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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 2

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas Dan Dis. T. W a ii o a he u i v i x i Commissi 0 a and f o r Ward in k m e r c h a n t Quot Ami Cotton Factor. Stramik particular not Rolion Given to Tho Nalo Anil ulip meat of Cotton. Wool sugar. I it and Otho r Roduco. All from Trio Brazos Tinl Trinity Liiv Rrt ii a for to Rel a , 11� s otherwise Ilir Weil. Ianird Wev la Biz an amp Mcgrit Cotton factoids ,. Ornon Huu Tuzii Kos Carrot up or in i 2d Fluor Sti and Sii oct. Jav no Lyl 1 up Stai h j a l i \ t to a Smith. Uen Ellal commission mekc1iaxts,a . ii. 1 is m l�>110r a Dibias finness drank . Germania life insurance company new Tori v the Only German like inst Trace Coil Pany in the United a tabs. profit. ,250,00 re Scipta Png la car. 1,000,000 amount hair trod 000,000 Huo Toise Dunk president a f. San wend kit Vii a Sto. Aug. Butlar agent at Galveston Texas. Or hic Damp Whf x j. Bltiul�?To., formerly of Gal Veston and Hounton Texas it to s actor. Inc Trivin to it a iyar it Linin and in h i. 1m i la. S Ftp Ibi w Ai Vest an i m in a Ltd to n v a. Huim uni a. I 11 i ii a i a a a i a. A j my of a ill k ind a it u w a. A is / a. ,1. To mme. It i Loktu a no Quot 1� a a in it i i i x r n a n g a n d g i k a l 4 to. Rio a i ��?T.<>"1 pc . Jiuu Lii a it i. S Iasi Ltd a i it in i it i. A a a Anri a on of wo.�, 11 ides. I i Tului we i Ltd in Dot in it or. A. D Ira it a -1. It i e. A it i lit a i i a a. 1. No a a vol 1, Whol Falu in i orrs amp shoes 55 a Nurmi Slot new Yore we Etc i constantly on band a full Stoekli suitable fur Ali to As Market and solicit the Jia Irona of of our Texes tto. La All order Juanc attended to. Nihom amp co. Decerda ,. Cd. Siuss Akk co.,. A c o i in i i it it n f h i n t ___1. �?0 a Ltd ii a a a Quot a will i it c iii Ltd i on our a a Nils in to Shii tin Havana Glicr. 1 n oui int no iii to kit i a mum Ivy in Tho to a will i Floc Toni l. Lii is Sukk to. is a Iju mow. Ii ii hot i Jurics a7�l mid ii inks i a . A Lii i -. Nil Illus i Ink a kick Gaii Iima ski Riis i-tr., to Tocoi nor. Of Mii kit to and a Al sts., Galvez i on. to t is u. Gal a a t .oj., a pm. A Alli. A i a a. In Lull. A Changkun nov. He a Cris i. \ a i a of ,. I. In ask. 0.n. Jii ruin it . I a l l. I i t i 11 in us a it merchant and link cars malt is in Rora in at 1kjmi>tic Lauu Mii Uli ,1 1--�o- t. In. Z Wii resale i i aun a ii a a he is. Tai Mai i Anco gooks i c t. -1 in i 1 in i 11. A a t a g in. S ii v to in to 0 i a a nov n 0., Ltd Utt it Anil Nihil i a tiflis in a Klif hats is angry Vogt imn. Texas it Liy in tu1. V of Init a i the a a is of tilt Nul tin Jib a in p Lim ally. V a. Rel let k m i nun a co. Will be connive e5��iu�iu of april to it 7> main sin aka Iwaki. To Levi v. Cell acc la k saws n a i is. Iii. I ing sa1�i>leuv. Etc. A Quot _ it arc i in j. Annh Jiin Cotto y Facto n and a it cd o . I a s i o i i o i it i a n to Alvaton. Ort Way i a a. A w. . . Ki.1u. In Valoi a cd. Corro x a Wool fact vhf a i a a Ltd m in jus h Alo ivc 5� i , a ivc Tui. A pm ral c�j-1� on Ali Cut Tox n a im1 <1 the Tiloi Silicic a a t Orvilo to in \ a my Vert i. Oswald amp co., Ely in i Fuwa uding and Cin Rul Conn Vinsion unit Rovi ants photon and ally ton l a. A ii amp a a \ 11, \ .2s Rikk i Ock. Wii Ules a i a and ii tail grocer thu Rajki a and a Brick w surf c to it it tartly a in Liana in Horton grocer in. Also rom Luthc. San h As f1�hu. Let a it Tate a a a onions j Nett a lii�1. Chi pm Srotir Knut Etc. Also Corn. Hran amt a at a Ami u i no it to. I , or Arn and Lii ours. Auu�?~�?T�o1 a i i p. In Huynk ssh Quot ii poit a i add altar in. and dome Kotc Nard tin i Latic Siikki Ikon. Al cd it Ltd and slab Iron Naiu. Casti mls Jollo a Wuh. Itt., Etc. I Rymont a in a a texan. Novi Lvpl of John it. I a Illuk manuf actus dealer to. S dry sire . Of Toni. A Uisu Vav and v us .d Kou Ali Hitaj Nunt. And a Janu Fatui in or la A i and a it a nary steam engines and boilers v-41 Tiu or in i circular and in Pri by Saav Quot Siviy of tin nid t apr i Ovid Enn in Ltd Tion. Of All . It Ull t in a Ami to it i.7�n Jolt t i Imbt v per Sioui grist Mills Mill icon a Vatn and Licals and every Lind of Mil Mae Hinrika Suar Mills. Ami Lin in Quot i a i Ihde. I�?Tunkwc., it a Oil a ind Avoris v Cotton and wooden machine in be. Vertical planers lion a it la Lasi t so in Jne Lute us a. Drill lathes. I Orin a Elii Nesi Slatting machines. I Jui by drills. Steam in Mujib. In a Rcd a a ups. Lilting pumps suction 1�?Tunij�., 11 yid i Quot a a to eth sit w Jan is Sli Altin ,-v8 an or and Letalu i Hellin a Leathy r and Kush or line a Juluin and a rims Fitins st Eam and Gan pipe steam Ami v iter Janies a a a of Holt it t i a 1�?Tianiu machines Graj Ltd. Quot Wood s planing . Daniels Plain Nir machines. Mime us machines Sah loan my Chi lies. Priwer mortising a Jachino i Tori n a machine a a Diml Slat Tenenini Macli ittes a in ulars v reaches Wright s scr ill saws Patent Elt scroll novt rvs. He near reserving Mills Jie it Ervin Mills. Ilo Tury an a nti11iu Moi a every of Mitchin i v railway Supply. A stun Jins. Cotton Ivins Cotton Gin s Taylo. Eab. Rry it in. Southern Craver. Exol Ami m c a Ai t Hylt of of Gin with engines or lev , and everything re Siml it in the Kui if More and in Sale at t he lowest juices. Your Okief a a Foet a a Dii Iti d. Tiec do we a a Al j. Zip i a. Vav us a , co r r o x a i o k j a Sunui a Jav Afton. H ? if. Lilt m amp co., Succes Sili to a. Limn 5 Rte in a a Ipoh Naie dealer in dry Londs Linot and Sunn in it of notions. K r., ktf., strand , i i in a but Rita Droit fruit build stir a -. A Al a a is an my. Ii. Xii Ian a an a g1 >e1 Al my Antcli Alyth and ital cars in in Ore trn Anil com Colic Exchange. Strasu it valve or it to. Special att Misiou a to u to the ale of Cotton Vrol it a. to it Jan a Cro it vex of Loii. Every it Ian a Quot a an and a i d who has used a Tuuri a it. A i Fri a years i Quot rapid v incr sin i have time tie Ai Brosia Junioun All Over the Loibl. In is walk Antii to in lease. It a miss itching of the head. It make 4%�?~cw Blair Tow of raid Heads. 11 i \ e it a i in hair ii of fall in oui. It a Riddei i to in hair soft and Flossy clean a the Scalp cools t to heated Row be. Moves Dandri to Cuico nervous Hoa Ilaene cure s 1 aides in luxuriant Stickn i lines hair o Ciu a sup4tsedes wis kill hair eaters. Id Good cd acct apparent at once. To Tlle lathes ave Sav a i he . Elagin ily put up. Pelix at it in . by Ilieva nept re Anil act or a i.<7 so to str in Sale ind Tio Xea it a 4,arloii�?~. Uvo Lar of bottles no. Lor nun iii no. L to cd cd ii my mistake aloft it a st a anti it a us in a a is the brat Inot , and to Lect be . Topciov Othius try >.art<�n. Sold Lay Diu lists. Azul us Turku cd a Punu a Al i st a a i 1 in w Youko a i j yli4 unit Max Alm Axach. Ave have just received Ironine it a Yurk Jpn a late of , a pc Orus irix a a Goi imn Juli Nailoa a Holcli i in in i lit it i it a a to a nil. On Lime Nib it in uni ,_iu8tai inc to Morotn panic d by find a to i Myrr. Quot a. 1 let c a i it it fur i 1�?~ubllvatluua 1 it so w i f the Bills. The military Mil passed Mab ii 2. Whereas is a Legal state governments or adequate Protection for life and property now exists in the rebel states of Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Alabama Mississippi. Louisiana Florida Texas and a knt Sari and. A whereas it is necessary that place and Good order should be enforced in Naid a states Lu�tujoj-jibmdxepu<�njilat6_gox.crnmeattf_ can be legally established therefore be it enacted Etc., that said rebel states shall be divided into military districts and made subject to tue military authority of the United states As hereinafter mentioned and for that purpose Virginia shall constitute the first District North Carolina and South Carolina the second District Georgia Alabama and Florida the third District Mississippi and Arkansas the fourth District and Louisiana Aud Texas the fifth District. Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the president to assign to. The command of each of said districts an Oili Oer of the army not below the rank of do Guzier general and to detail a Sulu in debt military Lorce to enable Siuchoi nicer to perform his duties and enforce his authority within the District to which he is assigned. Sec. O. That ii shall be the duty of each Olio or assigned As aforesaid to Poi act All persons in the right s of person and property to suppress , disorder and Viu ii not. And. To uni a of cause to be punished All dist Ibers the Quot Public peace and to tra it end he ii iii allow local civil in take jurisdiction of any of Leuders a a it i i h i j ii i i lit it a a Jay a Tenet fir the trials it Ien lers. Lie it .\v.er�?. To or Gavitz. Iii tiry of tribunals it a tii it purpose Ami a ill interference under e a a or of authority Vilh the of in in of y Uil a this act shall be null a e l Vod. J is c. That a persons under military a Fri by a u of urls Art lie tiled with-o�11 iii dec. St y delay a Quot Iid Quot Llo cruel or up in i heat shall a. Ilii Teit and no shiite in a �-1 any iii Lara commission or tribe hereby aut Noriz -1 Allec Tilg the life or lib a Erv of any shill be executed until it is approved by Illi Jei a command of the District Aud the a wild regulations for the government of the army shall not be affected by this act. Sev or 1 hat when the pet Plu of any one of the said a states Hall have Fin red a Coil-1 Tiki icon Aud Gove rejment in conformity with the Constitution of the United states in All re Peets Frame 1 of a. Convention of delegates. He i Tevi by the Mase citizens Quot of. Said state old and upwards of whatever Viaje you r Ltd previous condition who have been resident in said state for one year previous to the due a said election except As May Lor participation in the or for Telony at common Law and when such Sonst tut on shall a provide that the elective shall be enjoyed by All such person us have the herein stated Lor efe7etois"of"delcrg and when such. Constitution a be ratified by a of the persons voting on the question of Natii cation who Are qualified As electors for Quot delegates and when such Constitution shall have been submitted to Congress for examination and approval and Congress shall have approved the same Aud when said state by a i vote of legislature elected under said Constitution shall have adopted the amendment to the Constitution of the United state proposed by the thirty ninth Congress and. Known As article fourteen Aud when said article shall h Ive become part of the co Stilu Tion of the i cited state said states shall be1 declared entitled to representation in Congress Ami senators a Mil representatives shall be admitted on their taking the oath prescribed by Law., and then and thereafter the i lace Edwig sections of this act shall be inoperative in said state j , Tuat no person excluded com the privilege of holding Oitice by said proposed amendment to the. Constitution of the r United states shall be eligible to election As n member of a convention to Frame a Constitution i t any of said rebel states for shall any such vote i or members of such.�?�. Convention. Sec. That until the people of. The said rebel states shall by be admitted to representation in the Congress of the United states All civil that May exist therein shall be it item a prov it Ioune Only and shall be in All respects subjects to the Paramount authority of the United states at any time to Ati Olish. , control and supersede the Saini and his i elections to Miv office under. Such provisional governments All persons shall lie to vote and none others who Are entitled to vote under the or Kris on a of the Leith Section of this act and to person shall be eligible to any Oil ice under such Pio Al signal n cuts who would be disqualified from h lying it ice under the provisions of the third article of said c institutional amendment. Thi con titt Tiona. Amend next the Follo Wim is the a it a it it posed Niilend Vic which Vai Lina ii passed by Congress on the Quot i Ith of Laie lat Aud thu ratification of is Viade. 1 v sect to t the above act a edition i Reed to. Tile rep of i of Quot of the now i a .1 stain s in Congress . Xiv. Section 1. All persons born or Nat Raij. It in the United states and subject to the Juri dict in i thereof Are citizens of the United states Aud i t the state wherein they reside. No st the shall make or enforce any Law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of Fritiz us ill the i cited states nor a shall Quot any sue. person of life Liberty or a Iro Petty w Itri out it if Lavor deny to any Peison within jurisdiction Thi equal action of the Law Sec. 2. shall be apportion. De among the several states according to their respective numbers counting the whole number of prisons in each state including indians not taxed. Hut when he right to l vote at any he Clio i for the Choice of electors for president and vice president of the unite a states Jii Congress the. Executive and judicial officers of a state or Chi members of the thereof is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state being Twenty one years of age and citizens of the a Etcil state Quot a or in Anir Quot Vay Quot abridge l Quot exp it it Ien a iii zip to iii i a to Bill iii a re a Quot Othrie Quot a crime the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the nuni a Imp of such male citizens Sli Alj in Marjol the. I Viole Nunier of male citizens Twenty one. Year ii of age in Sun list do. Sec. 5. To pers.on_.shall_be.a.sen3t.ori preventative in Congress or elector of president or vice president or hold Auy Oil ice civil or military under the United states or under any state who having previously taken an oath As a member of Congress or As Aii of incr of the to Uit Eil states or us a member of any state legislature or As an executive or judicial of lice of any state to support the Constitution of the United states shall have eng Geil in Musur rellion or rebellion against the same or Given Aid or Comfort to the enemies thereof. I hit by egress May by a vote of of each House remove such disability. Sec. 4. The Validity of Tho Public debt of the United states authorized bylaw including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing Tho rebellion. Shall not be questioned. But neither Tho United states nor Liny state shall Assimo or pay Auy debt or obligation incurred in Aid of insurrection or rebellion against Tho United. States or any claim for Tho loss or emancipation of any slave but All such debts obligations or claims shall be held illegal and void. -sect5/tlie Congress shall have Power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this article. The supplemental Bill As vetoed by the r president. Be it Quot enacted Etc., Liat before the 1st Day of september 180?, the commanding general in each District defined by an acted tit a cd an act to provide for the More efficient government of the rebel states a passed March 2, 18 17, shall cause a registration to be made of the male citizens of the United states Twenty one years of age and upward resident in each. County or Parish in the state or states included in his District which registration shall include Only those persons who arc qualified to votes for delegates act aforesaid and who shall have taken and subscribed Tho following oath or i do1 solemnly swear or firm in the presence of almighty god that i am a Cozen of the state of a a a that 1 have Quot resided in said state fur a months next preceding this Day. reside in the. Country of re or or Parish Ofin said slate As the Case May be that i am Twenty i it Nel i ars. Ojel liar. I live not been disfranchised for particinatioti_inji.ni�?T. Rebe Dion Quot tfx a. Civil War the United states nor for felony committed us air to Tho Laws of any state nor of the United states that i. Have never taken an oath to As a member of of the states or As a member of Auy state legislature of any state to support the Constitution of the United states and afterwards insurrection or rebellion against the United states or Given Aid or a Eom Foit to the enemies thereof that l will support the Constitution and obey the Laws of the. United states and will to Tho Best of my ability encourage others so to do so help me god. Quot which oath or flu ration May be administered by any registering Allicer. Sec. 2. That after the completion of. The registration hereby provided for in any state at such time and places therein As the commanding general shall appoint and direct of. Whiler at least thirty Days Public notice shall be Given an election shall be held of delegates to a convention for die purpose of establishing a Constitution government for such state Loyal Ito Tho Union said convention in each state except Virginia to consist of the same number of members As the most numerous Branch of the state legislature of such state in the year 18 10, to to apportioned among the several districts counties or parishes of such state by the commanding general giving to each repro Sentas Tion in the ratio of voters registered As aforesaid As nearly As May be. The convention in Virginia shall consist of the same number of members As represented in the territory now constituting Virginia in the most numerous Branch of the legislature of said state in the year a Balto be apportioned As aforesaid. Sec. J., that at said election the registered voters state shall vote for or against a convention to form a Constitution therefor under this act those voting in Ivor of such a1 convention shall have written or printed on. The ballots by which they vote for delegates As Quot for snid the words a for a convention Quot Aud those voting against such a convention shall a Quot to a or it no attn titty into a on such ballot the Quot words a against a convention a the persons appointed to superintend and make return of the votes Given thereat As herein provided shall count and make return of Given for and against a Conven. Tion and the commanding Geuer t o. Whom they shall have be ii returned shall ascertain and declare the total vote in such state for. And against a convention. If a majority of the votes Given on that question shall be for a convention then such convention shall be held As hereinafter provided but if a majority a of said votes shall be against a convention a the in no such convention shall be held under this act provided that Sib of convention shall not be held unless a majority of All such registered voters shall have voted on the question ,. Holding such convention. Sec. -1. That the commanding general of each District shall appoint As Many hoards of registration As May be necessary consisting of three Loyal officers or persons to make and Complete the a registration superintend the election and make return to him of the votes lists of voters and of the persons elected As delegates by a plurality of the votes cast at said election and upon receiving said returns he shall open Quot the same ascertain the persons elected As delegates according to the returns of the officers who conducted said election and make Quot proclamation thereof and within sixty Days from the Date of election he shall notify the delegates to assemble in Conven. Tion at a time acid place to. Be Meh Ion cd in a the notification Aud said convention when. Organ Zed shall first Del Ermine by a Vato whether i is the wish of the people of such state to Frame a Constitution and civil gov a eminent according to the provisions of this act and the act to which it is supplementary and if so shall proceed to Frame such Constitution and when the same shall have been so framed said Constitution shall be submitted by the convention for ratification to the poisons registered under the prevision of this act at All election to be conducted by Tho Oflia items or pc Somi ii pointed or to , by the commanding general As Heric a before provided a wild to be held after the. Expiration, Days from the Date of notice thereof to be Given cd Yvonnion Aud the returns Quot thereof shall lie made to Tho commanding general of the District. Sec. 5. That if according to said returns the Constitution shall be ratified by a Jua Jority of the votes of the electors qualified As herein specified to the president of the convention shall transmit a copy of the same duly Eer tided the president if the United states who shall the of come to. Congress if then in secession and if not in �?osimi6n7thiuiuhnmoiidely--Lipou Lieut assembling and if the said Constitution shall be declared by Congress to be in conformity the act to which this is supplementary the state shall be declared. It if Quot fied to representation and senators and shall be admitted therefrom As therein provided. A. Sec. I. That All elections in the states mentioned in the said act to provide for Tho More ethic sent government of the rebel states shall during of said act to by Quot ballot and idl officers making the said registration of voters and conducting said election shall before a entering Lipsou the discharge of their duties take and subscribe the Riith prescribed by the act approved Lily 2, 1802, entitled a an act to prescribe an oath of Sec. 7. Aud to it further enacted that All j expenses incurred by Tho several commanding generals or by virtue of any orders issued or appointments made by them under or by Vir tue of plus act shall to paid out of any Mon eyes in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. V. A Sec. 8. And be it further enacted. That the convention of each state shall prescribe the Feen salary and be paid to nil delegates and other officers and agents herein authorized 6r lie Cussary to Curry into the Purpo ses of this act not herein other wisc provided for and shall provide for the Levy and collection of such taxes on the property in such state As May be no Cussary to pay the same. Seo. Aud be it further enacted that the word a article a in the sixth Section of the act to which this supplementary shall be construed to mean Section. Governor Throckmorton of Texas. correspondent x. A. Times March 03. An Effort will soon be made to induce major1 general Sheridan to remove governor Throckmorton of Texas. The Union men now Heve from that state claim Fiat it will be a sold a for them to attempt to organize a govern Niento under the Bill while he is in Power As his , and All the patronage of his position will be used by him in behalf of the rebels and the disfranchised classes. A they Are afraid that the Freedom will to Given to vote against their wishes unless the control of the government is in the hands of Tho uni ii party and state that there arc at least fifty counties in which they will not. He Al-loxve.d-tb4aitii.ivt.au unless they Tiro pro tooled a present. Of Federal troops. If Throckmorton is removed the appointment of a. Union Quot Man will be secured a no matter what the desire of the administration May be. As the 1 to require All officers to take the ironclad test oath. Throckmorton cannot it and there a a re lint few men of prominence it the state who can. Quot among them Are a Lido Paschal judge Sherwood and judge Thomas All a a Radical unionists. True Fame. The Chicago Post speaking of the Coni me Cement of that herculean work the Lake Tunnel pays a just tribute to the Man who projected and executed it Lut the people were not satisfied with delay. They could stand on the Shore in Liec Envis of the City and look upon the coca sparkling pure water of yonder mighty Lake the coveted treasure so near Aud they cried out with one voice who is Tho Man who can. Give us this water for our use the cry was heard the Man was there who with the modesty that is Ever the companion of Genius said that he thought a Tunnel might to built far under the bed of the Lake two Miles in length and there whore the water was thirty live feet in depth pure and Cool in All seasons the Supply could he obtained. This declaration which brought gladness to so Many was received with doubt and distrust by other. It was Quot Quot no vol untre Myrtho exp use Leaf Clyto be Esti Quot mated Aud failure imminent but the Man of science was not to to moved from his position. He showed them the plan pointed out All the advantages admitted Tho risk but advised the trial. The plan was prepared the Cost estimated and be sons were appointed to present Oiler to to build a Tunnel two Miles Loag it under Lake Jiezhi an. Two Genji Mccu from a Distant City with Muc i experience i lured to do the work. The con fact was made. Three. Years have since elapsed and the great work is completed. But to whom Are we indebted for the plan fellow citizens i to Ellis Sylvester Chesbrough Civ a Engineer of the City of Chicago a Man w \ a name is heralded throughout the civil gtd world because of Thi is great achievement and whose Fame rests upon a foundation so Broad Aud deep that it will e i of fairs for Tiges. The contractors sir. Jamas j. Dull and 3flrl janks6iowimi= by difficulties because of the War the increased Price of labor and material and much else of less importance still went on i resist Kaitly to the end performing their contract in things faithfully and masterly thereby winning As contractors a name so Good As to insure their Success hereafter Over any Competition. A new in Leld fur american Enterprise. The san Francisco bulletin comm ii Sas follows on the above subject 1 the Telegraph lately gave currency to lit statement that the american trading has obtained a Grant of the entire not it a. Part of the Island of Borneo together with three adjacent islands with jurisdiction Over the inhabitants. There is probably some truth in this statement. The company in. Question was originated by Boston merchants who have always had a keen Eye for the a it Indian and China Trade and who wore Tho first to present to Congress the project tor steam mail communication Beck a Eti Satt Francisco Japan and China. The very Bill Thiu Bec Iune a Law authorizing Tho of this important service was drawn up we believe by Boston merchants and by them placed in Tho hands of the Pacific delegation. It is very natural this Enterprise Shenul be followed up by Mother looking to the a a Orui iii Tio f territory lying in the pathway of the China line. Borneo which is an crib cd of the malay archipelago Lieo under the . Tor South of the Phillipino Lelanda and next to Australia is the largest Island in the world. It. Has nearly �?~3000 Miles of sea coast and an Are Jarger that of Texas. Its a for then and narrowest portion is situated a t the Entrance to the chinese sea and would4 convenient stopping place for Mem Amir. Ers Aud other Sigil vessels engaged 1x0 a a it. Tern Trade a considerable g of the Island is either marshy or is Ali Init inhabited by a mined population of malays native Yalcs Ovid Oti inese the May lays being Tho ruling except where their Sway is contested by the dutch or has �.,-.u ceded to English colonists. The Island Viesse Iron Antimary Gold diamonds Benzoin Sago camphor spices id valuable Timber us chief products. Antimony is obtained to plentifully on the Quot Quot Northwestern a Olaf As to furnish the chief Supply of the world. The Gold Aud diamonds Are found in alluvial Nuli a nos the Trade with the isl fraud in t to seventeenth Century but the Litterly secured the most valuable portion of the tragic amounting to Over .�2,0u0,0x per Quot a Xirau mr�hicil34�?ocafnea w Lirou Quot tie be port of Singapore. If there is any Laud , or any Power competent to cede it. American enter Price would profit largely in Tho ii tire by Uig ii i uphold of the Northern portion of Borneo and working into a share of Commerce. The idea a i not a new one either in Boston or Han Fra i i v co but there was never before so favourable tuft time to put it in practice. Euro in a it. Ii have Foi us great advantage in How Dinv territory in Hothian and Chine no Waters and the advantage refi Tilting must prove much greater eventually to citizens of the United. States Whoso country faces the Pacific Ang Afi ords the most direct line of communication with India China

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