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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 19, 1867, Galveston, Texas Or n by by v Avaya Kyo vol. A Galveston. i Mon my october 19, 1867. No. 54.telegraphic. Also Catt a press. I new Yore oct. 1-1.�?Money in Active demand and closed at 7 per cent on Call. Gold closed Stormy at 144�. Exchange heavy at 9@9�. Governments Dull and heavy. Railway weaker. Treasury balance $109,719,000. A very uneasy feeling prevails regarding Tho Liverpool Cotton Market. The liabilities of Kolii Campbell pc son Are estimated at .c2-ooo.o�oo. New York. Oct 14.�?stocks excited and lower since last Board. Money 7 per cent. Gold 144 j. �?T03 coupons1120112s 6-1, 1083 65, 108� 10-10s, registered 100� coupons -100� 7-ms, second and third series 105� Tennessee is new Issue gl�0gl4. New Yore oct. 14.�? Cotton firmer sales 2,800 Bales 181019c. Flour prime state $9 25011 2g Southern $10 85015 00.�? wheat declining no. 1 $2 3002 38 no. 2 $2 3002 33. Corn quiet la. Lower mixed. Western is 42. Oats quiet declined 1 cent a Western 81 is2&"�?Tp�tk�s�tm��,.22 5� heavy 140�4 a be. Whisky generally Niet. Turpentine 57057 in. $3 750 a a 00. Freights decidedly firm. Arrive Tho Grant from new Orleans and Tho Manhattan from Liverpool. New York oct. 14.�?this evening s commercial says the failure of n. J. La Alli it pc co., Cotton brokers at Loudon Aud Liverpool with a Branch Here following that of Colin Campbell amp co., creates much uneasiness among foreign Bankers. There is an utter want of Confidence in Liverpool firms. It appears that Many have to obviate the effects of open solvency have made private Sot elements with Bankers on favourable terms with Tho understanding that Tho Banks should Continuo to support them. In this Way Tho Price of Cotton has been supported. A further slight decline would bring Down the whole Cotton Trade of Liverpool and ruin Bankers connected with that interest. A combination of capitalists have recently appropriated a million of dollars As a margin in Tho Purchase of Cotton. Tho whole of this margin it is said is wiped out. In w ,.oct,�?T l 1-.-�?Cotton, sales 1.q00.,Bales a fair Quot do Rinaud. Prices stiffer. Low middling 17if. Receipts 1,737 Bales. Exports 247 Bales. Flour litter feeling Usper Fine $10 50. Corn quiet and steadier White 01 40. Oats 75c. Pork a null and nominal at $26.00. Bacon steady and firm. Shoulders 15ic. Clear sides 14 a. Sugar cured hams i 7c �,2sc., All jobbing rates. Lard quiet an firm pierces 14� �,15c., kegs lt�c., sugar and .molasse.1, no Louisiana in first hands. Gold 144. Sterling weak at i few a. New York might 4 Premium. Freights Dull. N a new Orleans pet. 14.�?fever interments to c a. v i �?�"32.&Quot this morning weather Cool. Quot grand jury of this Parish chosen to Day half negroes. Washington oct. 1-1. A Tho Treasury a ice. has advices of the death of a. B. Bonfoy red utly suspended from the collect Tore hip of the fourth District Texas. Judge l. I. Evans recently appointed collector nil to Jirim will succeed him. Quot a number of prominent Southern Railroad men Are Here seeking an Extension of time for Trio payments duo the government Lor rolling Stock. A special dispatch claims that he is is elected in Ohio by 3000. Washington oct. 11.�?tnternal Revenue receipts $147,000. Washington oct. 14. commissioner of Indian affairs has advices favourable to peace with the indians. They will All be represented at the grand Council and prom Iso to Send out no More War parties. Philadelphia oct. 14.�?Tho morning Post ban u special washing dispatch which says a letters have been received Here from Thad Deus Stevens in which he declares his intention to urge upon Congress As soon As it meets in november two great measures essential to Tho safety of Tho country. The first a Iff u general impeachment Law defining offences a upon a which an officer May bo1 a a impeached and expressly declaring that no officer shall continue to exercise Tho Power of his office during his trial. Tho second Law which. Or. Stevens a tends to urge will provide Thau under the authority of Tho Constitution and upon the principles of the declaration of Independence no Stato shall have Power to prohibit any citizens of the United states whatever their a race color or religion May be from voting for. congressmen. This Law will establish impartial Huff Ragu throughout the Union. Lear ing republicans affirm that or. Stevens will be sustained by Congress. Washington oct. 15.�?there Are 130 Kiili try and Many Treasury officers Here and elsewhere waiting for the subsidence of Tho fever to proceed to duty i the fifth military District. Three per cent certificates issued in redemption of compound interest notes cannot be Vised As Tiiu National Banks Reserve their mutilated notes. Mutilated National Bank notes must be redeemed at their respective Banks. Tho comptroller issues new notes Only in packages of t?50<> resolutions Liao been introduced into the Tennessee legislature favouring Grants nomination and Tho the Cotton tax. Tho democrats gain three state senators in Iowa and ter thousand votes. Republican majority 20,000. oct. 15.�?no Cabinet changes unless the Secretary resigns peremptorily which is improbable until alter Tho new Vork election. V new York oct. 15.�?Tho Tribune a special Hays the largest Cotton claimant is Tho former now York Bank Tho president of which went South at the beginning of Tho rebellion with Largo a gum of Money. To claims nine Hun a dred Bales of Cotton captured by so Kermau at Savannah which Tho treasurer refuses to a pay. Newyork oct. 15, excited and heavy Money Active. A Gold 141,-. Sterling unchanged. Governments very heavy. Cotton quiet and steady at i to. New Vokk oct. 15.�?Cotton a Shade firmer Hales 1800 Bales at 19<c. New Orleans oct 15�?Cotton sales 1300 Bales demand Active mostly for Export. Prices still Low middling 17ic. Receipts ig5 Bales. Corn quiet and steady Whito $1 3801 40. Oats 90c. Pork nominal at $20 50.&Quot Bacon quiet and firm shoulders 151c., Clear sides 19 c. Hams sugar cured�?28c. Gold 111. Sterling 1gg. Ordinary names hard to pass. New York sight i Premium. New Orleans oct. 15�?the interments from fever to six of clock this morning thirty Nino. The time of holding the Louisiana agricultural fair has been postponed until 7th january. Baltimore oct. 15.�?governor Swann reviewed the militia six thousand in line. It passed off without an unpleasant incident. New York oct. 15.�?a dispatch was received by we. P. Converse amp co., of this City dated new Orleans to Day from j. F. Cald Well Secretary Howard association saying that the epidemic is declining and to please notify the benevolent of All parties making collections for us to Stop. We have enough funds to carry us through Washington oct. 15. state department has advices from Malta to september 20. The cholera had appeared. A dispatch from Harrisburg says shars Woods majority is 744. The republicans have fifteen majority on joint ballot. Revenue receipts $231,000.randall has purchased a site for a new Postoff Iee in Boston. Beauregard had an interview with Grant to Day. Generals Ord and Pope Are expected Here to Morrow. Quot Treasury department oct. 15.�?Tho department is prepared to give five Twenty Bonds of 1867 in Exchange for seven and three tenth notes interest to be charged on the Bonds Aud allowed on the notes up to the time of conversion notes to be forwarded to the assistant treasurer at new York or to the department Here at the risk and expense of the holders Tho Bonds to be returned at the risk Aud expense of the department. Hugh Mccurl Loci Secretary of the Treasury. The Light House at South Point Marsh Island one of the. Shell keys la., was destroyed during the recent storm. Washington oct. 15.�?in general conversation regarding the Southern railroads general Grant expressed himself to Tho effect that they have been managed with great Energy Aud that inability to pay the indebted to Ness to Luthc Atases l . Beyond the control of Tho managers. He favors the Extension of time in All cases. Washington oct. 15, Herald contains Tho following analyses of the Ohio election at the election for congressmen in Ohio last year the republicans carried sixteen out of Nineteen districts of the state. The democrats elected their candidates ill the 5th, 12th and 13th districts by a majority of two Hundred and seventy one which Columbus do la no the Defeated candidate is now contesting. At the election on the 8th iust., the democrats 12 fit of the tit districts and came within a Hundred of carrying or three others. In the two districts carried by them last year and not contested these majorities increased from 2g57 to 5701 in the 5th District from 3210 to c002 in the 12th District while in the 13th, which is living contested the democratic majority increased from 271 to 1819. In every Republican District the majorities Are Cut Down immensely. In the 7th District which gave Hon. Samuel Shellabarger 2171 majority last year the radicals escaped with a Bare 95 majority at the recent election while in Tho 8th District the majority was reduced from 1852 tog2. In Tho 2d District the Radical candidate was Defeated by nearly 1000 votes. General Casey his successful opponent although personally in favor of negro suffrage is opposed to forcing it upon any state and pledged himself to Tho democratic party to oppose any measure looking to the Pii Sago of a Bill by Congress a franchising the Blacks either in the North a or South. To May therefore be regarded Asau opponent of Tho congressional policy of reconstruction. The most significant failure about these districts is the revolution in the 10th District. This is represented by or. J. M. Ashley Tho member of Congress who brought in articles of impeachment against the president. As will to seen Tho Repoli. Can loss is 2,041, giving the democrats a majority of 124 in the District. Memphis 15. fever is abating and the excitement subsiding. Twenty four new cases and seven deaths up to noun to Dav Tho lever is of a mild Type. New York oct. 15.�? Sloney Active closed at 7 per cent. Gold weaker closed at 143j. Exchange Dull weak at-109j@109a. Government securities firmer at close. Stocks broke Down under the pressure to sell and lower prices inn la mining shares heavy and in sub Treasury nearly one Hundred and twelve millions. New York oct. 1g.�?sterling, time 9.� sight 9�. Money Active at 7 per cent. Virginia a i Al n>47. Gold 143j. Flour less Active. Wheat Dull and dry opium. Ceru la better. Oats 1 it it 2c bettor. 1 it pork decidedly lower at s21 93 22 00. Lard quiet. Cotton quiet at 19c. Freights firm. Turpentine 55i i3gc. Rosin Dull common 5uc. Philadelphia oct. 15.�?this evening officers aug lieu who were info Era gut silent at the capture of new Orleans held a meeting to a organize a systematic Effort to obtain prize Money claimed to be duo them for captures at that place. There was a Large attendance ail a spirit of determination was Sihau infested to press their claims on Congress. A letter was read from Butler in reference to his Bill before Congress authorizing the payment of said prize Money. ,.Washington,. Oct. .1c,, new York times Couch used an editorial As follows a two Are inclined to think that Tho Northern states will not surrender their own rights quite so complacently As As they Liao consented to the overthrow of those of Tho Washington oct. 1g�?colonel Gilbert has been implicated in destroying a Arkansas printing office Ami fined our thousand dollars Aud reduced to Captain taking Tho foot of Tho list. Mansfield a oct. 1g�?the president of Tho Vicksburg packet company has contracted Lor Tho Semi weekly mail Between Vicksburg and new Oil cans for $25,000. Tho former contractors will to prosecuted for failure. New York ocl 1g.�?arrived, steamships Ariadne from Guf Mcston and Fulton from Havre. Washington oct. 1g.�?Tho picture of two children leading a horse which was sold at Tho dead letter of Loco was claimed to Day to to portraits of two dec Asod children. Tho claimants say Tho loss of Tho picture was Moro deeply Felt than All their property swept away by the War. Tho claimants reside at Columbia South Carolina. Or. Cevely third assistant postmaster general at whose instance the notice was telegraphed will restore the picture at once. Tho House committee to inquire into the Southern railroads and to arrive at an equitable adjustment of Railroad indebtedness to the government consisting of j. W. Mallory chairman Ulysses Mercer f. Sawyer and general Washburn accompanied by n. G. Ordway sergeant at arms of the House of representatives s. D. Lloyd messenger and Captain f. P. Meigs clerk leave to Morrow for Richmond where a they Quot will remain a couple of Days and thence proceed via Lynchburg and Knoxville to Atlanta Chattanooga and Nashville or they May go from Richmond to Charleston and Savannah and thence via Macon to Atlanta. Hon. D. W. Voorhies and Hon. Thomas b. Florence were serenaded to night and addressed a Large crowd. Washington oct. 1g.�?s25�?zg90,000, Coin interest on 5-20�?Ts is due payable the first of november. Revenue to Day. $272,000. ,. A w. I a Coli was appointed cd la Etoi of customs for set Onria. Texas vice Charles Taylor deceased. Senator Nye will stump new York on behalf of the radicals. The inquest of evidence Over the victims of a riot at Springfield mass., show that the state constables fired into the crowd after Tho riot had been subdued. Six Hundred Brooklyn and new York shop keepers have been reported for violations of the Revenue. The following decisions have been made when a deed is made for real estate sold for United states government taxes after the time of redemption is past it must contain a recital of the facts and Tho form must be in accordance with the Laws of the state in which the real estate is situated on the subject of sales under execution. Sugar Cane is a farm product but sugar is not. A person who manufactures sugar to an amount exceeding one thousand dollars per annul pays a special tax though Cane producing sugar be Mado on his own farm. A a dispatch from Vicksburg says no deaths have occurred for forty eight hours. The president has not ordered or requested the attendance of the District commanders. Richmond oat. 10.�?Tho nominations of Marina Duke Johnson. , a. M. Taylor Thos. J. Evans and a. H. Sands gives satisfaction to the conservatives and the ticket will be Well supported As the ticket of the moderate republicans. Richmond va., a oct. 1g.�?a convention ticket nominated by moderate republicans with or. Alex. Sharp the brother in Law of general Grant at the head and Field Cook a mulatto preacher at the Tail meets with favor but the conservatives ticket spoils the a a a Gunser Hatiye republicans effect. It is thought the Best men from both tickets May be taken to make a Compromise. The indies of the Oakwood memorial association Are holding a Bazar to raise funds for the Graves of the Confederate dead in that cemetery. It is very successful. The state horticultural and Homological exhibition is now being yield. The Hall is crowded to night with the first people of the City to hear general Wise. He made a powerful speech of two hours and reviewed the past. He advised the people to devote themselves to agriculture and labor and generally to develop the resource of the state and recover their material Prosperity. Or. Alex. Sharp brother in Law of general Grant and postmaster of this Eity will publish a card in to Morrow s dispatch positively declining the nomination tendered by the mod Erale republicans for the convention. Colonel Chalfin in a letter to the registrars of Culpepper county explains that Only persons who Are entitled to Register under the Law Are eligible to the convention As delegates. A person who was clerk of a county court be fore the War and As such took the oath to support the Constitution of Tho United states Aud afterwards engaged in rebellion is no eligible to the convention. New Orleans oct. 1g.�?special orders no. 1g2 removes the sheriff and clerk of Tho 4th judicial District court Parish of st. Landry for being obstacles to reconstruction Aud appoints others to fill their places. The same order also removes the City Council of the City of Jefferson for passing a ordinance for the election of City officers in violation of special orders no. 7, current series. There Wert Twenty eight deaths by yellow fever to Day. At the present rate of decrease theft yer will soon cease to be epidemic. New Orleans oct. 16�?sugar Dull Market Bare of Louisiana a Cuba no. 12, 13c. Molasses a few barrels of Louisiana in Market Aud is held at 70c. Cuba is held at 55c. Flour quiet superfine a 10 00 treble extra s13 50 7,000 bbl. Received to Dav 23,000 bbl expected per barges now due. Corn steady mixed is 37 White is 39. Oats firmer 75c. Bacon firm shoulders 15�c. Clear 19ic.�? pork inactive i2g 50. A lard quiet and firm 15c. Tierce Lac. Keg. New Orleans oct. 1g.�?Cotton, sales of 1250 Bales. Receipts 943 Bales. Low middling 17i@18c. Gold 143 i. Sterling 1541 0158j. New York sight Premium. Texas cattle first Quality s50 it i sg5 2d do $35� $45 per head. Texas cows with calves $20. Stock on Sale 157 head sheep first Quality $4 a. 1 new York oct 1g�?cottou a Shade firmer sales 1g95 Bales at 19nc Coffee Dull. Flour Stato $9 35@i1 15- Southern $11 15. Wheat. 2@lc lower. Com held at last noon a Advance and closed Dull Western mixed $1 43 @1 45 new White $1 15�1 16. Oats Active. Pork $21 22�23 24. Lard drooping at. 13i@14ic. Whisky quiet. A Rice lower. Sugar quiet. Turpentine 55jc. Rosiu 31 38c. Tallow 12012,c. Freights firm. New York oct. 1g.�?02 coupons 112 new Issue of 63 104 10-40s 100i 7-30s 105 Gold 143j. A new York oct. 16.�?-Money Active and More difficulty experienced by brokers in super plying a wants. Only Gilt edged paper discounted. Prime names Range up to 9 per cent. Gold closed firm at 1433�143i. Ster a a lug nominal at 109i@109o. Governments closed firmer and in better demand. Stocks closed weak and lower. Balance in sub Treasury $113,000,000. Charleston s. C., oct. 10.�?in Cotton the demand is Active with an upward tendency in prices sales 550 Bales with an Advance of la. Middling 17jc. Sailed Tho Steamer prometheus. Charleston a. C., oct. Bryan of the United states court in a Case to Day testing the Validity of the panel of a jury drawn of voters and of tax payers irrespective of color decided that although the act of Congress of 1864, required the jurors to be drawn As prescribed by the legislature of each respective state yet that this must be construed in reference to the change created by Tho War he hold that Congress As now constituted was the Legal Congress of the a a whole country that the reconstruction act of Congress conferring suffrage upon the negro was valid and was the provisional not constitutional Law of the state. To held that president Johnson had no Power to restore any seceding state to Trio Union. He held there was no Legal government or state Constitution in South Carolina and that under the existing provisional government Tho reconstruction acts of Congress were the supremo Law Aud the Constitution of the Stato. New York oct. 16.�?daring the hurdle race at Tho Jerome Park the Mare Neritta fell killing her rider instantly. The Champion Kentucky will not Start against time till the track is bettor. Wilmington oat 10�?middling a no Law middling lg@18c. Havana oct. 15. Steamer Raleigh arrived. Port Rico finances deplorable. Flour abundant. The Steamer Isabel sailed for Cadiz for More troops. Everything appears quiet at san Dimingo lag Ira. Insurgents nearly annihilated. New duties in Coffee forty Cocoa sixty per cent. Key West october 15.�?schooner. Willio Carryer Chilcher put in she sprung her format and lost some sails. Schooner Adelia Townsend from Mobile put in having split sails. It.Washington. Special by Telegraph to now Orleans times Washington oct. 14.�?chief Justice Chase returned this evening from Ohio. He goes to Baltimore to Morrow to hear the Case upon writ of Heleas Corpus allowed Somo weeks since returnable oct. 15th, to bring before my coloured persons alleged to be detained illegally under the apprentice Laws of Maryland which is alleged to be in violation of the civil rights act of Congress. It is generally reported on Tho Street to Day that the president has sent for general Fri Ihk Blair to come hero and charge of the War department As successor to Stanton but there is no Good ground for Tho report in fact there is authority for saying that no selection has been made for that office Tho president having determined to canvass Well Tho Quali a fictions of persons suggested for the position. Whoever shall Tako the Placo will receive an appointment outright As Quot Secretary of War vice e. M. Stanton under the Law As it existed prior to the passage of the tenure of office act a which is held by the administration to be unconstitutional. In this opinion or. Stau ton concurred when the Bill was passed and to himself prepared a portion of the veto message denying the Power of Congress to pass such an act. Tho removal of Stanton being accomplished in a manner herein indicated the. President will simply Send his message to the Senate nominating a b to Secretary of War vice Stanton removed. By this Means it is expected in Case Tho nominee be rejected that possibly Stanton May claim that he shall to reinstated but toeing out of the office to will to compelled to seek his Legal Rene. Dytis mandamus or any other Model if there be any other pointed out by Law. This will bring the question As to the constitutionality of the tenure of office act before the supreme court for adjudication and by its decision the right of Stanton to hold the office will be decided. Under the old Law the executive had the Power to suspend or remove and the suspension of or. Stanton was adopted for the time being abundant caution and in order that this act might also be within the terms of the tenure of office Bill but it was in the first instance the purpose of the president to make an absolute removal of or. Stanton sooner or . Such Are in substance the views and purposes of the executive on this subject. Special to Tho new Orleans Picayune Washington oct. 14.�?official financial circles have been thrown into intense excitement by the announcement a on the authority of Able experts that the alleged counterfeits of 7-30 Bonds which were presented at the Treasury the other Day ar0�?~ genuine. It is believed that they a re an Over Issue. It seems to be pretty Well settled among Tho knowing ones that general Grant will be put Forward by Tho radicals As their candidate Forth presidency. His entire sympathy with that party May now i think be accepted As fully established. General Steilman is a till Here. It is expected that general Sherman will return to Washington in a few weeks. Military District of Louisiana Are almost deserted in consequence of the epidemic the chair of Tho adjutant general seeming very fatal to All who attempted to fill it. General Baldy who relieved lieutenant Burbank was stricken with the fever and lieutenant Lee 39th infantry took his place. In a Sciort time he was similarly prostrated and lieutenant degress assumed the position. Of saturday to too was Quot Mizoi by the yellow Ravager so that every officer of the staff is Down. General Mower is therefore kept particularly Busy. In Tho morning at 9 of clock he visits Headquarters District of Louisiana and transacts All the business appertaining to that command for th�?Tff1 remainder of the business a Day he is engaged by the duties of the filth military District. To Ato glad to Stato that none of the officers of his staff Are considered in a dangerous state. The Community will be glad to learn that general Hartsuff is improving. A stationed to prevent vehicles a rattling Over Tho Stony Street in Tho Vicinity of his residence and Tho physicians think this precaution saved his life. The cessation of Tho noise allayed Tho extreme nervous irritation and permitted Tho patient to enjoy a sound sleep which has Dono much to restore his strength. A x. 0. Times. Kankakee 111., Gazette says Thero Are nine thousand acres of fax in that county this year. Its growth of Straw is said to be unusually Large. This crop is found to to remunerative to Tho Farmer. The Fanka key Ilax Mill expects to use up the product of these nine thousand acres this year. Thero Are Twenty thousand civil service employees of Tho government in London. E1it us Ipie a m m e w a. London oct. 14�?2 p. unchanged. Liverpool oct. 14�?2 p. quite Active. It is believed sales will reach 20,00 1-Bales. Quotations unchanged. Prices unchanged. Bread stuffs buoyant. Corn 4.5s. and produce unchanged. Southampton oct 1g.�?Steamer Tywonde Roga arrived. London oct. 14�?noon.�?consols 915-1g. Bonds 71 a. Liverpool oct. 14�?noon�?Cotton firmer middling Uplands 81d Orleans 81d. Estimated sales 14,000 Bales. Corn45@49s. Wheat 140193 Whito California 176. Provisions unchanged. Rosin common 8s cd medium 17s. Turpentine 27s. Liverpool oct. 14�?evening.�?Cotton Active during the Day and slightly advanced. Sales 20,000 Bales. Uplands 8 5-Lgd Orleans 8 l-16d.London oct. 15�?2 v. .94 Bonds 715-16 b tciilier3 3rs2. P. ? a firm and favourable bread stuffs More quiet com 49s., red wheat 15a. California 17s. Lard 55s. Liverpool oct. 15.�?Cotton closed stronger and slightly advanced. Middling Uplands 8jd. Orleans 8.jd. Corn declined 6 l London oct. 1g.�?evening.�?consols 93 5-20s 71 a. Frankfort oct. 1g.�?evening.�?Bonds 73,1. A. Liverpool oct. 16.�?evening.�?Cotton closed stronger at slight Advance. Middling Uplands 60d. Orleans god Salos 15,000. Balea. Florence oct. 15, a. bands which entered Tho papal states at different Points on the Eastern and Southern Frontier have concentrated at Frozen or under All notel Garibaldi in accordance Quot critic general Garibaldi a directions Florence oct. 15�?evening.�?excitement is caused by the nows from Tho South Whick has just been received. A Battle has beet i fought near Arbeloa in Tho province of froze Nore Between Garibaldi volunteers and the pontifical troops. A Strong detachment of .papaljzp.uave. A was sent from Homo during the latter part of last week to prevent a Junction of the insurgent bands Quot in Frozin Ore with the party under Lenotti which was reported to be in that province. They Wera unsuccessful in accomplishing their object and we to obliged to meet the United forces of Tho insurgents under Tho command of Al Monotti Garibaldi in person. A desperate fight took place outside the town of Vienna. The papal zouave were badly beaten losing heavily in killed and. Wounded. The Garibald ians lost five killed and 15 wounded. No report is Given of the number engaged on either Side. Paris oct. 15.�?it is reported that if the condition of affairs around Rome should become critical the Popo will leave and take Refugo in Bavaria where lie Lias been offered an Asylum. Great activity prevails in the Toulon naval Arsenal. Garibaldi has issued another address prevailing and urging upon the italian nation to Ltd Mazzini has issued a manifesto urging the patriots of Rome to Rise and proclaim for the Republic. If pressed the Pope will Talio Refuge in Bavaria. A a three Hundred Garibald ians who blocked the Road to Monte liberate have been driven away. Menotte Garibaldi drove Tho papal troops into Monte mag Iris. London oct. 16.�?Tho fenian alarm is spreading. The government receives Many a a dispatches announcing the possible plans of the brotherhood. Troops and gunboats Arfi being sent to Ireland and the entire Western coast is guarded. It. London oct. 16,1 evening Italy dispatches Are very important., the press of Italy almost without exception favor the seizure of Rome by the italian government. The strength of the a party of action increases hourly and the recent successes give them. New courage. Sharp fights have occurred near for Nesco and other Points in the province of Viterbo in All which the insurgents were successful. The Popo has called a immediate meeting of the cardinals to consider the situation ,. Liverpool oct. firm. London oct. 16�?a wild Rumor of thu fenian planning an attempt to seize the Queen at Balmoral has caused the household guard to he doubled. Florence oct 16�?the papal troops Are falling Back on Rome. Paris oct. 16.�?it is reported that Spain has tendered Napoleon assistance in sustaining Tho papal Power. Prince Napoleon and Eugenie have at st. Cloud. London oct. 1g.�?noon. Mace bal Dwin fight has been indefinitely postponed on account of the arrest of Mace. Finances unchanged. Sugar 26d. Liverpool oct. 16.�?Cotton unchanged. Sales 15,000 Bales. Bread stuffs Dull. Arrived steamship peruvian. The Germania departed on 2d, returned with screw broken and goes into oct 16.�?evening�?consols 94� Bonds declined 1-16. Frankfort oct. 16.�?Bonds 74. A Liverpool out. 16.�?corn 48s 3d. An a a honest Cashiers not Long ago the. Cashier of a Well known Bank informed the directors that to wished to resign. He War supposed to de a poor Man in Tho comparative sense and they asked him if he could afford to resign. ,. A yes a said the cashier a if i could not i would a How is that to thought that you had nothing but your a a gentlemen a said to perfectly Cool and Frank a i have used the Money of Tho Bank used it liberally. But the Bank has not Losi anything. I saw chances Mado the Best i them and returned every Dollar i took i have enough now and want to resign. Have the books examined you will find every thing straight. It May have been wrong to use your Manoy but theron a nothing lost and its not Worth your while to make any they did not Mako any trouble and the Lucky cashier is now a member of the Best society in new from Ireland to new York has suddenly and greatly increased
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