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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 30, 1867, Galveston, Texas Jl0 a a a Civ by Ayko. , wednesday morning a october 30, 1867. M. 57,. Telegraphic associated press dispatches. I new Yoke oot. 23.�?flour, Fine $15, Low or and declining chiefly on Western Branda. Wheat unchanged. Open 2@3c. Better. Pork heavy $21 30�21 40. Lard Dull 134� 14c. Cotton quiet 19c. Freights Dull. Turpentine Dull g5c. Eosin quiet. Stocks lower. Money scarce. Sterling Timo 82 sight 9.j. Gold 1422. �?T02 coupons 121 new Issue Logg 10-40�?Ts 1004 7-30 s 101j Virginia Sixes. 46. Tennessee g0.j. New Yorik oct. 24.�?flour irregular Stato $8 10@$10 35 Southern $9 50� $14 25. Wheat firm Amber Michigan s2 70 White s3 10. Corn excited is 41@$1 45. Ats la. Lower. Pork $21 37ic. Lard heavy. 13j@13.5o. Cotton firmer sales 2500 Bales of 19�o. Rico heavy Carolina 19io. Sugar Active Musco Vado la Llic. Coffee More Active and unchanged. Turpentine soo., Rosin-53ic. Tallow steady. Freights lower. Money quiet and easier. Gold 1422. Sterling closed at 58��58.&Quot 62 coupons 112j. New on Iieana oct. 21.�?Cotton sales 1,300 Bales. Prices stiffer. Low middling 17i@ 18c. Receipts 173 Bales. Exports 3g1 Bales. Flour holders ask 50 cents at $10 50 for super Fino double x $11�$11 25, Chico �13 50. Corn scarce and in request with upward tendency White is 50. Oats in fair demand at 75 cents. Pork Dull Sale s in store at $20 for Small lots. Bacon retailing at 15@15ic. For shoulders. Clear sides 14�14.jc. Lard Dull Aud depressed prime in pierces 14.jc Gold 42. Sterling gdj@57. Now York sight s Premium. Fever interments 19. Washington oct. 23. National , to initiate the presidential Campaign meets hereon 11th december that of Tho Domo rats meets november 1st Quot a a Tho Virginia indicate Tho Success of a convention and the predominance of Tho radicals and show that Tho Whites and Blacks Aro arrayed against each other almost solidly. candidates Are elected in Baltimore by thirteen thousand majority. Sheridan participates in an imposing display at Hartford to Washington out. 24. announcement of Marmaduke a Pardon is premature. It lies on Tho presidents table with the attorney general s recommendation awaiting the presidents signature. A a Colum at the now York Cooper Institute advocated Tho impeachment Aud giant As Radical nominee. Grant has received from general Thomas the report of his proceedings during Tho recent Nashville elections. Richmond va., oct 21.�?returns at general Schofield s Headquarters show conclusively Liat Tho st Ito votes in favor of the convention and it is also certain that Tho convention will to Radical by 15 majority. This City elects Tho follow aug radicals after three Days contest i Hunnicutt judge Underwood Morrissey Aud two coloured men. The Radical ticket did not receive fifty White nor Tho con ise Rativo ticket fifty col Rod votes in Tho City. Negroes voting Tho conservative ticket were Ogain chased from Tho polls by negro mobs. Alunni Cutty a son has been Nore sted for tearing up Couse Rativo tickets in Tho hands of negroes at Tho Monroe Ward polls and was sent to Tho Libby but was subsequently released. Richmond oct 24.�?10 30 r. polls at Touroo Ward is open and Tho coloured voters still waiting to Deposit their votc3. Washington oct 24.�?a correspondence ban taken place Between Grant Thomas Brownlow Oil mayor Brown. Tho particulars Are inaccessible. Tho retrenchment committee have confined themselves to Tho examination of books and papers. They have of yet examined no witnesses. 1 in Tho stage of Tho investigation speculation As to the committees a Sion sidle. Grant is at work to Day. Seward was at Tho Whito House to Day. Or. Samuel Board of Tho Atlanta Ern is in town. General Howard has returned. Revenue receipts three Hundred and nine thousand dollars. The postmaster general advertises for contracts under Tho now postal treaty with England. on is contemplated. Parker reports Tho dismal swamp canal Ina bad condition with Only three and a half feet water. Colfax noisy of Grant a who is Tho noblest and Tho greatest Man uniting Asho does Tho Pertinacity of Wellington with Tho dash of Napoleon and his modesty is Only equalled by his Washington oct. 2g.�?bishop Wilmor is hero in Good health. It is estimated at the Bureau of statistics that Tho districts unreported will add one six. To ninth to Tho crop figures telegraphed last night. Tho president has proclaimed lib 28th Day of november a Day of National thanksgiving. Grant has gone to West Point. He will return next tuesday. Tho Treasury holds 5378,898,000 As Security for National Bank circulation and Public deposits. Tho total National bunk circulation is 3299,107,000. Revenue receipts to Day $303,000. Receipts for Tho week $2,290,000. For the fiscal year to Dato i$g7,788.0 j0. Customs recoil to for Tho week ending 19th instant $2,895,000. It is stated that three counterfeit $50 compound interest notes passed through three branches of Tho Treasury and Wero finally stopped in Tho registers of Ico. It is stated also that a $100 counterfeit compound in Forest Noto passed into Tho York sub Treasury. Washington oot. 2g.�?iu Tho Abs Eneo of Defi to returns from West Virginia Tho following from this mornings Tribuno is telegraphed West Virginia voted on thursday for legislative of icons. Tho canvass was Quito Tamo a and no special extort was Mado on either Side. Outside influence worked against Tho republicans Ond to hear of Cousin Depablo democratic gains in Tho River districts. Washington oct. 20.�?in consideration of recent disasters Tho Republican congressional committee Havo doomed proper to Issue an address to Trio people. Tho document which is an Earnest Appeal to Tho republicans to show their strength is published to Day. Washington oot. 25.�? it is stated Tho government has agreed to part with its interest in Tho new Orleans and Carrollton Railroad to Beauregard end others for 3280,000. A new panel of 26 Whito Aurora have been drown to try Surratt. Governor Austin of Honduras has been removed by Tho British government for illegally Belling Tho Crown lands to Southern emigrants. Tho Hay Tien rebellion has been suppressed. Tho correspondence relative to Tho Nash Villo elections will be published monday. Grant instructed Thomas hat his duty was to prevent collisions. If Brownlow should Issue a proclamation declaring insurrection or invasion to exist too formidable for the forces at Bis command and called upon the United states for Aid it should be Given. His to Mission was to preserve peace not to take sides in political differences until called non according to Law. Who was to prevent mobs from aiding either party and if called upon legally to interfere his duty was Plain. Ulishes Gib oct 21.�?revenue receipts $456,000. S the matter of the Georgia University was presented to the president who referred it to Grant by whom it was referred to Popo. All matters connected with Tho districts take Tho same course neither Tho president or Grant taking any responsibility beyond referring to the District commanders. Georgians hero Are hopeless of any change in Popoy a election districts. A recent dispatch announcing that or. Davis would certainly be tried at the approaching term in Richmond gave the impression that this determination was arrived at after consultation with the attorney general. It is reiterated that the Federal executive has taken no interest in the Case since or. Davis was delivered5to the civil authorities. Or Stanbery has Given officially neither direction nor advice. Reliable information has been received hero that Jaurez has issued a new Grant for opening the Tehuantepec route to Ete Zere. Official papers at the Bureau of statistics Slipis 5,067,023,. Acres planted in Cotton this year Yelding about 1,508,357 Bates of 450. Pounds each. Havana oct. 23..weather continues Stormy. Tho Steamer Moselle from Vera Cruz 20th, has arrived. She brings news from Trio capital of Mexico to the 11th inst. The election of Juarez is certain. Diaz gets Only 75 votes. Quot the Success of Tho amendment to the co Sutu Ion is improbable. Admiral Tegethoff is still Here. There is Quot no certainty of getting the emperors body soon. The Marsella brings the Captain and Crew of Tho Schooner Village Bello from Cozumel Island where she was lost on her trip from new Orleans. Or. Emile a now Orleans has obtained from the mexican government the exclusive right to use Tho Tehuantepec route for the purpose of opening a line of transportation from min Atilan by Steamer to the head of navigation on the Coltza Calcos River and thence by rail to Ventoza or some other Point on Tho Pacific coast. Tho new York Compa. By which was also seeking to obtain control of to route did not succed in effecting their object. The political prisoners remaining in Tho hands of the government have been disposed of As follows fifty two have been sentenced a to various terms of imprisonment which Are in most cases Quito Brief and 200 have been released. General Trevino has been hurriedly dispatched to Tho texan Frontier. The american minister or. Plumb had interview with Juarez at which to presented his credentials and wad received of the accredited ambassador of Tho. United states. The condition and whereabouts of Ilar Quez and other noted imperialists whom the government is pursuing Are Unknow n. A generals Gonzales Ortega and Patoni have been Pat upon their trial but refused to answer the official questions on the ground that they do no recognize Tho legality of Tho existing government. A the insecurity of travel in Mexico was increasing. Tho Best men in Tho Rural police have been discharged. Leon Guzman who had been arraigned for trial for treason was pardoned by the government and has Sinco been elected to the next mexican Congress. Ponacio Aguilar and Garza Garcia bad Beon sentenced to four years imprisonment in Tho Penitentiary at Monterey. Richmond oct., 26.�?official return s of the Lato election indicate Tho election of thirty. Conservative and sixty radicals eighteen of Tho latter coloured. Sixty five counties give 70,777 for and 44,225 against a convention. A number of counties Aro yet to to heard from. Tho polls closed in Richmond at 10 of clock ii thursday morning with it majority of 400 for Tho Hunnicutt ticket j. H. Gilmer a prominent lawyer of Richmond has filed with Schofield a formal protest against counting Tho votes received after Sunset on wednesday. To holds that the Clauso of Tho supplemental Bill which provides that thirty Days pub Lic notice shall to Given of Tho Timo of holding the election limits Tho general to Tho Timo designated in his order. He also urges shameless frauds and Tho a Over awing of conservative voters by coloured Polico in employ of a colonel loge superintendent of Tho election. Considerable excitement is caused by Tho fact that two citizens of Richmond one a prominent tobacco manufacturer have been. Ordered by a negro vigilance committee to Leavo Tho City in forty eight hours. Their offence wa3 violent opposition to Tho Radical ticket. Albany n. Y. Oct w. J. Humphrey of the 30.th District has been indicted for corruption in Tho legislature and hold to bail in $200c>. Phala Drithia oct. 2g.�?charles f. Bayard Stock broker has oct. 20.�?twointerments from fever to Day. Raining this evening. New Yore oct. 25, Tribuno takes Tho ground that Tho attorney general should Lead Tho prosecution in Tho Davis Case. Tho Steamer Amsterdam went ashore and billed at Montauk Point. Havana oct 21�?the British bark Ella Adola was wrecked on Punta reef. San Francisco oct. 22.�?returns from fifty four counties make Tho Success of sprugo and Fitzgerald democrats certain. A oct. 24.�?Steamer California has arrived from Victoria. A 25.�?Brownlow is elected senator by tick a a majority. Wilmington. Oev 25, Whites Aro taking Moro interest in the approaching election Sinco the result of Tho Virginia election because now five Days Moro Aro allowed for registration. New Yoke Ost. 26.�? Money easier for Call loins than for c Long time easy at 6 per cent. Governments took a sudden and marked Rise at Tho close with unimproved demand. Sterling Dull and nominal., Gold closed firm �14 1$. Stocks lower at the last opon Board and statement shows decrease in Loans $74 3,000 decrease in specie $1,157,000 decrease in circulation $98,000 decrease in deposits $374,000 increase in Legal tenders $2,036,000. New York oct. 26.�?flour 10@12c. Better. Wheat 2�3c. Bettor. Corn la. Hotter. Mess pork $21 25�21 �574. Lard Dull a whisky steady. Cotton firm middling Uplands 20c. Sterling time p3�82. Sight 9i. Gold 141, 5-20�?Ts, of �?T62 cd Poi a 112i�1122 Money g�7 per cent. Stocks Dull. Cincinnati oct. 2g.�?flour firmer and a Shade higher family $11 75@12 00. Wheat held 305 higher. Oats firm at 70c. Cotton firm and buoyant middling 18c. Whisky unchanged. Pork held firmly at $20 50. Bacon shoulders 13ij�14c Clear sides 173�18c. Lard 12ic. Hogs 0@7c Gross. Cheese steady at 14j@15c. Coffee Dull. Potatoes s3 00 @3 25. Louisville oct. 26�?tobaoeo�?sales 44 Hhd. At 5@17c. Wheat steady at $2 55. Corn Dull shelled $1 05. Oats in bulk 70c. Flour quiet superfine $8 50. Mess pork declined to $21. Lard Dull at 13j. Bacon steady shoulders 144c Clear sides 18jc. St. Loots oot 26.�?tobacco. Steady Aud unchanged. Cotton in fair demand middling 17c. Flour unchanged. Wheat firm at $1 85@2 70. Corn firmer mixed $1 10. Oats firmer at gl@66c. Pork Dull and lower �?$21 75. Badon lower shoulders 13jc Clear sides 17ic. Lard 12jc. Weather Cloudy and Cool. Savannah oct. 2 3.�?Cotton a in Active demand prices firm All offering bought Quot sales 815 Bales new York middling 19c receipts 2205 Bales. Amobile oct. 26.�?cotton�?sales to Day 1600 Bates demand Active at full prices middling 17i@17c. Receipts 798 Bales. Charleston oct. 26.�?Cotton Active and firmer stocks Light sales 400 Bales middling 18ic. Receipts 1450 Bales. Augusta oct. 26.�?Cotton advanced la. Sales 773 Balej middling 17�c receipts 532 Bales. Raleigh n. C., oct. 27.�?a Large and enthusiastic gathering assembled at the courthouse on saturday night in response to a Call published in Tho City papers. It was simply an out pouring of the people without regard to party nil political1 complexions being represented. The Rae eting was organized by electing m. A. Bledsoe president. Hon. A. S. Merryman addressed the assemblage. His speech was a Long and elaborate argument against Tho congressional plan of reconstruction. Resolutions wore adopted declaring Devotion to the Constitution and civil Liberty. Delegates wore appointed to Tho county coh mention to meet hero on thursday. Foot Bess Monroe oct. 27.�?wind Stormy from the Northeast a new Yolk oct 27.�?As Tho Steamer Leo from. Savannah entered East River she collided with the Sloop David Sands through the carelessness of Tho latter. The Sloop bunk and three men were drowned. Tho Leo was uninjured. Washington oct 27.�?Hon. L. P. Walker of Alabama is Here. 1. Tho complexion of the Congress which assembles on the 21st Proximo is Senate republicans 42 opposition 12. House republicans 144 opposition 49 Hon. Pm. Leonard of new Orleans is Here. St. Louis oct. 17.�?gov. Crawford a and senator Ross of Kansas Havo arrived at Topeka from Medicine Lodge Creek where they. Left the Indian commissioners. Their Opin Ion is that a satisfactory treaty will be made with Tho indians. Memphis oct. 27.�? a disastrous conflagration occurred hero at Daic inight last night. Tho Bradley Block is almost totally destroyed. Loss estimated of $200,000. I a Cincinnati oct. 27. passenger train on Tho Little Miami Railroad ran on a misplaced switch at Xenia wreck took fire and the baggage and one passenger car was born de. George Boss was aught in the wreck and burned to death John Hampton had a leg broken and others wer injured. Baggage almost entirely a. A j the fut be of Cotton in the conversing with several intelligent planters i find a feeling of despondency generally existing among them As to Tho Vuturo cultivation of Cotton in Tho Southern states. This feeling arises not from any doubt is to the ultimate efficiency of Tho negro is a Freo labourer but Rathor irom Tho contemplation of Tho Gigantic strides which East India Cotton has made of Lato year i towards Tho Mastery of Tho markets of the world. Tho planters say that the result of Tho Competition Between the american grower and the East India producer cannot in the Long run be otherwise than disastrous to Tho former. They Aro dismayed by Tho comparison of Tho Cost of Dabor at the present time with that in Tho past. Formerly Tho maintenance of. A slave Cost from $50 to $100 Fier Aurum now Tho services of Tho same Borer can not to had for less than four or five fold that amount. Tho wages of an efficient Field hand exclusive of his supports Aro now of a Moderato estimate $10,to $12 it a month or its equivalent in a share of Tho product. This is about five times greater than Tho wages paid by Tho East Indian cultivator at a Gold valuation. To counteract this immense disparity in the Price of labor Tho Southern planter can Only roly upon Tho Superior productiveness of Tho soil tie cultivates sided by those agricultural improvements which consist in thigh manuring by Tho from lao of the phosphates and deep blowing. From these considerations Tho practice icon Clurion is that nearly All Tho Cotton lands on Tho Southern Atlantic Border which do not yield Moro than three Bales of Cotton to Tho hand unless the exhaustion of Tho soil is Vig 1 of Rousky counteracted by systematic manuring must sooner or later be abandoned to Tho growth of Cereal Tho raising of Stock and other forms of Cor. X. Y. Times. Live3rool, oct. 23�?noon.�?Cotton firm middling Uplands 8�cl Orleans 8d, estimated sales 12,000 Bales. Livebpooi., oct. 23�?evening.�?Cotton. Closed finn advancing middling Uplands 8�d. Orleans 82d. It ,. London oct. 24. Bullion in Tho Bank of England has decreased ��475,000. Liverpool oct. 24.�?-the Royal Bank made on assessment of �5 per share non the stockholders. Liabilities. £1,600,000. Tkv Bank will soon resume business. London oct. 24.�?sir James Low Tho Opi nent astronomer is dead. In consequence of indications of a secret movement in Cork the authorities Are keeping watch upon Tho fenian. The government has refused to postpone Tho trials of Tho Manchester rioters. Dispatches from Florence say it was known in that City Early last tight Liat Garibaldi had succeeded in reaching Foligno in the province of Umbria. His arrival there was discovered and he was forbidden by Tho italian authorities from proceeding any further. Since then nothing is made Public As to his movements. The London times says Tho compulsory course of Franco in cruel to Italy and perilous to Europe and declares its effect will be transient for the Garibald ians must again March on Rome. Pams oct. 24. emperor of Austria arrived Here. A the Moni eur says his visit is a new pledge of Amity Between France and Austria Berlin oct 24.�?All German states including the Southern join in the postal treaty with the United states. Florence oct 24.�?durango hesitates to eater the Cabinet which renders the ministry incomplete. Vienna oct. 24. austrian diet passed Tho Bill legalizing marriages performed by civil magistrates. Paris oct. 24�?evening.�?it is reported a that Napoleon has asked fora general conference of the european Powers to prevent a recurrence of recent events in Italy. Bullion in Bank of France increased four millions of francs. London oct 25.�?a mine fired under the a Barracks of the papal zouave shattered the building and injured several of the zouave. A simultaneous outbreak was quickly suppressed. Paris oct 25.�?evening. Semi official press say italian affairs Are worse than when Napoleon planned the expedition to Rome. Cialdini renounces Tho formation of Tho Cabinet and advises Tho retention of rat Azzi. Garibaldi heading a Strong Force is ready to pass the Frontier. Civita Vecchia is in a state of seige. London oct. 25.�?additional advices from Rome say the Garibald ians have not All retired from Tho territory of Tho Church but a represent that Tho pontifical troops have recently had encounters with remnants of insurgent bands in which they a Wye been uniformly successful. Intelligence by list it a a la received from China that a great Battle was fought Between the rebel army and a Tho tartar iorcc3 of Tho chinese Empire. The imperialist forces were Defeated. The Battle took place thirty Miles from Pekin which City was in great danger. Pabis oct 25. reception of the emperor of Austria has been most cordial. His visit is popular with the parisians and wherever he appears be meets enthusiastic demonstrations of Welcome. Sympathy for the brother of the unfortunate Maximilian heightens the esteem Rath which the emperor is regarded by Elf. A Florence oct. 25.�?Garibaldi, without regarding the prohibition of the italian government left Foligno and a wished on to the South. At last accounts no had arrived at Triclia a town not far from the papal Frontier and forty two Miles from Rome. A general Bizio hits accepted a position in the new Cabinet As minister of Marine. 9 v. Zly Tho news to night is glorious for the cause of Italy. The government deems it Betto suppress the details for the present. Paris oct. 26.�?noon. Garibald ians Are marching on Rome in two columns. They Aro at Monte Rolandi in sight of the City. The papal forces retire fighting. Rome is in a state of seige. The Moni eur says the Toulon Fleet has been ordered to sea. Live Pool oct 26�?noon.�?Cotton opens firm at yesterday a a quotations�?8d. For Upland and 9d. For Orleans. Estimated sales 15,000 is said the Royal Bank Connot resume. Its affairs Are in a hopeless condition. London oct 26�?noon.�?consols 94�?Ta. Bonds 68. \ i it London oct 26.�?saturday is reported that a fenian Craft has been captured off the East of Ireland. Liverpool oct. 26. affairs of the Royal Bank Aro in a hopeless condition and cannot oct. 26.�?omer Pasha has been a relieved of his command at Candia and ordered to the Danube. Hassan Pasha takes the place As governor of Crete. 1. Spec Xais. New Yons oct. 2, g3 p. closed steady sales 2750 Bales. Tho Advance in freights curtails business. Gold closed at 1415. A a a a. London . 2g�?it�?consols1 94i, 5.20s g9i. A Liverpool oct. 26th�?jl�?coiton Active sales .20,000 Bales. Middling Uplands 82, or loins 9�d. La _ Garibaldi a interview with to Havo a report of a meeting Between Rattazzi and Garibaldi. Tho latter told the minister that As Tho italian government was fettered by Tho september convention the roman question Muf t to settled by volunteers. Tho minister declared to Tho general that Tho government was resolved to prevent the passage of Tho Frontier at any Cost when Garibaldi replied with warmth that any Compromise with Rome was worse than absurd that Tho expedition of which to was1 the representative had no object against Tho Flag saluted by Tho whole of Italy and that All that was desired was to Plaut that Flag in the capital. A letters from Bologna speak of great agitation in the Barracks and of Tho despatch of fresh soldiers to Tho pontifical London daily hews sept. 24. A n a a Attar on the Al peso Lylall by Tho a ran Antonio Horald oct. 22. A party of off cars soldiers and citizens arrived in this City last saturday just from fort Lancaster. They bring the nows of an attack non Tho Elpaso mail that left this City some three weeks Ngo Jinder Tho direction of or. A f. Ficklin mail contractor who with a 16x7 men at Tho time of the attack non Tho stage about Twenty four hours Rido ahead and probably was unmolested. The attacking party of indians ranged in numbers according to the different estimates of two of Tho Surv Vore from thirty to three Hundred and were Oil equipped with fire arms and bad with them a Largo drove of horses. Tho mail party consisted of six men two Whito and four soldiers of Tho 9th, coloured cavalry. Tho two Whites escaped unhurt two of Tho soldiers one a Corporal in charge were killed and Tho other two wounded. The Corporal is said to Havo fought gallantly Tho other negroes adopted the policy of praying Foi Tho indians to be driven away. The mail bags were Cut open and the mail matter scattered Plohg the route promiscuously. All that could be found was gathered up and brought Down by Thia party Young or. Georgo. Holliday finding two letters addressed to himself. The dead bodies Wero not scalped. All Tho mules belonging to Tho party were captured. Tho attack took Placo on Tho 11th near Tho Pecos River a Fow Miles above Howard Springs. No doubt Tho government will now Tako some Steps to Render Protection to this line if it cannot do so it should cease to offer any inducements by Way of contracts and acknowledge its inability to Cope with marauding Bav j�g03. It a a a in the Cotton worm. From Trio fold and farm october id in Tho agricultural report for september. James m. Ferguson writing from Piko Conn to Mississippi furnishes some interesting facts in regard. To that terrible destroyer of Commerce Tho Cotton worm. He concludes that three uen orations of Tho Worms Are produced during the summer the last commencing their work of destruction in Tho latter part of Augusti. When Tho Cotton Lias been consumed the eggs Are deposited on Trees grass eto., to to hatched in the Early Spring. A the Moth or Fly belongs to Tho not narnia tribe of the Moth family. They commence their flight at Sundown or a Little before and continue until ten or of clock darting with a Quick Zigzag motion from one stalk to another nearly always selecting Tho tallest and most vigorous plants on which to Deposit their eggs. I. Have not been Able to form any Correct estimate of the number of eggs Laid by Ono individual but Havo counted a Early 500 squeezed from Ono. Mr., Forguson made an Experiment with ten Worms. To placed them under a vase sup a plied them with food and watched their operations. The Experiment commenced on Tho 5th of August. On the 9th and 10th of the Samo month to writes a the Worms have quit eating and seemed indisposed to move. On the 10 Thaud 11th they commenced webbing by drawing a web from Ono Side of a Leaf to Tho other very tight which caused Tho Leaf to Bend or curl a Little. They then Drew another a Little tighter and so on until a the Leaf was Bent so As to form a tube inside of which they placed themselves and lined it with a Fina delicate web. Some i did not allow to have a. Leaf. They suspended themselves from a Stem and commenced a slow spiral motion and in about Twenty four hours had assumed a pupa state being enclosed in a Homey Cov ering through which the rudimentary wings and logs could be seen those inside the Leaf undergoing Tho Samo Quot changes. On the it 17th, the Fly emerged from Tho pupa state but was weak and hardly Able to Fly for about Twenty for hours. On the 20th, and possibly 19th, they commenced to Lay and on the 24th the first Worms Mado their appearance but were too Small to to seen without the Aid of a Glass. They i Row very slowly for the first three or four Days Bat after that wry. Rapidly eating several times their own weight every Day. They seem to eat More in the evening and in the morning than at any other time. In fact it is Raro to Spe them eat daring the Day. They have now. Tho 1st of september almost attained their full or. F. Claims that ravages by Tho worm can be prevented by following some systematic plan. He recommends that the planters keep a strict look mucin Tho Spring and destroy the Worms As fast As they Aro webbed out. The planters must act in concert is the Worms Fly from place to place depositing egg and of each Fly is capable of laying five Hundred eggs for a a every worm of the first generation destroyed we Cut off 250,000 from Tho As the Worms Ora found in patches it does not require much labor to kill them when in an embryo state. The Experiment i3 Worth making hot alas How difficult it is among Farmers and planters to Securo anything Liko Active efficient combination in anything but miserable party pol a tics. Any rum drinking bar room bully May get up a combination embracing a whole. County to make him a Constable or a jailor while men of science will fail to secure the confederation necessary to insure the most important and beneficial results. A the Rural population of this country have always been x Howers of Wood and drawers of water for Tho great cities because Tho latter understand and freely Uso Tho irresistible Powers of combination. We confess we Havo Little Hope of seeing Tho Only possible remedy for Tho accursed Cotton worm applied precisely because it does require Tho unanimous of whole neighbourhoods and counties. But to have done our duty in pointing out what might Provo a cure for Tho evil. Mitt Liin the vote of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia bulletin says that Tho returns of Tho a qty for supremo judge a a in that state Havo been Caret atly corrected and the footings up Aro As follows a for Sharswood for Williams .189,711 .188,878 Sharswood a majority. 833 Tho official majority will not vary much from this. The total vote will a very much smaller than that of last year. There Aro in now York about Tea thousand steam boilers employed for manufacturing purposes. The Marshall Republican says tint Ilia total number of registered voters in that country was 3350, Whites 854 Blacks 2is6 Black majority 1612, or nearly three to Ono
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