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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 3, 1867, Galveston, Texas Vav morning april 3, 1867. Noo5_ tel Enka Hhd i Fabsik Lutil in res Voitik March 28, 5-20�?Ts a motion to adjourn to Morrow at noon in til first monday in july when if there is no quorum adjourn without , passed. And j turned. �4 10- Bill to reimburse Indiana and. ,. Ohio for expenses in repelling morgans raid 10 a a r v i pissed. It goes to the president. A first f yes a others of the Bill making moneys one coloured soldiers payable through the curtail Jias Sej. Adjournment was discussed in which the judiciary committee were roughly handled for Trilling. A Sutler was denounced for breach of Confidence in gossiping about confidential evidence inadvertently communicated to him. House adopted Senate s adjourning Resolution. Adjourned. New t>5 coupons 07i , March More abundantly supplied than for some lays. Indications Lavor a continuance. At last Call Loans per cent., discount -7f�7i. Gold closed 13-1/. 131j.sterlini Exchange Terni 9 a it 9. For prime Bankers due. your March , Pelican from Charleston Harriet Lane from Havana. Brig. Leonard Perry from now York Lor Bel Mudaras abandoned at sea the 10th. Flour More Active Ulm a Shade Kiriu a. M is pork f a 20. Lard steady at l Ila 13. Cotton Dull middling 30- Fig ii uts -v4- -"52vis&Quot a a but Vrons 109,1. Gold 3 111. Virginia o s ,. A new Yoi i March 2s.arrived, Mcculoch from Charleston. Otton -Doc-liningsales�?l.-50i> to Iles at 3/e. Flour Anict and Mich no a Quot wheat Tinner. Corn Active and advanced la Mixi d Western in 11 1 21. Pork s2f 20. Lard unchanged. Whisky quiet., in ice quiet in 1 steady Carolina i c sugar Dull m Escovado 1. Coffee Init s quiet till steady spirits a it Ltd Washington March 30.Senate.a Resolution suspending tile Rule requiring a return of the nominations to the president Jit the. Close of the session passed. This Resolution retains in the hands of the Senate the recent nominations which will be considered in executive session. The Resolution for a joint ordnance committee passed. A committee to accompany Home the remains of senator Kiddle of Delaware who died yesterday was appointed. After executive session,.the Senate adjourned to july 3. Hours re the memorial of the mayor and members of the Council of Baltimore praying for it Bep Uhlean form of government was Washington March 29.the government defered to the judiciary committee labourers serenaded Hanks who introduced the or. Benton introduced a Resolution thank. Vis it , u the, general Sheri Date for the lot Tisana re Al Here is a general lightening up on account and the Resolution . To Vid nay new i l a i Quot a til. It it a l sugar i to re ii it. Inuit a a Iva need t it Lii leh firmer and o a r21 00 Juii. Ii Iun , pric 1. L /. B pork a a i a in a unchanged. . \ t it i a a a a. Or. In g til Lier a i asters w a i 1n. In i i Quot Liverpool by so am by st. A Active with downward ten it .2 coupons Lotti 0-1 107, it .5 a Ilia in in loss 11is 7-30 stirs a of 1 Quot ibid 1of a Samieh 2 l. Sabs l Ono Bah Low middling 2 i Ufi i its Vei l. No in to .11. Exports week -ip.iii.m. Stock on hand 1>5. .�0j., i 111 a b c. Molas a i h gtd 7m,�?~. La Uril a 12< i.�?T.-. Corn Uliuli. t of Quot the adjournment though the Exume Lead i Alse iii red their Point for a summer meet j ing. No one,.however, cup sets a a jul Onui. The Radical pay is applaud Sheridan s re. I. To Quot also and speak 6f them As he Reid Oval of the president s Frie us and argue from it the to sign so to ii chief fax Cutie. Wasi Iino a a Tox Marcia -2�?~ is stated that the l a Side u has in no was int ii with he commanders of District i or their appoint i its. new ii tails dispatch ays the Poce will j lie of military Blacks and Whites co. Sypnier of the 11th coloured artilery wiil be chief of police. Coir is wiil meet this a. A. At Tell of clock w. Vii is. Ros. March of Quot. Coir a has a turned. Kevi Wing his t the i a Ltd id approved the appropriation of a Hall million dollars tur the Oft lit supplemental Bui. March to. A la parcs of s very , a Linn a. 1 it x e w la in 1 Marcia 2s. Ii so i. A Iijji-,1t a arrived a 1111-d.i Jitni a y i it a ,v.o.-. Niv to?.i�rcli a a Quot a a tory and ten other Bull tin -. Sixth a a i . Natii Street v.a-. . Hie Oss tile t ill has lost. ,1 ii fee lit i. A lad a. A Unis naval a a. I a a Lay. . I. Maii i 2s a 1. Eie iii a a an in. 1 1 is Arre i up you in i . Ii a n a. A n i ii irm Marieh 2s g. 11.-ral p,. -�ovm-,.alni-Geit re Quot a i a a 7 a a a it Al. Well r j. Ete i. Mandi 2 a. This Nat ves and i i eted t of civil ii Quot a to tin a i if. A h i an Lias nominal As or to it it i it i -1�?� lilt a r a ii Ial Liosi ii Ian of r �1 iii has ordered an i i the pay of 1 . Ice clerks a cd 1 lib Alpi 1.-r. 2 per cent. Of. R. A in. 1 it it. Agents ii i. Tiniou Aii i an i a Jov V.O. cd u c n 2.�. Pc i it s ii tick iii i i e it Fino i Piil ii Aii Natii. I a i i a it. Rii Lav. S re a a a a a its to Day i 0i.ii, i go ter Ali ii so Lar Salt a hit. A j.-. coni.�?T. Taii i re a i one Hundred and ten thou and iii. Ill Jaried a steam eng Leni w you male i Quot i Quot or Kil and Dro a i o l >21 to it. 21 g a i a i v �2 a it of Lii t be. Sep a i his pal. A Lofv 7.p-six a Day 9. it. A. A Camj 1 s., i. In. in i. A Ini a of 1 the v a a. I. L.�?T. A. 1 a. L March after a Iun the a Schmau lobbed ili Neil Carsonville railrea1. s old ice of �2-,. Tracei Ovel de. N a 2.0.�? j Quot i a i Viau a my b i a a. Phillip. I -.litlitt. The a Ina Al Resu a a at f it a a Celt. Old Lai. J a la us tact. Louis Al 1 1 Tola la a e. Ext Filiti ill to a a. A a it iii i to old for Leol Al r to a. D. A ,. A. March trill a sure to Sei Conni ii a a t the to a n i j the of in by it i. A a it v in in and it d -. V to. Mar i i >o.�?-atr.v-.i. id Joure. D cd iii. New v Ai no 1. A s i is i eth join i.lo9 o. B 1 a a7-eo s ��?T1st be i is 1 the s a. I Eiraj. A i Tat -.�. Iai o. Tsvi Illey a i i s a. A i a -11 7 i ,. I i a 1 id. E or. V vhf i a ovals objected to considered. The joint Ordini Ince committee resolutions concurred on House committee by Schenck. La Ogun and list scr. ,. The Jill confirming South Carolina tax sales referred to committee on claims. The agricultural College Bill extending its operations to Nebraska. The speaker announced that Al committees were authorized to sit. During recess without formal authority from the House. A the House debated on the appropriation Bill till 12 o clock when it adjourned to 1 july. A i , March 31.mrs. Jefferson Dvis is in Baltimore ii. I it is supposed that the exe Culive session of 5t the Senate will continue two weeks longer. Many Lepie Intai Ives will remain Sci watch the appointments. Tie president s signing the acts giving a ice Brownlow ten thousand arms and accoutre-&Quot.rincnt-. And a upending the payments for Eti slaves causes comment. The chronicle contains the following paragraph a a we almost begin to believe that the pre id it disposed to let Congress alone and. Like a Good citizen to obey his superiors and to teach others to do the Lincoln Monument association has been Hon Burt Van Horn a ind Fred i Douglas managers for new Yolk Nathan and Laylor for appropriation for lighting the Street lamps of the capital failed in the House j Ile verdy Johnson places himself squarely u Quot which i Quot was ordered by the Maryland. russian american proposition creates. La in Der Blu excitement ant. Adulation among a californians and others from the far West. To 1 it is regarded As a heavy blow to the Dominion of Canada. This act tier Ilion had its origin in a Petiti it no from the legislature of Washington. In Tiea. Territory praying Llie government to secure from in Ussia such rights As will fishing vessels to visit the ports and harbours of its possessions for Mel water provisions re pair and As a sanitary Refuge for sick and disabled Lih Romeu. The memorial is dated Jan. Loth in a Jasper Blacic Burn editor of the Trotner Lou Hula i 1 Lila l. Leaves to Zorro a with an order in his pocket to publish the Laws and treaties. It is said that Thomas a. will sue Reed the piddle. Wae april 1.�? Jav. G. Taylor As sum a the duties of Indian Coin missioner . The Pii publican co Gros ional committee of Trig inked a. Let. Morgan of new Ypik i air Laan. The s i court a but Jit ticks and a business. A. Ali senatorial Conini itt c on foreign a la tons consid re the in Sian treaty be Wjt la Hoar. In. Deli ii11� tide i. Hots to cd judiciary a in it tee is in Oil Imon acid Mielit and will continue in n this week Ami to in Oiin to May. Ii. I. Lei Lefman was i a firmed As director of Thil Philadelphia mini. W -.s-Ieavr. Mulch -0.�? Vreatt with Russia Lanting the Sovei. . Of the Kussian Ani loss ssi Nili . islands to the ,1 Niti a Silt is for this Price of->7.0.mi,. This a Viii six iii almost excludes Chi. Land from the in. New , april 1.cotton Dull and declining and opened firm but fell off at close Stdes-2000 Bales at 30i n 3l7"ciosinjt at 30i. Flour closed Dull at s9 7o@12 7o. Corn Active and advanced 1 cent mixed Western is i9@sl 22. Mess pork opened heavy and improved at close�?s23 95. Lard heavy and prices unchanged. Freights heavy by steam to Liverpool and. Stocks heavy. Coupons of 62, l j9d. Gold 134b. New Yoek april 1.arrived, Saxonia. San feb Anciso a March. 30.--to-Day the japanese after visiting the fortifications sailed for new York. New Okle aks March 31.--at a full meeting of the typographical Union held to Day Quot it was unanimously resolved that the Rcd Etious of prices from seventy five to sixty cents per thousand,.clainifid Liy the ,--Ooiild not be complied with under the present High rates of living in this City. The matter is still pending. New Ohle Ank april 1.cotton.sales, of Jook Active and firmer. Low middling 28 i 29c. A receipts 4574 Bales. Exports 5g1 Haies. Sugar and molasses Dull and unchanged. Flour superfine and higher grades scarce and in request lower grades plenty and Dull superfine sl2 35 7. S12 50. Corn in demand for Good and sound there is an Advance of . Perk Active and advanced 50c. Lard Active and advanced in. Gold 131.-. Sterling 14501101. New York sight l l /. Premium new York april 1.arrived, Albemarle from i Richmond. A. The Panama Star of the-23d says the Steamer i. Ii Cuyler detained at new York under sushi icon and departed thence under the auspices of the columbian government with a Crew of confederates has sailed for j Jamaica with six torpedo boats. The sushi j a Cion that this is a chilian private a is Well t founded. She will deprecate Spanish com Merce off Porto Kico and Cuba it is thought j that the Columb Tiu minister at Washington j was bamboozled by Chili. Tie Crent movement of troops Tiv nerds inc con 1 a Washington letter dated the 10th last. Says the statement that nine car. Loads of troop passed up the Hudson River a Railroad yesterday in route for Oswego n. Y Lias created considerable sensation among the their sympathizers Here. Speculation is n i As to what information could have to Alica the government to cause such it commotion among the military. Rumours were it float than intelligence had been received by uie Gnu Ern Cut Itiat another formidable fou inn was about to be made into Canad and the fact that general Grant had gone to new Yor on monday last and is still there seemed lend confirmation to the report. Diligent the pts Casion of t a Nuu Siil movement of troops however Rolt the Story of tel its. Startling be i is in tin explanations Given by the be. Hority he disclose that the troops going North i number of recruits from Harts Island Kef y Ork on their Way to join their several c a. Mands stationed in Northern new Yor it a to Ether with two companies dispatched in relieve other companies which Are ordered to rejoin the regiments to which they Bolo ii no intelligence of an unusual character has been received Here in reference to meditated fenian demonstrations on the Canada Border and general Grants presence in new York ii. Accounted for by the statement that he is. There to Bis associate trustees of to. Peabody Trust fund for the education of a a Southern youth. There was a Rumor Hene. Too Tomt the Canadian authorities had do handed vigilance on Tho part of the president in suppressing any new fenian it raids but i believe it is All a Mere fabrication. A Cincin nut commercial fells the following ,0 which is All news in this Section i a curious Story comes up the River to us from Louisville which goes to after or chilian Privateer. The difficulties Bette ii the columbian president and Congress continue a has been suppressed. I ii other Liep Blics Are tranquil though a j recognized her is the notorious Steamer meteor at Callio. A l there is some imagination among omit is expected that she will become a peruvian friends across the water. It appears that some Days ago a Well dressed lady with a Little child Eanie to that City and Al Cue of the first class hotels. At the dinner tajik she sat Down by the Side of another lady who s a a person of lady european truce is improbable nor has Ifo. 2 was High Quot indignant and reported lady Seward a Washington conference proposition j no. 1 to the hotel who iut been.accepted-.-. A formed the latter that she must leave. It tie Steamer Satero from Callao arrived at i Vas in vain that she offered to pay her Tina a. I he Onui Eston sails a immediately j comply strictly with the Miles of he for California. J House it won a not do to have a 1 Nigger new Yoke april 1.general Sherman s lady a Boarder and she was turned Oft Quot. I Jour letter has saying that he has j comes the sequel. Both ladies a were known leave of absence for the summer and will a j to another person in the House who said no. Company his daughter to the holy land. 1 was the half sister of no. 2, ant thought new sonic april 1, Throckmort t this in Orioli us. With Lulu lied without Aliv o u i Quot dal he 29, Koc Laud. Lov i a. Lie Ert a a Fri Quot a i a March 29.i Quot 11 a r. A a a ii. I 1 Ven the a t Quot i heal r and 1 i de j n a a i h probably t to third a a. us i. Vol a it an de it i r acl .1�?T m ii ii 29. Siri. For Jii sen in i in r a Pravin for i a a i a la holding Diau Bililies a clerked to Saiy Coli Iino it tee. A i solution i Testini the Ommittee. On in a Ian affairs to visit the Quot Indian territories and ordering the Secretary of War to furnish and military Protection passed. A Resolution enquiring whether Wist Vir i inia was really a state was Rete Rufid to the <7adicinry commit duo. A a re it it it Rii Uinn a a half million t Eji eve he Lecont flooded iii fevers was tabled. The Bill repairing levees was to Cen up. Bum Ner proposed a proviso that no levees be repaired in any state until it re admitted with a a quid rights elective Franchiso and free schools for All colors. Levee Bill postponed. Quot i Quot. A the -.-1. I.1. A. 1 in . Mare u ii a i. hav h ill of Foi i t a Iliae us in r a a. The e i.iii-.-. No a. I i a ii Al d in of. Oje Quot la of i of ii i. Get Quot a s Gal ale in tiie a Iti a . Lizius Marki 1 Lov so a. La Ille Coni ver la r it la. A firm wit ii an d a. I of. A Ai ii an tendency Ami to 2 to. in. In in nil tie w. Alter Only a retail 1 a �?T1 i i its a ird quiet and firm. Ltd old 13i 1 Impf 1 �o5/.ij-1c,. York new Quot loin. . R. Tor Atli a franc is Wright got if without and proceeded on her voyage. The Steamer . Arrived from new Orleans. A Flag Hai Notts. St. Lors april 1. Lindell hotel burned Torday total Bias it re a a tip a a. A a and has in Hayti Vasnji Stiros april l. Super Eine court is in j headed by Elic i son who Wero killed mid a my includes Vallab. Is a . Iii no Iov. March 30. Colonel Coughmon . A Grant t the a l. Aisha iii Bonds Lor r. P dring tie h vees will have congressional. Gri iii use a Quot of 7 a \\�o5 Voto it re arc a i red is Duiz Deli tiny stated that the san ale will of rat in the a Pius Sianii to -.iiy. I is regarded by th-.liadica-. As a tri d on tiie a it t of s Ovaid f in . Wil ii and Sumner say it i Civ a ule vote.1. Ther. Is Little doubt of k a us Scauo a conic pm action. A a .sinivoton-,.March 3 Senate concludes its extra session at no ii on monday. A Quot Havana. A Barcli 22.m.�?Txican advices say that Young Prince Iturbide in charge of in s lather is Eli route Lor new York. A revolutionary proclamation signed by Many citizens Lias been received from Spain calling of All classes to Rise to overthrow the Queen and establish a Republic. A. I. Idle Small pox has disappeared from Matan Zas a a a a. -. Sterling Exchange fell to 203 per cent on the 2d, and the same Dav advanced to ton Lias dispatched Here that Tex is will immediately reorganize under the reconstruction act. ,. J special id tie is cd . Washin into it March 29.Butler got into another snarl to Day and is evidently in no greater Ivor in Congress than lie deserves to be. He again got the Vorst of it in the opinion of those who witnessed the occurrence i his encounter on this occasion was with or. Samuel Marshall of Illinois. This Geistle Man charged Butler with the witnesses who had been brought before Tae impeachment committee and with assuming i to act As prosecuting attorney against the president in violation of every parliamentary j and Legal principle and of the most Ordinary propriety. Quot or. Marshall energetically denounced such conduct a a i Ign. A l o a the National legislature and , iii try it professes to represent a a Butler did not even attempt to. Deny Tho 1 charges. Bat with affected turned fund towards All sides of the House a would be sneer ask a if any other i member of Tho Hoich had further quest ions to ask. Was is Citrin March 2 a the president to Day signed Tho Bill Nroy id it -n-11.� a a a n ili la a Quot a it iii is in Louisiana. I fisc i has issued a an extra session of the Senate for Moi a v 11 x. I /c.-a. Yed is an applicant for the Mai whal of Slop of Louisiana. Butler was canvassing for him in the Senate yesterday. . Be ii noun uni a Quot collector of internal Revenue for the Stab mrs. It ought not to be so hard upon her the ladies Are married we under sister. Stand and both consider thei selves highly respectable. They were born on Tho Satin Plantation had the Samp father but one Bill a White Mother whih Tho Mother of the Ether was. Unfortunately yellov.-. . It does make after an How one happens to be born. / iu-pacc7of_lho Tate general Beni u session. 107,000.000 sold.1-- e new Oitis april 1.the a ton Steamer Gen. Mcclellan designed for the liberals sailed yesterday for Tampico Mexico with full batteries of artillery 10,0fti stand Small arms four tons powder a Quantity of fixed ammunition and several Liberal officers. The revolution subsided Quot another report says be Ferard was Defeated and lied to a French vessel. A. New 0iile.is8, april 1.Tho Stoner Alabama from Shreveport with 1200 ,le3 of Cotton waa burned this morning four Miles North of this City no lives lost. The boat was insured for $40,000 in st. Louis. Nov of ice iii timed a Iccil. Vam it Ixo ton Quot March 2s/-chief Justice c liase announces that lie will make no appointments of la registers in bankruptcy until court adopts Niles of practice and procedure under the new Law. Icahn applied to chief Justice Chase to insist i the Rule that a Plantation sold under the bankrupt Law proceedings May to subdivided and sheild in Small lots to suit the convenience of , possessed of Small Means. Or. Chase assured him that such a Rule would be adopted. , March 30.the Bill guaranteeing the six millions loan and levee Stock l lies Enlil Tho if ext session with Excel Lent chances of a colonel. Angamar deserves much credit for Tho Industry and ability wit la to has pressed this matter. A Gul Lector Shook of tha , Mil Revenue District at new York Lias received. An order from commissioner ii Ollins directing him to Tuke prompt measures in accordance with the provisions of Tho Law passed at the last session of Tho Congress a for Tho face by seizure of Auy whisky that Inay a. Offered for Sale at a less Price than Tho amount of the tax to lat being by Law considered As Prima Facia evidence that Tho tax has not been paid. Beco Aspesi g Mannini ,�? a Bill is before the a a legislature of Louisiana to License gambling houses to Price of Lic Eniseto be $10-j 0 i per an ilium. The Bill is Nevei in respects. It a refine Iris each gambling Root. I Yijae ii the ground Lipor fronting on a Gnu of lie Pioron Glare with one or More Large windows to Tho room it of that passers by nitty see All that is going on in the room where t Jve ambling a done. It is claimed tha in ties room Wilho open to the. Inspection of the police at nil hours to i a a a a thanks hankers ind others who have . To who have sons ind to wives also. Inc first National Bank of Hudson. N. Y. Iii resumed , tuesday i Avnir Bobert j so tip avd. A Genteman who Conj a. Ike i highest coi licence in Unai Icid and e circles., has been Rte Quot -ii-l-iy--tinriteianiftn&Quot cashier. Hasbro tick. J a until so i a runs As to Imi air the pc it ions of the Bank. J some Kafir Suurs innit iii the a Pope i Bee recently i published. By Tho. Tribne Oberlin that journal was cited before the in Runals by the Public prosecutor but in c sequence of tilt a 1�?Toiiiiiiciat Quot government incl referring my 54v--was . A a. A. A a sleep Tiby a youth who Cloron in . , lie onco kissed a girl, to Sweet that he had to drink a langur Tiu a Ltd Quot a i apples for two weeks afterwards i a. A it himself from turn iii to loaf Nai Ion girl would t Shalm Tizie Gloriod ending for a hive of Boos. Or. I. I. has bought the ground Lorie Ray occur died by Tho Confederate my t uie i a aau rolling Mills at Selma Ala Bain fir i ,210. He will to tag uses Lor which it is singularly Well ii Rcv the Eastern question is becoming comic bated. Dispatches have been Ivoin the South which indicate that a rising of the i ?ti5i-4boilt wo500.000 letters posse a through Thi Chicago Postof lice last year and the receipt 00 st Filce few p0slaoe mounted to of the Chicago 111. Times says that Tjwie in an increased said Yards of to it i Aix a juk63. Lionie lbs else Haver been lib iii this season than in any single year before. A amp two Sid wheel steamers and several prope Ileri. A cat which had been bitten by a mad do Quot was killed in Detroit a few Days since arts exhibiting marked symptoms of hydrophobia a Kentucky paper says Lexington has a a population of 9,000 persons with Al Over b0ul8.�?� Ixion. Receive

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