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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 4

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas 0uv a a in acc. T porn on to Peinl London on Marc . On monday tin1 Taij Uiha ii House Comiti Pittee met with i View of winding the special which brought in tether. This was to dispense fix to. Rain Oil i Iler tin auspice of the lord mayor Lor Trio Relief of tit dist in is in to of 1�?The. Fol to amount a use Riberi Haboon x14, which sum xij.7no have born it lib a sensed in of a in a. The dint,re.-. Unit innately prevails to Nerly the extent Stoml. ii Loyod at finn exceeds by those Mitrof work during tin no Rod nil it year. By Adon Timi Tho moderate Standard of per Quot week a or each Man tin Ion in a its amounts to to i l.\2a� week. A i he it oor Karu Tritini shopkeepers and a payers Are Smundin surely Lov in the Popan i Hion ten it poor Date tor t in Quarter no. Lour times the Ordinary amount that i it it it gtd in tin Pound. While in some in �iih1uh tin Rati do lint Adorni ithe a in tin Pound. On ,. t la re led Diirr in a it the Sittin of he a Ninni it that in the dist i Ijen Ien of Ohore wore Over jets Dos out of to k wlm a mild a Over a employed Nain in that Ioc Mihye no wonder the a till lord mayor should observe Quot How cd Imit i Ink Quot Milito he. P voided for lie a nut think tin Puttie would voluntarily to Sinue la min port a up. My non in a in ind Ilni t e Uno. If t j i a e Agio longer win k t her for 111 in or it h e i Asp of of it the pm mus Watha i ooh Sod t he it Poh i by tog Limi it Els Whoie. Ltd to Avail 1 i 111 s i 1 a <1 s i her l Han is Irvi. Of Ordinary Siodo of Rei h -1 m h n h the Eon try provided a on it whoa. A id pounds h Avilio boo i is i Lilied at i in it 11 n a Anil of \ Imauri of till Omini 11 a a a a. In Ward Orin d t a t t h e moot inn should adj Jit n for a Of. A. S a . i a a a nnahh1 t a to a that i Leif Vork done of that a rvs i to Wius i up tin fund Thi Ltd Quot i n a j r a my a. Of j a it n a 1 a at i it Ner info Ray let it a has a j, a a a 111 a a d t in uni ism of a it a a s a of a a ship Hull line Quot to ado who get i us a to Hula a \. A a. it a of tin no ii us it it it a Day. o 51 a a a a 1 4�, m k i it a a a. V. Has in in a a five a a a i Mulit Ion -. A no ii to o v in i in a a a. M l it a of to Fui a it oar. A hit ii Nia i a a it a a 11 \ we a us. It i a 11 ii 111 a it 1 of i to a a la. My Var it t to Suun i y. 1 to no and j in worst Foai it Are. The did Quot tors of t Down at i a to �r7 a a �1 in a 11 it. j tie. Jim i1 s of Aio in re tint in vain. Kulw in pro Poi x a in Snow to Quot 11 i . I 1 to to Rity and to eos a in a it it a on. I the Stock share lists t i. Ii. I i r i u i i a a 11 Lar Alono Foi ih�1 a t a. I i kit it it l a a. T a. I it auit. T o t i oui 11 j 1 .1 a a it /. Ltd a a to i . Lavo millions Ingle won i A r r Dpi x m a Wijt d Lay tin of i \ i so Noiin it. Sharos to. Or it a f 1 f not tin a run Lina nor . T tii. It a it i a a of . To Quot t ii Iron. La i it a it a try nah tin Noial a a a a Ltd i u tip mainds toi Unap i la n l u it. A a \ a a i it no t i a l of t Toa ii i a Dondits Otilo 1, 11 a i Ltd on. P in l ook i at t a . 1 11 a a in . I. 11 a . .1. A w \ w i a h. I ii. 1 i to i a a. I a it d tir . I i it p. I. A f 1 m i j ii i n Vid a it t Quot a Al. It i Aniio Ai i a a a cd a How a in i a 1 Quot a .1 non a a it. We. Ia1, pm. Is. 11. A. ? i onto. Lavo Ltd i a 111 a d a a us ii. V x a 5.\l ppm . To m it . A a. to a Lia i a is v. A a it. Ii. 1 a a 1.111 it p i 11. I. Of Mia a viol a it a a a a a a. I a. t is. .-1 a a a a Lio i in i Uit a a vat a. A i 1 a Loti. I if i. 1 Of if 1i A 1. I h v p i 1 in a a t a m the Al to t a in 1 l Nan i. To it in o a to a m i to an t a o a let it a a a a. R a Ammirah r a a to Tho i unit. A it it a a Ai a \ Rio i a / a a a t \. A in. He ,.j�� .1 p h hat in tin o d i 1. A i a tilt Ila a a who a a a 11 >�1 it ii al�.1 tha1 Quot in a. In amount of. . Of t on v Pii in i oiled h. I re word t olt it said a a. 1 Lulu t n a in and tin naia it Ndu a Hanman ii Limu 1 mi�?Ti�?~1 i la Ai Ivor Vav i to i Taino Tafi Al a a tall pan t it rom it Uit to. W out nth a us a a a j i Hohl dipl to iinds that Tho �?Toinniit-1a \ i it Laii Kinu a Ltd it Onmi do. Until a v \ Stii of ten ii Jai sofa a float pm a it a it 10.4 and the list toi he stud of. L India t liar a % a a a. On old j i n t o. T lie to i p t a Lead t it Ltd. Him in Law in he a have. At i a t ado a a a a Pulasti d him to jus r of in h Aio o in t lug Oiin t a. T a Quot a i a a Fieo to fall to Loai la a a a a a a attn Trio . T in i to Foith Wotli a of ii a a in t i s it lie toi Ilo pro i to l he i Lia in Ris in Trio j re instant Oti the a uni that a Thoy Lio i y it Oonie i Quot or. it at Dis . The Maddhes. Int take it it Diu Vun a Loi l Ai k Lii any in dipl h icily. O a a most an \ Unis of ,.�?~-ar and ans or to an Oliai a a that May Quot a a a a toi Iod a aim him. Or. Kyre has the a Vati o a. In p at h y it to to to. With the. A Obj Tiomi it a Hall i id i a Aid 1. n �o-.-,�?hhiv--- i h-1miijiht i d Imp of Iio i mph d st s a Iho t Al of Quot Arti Mno a a to Quot took Piai of on v of malay it. Rte trait in of t a d in a and in it a of Saint Onich vre Loti Veyo i ii do a a tax Toni i Atto the in Aio. Whit h in Impo it. D null i nip Xii h i s my Pic m i n Ion to. Hos t of i to i ? i 1 a a ii n and i m -. Alai k As f i uni Quot a Ilo i t Iao v. A Liu t Utt i a a a own m i Wan 11 i of i Tod Liy. To i h i let i it. I y of j a i . I i a a ii idl i of Ilio 4�?T i Fri a _ of t it t it 11 a d to \ a a Ltd a. A a ii i Uiki Quot. i irate on . A in Inin a Foo ii. Maii it of to it m v. Oil it Quot in. N i 111 f Oil a a Quot or a h. N a la i a a to a a vol. A n a Quot a or.-, to. Maj to l>.\. -.�?�. A it a of i it . H , or p. A i Quot in a. I. A i ii 1111. Of 1 a v. To. And . Etc v Vid. A i of tin i i to \ i t w t it a a a. Of �.,� y a Ilo 1 top a Oil a d i a a a n no p n j k�>.,a or n to to to ruin la Ltd a o i i11 o to a m o a and Emo. T it i.-. A. I a a l a. A / of Ltd \ a. I a a a a t i j or. A. I in. A a a to nil to .,11 . Of t o a a a a. Lii in i. In h 1- w 111. A Ai pro pm it i \ it a f i a d. To in it a who Livo in the Stato Fiti. Rail Hilm h pay a j not fun a a. It a in. Lie t ii 11 a 111 i 1 of t it. Lot i ii t to i it on i ois h o. I a. A nuts to told Ltd a a in in n a t id Ltd to a \ t of Thiesf a a d Odi nun t of Ltd a. In in a Quot i p i a 111 i 111 o n o i get Tho a. A . I st i to. Hide in a u ii. Lii him i v Vij i Horn i \ a o \ i 11 a v1, a tor i Ltd d. I. 11 ii in a m i a in an 11 in a d 1 t a p�?� la i in in Uro i la 11 111 i v h a o 11 a in. A n in Lini t o a Al of no Titi n i a h it halt h in writ Ltd t a unit t to 1 i a, in i a 1 Oil i. Of i ?1 a it it i ii i a Iol. A t Mitlo i h a or a tin to ii h m m. Apt a a. In at you Hampl o a. P i t High 11 Vorva aptly ow-./, ii i. Olm in 1 j of m t., in i 1�. La. To of �1 v in warns it tif a tii kit i rih i ayo1 Quot a ii Jerri in a p and be plan re la Ivy to to up a a Stiim Quot . ask a mild to Nadilo Noii 11> a let i Hod l it in i a the of Loa Ido Otho a t la n Lio to o i dish an i Ujj the l Ite nil in a old Hie Horn Moro of. I. No Han Oil How e til it Nai y or mint u \ in in t o 1 i o Weihin tto opts at to i., in biting wind that i Oun a t in Moli a a Iho we i. K in it. n Quot n a a a a no a up v a Liti hotter it i. A Iha ii t up Quot of c 1 Vait y it it i Jim a on Ain. Lat a it let i it ally of in you t list in Nii n n a be ,.m Saipt too with tile la Riith Jyo voi to a a a a a a a a a inv t Ako to. A i. Some ,._- , the it a a a to of a Tho do Ivory -1 iir-1 i a ruin 11 \ a and i m Osollo i a t to to Node n i r Siul id Ltd o hat i Val to y Ai 11 l u t to i it. A re Lami 11 u Mila is of t a Lupos have lion a a do i to in Park. At Ora Wlms a Hois a Ain Liao Oil had lion Kohl nil a Noner. A i a k e w a 1 he a w i it Jis. A t he it a v w a 1 Way h d i Oil upon tin App Toai h of tin of Lioi a whom Trio a o u a in fist a no i f i d Mon to to i. Hii t Sirij ply Illey i Ivo Yonl a Ai t Oil t Vos w a a 111 1 if o a 11 h 111 in 1111 re it of til a .11 1 in h my a of j n Oda -Tatioii-., and other Ungro Torton a Lii a and on a ii do Vej is on Pel ii a a Oti of Iio Omli n ism. A few i Ahamod isolated Alio ii Lull in i a Quot a ii is a Auk Al a tit Tho. Soi i n Oil t i to t a hut Foi., t hopi it of i Ion t o t to in habitant \ Udo Vahle Houlios of to nips have in in Roi led a to v. Ini a inns. tin Loyal and Wudl Disipio i rate will to oomph i \ ool num ample Means us transit ,.ll to provided 1 1 onion Hissim is a now Praez in Illy Al an Orni t lip a a to Tomb Dini of y Embar voi. And t Lodi i idiotic i a 11 a n it a a t _ i o \ n t Iota i Mike a them Ilio laugh no jisook of i . I a Oinui to hat t Hoponi -1, Lindos Havn he to. Of Adt Oit 1\ us ind Hal out it. Their Money in the a nit d states think of Triesc a a Lizzy is a 1 wonder to it it How a Tho Boi ids of the Irish be Amblie Htu Iid u Tho. A Harkeu the a lode t Hiim been a swindle a Arni a a Winelle of the contempt i Hhd and fraudulent kind. Not a redeem . While ail this Loray a s been Uomini o i. Dublin wears an a if gait Ball has just Huen a a Vii by tie lord lieutenant and the March Ion is of Annie of Naf which a wore present. This Lodi Voty Mue a like Rcpt Liou. And a a -ut.iv�-,.<,,i la c Jin Mirt Iun a a Tjui Clely to be appointed to try thu Nuitzio i a la Nairn Pii Suin a Imp. Soin. Ultra loyalists advocate the immediate martial Law in Ireland. This i Asp Prehemo a we a Ihl be . A Tho special Corres Tioy Idenar Fihn �?Tlamr37wir7tiiv it Fri uftvevtr��7xt�rit�\v very for jointly and wisely and humanely >soi�?~ve.h in a re Senf Munbo of t hat Jour Mil a o Tho most sex Aniobi of the Leath. Lei the troops a goal in Lair file with any who Roii t but no a Ronnie. For re a Nii Tiou now or Heio by it Lavini the. I a Tohey a Herd of shop a nays. Clerks dram rss As. Is Tant who Ai a now Eleein Tikfesi Zoep. Ovin when no one Pur sues t hem. Martini Law in any part of Ireland administered As Mart Ial inv has Boon Els when a Mako. This of Imro is us an on i foe Monikie a a Dietly for the childish a Folly a of Thos Vvhs Hook part in a i it a. I. Hoath of a the Prince of a Syat los still Oon Inuos Usati Law toy. No grounds la Nevor. Lor aha Tan exist. The to Koen has Coni Ltd up from pail her or in Law am Thor i it it. A a in. Rheumatic Aio action in the knee from luit Imo a is wifi i st i Hirn Aud Doe no i Ltd la to Adolv to medical and Sui Lineal t eat Mont. \ wild. Ami. M in debility needless alarm i failed in \etpool. Lnor matauti by of .1 Ore ved Liat it i he us out m of with Quot a Kelia is. Air fenian sympathisers to Burn to Lvi Exien Dve and in rival Deloi is of that town. Do by ils of h i nil. In Kjin Banks and Plu loathe v Dunt or Stoi a a Al of arms and Ammus Igioia i Roi a a it ,, won1 let Dily Daood linger Oil is to loin Tofipo Tho a left i re Anil a ii till against a ack. he Jio lift Aie Iery it to am. A Rural it Vidutis eos n. And Pensis no Quot in eos Istar duty. Tin Athor is bit Tedy inclement. Of Del h to Jiro Ooi a at o Felt. J it Ilia n 1 land. A port Ion of the Width regiment Haju to am Bai Kodin tin Ltd of Iamb rant. Who old sails in with tin out in. Hind and Kain nov. What up. 1 to do Al / a _ 4. _ the Moil wit of in v Mafe to. Jul a n i it to it in. In a a Miami 1. Intended aisan to ont to pm -1 he i lit ohioan pm i Maui i Popist. My. Iva body. Lia jul t b in 1i it a m Vars j in Kiu on of ii i lid will in on its Way t o t in t c d to it a it i in we i is i. Iti. Roti id i de Rii 1 n oni Olia no a a. O a Odd i d in a it a land. The is a Betti it ins y j the a it Ai a Lif Diko. To Han i n j a oin m Ilo h i has t i Ai t Htu a hould of u atm i Oil p r. To in to i n of f or i n A i 1 in a t u t la it . Ami i it m a sumps a Oral i. A 4 it Ion i a in a so to i 11\ a our a , it. Tho it not it of �?T.-inii.&Quot it i Aid t it my. 11 a v i Ooola a tip a at a to ii a �>1 a to. Thi i. 1 of a Maji a in i pm. 1 i a is or I i Molln Quot Ltd soldiers. I i. I a a. I it. Man a. 1 a a 7. U site a. Kiili. A it lit it to i ii s til I a his a ii la k i a so Oil 1 I or to a cd my i i Liy. I i 1,1111 Lii a it a a to i to i Boldaj Quot. Trn m a . It i a a v 11. U i Al a 1�?T i n a it tit. A l Ltd a m. It i slip i l l j i v to u it Jas . It s to ii. It we Zik in til. I .1 1 1 1 a t Lin ats. A t a u i is Invar 11 "111 ii v. 1,. I \ . I in l Uili. Ii thu Lii i it .  la the sul Tell a Mili his. a y Imit Uil a it tent tirs. Ali a til til or it ism ii the in l i Quot on to or. Lair Jar a. i la 111 In i a.-. A i Uko to ,.<,. Tjja..l-. 11 i i a 1,1 ii a 1 it. . -/.jir.Lio.f.,. L Ivr Surat no .-.i, . A. A u a re a l a Vrh. . Liy by a 1, . To will us i . V.\i.t in in it in. A in in is i ult a Liili ii a is j. La Tsuji a Ivy a Tim Quot Jmatias s let a st Quot 11 in it til Quot Tivitt a 11 i 11 a 1111, i. A Mui Tom til pit. S us Tili in sin Oul Quot. to a tin my >iml.l Patent i inv Lilu. Ii Mill inc. I thirty a Liia it 1 Quot i Walsh to j it t it it i Talt in Vilii a . Unit i quota ,.iv, si-Npti. Only. To or. William i Ilona of Mon a mania x. to ii s tit Honor a tit Linn years of a him Sant toil htuily7-o-Prrli-Rtiii ii a h will cd a Ilo vet ail of any si-., or so my a at Najiy an or or a a curl in any Tilic Mcness of mat rain any kind o woo ii it. Aulii Lilly i. At tin Rati of Troni -2 to i Joel por iniiinit.�?~i�?~-.,?r.i7 a vote n. Raul in i follow it a inn Satui to Chicago \vhcr.m>on, it waiting a Yov sh., a la him tor Livit i. Ontl a Quot a nit Liitt ii Tion Liri Rii j Mil him pleaded that was a Ninn Iteli and Lielie veil that Chica a was not a lit place to Kiriu up children in nor a lit for a woman to he in Olio n carded Lier Lep citation. Wisconsin refuses to relieve husbands from the liabilities of wives Bot Bru unit i. A Hanston specials. Mrw or pails i each Carrr a Washington april is currently reported in this City to Day that Guiioral-.slieri-.m a a a a a no Phi id for instruction in making removals of Stato and City civil officers in. Loui Sinisa Tudur the military and supplementary Bills. A y is snid to deprecate the spirit of which is mini fest a in Tho promo to test the constitutionality of the military and Supplice Lutary Bill urging that our other Reiou Tau that of causing useless delay and creating a vain Aud futile spirit of dissatisfaction. The president is reported upon Good authority to live stated that to will Send in Tonii nations for vacant Federal Ollices in Louisiana by to Morrow or next Day. Washes botox april Are published in Northern papers stating thatt is. To Intel Itkor. Of Lynch who has been appointed by general Sheridan to supersede at a Sornev general it Iron to bring indictments a against mayor John Monroe and others. On the one hand it is very confidently stated that these reports Are based i nothing better than gossip in the Louism in Radical Wing Here which again had its origin in expressions alleged to Piave been used u Long time ago by Lynch. On the Osiier hand Mike Hahn To. Durant and ii. In. Flanders pretend to be in pos ses Ion of positive information that it is Lynch a determination to proceed against Monroe and others for their a Onset you with the july riots of last year. A Vas april a Pitkins Foi ilk and have arrived in this City and ale a pm . The it latter after the Folli jct slip in tie District lately held by so or Cross. A ,.ton. April a general of Holfeld. Connnie Kulnig the department of Virginia has or posed to. Chief Chase to. . Avis to the civil authorities and has a Iro Mitch tot to interfere with the trial. Slain Siita Ziniti astir inc. I twin i Means i . It in a a ii Leman Vyth a arrived Here yester a Quot in it Veston we Lear ii the Lullow no i d. To tin i in Lieuw and Quot Corpus p in note Corpus a Teristi Quot i the 2 id . For be a Orleans and on the 2sat a having Arkansas 1�?Tass, encountered t or Gal. Of wind and after sailing for of. A Weity to hours it was decided to make till p it ,1 , As tile Gale was still i Al but in attempting to make it. Was iia ii thirty Miles out of her course and f .1 a. A the 1 a insular Leach near i..a. It. Illes. East of hmm its f m in sic a. V Lili a Iati a t i. Miri i. S t a y i .-.-r two Wiilis Fum Hempstead when two Ltd them st Phil to g. T a drink of water b. -. Havin very resp a Lully. They Starti d on to overtake their comrades. In a l eur minutes four men lode up to tile House and a tor Soldi. And lie a ii told they had just gone they galloped Riff in Pursuit and in a few minutes several a hts were tired and the men were seen to return toward the River. The two men who did not Stop to water were so far if Advance As to save the Nis. and proceed to Camp not. Knowing anything of heir comrades danger. The Captain made search for the men in the , on account of their being absent a Roll Call. And their bodies. Were found where they shot Down Aud their guns Hadar it Brerry disc barged. They Ai Niqui Niti ii with them to re Load which a a roves a contradiction to the Story that they tired first. This will be found to be tie truth. A in i in or Iliakis Cox to. Lite or Troni i tin mtg m-.,., tax is. Jim cd Quot a. 1 a ,7. A ii twin a ii Tol l Oun try. Lai it a is mor ,.ii than and Tiitu. Is,1. I a a . Ii a on m ii Eis Cal a users. An i in a ail it or of in a Hauie. Quot so a. Vii to v. A Vori that Tiey cart of Moi with i a or i str . ,., Quot to 1 l.,- d Hail Ai Quot want a Whie. If we coi ild a. V. It in Quot a w.,id i. . Ried to thoth la Polatti i doj.j., Quot tolerably a. in it us -1afv.mx allow. A a j in and none Imp a a ice it i Inte Siai a a ii to st the Cut no. . has 1.-ell11111 i a , ii Euls have but i a. L v where Tell Neil Alai f i is a a a a of Aige of to i. J,"1-. Aie i str eve i a Slas to Imit. or to Eal the u of Prairies a a to let .Les in tie i -. e,1 Dpi Luiis Are i Al Over the now. Cultic a to 1 Hills Bright i tit Piai Inda a Quot so la. A lib me. 11 is no Tei 1 Ino. Judging i tie l ast to in Quot to tire Whai Oitt ton will la a. A a. I a a will ,, i Quot gotten a ? it her cargo which 1 011-s st of i11 head of a attle. A 1-1-i bbl. Beef t a it his -2 a pierces of tailor and a lot of a it is it it a the r Quot a the. . R Tim Quot .-.v. To Thi own i a. T in the i ,.--Ach. Thirty Miles West of Galveston ?, Thiol the i it by. Or. K. A. it a shove yesterday at 1 p. Si., in ev.-n Gale of blowing from the East. Til. Ship could not i a j kept head to the wind i passed i Veston at 1 2 o clock Tilc night previous and was con spelled to a port ail found myself too far to the Westward. I had 01 Board 11 0 head of beef cattle a mules "2j turtles. 2oou hides 141 barrels of beef 20 pierces tallow and 5 passengers. The ship lays on the Beach rolling badly Aud much strained. A several of the pipes of the engine broken rudder gone and in fact rather a bad ii i think you had lips to the underwriters lbs it looks to me to he useless to the of relieving her from her present position. The Shiju leaking badly. The oakum in ii a out of her seams. You will do what you think Best in the Case and let me hear from you by was of Galveston by return mail. Your.-, very respectfully a. S. . A death or Temi kwai advices give us some interesting details in regard to the death and Jast or Charles f. Lir own artinus Ward to find that he was during ten Days in a state of uninterrupted delirium Aud that lie was wholly unconscious of the presence of friends or advisers. Daring his last hours Captain Britton and or. K. T. Kingston watched Over him night alternately Aud no Effort was spared t a alleviate his Stul i bugs As far As possible. Ii is a Hymian. Or. Crol to states that the Tab Ersular disease began a lung while ago in the n.-� go Nils. Andal rat thence it pro Eeed-1-1 to the Quot jungs where the destruction of tis Suo went on rapidly. Finally typhoid Svaip to in the lung delay ceased and tubercle became developed the a a brain s death was registered As caused by Phthisis. Arts lib us Ward s will was prepared and signed 0 1 the 21th of february Len it he directs that his body be buried at Waterford m&Quot., but his friends of the Savage Chib decide d that he should first have funeral honors a. In ii a a veil cemetery they themselves . I g thex lenses. Tin fun ral . S Vevie Quot arranged by or. Charles , or. Andrew Holliday and or. W. La a a arts ,�1. Or. To Hood or. Croft j. 1"1 to a. Tin Toni Diau. Were Active in their assistance. Law a be tutors in Langland Are or. Lois it Ain ,?Di-. Kingston in Maine Hor a Ace Maxfield and Livingston Saiu i non new y01�zcharles Shanley audit la. Sto,. A to in re a Corris pts me it sends the following to Telegraph which should Bear m mind us a shall probably have n,.d-o� i 1 n t h e peso it s Reasonr. I a j 1 is 1 in a Quot. Have s., i e Sti Itable fuel , and win 1.1 a Kiu o a As kindle a a a a Small tii is in the open spaces Between the fruit Trees Orthe Garden Beds and keep them burning Large or Small in proportion to the degree it it a. Cell he leu Solell Nuil it and ii a dam which will no agitate and warm the atmosphere hat. Not. A. Particle of Frost can be. Formed the whole night. wind kindle the tits Rii Lefly to the Windward the Efficacy of this plan has been Hilly and often tested. Except from sleet which Selilo occurs there aimed Quot be 110 loss of fruits or Early Garden and the labor and expense of Theja to. Ciss is As nothing to tie value of Tho articles saved give then each Frost a a warm rect a Tion Quot Send it of in a a melting mood Quot and it. Will Niniver Iio Yon my harm. Caution. A rfcs 611 tin torn fiend Dennies respect and admiration on the Cheek Friendship 011 the eyelids tender sentiment on the lips love the Young men of our acquaintance Haven to Mueh respect for Young ladies. Statistics show that the Northwest contains one sixth of the improved land of the country Aud produces Otie half of the enter bulk of Quot of thy United a states. Quot Kew Oil cans times sex Login , March 19, 18g7. To the Fluor a. 0. Times the Steamer Alabama will take the present made up from me Morali taken 5th inst. Few Aud far Between Are the communications from the Interior and of Back Date though not de7void of interest. A Large Railroad train of the French army arrived at Jalapa on Tho 5th, Aud to get there Shpoly it it Muriee as5ortue. Siatafu alleys which injured the Road in such a manner that the Jalapa Railroad can scarcely be recognized nor does it appear that any rails Over existed there. General Velez is reported to Piave assumed. The command of the Quot Lle publican forces in tie Valier of Mexico including those of Liiva a Apacib a or i. According to creditable advices from Puebla receive d on the 7th, a Portirio dire arrived at Catlan with 1000 ,. For the Saue forces of Matamoros and of Atli co have been ordered to concentrate at this capital which is amply garrisoned. Everything is in admirable order for defence thanks to sedur. Torres Larrainzar the political prefect and general Tapia the municipal. accompany of employees has been organized and a meeting took place in the town Hall to select their of slicers so soon As the last French forces retired articles of the first necessity such As Coal charcoal etc., became monopolized and. Were held at �111 enormous Price lint the author. Ties put. A Stop to this. A Quot Raih yay. U Ai 11, wit Jias Seigers trained some Days ago by the Lle publicans in paso . The express messenger of the British Steamer 011 arrival at Conada was violently compelled Quot by order of Milan Toa return to Jalapa. Aud alter wresting the corresponds in a from him he was allowed to go his Way. The of eject in doing so is to hide any unfavourable news about the jurists. He was the bearer it is said of advices announcing the flight of the under Escobi do. Before the imperialists under Miramon Marquez Aud 3ieullez. The Rural forces of Vera Cruz Aud Orizaba Aud the civil guard of the City commanded by _ colonel i Guerrero obtained a Victory Over the at Tecl Indra. The latter were so completely Defeated that in their Oil eci Pitat Llight they left every thing Beji ind % a pie. Horses Aud saddles together with their and documents. A a re Vino has been gained Over by Ortega Atid has m his Ivor. situated himself i 11 Celada he was a Liyi Tieuel Al Mejia who routed him the result is that a san Luis Vas reoccupied by tie Imperial forces. There was dutch enthusiasm shown a week ago when about Trio of the Eitz a guard met and the Imperial commissary a Vera Cruza Iio Aud himself it liar argued them. From Tampico we learn that sudden orders were received there of the to bikes to a a a ban a Don the t Jive and immediately Start for the Interior leaving the City in custody of the police. A forced lean to the amount of �000,000 has been imposed by the Republican a governor and Genc ral in Clinef of the forces of the state Quot Otto ring to give As guarantee by mortgage of the Vera Cruz Customhouse. He has further ordered a property tax of one per oeut., Aud a contribution of four per cent. 011 rents. He formed the National guard immediately. General Galvez has arrived in Puebla with 5000 men. Porfirio Diaz finding that he could not attack the town delayed on Hun Manila. At the last dates he had sent part of his forces to the Interior. Letters from Orizaba induce the belief that the communications Between this port Aud the capital will be re established. I just la Arn that general Galvez has arrived with his forces in Orizaba. Quot we hear via Brownsville that Corona does not recognize Senor Berriozabal and that the people of Taui Hulipas had pronounced for the sovereignty of 7 Quot there Are forces leaving Matamoros which joined to those of Nuevo Leon under a certain Naranjo to Light Cortina and were repulsed. Matamoros Aud Monterey in combination started again to attack Cortina but he was staying in Keynes a and the result is not yet known. On the 10th inst. Perez Gomez the general of brigade and military commandant of Vera Cruz decree 111 of Quot Zience to order from the supreme government declaring this Aud the municipality .a. State of siege. T lev the arrival Quot of Quot the Blackbird Captain Cole which a churned yest Day with tie offi. Cei s of the United states courts we have Rio Granite dates to , to 27h ult from Muiir Terey. 20th Troni Saltillo and a us from san Luis. La on the 1-1 there was an u u sit a quo re Taro this one Day after the latest intelligence from that Point. On that Day the imperialists attempted a a ally with live Hundred num. Though magnified by the reports As is everything mexican it seems to be Little else than a party for procuring water Escobedo having Cut o the . Tile following is jul extract from a letter from a Well known life recant of Zacatecas a a a tie lat news received Here from the seat of War. it that 011 the 11th the imperialists attempted and a it re driven. In again losing ahouti.7�0 killed. The Block. Side of Onia Taio Vas a Giddy kept Up�?/Jvi--.sions were Verv scarce and typhus prevailing. Tile result was considered certain. The orders from Juarez Are not to assault the place but to reduce it by starvation and oblige them to surrender at do Wirfs Jguadalupe a. League Amin Alie cite a time .ic.or-. A or a we take the following from the Lutio Grande courier april 2 a a. The besiegers up to Date Havo simply con rented themselves closing the Circle around Queretaro in order , to prevent the. Re scope of the Imperial chiefs the republicans assert that their enemies not being Able to. Procure subsistence from outside will have to a or Redei to hunger and therefore it is unnecessary to. Sacrifice men against their . New brigades had left the capital for inc Retro they Are sent As reinforcement to Alax Simili ii. The City of Queretaro is not As Well surrounded As at list stated if reinforcement can reach it. A an official letter is published in Tho Estandarte National from Porfirio Diaz stating that Maximilian had tried to bribe him to save. A pm. Lumy of presented himself in this City sent by Maximilian in order to offer me the Komi Nihil of Tho Foiles who Are kept in Pueblo and the City of Mexico. He states that Marquez Lares Anil co., shall be Drivon from Power and Maximilian himself would soon retire from Tho country Anil leave the situation in the hands of the Liberala. To find the following paragraph in the gov River Ltd it hex int. It Lias the of a canard a a marshal Bazaine had Many i forseen incidents during his voyage a thursday a Veek lie had his private Cash Box Stolon. It contained it is said 22,000 ounces�?8252,000. Four Hundred Chasseur to la Frique were immediately dispatched to pursue the thieves and the marshal wrote to Porfirio Diaz requesting him to Mako tie necessary investigation and find out the the following. Protest derives its significance from the temper it exhibits 011 the part of the Imperial army towards France Mexico feb. 23, 1sg7. My. Editor we Conie to beg you in Tho name of our comrades French austrians and belgians of he mexican army to publish in your columns our protest against the infamous act committed by Escobedo after the Battle of Sau Jacinto. A to coolly order the death of soldiers made prisoners in Battle is nuo of those acts which would stain a Flag forever but to attempt to excuse such by throwing an insult to those who fought loyally is infamy which. Has moved our sentiments and caused us to shed tears of indignation Aud ire. A Escobedo us bandits because the Ling Ofris it vhf Jitian thus left e country that we stayed to loyally fulfil the contract binding us to Tho service of Mexico. A we Are bandits because we Are foreigners and belong tp-110.Flag we Are Only Tho Dregs of , who. Like the gondolier re of old. Sell our services to those who pay Lor them Quot a this is to what we came thanks to or. The marshal Bazaine this is the Fate reserved us because Ive choose to keep the word that he authorized us to give and of which to to relieve us. A we know Well the source of the blow who fell 011 6ur unhappy brother in arms we know who designed a similar death if the Chance of arms makes us fall into the hands of that ferocious enemy for whom the words civilization and humanity Are words void of a in Fleet a that was the marshal s answer to the Noble Aud fraternal Call made by the emperor to the mexican army in favor of Tho French soldiers who would remain Quot in his ranks quota he answered by an act. He stated that the Law declared a deprived of the Quality of French subjects a French men entering into foreign service without a authorization Quot from the a. A was it not reducing to a Stato of outcast those who loyally hollered their swords to a government founded by France and., supported by France during four years ? a Flint to had the authorization spoken of. Yourself gave it to us yourself commissioned us and it is you who now wants us to break our oath. A a Mai oath is sacred or. The marshal and you have no Power Over our consciences. A this iniquitous declaration which made us almost outcasts from Tho rights of the people was used As a pretext for tie insults and murders of Escobedo. A will not the blood spilled fall upon Tho head of Quot Tho one who was tie first cause of that butchery a it cannot be acid As you say in your editorial of to Day or. Editor the dead will one Day come out of their Graves and say a cd a what Hast thou done with thy brother a a but that blood demands vengeance and we shall avenge it a let h. government form with us As Many As we Aro French Austriana and belgians a legion let it place us in the Vangard under a Lamont a command. We will March we Wiir Glit and we will die to the last of us until we Ludl have avenged our comrades. Then it will be seen if we resemble those cow Ard bandits who murder prisoners and keep wounded for new a Het Combs. A a a a in closing we Call upon the soldiers of tie european army in the enemy a ranks. They will understand that they Carnot remain with those who cowardly murdered their countrymen. Let them come to us forgetting the past and one tie the legitimate vengeance a unites us Alla accept or. Editor with our thanks the Assurance of our highest consideration. In Lugisk it. Of artillery Beckreck it. 17th of the line Avdes it. 15th of the line a cd Vilet 2d it. 1-Lth of the line in Cha Stagni Niit. Styli Otto line t�e5uilo\-,/2il it. 17th of line. ,"2d it. Of artillery , 2d it. Of artillery dives capt. Of artillery. A Cavet 2d it. 10th cavalry a tic la Aras Tibayan War. By Tole Grapoli to Iha Tribune i a , March 25.�?the Navy department has dispatches from rear Admiral go Dou dated Montevideo feb. 13th. Admiral Godon states in his reports a the disturbed condition of the Interior provinces of the Argentine Republic has not improved of late indeed the general government tit Buenos Ayres has Felt itself obliged to Bike very serious measures to intimidate the dial riveted. And Many editors lawyers and prominent men have been Iiftprisone. or ordered the country. A considerable if not the larger portion of. The Argentine contingent let the Allied armies has been brought from tie front with general Mitro himself in command to put Down the rebellion in their own provinces. Brazil seems now left Aloizie to the Quot War with Paraguay. No successful Advance has in Tho unfortunate War. . Severe bombardment a it Yahe _ Iron. A pm in Quot Aias be Suauu ire Ajir Quot i a it Quot cd ruin la re but without the co operation of the Nrma which has injuries Toso me. Of the Iron oads without any compensating advantage to Tho allies. Within the last few Days the French Iron Clad Liui Peguerro had arrived at Montevideo on her Way to the a Cilie bearing the admirals Flag the English Iron Clad jealous was in Rio a a Uojiro at last dates also bound to the Pacific with rear Admiral Hastings 611 Board who assumes command of that st Tipu. Rear Admiral Godon concludes his report by saying tie a Spani Sli Fleet has disappeared from these Waters for . has Boer i Oquest de not to enter the ports of Brazil for Nitro that Ordinary supplies. It is said that Tho Spanish Admiral is in search of the Chili peruvian Fleet of Iroini class to be turning its attention to Tho Island of Cuba. Quot. A it. Don t you think my moustaches becoming a a they May be coming but i can to discover that they have

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