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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Oct 26 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 26, 1867, Galveston, Texas Quot vol. Paly Estum sat weday Iio october 26, 1867o not 56 o telegraphic i associated irc38 diapatcl3c3. New Yore oot. 21.�?Cotton Active pc. Bettor sales 3,000 Mica Uplands 20c. Flour it Andy Stato 68 70 Southern $10 50@14 co. Boat firm. Mixed Western Corn 51 13@ 1 21 Western Oats 80c. Polc firmer $21 62. Lard heavy 13s@14ie. Rico Dull. Sugar Musco Vado Lluc. Coffeo heavy. Turpentine g5@55jc. Ito sin s3 60@8. 00. Freights easier. A a a new York oct. 21.�?money seven per cent Sterling time 85@8j sight 9@9a. Coupons 1113 Virginia Sixes 45 new York oct. 21.�?monoy quiet and easy. Gold heavy. Governments Dull but steady to close. Stocks Strong and closed at big Bost Point to Day. New Orleans oct. 21.�?Cotton sales 1,500 Bales. Demand Good. Supply moderate. Low middling l7i@18c. Receipts 3,636 Bales. Flour very Dull superfine $10 25 treble x $12 37�@$12 50. Corn in Good demand with upward 40@45c. Oats in fair demand at 7oc. Pork very Dull nominally $21@s24 12. Icon fair jobbing Trade at 154c. For shoulders. Clear sides 10io. Sugar cared hams 28jc. Lard Dull tierce3 la ii. Sterling 5g@58. New York sight in Premium. Gold closed at 43�. New Orleans oct. 21.�?5 p. orders no. Ice declares Tho total vote of the state of Louisiana at the election of september 27th and 28th, 1807, on Tho question of a convention for Tho purpose of establishing a Constitution and civil rights government for the state Loyal to Tho Union to to 79,17-1, of which 75,083 wore for a convention and 4,000 against it and 85 Blank. A majority of the whole number of registered voters having voted and a majority of Tho votes cast being for a convention As prescribed by the acts of Congress Tho delegates elected at said Elce Sion As hereinafter named Are notified to assemble in convention at mechanics Institute Hall in the City of new Orleans la., on sat inlay nov. 23d, 18g7, for Tho purpose stated according to the Acta of Congress of March 2d and 23d, 1807. The order then recapitulates Tho Nares of Tho delegates elected signed by command of Brevet major general Joseph a. Mower gobi1 a Ila itself a. A. G. Tho mortuary report gives thirty one interments from yellow Over for the Day ending at six this morning. Tho weather has again become oppressively warm and Tho epidemic is consequently not Quot decreasing. 33 interments from fever yesterday. A ship Load of emigrants arrived from Germany and were not permitted to coins to the City the ship was ordered to Anchor below Tho City until Tho passengers Are taken on Board a Steamboat and conveyed North with a a a Cut Quot lauding. Richmond oct. 22.�?this afternoon sunni ent in a pc sch on Capitol Square denounced Northern men Here. Our of them1 said to was o damned liar. Negroes attempted to him. They caught an Uno fending German and were about to kill him when Tho police rescued him. Tho negroes followed him to the station House throwing stones and acting very disorderly. All is quiet now. Much of cittern cwt is manifested in regard to Tho election. Savannah oat. 21.�?thero is a Largo Radical mass meeting hero to Day. About four thousand negroes and a few Whites Wero present and Wero addressed by c. 1l Hopkins Cliff and a few other Whites Bradley Sims and other negroes. No disturbance a was occasioned until after Tho meeting when there were several collisions Between country and City negroes which Wero promptly suppressed by the police. A few arrests have Oeon made. Washington oct. 21.�?one million three Hundred and seventy three thousand dollars Bavo been expended on Tho reconstruction up to Date. Tho Reveno to Day amounts to four Hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Tho indebtedness of Tho Southern railroads to Tho government is reported Between six and coven million dollars. A Admiral porters steam launch exploded of Saverno River killing chief Engineer Hoyt Engineer Clark Cox Stair Shea and a negro fireman and several others Are injured. Baltimore a oct. 21.�?Tho Synod after along Ditico Isaiou referred Tho matter of Tho Pinion of Tho old and new school to top Union committee. Tho Synod Hopes Tho action will Lead to a reunion of Tho Church not Only in Quot doctrine but in spirit truth and Lovei j 1 Cincinnati a oct. 21.�?Tho enquirer of to Morrow will present Geo. In Pendleton 03 the Choice of Tho people for presidency. New York oct. 22.�?flour ten to Twenty cents lower. Wheat quiet. Corn a Shade firmer. Mess pork firmer at $21 g5 to $21 73. Lard 13j to 1-1 pc. Cotton lower at a 19,. Freights quiet. Turpentine 55ic. Rosin common $3j. Money 7 per cent. Sterling 108g to 109. Gold 143 j. �?T62 coupons 112j new Issue .03 Virginia new 47 Teiml Fieo g Tinow Cly. A. Washington oct. 22.�?Tho Montreal commercial Bank Canada has suspended Specio payment. Tho directors think that Tho claimants will to protected. New York. Oct. 22.�?arizona arrived from Aspinwall with 304 passengers and $507,000 in treasure. Among the passengers Wero senators Williams and Corbett of Oregon and Higbey of California representative. Philadelphia oot. 22.�?a disease resulting Liko cholera has Brdek fun out on Board Tho receiving Filip Potomac. Ten Quot deaths Tuong Tho recruits. Tho balance Havo been re a moved. Tho is now used As a Hospital ship Twenty. Sick on Board. Washington oct. 22.�?secretary Mcculloch authorize a statement that his resignation a at Tho disposal of Tho president. New your oct. 22.�?gold closed firm at 143i. Governments Stormy and higher. Sticks heavy and lower with a further de Dino after last Call. Balanco in sub Treasury $113,000,000. New York oct. 22.�?Cotton declined a. Sales 2000 Bales at Lojec. Gold 143j@143. South porn stocks. Unchanged. �?Tg2 coupons 112j�112i. Money More Active rates oni a nov oct. 22.�?sales of Cotton 15,000 Bales. Low middling 17i@18c. Receipts 414balea. Flour Dull and declining for medium and lower grades Triblo and Chico extra quiet but firm Chico super Lino $10 in double extra $10 50 Triblo extra $12 45 Chico $13 75�$14. Com scarce and in request ruling upward Whito mixed 40�llio, yellow mixed 50c. Oats 75c. Pori Dull and unchanged. Bacon a Only jobbing. Trade unchanged lard Dull Primo Tierce 14io. Gold 1431� 144. Sterling 54j. Now York sight amp Premium. New Orleans oct. 22.�?interments from yellow fever no to six of clock this morning thirteen. New Orleans oot. 22.�?Tho greater portion of the emigrants by Tho bark Doretta were taken aboard the Steamer Stonewall for transportation to st. Louis. Ora ice 01? the Picayune i now Orleans oct. 22. J we regret to. Announce the death of our senior ass Leiata editor George Wilkins Kendall. By a Telegraph dispatch from san Antonio Texas we. Learn Quot that this sad event took place at his residence at Postoak Spring near Boerne yesterday evening at nine of clock caused by congestive chill. Or. Kendall was about sixty years of age he leaves it wife and four a. M. Holbrook. A Charleston oct. 22.�?arrived, steamers Champion and Alabama from new York a Schooner a Ben Brown from Quot net Quot York Schooner Mary Low from Boston. The members of the congressional Railroad committee address a meeting of citizens at Tho hibernian Hall to night. \ general Canby has ordered that the regular election of municipal officers to not hold and notice of it by City or Dimanco not to be published. Savannah oct 22.�?arrived, Philadelphia Zodiac Montgomery and san Salvador from new York. Ali o Revenue Cutter wilderness from new Orleans reports very heavy weather. Sailed Steamer Leo for new York. Washington oct. 22.�?two hours Cabinet meeting to Day. Grant was absent. Revenue s2o5500, a general Asboth minister at Buenos Ayres is very sick. A United states marshal Goodloe of North Carolina who is now Here reports no impediment now to Tho processes of Federal courts. Secretary Seward writes that he will Arrivo on thursday. _ Tho election in Alexandria va., passed quietly. No definite returns received. -23.�?rthe a Vela to Day was. As follows Lynchburg Whites 653 Blacks 761, being 372 less than the number registered. Terry s precinct for convention 335 against 205 for conservative ticket 206 for Radical 332, Anhert county Whites 190 Blacks 313. Norfolk Whites 1384 Blacks 1 392, being 514 less than the number registered. Petersburg for convention 211 against 111. At Lynchburg the lives of negroes who voted the conservative ticket Wero threatened by the Radical Sand in a disturbance caused by them three negroes Wero wounded. Order was restored by the military and civil authorities. Paulette a precinct for convention 453 against 285 conservative 295 Radical 455. Richmond oct. 22.�?election Day More quiet than anticipated two incipient riots and two other disturbances quieted by Tho military. Dill cuties were caused by attempts of the Radical negroes to coloured conservatives. The troops were in Reserve in capital 6quare nud stationed at All Tho polls in Tho City cavalry patrolled the streets. Tho result of the first Days voting was 567 White majority. Can a vb2s Active 2200 White not yet voted extreme. Radicals making efforts to Havo Tho polls kept open three instead of two Days. Tho military under general Granger and the City police will be Kepton duty nil night. Polls will to reopened in Tho City to Morrow. It is impossible to Tell How Tho Stato has gone. Baltimore. Oct. 22.�?johnjbowers killed Elisha Brady a Well known Ward politician. Tho quarrel originated by cutting the halyards of a democratic Polo greeted. New Orleans oct. 23.�?Cotton sales 1200 Bales and easier. Low middling a 17 i. Receipts c76 Bales. Exports 622 Bales. Flour better demand and firmer doable extra $10 50 Choice extra $13 75 to s14. Corn scarce Whito is 45 to is co. Oats quiet and steady at 75c. Pork very Dull and nominally at $24 50. Bacone jobbing at prices pc. Lower. Lard Dull and lower prime tier cos 145c. Sterling 554 to 57. New York sight Elisier 3 to h Premium. Cattle since last report 551 Texas Beeves 343 calves and yearlings sold 758 Texas Beeves 308 calves and yearlings of Sale 19g Beeves 113 calves and yearlings. Texas Beeves first Quality $50 to $00 cattle first Quality $50 to $g5 cattle second Quality $35 to $45. Third Quality $20 to $30. Texas cows with calves $20 yearlings $10 to $15 calves $10 to $14. Tho interments of yellow fever number Yore oct 23.�?Cotton heavy. Sales 1900 Bales at 19c. Flour a 10@20c lower. State $8 20@10 40 Southern $9 80@14 30. Wheat 2@3c lower. Mixed Western com $1 3sj. Oats Western 81@82o. Pork $21 25�21 37. Lard heavy. Whisky. Quiet. Carolina Rice 9�10c. Sugar quiet. Coffeo Dull. Turpentine 55�5ge. Rosin $3 g0@3 68. Tallow ll@12jc. Freights Dull and lower. New York oct. 13.�?stocks Strong and excited. Gold 143@143j. �?T62 coupons 112j 7-30s 1043 to ios 10a. New York oct. 23.�?gold 143�. Sterling. 8.j. �?T62 coupons 112$. Now Issue Virginia Sixes 45, Money in. Fair demand at Soven percent. Flour unchanged. Quot wheat a Eliadou firmer. Corn l�2c. Better. Pork lower $2112i. Lard Dull 13j�14. Cotton 19. Freights Dull to Pentino quiet at 55c. Rosin common and strained $3 58�3 68v new York oct. 23.�?money easier at close. And freely offered at seven per cent. Dis counts unchanged and Gold closed firm at 113. Sterling Dull 8j@9. Government securities Dull and steady. Stocks depressed at Tho close with decided falling Oil of prices. Balance in Tho sub Treasury Ono Hundred and fourteen oct. 23.�?general Marmaduke 1 was pardoned. Admiral Davis commanding South Atlantic Squadron under Dato Rio Janeiro August 27, reports health Good Tho ram Stonewall arrived at Brazi l sept. 2gth, after a Fino run. Min Stop of Terburg arrived from Mexico. Colonel Parker has returned from Tho dismal swamp casual investigation. A Rovento receipts $433,000, general Grant is too sick for business today. Tho Stato department has official advice from Rotterdam that Tho cattle Progno Lias in Tiroly disappeared. Tho cholera has almost entirely disappeared from Rotterdam. Augusta ga., oot. 23.�?the republicans nominate Tho following ticket for Tho 18th senatorial District Foster Blodgett re in Bullock b. Bonley j. Bryant Simon Bird John Neal lox. Stone five Whites and two Blades. Tho party seem confident of carry ing Tho convention question. The conservatives or anti convention lists favor the policy of neither voting for or against the Contention but to vote Only for delegates. Several papers advocate this Lino of action while others strongly urge the people to keep away from Tho polls and take no part in the election. Havana oct. 22.�?ther austrian frigate Novaro arrived hero from Vera Cruz and is waiting for orders. The mexicans in the absence of an official order from Tho austrian government or the family of the deceased persist in holding Maximilian a body. Venezuela a ordered a continuance of the War against Trio rebels the go of merriment has issued a proclamation that All foreigners and natives arriving in Tho country will be considered liable to Bear arms. Brazil sustains Venezuela against the rebellion. Barbadoes oct. 10.�?abundant Rains. The Harvest prospects Are promising. Health excellent Demartra sept 30.�?black vomit raging. Jamaica oct. 19.�?the ripening crops All Over the Island Promise an abundant yield. Havana Oil to. 22.�?sugar Market Dull buyers offer 8�8� real3 per arroba for number 12. Exchange unchanged Quot. Potatoes $5. App $9@s10. Onions $4. The Steamer Cuba hns sailed for new weather very warm. Monile oct. 23.�?colonel Charles Healy brother of general Healy u. S. Marshal ala., died this morning of yellow fever. Cotton sales 400 Bales Dull and declined pc middling 16j. Receipts 1440. Interments of Yelm fever1 two.-. Richmond oct. 23. Prince William county Louis a conservative it elected by one Hundred and Stafford gives 340% votes against convention a Fredericksburg gives 126 against the convention Loudon conservative majority 72. Fairfax Radical 100.Philadelphia oct. 23.�?total cholera deaths on the ship Potomac 18�?4 to Day to is believed the disease has been checked. Great care has been taken to prevent its spread. Richmond oct. 23.�?the second Day of the election in this City upon Tho question of calling a convention and for delegates to the same passed without any disturbance. Radicals und conservative were a in Ely employed All Day in bringing voters to the poll. After the announcement of the result of the first Day conservatives were much encouraged and Are still confident the Victory is their negroes Liao forgotten the names Given when registered and Many More have left the City since registration. Tho polls closed to night with a White majority of 521. It is estimated that there Quot Are a the Samo number of Radical Whites and conservative Blacks in the the vote upon Tho question of calling a convention cannot yet to ascertained but nine tenths of the Whites voted against it. At the solicitation of Tho radicals Schofield has ordered Tho polls to to opened in three wards again to Morrow. Much dissatisfaction exists among conservatives. In consequence the military were on duty All Day but their services were not called for by City police. Returns from the counties indicate that the coloured men Havo voted in Masse for Tho Radi a cals and in favor of a convention. Tho line Between the Blacks and Whites is distinctly drawn. Nelson county gives 1148 for and 590 against a convention. Harris Radical 1124 c. T. Smith conservative 592 w. C. , Independent 303 Harris negro Floater 1123 Williams conservative Floater 74. Appomattox 872 for and 456 against a convention. Brads hard conservative has five majority Over Dean Radical in Amhurst and 1 Albemarle. Judge Alexander conservative Republican and w. H. Southall conservative Quot Aro beaten by g50 votes i Aylor negro and Thompson White radicals Are j. C. Southall conservative is elected from the counties of Albemarle Augusta and Louisa by 115 mnjorife.,=John minor Botts was Defeated in Culpepper by Malisey. In Harris Swann Tho Union league candidate received Lour White votes but was elected. A majority of1 the conservatives Are elected in the Valley of Virginia. Radical candidate 1518, conservative 363, for convention 1548. Nottoway county 1500 votes polled for convention 1100. Chesterfield for convention 187, against 221. Petersburg for convention 2482, against 1197. Platte re publican�?T2475, conservative 11c5. Morgan coloured report 7475. Washington oct. 23.�?.louisa, Orange Fairfax Culpepper and Hampton counties have gone Radical. Norfolk county conservative. A the negroes have carried Alexandria county by 604 majority. San Francisco oct. 19�?Tho Golden state Lor Panama takes Over half a million of Dol liars. Passengers senators conness and Stewart and representative Johnson generals s. Mccook and French. The Continental arrived from Mazatlan with a Hundred thousand dollars treasure. A Quot ,i?, oct., 23.�?Tho Cotton merchants voted to request a reduction of the Cotton tax. Hays official maj dirty 2,910.the indians and the Peaco commissioner held another Council at Medicine Lodge. Tho Indiana talked peace. A special dispatch says Tho Revenue Cutter wilderness Savannah Leaky. At an informal ballot of Tho Tennessee legislature the House voted for Brownl Wand the Senato for Stokes. A joint session was held to Day when Brownlow will probably be a elected. Justice Miller ordered Murphy to be taken to West Teunessen to await proceedings in Tho civil courts. Tho Steamer watered arrived at Panama from Callao All Well Ward meetings Aro held in favor and Ward clubs Aro forming in Philadelphia to support Grant. Gen Eta Howard says the negro population has decreased a Over a million and a Quarter Sinco Tho emancipation. St. Louis oct. 23�?flour Weald. Corn firm. Yellow $1 10 Whito $1 10�1 12. Pork $22 50. Shoulders 14o Clear aides 183c. Lard l4�o. New Orleans oot 23.�?last evening Tho City Council adopted a Resolution repealing its existing ordinance for Tho administration of the Publio schools. Tho Republican has Boon enjoined by a petition of one of the members of the school Board from publishing officially said Resolution arid a suit has been instituted against mayor Heath on Tho Samo petition. Washington out. 23.�?Tho National democratic resident executive committee issued a Call to Day fora meeting in Washington on Tho first of november As a preliminary movement to Tho presidential Campaign. Chief Justice Chase has written judge Underwood that he will to Presont at the opening of Tho United states court in Richmond in november. He refers to Tho fact that Davis bail bon4 , , of Quot november but says Ali at if Davis is willing he will take up Tho Case before that time to add to will however remain in Richmond until after Tho u. S. Supreme court meets in december. New York oct. ,23.�?Tho executive committee and National Republican committee met to Day governor Ward of new Jersey chairman and called a meeting of Tho whole committee at Washington december 11th, to name the place and time for the meeting of Tho National Union Republican convention. London out. 21�?2 p. securities Are advancing. Ends 69.Paris oct. 21�?2 p. favourable. Advices rentes have an upward tendency. Bourse firme Liverpool oct. 21�?2 p. unchanged bread stuffs quiet. Tallow declined to45scd. Provisions unchanged. Liverpool oct. 21�?evening.�?�?Cotton closed firm and unchanged. Sales 15,000-Bales. Florence oct 21.�?reports that Garibaldi 1 disappeared from Tho Island of Capr Rajaro reiterated and seem to meet with no contradiction. Rattazzi has resigned and will be succeeded by general Abna Brea. Some bands of insurgents remain in the papal territory. The evacuation is not As completo As. Was previously. Reported. 1 a a London oct. 21___noon a Consols 93a. Bonds Msj. Liverpool oct. 21.�?noon�?Cotton firmer estimated sales 16,000 Bales Uplands 8gd Orleans 8jd. Bread stuffs quiet and unchanged. Produce ats provisions unchanged. Arrived America and st. David. Paris oct. 21.�?no answer has yet been returned by Italy to the ultimatum of Napoleon a a a a a Berlin oct. 21.�?the North German parliament has passed Tho Federal military ser vice Bill. The new postal treaty Between Tho North German confederation and Tho United a states was signed. The parliament has adopted a Domestic postal Law which contains a clause declaring private letters inviolable. London oct. 2j�?evening.�?accounts from the states of the Church Aro very conflicting. To Degram from Florence represent that men Noti Garibaldi not Only maintains his position in roman territory but that his command has been reinforced and hourly growing larger but a dispatch originating in Rome asserts that he with All his followers have fled from Tho papal dominions and abandoned the attempt on Rome. London oct. 21.�?the italian situation is better. It is said Italy has satisfied Tho French demands. Tho transportation of troops to Toulon has been stopped and those ready to sail disembarked. The French War preparations have been countermanded. General Jialdini succeeds Fattizzi As italian Primo minister and will form a new Cabinet whose policy will be anti revolutionary. It Rome oct. 19.�?the French minister at Rome informed the Pope in the name of -poleon.-that whatever might happen the Aid of France to maintain the Pope s temporal. Power would not fail. / a the Garrison of Rome has be Fen reinforced. The town of Orlo y�4as recaptured from the g flrj.hal4�orps, Florence oct. 21.�?a ministerial crisis has. Occurred. Ratazzi has resigned. Men obesity succeeds him. A Ait is reported that Garibaldi escaped from Caprera and is now in Italy. Toulon oct. 21.�?generaidamont Lias arrived. The troops Are now embarking in by a ships including two Iron a lads steam is up and they Are ready to leave to night. A pm is oct. "21.---Tho Moni eur is silent in reference to the preparations for intervention. The Stendard Kays everything is ready at Toulon for the expedition to Rome order to go is withheld until Italy a final reply which May be delayed some hours on account of the ministerial crisis at Florence. Tho Patrie publishes a Telegram that Twenty thousand troops Havo been sent from Lyons to Toulon. Another corps do army is prepared to Ope rate in another direction. La France lays it is certain in any event that Franco will arrive at Rome before Italy. It a stated that Tho italian government declares itself powerless to arrest bands of in a vaders or to protect the holy Reo. Paris oot. 21�?evoning.�?thero is a great excitement at Rogers. Tho French Fleet with troops intended for Romo has loft Toulon. 1 Tho Royal Bank of Liverpool has stopped payment. Debts �4,500,000. It is thought Tho Bank will resume. Tho italian people Aro suspicions that Tho new ministry will to formed. In Napoleons interest and Are pouring in petitions protesting against the desertion of the National cause by Tho government. Tho reports of Garibaldi a escape Aro a contradicted. Reports from Tho papal states Aro conflicting. Telegrams from Florenco represent that Menotti Garibaldi not Only maintains his position by hourly gains strength. Dis a patches from Romo represent that Menotti with All his followers had fled from Tho papal dominions and abandoned Tho attempt on Rome. Liverpool oct. 21.�?Cotton closed firm and unchanged. Sales fifteen thousand Bales. Paris oct. 21�?noon.�?Tho Joni eur announces definitely that Tho expedition to Italy has been countermanded because Italy pledges the Obs Orzanco of Tho treaty. London oot. 21 a 94. Bonds 692. Quot Tho Amsterdam Bank ha9 raised its rate to. 3 per cent. Liverpool oct. 21�?noon.�?Tho failure of the Royal Bank of Liverpool makes the Cotton Market irregular and easier prices lao table unaltered sales probably ten thousand Bales. Corn advanced 45 to 46d. Othera unchanged. London oct. 22�?eve�?Tg.�?consola 93 15-16. g9�. Liverpool october 22�?evening.�?Cotton heavy and lower sales 10,000 Bales Uplands 8 7-16d. Manchester advices unfavourable. Frankfort act. 22. 74i. Liverpool oct. 22.�?Tho american Brig Imogene from new York was lost in Thoi Mediterranean. The brow Wero saved. A London oct. 23�?noon.�?consols firm at 94 Bonds 69g. Liverpool oct. 23�?noon.-�?Gatton firm �,Uplands-8�d orly ans 8.id/j i aiesl2jg00 Balel. Corn advanced 3d.London oct. 23�?2 p. 941-16 Bonds 69j. Liverpool oct. 23�?2 p. firm fair business. London oct. 23�?evening.�?finances unchanged. A Liverpool oct. 23-evoning.�?cottonclosed firm and advancing., up Mas 8 d Orleans 8jd. Sales 1500 Bales. Frankfort oct. 23, 74 Florence out. 23.�?Tho official a e to says a satisfactory change will to made in Tho ministry. Tho fear of French intervention is passed and the. People must sustain Tho King. It is reported that general Cialdini is planning a co�2> d Tai. London oct 23.�?-bread riots Aro reported in Britanny France. Florence a oct. 23.t-Gor�Baldi landed at leghorn. And has Sinco eluded the italian police. I a a Paris oct. 23.�?the emperor of Austria arrived at Nancy on a visit to Napoleon. To stopped a few minutes at Baden Oliero a had a with a ing of Prussia. A Paris oct. 23.�?the Moni eur this moaning in its official article a announcing Tho Ces of station of warlike preparations against Italy a says France beheld the spectacle of an invasion of the papal states by armed bands i from Trio neighbouring provinces of Italy. Bho could not consistently Tveith her duty a dignity and Quot National Honor suffer Tho september convention to be thus violated so she prepared to Send an army across Tho Alps and a Fleet to Rome but Italy has since Given ample pledges to fulfil on her part the obligations of the treaty in the latest sense consequently All hostile preparations have been suspended by France. A. Florence oct. 23�?evening.�?a. Cabinet has been formed with Cialdini at its head. A deputation of romans beg the King of Italy to intervene for liberating Rome. A Menotti Garibaldi is still in Possession of Umbria. Florence oct. 22.-11 is reported that. Garibaldi has not Only eluded Tho vigilance of Quot the government in making his escape but has succeeded in reaching Italy and is now with Menotti Tho ministerial crisis is lot ended. A general Cialdini is unable to Forai a new Cabinet Quot and has Given up Tho task. It is possible for Rattazzi to remain in off co with perhaps a few changes in his ministry. Popular agitation is Verp great extremely bitter feeling is shown against France while Cha government is loaded with reproaches for yielding to Tho dictation of Napoleon. Several demonstrations of indignation have bean shown in Florence Tho populace in great crowds beneath Tho windows of. The govern ment offices shout for Romo a Tho capital of Italy. A. A. The a Indian peace Terry Sanborn and Harney colonel Tappan. Hon. N. G. Taylor commissioner of Indian a affairs and senator Henderson arrived at fort Harker on october 9th, and proceeded to Medicine Lodge Creek 150 Miles South to hold a grand Council with the hostile Savages of the South West. They take with them a Largo amount of annuity goods tobacco and other presents for Tho indians. They will to. Accompanied by an escort of four companies of cavalry and a few pieces of artillery. Par. Ties there say that Tho artillery will never a brought within Twenty Miles of the indians that the indians Aro armed Quot that they Aro Good Man for Man against any troops in the world. This is Tho opinion of men on Tho Borders who have fought indians for Tho last ten years and Are posted in All Tho arts of Indian warfare. Do not waste View of the full Corn cribs of Tho South to feel called upon to caution our people against a to slavish use and wastage of Grain. Notwithstanding Tho great Cereal yield of the Northern and Western states in the aggregate there Lias bees failure of those crops in certain districts which must to supplied from others More fortunate and besides this Thero has sprung up in Europe o very Largo demand for Grain which has to be supplied from Tho United states. Quot we see it estimated that three mil3 lion bushels per week will go Toner York Quot alone throughout Tatj pros ont season. This indicates on a file in of Grain from Tho United states which will probably produce famine prices at Homo before another Harvest Rolls round at least in some parts of Tho country. We say therefore to ally take care of Tho Grain. Montgomery advertiser. Quot a negro observed yesterday for Tho first time funeral Lii of. Was conducted in a very singular manner Rind a was something altogether novel Tous. Tho men Wero dressed in deep Black and the women in White. In front Tho Hearse with All Tho pomp of nodding plumes and draped in a mourning moved slowly while just behind four Jat out men Boro a richly decorated coffin upon their shoulders. Thero must have been some fifteen Hundred persons in Tho procession As it moved silently through Tho streets and altogether it was an impressive though to Peculiar sight. What Tho reason is for having the Hearse before Anbu thened to could not learn nor can to Orleans Picayune. A w. W. Chenery of Belmont mo., is Tho largest owner of imported cattle in Trio United states. A
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