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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 3

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas A ocal 3ntcuigcntc. A coming. monday sind inst., being easter monday firemen will hold anniversary. On that a Tsiou we will have Olnee steamers and a a a a Hook mid in line i it i elision. The two now st Eipur i and Quot truck were shipped several Days ago on steamers and peril. The horses have. Rietti Pim based lit Quot n Ira a tleims7irnd Are wo., Eity. The programme Lor a a libration promises most. Brilliant Ever in Texas. The firemen to it a Houston uni expected to Home in Ioree. Irethe likening there will lie a Ball. A a in eting to Stock Weie held last eve Niti g at tie office Janies Sorley a i Lor purpose organizing. The amount sub. Erched so far is . Then it a a Tivix Quot As la Ai tended. The following Geist Leill Wie i i it Iron a to it is and authorize d to con a tin i a a m an ii on him a j Iris in it Stion construe Liioi a May. Iii Rin 1� to. Ii Fri. S. . Souliv James a i iii . A Mather . Alti i a s inn tail and Stu 11, 111� 1 it i a i. Me and 1 Vigani cd by tin Quot Crit . S. Is i j a i president a a a a i As. Is. In. A c.1 ale tieas., a to i.j1 n i la it uary disc to d to Lur an i a it Pei pet it it. Stock Justi is lib Abl Oil tie a a Ilist. til Quot Enigi is Dilie cd to prepare with delay a 11 t in Pri and Plain. Red 1 a a Juthe. I i i a com an Earl it in i t to. To a nov. A j j. >1 i a d. So t . Up l .7,�?� i. Cli arg to o a to Quot i Imi c a ii it u 11/1 Miladis. I be re i 1 -. 11. U id Quot d a 11. Piibe i. A a lit i i i Rel Hll to I in. �11. I i31 try. Mil i a a 11 a two atm a i. A. 11 it i a a a. I. A. A i i it in a t but j i i. I 1. I lie , A a a. I. I a a a a a i m letter from jul vote in a Clial. Anasih Niton i. A. March 28. 1xc7_____ edit ii Flake s bulletin let a Quot is it hour great revolutions Quot it is duty every Man whose antecedents have Ever caused him to be Scpiot Edrict Nike his position distinctly known whether it be popular in popular. This one duty i have endeavoured to ,not-,? up. Ii. I i. 1 la with a Caf lloy a Nie to.,office, for that never sought a but because i have never doubted Efficacy truth when fitly spoken by first political essays were against South Carolina null Silica to iii july Kiwi Tioff is that Quot resistance to Consitt cited authority is War that. proposed resistance and., therefore its alternative secession was War against government states Siml that it was a War which could not succeed. 1�?Tivsidelit Jackson doubt this subject and there Triin a ii iitirtir�?oparty7tis7ri Fiat tit went Down and lie cause hatred to Lackson Quot tails Elig Fidel de til go t at Ina a null hrs in 10 and went to whig party and caused loss Sci Glia Ala Bailia and Assissi Hijii to a iii Seracy in be Vei Al \ i residential am a Tare Liat South it , which a Llever at any posit i e with a Vinita Tiomi was an to this due. It Var i i Linin last. Beear it. Sun any wino l re Iida. Wiil have ii that a iii tons live Alvias been with to -.-. to in Nii ii Olliges that they Wei e w states lie Lils. i a an d a in re slav by party. No Nufi Poitie iii can july any such position. A it -. A Upp it ii Quot a i it it ii in list lint a May 1 a Weie Lii orally supporting a tir Gay re. Cause Mill Lii candidates at d Ija 1 1 11&111--, i 11 e ivies op-1 s to i t i v. Eide d Lam 1.1 i rally in a posing p in a cil Les i 1 sift Vivki d a. .�.itr to -. I i. Zionist. It a i i United that party cacti minty an a ble organization. It Nir on a i ing heat Are at ter Titis a a a v.v."3u he King do n Ana . its Mil i-.tnci-, Waichi read e i to. I leads in name i Init not i it Ai. Ii m lety Iragui ipod. A n . A Kina d t i be a i lil i party. A a i in a ii t and f v air in a gov. . I ,.iiy in i a idea a a. The i teen states did Trio same. The thing which i foretold has Conie. The . Elfran. Chased certain rebels Are for purposes organization at least in Blacks Are enfranchised Pel Lane utly. And it will Lequire most circumspect action on part to prevent very general a not permanent disfranchisement All _ Ailiin rated a he Wai i ,gam3t l Asci t 1 i 1,1. The Authon a t i. A us Ohr Al \. In n. A i in . Indi.�?� in. A v a a it. All 1 1. A e in a a it. In i a. To i i we in e Ai 0i_ a �?�.�?Z� a a Elo i Quot ii. And it a e a., Aita i.i-, and ii in a 1 a a 1 111 e. Be a i i Ril to Lei .,.ii b Eli Quot. a Urresti d at once a held him Lor trial. This mib Tant ail y ? Ana Staten lit Asle a de to us by j Porter another journal being made to by . Dawson Hen in no Nti ii to Lama a has arrest. It is eared outrage d ladies will modestly decline to Quot appear As witnesses. We know and Apprey at Deli each situation but one Tiung is certain accused is i Silty he Ould be up stir from in. Renin a tin governur. I1i Ai i is a it inti it . / 1 iai Tatum. Texas api la 1s i7. 7i.i�?~c i , 11. I a to a Quot i itty Ratut a i v a a t it lulls Bis to i a Xii a. A ii Llave Honor to acknowledge i. It i your tie 2�th Mil 1� a 1111 Ultimo and shall deem it a privilege Avail a Yncle y Sitifer in i. to i ii j tin Ilia Litick voters state. I tin air i edit ply anxious not to go ont a Stapo no ser and am .de1 i la ills be a ii t lie All j j a 111 i i j A a a be in i color that Are Qualli d to act in tins map Coy no u that Waii take Quot ii Quot Quot a i Cibit do act Ingres icily go a a a j a copy i1 wll. I herewith ,., de. I to a be i Quot is a i la till Phi Al Liea ,1&Quot Iio i a 4 a a j. Vole. Each eol Allty. It. I .111 a it it in d. ,11 1-, t i have Ini Paf ally a \ a e i a pm. And no i Omsha be . P a pit to by ing out i ail Numier . _ a in h to i i stall. A it 1,0 i i a. A s Init set tation. C Lac a a i i a and \ a. Id a Viitel ,.,.-, there a l.t�?To t i o it a a a. A ver. I Epi Elt Aliya l Olla oi.iient a lt., a a ihias., a i in. I a m a l in it iii Dialion. J i to Texas. P. A a. It m in Rwjr i m it i. I a 111 i i t h a a Ai Lioni 1,01 0 to buildings will be a a a fed in 1 tel n it. Til statement Lizay As Viii Aii fume but it is Revei tin l a Nie. It a and Avenue far out into sub o o be ii by e. I y vacant lot has1 Tiei ii Tain u a a Plepis iii Lous ale being Lade fi., Quot Pepin i is and bil.-, houses a Quot it ii soon be found that Pri sent enl ii s Ollie Eity live proven too Small a a ill Quot i �ii11 be. I a Quot a lid i shall Doi Ihli is in i t in ving and is in Antic Vil App la Ivr a i in and other t in toy above and below tin aty and iii Vicinity Uliet i ii a a a st Teatsie tins Progrev, is it Nemes Pai Jedi i ��Wpritv a a a Ouy Lahpuingadtiaes. 3i, fe.i-.&?~f i ill Quot a dwellings i tic ii Are being in a Etc d Are i built by a tilt a it it v this nil it l a be iii elves Homes by own hard eat . Til Quot up Speets a it a up a e have t a a a a j i Iee n so Flat 11 ring As now. At its presen rate in Ervas population will reach o a wit iii a few years. Many now living Adl double s live top Eelje to w i be u til Quot a Ute w i Fri a tend ils Eilt Lini a Andily Tell it i l it to a Iid Lvell Isle will be lined with Ploehs and covered with lofty and iia coils Vareli ousted. La re Many decades Hae p Djaw-iy. Other-.wesiei-ii�?eilieiinw�?furaorc Uesten Sivins will have to look to ii is it is Chedle is to mention Many i aide its i Prosperity whip h Combine Oren a a a its grou commercial importance so to run re to t/7 ref Tow. F to. I a i a to Laf 11 a "1 Bia k \ ols a lie one a. Rpm ii Trust i Way b. Vote Fol til Quot 111 now. I in it b i i cd a a it i a t., get a st which by. I o it. Silies which lava a a a an Eric i it 1 Neve e a. Get e i and a. a ratio a a a a re a a to. F. And that. O and 1,. A it it to in i Quot a a Ian re it mini Boilore a Bis. Ald ii has hike pm Viand in United >, Steamer Minnesota on a special cruise i next a u be taking such a i Quot Gia Duatin class Inid ship Lien ask Are a no Respi Irrol tor other vesels. Less that my own Imi has been in to Aurol citizen a. Doubted til audit North a it to Confer Silt Ilage. Ftp on til i u 11 a t u to. I i a i iii nor tin i Ever doubt i it new England. North it Urolia and Tennessee to Conter Sut Lvii Quot Bhicks were not citizen.-. It neither could Confer National Mitizi Nishiji. Know nothings could never see it in that Light. So when seecs Sion was a fact a Compro shod i predicted Universal Manei Tialii ii slaves. None us were prepared in Advance for equal rights at polls. A a ten Quot Lincoln looked out for a country to colonize them. I>111 our desp rate secessionists Loright on telling negro that War was to make him equal Superior White Man and yet swearing that negroes were 011 Side because one Lave Lent exchequer two Hundred and ii it v Dollar and so went flight until �?~200,0 1 1 slaves were lighting in i Nikii army. The coi federates .-�?�>r1�?�bth Stop by showing 110 quam is. And tiny div. a Tim a help ,.r i. try Coli iii ii iii to met that help by. The Merdle a you end Ion Wloch hair pm. Treni a a do amp Fth Quot we rep slaved White. As Viv ii sometime foie tent Quot Al loved. Ald everybody Sui Quot till to. Do t .0,. I 1 a l a i a Lii i d All ill roue Lel Quot to up a Quot swear that to i Quot negroes w. In they would ii port . St crowd d a Itlie a i Nion n Froni Vitta i 1all1 t ill y Quot i. My id a a Quot pm Pearlie to. I loin Indi ii Ting. Tii a Lien so Urt Coil Civ i Vinti uis and a Folco rat an end. The I�?TReid-nt require to Indian Treatie Whit h ab-Di-ht., i Iasi re Lal Quot a Liegi Quot to v tvs a l states. jrs Oweii, Ain d All. Born. Up a stir a it in a . d. To be citizens Chi. D states. 1 h Var doubted this univ Isal ��?T>ow .1 Nat i . It had been lit. By court i st and aunt x Iti ii Hai a a our Drain i ill. 4 he president did no double to. O ,.-. He ,11a ies Ynie feeble . La t about policy. 1 e in a done to Quot pub died th.,t civil Kights Bill in 111 \ dig to. I i a texans to see that til work Wal us 1, �?�, our Constitution it in 1 lid n get in i. Trip president to i. Jul Quot cause Sui iia Quot Quot was confined to but Mccaue. In several paita ular Onsol Imti on Thedy Nite Iviltiigh s in a iii. Las Ause 1 a Buioii . Initial states auth Jonty i Allybeeti-rrvivcd�?As-trf-s in1 a a Huttt Aite-"n that whole democracy and pc Public can leaders Weie j1�?~ ally ail Ojito i Lic Glo Sutlage would not i,-.-p uric Eiph a ,.f All citizens i Niti. L state a fion Pollyeitln score ,-.-, Jjxivexlyi i co . The q Bias Titi Vav As n it and 1-. 110, a Diall coloured Man to Tiv a that was settled by oaths Johnson a gallic Ema Uci iat Ion and by civil it Glit. Bill. List question . Anil is Del Deil Linen. Called rebels fought against govern sent Ibe i United states in allowed to vote. Quot eat \ in Gill Missouri and 1 tones. E have said a iii a o. Anti Molly Vrsid. -loh.nsolr.says would have Aid so had his Pardon cd chosen leaders not molested and assassinated convention. Through my letter in new \ Oik Lei Ahl a opt a by Vou last Tiu iii Quot 1 warned our people . A his subject and advised Rakitic �?�.l-,n constitutional amendment. Our i. I. provisions and rejected it. Thir a c a e on. A Quot Whites i ,te& ,. 1 and not Only so Refu sni to adopt terms would insure confiscation. I have noticed your quotation from .Gazette my letter. Put we have a a had a every Earlif from Liy Quot i Lectar a t i o a Quot Oil a Lia to spirited peo Jile would not do. They would not to Lincoln Rule they would not 7trust a democratic Congress they would Neyer surrender they would die in last ditch they would shed last drop blood a they would bum towns and houses and leave wives and children in Charnel houses and i. Piile plast crusts Wardh tir Fenide i a slaves. Ii Ufa ail these resolves meant a we can o ? cannot help it. Things can now Only he improved by cheerful Earnest acquiescence by practical confessions that War meant War that vanquished become subject to will conquerors that Best form War Means to shoot your antagonist through vitals acid a surrender Means that Cono Neirs whether your own Gudvei uni civil some other Lake Laws for you. Ii you resolve not to submit to those Laws your Only remedy is another was. To that some copperheads would incite you and then win laurels by a helping to blot you from Dace Earth. You ought by this to have Learned not to put your Faith in princes nor ill. Political panics. Disunion commenced Light. A inst. Tji Cise outvoted in. They have to make Ace with same inn. That party is l Pic ent cd by Congress not by pics j a Lent. And Congress is More conservative than mass. _ not that masses hate tie Southern a Woith Toniy make j us pay expenses War and give i entity for this would do i Sani Quot a Quot Ower. A i All Tali about magnanimity is us sick j thing As Ali e Quot constant rating about pm j tip a a War. Wai Quot itself is us cruel As t a a 11 �?11. It Ledlie Budy and Olien. Lirums j s it 111. A j i am not. Seeking to hold any particular a i Rponible tor tin Peop a Griefs. My i a it 1 i u cd would say it want a destined and tans to Wisdom. A Tilers attribute to ii Quot in. Like Lopsy othr.i to Abii i pii.,-1 Aii l . Who they say. Are i a Titan to i Quot d Vil others to and Quot a Loni to oth is to Lviv-ant sout Hefner i c Mei no would not a it id. Liot Aid 1 to do Imp Idle a Ohhi Quot. Lieis iii Lily i. I d and say All p right. A Llu each a Lidia i Suad a in i. Own j . Hut remember that it be Hoovath All men to Success jul and. When a hey Are whipped 1 out. boots. Special pleading will not a Etc a. I am Piad to a e ill it Earnest. S pcs i is lists have gone to Wolk to carry Oil . I iii is part a Dom. Let it be Al be Iau stay ear Airi Cheerio ii a ally i a.vice to Inai Ivity is Adi ice to Iet car roil j Toto 1 .11s ail Opp , u is to butt tin engine. A a general notion prevails that there will la j greater opposition in teas than elsewhere. 1 1 Don t believe it i think our people practical. All cry about lie Gro Equality radicalism j and tie a a most cause a has been played out. From tins Day Forward. Every aspiring politician will be courting tie negro voters. They Cau Only win them by an honest courtship Ami attaching to party which gave negroes citizenship and. Siil Liage. The instincts Blacks will carry them to that party . The interest Whites will carry Many a politician there Large progressive principles be publicans in favor Universal manhood suffrage and Edu. Cation Large improvements and timely charities manufacturing and self Reliance National Faith and Liberal banking Protection every american citizen everywhere and sweeping and easy naturalization along with mighty theorem that great Republic belongs to its friends not its enemies and that it. Invites lovers largest Liberty from four quarters Earth will carry Many an enlarged Southern progressive Democrat into its folds. But these Are for future. The work now to be done is to obey cheerfully and thus to restore us Back to nation better acid Wiser. In Trust than Pirerr Sefc re . War. Texans. I have neverj3eci-.ived-.ypti. I Baves Ever had a it elfish purpose when advising on. I it Quot we always foresee when it would profitable to lie and cheat. A line i have Cho ii to Boliow my own sense right i Tiad to save you from consequences pre id Eristal treachery and lie Nee 1 May fairly say Juliat myself a ii do soils Are in private life to Day. �?~this., Dot is not . Hut tin la it Sii lentil quarrel was grinding Southern people to powder a re Bels 11 mean no Ofin Ive sins at tiered to pre Dent served in to tin. Best i poor ability that is he destroyed ten Ift without remedy a Liu i . My advice to nil is a a go and Rigi tet a do most officeholders will be. D s Jua Lilied by constitutional amendment i would say �?~�?�.sign now,&Quot.�?your Tuio undoes i to it ions will Only Lead you into new Difu Eul tics. Let Sinei Idani Aji Point fitting men but cannot resign remember you Are Only provisional.--, and conform to Law As mud a by War making Power. This is my Quot advice. It Cost a. Only a painful emotion to give it a ii it you will Hurt no Fidy but yourselves. Gito. W. Sui iraqi. A a iii a Coli iii. top iii a Radical de a Mand for impartial suffrage in South is found in fact that Only eight tin Twenty two states cont olb d by radicals per a Mit such a suffrage. new. England states Connecticut is pub Pope that ter fuses ballot to coloured men. Maine new Hampshire and \ Eimont make no distinction what Ever in a Lii .age,.but Massachusetts requires voter to-1 be Htiu a Quot to to a i Quot tie Constitution ply Niti d states in . English language and his name. Kew in jul Little. Know nothing ism in its us Lifrage la Sliby hit Claring that a every native male i Tilini May vote in in Quot a Bik negroes with certain qualifications Are allowed to vote that is such As Are Worth two Hundred and fifty dollars a till state t lire. A ars. In wis Consin allowed to vote by virtue j a decision by supreme court that a. Stateupon.a. Teen acidity. In Ohio greater Jimart negroes vote although la a Quot i v u to h dial to inn Raj ro�?�0rosevli i it Tiave More than half White blood. Darkens Are As Black As charcoal can vote there in Kadi Eal districts under half White Law. In nearly Alloi outlier states however radicals have declined by tests in popular elections to give negroes that which they so strenuously insist . Southern people shall give . I. Smunk s Bih Dilu at a no Ciuc to Murderer.-. We condense following from Memphis bulletin 2d inst. Another victim has fallen by hands an Assassin on a streets general Smith in. Pan head gifted Noble and tie talented is no More. He died at a late hour on night sunday from cruel and. Murderous blows received at Midnight on saturday from bludgeon an unknown Assassin alter lingering in greatest agony for about Twenty four hours. May lie briefly recapitulated. In ring evening to had been with a number friends at various City and Yliile tween 11 and 12 clock lie entered a singing Saloon on main Street known As a a Golden he left that place about 12 o clock and while passing along main Street at con ii Roi a Washiington a to treet a a twin night a Assassin had evidently been on his track with intention robbing him came up behind general and struck him a fearful a Kun Over head with a bludgeon inflicting a frightful wound. The blows were repeated four different times and unfortunate gentleman fell to grou Iid with his Skull fractured in two places and brains protruding from wounds. A policeman was walking up Washington Street at distinctly saw blows Given and rushed to spot. The Assassin however doubtless saw him approaching tor lie made off at so rapid a rate that he could not be identified. Cant. Waldraven late chief . In e Ujj Rinde. And win. Peters a Steamboat Pilot were Uso at. The spot an instant after assault took place and although they both saw .Assas-,. Siu. Run away ins movements were rapid and night so dark that they Only got a pal Tiai View him. And Are tillable to give any description his personal appearance. The a three persons Anmie digit in on coining to spot where Gen. Kunthea l Lay. Did All they . To help him. Ami had him conveyed to first District police a Stationdr. W. Ii. White was soon in attendance and did everything in his Power which medical skill Eon id suggest tor Woitun Ina ii. Tom injuries lie had received. White saw that Cawas Quot hopeless As it was impossible Gen tal could survive wry is Rii to injuries he had receive ,1. He a Vcci d to ids residence As pc a style. And although ii to eminent medical get Itle Hie i in tic City were in .Eudaii a a. A t he i i t s i i us. H in in ii i a i v.�?~. Ali Timu til it Lii Witeli death i t Letu Quevi to to Coroner Cotton Bokiy Ami Ait to ter and pm lies iii get Coli los p 1 wh., eave it a Quot old an heqit., wait i we re All i thrown on Ei Ith Ini Ruhr and no clue could be go to a night.Assas a. 1 jury returned a to y c id i it a Ain. De eased a p., i s a. By beings to Nick o i tip Ireby irae tur aug tin is ill. By Ai instrument iii hands pervs in Pei sous to a a Yunn known in Forenoon Vesterdal a Man named Tiv Tiolie on is Spillman was a ref ibo ask it. Was Lii Alo in same that Gen. Plank Heau Quot did. But to know nothing about matter that was Likely to Lead to Appiehcnion, Assassin. A meeting members bar was held at noon and a committee appointed to draft a series resolutions expressive feelings bar Memphis at loss so greatly respected and so talented a brother lawyer. The Board aldermen and mayor also held a meeting when could oratory resolutions were introduced by Alderman Shaw and a a unanimously adopted. A a funeral deceased gentleman took place from Calvary Church at 4 o clock yesterday afternoon and was largely attended Smith Pan head was born reared and educated in Virginia. His father at his death was a colonel artillery in United states army and in seniority rank stood next to Gen. Scott. Gen. Magr Derisa near Kinsman deceased. The writer first knew subject this notice when he was a , in asp7. He commanded a company from a Virginia through receipt War he wore sword Given Hiti by county in Virginia from which his company was mustered into service for mexican campaigns alter mexican War Gen. Bankhead was for a in new Mexico and California. In Lsji-2 he came to Memphis though we believe he resided for a in Clarksville lie conducted whig a newspaper that was eminently successful until he ceased to manage it. He became a lawyer Walt chosen City attorney Aud such was his thorough acqu.nnt-.elo. With affairs City Ami intimate his knowledge decisions affecting corporations Tunit his services were deemed imiipens.ible by Many successive municipal adm Sistru tons. A lie entered Confederate service in l my Las Captain artillery was speedily prot nou a became chief artillery in Polk s c re it it. Was transferred to Texas where his Kinsman tie ueral Magrude, was in command Aud was captured during last year War while crossing Mississippi Avalanche 2.1, says p i a Winters last evening arrested ser Gei lit Hogan,., 10th regular United states infantry stationed Here on suspicion being in murder general i pan head. Oil saturday night. Hogan is in i jail he May have a preliminary examination before a magistrate to Day. I tin on st. a Day.�? j new York Tribune says we cannot be far wrong in saying that More i blood was Shell ill one Street ill new Vork on j st. Patrick s Day than Lias been expended a during Quocthe fenian insurrection we self. Any account has yet reached us. A fact t May be taken Lor what it is Worth. Superin j pendent Kennedy ports thirty three his j Quot Povine ,, inane a them with 1 sword Ami Sabre cuts a a and Quot a Irtle a a Way .circumstances j _ Lillie ill which these wounds were received were m . Possible a Pip Linnart glorifies v Sirtl inf Isk. The clearly relates that at 1 tempt Olu True Eart to unload and it ii his goods As he had a right to do ugh Quot i crowd in Shmon not Quot at aet in procession originated Ipharr a. The efforts Ofiu Severid policemen to save life trackman Only made matters a Rorstrand Battle in grand Street Between a. Handful a l1.tt1.1�z fi�z0m tin into Ipoh. We have received a Gratifying letter fro i Interior from which to make following extracts editor flakes bulletin Quot wit take much interest and pleasure in Reading your paper a and Admire its tone and moderation. Ultra jets have done and will continue to do harm i1 in audio a generally a i wife Rulo a und you act wisely in adopting it. I suppose be Are soon to have a military government let _it.�c.om�?._liltherelh_a_divinity_that shapes our ends rough hew them As you As for me i reckon i am in for it As a disfranchised. I opposed secession with All my might acid main but it was Pang fluttering a Butterfly attempting to steer its course through a Hurricane. As a Man stands Oil a sinking vessel and hears cry All hands to pump on .Confoderatc ship Leaky at launching 1 stood a passive do Entz a Luau and did As ordered a collect Confederate tax. Disfranchisement is a bitter Pill to Swallow for infinitesimal part i played in rebellion considering my strongly expressed and Well known sentiments on that subject. My is Short however being just sixty years old. I Cau afford to let government take care itself a Maxim that might be observed with advantage by younger men that i than i am. Lla Irli list when Sci iian aim Coburn for 1�?T Liioi Ishmul dollars a Siwic. For some past it has been currently a rumoured in sporting circles that a match was on tapis Between John g. Leenan and Joe Coburn for $10,000. It is alleged that two Are Iraq e very Jea Lotis a a Ach other s Powers both claiming to be Simon pure champions by combined right muscle and lame. Heenann a friends claim that when co a Burn departed for Europe to meet Mace on Irish soil it was intention Benicia Lioy. Should Joe turn out Victor to Chal. Lenge at any Timeand place. Aud for any amount Money. James Cusick in his enthusiastic admiration for John 0., offered to match him against Coburn whenever. Tie latter pleased for 810, .100a.�?T Side. This tempting offer however was not accepted by Coburn unless Heenan choose to Light him on american soil since return to country there has been More less controversy going on among like lovers ring relative to . Merits two men and on several occasions when they have met they have evinced a. Rather Luke Wurm feeling towards each other both evidently being desirous bringing about a sort a a feeler in shape a slight encounter. A few evenings ago they met iii company a Large number friends at a gambling House , where they had rather a Good feeling exceedingly Lippy under influence a sumptuous supper. At height entertainment an allusion was made by Coburn to his late match with Mac and . Merits two men ivtf1 eagerly discussed by those present. Fila a a Heenan and several others took a hand in and old feeling soon in in Lester do Itsell Leenan dropping a Cross Cut to Coburn. This led latter to define his position remarking. As he did so that he would not. Only Ligh Mace but that to did not a a bar anybody in this country in Leenan replied that it was intended for him he never took some Cross firing words then ensued Between two Chain 1 pious when Coburn remarked that when be talked his Money talked and stood he Uay a rather excitedly replied that a Ucli was Case he did not consider present place a proper one in which to talk fight. This brought two sports. Cooley Keesa Aud Kinney to feet former remarking that present was is Good As any to talk fight and that was just place. At this Coburn and got into a dispute when Kinney struck Coburn which was promptly responded to by latter and soon half a dozen guests were hitting out right Aud left a general free fight ensuing i Heenan got in one two Pelters whole party getting pretty Well thumped and a at one things looked As there would be a second enactment Stan Wax Hall tragedy. The efforts a Lew friends however added to report arrival police soon brought affair to an. End and order once Moro prevailed. Yesterdays Rumor goes both Teenan and Coburn signified willingness to Junko a match and there is no doubt Ere Long but that two will be matched for a Good stake. The great difficulty to de settled Between two now that they have agreed to fight is amount stake Money. Heenan says he will not fight Short 510,000, and although Coburn at first objected a to sum having a Good Many admirers Little doubt that he will soon raise required amount and sporting fraternity be thrown into a frenzy by announcement that match has been settled .�?jv. In. In Ronld. A a acc led �?Twitness.�? Baton Rouge advocate gives following extract from tie testimony a witness examined about participation one Sam Bowman in a lat j robbery. When asked he knew Sam Bowman lie said a to yes. I bought ice Cream from a what is his name a a that is none my business got something else to do sides Folly ring people a bout to find out Dar a How do you know that he is Samo Man re. A a done to i Tell you Boss ise bought ice Cream from inn lots . 0b course How a de Man a a Tbone to i Recklet his painted Wagon and his passers. And Way lie hollered ice Cream lib course he s same what was you doing a lib a robbers Caius to mrs. Clarks. A Gnu twin i was a How did you know they . On place a main t i got a How Long did you stand out in Yard listening a a. A a still my feet got cold a . Pohlei ii in and an my Quot Trilimen was fought out with one sided results we have Ali adv stated. The devotees st. Patrick ought to Ponder these humiliating facts Fortunie telling and Tilting Lup it operate differently. T e former reveal what lady will lie in future latter rest Al what he is at present. Sop to cuiolina.�geneni to an address presented to him Quot by Ineis. Charts Charleston said a a general into i Essof North Carolina Havo been object Niy a arise solicitude since been in command this department and Liat i Liao done in this regard in past i will continue to do iii fut ii eel Trio solution present political difficulties rests with citizens themselves. The military authorities a will not Iuterflwas-partisau8 a in political movements. organizations. Tvs will Endeavor impartially nil fairly to promote reorganization civil government in two states. Ample Protection will be Given to life Libity Aud property in conclusion gentlemen be assured that i shall always be glad to hear any expressions your sentiments Aud to comply with .vou1 suggestions so far As May comport will in 5nsc

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