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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 7, 1867, Galveston, Texas Mili Milly of p a a a a a 7 o 7/y/ yay a v by it it Galveston saturday Amor mag september 7, 1867. To. 43.telegraphic. A a a Latsa Ciatu a 1�?~rcnt Washington Sopt. 3.�?Tho president appointed to Day judge l. D. Evans collector of internal Revenue for Tho fourth District of Texas and colonel Miner of Ohio collector of customs at Galveston. Governor Parsons of Alabama had an interview with Tho president to Day touching Tho election ordered by general Pope on the first of october. Amnesty rumours gain st Rougk. It is confidently stated that the matter will come before the Cabinet to Morrow. New York sept. 4.�?arrived, Mississippi from new Orleans Columbia from Havana. Gold closed Active at 142��. Sterling Dull and unchanged. Stocks declined ��@., after Board governments closed steady. New York sept. 5.�?stocks steady. Sterling 109 g. Gold 1424. Cotton quiet and steady at27c. New Orleans sept. 4.�?Twenty-eight deaths from yellow lever yesterday. The Board of health last night Doe Lared the fever epidemic but describes it As being of a mild Type. A. A a communication was sent to the Board of heal tii yesterday announcing the to Organiza he a of association but that it was without funds. The streets were flooded this evening by a a firemen Nous rain. The school Eino Roglio is coming to locus. The school opened on monday Tho Day specified bylaw under the authorities of the old Board of directors. Washington sept. 4.�?the grand encamp aleut of National Union Johnson men meets to night. The Call is by advertisement. Several prominent men from abroad will to in . A four column letter from Sickles to Grant will be published to Morrow under data aug. 15. Sickles communicates in regard to the Wilmington difficulty saying. A a a i caused the commanding officer Lobo informed that on Tho receipt of the report to Las been ordered to make in relation to Tho pending Case he will receive further instructions. And that in the mean while he. Will not permit the order or decree of any court to a be enforced in violation of any exist aug military to this general Grant replied a your dispatches of this Date Uro received. Follow the course of action As indicated by you As right and co ii Idof my dispatch of the i3t s As a a a Quot a tirely withdrawn the document gives no hint of the purport of Grant s dispatch of Tho 13th. Tiro report which was current of a Sharp colloquy yesterday betwee the president and Graut is groundless. Zahui Luton sept. 4.�?it is positively understood Liat Hancock will not go to new Orleans until alter october 15th. San i Biak Cusco sept. 4.�?the election is progressing quietly. Tho democratic Voto Vilf be larger than for some years. At 3 of clock Haight was a head in the City. Phillips a Republican is probably beaten in the first District the republicans consider other congressmen Tho same. Havana sept. 3.�?opposition was offered to the collection of taxes in the Interior. The collector was roughly treated a. The police will hereafter assist collectors. The Spanish government is sending War material to Porto Rico. Tho weather is cooler. Sugar cents por Sirabe. Exchange firm. Days currency 2ii discount. Gold gig i Premium. New Yoke sept 5.�?-Cotton Tasier. Saleo too Bales at 27c. Stocks Strong. Money 4 �@5 per sent. Gold 1425. coupons 114� Njo a Orleans sept. sales 200 Bales Low middling 2-l@25c. Receipts 154 Bales. Sugar and molasses unchanged. Flour very Dull superfine $8@8 25. Corn Dull mixed is 20 White and yellow is 25. Oats Dull g8@70c. Pork firm at s2g 50 for round lots. Bacou shoulders 14014jc. Clear sides 16,j@18l sugar cured hams 22@23ie. Lard 14�14�e. Gold 141 3 1415. Sterling 153i@150. New York sight pc. Premium. Sheridan issued the following order this morning. Ii a and Quail a ers fifth military District. I new september 5, 1807. A j a of Crul of . 31, a in with the directions contained in paragraph Ohio of general orders no. 81, current series from the Headquarters of Tho army the undersigned hereby relinquishes command of Tho fifth military District to Brevet major general Charles Grifiin. P. H. Kiiu Kidan major Genera u. S. A. Gom Ial Shelnu leaves ii Tho 7 o clock train by tin Jackson were forty four yellow fever deaths for the Twenty four hours ending at Sis of clock this morning. New Castle del., Sopt. 5.�?a water spout Oil Hundred feet in diameter crossed the River and passed North of this town. Fondeu nud Trees a Ere carried off. Washington aug. 5.�?our Consul at mos Bina estimates cholera deaths Thero since july at g,000. It seems to to spreading wider but abating in lat Lity. A major self tiny of fort Phil Kearney Lias been massacred. Quot 1 Tho commission has arrived after Sis Mouths stay. Their opinion indicates that Tho Indi ans must to whipped before to Cau Liao peace. They find War profitable. They Kavo killed Soyen commissioned officers and stolen property of great Valuo in Tho Vicinity of Phil Kearney. Revenue receipts to Day $610,000. Grant authorized Tho publication of Sickles letter. A knowing gentleman Mado a bet to Day that Tho California Domo Crata have elected Tho governor and two congressmen nud that Tho legislature is democratic. Authentic reports waited for with i Tonso anxiety. General Denver reached Sau Francisco. Dispatches received to Day dated yesterday saying a fall san Fyk Scisco sept. 4.�?a democratic mayor elected and democratic majority for the legislating in this City. Returns from the Interior show reduced Union majorities. St. Louis sept. 5.�?addison Ilar Castle a a st. Louis merchant was found dead. Cause heart disease. When does an acrobat resemble a cheese v when he a a Stilt of London,12 of clock sept.3.�? Consols 94 9-1g. Bonds 73. Cotton closed firmer middling Uplands 10j Orleans 104 sales 10,000 Bales. Corn closed at 35d. Wheat 13s. 3d. Provisions unchanged. Tho London foreign office has published documents in Tho Alabama Caso. Lord Stanley informs sir Frederick Bruce that England is willing to submit Tho question to arbitration. Tho Sultan has issued an order that the cretan War is ended and an amnesty granted to the insurgents. A Baden Germany. Sept. 4.�?the Marquis of Lagrange a she use too Caden won the. St. Leger stakes at Elli Ingham. R a London sept. 4�?noon.�?consols 94. Bonds 73 Liverpool sept. 4�?n0011.�?Cotton steady. Sales 10,000 Bales. Arrived steamship Denmark. Madrid sept. 4.�?the government has ordered the return of the Spanish Fleet from the a Pacific. A Vienna sept. 4.�?it is reported Thrift Baron v011 be tint will sell austrian Church property and pay the accumulated National debt. London sept. 4�?2 of cloak p. 94 12-1c., a Liverpool. Scot. -4�?2 o clock p. a ton steady. Balls st tue of cd win Forrest. The Boston Post says a the statue is six feet Sis inches in height and represents Cor Olauus replying to Virgilia his wife volumnia his Mother and Valeria who lie Seech Liim to spare Letonio. Perhaps 110 better attitude it Ould have been selected. The moment is one of Power strength dignity and Pride and these the artist lies evolved with remarkable ski the right foot is thrown Forward in Tho right hand is a scroll und the left supports Tho drapery of the Toga. A portion of the Chest Tho arms and legs Are superbly chiselled and the Marble seems alive with that muscular might Ness for which the great tragedian is so noted. I11 fact the pos Ture of the figure its detail of development Tho drapery the form and inclination of the head the expression of the features even for Marble is capable of such when touched by the quickening loud of Genius the entire work indicates very clearly that or. Ball studied his subject Well and has Laboured with equal zealand Success. The impression made on the visitor Asho gazes upon the statue is that it is instinct with life that there is Grace character and purpose in every Inch of the Marble and that it was committed to fortunate hands. The statue rests upon a Square Pedestal upon the front of which afo the mask and numerous emblems of the tragic Muse. Tho history of the statue is this in 18g5 ten gentlemen the majority of whom Are bostonian subscribed $1000 each fora statue . Forrest. In the Spring of 18gg or. Ball spent some time in Philadelphia every facility necessary in making Tho studies Lor Bis Model was afforded him by air. Forrest. A year or More since lie sailed for Italy for the purpose of putting Tho statue in Marble and it reached this City in a completo Stato in few Days since. Tho Gutare of the statue is not known other than that it will to exhibited in Boston new York and Philadelphia. Inasmuch us a majority of Tho subscribers reside in Boston May to not Hope that Here will to its resting place hero where the tragedian was first thoroughly recognized and his Genius first pronounced upon. R the sunday Laws an irrepressible conflict. From Tho Chicago journal 13ui.j Tho sunday Lawn will in All probability boat Tho Bottom of Tho next a irrepressible conflict a soon to be waged in. Chicago. The american portion of the Community believe. Aug it to be a duty to observe and obey Tho Dir Vito injunction a remember Tho Sabbath Day to keep i holy a Aro determined to compel All Comers to do likewise. the other hand Tho germans who regard sunday As a Day for recreation and amusement Aro opposed to any infringement of their a liberties a and in order to secure a United opposition to the enforcement of sunday Lawsl Pavc a filled Lamaas meeting at Crosby a opera House saturday evening aug. 17th. Tho Call says a Tho insult offered to our free thinking German population at late meeting in Crosby s opera House Calls for a reply at our hands Elsp the attack upon our moral and Industrial Liberty which was expressed in Tho resolutions against our sunday amusements und personal Liberty. Al action is necessary in Oder to Avert Tho Peculiar Nilu Eucks which have been brought to Bearb our opponents in other sections and Ali Clr threaten to overwhelm us with Tho same calamities As others Sufler under at present.�?�. The signers of the Call Are Tho following for the association of Tho German workingmen a. Bar Felt w. J. Hack j. Grunhut 11. Muse a . For the social association of workingmen a. Boru a j. Lobstein Christian har Doe Christian Herbetz c. Scroeder. For the North division Turners Julius Standau a Elbe p. Hand. For Tho Aurora Turners a. Sohn j. Michel h. Von Laugen. _ for Tho Union Turners of. Hecker l. A Oberndorf g. Schieffer. For Tho Advance Turner association we. Gottfried f. Kuepper l. Flint. For Tho Beer Brewers a. B. Miller g. Schmidt c. Swipp. R for Tho Gorman Miennert chord a. Dio Tseh or. Blut Ebardt j. Clausse Rains pm a Orr Spon amp Aice. Pur. It an assaults on Pes Tiberous Busy body has nosed out Liq following l a Bill that was introduced into Tho Connecticut legislature at Tho last session Lias just been unearthed. It was a Bill prohibiting under heavy penalties the growth Uso manufacture or Salo of tobacco. Ono clause declares that clergymen convicted under Tho act shall in incapacitated for Public duties and marriages Solon sized by Thorn within ten Days after their Uso of Tho Weed shall to null and void. Tho Bill went Over until Tho nest session. A Quot a Tho Mineral Point wis Tribuno mentions the arrival Trio to of fourteen Cashmere goats which it says Aro Tho Only ones in Wisconsin. They Aro Tho property of a company and Liao been imported at an expense of $2500. Special correspondence of Flakoy a to Doh aug. 5, icg7. I pm heartily tired of perusing the do Siatos on the it form Bui stoic of lift nine to Trio discussion of its principal Points out of doors weary of writing on the subject. Good citizen As i am i often wish old Nick would take it or that it were cast with its thousand and Ono amendments into the Depths of tues a. Al inor elves torrent shapes to thought and i am filled with horror upon having to recur to this political a who Gie which persistently stalks at our doors disturbs oar repose and entrenches on our happiness. Is it for oui sins that Tho gods Aro thus punishing 11s and is the Reform Bill Tho Nemesis of Jove a vengeance How the representation of Tho people Bill is to end Scavon Only knows. It had a very narrow escape in the House of lords Tho other night Tho Behem for Trio redistribution of beats having met with Flercy opposition. Lord Derby arose from a sick boil to Rati v his a defeat. Hoea motown to Tho House Mado a bold Harrangue. In which Tho usual threat of resignation was implied and after a Stormy debate the government gained their Point by the Small majority of twelve. A so pitl Lul a Victory a obscures Trio times a in Spito of ovary Ell Ort of ministerial whips to secure it and. Tho Soloma warnings of the consequences were not secured is a do feat. The government said they would have seriously to cons Lur their position in refer Enco to the Hill were the amendment carried. To. Have heard these threats before. Thero is nothing real in them though a peat a for an hours duration. What has the government not yielded to secure the passing of the Hill ? what would they not Yio id which can by any possibility he proposed a who Wou Holmose by the rejection the now so much As themselves it much May to Uncertain but of this we May be sure that they will to successful and yet though successful Little of the credit of Victory will be theirs. They have resisted when they could Thoy have yielded when they must and refusing to meet Tho wishes of parliament by making their Bill worthy of Tho occasion and obviating Tho necessity of renewed agitation they Bavo shown How Little Wisdom Tho events of Tho session Bavo taught certain amendments Havo passed Trio lords which totally change Tho character of Tho Bill such As. Substituting a �15 for a �10 lodger franchise and the introduction of a clause rendering voting paper s. Necessary. Tho commons will not i presume agree to those pregnant changes in their so Limo so that to la a till a Tanda a fair Chance of ending in a Bubble after All the Limo thought labor and anxiety spent upon and attending it. The times of this morning has a spicy Leader on the Sulu Jet. It observes j a to night Tho House of lords will take Tho report of Trio it lurm1 Bill and Tho machinery of voting papers suggested by lord Salisbury will be considered. It is we fear too much to expect that Tho upper Hou of will Seo in the dangerous details of Tho proposals sufficient reason to reverse the unfortunate vote of Friday and to May assume it is certain that the Bill will be sent Back to the commons with this additional Dugied Keiit to excite resentment and animosity. To cannot too strongly regret it the authority of the lords has been discredited by then ready adoption of a device too plainly Lif ted to serve Tho interests of persons cd orc Ising great territorial influence and Tho candid discussion of their other amendments to Tho Bill Mav be exposed to some Hazard in consequence. The amendments Mado by Tho lords come with very different claims to attention. Lord Cairn s change of Tho lodger qualification from �1u to �15 was resisted in Tho Tipper Voiiso itself not Only by Tho members of the opposition hut by 6uch men As lord Carnarvon ainu lord Ulle Borough. Lord Malmesbury in the. Absence of lord Derby a opted Tho alteration but to cannot understand How Tho ministry should Havo been seduced into such an error. Tho. House of commons is hound to re Bubo concurrence in an alteration Waluch More than any other is fraught with the seeds of future agitation. Its duty towards Tho voting papers is to hold equally Clear a and to Hope that it will to discharge cd with equal firmness aude vision. A or. William Rathbone of Liverpool Trio eminent philanthropist has just written a Book on. A social duties considered with reference to Tho organization of Effort in books of Benell Cence and Public Tho tone of the volume. Is highly commendable although Somo of Tho writer s theories Are question Aole. To in weighs strongly against Tho selfishness of Tho wealthier classes Quot even so far As Money is concerned a observes Tho author Quot can we Sav that Tho Rich have done their duty in Tho matter of Charity is it not the fact that a Large portion of Tho charitable resources of Tho country comb out of the pockets of men and woman of limited Means ? to the Rich give us Largo a proportion of their incomes even As these poorer contributors ? Thoy should do much Mere for Thoy Cau afford much More. £50 represents a larger deduction from the real comforts and enjoyments pro curable with a income of �500 than doe3 �5u0 taken from in income of �5,000. As expenditure increases it is loss on necessaries and More on luxuries oven its Power of giving proportionate enjoyment to Tho possessor diminishes. The larger Tho expenditure Tho less Tho proportion of pleasure to Money Laid out. And therefore Hoth he Causo Tho deduction involves a less Bac Rifulco and he Causo it it just and reasonable to hold that Money should to so i pct As to product a reasonable return of by Joyent to some May fairly be urged that the larger the income the larger should to Tho proportion spent in Charity. Look at the same questions the ratio of Alma giving to wealth in another fio iut of View within Tho last Twenty years Tho come of great Britain has increased full 75 percent. A has Tho income of the charities supported by voluntary contributions increased in Liko rates have Woas to have done i Vii an increased portion of our almost doubled wealth or do not our alms in fact Bear a much smaller proportion than before to our purely selfish expenditure f the author then in Nis Point Blank style attacks our Hospital system Ami it must with pain to confessed very deservedly. To says a two process to provide for the sick poor in our hospitals. But our Lio Skutal system founded As it is upon senti mental and not of conscientious Benevolence is strangely imperfect and inconsistent. The accommodation is so scandalously insufficient that the hospitals Uro obliged tic Turu out their patients in a Stato in which 110 Rich Man would to released from Tho Caro of ail act Iodate nurses and of a conscientious i. Katli Boue a strictures Aro unfortunately but too Wol deserved. We essentially need Community of action possessing 1111 efficient machinery in Trio Way of a directing Power. Isolated Effort and particular claims Bavo been tried and found wanting. It is. Pitiable to think of the Putty Many Vres and shifts that committees of certain charitable institutions Are compelled to make in order to Realise pecuniary resources to meet pressing exigencies. Alore pitiable a Tell to think that nominally Public hospitals should to to exclusive us scarcely to admit patients except Tho sick servants of Tho subscribers who Lind it much More convenient to pay a Guinea a year Thano Havo their dependants nursed at Tho masters residence. I remember one Day pass no by a West end Hospital in company with a medical practitioner who bad once been connected with that particular Charity. He told to that often poor people used to come to ills private residence imploring recommendations Lor admission to this institution for their relatives. A i never who remarked a could get Ono patient received. Tho wards were always said to to full Whon my lot tors of recommendation were presented. In fact the subscriber s servant constantly occupied Ivory us Ailabo by Dju what hellish hypocrisy is there not a this world and How often Tho most egregious selfishness is glazed Over with Tho tinsel of spontaneous Benov Lencel Chaveu 1lu.yo pity on us miserable sinners i a the abolition of Tho Penny stamp 011 newspapers and Tho duty on paper has produced consid a Bio Enterprise in the production of journal Stio literature. Much of this however is of an Epli emoral description. I Havo lately had occasion to write an article for it popular Magazine on a the Vicissitudes of Tho i Ress a and in prosecuting my researches was perfectly amazed at the number of journals that Uro being constantly launched into existence and which becomes almost As suddenly submerged in the wide sea of oblivion. During 18g0 Twenty eight newspapers were started in London and Tho suburbs five of which did not list twelve Mouth up to Tho Pri sont period of ltg7 Twenty three newspapers Havo appeared in Tho Metropolis Ebreo of which Havo Given up t he ghost and others Are Likely to follow suit. This number is about Tho Uvo rage. During Tho last year seventy new. Journal a Havo had birth in thu provinces eight of which have become defunct. London now possesses 241 Tournai the provinces 721, Wales -111, Scotland 133, Ireland 128, acid Tho British Isles 11 making Tho total number of journals 1294. of 453 Tiro Liberal 249 conservative and 587 Neutral. In London Tho Liberal organs exceed the conservative by 30 in Tuo provinces by 114. In Scotland Tho Liberal prints a Aro in excess of Tho Congo Rativo by 59 while in Ireland Tho latter exceed Tho former by 8, Tho Neutral journals being slightly in excess. Wales possesses 10 Liberal and but a conservative journals. Magazine literature has also a eco cd a surprising stimulus. I pass by the Penny prints Lii. H Are so eagerly devoured by Tho lower Lavora of society although Strango to say miss Braddon Snow novel a Ruport Goodwin a in three volumes which in a Low weeks has reached a. Fourth edition originally appeared under a different title in the Halfpenny journal. So what suits Tho tastes of st. Giles and Shoreditch appears equally palatable to Tho Fino aristocratic Lazio i of Belgravia. But to resume three now monthly periodicals have just appeared in London a Jose Lynn a Magazine Quot a the Broadway Quot and Tho Quot English ti10 first two come out under High auspices Ami contain articles by popular writers. Another monthly is announced for october under Tho Editorship of Anthony Trollope. This would seem really the ago of literature run mad. A a Trusley a Maga Alne is Likely to to a. Great Success. It opens with five chapters of a novel by w. H. Russell of Tho times entitled a Tho adventures of or. Bradley Quot written in a very racy style Whilo Edmund tates Tho editor commences therein anew Story called a the Rock the contents Aro admirably varied and the illustrations excellent. A portion of Tho serial is devoted to Paris fashions with coloured and other illustrations. There is an Anonymous article on a Tho Empire of Mexico Quot worthy of perusal. It winds up tliu3 �?oti10 unfortunate emperor had hardly received Intelli Cnance of his wife a mad nest when to was called upon to decide whether in accordance with Tho urgent entreaties of Tho French Govomi Maent. To should quit Mexico with the French troops or on Deaver to reign by the Aid of his moxicanjmrtisaijbi5 to Over be Timaton his hold on the Nativo Popola Timi he fancied he should compel Franco by refusing to it withdraw to Como to his Rescue and above All to Quot Somod Tho notion that he a hapsburg should desert his throne Tho moment that its tenure was accompanied by peril. So to elected remain with what result the world Only knows too Well. After a Gallant but utterly hopeless resistance against Tho Juan its around Whoso cause the whole nation had rallied As soon As Tho it Ronch had begun to withdraw their armies he was besieged in Queretaro betrayed by his own generals captured tried by court martial and shot on Tho 19th of Juno scarcely three years after the. Play Whon he landed at Vera a Cruz to take Possession of his now Empire. Whatever judgment May to passed by posterity on Tho mexican expedition and the Bhairo which Maximilian played in it. Iho world jul give the luckless Prince credit for having red mod Tuo errors of his life by a Gallant end. In his last hours to might Havo repeated with truth the words that Valentine in go ethos a Faust murmurs in his death agony. He might Bave said a that through Tho sleep of death to went to god As a Soldier and As a Bravo Soldier not an unworthy epitaph this to to recorded on Maximilian a apropos of Tho martyred emperor Imay mention that he has written of Oyer Al volumes in prose and Verso four of which print. They Are to to published by a Leipzig House by order of Tho emperor of Austria. Ono Book is called Quot my life a another a sketches Oft Avol a and another s. Phillips Day. _ _. A the Chicago love bureaus love Poison and death a a lochc8ter Man the victim. A from Tho Rochester Union. Our readers will remember that a Fow Days since we published an account of the operations of the love Bureau in Chicago. A German living in de Witt Iowa was the victim of a Courtesan residing in that immoral City. After the marriage of the Twain the unfaithful woman left her husband and he was near heartbroken Over it yesterday we Learned the sequel to the affair. The name of this Man wuss Leopold we iss and he fori Nerly resided in this City where he has two or Moro Sisters at present living. A letter to one of them a few Days since stated that Leopold was dead. He died suddenly and within two weeks after his marriage As related in the account published. The miserable woman who lad entangled him in her Wiles it appears he loved and when she left him he followed her to Chicago when she told him if he would hire a House und furnish it As she desired she would again live with him. This to did. In Tho course of a week he died suddenly after. Experiencing All the symptoms of Poison. A coroners jury was called and n verdict of Eiith from cholera Moribus was rendered this did not suit his friends and relatives and the body w. S disinterred and another jury called. The stomach of deceased is now undergoing chemical analysis there is Little doubts in the minds of those who Are acquainted with the parties in the Elise that Weiss was poisoned by the woman whom he thus hurriedly Allied himself to through the medium of the Chicago love Bureau. Hobin blk disc Ishee in the a land of steady Hartford of Cou rant of the 7lh inst., gives the following account of recent disclosures in that City certain parties in this City have known for several months past that a woman living of Windsor Street kept Fin Asylum for the reception of infants whose parentage was questionable. Sho has had quite a number of these unfortunates placed in her care. It was understood that she Quot boarded them but what disposition Vas finally Mado of them Only those who were interested As patrons of the establishment were advised. Facts have recently come to Light which Lead to the belief that there has been More mischief going on than was generally supposed. It appears that less than a year ago a certain Man residing in Hartford became in lawfully intimate with a servant girl in his employ the result of that intimacy being a resort to Tho protecting care of the Asylum. Referred to. The girl whose shame it was 1 sought to cover up has made frequent visitations to the House to see her child us has another Young woman whose troubles were of a similar nature there having been but two children under a a treatment for the past month or so. Within a Fow Days it has transpired that these children have suddenly disappeared the Mother of one making no particular complaint. But Tho Mother of the other. One the servant girl alluded to is resolved to unravel Tho mystery and was seeking yesterday afternoon for an to officer to take the matter in charge. An inmate of the House tells a horrible Story to the effect that the woman in charge gave the infants some medi Cine at about 7 of clock the other evening though both Wero As Well As Ever and that before 10 of clock they died and Wero carried. Off. The woman is Well known to Many of Mie officers of the Law whose duty it would be to prosecute her in Caso of her arrest. Distrust against London daily Telegraph that Tho accounts from Borlin indicate fresh distrust against France notwithstanding the spontaneous and Frank assurances of the French government. There Doos not appear to be any disposition on who part of Prussia to adopt a menacing attitude or to take the initiative in aggression. The starting circumstance is Tho Stroug unaccountable suspicion of hostile intentions against the other Side. Punishment or a Cap Nln Lor left Isle to Harry a coloured female As 11 i a Jsn passenger. Washington aug. 20.�?the following Ordes was received in Washington to Day second military District i ,. Charleston s. G., aug. 17, 1867. J general orders first. Before a Post court convened at the Citadel Charleston s. C., july 30, 1867, pursuant to authority from these Headquarters and of which Brevet brigadier general a. But Clita a president was any rained and tried w. F. Mcnelty Captain of the Steamer Pilot boy. 7/�?v7e.�?violation of paragraph eighty general orders no 32. 1 a specifications in this that. F. Nelty Captain of the Steamer Pilot boy did refuse to Grant a first class ticket to miss Frances Rol Lin from Charleston to Beaufort s. C., on his Steamer because of cast of color. All this it Charleston s. O., monday july 22, 1867. Plea not guilty. A. Finding guilty. Sentence to pay a Fine of $25c. The evidence in this Case shows that on july 22, 1867. The complainant a respectable. Female Wab because of her color refused a Cabin passage by Tho accused who is tie Cap a Tain of the Steamer Pilot boy a boat plying As a common Carrier Between ports in this military District. It was conceded on the trial that a general re la enforcing tvs a been a maintained on Board the boat commanded by the accused. The guilt of Tho offender in thus wilfully disregarding the provisions of paragraph eight of general orders no. 32, prohibiting. Such unlawful distinctions is confessed Anc proven. So Long As Tho Laws imposed civil and political disabilities because of servitude or col a a. common carriers Wero a permitted to enforce the same discrimination among passengers. Such disabilities and usages cease with slavery to have any Legal Sanction what Ever. Whatever belongs of common right to citizens they inst be protected in und As necessarily follows Tho recognition. the Blacks As citizens they must be protected in whatever of common right belongs to them. The obligation of a common Carrier is defined by Jurist authority As follows a if he carry a passengers he must receive Alec who offer and treat All alike unless there be actual and sufficient reason for the distinction. As in the filthy appearance dangerous Condi tin or misconduct of a mercantile affairs Page 207. The Observance of these rules has been enjoined by orders from these Headquarters duly published for the information and guidance of All concerned and violations of the regulation thus established must be appropriately punished. By command of major general Daniel e. Sickles. A official a a. . A Loisb Captain 38th u. S. Infantry. A. D. Aug a. A. .a i in ,. The new min Tittor the United states of Colombia from tie Panama chronicle. 1 a among Trio passengers from England by the Royal mail steamship company a Steamer Danube was general Santos Gutierrez who is. Now by the deposition of Mosquera the Only constitutional president of the United states i of Colombia. The distinguished general arrived from Aspinwall by a fast train or. Wednesday evening and was warmly received at the station by president Olarte the officers of his government and a Large number of the prominent citizens of Panama. With the appearance of president Gutierrez of Coloni a Bian soil the civil War and it3 attend to. Troubles May be considered As Good As Over there is now left no cause of quarrel in respect to the constitutionality of the first design to or vice president being invested with full executive Power. The objections that were advanced against Santos Acosta will not apply to general Gutierrez. That he will have an enthusiastic Welcome in Bogota is. What we expect and that he a May guide the of Tho country with Triumph a nil peace during his term of office is tie extent of our prayer. The Mobile and Ohio Eail Hoai. A Ali e Mobile Tribune of the 27th, says we Are requested to state that the difficulty Between the Mobile and Ohio a Railroad and its employees has been settled in a manner satisfactory to All concerned and that the trains will resume to Morrow their regular through trips. Quot. Liiko every other institution in the South Tho Mobile and Ohio Railroad had much to contend against since the surrender. The return of so cached peace found the company with heavy obligations to meet with rolling Stock destroyed of worn out and with Many a. Mile of Road in want of new rails. Under such a state of affairs it is a matter of astonishment not that Tho late difficulty occur rect. But thut Thero have not been More of Tho kind we Hope however that the late one will be Tho last and the running of the longest Railroad in the United states while it must necessary be an undertaking a burdened with responsibility a May never be Barren of Reward. A a the u. A minister by chg to conciliate . General Hovey and ver Kughen Tho first minister plenipotentiary of Tho United states and the second minister plenipotentiary of Brazil two of the honorable members of the diplomatic body resident at Lima have left the City general Hovey is gone to Valparaiso and or. Vernn Glien to Ecuador. It is said in political circles that very serious causes have induced those persons to go abroad. It is supposed that general Lovey has gone to Chile to try the conciliation a of the arrangements of peace Between the Allied republics and Spain und that or. Var Aghsa Quot is gone on account of a misunderstanding with Tho government arising from the part o 3 the Memoir of Tho. Foreign office relative to Tho Oriental Alliance Bioh was presented to Congress. Turned her. a late meeting clairvoyants and spiritualists one member of the fraternity was put into a trance and began prophesying. After the utterance of several. Plai Siblo enough statements the Velajr Volant stated that she saw our Secretary of War resigning this was palpably such Aix. Error that All present voted the party a Humbug and Sho was turned out of Tho meeting. A a Atlanta . A
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