authenticate All his official acts which Seal together with his records Aud official documents shall not be liable be seized on by any execution. He shall Deposit an impression of his official Seal in tie office of the clerk of the supreme court 6f said District. Sec. 8. And be on the death resignation or removal from office of any notary Public his records Gether with All his official papers shall be deposited in the office of the clerk of the supreme court of said District. A Sec. Y. And be , the original protest of a notary Public under his Hunti and official Seal of any Bill of Exchange or promissory note for or non payment stating the presentment by him of such Bill old or note for. Aces sauce or , and the non acceptance or non payment thereof and the service .d"�?T notice on any or All of the parties such Bill of Exchange or promissory note. And specifying the Mode of giving such notice and the reputed place of residence of the party whom the same was Given and the Post office nearest thereto shall. Be prime nut . Lijie rein the certificate of a notary Public under his hand and Seal of office drawn from a his record stating the Protist and the facts therein recon used. Shall be evidence of the facts in like manner the original protest. Sec. In. And. Be the fees of notaries Public shall be follows for each certificate and Seal fifty cents Tak. Ing depositions or other writings for. Each one Hundred words ten cents administering an oath lilt ecu cents taking acknowledgement of a deed or Power of attorney with certificates thereof fifty cents every protest of a Bill of Exchange or promissory note and recording the same one Dollar and seventy live cents each notice of protest ten cents each demand for acceptance or payment if accepted or paid one Dollar be paid by the party accepting or paying the same each noting of protest one Dollar. And any notary Public who shall take a Hillier fee than prescribed by this act shall pay a line of one Hundred dollars and be removed from Vilice by the said supreme court. Sec. 11-. And be further in acted All acts and Patts of acts inconsistent with this act be. A did tie same Are hereby repealed. Arr nov april a 1sc1. Chap. Lii. A i i in tin Coln Jiin tur iii i no Iphil a until the <�?�,./<�?�/�?� i .,._de.dt_cnac ted by tie Senate and Blouse of la pc Viseu natives of the United states of America in Congress assembled the Board of directors of the Columbia institution for the instruction of the deaf and dumb and a the , and they arc hereby authorized a and empowered Grant and confirm such the Liberakart- i id sciences such pupils of the institution or others who by their proficiency in learning or other meritorious distinction they shall think entitled them ale usually granted and conferred in colleges and Grant such graduates diplomas or certificates sealed and signed in such manner said Board of directors May. Determine authenticate and perpetuate the memory of such graduation. A. Ai in ii oved april 1 my Chap. -1 i a Amend Section nine of. Tin a apr Orrid a Jim i Sconi tenth i Jet ten Ihrl a a Lily Tico entitled la act Lull nor the Pmj and emoluments of certain of ictus of the army and for other a arouses. Be enacted by the Senato and House of i representatives of United states of America in Congress assembled the rank of chaplain without command ill the regular Aud Volunteer service of the United state Sis Lierck by recognized. Chaplains shall be borne on the Field Aud staff Rolls next after the surgeons and shall Wear Stich uniform or May be prescribed by the army regulations and shall be subject the same rules and regulations other officers of the a Irma. They shall be entitled draw forage for a horses and when assigned hospitals posts a and torts they shall be entitled quarters and fuel within the hospitals posts or forts Quot while they Are so assigned without the. of coming Taejon subject the same conditions and limitations Are now by Law provide in the ease of surgeons. When absent Ironi duty with leave or of account of sickness or other disability or when held by Tiu enemy prisoners they shall be subject no other diminution or of pay and 1 Ailo sauces than other officers in the military service ale under like circumstances. And chaplains who have been absent from duty by reason of wounds or sickness,.or when held prisoners in the Danils of tie enemy shall a entitled receive Lull pay without rations during such absence. In All other respects the pay of chaplains shall be the same now. Provide by Law. -�?.via .�?�i._aml.be�?z. further enact i   and approved duly fourteenth eighteen Hundred Aud si-.-. Entitled a a All act Grant hereby so amended include chaplains in the regular and Volunteer. the army provided pen Sion which a chaplain shall be entitled for A.Aii&Ltlisd�Ljjy.Shall be Sculy doll Juii. J in. Month and Ali the. Provisions of the act which this Section an amendment shall a in and i iii Hace the widows children. Mothers and Sisters of the chaplains of the land forces who have died since the fourth Day Iri March eighteen Hundred and sixty one. Or a die of Quot wounds or disease contracted ill the Quot Seiyei c Lif Stales and while chaplains Are or shall dirt hed Riutor Quot ten in duty. . And be further on noted shall be the duty of chaplains in the military service of the United states. reports the adjutant general of the army through the usual military channels of the moral Quot condition a lid general a history of the Quot regiments hospitals or posts which they May be attached and shall the duty of All commanders of Rog Monts hospitals and posts Render such facilities twill Aid in the discharge of the duties assign Neil them by the govern my itsr.c. 1. And be Liat All chaplains in the military service of United states shall religious services the Bui do sold Olio May die in the command which they Are assigned duty and shall be their duty hold Public religious services least once each Sabbath when practicable. Aria Kovesi april Vitili a. Talk . La Ai of Itaf joint an a qty ili k r and Isele Ipp ii sir or i port of url a i o adv of quote a /�?Tiijij.iim. I representatives of United states of americana Congress assembled the president of the United states with the advice and consent of the Senate shall appoint an appraiser lipid assistant appraiser for the port of Portland a amp Maine whose duties shall same those of similar offic Cra in Othor ports and the ninth Section of act of Congress passed Miry seventh one thousand eight Hundred and Twenty entitled a an act further establish the compensation of officers of customs and alter certain collection districts Aud for other purposes a hereby amended by adding1 Portland aforesaid the ports therein enumerated and Deputy collectors not exceeding three in nut Bur and the a Iaiser of said port shall each receive the compensation of thousand Elo Llars per annul and the assistant appraiser shall receive a compensation of fifteen Hundred dollars per annul. A Aai i Ovid april 118g1. Chap. Lyiii.�?.1/ and tie within Irlich the slate and territories May accept the i runt of lands nine by the act entitled act Don Tim Public lands i he Syren states and territories which Wiy pro cd i Ijes for the urn edit of agric nature and a. The Mechanic arts Quot approved july second i teen Hundred a id of filly Tiro. Lee enacted by. The Senate and House of of a the United states of America ill Congress assembled any a state or territory May accept and shall be entitled the benefits of the act entitled a an net donating Publio lands the five eral states and territories which May provide colleges for the Benefit of agriculture and the Mecl Iasic arts a approved july second eighteen Hundred and sixty by expressing acceptance thereof provided in said act within years from the Date of the approval of this net subject however the conditions iii said act contained. Sec. 2. Aud be the Benefit of the provisions of this act and of the said act approved july second eighteen Hundred and sixty be and the same Are Heel Eby extended . The state of West Virginia. Approved april 14, 1801.a Ciiab. Lix.an act enable the Leopn if form a Ijo institution and Itale Ami for tie admin Iliou of such stole into the c Noii on. An footing i in the original slates. Lie enacted by. The Senate and. a of the United states of America in Congress assembled the inhabitants of portion of the territory of Nebraska included in the a boundaries hereinafter designated and they Aro hereby authorized Lurma for themselves a Constitution Aud state government with Namo aforesaid. Which state when so formed shall be admitted into the Union hereinafter pro. A sic. A Aud be further Quot Quot enacted the said state of Nebraska shall consist of a ill the territory included within the following boundaries wit Commeau Cirg a Point formed by the intersection of the. Western Boundary of the state of Missouri with the Fortieth degree of North latitude extending thence due West along Quot said Quot Quot Fortieth degree of North latitude a Point formed by intersection with the Twenty filth degree of Longitude West from Washington thence North along said Twenty fifth degree of Longitude a Point formed by intersection with the forty first degree of North latitude heir the West along said forty first degree of North latitude a Point formed by intersection with the Twenty seventh degree of Longitude West from Washington thence North along said Twenty seventh degree of. West Longitude a Point formed by intersection with forty third degree of North latitude thence East along said forty third degree of North latitude Keya Paha River thence Down the Middle of the Channel of said River with meandering Junction with the Niobrara fiver thetice Down the mid Lle of. Tho Channel of said of said Niobrara River and following the meanderings thereof Junction with the Missouri River thence Down the Middle of the Channel of said Missouri River and following the meanderings thereof the place of . 3. And be All persons qualified by Law vote for representatives general Assembly of said territory shall be qualified be elected Aud they Are hereby authorized vote for Aud choose representatives form a convention Unile such rules and regulations the governor of said territory May. Prescribe and also vote upon the acceptance or rejection of such Constitution May be formed by said convention under such rules Aud regulations said convention a prescribe and if any. Of said citizens arc enlisted in the army of the United states and Quot Are still within said territory 4he-y shall be permitted vote their plaice of rendezvous Aud if any absent Frolli said territory by reason of their enlistment in the army of the United states be permitted vote their Pince of service under the rules Aud regulations in each Case be prescribed aforesaid and the aforesaid representatives form the aforesaid convention shall be apportioned among the several counties ill said territory in proportion the population a near May be and shall be made for said territory by the governor United states District attorney Aud chief Justice thereof Quot or any of them. Acid the governor of said territory shall by Procla Fotiou. On or before the first monday of Meiy next order Tiou of the representatives aforesaid be held on the first monday in june Quot thereafter throughout the territory and such a Lection shall be conducted in the same manner prescribed by the Laws of said territory regulating elections therein for members of House of representatives and the number of members said Santili. now Consitt Etc both Quot branches of the Regis Quot la Tui of the aforesaid territory. Skiv-1. A and be the members of the convention thus elected shall meet capital of said territory on the first monday in july next acid after organization. Shall declare on behalf of people of said territory Constitution of the United states whereupon said convention shall be a lid hereby authorized form a Constitution Aud state government provided Constitution when formed shall be Republican and not repugnant the Constitution of United states Anil the principles of the declaration ill Independence and provided further said Constitution shall provide by an article forever irrevocable without tie Congress of the United states 1 list. That slavery or involuntary servitude shall be forever prohibited in said state. Second. That perfect toleration of Eligi oui sentiment shall be secured and no inhabitant of said state Snail molested in person or property on account of. His or her Mode of religious worship. Third. That the people inhabiting said Ever disclaim All right and title the unappropriated Public lands lying within said territory and the same shall be and remain the sole and entire disposition of the United states and the lands belonging citizens Quot of the United states residing without said state shall never be taxed higher than the Lac belonging residents thereof and no taxes shall be imposed by said state on lands or property therein belonging or which May hereafter be purchased by the United states. Sec 5. And be in Case a Constitution and state government shall be formed for people of said territory of Nebraska in compliance with the provisions of this act said convention forming same shall provide by ordinance for submitting said Constitution the people of said Stato for their ratification or rejection an election be held on the second tuesday of october one thousand eight h undred and sixty four such places and under such regulations May be prescribed therein which election a the qualified voters Hereinbefore provided shall vote directly for or. Against proposed Constitution and the returns of said elections shall be made the acting governor of the territory who together with the United states District attorney and chief Justice of the said territory or any of them shall canvass the same and if a majority of Lega votes shall be cast for said Constitution ill said proposed state the said acting governor shall certify the same the president of the United Quot states together with a copy of said Nui ordinances a Ltd re in Pon Quot tit shall be the duty of the president of the uni ted states Issue his proclamation declaring the state admitted into the Union on an Seq tel footing with the original states without any further action whatever on the part of Congress. I Sec. C. And be until the next general census shall retaken said state of Nebraska shall be entitled one representative in the House of representatives of the United states a Linch representative together with the governor Aud state and other officers provided for in said Constitution May be elected on the same Day a vote taken for or against the proposed Constitution and state overment. A Sec. 7. And be sections numbered sixteen and thirty six in every township Anil when such sections have been sold or Otic Rise disposed of by any act of Congress other lands equivalent thereto in Legal subdivisions of not less than one Quarter Section and contiguous May be shall be and Are hereby granted said state for the support of common schools. Sec. 8. Aud be provided the state of Nebraska shall be admitted into the Union in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this act Twenty entire sections of unappropriated lands 11 in said state be selected and located by direction of the legislature thereof on or before the first dash of january Anno Domini eighteen Hundred Aud sixty eight shall be and they Are Horeb granted in. Legal subdivisions of not less1 than one Hundred and sixty acres said state for the purpose of erecting Public buildings the Capiti of said state for legislative and judicial. Purposes in such manner the legislature shall prescribe. Sec. 9. Arid be fifty other entire sections of land aforesaid be selected and located aforesaid in Legal subdivisions aforesaid shall be and they Are hereby granted said Stato for the purpose of erecting a suitable building for a Penitentiary or state Pris ii in the manner aforesaid. Sec. 10. And be seventy other sections of land shall set apart and reserved for the use and support of a state University be selected in manner aforesaid and appropriated and applied the legislature of said state May a a prescribe for the purpose named acid for no other purpose. Sec. 11. And be All Salt Springs within said state not exceeding twelve in number with Sis sections of land a adjoining or contiguous Meiy be each shall be granted said state for use the said land be selected by the governor thereof within one year after admission of the state and when so selected be used or disposed of on such terms conditions and regulations the legislature shall direct provided 110 Salt Spring or lands the right whereof now vested in Auy individual or individuals of which hereafter shall be confirmed or. Adjudged any individual or individuals shall by this act be granted said state. See. 12. And lie . That five per a centum of the proceeds of the sales of All Public lauds lying within said state which have been or shall be sold by the United states prior or subsequent add Mission .of1 said state into the Union after deducting All expenses incident the same shall be paid the said state for the support of common schools. I. Sec. 13. And be from and after the admission of the said state of Nebraska into the Union in pursuance of a this act the Laws of the United states not locally inapplicable shall have the same Force and effect within the said state elsewhere within the United states and sign id Stato shall constitute one judicial District and be called the District of Nebraska.-Sec.-11. And be any unexpended balance of the appropriations for said territorial legislative expenses of be Liras ,g for the. Fiscal in tvs eighteen Hundred and sixty three and eighteen Hundred and sixty four Quot or so much thereof May be necessary shall be applied and used tor defraying the expenses of said convention and for the payment of the members thereof under the same rules regulations and rates Are now provided by Law Lor the pay meet of the territorial legislature 2 --.-air i ii oven april i Tsiu. Chap. Lx.an act in addition o.ail act Jar Thi Stabli Slonena of certain. A Sinuis. Whereas necessary government of the should an Early Day for the purpose of the Arsenal lock Island in the state of Illinois provided for in act passed july eleventh eighteen he Milrad Anil sixty obtain Possession of and title certain lands now the property of private persons upon which i locate the said Arsenal with grounds All buildings needful for and Maky a n part of the same now therefore lie enacted by the Senate a Ute House of of the United states of America in Congress assembled the Secretary of -wur.be, and hereby authorized and empowered take and hold full comply and permanent Possession in Beji Alf of the United states of All the lands Aud shores of the Island of Stock Island in the state of Illinois the same when so possessed a Bce held and kept a military reservation by the War department upon which shall be built and maintained an Arsenal Lor &.,& .

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