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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 25, 1867, Galveston, Texas Y _ v a Cay sem Weekity a vow la a Al a Vixo yol. V. Galveston. Wednesday morning september. 25, 1867. No. 48. telegraphic to a of associated press diepatclics.1new Yoke sept. 19�?government securities in t Otter demand prices rallied firm at the lowest Points of the Day. There were panic feelings in stocks throughout tie Day and prospects of a continued Deoline till Erie sold Down to 36i. Memphis sept. 19.�? a negro named John ethling has beep arrested on his own confession of being the murderer of or. Ramsay of Raleigh a Short time since. St. Louis sept. 19.�?the republicans correspondent with the Indian commissioners writing from Omaha says an officer who has just arrived after traversing the country from big Horn River estimates the hostile i amp lians of the North at Twenty two thousand most of whom Aro under the Sway of Rod Cloud. Several hostile tribes Are now concentrated about Rose Boule on the Northern slope of the Rocky mountains near fort Phil. Kearney and fort Smith. Red Cloud is reported by Iron Shell to have said \ a we do not want peace because when to Are at peace we Are poor now we Are Rich a Large numbers of indians congregated at fort Rice to meet the peace commissioners on their trip up Tho Missouri River and were greatly disappointed when they Learned that the commissioners Ware obliged to turnback. I a letter from fort Larne a gives an account of a Council Between colonels Murphy Butterfield Winton of and Antobe head chief of Tho Kiwas of the tenth. Antobe professed the greatest Friendship for the Whites Quot and promised to Send runners to the different South tribes calling them to Council with the peace commissioners in october. Medicine Lodge Creek was the Point determined As the place for Tho grand Council to be held with the peace 1toi . 20.�?Cotton quiet at 21� 25c. Stocks excited and Panicky. Money 7. Gold l-13o. Sterling 109t�110j. �?Tg2 coupons 111s. New , sept. 20.�?Tho Hudson River a steamboats Dean Richmond and Vanderbilt collided near ito Undot at 1 of clock this morning. The Richmond sunk in an hour. Tho Vanderbilt is a Little injured but no lives Are tii Platte via , sept. 19.�?Tho commission held a Council with spotted Tail Turkey log and other chiefs to Day. The5 Indian ultimatum is the withdrawal of the troop is Frorup powder River country the abandonment of Smokey Hill Pacific Railroad they als Demaud gun ammunition and the presents. Tho commission will reply to Morrow. War seems inevitable now. Coli thus Ohio sept. 20.�?thirteen guns Wero fired of general Sheridan a arrival last night and left eastward this morning. New Yoke Sopor 20. A arrived the Arizona from Aspinwall. Boston sept. 20.�?arrived, the Ontario from Liverpool with 260 passengers. Washington sept. 20, and Sickles Aro Here. Hancock loaves in a few Days for st. Louis. Cabinet meeting lasted two hours. Grant absent. Revenue receipts two Hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Brevet lieutenant colonel c. A. Reynolds quartermaster is assigned duty at Mobile. A chaos has gone to Ohio. Or. Luko Blackburn left Canada for new Orleans under amnesty. Tho Bureau of Indian affairs has received nothing confirmatory of the extraordinary demands of the indians in North Platte. Washington sept. 20.�?a National Council of american mechanics assembles today. Baltimore sept. 20.�? generals Hancock Sheridan and Sickles dined together a their presence creates Little sensation. A. T. Stewart is dead left seventy million of dollars. Governor Fenton has had a prolonged interview with Grant. Panama sept. 12.�?a. A. I Urton late min ister to Columbia denies negotiating for the annexation of Tho. Isthmus to the United states. A a two ame Ricnins have been killed and one badly wounded in View from South America. Savannah ga., sept. 20.�?colonel e. Buck and an overseer ill. Lancaster of Camp Pinckney Charleston county Georgia Quot had a difficulty with Tho negroes working on Tho place which resulted in the shooting of a negro in the thigh. Next Day sunday two armed negroes went to the House to demand satisfaction of Lancaster. Several shots Wero a changed one negro killed and Tho other wounded. Or. Lancaster Quot Ivas badly wounded and his horse killed. Lancaster and or. No Gussen left 011 monday for st. Marys an armed band of thirty negroes seized them. Jet no gasses escaped by swimming the River while Lancaster was left m Tho hands of Tho negroes who it is feared has been killed by them. Richmond sept. 20.�?another negro today sued Tho Richmond Fredericksburg amp Potomac Railroad for non admittance into a ?la8�_catjajp��?zft. First Claity chased at new York. The company is determined to stand suit As a test question Lor railroads South. General Mulford enters on his duties As Revenue collector Here oct. 1st. New York sept. 20.�?Cotton Dull and declining sales 700 Bales chiefly nt24ic. Flour Dull and declining state $8 2o full Southern Hendy common to choir new $10 25@13 75. Wheat Dull and lower Amber state�?o$2 50. Mixed Cornsi 2-101 �?~20. Oats declining Ohio 71i @72c.pork heavy at $21 20. Lard steady at 13,�14j?o. Whisky quiet. Groceries Dull. Naval stores Dull. Rosin $4 80. Freights quiet. Stocks Active but lower Sinfo Call. Money 7. Gold 1-Liiy. New Orleans sept. 20.�?Cotton sales 150 Baks Dull and unsettled Low middling 21j nominal receipts for Tho week 1771 exports 493, Stock 17,018. Flour steady and firm of Porfino $9 00 double extra $10 12i, Corn scarce advanced 5c, White mixed is 20 Whito $1 30. Oats held at 80c>, Bales it 75u. Pork Dull holders ask $27 25. Bacon steady and firm shoulders 10c Clear sides 19.2. Sugar cured hams 214, jobbing rates. Lard quiet and firm Primo pierces 14. Gold 113i�lii, Sterling 15c@158i. New York sight i per cent Premium. New Orleans sept. 20, Blower has issued an order similar to that of general Cauby u regarding confederates self exiled since returned and Udo subject to parole. Interments of Enow Lover up to 6 of clock this morning 66. New Yoke sept. 20.�?reports have reached Here of there being trouble in the Stonington Bank Connecticut. The cashier is Sid Tobe missing. The Arizona brought one million three Hundred and fifty Ona thousand dollars. New Yoke sept 20.�?money very Active 7 on Call. Gold closed to Day steady at previous quotations. Foreign Exchange firm but very quiet at 9i@9. A general improvement of railway stocks at the close. Governments Dull. Arrived Steamer Corsica from Nassau 10th. Chattanooga Tenn sept. 20.�?the Crutchfield House was totally destroyed by fire at six o clock to night. The fire was caused by the breaking Ofa number of kerosene lamps in the _ Oil room which a waiter was carrying. Tho flames caught the Oil in barrels and flashed up spreading All Over the House in ten minutes. There was Little property saved except from the lower stores. A the fire originated in the wooden addition end ascended catching the upper Story of the Brick part. There were several narrow escapes but no lives lost. No water being near and no engine in town water had to be applied through five Hundred a Yards of Hose from the fire engine in the machine shops of n. It pc c. R. A. But too late to Check the fire. Other houses near were Damn aged by Sparks but not seriously. Loss $150,000 dollars. Insured for $15,000 in the Jetna of Hartford Home insurance company of new Haven and other companies. The Walls Are nearly All Down. Raleigh sept. 20.�?the Register edited by Dan a Goodloe Tho recognized Organ of the Republic an party of this state denounces the recent Radical convention in bitter scathing terms and excommunicated Holden and coadjutor. The party is certainly hopelessly divided. Constitutional Union men hold an i mouse mass meeting next Friday 27th. All the most influential prominent citizens signed the Call. New York sept. 20.�?australian news to August 1st, has been received via Panama. A suitable reception will be Given to Prince Alfred. The country districts Aro recovering from the effects of late hoods. Two pilots and five of their Crow were drowned in an attempt to Board a ship during a Gale. General Latham the new american Consul entered on his duties at Melbourne. Heavy gales on Tho new zealand coast have done damage to the amount of ��60,000 Sterling. 1 Cincinnati sept. 20.�?in response to a message f rom the Howard association of new Orleans for assistance the chamber of Commerce donated five Hundred dollars and appointed a committee of sixteen to secure donations. New , sept. 21.�?Cotton Dull Uplands 21c. Flour. $15 25. Wheat heavy 1 to 2c. Lower. Corn 2c. Better. Oats la. Better. Pork lower $23 95024. 00. Freights quiet. Turpentine 59059ic. Rosin common $100 Good $4 12. Stocks somewhat improved. Gold 143. Sterling 9u@10q. �?T62 coupons 141. Washington . 21.�?it is urged upon Hancock at Headquarters that there is no immediate necessity for his presence in. The 5th District. The president expresses Confidence that notwithstanding appearances the elections in the South will occur simultaneously. A st. Louis sept. 21.�?Omaha dispatches confirm peace with bands mentioned. Great fears for the safety of parties of engineers on Tho Road Between fort Smith and Virginia City. Tho indians have notified contractors that the Railroad shall not to built beyond fort Hayes. Great excitement along the track and labourers Are leaving. It a a Washington sept. 21.�?the Tribune a dispatch from North Platte says peace has been declared with brutes Ogo Dalabes end Sioux indians. They receive powder and Ball. Pawnee killer left Tho Council in anger. The commissioner has left for Omaha. New , sept. 21.�?a Coal Barge sunk at pier this morning and four lives were lost. Heart s contest Sopt. 21.�?the. Cable of 1860 has been repaired and is now working Well. New Orleans sept. 21.�?Cotton sales 50 Bales Dull and irregular. Low middling ,21ic., and nominal. Receipts 224 Bales. Exports 138 Bales. Sugar Only a retail business. Molasses no Louisiana in Tho Market cub a yield at 55c. Flour no superfine in Tho Market but in request other grades quiet and very firm. Extra $9 g2i Choice $13 75. Corny Light Supply and firm yellow a $1 25 White $1 30 Oats quiet and firm risk a. Ing80e. Pork Dull and declining nominally at $27. Bacon quiet shoulders 15�16c. Clear 19j@19.3c. Larch quiet and firm pierces 14�oc. Kegs 15c. Gold 1434�144. Sterling 150 to 158$. New York sight 4 to i per cent Premium. Richmond sept. 21.�?Tho first nominations by the republicans for Tho state convention was made to Day in Hanover county being or. James late Rovento collector and Jno. B. Crenshaw a Quaker minister. Tho City politicians Aro holding meetings to Rinako nominations. All the. Names so far publicly mentioned a Marc those of Pura Oua who Havo a become residents Sinco Tho War ended. Savannah sept. 21.�?Cotton Dull and heavy sales Light. Middling 22o. Receipts g70 Bales. Arrived steamers Zodiac and san Jacinto from now York and Tonawanda from Philadelphia. Cleared Brig Bradshaw. Wilmington nc., sept. 21. A spirits turpentine weak at 5-lc. Rosin quiet at $3 24 to a Quot arrived Steamer Rebecca Clyde. New Yoke sept. 21.�?weather Clear and vory warm. A Mobile sept. 21.�?Cotton in fair Domand with sales of 200 Bales Tho Market closed with Low middling at 21c. Ono Hundred Bales were sold Yost urday after the close of Tho Market not reported. Receipts 829. Augusta Sopt. 21.�?111 Cotton Tho demand for Homo a Good sales to Day / chiefly old Cotton middling 21c. The now Cotton is daily coming in. Weather unsettle do wind and rain new Orleans sept. 21.�?interments from yellow Over to six this morning Sisty four. Tho Picayune of to Day says Tho disease is wide spread and number of cases much greater than during Tho epidemic of 1853, but owing to Milder Typo of Ali season Tho mortality is comparatively Small. Cuu Pleston sept. 21.�?Cotton Dull Anzac Tive sales 29 Bales. Quotations unchanged. Receipts 218 Bales. Sailed Steamer sea Gulf for Baltimore Manhattan and Alabama for new York and Alliance for Philadelphia. Note Tho wires North of new Orleans crossed could not close with press. New Yore sept 21.�?gold opened at 142 a. / 11 a. Market Dull and prices nominal. Quotations nominally unchanged. Low middling 23@23i. Sterling Exchange steady. Gold 143. New Yore sept. 21�?3 p. Cotton Market is Dull and heavy but holders in order to effect sales seem unwilling to make any concessions. Sales 400 Bales at 24@24j. Middling Mobile 25c. Middling Orleans 25ic.�?~ Gold 1434. New Yore sept. 21.�?money a Shade easier Call discounts 7�10. Gold 143j. Exchange Dull. New Yore sept. 22.�?the posts financial article says the loan Market is warily Active but there is less pressure. Stocks Are unsettled government securities Dull. Shipment of specie to Day $168.000. Washington sept. 22.�?the correspondence Between Orr and Sickles will be published it is quite Long. Alluding to sickle by a removal Orr says i desire to express to you the great regret which i feel personally and officially at the course taken by the president and his advisers in this matter. Sickles replies explaining his course thanking the government and argues the Case generally. General Grant has referred to Stanbery Fitz John porters application for a new trial. Tho documents cover a letter from general Pope opposing a new hearing. General Banks accompanies Romero to Mexico. New Yore sept. 22.�?arrived, steamers Bremen Iowa and City of Paris from Europe Cleopatra and Lexington from Charleston Jerry from Newbom. Washington sept. 21.�?a suggestive ques % Tion has Arisen in the City Council. The lower Board which went in on negro votes gives the collector of taxes who went in with them two percent. The upper Board where White representatives on account of holding Over have Tho majority allow one percent. A committee of conference was appointed which fixed Tho commission at one and a half. The upper Board refuses to concur. The City finances Are at a stand still. Another year will give the Black radicals Tho upper House where Tho favourites can have remunerative commissions. General Sheridan is summoned and will testify before the paymaster fraud committee. It is expected that Sheridan a testimony will throw some Light on the Lowenthal complications. army of the Republic will serenade Sickles and Sheridan on monday night. Boston sept. 21.�?the mount Hopo Iron a works on Taunton River covering three acres a Are Burnt. Loss $150,000 mostly insured. Boston sept. 22.�?the grand jury indicted e. S.1 Johnson Thos. Toll Andrew j. Houghton All of Boston for illegally removing whisky from Buffalo. San Francisco sept. 22.�?haight declined being a candidate for the Senate. The Steamer Shu Bried strained at Brooks Island has a Hole in her Bottom. Three steamers valuable freighted left for the Pacific coast to Day st. Pierre Miquelon sept. 17.�?a fire last night destroyed two Hundred houses. No lives York sept 21.�?the Steamboat Hartford with freight was burned at the depot of the Hartford and new York Steamboat company. Loss $100,000. Savannah sept. 2. Arrived Steamer general Barnes sailed Steamer Zodiac for new York. Charleston sept. 22. A accounts from Edisto Wodo Mallow and other. Islands say a that the third Brood of caterpillars have appeared and Are destroying the crop with great rapidity it is feared that the sea Island crop will be almost a total failure. Arrived Steamer London from new York sailed bark Lettie for Mantanzas Brig j. M. Jerry. San Francisco sept. 22.�?returns from All but Ono county. Haight a majority 7,021 total vote 82,000. 1 new Yore sept. 23.�?Cotton Dull at 24c.flour Quot drooping. Wheat firm. Corn la. Better. Rye quiet. Oats la. Better. Pork-$24 02 to $25 09. Lard whisky and freights quiet. Turpentine 59c. Rosin common s4 strained $4 to $4j. Wheeling . 23.�?the stables of the Adams express company with thirty horses were burned. One Man badly injured. A new Yore sept. 23.�?the heralds City of Mexico special says Maximilian a body has arrived there. Marquez was seen in the mountains making his Way to Tho coast. New Yore sept. 23. A Leonard Gilbert merchants Union express messenger missing with seventy thousand dollars. New Orleans sept. 23.�?Cotton-sales fifty Bales. Market Dull and depressed. Low middling 21 ic., nominal. Receipts 342 Bales. Tobacco quiet and firm Only Light Supply in Tho Market. Sugar and molasses nothing doing for want of Stock. Flour quiet firmand unchanged. Corn advanced 5c., owing to its Scarcity mixed $1 30 yellow and White $1 35. Oats scarce and advanced 5c. Pork very Dull at $20 75. Bacon quiet jobbing at 15ic, shoulders 19c, Clear sides 25 to 25ic. Sugar cured Hapis and lard quiet and firm Primo pierces 144c-. Kegs i04. Gold 144 to 111. Sterling 15g to 159. New York sight 4 to j Premium. New Orleans sept. 23.�?according to Tho republicans figures the whole number of deaths by yellow fever from the commencement of Tho epidemic to saturday Tho 21st., twelve Hundred Aud fourteen. The deaths for Twenty four hours to sunday morning sixty nine and this morning 77, being Tho largest number of any two Days since the epidemic began. Quot a. Porto Rico sept. 3.�?seven, Hundred troops Ritvo arrived and two vessels ordered to st. Thomas have been detained Southern opinion is Tho title of Pollard s now. Paper in Richmond. It is thoroughly rebel but Plain spoken and sincere., it does not profess a reconciliation to the Union but admits Tho fact which it cannot deny that the cat so is a a Tho lost am h Ewe. London sept. 19.�?noon.�?consols 91i. Bonds % 13-16. Liverpool sept. 19.�?noon.�?owing to improved Trade report Cotton opened with considerable activity sales estimated at twelve thousand Bales. Quotations unchanged Uplands 9jd Orleans 93d. Manchester Sopt. 20.�? a Strong Polico Force on taking fenian Kelley and Deorsey to the depot was attacked by it mob and the prisoners rescued one policeman killed and several injured Many riotous severe injured. A Queenstown sept. 20.�?the st Amer Detroit from Shields for san Francisco put in Here Leaky. Liverpool sept. 19�?evening, the moderate activity Cotton de. A lined fully of. Sales 12,000 Bales Uplands 9d Orleans 9�d. London sept. 20�?noon.�?consols 94.5 Bonds 73. Liverpool sept. 20�?noon.�?Corn 40s. 3d. Other articles unchanged. Liverpool sep. 20�?noon.�?Cotton opens quiet Uplands 9gd Orleans 9<j. Sales 10, 000 Bales. The Bullion of the Bank of England has increased one Hundred and fifty thousands pounds. Manchestek sept. 20.�?another policeman dead. Kelly is still at , sept 20, circular spies for the week 7000 Bales exports 16,000 Bales speculation 5000 Bales Stock 837,000 Bales american 270,000. London sept. 21.�?bismarck addressed a diplomatic note regarding the Salzburg meeting. Prussia accepts the French representation to regard the conference As a pledge of a peace. He make Many allusions to the Unity of the German states which provokes comment from the Frenchi press As ignoring the treaty of Prague. Liverpool sept. 21�?2 Cotton sales exceed noon estimate 2,000. Bales. Quotations unaltered. Dublin sept. 21.�?arrests of suspected fenian emissaries continue. The latest apprehension is James Walton supposed from the United states an Dag Nutof the fenian brotherhood. To has been imprisoned and will soon be examined on the charge of treason. Berlin sept. 21.�?the North Gorman parliament has agreed to a Bill for Tho establishment of consulates. The new York appointment of representatives on the interests of the confederation will shortly be made. King William of Prussia has determined upon a tour through South Germany and will during. His journey a sit the sovereigns of Bavaria Wurtemburg and Baden. Copenhagen sept. 21.�?the european Squadron under command of Admiral Farra gut is still lying in this Harbor. A Superb entertainment was Given yesterday at the Royal Palace in Honor of the Admiral and the. American minister Hon. G. H. Yeoman by the Kings of Denmark and Greece. Speeches of Welcome to the dist pushed guests were made by both sovereigns. The King George of Greece in his remarks alluded to the action of the american Congress in reference to cretan affairs and expressed grateful acknowledgements for the sympathy shown by that body for Tho suffering christians of the Island of Crete. The greatest Friendship towards us was exhibited by All present among whom were the most noted men of the kingdom. London september 21�?evening.�?consols 94 13-16 Bonds 73�. Frankfort sept. 21.�?Bonds 764. Liverpool sept. 21 a quiet throughout Tho Day with middling Uplands at 9�d. Orleans 9gd. Sales 12,000 Bales. Bread stuff s closed firm provisions irregular lard 51s. 6d. Pork 71s. Bacon 42s. 6d. Liverpool sept. 21�?evening.�?Cotton sales 12,000 Bales closed quiet. Quotations unchanged. Florence sept. 22.�?garibaldi has issued an address. Announcing that Tho time has come to overthrow the tyranny of the Pope restore Rome to Italy and give the eternal City its ancient supremacy. A Royal proclamation was promulgated warning All italians against taking part in the movement against Rome which is denounced As a crime against the Laws of Italy and the nation. The proclamation threatens with rigorous punishment All persons who offend a London sept. 22.�?a dispatch from. Rome states the pipe has publicly denounced Tho proposed Sale of the Church lands in Italy and declared the decree of the italian gov Stern ment v Oil. London sept. 22.�?regular session of anglican Synod a a commences this week. Re posters Are to be excluded. No daily record of proceedings to be published. London sept. 23�?noon.�?consols 94 11-10 p Bonds 73i. Liverpool sept. 23.�?Cotton sales 10,000 Bales. Quotations unchanged. Others unchanged. Etna and Aleppo arrived. Liverpool sept. .23�?2 o clock p. Cotton unchanged Corn 42. My. Fessenden on Aro informed that a gentleman in this City Lias received a letter from senator Fessenden in a which occurs the following passage relative to. Tho report recently published that he had expressed himself in favor of impeachment a i have written no letter and expressed no opinion on the subject of impeachment. It will to time enough for to to express an opinion on that subject when Tho Case come before to. You Are at perfect Liberty to con tradio that report As i do not Liko to be considered As giving the lie to All i have said in Tho Sanato with regard to my dates a it Fifon Ator in such a chronicle sept. 1g. The English ritual commission. A Tho archbishop of Canterbury states that Tho ritual commission is busily occupied in debating its report. It has made considerable Progress and an Early termination of its labors May to looked for on the subject in which it was invited by the terms of Tho Royal commission to state in the first instance its conclusions. Tho first report of Tho ritualistic commissioners will soon to presented to parliament. This report will relate solely to the a a vestments question. Tho commissioners will it is expected reassemble in november next and proceed uninterruptedly with their if Quiry in order to be prepared with a second report by the reassembling of parliament. Philos opt Greeley a in the wrong an amusing incident connected with1 la it remont opening of the american Institute in a dust rial exhibition in this City is Tolci Horace Greeley. Horace who is Tho lion fanatic of the. Institute was announced to liver Tho opening address and with who amp a a Carey the poetess on his Arm walked dorm fourteenth Street towards Tho exhibitions building on the night of Tho opening in Goose season to meet his appointment. As they approached it Tho Glare from Tho Fronch theatre Calcium Light caught the philosophers his Felt hat far Back on his head As Foj declaring thata this must be the place he made for Tho door and attempted to Brash through it. A tickets sir a said Tho doorkeeper. A i done to want any tickets a replies Horace uneasily shrugging his shoulders a a in a one of Tho the doorkeeper by. Overawed admitted the couple and. Sente word to the manager of Tho theatre. There was a Groat stir in Tho crowded Honsa As Greeley entered. A every Oye was Pem him a As with innocent bewilderment is. A looked around for an escort to the few moments passed and then a Bustle no a a a Rush of Tho manager and a other officials towards their accidental guest. A delighted trait you have arrived in Good time or. Greo Loyrs said Tho polite manager bowing and scraping. A a walk this Way if you please to a private Box or. Greeley. This Way or. Greeley this Way sir a and in a Jiffy the innocent Fuce of the philosopher was observed looking cotard a Genously out of a proscenium Box at the batteries of Lorene ties levelled at pretty soon a Shadow of uneasiness seemed to dross a his county Nanco but apparently reassured i it a a whispered consultation with his fair com Rade he was observed to pull out his notes and become absorbed in deep Protection education human Progress anti the great and growing importance of the Amos v ican Institute doubtless occupied his mine 3-by turns and for a time he seemed entirely satisfied. Pretty soon soft music front a i orchestra Roso upon the air and putting Trio memoranda into his pocket Horace began to it fidget about and. Twist his shoulders and Loo amp a. Uneasy and somewhat annoyed at the of the american Institute managers. A a Whit can be the meaning of tliia.?t�?T said he. A the other officers should be by this Timo. I done to understand this delay a its very scarcely were the won amp if v out of his Mouth when the music ceased Tho a curtain Rose Aud displayed to his astounded a it. Vision not a finely arranged a Semi Circle a trus yes and managers with a table andpito&.-. Or of water and Miles of Reilly with a Yard Orv a it two of poem but in All its minute historical accuracy Tho Cabinet of Queen Elizabeth s ? prime minister with the great Cecil so at a at desk. Iti hardly necessary to Saj that or. Greeley and his companion boat in Hasty and rather cry Sif Allen Retreat amid sub. Dued laughter from an audience which Pidto a see a tragedy but was gratuitously furnish Cli with a a comedy of errors Quot As Well. But the. Greeting a soon after received Asho ascended the Rostrum in the Industrial exhibition building. philosopher Totis a a a a customer equanimity . Tho feeling r of Chagrin consequent upon his a getting into v a the wrong . Y. Herald sept. 15 Quot learn from lieutenant 1f6 who has returned from scouting duty Ali ctr. Or. Thule a German was killed by indians five Miles West of Castroville on Friday. Or. Thule two other men and a boy were travelling in an ambulance or Wagon and Wero attacked in Broad Day Light by Tho indians be a Thule was killed but none of Tho others we a injured. One of the men escaped to Castro Ville and gave the alarm lieutenant Wal a immediately started in Pursuit he form amp Caa Man and Tho boy in Possession of Tho Wagon a a they having succeeded Inke Oping Tho indians at Bay. The lieutenant then pushed com in Pursuit of the indians and gave them be Cir so a Chase that they abandoned one of thai horses being badly mounted and their press giving out the troops were compelled to Geo up. The Uliase. they had had goof i i. Horses the indians might easily Hava beor.-. Overtaken. A Well mounted cavalry stent should be kept out in that Antonio express. By. O a a a Ltd. Killing of James Mon iii a evening an altercation took place Between j James Mccauly and James finn at Trio a Cine of the government employees about ii re amp. Miles from town which terminated in Fina. A shooting Mccauly who died from the. Effected of Tho wound. Finn was arrested by Tia military and turned Over to Tho civil auth i ties. An inquest was held Over the body yesterday. Brih Tho murderer the murdered Woro new Orleans roughs hav ing gained some celebrity in the prize ring. No doubt the government is Well a id of ther.v-.,-. Antonio express. The new Rifle of the Stoit of a a a a Quot . De Dreyse has invented to a a new Rifle which throws grenades or explosive bullets and which is shortly to to tried a Span Dati. It is a Breech loader of Tho sys tem of the Needle gun and sends the a a to a great distance and with extraordinary effect. Its indirect fire against fixed covered targets is affirmed to produce most sir prising. Results. The grenade when filled a us xes try for use is perfectly Tho pocket and so delicate in its construction that once pfc leave the muzzle of Tho Rifle it will burst in through even a Sheet of paper. On exploding the fragments produce most disastrous eff ecsa scattering Over a space of five feet by Rifle is Light of Arcile aug. 14. �?w3�5g�?�? a a Cotton arc coming frock in the country parishes that planters Aro fearful Thoy will not be Able to pick what Little Cotton they May make on account of the haul a leaving their work to attend political meet Ings. The plantations Aro worked by negroes. And nine tenths of them belong to Tho Loyal 1. Leagues which have been organized in Tiiu parishes and the leagues Mako it an import. Tivo duty upon All its to moors to attend hold at Tho different Points or pay r. Fine and As a general thing As to have Beer .-., informed they have neglected and will 11cj-Lect their duties on Tho plantations to attend a Tho Call of their Orleans Pico -.--Yune. A 1 Quot a a a Gaii it is said that it is not Tho victorious Parie Crew who Aro going to pull against Tho Ware i Brothers but a Crow of amateurs. Aro. Thov. A afraid of their laurels ? a a
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