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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 7

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas F la k. E a s. W e e Al y g a Vest o n b it l l it in 18 a ocal . Snid Tisot at a 15.u, Aviu son fire Muu of the Washington steam Euc Jine a is of hot at a Nero Clook this Itu it Rii a Luney Wilress we Ali Turner half. The us related to us by or. A l is on Aro one of the ladies Beanie nimble to take care of herself because of 1 u<1 r. Lie put her in a Hack and not in Hini be t for the purpose of Takin her Home. This a virus done at her request. Or. A Daniel Laila Lilier also attempted to get into . An aut Voa Tiou Yusiu a and or. Ils ii was shot in Droit vet t by wounded in the Lett Arni. To did not see who shot him. Hut , who was arrested this morning no Adav to had been Illel urn a we wen last at a Urt room. A a a a a in too Irtz Erh . �?�3>.nn u i it. A in a . Paper we timid. The Ord Ltd it a i it that a. A lady in Suvi t to onn suit it re the a Quot tri a her Anim in die a . Alter it Tisil v no. Avail she . D it quoth a i Quot of j once Quot it t he. Be Peri is a i not i. i11r-ii we i to May i the moral Stu inti at to Porti is v.i-. Know not but this a Quot a ii Quot a the Lite of valve std a Jumi Eulate. Jed Mir us Vliem could a in a to Cio anything dishonourable hut How Little do the put ii it Lre of numberless. Times in Winch the y Sirij and hide the Little Quot naughtiness of new i Good people. Suim of the m re a to very in my. We recollect one which we l be. Ived a few months since int in i Ali and were found m a situation to that Desei lied a v la f a 1 Atonic. Tie next w. In a v Al a a a from the Goliti a a asking us to it. Not inv its the id it a it its ii Quot would be lit .n,lilt, to holy s . Wic was a a quote j Quot a ii at. A >.As. I nothing i.=r Hill j. Or Thia in. He ti.,1 mural or in tonnes soc. From Trio courier Marcia 23. Quot from a gentle run us i Viii a near Anderson a a i of. A. staid a arc ii Eeli Iliin a the a Are i it i in t a the a i Iare and their in by if la it rope in or a is by their Quot a a. I y tiie party 1 it which that it r port in Al o a lbt u li1 Vir i is 1 i. Tuat. T a fruitful s a ree a Leticai i in Lait it is by no niggas so ii re a Law notion deet i it. It us been Ltd of most potent Aad weapons if out a to Cizik st. A a. Yes. .1 a i. I an i. Ihl do nine we clip in it in a letter m the Imp Napols i Leal a Troni auditor Piali that a most Edy occurred the Vicinity of Reni. Jill a 1 new Days sine. L a report is that a Farmer living a few i. Troia that City sold his tor Al Oao. An a w nit i a the at Terus on of Day 0 1 w Yueh a a Aie was Iliadi t."1a t . Arnum alter the i oi.,. Vie i los a lie j .111 l p at a Lionel of lie. A i. Wifi Latea i Liaise ii Ione 01 11 11a ii Mao. To., his a 1 a. R a Witsil . Scie l a a a i. A a it 1 cd 1 ale Tui a air a a .1 i j1 �z1 1111 r 11. T a it la i. A a a a a 11 Quot a a id and 1 i. A a Alif i. �o1 old i j a1 i 1 . It Ltd i it i Jinjiu. A a i j r a 11 t 1 a j j r pm a a a it Quot "1 Ai Quot in a a Al Quot. Ltd i six j . I 1 a 111. A a r a. N a a a a -1 4r�� ii r j. I a 1 1 1. I 1 -1v�?T1111 1 j i �o1 �?�1 1 i 1 a a a a a. A. 1 a v. A it . my a = i ii. A i a Al p 1 Ailt 1 a a l i \ in a a a v. Ivy c Nur my t .1 no a it u i it to. Tini a in 1 in ? 11 a a of 1 in t l Ai. A a Lela -1 he a r i i1, to la in a. I i. a a Dee an i 1 Ely r m 11 a a a a w.-. A .1 a 11 it i 11 Ilij i 1 a d a i be. A Quot a cd t.-, i,.--no Aie r of a a a i la i and. To it. It it Lee Iier a i Ouia Iet a to. Liari a i or a 1 u a 1.11 i ii is v to 11�a a Lioa Neitie v. ,1 i Anim .1 at a. 1 a a or r. To Nlay ii mini lets 11 Lime Aad t �.,a i e1. I he Setalla i Inch a-.,. Elei Quot a to ii 1. .1 i . E a Quot a eel Brut a by � i eel Settli Quai red a i Quot to he-111. A 1 s Al . E a be -1 a e to a 1. Is that a Ruvat i Julie of t mates a a a a lit and Lei or a a Lone. It to Lei a a a. I 1 i Racks Ian Inch Eia in , aia o ,1 a new p i 1, re Init i poit d i 1 to a a to a do Ai i try v7iav is if .1 . A a i. A to Ernie a 1 loom. Lilt m la will did Lii Quot. The order and the Captain Wint to it i the Soldie 1 Quarti to and till ii1, at l i Hie words a Tine. Jurii ii Leavy blow wit Quot Lis Tai. Bis he Clino the Mizii in Ittis. ins a Quot mind -. Pick i d the a sol Fili of a Trp and Inni ii Liis Bini Lien the i o Apt dra i. 1 Hila of u 11 a 11 Tea floor Quot mail Dunn n Nail Quot. In Quot a 11 a causing la m death 11 1.-, a 1 lie r stated Tomt in a it Ray a i ecu it a at a Oahu i to intone Oto it rot the occ.-,1, i 1. Lao and Tomt Capi,.in had a addict topped and kit de thu Ulel l 1is is Latini if Quot .1 a. Is the in a Jiuji. Nil unify in . Ala a a 1 of 011 by a Cuti 111 a to i y a. It h. a made Aioli in la .11 Ai the , Tol 1a of an v 111, a a. Station ,-.wo have obtained the following particulars of a most mysterious affair Puli the win a us found the body of 11 i Quot to Aust a tree at the foot of a Mountain a ont twin from cow nut of station 011 the line of the Nashville and Chattanooga a Joti Snel show Una in Trio Cen tre of the forehead. Tie la Leht hand of the Corpse which was Elviny across the to Gigli hold a pistol. The body had been considerably mutilated by some animals most probably hogs and could not be identified by any one.,. The body was without coat hat or hoots. Of the Boi a were found about ii Quot find a drovers a a a a memorandum Book contains an expense account. And sales of tort or Lifty mules. From the a the Man was supposed to lie 1. Or k. Summers of Lve Witucky. The Bialy was considerably tecon imposed and Hail tile appearance of having hell dead six or eight weeks. The Hunter gave notice of Pis disco i by to the authorities and Trio magistrate who i id the it dues managed in a Salile Way to have a verdict of death by suicide returned. The magi trate. Whose name our informant had forgotten is strongly suspected of Beilig in Leax Iio with a band of Lions be thieves. And facts subsequently elicited Lead to the belief that the Man had been not ordered a l robbed of several. Thousand dollars am that the magistrate above mentioned a a As to bloody Decio. A Short time or Nihil big by tiie Giddy Aih Aii was arrested at Anderson station temi., upon suspicion that he had committed the murder. At the time of he was Riding mule which he had of Feied to sell Lor 75 and had a new coat hat and boots which evidently did not belong to him As none of the articles titled him. A while under Arre get he made some excuse to go out in company of a guard of one Ilian and in the dark ios of the night 1111111-aired to effect ills escape. He is a notorious character in the neighbourhood and As his haunts Are known will probably be rearrested. All the statements Naile by him at time of his arrest have since proved to bilt untrue. New Olimi aes spi i _ Ion april .1.�?the a Republican press very Gem Rady Call upon administration to publish the diary Reie ried to in the controversy Between messes. Bingham and Liuti Quot. 1 a i enabled to say. Upon Good authority the this chary will be Given to the the v Quot a Quot ii Ali i Jaa i 1-i 1 a cd .-.v. A Quot it is to a us. took the Book from the the and Deli it and it to judge been a tor to the volume a a a a ii a i f i such facts As Are within a Dative Rotile matter via a or not the eighteen t out in t u diary were in it when 1-1111 a the. 1 a o 11 same source that Secretary Stai Quot e have been be lure tile a Lii in any a Alai the tried relative to Content Quot i a Quot. Winch a As also a i Itotia the t Omi Pittee that i Ollige Holt i--.0. V that the Book was Given to him to a Atli -ti.--Rai--.a-. Found upon a i de any a i Val of the captors of Taai in Iris v i t y that the Hook has i Quot u c \ c Witrol of judge in i Quot inuit a time to of Sint i ionian to that it has not been Ait died in any particular not an -1 dotto.,or. Eio sed that when the . A to judge Quot Holt the eighteen leaves wen Cut out a a it that the diary oui in i�.-.-, with the Date of april Lluli the late of Ali Quot assassination and tile first entry in it st its that on that Day he Booth had prepare d a communication and sent it to the National intelligencer giving an account of the per pisses Tol himself and confederates that the balance of the a diary consists of a glorification of , Smith whom lie a t j , and Ilei ounciation of his victim whom lie called a tyrant Etc. A fudge Holt tur ther Tesfil ii d that in his,judg-111-, the contents of diary shed 110 Light up n ease and therefore even if that character of evidence lit being a statement Aiter the tact a Ere Adi kissable he did not. it pro or to offer it and the Only Evi Ihne. On the subject offered the trial of the that of the Pydi Lisher of the intelligencer. A i Quot proved that he had not received the Conila indication which Booth pret Quot Hild be i sent to that paper. And finally is absolutely no evidence of any kind that Evi r wrote a line in Boni of r than that which a is now found 1 e. 1 hold i is i. It to 1 not Setpal any Iota. It. At lo-oa1,. Is ret iry a a a Les a received a lengthy dispatch i an . To Nia Lii. Give Par-�?�.ia.is ate h Uros Ottie he u h do to div 111 that st the Quot the i the t that the 1 have Camel to Lovci incr and three on a Livi j 1 . First. Sic1,1 Ami fourth a . C i. To t i in. Dwiht. i Aii /. . Is detente in ii Biajo another dispatch says p. I. 1 a a be m a by a majority Oile Huil h ii a old Quot Quot to match �1. The Risili of the >.111 i Lai. A co wine trial As reported by Tele aph is i Lcy. A at the Treasury 1 it a paid Hehiy important As tending to show \ it e i .e,.iu,.ct of the All girl mods in the a Trade and tile no sity of i-., . Lii a Fri s to Supj. them. 1 he t or Tod inv Jve t and i to i it Tea 11 \ la s. Thill a Are a Large number o i be Ca i s a Quot Ealing in new. Helcans. A in. V.-.-Jquot a. R it a vein Jorli Iam of Dollar. They Tui u in the Calile Point As tile reported Trulli sail i Francisco. I . Pia a a. Vai. Uia a i. A we in in a the Ataii o. I o ii which recently took place Biti i air. 1 Ormas of the National theatre. And ii. I Leister. O sent the editors of i Jim. It a a a e. In l in one. Of t Jio at pay ii re a we a a no in a a last Quot a Viii in a that Lopes men Etc in Tai ii a by the physicians <>1 k incl very j tiie la entered his Jyi it Betuu Etc the so comi unit third Rihs and is still ins . 1�?T surgeons in attendance a of it Ipp mini if Lio unfavourable a trat a he Viil Llave in a in. 7oa>s Liin Quot Eide opt am n e is is. In Riihl is is fips ing at the Tremont House. She says that h a is engaged to play in a the Lluu out t attain at alack a see Yorac Niwatr. They have a live Seal on exhibition it Bangor me., which was a Putin d among the Sizow drills while it had become Beni hired and lost utter having come our. Of us air Hoie in i the i 3iiii. Ret for food. The Black measles Are very prevalent and fatal at Andover me. In one House three dead at the same time and All the Quot schools have been suspended till the i Pic Nizic s. Ten Sti. In tor of Emo ogints o the a roots of to a a Quot Ducu a a a Lowers of London april 1.�?regret is generally expressed by the press and in political circles at the proposed Side of russian possessions Irr North America to the United states. A the figure of the budget Laid before the House of commons show that the Revenue of great Britain the last fiscal year exceeds the expenditures of Tho government by.�250,000.-liveki�?Tool, april 1.�?the steamship Sora inn. From Clyde for Boston sunk at sea during a severe storm on the 20th Ultimo. , april 1.�?the anti prussian placards create much excitement in Franco and Germany. The complaints of the prussian commander of the fortress at Luxemburg . Pending the settlement of the affair the irritation on both sides of the Rhine is increasing. Firuski april 1.�?american Bonds de Clivi Quot do a closing at 78. A Lon min april 2.�?noon. A Consols 91. Bonds 7o. La Kak Krovit april 2.�?Bonds 78. , april 2.�?Bonds 81�,. Live in Quot to Phi Quot a Cott Quot. Ire i Osa .rs-6, Joo Bales. Middling Uplands lad. Liui Trikyr april 2�?2 p. continues. Prices slightly declined. Middling Uplands 12 april 2.�?in the House of commons last night the ii be of Buckingham colonial Secretary said the prospective trans. F prof the russian american possessions to to United states was a matter of indifference to England a. Drums Aptil 2.�?a.dispatch from Cork reports that a Light tool place in the Vicinity of that City this morning Between troops and a band of fenian. Several rebels were taken prisoner.-�?T. , april 2�?evening.�?american Bonds have advanced a per cent closed at 81j. La is april 2.�?napoleon, accompanied by Kuge uie and Clothilde formally opened exposition yesterday. No boisterous Ness from the masses present. London april 2.�?the troops found near Dublin three a evians. Fully armed and fired on them killing Oue and wounding another who was v captured and proved to be the notorious Mcclure. Bird escaped. Bombay a i evicts represent the a growth of Cotton greatly increased. London april 2.�? a nols 01 Bonds 75. . April 2. Fronds 7.5. Paris april 2.�?Bonds 81livj.iipool. 2.�?evening�?.Cotton Dull Quot Sale 7<i0<> Bales. Uplands 13d. Ifasi Fth Ster advices unfavourable. Bread stuffs firm. advanced 2s. Fvil.,&Quot"closiiiu it it l 7s. Cd. Lard -10s. Oiler articles unchanged. London april unchanged. Liviiiii-ooi., april tending lower sales Hales. Middling Uplands 12,&Quot. Orleans a a. Iio in. Crinnion. Shilling s lid Quot i shillings for Tine 3-7 shillings 3d. Tallow i shillings lid. Liv Wooi. April �?T., 2 Sale of California wheat for Export to new Vork. Lot ton Dull and declined a since . Middling 12. D. L .on, March ii 2 p. declined u since noon. A a London. April i 01. Bonds 70. I april Bonds of. , april s1�?~ link Pool april a evening. A Cotton closed Dull middling Uplands 12.bi 12d. lo4d. Sot amp i on a Iril 3.�?steamship America has arrived. The ship new Hampshire which recently. Nailed from Shields for Bombay was abandoned at sea eight of the Crew 2>erished. Paws april . Schneider vice president of the French corps Legi latiff succeeds to., the presidency made vacant by the resignation of count Gallewski. Negotiations looking to the acquisition of Luxemburg to the French emperor Are stopped. Ii ant , april 3.�?-Bonds closed at 77-i. One from san Antonin express april 2. Oil in . Visited states troops 1�?~lrefl upon by Gehrls. Mortally and another seriously wounded. Saturday last it having previously been reported to lieutenant Plummer that a gang of a half Doxen desperadoes were organized a with the avowed purpose of taking the life of cer to Lin Union men of that Section lieutenant Peterson started l with about fifteen men to arrest the gang a to were reported to be at the Lions of a or. Limies. On York Creek. As the soldiers approached to Hsy House they were tired upon by inmates ibid one Man a guide of san Antonio shot through the body supposed mortally and another Soldier. Severely a led. The lire was r turned old Man Burnes killed and Fine of his sons shot through the body. The affair was a regular . The troops having to fight for , the ruffians retreating Only when whipped. The House was found to. Be regularly arranged for a siege Loop holes pc. The gang which Lieut. Peterson dispersed were avowedly organized for the purpose of pitting Down Union men. They had Only a Day or twit revious waylaid Lieut. Lilly arid levelled their guns upon him to kill him when others and the liar lies s left. Verily an Excene u chess of persons who our governor Reitte its to refuting in the appeals of Union mini. A a a a last Sisti Good Bridgeport Connecticut. Standard says five years ago on the 1 Fath of March 102, eighteen Young ladies met in the Tow in of Mill Ord of de a society and gave it the Init it of a chapter of at said no i aug among other a it solutions it wins Lvii evil that a meet -Liviv-.years. . At the residence of dih president in Bridgeport on the 18th of March. 18.>7, and that then and Thero Eracli us Niber in attendance shall recount to All the most prominent events which May Truu spire having reference to themselves during the intervening a according to tiit Abu i thirteen of. The ladies met at the Resi. Deuce of miss Quot quoth Marshall monday evening. Two vacant chairs draped in. Mourning told that death had claimed Tavo As his victims. Letters were read from other absent ones by the president.1 nine of the members . Tie meeting was full of interest revelations of some bringing tears to a the eyes of the company while those of others were spies ibid excited shouts of laughter. A Quot bottle of wine which was sealed at the organization was opened and drank to the health of each some Good toasts being Given interspersed with songs Sulci As a Sauld Lang syne a. The convention adjourned to meet again March 18, 1872, at the House of a sister in new Haven. Chicago medical a students have been arrested for depositing corpses in their neighbors swill barrels. Moi Ceso . Scr0fila, amp in urges Ian amp co s Gest like medicinal c01>_l1 Vlku has proved by Twenty to Ais sex be fierce Thart inst \ Al Nabl a remedy while it cure a Tho tvs Hcan a aria Lilesii to the a Itie it. Quot warranted pure and made from fresh livers with meat can without any artificial bleaching. Sold by Druer its. A -------�?~-------iiegifttan&co.,&Quot Quot a�r2ulltw6m and Dru uth k. Y. M. A 1-0., commercial molasses be fixer a 87 and Cir Cit menu ree Street let a grocers new Orleans w o x ci5, thou Mitoulas st. Auvil 4\v-ls h. P. Letl Klov no. To Camp Jet re a to xer Orleans. Watchman ii and dealer in , jewelry Silver Quot Ware Aud spectacles also Gurri and pistols and everything in the Hunting line. It special attention to wat Eli Olepau and jewelry work. Yit Bailey for Many years gun Nalcy r of in Lei to a Street Liiv Irois services in a very a Branch Rof in ii and Ai in in at this House. Noettl lowly h Oak a Quot Ujj ii to a >1 t7 Lijo p eve As suit la a . A a Ier Nuny. Thin is one of the by get hotels in the North of Germany is situated on the Lum Levant. Near to the ii ail Road station Post to line and ii ours it. The rooms Are furnished in the Best style and with a View to the to in fort of the advantageous arrangements. Can he made by families remain in any length of time. The in it Wietor ies Peet a ulv refers to j. W. Joku it Vii. Julius Kautzman. A. Ile Docker of Galve ton. Cpl Ltd amp Law a Jas. W. A i. . Own n Lute to of Roberts 6z Alabama. O Ven n. 0. N. Orleans. Lomi Street 0v.ex amp 0., c o or x o it a k a c x ors and a g sex Ell a h c0mils, Fpx merchants Asre it. Luis s Beelel rated Quot a a whisky 2s"o. A it a a Riuzo rat 5011/ 20. O. Anil owl. F. Lodi Fyk a . Late Ligure. Key toil i lira buys Mam to Likis 01�?T first class piano follies. Llu i ii it in a Minnii it him s a and exhibition of Trio of a in Titus. This a Well known est Atli Linn it is now it until mail Liy f. To. I Witk anti 1. H is Peltx so a. At the Ohi sunni to to in in inv to t. Between Cross \ and Elm a Xcvi ii Jit. i. F. In Ai a , Ltd it Al commission a me Ivhan 0r. quote Orange county to a it. Liberal Cali advances mail. On l Lusign Ninta. Quot 11-2 f115st Xhemil m saw Mills. Us a inst , tue Gold , Hwai Deil to the 1vashinctoiv Besom Vorko la a the american Institute As the fair in october for the Best Ciuci saw Hill and steam in , orders Lor these Gant .s.uv-Mills, sugar Mills general machinery lion and i res cast ups forgings Laili Oad cars. Amp a. A c., tilled. Address Geo m. Claim in measurer , n. V., Orl Ward a Jent 2s no. 55, Liberty st room is n. Y. Glassware and. Coal Lampa National flin r w0eks, Evait Norres a co., 282 Pearl Street new Voth Liana Faatiu ers of . Glassware and Coal Lamia sgt of every description. Illustrated catalogues wit i la list be Billy sent free on application. A la. Sei Talut. A. Leg Ali Schmidt amp Zieglek. W ii o l i s a l f. It n o c e n s. Anil Nipin ters of acini s in let it<>i.-. Nos. Re. Amin a -vei�?lietweeii in i ivies in Uzdras Styli Ela. of iut a. A a Quot a. Ma11ks. Titi Liv Quotin Sinan. A it it 2d a 05 k o a. I a Tiili san in a the i in our of strand Ian Stimo Tovak. Ali r. A a in of a l.a�?T. A of c a a o t i put to. <3-Whicb Why i re to w 11 Ltd fit Esat eat lib Ltd tvs to h in Riris. A Olwin i. Caissons. Urei. Laid Ltd. Villon iirt1 an orcs a Iorii i Clit Iier Fin Quot i Alki is lockets. A Man a / Ulac Turer lantern. Al aus it. Also a / Lar a Assort i Niit of Bis own. Ini Jioio Titi ii of toys Ani fancy goods 24 John stat mar Llroy aet Inch Zorlu Dycle we a is. Age a de Magnolia. A ,. A Quot Quot a Ltd quota toilet delis to the Una a gent to men s Boon sweetest ,.,t.lilng�?� and Largo Quot Quantity so Nufa tured from the Rich South crts a Garnolia. Used for bathing the face and person to Leuden the skin Soli and fresh to prevent o up Tom to perfume elot Liing amp a. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of perspiration it removes redness Tan blotches amp a. It cures nervous headache and allays Inglam Matisoo it cools softens and adds delicacy to Tho skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. I cures bite Eaas Quot Tings of us cts. A it contains no material injurious to the skin a patronized by actresses and opera singers. It ii what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try be. Magnolia water once and you will use no other Cologne perfumery or toilet water afterwards x is i Trefs 5 Ileus winos props. Exclusive agents n. 1 Hagansh Magnolia Palm. This is the nost delightful and extraordinary a tide Ever discovered. It changes ten san but face Anil bands to a Pearly Satin texture of ravish Kig. Beauty impart ill1 the Marble purity of youth and the Dis Tingue appearance so inviting in the City hello of fashion. It removes Tan freckles pimples and roughness from the skin leaving Tho complexion fresh transparent Anil smooth. It contains no material injurious to the skin. Patronized by actresses and opera singers. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Retail Price .10 cents. Prepared by w. E. M a an Troy n. A address All orders to Dee swi a i 1-2 Demas Eaknes amp co., a York. T1ie Secott fal om.1. Hotel and Koit Armit save .gt0 in but i li. capital recipes Vii. . Of Luann a Mish Yii sky and old �o0f1�b0n. These Reci yes me not new they Art used by. All the leading dealers and Youj by of the the Sunn article you can easily make Yourst Ltd. Leu v Vanir re pipes your own a Anil save Yau in Uney. No Hui Piug about the matter a Vricic Rit it rents each or is for three. . A. Colwell. Jinyi a do i amp Ilin w Audi Tori a. L. J. i1, commission merchant Koce iving anti ulc a a a a Texis a a a evian to a it a Lxi co. Indicia i tvs whim so Isgo a. Brake s Plantation bit telis. They purify strengthen and invigorate. They create a lie Alt he appetite. They Are an antidote to change of Wato a they overcome Eli acts of dissipation and late a they strengthen the system and enliven the mind they prevent Miasmatic and intermittent lev Fra the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cure dyspepsia and consumption. They cure diarrhoea cholera and cholera Moribus. They cure liver complaint and nervous head acne they Are the Best bitters in the. World. They Inako the weak Strong and am exhausted nature s great restorer. They Are made of pure st. Croix Eum tha celebrated Calisay bark roots and herbs and Aro taken with the pleasure of a beverage without regard to age or time of Day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons requiring a gentle stimulant sold by a 11 grocers druggists hotels and saloons. Only genuine when Cork is covered by our Privato u. S. Stamp. Beware of counterfeits and refilled bottles. P. H. Drake amp co. Decay Lysis 21 Park now new York. Lions . Katl Iarion is from the ii it rec word a aka Tiro a or a a Quot Kat Hairo a signifying to i manse rejuvenate and restore. Tills article is Whit its name signifies. For preserving restoring and beautifying the human liar it is the most remarkable preparation in Trio world. It is owned and put up by the Origina a proprietor an Ris now made with the same care skill and a at Enron which gave it a Sale of Over one million a in files per annul. It is finnsr delightful hair dressing eradicates Scurf and a Audruff. I i keeps the head Cool and clean. / it makes the hair Rich. Soft and Glossy it hair Troni falling i and turning Gray. It restores hair ii for Nhi a ads. A in lady or a Tieman who values Beautiful Bead of Nan use Katli Airon. It is know my used Throin i out civilized world. Sold by All respectable dealers. Demas Barnes amp co., a. Deeply -2 new . E6 a commission merchant and wholesale dealer in Northern and Western produce it Street new Orleans. All orders from the country accompanied with Cash will meet with prompt personal attention. Flake Esq., -. I it Ord Jones Galveston a Lulish -.collins, Esq. Houston a. Sullivan Esq. to in most i eke t0n�jl. Lie Cieman a be skated elixir of Bare or elixir of to a with a i Opidi Orphate of Iron. Prepared by Liege Man amp co., chemists and druggists new York. L Yio phosphate Olti on was e. Robi Quet of Paris in Ltd cd and received la Avo risible notice Fri ii the French Academy it is easily assimilated and not decomposed in stomach he food or Trio gastric juice it is a prompt ethic sent tonic combing i Ign a lho.-. . Iron and is not stimulating or Lori tacit. ,. Our Fei muted elixir of bark is a , cordial possessing the valuable properties of Calisay bark and contains of Tho pyrophosphate i Quot Iron in each fluid ounce and in All cases where. us Etli Caciop a Iron tonic is desired will lib found a most valuable Capri Rioh. 7 Shin pies Luini Sheil to play simians of a . Pure vaccine crusts selected from healthy Coua try children warranted eau i.-, cuts cordial elixir Calisay �?�15ark Alum and Lvi Iio lozenges and lilo Ray the Potash lozenges. All above sold by drug guts Hegel an i co., api Tum chemists and druggists m a s 0 n a 7 he regular meet miss of the masonic bodies in this City Are Holden at la Mason shall on to t Albee Street a. 5 it �31 Louie no. A a every monday at of flock p. M. A a in r1-Irln Quot in . Iii it .Utki no p in lust 1 tuesday of each month at 7 of a Lect sax Lii Marsi in no. 1 of the second thursday of Vaili Mouth at o clock p. 111. A l but ri-,,�?~ oud Landing Are invited Luau a Munei july ii

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