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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 11, 1867, Galveston, Texas Amp a Ami weekly 0/0 �0l. Vocal Testoni a wednesday mar neg september. 11, 1867, my 44,telegraphic. I aes oci amp ted Jacc a dispatches Charleston sept. 5.�?at noon to Day general Canby appeared at District Headquarters and formally Roli Ovid general Sickles. Fie was received with a Salute of thirteen rims. Sickles in his Farewell order Coul mends the Zeal of his subordinate officers and troops. Cali by a first order simply announces that he has assumed command names his staff and continues in Force for the present All existing orders. Sickles will sail for new York on saturday on the Steamer Manhattan. He publishes in the papers to Morrow u Long letter to general Grant in justification of his course. Washington a sept. Tribune devotes a column to an argument against the presidents Power to Issue an amnesty proclamation. New York sept. 5.�?Gold closed firm at 142. New , sept. 6.�?Gold 142j. Cotton quiet it 27c.&Quot.san Francisco sept. 5.�?haight, governor Astel Congress first District and nearly an entire democratic legislature. A delegation from san Fraucisco and Sacramento has been elected this prevents Tho ro-ele0ti6n of senator Lounez. Augusta g.v., sept. 6.�?the Atlanta new Era is officially informed that the registration in Georgia As far As Hoard from is something Over 183,0.00.-.-f new Orleans sep. G. A Cotton. Sales 150. Bales Dull and lower. Low middling 23@ 24i. Receipts for the week 1,025. Export.?. For Tho week 179. Flour Dull and unchanged superfine so 00@8 25. Corn demand limit of barely sustained mixed .�1.20, Whito 81-5. Oats Dull and unchanged. Pork higher holders ask $27 00. Bacone Tho a Market is nearly Bare and demand Good with Active jobbing Trade shoulders 15icclear sides 194c., sugar cured hams 22ac. Lard quiet. Freights quiet and Little offering Cotton by steam to new York lc., by sail to Liverpool one half Penny. Gold 14l4@142. Sterling 54 3 50. Now Quot York sight j Premium. Washington sept. 0.�?the president has recognized aus. Bellai gue do Bubas As French Consul at Charleston Baron Albert Devaux at Richmond and j. A. Quiter Robe Gan As consulate at now Orleans. A clerical error of twelve and a half millions in Tho debt statement was discovered in la Vor of the government which leaves Tho debt outstanding two thousand it live Hundred and live millions. Grant riot at Cabinet meeting to Day which continued Over two hours. General Denver received the following san Francisco sept. 5.�?California scuds u greeting to All conservative citizens at the East having elected Harry h. Haight governor by Many thousand majority following Tho footsteps of Connecticut and improving on her example. The legislature is democratic two congressmen believed elected. Signed by chairman Secretary treasurer and democratic state Central committee. Another private dispatch indicates the election of three democratic congressmen. Revenue receipts 5458,000. New Yong opt. easier at 2g�c. Sales 1000 1423. Flour irregular. State so 70@10 85 Southern $9@13. Wheat firm at g8c. Freights heavy. West sept. steamship Geo. Cromwell from new Orleans for new York broke her Shaft on Stern bearings Tho water rushed in passengers baggage and 250 Bales Cotton , Tho rest of Tho freight wet Captain Stanard Hopes to Savo Tho vessel Washington sept. Go Tho Pardon proclamation is soon to be issued. It was before Tho Cabinet to Day. The report that Tho proclamation met with considerable opposition is incorrect. There was Somo difference on minor Points but All agreed on Tho general Scopo of Tho document. Tho president proposes under Tho constitutional provision that a a Tho president shall have Power to Grant pardons and Rop Rivea for offences against the United states a to Pardon All engaged in the rebellion except four classes 1st. Foreign agents. 2d. Those now under indictment or sentence or against whom Legal proceedings have a been instituted. 3rd. Military officers above the rank of brigadier general and naval officers above Captain. 4th. Those who May appear to have been implicated in Tho assassination of president Lincoln. The dispatch of the 14th to which general Grant alludes As being withdrawn is As follows Washington August 13. To Sickles Cliar Leaton paragraph 2, general a order no. 10, current series must not to construed to Bur to action of a United states court. Tho authority conferred on District commanders does not extend in Auy respect Over Tho acts of courts of the United states. Signed s. Grant general. The above instructions were agreed upon in the Cabinet. Montreal ca., sept. Quot serious riot among the Irish at Griffin town. Great Many wounded and three supposed Tobo killed. Poughkeepsie n. Y., sept. first National Bank Hus failed. Indebtedness $200, 000�?Bank losing $70,000. Washington sept. 7.�?Tho president has directed copies of his Lato proclamation to to sent to All who have taken oath to support Tho Constitution so that Thoy May know officially what is required of them according to that document. San Francisco advices pronounce Tho entire democratic ticket elected by about Osotio majority. New Yoke sept. 7.�?arrived, Virginia Hermann Columbia and Atlantic with 2000 passengers from Europe. New York sept. 7.�?Market heavy. Money .4 @5 per cent. Sterling excl Iango 109 j@110. Gold 1428. 5208, now Issue 18 57,10i. Virginia Sixes now Issue 150. Missouri Sixes 100. Flour 10c. Better. Wheat l@2o. Bet ter. A v Corn l@2e. Better Alico quiet. Rota 1 @ 2c. Better. Pork steady sales of 250 barrels a a Ess at $2-1 85. Lard quiet. Whisky steady. Cotton quiet it 2gi-for Uplands. Frog Hub Dull. Turpentine 59. Orleans sept. 7.�?Cotton sales 175 Bales Dull a Shade easier Low middling 23i �?T@24ie rcceipt��00 Bales exports2102. Fully fair Louisiana sugar 15jc. Molasses 60o. Flour firm superfine s8@8 50. Corn Dull unchanged. Oats Dull at 70c. Pork advanced 50@75c, $27 25@ 27 g0.&Quot Baconi shoulders 15ic Clear sides 19ic. Hams unchanged. Freights unchanged. Gold 141$@.142. Sterling 154@156. New York sight k Premium. A Ashington sep. 7.�?Tho president has instructed the Heads of several exec Tivo departments to furnish Quot each person holding an appointment in their respective departments with an official copy of the proclamation of the 3d instant with directions to observe strictly its requirements for Earnest support of the Constitution und faithful execution of Laws which have been made in pursuance thereof. In consequence of a clerical error in the debt statement issued on the 4th inst., the Secretary of Treasury has determined to Issue a new and Correct statement to which will be added the condition of the Public debt on the first of september. 1865, which compared with the corrected statement to be issued will show an aggregate reduction of two Hundred and. Sixty four millions nine Hundred and six thousand two Hundred and six Dol luts and thirty eight cents. President Johnson said be is highly elated with the democratic Victory in California and predicts similar results at the elections Atlantic states. Thu latest returns there show a democratic majority in the legislature and thus cutting off a ill probability of a Republican senator to succeed Cortiez. New York sept. 7.�?Cotton Dull 800 Bales sold. Middling Uplands 2gi. Gold closed at 142 �@142$. Richmond v.v., sept. 7.�?yesterday a negro named Howe who had bought a first class car through ticket North of Washington was put Oil tin Ilic Hmoud and Potomac cars near this City having refused to ride in negro ears. He was about to sue Tho company but they to Day compromised the matter by pay in him a two Hundred dollars damages. This is the first Case South where a negro has received damages in such cases. The official registration returns have been received from Headquarters. The total vote sums vip 21g,000. The ratio of votes is eleven Whites to nine . A the whig has information that the commanding general will order the election for delegates to the convention one Hundred and tour in number Between the 10th and 15th of october. Washington sept. 7.�?the amount of fractional currency printed at Tho Treasury department during the week ending to Day was $139,000 shipments the same period were As follows to assistant Treasury new York $100,000 United states depository at Cincin Ati $50,000 Dit Toatle a Isvik a s20,000 National Banks and others $283,000. National Bank currency issued during the week 840,580 amount in actual circulation at this Date $299,-080,011 amount of fractional currency redeemed and destroyed during the week was $451, goo. Internal Revenue receipts to Day $423,172 aggregate for the fiscal year to Date $48,168,-c88. New Yoke sept. .9.�?spo�?Tfiord, Tileston �co., have received $3000 for the sufferers at Galveston. Abraham Myers Tho conservative candidate for mayor of Louisville was instantly killed yesterday by an accidental fall. Tho mechanics and trades Bank of Green Point Long Island suspended payment yesterday on account of the collapse of the Farmers and citizens National Bank of Williamsburg of which it was an off shoot and in which its deposits wore made. It is reported that a collector of internal Revenue of this City was arrested for Connivance in whisky frauds. New Yore sept. 9.�?Tho Steamer rising Star from Aspinwall arrived to Day. 5-20s, new Issue a 8j Missouri state Sikes 100$ Gold Strong 1434 Money 4@5 Virginia state Sixes new Issue 49@50. Flour 15@25c. Better Onslow grades wheat 3c.,. 3@4c. Better. Rye heavy. Oats better. Pork firmer mess $24 go. Lard 12j@14c. Cotton Dull and drooping,20c. For Uplands. Freights Dull. Turpentine 59@59�c. Rosin $4 50 for common. _ a. Albany n. Y., sept. 9.�?there was a great boat race Between Hammill and Brown this morning. Awarded to Ham Milt on foul. Washington sept. 9.�?the amount of Gold certificates in Tho Treasury is $97,633,910. Louisville sept. 9.�?governor Holm died yesterday at his residence near Elizabeth. His it i Noral will take place on tuesday just Ono week from Tho Day of his inauguration. York sept. 9.--Cotton easier 900 Bales at 2g to 2lu. Flour Active advanced 20 to 30c. Sales 18,000 barrels state $7 30 to 10 85 Southern $9 50 to 13 50. Wheat Active advanced 3 to 5c. Corn Active Large speculative inquiry. Oats advanced la. Pork new mess $2-1 75. Naval stores quiet. Freight Dull. Stocks improved but Dull. Gold 143 j. New Orleans sept. 9.�?Tho Cotton Market is suspended no sales reported prices nominal but ruling downward receipts 488 Bales. Sugar Only retail business fully Lair 15$c.�? molasses Market Bare. Flour quiet and firmer superfine $8 25@8 50. Corn Dull mixed $1 20 White and yellow $1 25. A Oats Dull at 70c. Hoy Dull and drooping prime Western s27 00. Pork in demand round lots $27 00. Bacon scarce shoulders-154@15�c Clear sides 19i@20c. Sugar cured hams 23@,24c. Gold 142$@143. Sterling 54j@5gi. New Yolk sight a per cent Premium. Total yellow fever deaths for Trio week ending yesterday 249 Doratha Fortl of 24 hours ending yesterday morning 49 deaths for Tho 24 hours ending this morning 51. New York sept. 9.�?doputy Revenue col Letor Allen of Brooklyn was arrested this morning charged with fraud. Tho Steamer rising Star with California and Panama advices to Tho 19th and 1st has arrived. Reports of an attempted revolution in favor of Masquera and its failure or amp Confin nod. General e. S. Looke Secretary of the u. S. Legation at Santiago Chile died on Tho 6th of aug. Tho resignation of Tho Vico president of Tho Argentino rope brio has Boen wondered but refused. Tho president intends to head Tho armies against Paraguay. No War nows. Cholera still raging in Homo districts of Nicaragua. A Washington july 9.�?Secretary Browning has entirely recovered from his recent illness and is again attend pig to his duties. The pmlflent�?T8 proclamation. Washington sept.j7.�?the following proclamation was issued this morning a by Tho president of the United states of America. A proclamation. Whereas in Tho month of july a. 1862, Tho two houses of Congress with extraordinary unanimity solemnly de la red that Tho War then existing was not waged on the part of the government by any spirit of oppression nor for of Conquest or sub Juga gation nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or established institutions of the states but to defend and maintain Tho supremacy of the Constitution and to preserve the Union with All the dignity Equality and rights of the several states unimpaired and that As soon As these objects should be accomplished Tho War ought to cease. And the ideas the president of the United states on the st Dav of december a. D., 18g3, Ned on the 2gtli Day of March a. D., 18g4, did with tie object of suppressing Tho then existing rebellion of inducing All persons to return to their loyalty and of restoring the authority of the United states Issize proclamation offering amnesty and Pardon to nil persons who Nad directly or indirectly participated in the then existing re Bellion except As in a these pro Claua ions was specified and reserved and whereas the president of the United states did on the 29th Day of May 1865, Issue a further proclamation with the same. Objects before mentioned and to the end that the authority of the government of the United states might be restored and that peace and order and Freedom might to established and the president did by the said last mentioned. Proclamation proclaim a and declare that he thereby Gran ted to All persons who had directly or indirectly participated in the teen existing rebellion except As therein excepted an amnesty and Pardon with restoration of All rights of property except As to slaves and except in certain cases where Legal proceedings had been instituted but upon condition that such persons should take and subscribe an oath therein prescribed which be registered for permanent preservation and whereas in and by the said last mentioned proclamation of the 29th Day of May a. D., 18g5, fourteen extensive classes of persons therein specially described were altogether excepted and excluded from the benefits thereof and whereas the president of the United states did on the 2d of april i860, Issue a proclamation declaring that the insurrection was at an end and was thenceforth to be so regarded and whereas there now exists no organized armed resistance of misguided citizens or others to the authority of the United states in Tho states of Georgia South Carolina Virginia North Carolina Tennessee Alabama Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi Florida and Texas and the Laws can be sustained and on forced therein by the proper civil authority state or Federal and the people of said states Are Well air royally disposed and have conformed or if permitted to do so will conform in their legislation to the condition of affairs growing out of the amendment to the Constitution of the United states prohibiting slavery within the. Limits and jurisdiction of the United states and whereas there no longer exists any reasonable ground to apprehend within the states which Wero involved in the late rebellion any renewal thereof or any unlawful resistance by Tho people of said states to the Constitution and Laws of the United states a cd whereas Large standing armies military occupation martial Law military tribunals and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of Hareas Corpus and the right of trial by jury Are in time of peace dangerous to Public Liberty with the. Individual eights of the citizens contrary to the Genius and spirit of eur free institutions and exhaustive of the National resources and ought not therefore to be sanctioned or. Allowed except in cases of actual necessity for repelling invasion or suppressing insurrection or rebellion and whereas a retaliatory or vindictive policy attended by unnecessary disqualifications pains penalties confiscations and disfranchisement now As always could Only hinder reconstruction among tie people and National restoration while it must seriously Embarrass obstruct and repress popular energies and National Industry and Enterprise a. And whereas for these reasons it is now deemed Essex till to the Public welfare and to the More perfect restoration of constitutional Law and order that the said last mentioned proclamation amp aforesaid issued on Tho 2,9th Day of May a. 18g5, should be modified and that the full and by no Focient Pardon con a ceded thereby should be opened und further extended to a Large number of the persons who by its aforesaid exceptions have been hitherto excluded from executive clemency. Now therefore be it known that i Andrew Johnson president of Tho United states do hereby proclaim Aud declare that the full Pardon described in Tho said proclamation of the 29th Day of May a. 18g5, shall hereafter be opened and extended to All persons who directly or indirectly participated in Tho late rebellion with the restoration of All privileges immunities and rights of property except As property with regard to slaves and except in cases of Legal proceedings under Tho Laws of Tho United states but upon the condition nevertheless that every such person who shall seek to Avail himself of this proclamation shall take and subscribe the following oath and shall Causo the same to to registered for Perma ment preservation in the Samo manner and with Tho same effect As with the oath pro scribed in the said proclamation of the 29th Day of May 18g5 namely a a i do solemnly swear or affirm in presence of almighty god that i will Honc Forth faithfully support protect and defend Tho Constitution of the United states and the Union of Tho states thereunder and that i will in like manner abide by and faithfully support All Laws and proclamations which Havo Boon made during Tho Lato rebellion with reference to the Nemuti citation of slaves so help Tho following persons and no others Are excluded from Tho benefits of this proclamation Ami of the said proclamation of Tho 29th Day of May 18g5, Viz. 1st. Tho chief or pretended chief executive officers including the president Tho vice president and airhead. Of departments of Tho pretended Confederate or rebel government and All who were agents thereof in foreign state and countries and All who held or pretended to hold in the service of the said pretended Confederate government a military rank or title of brigadier general or naval rank or title above that of Captain and All who were or pretended to be governors of states while maintaining abetting or submitting to and acquiescing in the rebellion. 2d. All persons who in any Way treated otherwise than As lawful prisoners of War any persons who in any capacity were employed or engaged in the a military or naval service of the United states. 3d. All persons who at the time they May seek to obtain the benefits of this proclamation Are actually in civil military or naval c3nfinement or custody or legally held to bail either before or after conviction and All persons who were engaged secretly or indirectly in the assassination of the late presi Dent the United states or in any plot or conspiracy in any manner therewith connected. In testimony whereof i have signed i j. These presents with my hand and s t have caused Tho Seal of Tho United la states to be thereunto affixed. Done at the City of Washington the 7th Day of september 18g7. Andrew Johnson. Wal h. Seward Secretary of state.e�k�peamkiew�. From Europe by Steamer. New York sept. 8.�?the steamers City of Baltimore and Allemania from Europe arrived with advices to the 29th, via Queenstown. The danish minister of War made a speech at a banquet Given by the danish military club at which the King and Crown Prince were present in which he declared that All his efforts had been directed towards the formation of an organized and Well equipped army in order to be in readiness when Tho moment arrived for re conquering the territory which Denmark had lost. A prussian gunboat had disembarked cretan it is reported that a marriage has been arranged Between the Crown Prince of Denmark and the Princess Royal of Sweden. Spanish official dispatches of the 27th say that thousands of insurgents in a Catalonia have taken advantage of the amnesty and bands in Arragon have been reduced to four Hundred men moving towards the Interior pursued by Loyal troops. The rest of Spain is quiet. A dispatches of the 28th state that the a Era gon insurgents had passed the Frontier and disarmed. Subscriptions to the new government loan have reached 10,000,000 drachmas. The greater portion has already been spent in the Purchase of vessels and munitions of War. Three steamers were bought in England and two other ironclads ordered. Tie expedition to Abyssinia is to consist of two regiments of the line eight regiments of infantry six regiments of Indian cavalry two. Bata Lions of the Royal artillery. The Viceroy of Egypt has been requested to furnish five thousand camels for transportation purposes. A Spanish Royal decree allows the free importation of com and flour for four months. By the Cable. London sept. 5�?evening.�?consols 94 3-13. Bonds 73g. Liverpool sept. 5�?evening.�?Cotton became Dull towards the close of the Market middling Uplands Lod Orleans 10id. London sept. 5.�?bullion increased 500, 000 pounds. A fit Ansford sept 5.�?bonds 77i. Quot London sept. prussian. Senato indicates tie acceptance of the assurances that the Salzburg conference indicates peace. The North German parliament is largely Liberal. A the French horse Ruy Blas won the Gold medal at government of Denmark officially denies offering for Bale the West indies. Liverpool sept. 6�?noon.�?Cotton became Dull last evening Uplands declined cd. A the Market opened quiet this morning Uplands Lod. Orleans 10id. Sales 10,000 halos sales for the week 70,000 Bales of which i 18,000� Bales was for Export and 2,000 Bales to speculators Stock on hand 786,000 Bales of which 303,000 Are american. Bread stuff s and provisions quiet and unchanged. London sept. 6�?noon.�?the specie in the Bank of England for the first time in fifteen years exceeds the circulation. 1 Consols 9-1 j. Berlin sept. 6.�?negotiations Are progressing for the establishment of a postal service Between Prussia and the United states similar to that with England. The grand Duke Frederick vill favor a Union of Baden with the North geman states Madrid sept. 5.�?it is ordered that vessels from All United states ports be strictly quarantined. Paris sept. 5.�?it is stated de la Huys will so hire enter the Cabinet. London sept. 6.--recent dispatches discredit Tho release of abyssinian prisoners. Preparations for the expedition for their release continue. London sept. 3 p. 94$. Bonds 73o. Liverpool sept. 6.�?Cotton unchanged Sale 10,000 Bales. London sept. Schooner yacht Jno. T. Ford from Baltimore for Paris before reported capsized at the Entrance of the English Channel was found a Day or two since on the coast of Ireland near Queenstown whither she had drifted. Valuable papers and other articles were found on Board and taken to a place of safety. A London sept. 7�? 5 p. 94$. Bonds 73b. Florence sept. 7. A a general Garibaldi while on his Way to Geneva to participate in Tho Radical peace Congress passed through this City and during his stay Here on invitation of the minister of Prussia to i Florence dined with him at the Palaco of the prussian legation. Durlin sept. 7�?the lord lieutenant of Ireland to Day decorated with medals those members of the Irish police who distinguished themselves by their services during Tho Lato fenian outbreak. London sept. 7.�?advices from the Island of Candia report the turkish authorities As having Intorf erred with an american vessel which was aiding Tho escape of cretan refugees and compelled her to desist. Vienna sept von beast has reorganized the Council of ministers us follows Prince Charles von Mersberg will Pei Tsih or. John n. Berger iii appointed minister just too of Ginorio minister of Tho Interior Cas Herbist minister of Public instruction. London sept. 9, 2 p. 91 �-�32 Bonds 734. Liverpool sept. 9.�?Cotton Dull Sonie a inscriptions declined sales 8000 Bales Apia Mac 9 Orleans lo.j.,. Burning of the Harrisburg depot. Harrisburg Texas sept. 8.�?this 2kge-ing at one of clock the passenger depot at Fine place was discovered to to on fire. Feza discovered it had evidently been burning pm Side for some time find was Only seen Wasa bursting through the roof too Lato to . Or save the contents. The heat was sock tense that no Ono could go near it and offic it contents were totally consumed. J. H. A car who kept the Saloon is a heavy loser. Sec insurance. The express building on Trio up polite Side of the track also took fire Andre want of water was speedily consumed. Sari contents consisted of office furniture desc press packages and other valuables which Werbach saved. Insured for $700. It is believed Fis be the work of an incendiary As no Persie had been in the building since 6 p. M. Tyks object was evidently to plunder the mails Emz other valuables. The heavy Western Nihil. Was destroyed As also Tho records of tie pc sir office for the last two years. Our town was thrown into excitement str last saturday evening by a serious Diffen. Occurring Between Miv i. H. Murray of Tife county and Corporal Crawley of company 26th regiment u. S. A., in which Tho Latte was it is feared mortally wounded be iii Cut with a pocket knife in several places Abs iii the neck and face. We Are not Able to. Give a history of thet transaction. We unders sad. That both parties Wero intoxicated and eng Agit willingly in the fight a or. Murray Busk dered to colonel Marsh our sheriff soon the occurrence when he was carried immediately to jail. The news of the supp Osili death of the Corporal reaching Tho Camp was but natural that the soldiers should Fri aroused in behalf of their Comrade. Such wac the Case and Many of Tho command Rati pc town and were endeavouring to break into i amp of jail whore the prisoner was protected by Tfir sheriff and three or four men the strength Wiir the building and Tho remonstrance of a or. Sheriff and his party preventing violence is a the prisoner until colonel Montgomery strive with an armed guard who restrained Era mob after consultation with others Colo til Montgomery withdrew leaving a guard Xii is. Another attempt was made by the mutineers in Force the jail Over tho1 guard when Montgomery hastened to the scene again go a. Succeeded in thwarting their purpose. Had there been any disposition on Tho Poffi of any of the numerous citizens present to is sign him Murray could have made his escape immediately after the fight. If he had a amp a any Effort himself he could Havo escaped in there were none but citizens present with ass exception or colonel Brown and he and Utez citizens Wero unarmed. Ils showed no disposition to escape and the citizens aided willingly in his Safe keeping. The prisoner remained in jail during site Day night and sunday the jail being guar Ltd by a sergeant and about twelve men. Uffia sunday night about 9 of clock a parly United states soldiers variously estimate a Day. From fifteen to fifty in number charged the jail took the keys from the Eer Cai opened the doors and seized the prisoner firing one shot at him in the jail and forcing him out into the Yard where they y murdered him firing three or four chafe through his body and Bayon eting him in several places. This is one of the most by amp tal outrages which has Ever been Coli Mittli m this county. The deceased is Well known Here has lives in this Vicinity from boyhood was when sober an orderly citizen belongs to family and his unfortunate decoams a is regretted by inane who knew his virtue a. His fault was that of occasional dissipation and when intoxicated he would attempt or strike Down whoever opposed him. V r a at this writing Captain s. S. Johnson j. And sex offi Cio Coroner is making an eff Bai to ascertain the facts in the Case before a Jat a of inquest. We shall publish the finding Sef the jury As they maj vary our it somewhat. When will these bloody tragedies i cease and peace be restored to our country a Tyler reporter Lith ult. A iir1 i the printers papers of Detroit have now done what most of the a Papas ? in the principal cities of the country did sotes time ago emancipate themselves from 1 e tyranny of Tho printers unions. All Tho pria Tefs in the City struck last thursday because the newspaper proprietors refused to end per certain members of the Union without tier a being any difficulty at All in wages., and thought that in this Way they could Borg employers to terms. But they simply. Needed in stopping the regular issues for a fee Days and the newspapers have now succeeded. In getting a sufficient Force from outside .anil.-. From repentant strikers to resume publication regularly. Tho strike is an assured and Iljas Minous failure and the Union is thorough broken up. The newspapers announce Titi hereafter they will make terms with each is heir employees personally without die Tafet. From. Outsiders which is decidedly the Baev Way for both employers and employee in Springfield Republican. Funeral vault has re Cerf been erected in Evergreen cemetery at Elicer Beth n. S. On a lot which declines to tic East with a door opening to it reached by of or two Steps below the surface of the Avena. Constructed with open work at its top so to one can readily look in. Within the Vail Aro the remains of a Young Man recently Les ceased an Only son and greatly beloved by or father. Tho latter has caused benches to pcs placed within the vault and a sort of pulpit and other arrangements As if for holding service. A this is to say Tho least some Hiir new under the Sun. A a. Baked Ham a most persons boil Haim to Ltd Are much bettor baked if baked right. Soak for an hour in clean water and wipe dry and then spread it All Over with thin Llapur Batt and Lay in a deep dish with Sticks Hundorp keep it out of Tho Gravy. When fully Don Quot Toko off Tho skin and Tho Batter crusted up or a the flesh Side and Sot away to Cool. You will find it very delicious but Rich Lor tvs pc tics says one of our agricultural of Chauy Ca a
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