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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas Weekly to a a a a s x Vino Kay Gal year on wednesday morning april 10, 1867. No. 6. Telegraph incr i press new Yoi a april 4stocks Active rc2 coupons Haj if 1ui�. Sift lit t>4. Gold i��.1.�? wheat ke.2c. . I irn Junr 5 -. Butter.,�?��?� i Lulu a did drooping. In Ork a Lull Lii us nominal new Iless so a 70. Lard Dull Kim i 12 .0�?T li5,. , a quiet. Barley Dull. Eas Dull. Dull mid lower at 2-Sac. For middling i Banuls. I rights april 4.�? com run and st it veus us is deepening. favors talk re Hiliria Tiou "1 democrats in preference i a a i ads. a is la . 1 the russian treaty will a to till or a is Sirois. A tin i i i i. to it la rail tii re distr in to ii a a or a so i. a a a a \ Ltd no a Ali to a a Quot a ii ? y ili i i is auth a it. a a a a Liol Quot in i v so ii ii it a. I i i a a a a Sinh a i in 1 a a Siil iii void re i r. I. Or a it \. J a to ii i a i i la i it v a a a a Llu Ull. X. V a a a i ii ii a it it a j it i in Al. T it Hiu ii a pm i i \\7 it i lil it a 1 my or a a a ili ave 0.,-rfr it. A a. A. A a . �?�1. It a a a or v apri a to i Ltd i i.,.lt m i. Iti a a 1 i. 1 he Pri Are most a fro. A a a. A hit in s .�?T,.t.e a. It t >-1.1 judg. Shark. V Gavel a a i tit i i ii a ii i 11 r. A i i j i a. To i a a u Ltd e Ai a ili in. -11 a a it j. I i i it i. And a for o a in it i military a i it inc coup i tic in Quot a Oppl a i a tax d Tiiat-tf 111 . A la i Niv it a v win a la in it Ped t nil it a Quot i it Stati of Mississippi Enn a Ila a i t a. Ail. A i Ailes Maui in Turi a n Fileni in Ai a aes it i a eel Tiv pass Dalle d Quot mid tar Lull aah a. So Kil. Itti i ii a s to a a e in Liitt As Iduas a cast �uv.dv-. I. Dpi a Ian i Jeri diet Ltd . The cd Ai Ottili Iti Ali. I six Dar. Sii Auld be or leave to a de 111- a All. A Iti in a a at pies -. A a and Sai it 1 a tile stat. Mississippi iii Liow aah. A a Norai an i if Tilie to e a a . And la Urne it. The attorney general said he Eon land a la in car As it Pui-us to Lithe l i Sid it a party de in last a 1 a . A Lii United states. , wheet to Liate Heinz be i i i y a a ont to Dit to Bill and he ii til a stated that i it was also ready now to it it int. Or Titi it that motion. L a. I Tiue alter consultation n Lor leave to Lile. Hill might i Quot Nia a in a add my on i docket Lait in con orr.y wit to tin Sci of Cou t. He we a id a Quot veal d until in it r. E in Tion Day. This Moti ii will . I iii Quot up on Friday att in v. Vul april a. Cotton easier suls Hales at i a a 3s._tluat Etive. Ali d District of Sei Nitor Jesu with tis minister to Austria. Appointed e. D. Nicol i a was sistemi Chinua Ision a education Bill depart. . A a a major general ii Alleck Commodoro John Holers general Meigs and other distinguished gentlemen have by letter r.-. Expressed to Sec envy of state. import Uiese of acid Kirin Ltd Siua possessions a is proposed by . A i Aofia will be made in a Day or two to a reconsider Kussian . Cotil Irmede Joseiph Lio yell Postie sister a i Shreveport. A. N . April 5�?advices from Vera or a two. Days litter per steamship . Ivy it. City in a state of a i a a Quot i a and a a pieces of artillery. In Rov sgt Shi h. Hut Lio blockade from sea Side j it a in it a by nun Benno Ilio men a Stidl map Oien gulls move uns Nini Eli in .rst.ec. Ilyamin Iliavi is Inq Ere a la of no tii Oniey b r Proa. Lie a a b. in titt Aro. Ite iulia to h d Uttan i-si-i, a via a inc at re Quot. No action re it a has yet t Asp blvd and. T. A e 1 til Mer Lias Hcan Lii Bially i r Ato Tiersidet. J. In -. E r a a i , a a Tonty was a tilled wli.il�?�. Dis rih i a , so a a. April. much easier i a i a a a i. At 7 per cent on Call to rats 1, a Lovi in mint a Llin a cd i in. 1,-it Hui tilt 7 ius to greater exp a Quot. i at Suh Treasury ii Heral. I i i c i s-,-.-iy -.�?T. Specula Ain Hir a Ai unchanged a mod Quot no v april Herald s mexi it id it s is important if True st t.l.5.-Ji has been completely he m Ltd r naw a d at in by m,.-Jia a i it in to join a cob do. D in a it t a a a Xie i. Vera j ru/., Pilichi t a s tave Abov tor Liberal. Santa a -. . of it Ila i Gnu it his . A. It. Is h in Quot a it a 1 a 5. A t i i Airey was a a i ii is. Lie built tiie lied liver >1 v 1 a ters Licet est i red when i a l t it 1 il.aus. v a Kkt. Aprii1 0�?noon.�?stocks. 1802 c n i in io.1, is Eli t Exchange 10 a Lida i Iju a. A Lour l Lac. Better supernal .-fior., ii o. V.\\. I 7n. Ron. April d. A a Secretary of s ii Minitte i to president Eorres-,na Grant mud , Rel aran removals. A i. Tiie Salt Indore Sti a says general it in removal of governor. T Aorta in of Texas. Her dim a agrees a i i a. And suggests removal of i a of . . In Jily, doubts a enemy so a i a. R to r Hove governors. Lie thinks i Aust be by Congress or after t a. I to g h Section. i a Mai april 0.�?All buildings. On we Willin Aro buvnt1. A a in �1 to april ti.� Germania arrived. N a 01 tiie great Eastern. I a is o in e a e w , i i i ii Southern Niixel to time in 1 .jo/..1 Ute extra Al t 10��� 17 of wheat a i d i--.,urn Active and adv Meed a Westera mixed of in l Rovi on Dull. pm a Pii to. T Iro -.-ries1 naval st u. S Nanchang d. L Reig its Cotton to Liverpool by sail 1. Stocks excited a nid a Shade lower of o2. Coupons la i of111, Hij lo-ts�?~.is 7-i� is. A a Ilse Eilt is Salmi rest Lull ii Virginia is. 71, � a in eni Lessee is Issue lib i Latip a 7 p a . Gold 1 a a. A -1 White Sipiala from Jacksonville fir n a York was abandon d at a. A. Lit Oum tins april re. A Cotton sales e-., a Lull and i Asier. Low in tiling its for week 7� Bales against to. S7 i hah Kex ports 1 a 710 Bales. Stock on hand 177, Bales sugar and Nischan g d. Fleur steady and than Suji Artinr re i jed j . I iii soit a i �z>0. Oats Ettive adv in in 2 <--2ic. Pork Dull und de Pressi a. In id at2 �1� lard Active and 2 1.1 it old 1. Steing a a a i iv. York sight i Leini Uin. N April 5. In Ltd Levasse report i at . Midison . t it 1 o.s-, april a. passed calling on Secretary of Interior tor of Niia Uon whether l. P. Legy. Late Contini i Stoier of Iti iian allans is in that a , i Nhat Are his cities and com-1 a j. Und by whom in Joyed. Samn. R Intro Lee d a s Nii Ilion expelling ,�?T c�i.gtiig him with on la in i state of intoxication const.tera-1 Ion a Oil. D ii ii to 1 a i e Sessi . Ali i Ltd Are i okie a tidied void iii Ely six a Ajili nations ii in ii Xii ederal Leavai offie Eis on i i e for Pai Don ree its of cil Stotis for feel ending a a both to Netzly a a . Senate confirmed Lovell. _11. Lions a succeeds la Rig. Jet ral Ose Crati. Senator Wilson will soon return from Virginia. The k Vetrue receipts to Day nearly halt a mini it in d liar. The it an a session was cry Short a Tei a i est a ii Hiis in ass. A tip in pub can gain in to e recent Liode Island do Tiomi is . Tin be a in a i in Elvo Nomine n i p j i a a n t s for tote o. Agric Liquie. \ Ery a Luau Ile material Cap Ureil in Western n. Y. And brought Here including a lathe imported tit Cost of eight in thousand dollars. Shaik Eyhild w Alkern a Bill of complaint in Beidl of Mississippi is regarded As a masterly document. It covers Lour columns. W a siting Ion april a confirmed As minister i to Chaguay Alexander Asboth of missis sippy naval storekeeper at Norfolk a i. 1> . Postmasters iii Laird parratt \ a a ��s1-ii�v, a ii a ,-i/�/ a j�uau6uil<r�mck- 1 son miss. S. I. Trivitt Chii Reston C. Injected Samuel i. Jones marshal Western �i2f jki21e1d� Noonis finances in i a of a april a. a i through tiie Day but been to Fui tier decline. Sales Fidilio i. C.-, april in a jed. I mmrch�?4�?noon.�?Cotton very a tending to Wissard Siili Sesti Irbite i at t to a a t>ule�., middling a Pia lids lit-.12. It. Leans did. La read stuffs Ipi Iet Corn Iriner. Slig dimly advanced. Common Kos i Enid. Higher and line l id. Lump utin.-, 37s. A 1. Laid advanced a id. a april a. since no a declined a d. Middling Uplands 12.,. Other articles unchanged. 11 l Mion april advices from Cape Cit Good Lope Congimi or. Livingston a death. in cot there i advices unfavorable., t a a. A s april a. -1 Laid a Tascano from Liv Poi to Charleston reported abandoned l t s a Ald t Hele. Al a -,.in i i ii april a. Steamship North american touched , North German parliament iii adjourn a a a loth inst. The Iov Rubint is about to raise a loan of thirty million thales. A m on april a a a closed a at1 Bonds 70 Illinois it ventral veg l h in a ,n\r.r.iiit, april a. Lionis. . Api in a. Ii Unis i a a april a. Tiie desperate rebel r.eto v c in Light near City in Lier Mcclune proves to Beof . I. A Proi Nitu it fenian agitator Fornier a by r iii. In United states service. Foo. April or. H. Dense More a from Callao for Lamburg Plit into. Shields a a diag a by a collision with an unknown ves Sel. Denmark arrived. L a. April to i. I a. Is i. Lavt to in Eoin a april 0.�?Cotton Dull and declined sales 7, Floo Bales. Middling lip lands 12.<1. Orleans to i. Virea Stulls i net. Conion Eliosin is. Lid. It uie l is. Tainow is cd. Turpentine �17s. Cut to. ,-. It. A .11 if a a Trina n m iii Chi a a Chicago Dis Pulch says. A wonderful Case has just come to Heie. I of a wealthy retired new Lar f in Vrca in iii is one a it Iio Quot a a Ilfe pay no or a a Ith to la tint Morriw Liim a no Al she passin Winter of lm.5 Liti i i new Orleans with parents returning to him in Spring Jii la -,.sanie.jsvitj kliii�ivenlto.2\eu-_Orjeansj- pass tin recent a inter. Her husband went there suddenly in l car diary and found she had not lie in litre either that Winter or previous that she had passed previous Winter with ii Lover in st. Louis and this Winter with him Here lie came Here her but heard of it and eluded him. She used to Semi jitters to new Orleans and they w. Or Post marked there Anil forwarded to him. His letters to her were forwarded lure. Lie sent her Money she and her Lover lived on. Lie has refit red but new. York. Tiie Guy a in Are still i Viii Here husband is Abolitz Lisiy years of age. And., the 1 wite t Velita tvs Quot is new York april 4.�?it is rumoured that Tho United states Marsh in has arrested principal in.-alleged fraud of $200,000 on Navy department a year. Ago. A it i reported that Spanish insurrection st general prion rth ii Goti ated Atit iii of 20 i jq0 francs with ail american banker. The chamber of Commerce to Day adopted resolutions in favor of a continuance of Secretary of treats airy s system of Eon a treat both. A Gen. I Sutterield Lias issued orders in compliance with instructions from Washington whereby disabled soldiers suited for duty in Veteran lie serve corps Cali be enlisted at any recruiting station in. United states. We Asi Iino on april . Statement of Public debt debt bearing Coin interest a a .�?��7 i,s ,7�0 i natured debt not presented for payment. S-12.2so.i of a 2 debt hearing no . A a .i7-22o no a a total 2.fif� i,-7i u74 p s amount in tiie Treasury coins ,Ioli. L77 ��2 a Cui fancy s.iho2s,s2i�?T 52 total Sti .2h.>quot i0i 71. Amount of ii est less Cash in Treasury,o2 i i2h. J70 44. ios april i. A internal Revenue receipts to Niay. I s.oii.272. Chick just is Ai Asenia prepared tiit7_wlit&Quot soon Issue a circular declaring for registers in bankruptcy. Luiei Imons a april 4.�?geo w. Pandolph l Confederate Secretary of Ayar. Died yesterday. ,. An explosion occurred in. The Cloyer Shi a Coal pits in Sterfield county yesterday killing Twenty live White and fifty coloured Miner. The a lit is iii Irving to Day. But a halts have been closed to extinguish lire. Twenty of bodies cannot he a eco Vereil. Savannah. G.\., april 4.�?tin Case of Murry to i of of new York again st Mcintyre a co lottery managers in Augusta. Ga., was to Chiy. The court granted an injunction against Mcintyre stopping drafts of lotteries in state. Was Simiton april 4� Case of Steamer win. In Giey and her cargo a captured in la iii condemned and sold in new in , and Money some �?218,00. Paid into i registry of customs was before Theus r Niebour to Day. This Case comes by Appeal from Eastern District of Louisiana by Joshua Bragdon of new Albany Indiana. The vessel and cargo at beginning of War belonged a to to co., of which firm Bragdon was i member owning one sixth. Lie remained Lokaj and his property in Mobile was co nits cataud. The of firm remained in Mobile and ran. Vessel and cargo through blockade. She was captured near Havana. Henry Crawford of Indiana argued Case for 1. Cox tor other parties and tiie assistant attorney gone for. Government. The will be submitted tomorrow. Sen Orleans in zip racial. W april 4.�?Gen. Sheridan Lias telegraphed . Grant that there is a lie Cassity for making further removals of Ollie gals in his District in order to successfully out. Reconstruction program my but sex in cases a disinclination to proceed without orders. Gen. Grant showed communication to president who referred it to attorney general Stanberry. The general gave it As his oleic in opinion that Gen. Sheridan had no Zutl Jority whatever to make removals Blit that sixth Section of that authority to Pavani it Niit if Koiv Ity of Tuu i it i i Ilist to of. In this opinion president appeared to Quot concur and subsequently held an interview with Secretary Tauton. Al Erward Secretary Stanton Coil erred with general Grant Anil contended that general Sheridan had ample authority to make removals under first Section of act. These interviews gave Rise to a wide spread Rumor of probable removal of general Sheridan. It was even reported that president Haij asked Secretary of. Will to designate a successor. The Stanton Grant Sheridan imbroglio is great and absorbing topic of conversation Indio Liticia circles. Washington. April Rousseau was to Day continued in Senate by by majority of three for. Tin vacancy caused by resignation of general Llose Tiuis. A i has been nominated As Spe trial superintendent of tile collection of internal Revenue in Ilio granule District. Fisk who has been nominated a is collector of internal Revenue for. Third District of Louisiana is Here trying to get Bondsmen but without to Pujeh Prospect of Success lie purposes leaving Washington to Morrow for. New Orleans Hope of. Being Able to accomplish his object there. A it is suited upon. Reli Abov auth Rity that attorney general Stanbery has Given counsel for state of Mississippi to understand that he will Inlet motion for a writ of injunction against.-president for purpose of prohibiting him from enforcing military and supplementary Bills i. Tech Nail Point Jim Piui right exists of bringing suits in courts against president Lor no is a me in Olli Cial capacity. This will leave altogether out of preview ally argument on of measures. Pol i la la its sent Toimi curls. Xii Lin Comsti Ouitta. Of i Omen i i in A according to a manifesto issued for an probably by aristocratic representative of Poland number of poles sent to Siberia since january,i.-i��. Amounts to 1s. S2, among whom i i Are women and 114 priests. All were transported for pal Ficai delinquencies an t according to of Vince in jilted. Are. Sentenced. Either to forced labor i it mines colonization a i , or residence in villages or . In to these i.7 i a a soils l Anisher to step ies of a Quot . As save a Penni Melit a is removal is . Hut nearer in uie. -fuf.her-More. 12.���?~>ptrso is inc no them 21s women and Laid i. Its a or it Lily made to leave ate a it a e i ahle in i of. , Phi i 24pi were Pia i . A of army. �o1.�00 in hour est a utri to. I a a iii 1 c u 1.-ii. It cult a ii Anft. I. Ami Vil or i rent iii a tia right. 1 i iii Ltd ii Itka 1 a a l i a t�4.a. I a i or Cut in i i. I Tiow. a a a a a a a l. A. A i v a j Quot a a a a to t Ai. An it i a i it Quot i a i i in lop iii a a a �?�liu�ric.s-, ii .-., Al a by list is it Vii a to i it Fri a a us j it to i �,1 thei v a j iii a a i in a Ali Quot i ii y or it j a it in i saw in risk a i i e a juju \ Lov a a a 1. I. So. Las fur. Iii him f. To a i. T. Of h re Iak in As an important of a no Road Scisci a. J recruits. In iii Drin a a ii faulty am ii is Iuie Ria Iier i i. I Xii. S. a i that text of he ii r u of lsi.7 is at length 1 iel01�?~e l Quot. The ters of or Olvil hesitated As Ion Asp its a i. To e ii i it themselves to airy plan o lie Forni but Pat a h Quot ise of commons has its limits and time lad at last come when Honor of Parham it demanded production of a be sch Nie. A Bill has Aee Ord iii by be a ii. I to House. Not ind de. That this can i looked upon . If. We v,.-re Eop ii. To regard it As. O ministry we should despair of any s., Lee form quit Tion in present yer. previous experience of tiie session not to of language of Chancellor of exchequer yesterday pattern iou wins to not to be discouraged. The Bill which Las Heen Laid upon table is a forma sketch of a Complete Meas ii some of its h adding features have been already repudiated by All sections of House it c in t he deemed anything More. The question Lor of week is therefore., not whether measure propounded Call be �.crept-. As a whole but v. Bother it is capable of such Ibar Dpi Ationo by omitting provisions , and inserting others elsewhere a to or a it list a i s tis factory solution o a i pr.djen which of commons Tseh jus take in h a. We have Belor us As we have said nothing but sketch of a measure which must undergo great Auer sons to make it a acceptable either to parliament or nation and where so Nitich is open to debate we look Forward wih in Ich to result. Vul fight on make Island. Soi Tiv pass april 3, 0 i. Clear an i a barometer a 25. Arrived Down ship a Sedita. Bark a Oronoco and Steamer j. Davis went to sea at 4 30 p. M. Went up in .v prig Essex Steamer Americus bark an ire a and Brig j. Ii. Kennedy. The latter vessel h is lost her Mast a her Yards it ii. W.�?T, Aud main to Quot Mast. At. -t-ii-t,-.-.?�?ti.n-ihsast.-. I was Oulen with a Leavy sea. A Quot a we a earn that an a a Propri Atbin of Al so,000 i is. B i made to build a i new Lighthouse at Southwest pass. I will be phoned on st in u Island Ami Vii t be its feet in height built of Iron not unlike that at Cape . It will be b riot t of or. Ronzano. The old Tower Here will be left to. Serve As a landmark. Capt Green started tor City last . . Uasi i v vi.ist loins Irr v Rit onh or hedis-a-Jresalde duty of exposing Rasca Lity of another renegade preacher is again imposed Oil us As a i Liti st. 11 v. To. Petty who resided in this county string Prairie about twelve i ivies to r. City and who been la Ely holding a a it Viv me , we learn Many converts were made and who were to be baptized next Sabiu Ith. Wovid All things Hail gone along . Hut or. Wednesday last kev.v-. 1 pastor by string Prairie to kit into his head to run Oil with one of t a a a a .��-.nils�?�. 3-irs. Freeman a Man a Sister�vno left Ltd ibid her Hult let Aud Ami Thi e . The item. Petty i a id a Wile also ili1.1 Lve Chndr, i o ii he Bias Jet in. Destitute last Theja Rineh came to i this cite in com Nav wit i git Day a a iii tits. And soon posed of . T a Estir ii. 1 this. On Tho 0th inst., senator Harlan of Iowa introduced n Bill in United state was rend twice and referred to Obj committee on Pacific. Railroad object of Bill is said a to Aii f provide for Tho construction of a \ National military and freight railway from Mississippi River to certain ports in Allan tic and for other a lie first Seo. Tion enumerates ii Multi inde of corp orators. 6 second Section snark ii proposed. A line of route to to a from some Fea. Sible Point on Mississippi River in a a state of Illinois through states of Illinois., Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania and now York to or near City of Syracuse in state it of new l Tom this Point a Southern Fork is to pass through Wirig Launton Aud thence southeasterly to River 4 Vui be it Agibin. Forks i amp a line running to j Philadelphia Anil other through new Jex sey to a Point opposite now York. Tho Eisl it. Or i 1 Ork leaves Syracuse crosses Hudson a Ai Trojar i Bariy Brul Ichino Givi i cd tar a a crossing River one Branch running Downto new York and other going straight Poston. A third Branch from Syracuse. A i j Oswego s _ a a a to la a a pfc posed it ii was is to differ from e cd a. Listing lines in this that i Oprie fors Arff a. To furnish Road bed a double track and Quot a station facilities Only fhe a carrying which is to be for freight and mails Only except when men in United slates service Are to to 1 conveyed being done by individuals not connected with thetoad Railroad is in fact to be on same principle As a canal Ott. Which every person is at Liberty to run his conveyance on payment of certain tolls fixed by company or by Congress and no trains Are to be run at a fixed rate of. Speed Iid according i o rules to be established. The United states is at a times to have free transmission of men and materials Over Road. The amount of capital Stock is Noi fixed,.but shares tire a a la to one Hundred do Lars each Gold valuation. So far Tho rights and duties of company now for other features of Bill. Section six provides that United states any state and any county or incorporated City when properly authorized by Stato in which it is situated shall be allowed to take Stock in Road to aggregate of. About three fourths of entire Stock of. Payment of full Price of Tho shares Laken. An. Gold Oil its caul Viilet. Ail lhe.jt0ui.pany. Is. Authorized co receive a any donations in land or other property which May be in ado by. United states a Ite. The United states also Grants right of Way Over Public lands of United slates with such other lands As May to necessary for.purposes of a Road and gives Tho right to enter on any private property subject to it payment damages. / Section Tei Grants Tho Power to Purchase. The Road bed Aud stationary appurtenances of any other railway on its line of route or to consolidate with same. Section fifteen provides for appointment of a commissioner for Lino by Tho president with concurrence of Senate a whose salary shall lie fixed by Law Aud paid out of Treasury of United Tho following is sixteenth Section of Bill. Sec. 1g. That in order to avoid perplexity Aud injustice property of company hereby incorporated shall not to subject to state county or municipal taxation but United states shall have Power to Levy a tax in Gross on incline of said company and which when so levied shall to paid into Treasury of United states at Olace of a inc assistant treasurer in tins City of Neyr _ a York or such other place As May be designated by Secretary of Treasury of United states. The sax Antonio and mexican Gulf As do and Austin k.ullioai�?sotue weeks ago we Quot announced that a number of English capitalists,.represented by George , esq., of Loudon had contracted for building of a portion of sail Antonio and mexican Gulf Railroad. Yesterday we had please ire of it visit from or. Warner. Taking As we to so Strong Ati interest in development of vast resources of our Sis ter state we were especially gratified to hear of brightening prospects of those two important lilies of railway projected irom Matagorda Bay to Tho Interior a a according to a contract Section of a Olio san Antonio Aud mexican Gulf a Railroad Between Lavaca and Victoria is to be rebuilt acid thence extended to Cuero Dewitt county thirty mile.1, further direction of san Antonio. Tho work which is Tikoo alter substantial English fashion year and Fin it of Eypper from Santa i Osa mines Arizona territory passed through this City iii la i a plays ago in route to coast it will be shipped to new a irk by Steamer lot weighed sixteen thousand pounds. And came entire Distalee Over a one thousand Miles in carts at a Rosl if Only a Sivji cent i re Pou Iid i oif he Init is to Ihen coast. The. Re is a Sample of Copper tit tiie Quot House of Lui Odius it.co., of coir Nerce san it. The Trade would be a Large acquisition to san. Jito Hilf he Tai Rrita was completed to a coast and miners were protected against indians. The Mineral resources of Arizona Are inexhaustible and product must find an outlet this direction for reason that grass f Plains will support cattle t Tho year round whereas Santa Perouto to so will Only support to it kind of trans portion a Small portion of Antonio exit Quot i 1.has. Rates 2d Nate of Brig Itan Dolph wus loss by falling off of tiie gird Arm a March 2i>, in Longitude 74. Cit i later in tiie Day ?.irs. Petty arrived in h a i Awty a to Emir. 1 of a Host and and t to i ices of Lavy were out Hunting Hill a we l esd y tight. Early yesterday it was a icel Aiu ii that he acid mls l Remeau had gone off together cd to e Steamer suck a slat.-. This Lvii. Like Lis apostate Broth r. Pah Tiger. Is a. A a a tin member of Paity. And it a cited democrats to be Hari who refused to vote i. Lla Lii in ticket lid to ick>.0�?~.vle, Lei his ,., g Nati in As Piure g a a Pel. Our is not Guiliei it at this time to enable us to give a full history of tin Scase of Rasca Lity. V. A a by. Be Nigist be hitter Days anti among Quot a a Nirei Zelier �?T.1a to g r to i ire it events Imp end. Their Pris to great to a a was Sti of word. Or i be or labor in a controversy that is worse useless if absolutely Erin ii Utah country must be righted and har oni de. A id there is a place and work for every patrol. Let growl is and Snar lers Pur. Sue their groveling Louise. Nunno Iceil by earliest and thoughtful who wish their country Well. For ourselves we have Only to say that when a courteous amp logical argument is made against. Our position we will Quot answer in same Fruytier but our space Aud time Aro too. Precious just now. To be worse than wasted on puerile attacks of those lilliputian scribblers who seek notoriety at . Is to lie begun by july of this is hed by april 1, 18g8. m also court acted Willit of India Iola and Austin a Railroad for building of then Road from Indianola to Tho Juu Cloit with A. And m. G. Load. This Section we learn is to be completed by next november. The contrib tors have abundant Means and Tho manner in which they have Aliende goo to work leave no doubt . Success. Indeed so Complete and Binutu ulv a satisfactory is Tho understanding Between contractors and two companies that there is Good reason i to Hope for ultimate completion of both railroads to their i Termini. \ we congratulate Tho companies upon their brightening prospects and we Cau assure Bur a English friends that in to other part of this continent could they ii jul safer and better in vestment Lor capital thai in Texas railways especially those of Western _.1 ii a Njane Ajr 7 r�?-ivissinti?ij-Oslr-biilings�?T Quot is Quot Oai Quot cold Blue lean kiss that always makes him shiver to see. Two persons of Fem Uii a Mashen jvhpj�is.ej3 Vij Nesst a grate a Vennt More younger and More Pulpy Daze meat Quot in sum Public place and not having saw each other for Twenty four hours tha kiss Immes i it Ely alien tia Fork about weather Aud Young Nijiu that preached yesterday Atnel then tha kiss Inigue Gately and then tha Blush and Larf at what they say to each other and kiss again ii mediate in. A to Lii kind of Kissir always puts me in mind of Tew old flirts tried a aug to strike fire. Hon. Henry Sutler having declined democratic nominal in for Congress in i. Western District of Liode Island then a of Williauk Carder of Warwick has been a statute a. A. A

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