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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 6

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas Flakes weekly Galveston bulletin n u. Loiter Frolli Jun Rcd his at Zacal fus. A Shistos . A Mutch 22.�?the following is a Waslaf iii of a letter a received president Narez Zacate avs Friday -feb--22,. A i it a Ai not. 1�?T i arrived in this City on Trio 22d of january inst where the government met with a spleen. Did reception celebrated with fireworks. Balls and the presentation to me of a , thousand dollars among other Marks 01 respect. From. Its . Citizens. At l o clock the sume Day the news of Mir amour a Advance upon the. City with 2,500 men and fourteen. Pieces of artillery a was communicate Urmi Aud idiumebu7tnjly directed the necessary preparations to be made for its defense. .1 Ien Aranda did not arrive until the 2>tb, with 1,5.1111 infantry 200 cavalry and ten pieces of artillery which he brought irom. I Ubangi. You the 27th the enemy appeared and made a re -Oniiois.�?T.Iice. A though Many were of opinion that the h i in in i Ivou i retire the City and in re wire Many and weighty reasons of pub-,1 a Pohr a. I the i a course. 1 Neverth a a a i 1 not d. Pm it proper to adopt it and a nne 1 Tuli re Tilo Fate of our forces. The in m an cinte.1 almost to frenzy. With ii i i it inhabitants hid acc lived 1 1c. Aad thought that they.,. Int. Tided a i. It i a a m tie City might be t a cans. Of a 1 among the Quot tia of and the. tie More to s.,. Hath n my detefinmatii>11 to i Maii at my pot. A la 1 1 my ,111 a. Was Tiu it i to City c m i tor a i lie old hot a i Ali Quot a re a Quot a i by to Fie 11 i it i o our to at its Hiah 01 Wel e. n p.-. "im-.o&Quot, be he Quot be a is a if i i i a i col Abili a at by tin n i i Lufa to a Ai a. I a a d him m i .v d it a Ai that i. A. I. V a a 1 the be a t to in e Quot e. A ubi Quot. Ii rely Alt. the 11 ,--111 me to lit y y. Then acc Onipa i 1 it a a 1 vah Rio i set Vul -. Bei ii l Vual by. 1 la 1 Dir a a a i m the Elev the Day before. Quot a a a my. Eve. It Vas a a Lydi. W h1 had appear a at be streets my ill a Liti l ill a t j a 1 i i Bat the enemy s and. �?��11 e a a Minati in 1 the Road to tilt it Quot m i tii a a in 1 a Rke i Edt it Jerez a a the 1 it a a As it t Ity i Tantia it Raa / a. I troops to a the pm a tir a a a to a. -mirr.iirin. With tie main b a in a it a a Pii us tin iii for . Ani by att a cited to Dir y it Vera to. A Quot was As often re Yuji i. A i to i a a Imp jelled to abandon iii let 111 a a tall Union a a a i naive i .1.-Rin �1. Ame Day and i the Irwia Quot a 1 in ear it a a let it tin Uii no a if i , a Quot it h Sll Lif i a. t. Of h 1 Thi lore to unite a Vita a a 1c a Quot i i. Quot a in s was i the Quot /. A cat a a. An 1 i st it a for a it. I leu Lii 1 .111 the it. <1 i. I.-. In 11-- a a an a 11 to i gtd a that. A a e e i a. A Salt d heat nasal quotes a it tiling i it a Juas it . B i i and i occupy act a a i i Quot i la in v s Rea a As had. F in i. I a a i yet i id 1 co cd Quot. 1 a a Tiirik i 1 cd 0d11 1 a a a a filary. a t Lyth t. rec the report of a a by a it. A a in it in i a tie Ltd a it no 1 a the Lou a m Miano a i a. A Irir in yet. U a trip of summary air t��.? a a a a a a a a a i during to 1 a Post Ciudin a1�?T any i . My to Witiw no and int. A. The 1 Lei the Pahee a a a a a a 27t1. My att Jdant to Niy a to a a a a a let ii.-.ia--.-, which a 1 . 1.11 Vor a i by him Miramon i l oth a. I i i my Trai in i 111 Cane which h -1 j it be to ii whey tin a in a by ave i. The traitors iii la a i and o y a 1 All t Hgt Jim Iblis Lii in tin Palaci .11 a a. And . Lyell. Ami i. Have been to a Privat in a i at of Miramon Success is a Quot i i .<-.1 if Quot a a lady Forti a has. Bea a i t. E 1 t thai to lion Quot it adv of a i "1 l a i Tilio and Minde which. I i a a i-1 a b. Be re Quot a. 1 a very. �.1�-ib-b� that i Liall plea id to to it i a Ito san a Nils Witlin a a -1&Quot 5 to Day. A a a a a air a. He a ii-.-, the i j 1 Eivia a in Utt ii by Halies i Quot Al gtd it. Olt. . . Ami net d. Lalii i to a. M of Fth. Chief kill of i.,y i 11 by to a w.ist�?-t-.1 011 the m. Al t of Tai i a 1 bit. In. A a a in a a la a in 1 i i. It. I i a to \ i a i 1 i a a a i a i of / d Quot in 111&Quot Ca i mites of War -vessel�.�?if. /.ii-li-ie-.125. The it to to of inca Olalud who tail d the nth a Lav yielded to he sheriff ill Fruct ii Iid. Cur Reziea f 10 i it ver Lio iii ?c,75 Copper a a a it a e. It. Foreign Coin 1 i ent total iia Ift. A veritable ease of spontaneous combustion in the Quot human body is reported a rom Indianapolis a Man named Andrew no Guelte a Jer a Jian. Was found de no in his shop in the town of Columbas. Indiana Bis Mouth having Beekil Burnt out. Ile was of intemperate habits. River. Of a tin pie a Quot a of Admiral j�?Tav-1. Mulini a. Ii 1 a a Quot it Quot iai t Llu a i Ihu no i Adli in Veu a a a. Ili Quot e a it a that now in be a a a 1 a. It Quot a lilt in �jh11, 111 e a d Quot i. L iai d hip. Lai Midi Quot i -, Quot in an 1 Altai i d i a. 1 a. -1 la i Quot i Leni 1. Of d a Ai iii 1111 a i ,irri.e., i t. Aau All by 111 Apjilic-i-�1 Beabe move 1 in Itilio Aid acidity that is. The a to Al. Iii a i i de and re i a 111 Quot. A it it a 0 1 \ is a. It. It u a of loaf d l,.y_aai i a a .1 Aiu a. 1 1i a a e .1,. A 111 i 1. In a i -a.-. A a i to lilt pounds of Sii 1cd to Quot at i i Quot Elton of eos ild a a Ola a a -. This pm is �11 in j d ,.r . I i -id.-, end was mount .1 Oil a in a e. T. T a a. 1, i uni 1. To i it Ai inches i Ini i. A. N tie Way would. I a Quot a to in. 1 Lijie l ads plan four a a a. Re a i i ii Sid the l i iii red f it 11iva a. It a. ,-.&Quot a a a 1 �.--,-em d at least on mini at iria a a st. A input tank. Iia iii i i Lor vet it Ira Afif it to a a de Ali -l.a.it-. I 1 j in licit lined Here a i a i mope Renaudin the Jio Sybil ill of Rel Trow rred air letter irom. 1 a die Lai Aneli. From Trio Cah est011 nows april 1. Be have no doubt that the following letter which we. To Naif the Liberty of publishing was die Taten by a sincere Deso for Tho Best the. Stale. The Ness of its spirit and Trio Good souse of its suggestions will font need themselves a All our though Fai readers. This is no for division among the Whites of the South and we see 110 a to avoid such division indeed to seem 6 Quot interests Oil the shiite Quot except by putting Forward As candidates for Fuce a fair pro Kionut least of the Best men of that w Gress. Xia a oklans Murch 29, 1sg7. Eds. .ws�?i visit major Vorha Floii s Olifice two three times weekly to read the Texas newspapers and the list i take up is the , 1 clipped the enclosed slip the new of tin. ,21th instant tie new Orleans ii Letin praises conc Rel Quot sin Redan s order and advocates Harmony. I Nonni . Who U.E intended in the of order Shui ild it thinks be ree Ogui Quot 1 in the Quot let Val of ofii�.-. It learns with Lea Aii c hat Ai a n i Council of new Oil aids have admitted the minority to some very Intia Enlil Poi Ipiotis. It gives the situate Ai t . A a Tho Southern people Are in a local major a to. The ioya.list-,. .-.o-cli&Quot.i, Are backed by t fed a Al ten re is thus a to a. If Tho Sou Tipeni sentiment gives off U.E the minority App a la via iii Toti a a obtains a military order 11 a a a it Lian is the basis of Hai a Iamb. The san thru a Sian a fair Shar of a i de Rico. To Union minority. Minority Vil Serai the Quot s a a to a id a Tio i t t a Quot Liwaj i Ity. As ,l i 11 b i ,a a Quot. An. Elve Gill i a a an a a my a Quot . In t Tulp to. 11 of it Iuno _ i i a one Fornai Milr a it and. a the 1 111 a a in 11 Al l it Al Ali is nor Liti. Pas into i s Sudi Aleni . I if tin , v t i re to it us they a o do ill olt any Ami i a Quot. Adra ill 1 i la Quot i up. A Kaaa of. A. Ii a lie Cinova by will a a i.,.r Aai y �11 to e ten non a Jie get the. a nil lie in the original i in Ai , a 1 a an i it to Quot iii Watve Htide ii i a 1 0 conces it ious to to iii Terai to a a Sho look Ami where of than the a a eap i Eviae of i Union men t i a say in a a Nien had a Contr died w. A a 1 1.1 Oil Piol . Tinte of Ieie d , Nene will ii Niah ban of but to Eai to Iema secial a and in . The i.�?T. I iii i i a of t it As have been abused a Sainati by. Vej Niht to of partizan i rancor has Ben to them. The a have been ailed Quot villains disreputable herds dishonourable Knave malignant scoundrels push sinuous Welps. To lie let it Lone in their our Timmy. Quot Thom epithets have been culled the Tesa press and you who have lived ill the City can have no the Al feet hey had upon t he 1 in ill Quot in the Rural districts. A l i to ii Milt ii Aio be was usually i by Ian it. But All those who cooperated with i a Verne Lea a were embraced m a Quot i Iun,.ti iii the Union men a t of Viii vic.-. Press. I have 110 a my but they to 1 have retorted. Thus t h Union ill la quote no that they were ii a ii m . A i key my their families d Das pro a to i. Avoided lab red /. Ilou by to have i a Jii Aii set aside and the lilo. I. A Alici Vised by National Uii tii Volty a 1 Peak advisedly., Quot Al in Ustiy Iha t the c a a not in All Texas a single 1ndiv1dn.il of any prominence who Quot i favored univer Al suffrage up to �la.a.-. 1 1 to on tin put Forni of. Be l i Quot id it in Ali at.-Gard, willing to Lue . A icons he ask Quot ii of govern Sii Arki a. And tills too 1 Roui Nevis site. I. Cause Tony I rapt Ian Coly satisfied that nothing Les. Touhl a Lythe Noi Ali and secure us admin Ion. \ he.11 laile.1 in Ding the s i -1 a i i o n i -1 s As incurable 111 the took the further na., to it is now done. A it Are it d ail ,. And iii. Tralis n Ith it i l a. Rapists. Liall we w 1st&Quot turn Quot ill a gig Lap s Nie .-Ler the Quot if Katimi Atli Ai with a . It former in san this Are to i Quot kept a. And Quot id party designations so Ali to a Quot . And de i to is util to la in a Uit a by ones to the .�?~onf.Al-.ii-y. I All so 110 .-1.�?� a of our till . I hi.a.teniiii m if sted by the it Aith Wili have Hubli in iii Nee Union t orig less 0 1 t he filial Ipi estion. I l Quot in lie s ill of �?z11 oar in the South verily be-1 i Quot be. I found a your inn. A Miagi a in. It that coat ,. Is not adopt. <1, the us iii men will Endeavor of Llie to rally the Quot a vote. I d Noi t�o.,i, can be Don. To t e Tell that ome would tins Tate w Nii two How ii part d Welch Wrabl Tell in i sent step of ask the negroes. Ladi cais Weed. Ali U.E-ii-\vy, then w Eye b to cause 1 1"it ably 10 l Al i in Quot pro i Quot a v o if y o a Mea i h one Liy earn. I Ai. A a hits w id Eup. Rat Quot in Quot a ill be .1 i Opie. Jan i by c a,.-Aii-�?T Quot -v.,. 1 an a 1 a Quot a. A Oil .1-1 a i i you. Will in a. A 1,1 Ait a is to any a jiving Pio try Alai of i a c a i \ to in. Id a Law a re to la Havre of. Vry n i atty a aint by. Out the d Taitis a Ming a mail Uli -1 cd cat a a a. I am. A in 1 I cadre. A to a Nie the 111,1 �11<-i to. I motive. 1 am .-Ly. Tev Otin my i a 1 a my Chib Tren. Coils a .Atn by. At in Quot a i -,1 stal.-, via in Friend 1 a it the Mai to tin Dace la a sunday-111, Jit at a Quot a i seven Iaan Rcd Lioumis of mail Judic iof Winch some lilt pounds Only was Lor Thi Lii. At Hast one Liaf of flu in Ait Ioimo Lor. Tile counties of Masti in t. an d so o Lyhl live been a lit Crockett by and Avo Gooch. S and Titis fic curs every mail and trial i Eia Lile in a stint Ion pics Toupee at Crockett is Lepon Quot Ible 111 i All for ill that Olifice tin Lunil met Fer of i ili. A a i ii try of to t trip Styadi verges for Vor Herti and t. Ai. The mails a All t Siose i onn tics East of Fth of tie counties of Smith a i iii i Shur should lib. Seilir either no cog Doc ii a and if tie postmaster at Cro Fortt would but take the trouble to glance Over the. Digap too Iose iii finues he Souid a Vasiliy ascertain by which of the two routes it in sent. To would advise him to Cut out this Quot paragraph and Post it up in his Olifice for -Hfa-it--h4rr-Ticer--yrrrirv7 pc Ltd it it of i it 2i�?~. At Tom end of 18�o7, according to a new copyright Law passed Nonio Yeara since by Trio German diet and agreed to by All governments ail copyrights which had at that been prolonged by special privileges cease and become Public property. Ill aids one Kund cd mile in de tie lines of forts on tie Frontier. From the san Antonio sex pfc a 5i-Ircli -37. Ila Cue Rovn i Texas. Star for Clark _ i March 21, lsg7. Alia editor a it May not be devoid of interest though certainly not very Meneou Aadu to the numerous Quot readers 01 your valuable journal in Western Texas to learn a Levy particulars respecting Indian depredations in this ,/ lipid their ability to continue them As will be seen the following. Of the stir instant Captain Wilcox com a aiding fort Clark with to men set out Vith a View of discovering if to Ible an Encampment of indians to somewhere on the Pecos Kiver. After Viiar i in for in Lay for the most part along that rugged Jun ii m Trail known to few but indians running a Ros the mountains boarding 011 Kip Grande and Pecos ii Ivers to a j Jaya. 20 Miles Bilkov. Fort Lancaster. Ilene a i a discovered a Large Camp but also i i Indian warriors Chinai Mclies Pii Dius. by prepared to receive him. Put irom tii it. Side Lii re they lad taken a a position the Galia it a Little band in lid. A i drove tii a 25 10 a of the indians. The loss of Captain a. his guid. An a Exoo Ideiil by Iun let a of Verdi hot rfcs a a two Nikii wound d Ana Ona. Mis Ina. From a a a i ail intelligent Mihe Indian it was fori in too a str a Isth to on Alioth i .-a a Quot i it Furt Iier Ittin .. to. Tit Vii i Ber m warriors Ltd a Quot ill a Short Ali in Quot i Reavil Ami a a Quot a nor a Weil l iii i e Saiad a Quot i mad in Quot to a n st be Quot tin c Ria in. i a c to twin f a a t a so. A Bill a. V to a a. Of iii Larra Wib ova tie Ai e by it v ii Cap a Ukini. Itiat enemy was with Quot Attak a Vii Eena. Ariy As could a a i tie Lia iii to 1.5 Quot i. Airs returned inn 1 Naii Waers. I Iviz in. A. A by iad Iaus now a i -v.-i,. It by the a of a i Quot attack. I lie ammunition would i try idea a Hasty i quote it the i ii ans Quot remain. .1 in to Liber a de a. w 1 c i a to who a a they . Tho ngh aed in main Lastres it a ave. I Brave i. V Irish would 1 imprudent a to in pos. N o Are m King Concini -. A tail Wilcox did indians l of thir a. Tile peos. Lie did Bett i Siule band Trow i Quot to inevitable had he i a a i Advance such o i 1. While capt Tiu Quot a it sent l i U.E no it in Viu with 12 of his a few citizens succeeded in j Artinr a party Indian.-, whom they followed to the san Dro 1 Devil s River near to Camp Hud on. Capturing their ill gotten Booty. Consisting of "5 Good Imam Ais horses Ami inn is. Tit party discovered near to i fort Ciatyk by a few i tibets who fought gallantly a aint double their number a capturing 15 horses. Tit o Days ago another Large party of indians wer. Reported dry a a Large num vice of cattle and horses Westward. Captain Wilcox st out in Pur Uit but 011 learning party of mexicans trailed the Sain. Indians Troni the Vicinity of Eagle Pas. That he. A discovered by the Indian to he. A a an engagement with the Quot me c.fi-, s i Tain Irig unfortunately the los of tii Cattie Only. In i Captain finding ins to 1-Unitt a Quot longer Jov-n y. Rebi Ruel to nex t morning. U Spect fully. A ,. A ii. A. March l j. It my t no a i wild have written to y Ai when the party went Down .t was a a for in account of our scout a veil her. It is an 1 god Grant i May never have in the thn.th orders ,. Received distil Liei vhf Piai ters to the indians that at talked the mail party and disperse them. Of started with 51 Mem total on 8th made Camp t bae o Gnu a ply at .st crossing of s Kiver. In a in guide and seven men were sent to see 1 they could loud a Trail. At 2 a a ma.11 returned Ami informed Captain Wilcox they had found a Lar be Trail Between Camp and tia Grande running towards tin Inonu pee of. The Captain Quot Start d with Quot in . And jilt men making a total of Jsu Vitti two Ritie is followed on the Trail became Fresier u dire her hoping to of take the Reid to devils we pal hed ahead a of rations. On the i iii Ina it it of the 12th got to the Camp file burning. A a p tit them had by Eakin isted -u.-d on Turio isly .d . Tiv. Mil irom this Camp two More Large trails joined 0 1 we a Ere of. C Rio Ity t which we had Araniti d i . In fed is Sull Onward Ali ,._ o.- was a a Gil rugged i Quot to .1�?de-l i entry the hours s would. Bounce. And. Slide Givi 1. It it would not do and pie Pitou. Out of ii ides. A have to slide Tell f a i Nii lid int Ivi it terms a it la cd in i Mack to it -. I l Iver mall �-.-v -.i- ii i Cam. Ii Quot i. M-1 cos a. R. A i t i. Camp a it i a quota into the in oui Ai b . Quot by Nitro Iio i elect Bur Quot a a i i indians Piui vol a w a a tii Liv -.r. W. To a to in Ain. Lio ave t Timi Paiit E Add n. W. I. ,. L a every . Lindi Ami Rock A till attempted to a iii. Strosin of inn Lial d. To d Tad Day Hijii Ais it being lit t and no in a. I ii Eai Hain -. It s re ant i iii get a Ami in iii. 11.nit As our Oishei to Jiff t us Ull could t do a of Posilee id of the Mountain River. To did it nobly and we protected them a Eaine Down Cro a tin-1 River and tarted Quot Bacini. A Walii d of track a . . Us four Miles but one of a a Lic Nige Njg in hed thy left. Us a a i we fought ten Cut Diane nearly one thousand five Hundred Strong for four hours an. I iee111.it. 11 dispensation of that. Any of us Are Lett. A boy twelve tir fourteen years old Caine to us them who is now with Quot the Captain. We travelled two Days without food and were thirty Hon 1.2th, the Mie i wanted Mil a. iii Quot and a Quot a a d veiled i lip. I. A a tin. the Aavo drove tia. Deals s�?0 i is . Give ii u to barn tia in tent and it coiled ii the a t u irom b,.dt_a.v, i tla.1 \ iii i the 11 up tie Valley t it Oil of it and it i. S a i j it 1. .�?T.m . A tvs a i a. Up i he a -. And coming a a it a a a it d a if to very Triem. Tiley iwo in looked without water when the Captain ordered a horse killed Aud gave the men a meal we then Hail to travel two Days More before reaching Camp thus we six Days without Good eating soldiers rations. 1 besides All the above to had awful weather snowing and hailing for two Days our clothes literally torn our bodies by the rocks and Briars. As poor a Iliin As i am �2,00 1 a Gold could not begin to pay me to endure such in entry and physical mini ering again. Poor patents our Volunteer guide was killed two men wounded a tied one missing. The Captain has asked for six companies to be sent after Tje devils. ,�11 yesterday a messenger came to the Post. It ii Dilutis within Nizie Kiili Irwin and Rya self started with 20 .men.___trailed.-Thejir-30. _ Miles when we met a party of mexicans seventeen who had followed them and been whipped by thirteen indians. The mexicans Only tired once and then rank just like them a amour game was Quot lost i have just now got Back read Ovir Ever kind note and prepare this disconnected epistle for you. Words will not convey tie suffering we endured. We All had our feet Milch swollen. Lost about a dozen horses on the scout but did not disperse Flie . Your Friend 1 a disposition of overt Nizni troops in the following is announced As the disposition of troops serving in tin District of Texas commanded by a Brevet major general Charles Griftin with the names of the Post commanders. Gal Vest on la Cvet major general he into a Livau j.7u Ufa try cos. Of g and a 17th infantry and co. A ll-7th coloured troops. . W i i vase 3 7li infantry Coa c and i17th infantry Ilir Enham Captain Edward Collins 17th infantry cos. Ii ail d la 17tii in Antsy. Hempstead a Captain George Lancaster cos. A find p., 17th in ii Titre. Austins Brevet brigadier general a a a allies Jos. A. A 1a if t find a 2 tii injun try. And cos. Ii ii and a. I Ali cavalry. Jacksboro a Brevet Chmel s ii Shari. It if cavalry7 cosi a i it of i k it a cavalry. San Antonio Brevet 1 Iri a general John s Mason Lith i 11- itry co six a a a of text the a Ooth Ina Ai itry. S. Go iii i a Revet major George a Smi iii. U5tii infantry co. Ii5th infantry. Victoria Bievet major p e Holcomb ,35th infantry a co. Ii u5 h infantry. second i Titei Iain a it Fitch d5th infantry cos. D and i 35th infantry. Fort Mason Breve brigade i general a p Hatch 1th cavalry Cor. A iof g Aud a 4th Cav dry. Carnli verde Brevet major general diaries Bowman Ith cavalry cos. A h and a 4th cavalry. L Ort clitrit�?0 Uptain John a Wilcox 4th Civ dry a co. A 4th cavalry. Fort Inge first. Lieutenant x a Mccafferty 1th cavalry co. A i 1th cavalry. Tyler Brevet . Colonel b l Montgomery 2cth infantry co. Of 2cth infantry. Prairie Lea. A first lieutenant s c Plummer 2gth infantry co. A 2 it the infantry. Round top second lieutenant ii a Ilowe 17th infantry detachment 17th infantry. A Post is ordered to be established at Sherman. In Quot the sub District of the Rio Grande Corn ii handed by Brevet major general j j Rev. Nolds colonel 20th infantry Headquarters at a Brownsville the troops Are stationed As follows a Brownsville Brevet brigadier general l. G. Brown 117th coloured troops co. A 114th coloured troops cos. A of c and ii 117th coloured troops Light co. I 1st artillery and cos. E and i 4th cavalry. Brazos Santiago lieutenant colonel c. H. Morse 117th c. T. Cos. A i Aud in 117th c. T. Ringold bar race Csc lie U.E want colonel t. S. Sedgwick 11-Ltli c. Toof. Lic and a 114th c. T. Fort Mcintosh major. A. L. Hogan 114th c. T. Cos. A and i 11-Ltli, c. T. Roman Captain 4. X. Plelps. 114th c. T. Co. A 114th, c. T. Redmond s Lynn Chi first lieutenant James Kelley. 114th c. To 114th c. T. Edinburgh Captain t. T. A Graves 114th c. To co. A 114th c. Santa Maria a first lieutenant b. B. Heydenberk 114th c. T. Co. E. Hith c. T. The following Are the names of Tho officers composing general Grin us a staff second lieutenant a. H. M. Taylor 17th infant acting assistant adjutant general Brevet lieutenant colonel w. S. Abort Atli cavalry acting a assistant inspector general first lieutenant w. H. W. Krebs 17th infantry. Acting assistant commissary of Muster Brevet lieutenant colonel h. C. Ransom assistant quartermaster Chiet quartermaster. Brevet lieutenant colonel George Taylor surgeon United states army chief medical Pilicer. A. Meet Inci of the Peak Biry York dispatch of the 20tli says the. fund trustees have finished their ses Ion. The whole subject of the Trust was discussed. From the committee of investigation and Impi iry a report was Niide. By Bishop a Clevune that for the present the promotion of primary common school education by now existing other ocies should be the main object. To Aid this design it Normal school education to prepare t. Acinas will be favored and scholarships endowed in the now existing Southern Halls of learning. Education in Aid of the application of Quot science to Industrial pursuits Quot will be. Another purpose of the trustees. A general Agency ted the direction of executive committee is to be. Tiie greater part the business. Rev. . of Browne a University elected chairman is to appoint an executive Coni Unitt. To it of live to carry out with Quot the general a the views of the Board. next Ai..nl meeting will take place in a Thi City on the of of june and i authorized to Call it. The will of executive committee. Tiie boiled agreed to meet in i Richmond on the 2d tuesday in _ january. Tiie i aa. committee comprises Ricl Lvarie Aik ii. Evarts Grahame Eaton and , . a to Fri 1 the correspondent of tii Quot new York times of feb. 21, writing i. In cub.1 thus de-i-sib.-. 1 a Paimre a of . Al iii -ent.i,. I Hir readers , what i Stid of the tii a by if a cubans Tipon the in he 1 Coast Survey Steamer Corwin left Tui Friday morning for Teaf c last to take sounding Aud select the not suitable place for Shore end of Cable which is soon to connect us with the outer world. The reef in. The neighbourhood of Marii indo about ten Miles above Tho City present Tho most advantages Lor that object Leo give an the interest taken by our government Anil merchants ill the laying of this submarine Cable which will be of such immense Utility it is Tiitu event. To Stilto that i not a single Sinare of the Stock has been taken Here acid to probability at it Emch the better. The less shares Are held by cubans Ami spaniards the More guarantees we have that the Wolfli will be carried 011 in a decent Vanlier. I i i u Are 2,208,0,00 _ a a a ->toq1ffds,?,-t,�?~00 i a. R i ties of Vine cultivated 5,4115,000 acres of land devoted to vineyards and in 18g4 Tho crop was 1,1120,000,000 Gallons of wine Worth s100,000,000. A if a woman could talk out of Tho two sides of her Mouth at Tho Samo there would be a great Deal said of both sides 1 Rurik in Oft Lik Alabama. From no. Iii is aprils a the Well known lied River packet ates Bayav took fire at 4 of clock yesterday Monus it a a a a a Miles this Side of Collins Point which about Lorty five Miles above Ali Cifor. Raj m Alabama jiul. A. pa.ssp11g.3-s Sah twelve Hundred bides of Cotton on to tri. I it a soot fas the fire was discovered she was nor ashore and All the passengers Ami. Crew saved Quot Captain Lee and tie Oftie ors a boat deserve great credit for the promjnc.-_i.i5-. And Energy with which they acted in tii a it ing emergency a the pilots mess s and Hall remained at to 0 wheel until after Tho boat struck Tho land. . . Had his wife 011 Board but would not Ianc wheel to go to her Assis Taneo until he mis yes lived duty by . Hal. The boat and cargo Are a total irk lira inc greater the baggage of the Pii Sci Tori was saved All Tho passengers and Crow Tofin nth a this City 011 the j. M. Sharp. Cap tail la a and second mate remained at the .Txsj a by Eccl. The Alabama Vas still by Riding ctr in. Tishie Tho j. M. Sharp left Tho seen. We copy the following pcs nil of lie passengers we the undersigned passengers of cd is fated Steamer a Alabama a a desire in cd i re Ata our gratitude and thanks to Captain Lix his officers for their Noble conduct at Theof Trio disaster in trying to save the ?,. Property of All on Board add that Lii end Captain Lee and messes. Hal it a tin Tho pilots to whom special Praise for. Lai iding the boat and Tho of lice ally for i heir coolness and unceasing wifi Cru. To Ali Vitae the suffer in. A a a i. , to m. Sharp we Atim a debated for Tho kindness in taking ill to Jav and passengers to now Orleans Jos. T. It it Erncr. Mrs. S. E. Show 7 a a to. Siuw . M. 1 Larri son Larrv g. A of a Yib i. Dyer c. H. Horre h. I. Bid Tox amp it a. Ii. Mcmillan Ben. A. Mcfadin Montgomery Ellis to co v.,11. In ifs Oto lady major f. A a. Stevens paymaster to a Tate i f. J. Stevens paymasters clerk Hast. Gantt Isaac sans 11 Arvey Lawrenza Al. Cagle Ami Littly k. by. A and lady a. Flournoy ., yet Riaf Hunt a >1_. Burk x. To Oley. R. A ticket. , so. W. Snow j. In iioe.ru.,j. L. Maples a a c ii Hote Texas judge Myers Hilal a. K ill a mystery. Frown file Texas Kuc Oril Marci on sunday morning last t. Roperr. Our town that the remains of a inn Derek found in the . Dukes living about live Miles . It Khz. Tho Navasota Road. Jurj of immediately summoned by order of Justice in tin and a party of fifteen Twentr-.geu�ie�. Repaired to Trio place. . J. E. Dubs Fri gentleman who found Tho body .w41s a a Csc. And testified As follows a i found the body Ofa dead mar Ery Asb. Tho Junction of Hollands and Spring Rawitz. On yesterday evening the23d of March a to was lying rather doubled up As in a a a. Being a Mere Skeleton. His clothes ver Ajja off him and scattered round on the he hid on one Boot rather com icon it Mesa if material Liis hair was dark in color Tod a crr. Short. I would suppose him to Haw. Fo&ia., when alive about five feet ten inches Tig. I. Found a Bullet lilo enter iii the heat of a a right Feide Aing through and coming Arr. On the left hand Side nearly opposite tit i take the Ball to to a Navy Fiji shooter -a-Cal Ball slug. I would judge him to .rv. Been dead about three Mouths a edging Actu his appearance. This was in Griuies-e�s5�s� the clothing i found near him Are of the sit lowing description the pants were Ger ests sin re Grey Cassinet Vest coat very , i think a steel mixed Grey Weenie it cd Aud of Cashmere some cheeked co Tisi to Hickory cloth i suppose was Lii Ltd a it it. In found about Twenty Steps Tho Lavasar a Towel sack containing some Corn with Brush. The sack was marked us. To iras i could distinguish with the letters jts lick. Tho sack was very bloody 1 signed E. Let i a Ali e jury returned the following a Diviki a a we the jury of inquest find that ceased is unknown to us Aud that to Chou a a. His death by a Ball discharged . I in the hands of an unknown a wtiddixo.�?o11 theirs Ito evening Tho Church of the holy Trinity Ner of Madison Avenue and l Street was thronged by the fashion and. Wat inc. Of the City to witness Tho marriage Charles Rock Hind tying son of Rev. Var to miss Mary Edmonds. It was Oise it of most picturesque and Beautiful wedding in have Ever had Tho pleasure of . Re a lie Interior of the Church is very and up i evening of which vow tilled with elegantly dressed ladies Uii usually so. Tho Gas is so arranged fixtures Aro seen and when the dome and windows Are illuminated the is truly grand. Trio card a it inti in it >5<5 tii commencement of the ceremony it c. Amp a amp amp a but a a it is not fashionable to to per Ie��c-.& a Tho Brigid party did lion. A in. Their appearance until Toff past the in this Bride wore n White corded a in wit a with in immense train and a a Vail Rev. . Tyng performed Ith Cert can to an impair save manner Ansi As the Bride Lieut by Ida of gym stood before Tho altar it to .i�.i, purple and Crimson Light shining c�. the dome it formed a bit us ii withal impressive picture. At that cd la a Sion of the ceremony . Tag Esntiiiiit-.? them both. Previous to. Trio. Arrival of iii. Bridal party 11 a of to 1.isbi Erio Mied a Ful so Lection 11. Of , ii Insie. in ,- some ii the ladies wore their a Ltd a High and of immense size with two mud exit diva Giuily Long curls Down the in Aira the whole Eliot Binde etl being Veir Lous. It is in bet Ftp taste perhaps to it the in Shioris in moderation rather viral a adopt these eccentric extremes. A . T a in Usu Quot. Quot River information fro in Trinity reaches up to yesterday tue aria 1 a o clock M. Tho River is still out of Quot it Banks but falling slightly. Jas -. From up Trio country however asst nov. M to it a a the re is Adinig coining do Wii and Hajj consequently expect to have Good for several weeks yet a the Aniced at last sunday a morning with about Jia if cd of merchandise and is to leave this a acne it a. Slide ill Tuko Olio Hundred Bales of a mag Nolia but will get a sufi 11 h a Tity c i us to Iamb at a Jiuu cargo i a. A a a a a expects to make another trip up the Ivor i season. ,. Tho la boat built and owned . A Jack on Quot i if Lafit j>vuliy/lx3asw rear two Hundred Bales of Cotton. The Steamer a truth vent is looked foe at. The above Landing in four.-live. Trinity advocate March 2.1,

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