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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 16, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi weekly. X t cd by not o it Volt a xxv Lyo vol. , wednesday morning october 16, 1867. No. 53.telegraphic. I associated press dispatches new Yolk oct. 11.�?cotton declined a. Sties 2,018 Bales. Flour unsettled state so �$11, Southern $10 75�$15. Wheat Amber Batto s2 90. Mixed Western com $1 37� $1 41. Oats select Southern 82c. Mess Polc <���?�1 50. Lard heavy. Groceries Dull. Naval stores quiet. Freights firm. Moie lots of counter bit Treasury notes appeared Tho express says Thoro is a growing belief in an Over Issue and dealers refuse to up Richuso notes. Newyork 0t. 11.�? stocks Stormy. Money 7 per cent. Gold l-13.i. �?T62 coupons 112g. Yirginiav0.s -15. New y6h�?. 11.�?flour 5�10c lower. Wheat l@2c lof�?., com be lower. Oats la lower. Pork $23 00. Lard quiet. Cotton a Lull at 18j@l?c. Freights Jinn. Turpentine Dull at 57�c. Rosin duh common $3 so. Stocks Stormy especially Eris and now York Oey Antral. Money 7 per cent. Gold 143 g. �?T62 coupons 112. Virginia is 1g. New Orleans oct. 11.�?cotton, pales 1,000 Bales irregular Low middling 19ie. Receipts 1.g89 Bales exports 2,115 Bales Stock on hand 23,397 Bales. Tour Dull and Droop i ing safer Iuo �10 50 double extra Sll 25� 11 50. Com Dull Aud drooping White si�?~1.0 mixed $1 35. Oats unchanged 75c. Pork ?2g 50. Bacon quiet and Linn shoulders 15jc Clear sides a he. Sugar cured hums 27 it it 28ic, All jobbing rates. Lard firm pierces 15c. Gold 141, Sterling 5g@58. New York sight i per cent Premium. A new Orleans oct. 11.�?rlnteriucnt.s from yellow fever up to six of clock this morning forty nine cases. Nev York a oct. 11.�?the National Lank company pronounce spurious Tho Soveun thir tie3. Counterfeits. The amount traced to this City is one Hundred and Twenty thousand dollars. Tho principal holders arc yeririelya.�&-co., thirty four thousand Jay Cook amp co., thirty thousand ten of which Camo from Tho. Fisk Hatch a co., ten thousand Niue. Of which came from Ohio South Wick it co., eleven thousand. Other firms smaller amounts. Nearly idl Casio from Tho having no copy of the genuine it is impossible to detect tile counterfeit of the seven a thirties. It was discovered at the Treasury Only by. Duplicate numbers. Tho engravers Ray the work was not done in this country there being 110 one sufficiently skillful Here who would prostitute his skill. A a. Washington oct. 11.�?All parties concede Hayes election by Anijo to 25m . A despatch from a Adjui Octie source a Uii Ladelphia. Gives returns from sixty six counties of Pennsylvania which was received a it Tho age of lick in. Philadelphia up to ten this eve Uii and make the democratic majority iii the state 5765. Considerable excitement exists in the democratic circles regarding �1 supposed Atten a nit Fri ii t Crl Uii Tower aril s of. Philadelphia. To turn thu majority in Tho City in favor the republicans by stealing tie boxes a a on taxiing tii i ballots. A 15a a Hington oct. 11.�?not a word through a Picillar chamels from Ohio to this hour 1 it clock. Washington oct. 11, 2 30 r. dispatch from Columbus Ohio says it will take returns to decide who is governor. Washington oct. 11.�?there is a nothing through regular channels or private dispatches to change Tho report forwarded at noon. Pennsylvania is regarded Safe by democrats while official count will be required to. Decide Ohio us to governorship Tho chances slightly favouring Hays. Tho figures for the Ohio legislature sent yesterday prove Correct on closer count. Washington october 11.�? Tho Hartford Conn times spa this is Tho first time in thirteen years that the democrats Havo carried a majority of Tho towns in this state. We Havo gained Over Twenty towns this fall. Washington oct 11.�?-Tho Philadelphia age stables make share Wood a majority 5,355. The press calculates Williams majority at god. Washington oct. 11.�?Tho proposed ser a a Aile was peremptorily forbidden by Tho president. Tho new York times special is Good authority for a statement that Tho president announced that in View of the receipt elections to would Nikko Clia jigs in the Cabinet. The heralds special denies All rumours of Cabinet changes. Probably some changes May to made before Tho next session of Congress hut none Are yet determined upon. The world s special friends of Tho administration ale confident of important Chunges iii the Cabinet to to followed by wholesale decapitation of . Trio president will take a stand which will astonish Tho country. . Ewing and e. Earning arts mentioned As Secretary of the Trens wry. Seward will probably Send his resignation from Auburn and Reverdy Johnson can to his successor. The Tribune a special save Tho president be serenaded on thursday night when he will Delino his future policy. It is generally believed that changes will to made in the Cabinet stand that sex governor Seymour a vill succeed Sev Ard. F. P. Blair Mcclernan and Ewing Are named for Tho War office. Bluck and Cowan Are mentioned As successors of Mccall och. General Howard is to to sent to Tho Plains and judge Holt got rid of. Washington oct. 11.�?it is highly probable that the Cabinet with the exception of Stan Bery and Welles will to changed but whether before or after the new York elections is doubtful. The democrats however Aro urging an Early organization and Are discussing Tho president s refusal of a serenade last night. The intelligencer says Tho voices of a whole people redeemed regenerated Anil Dis enthralled Aro joined in one great put Ean of thanks. New Yoke oct. 11.�?thoiiorald editorially says the recent elections do not Donoto. Democratic victories let that Tho Republican element of the country has stepped aside to rebuke its leaders. Tie world editorially says 1 a the elections Aro an la la Jivu unanimous veto upon the policy of Tim party in Tho times editorially says a it lies elections indicate no increased Confidence in Tho . Ratie party,.but a imply a reaction against extreme acts and measures of Tho Republican party Puiul convey an admonition which it ought to to salutary to Tho the Tribuno editorially says a a Tho vital principle of Tho to Quinn democracy will March on through to inevitable Anil conclusive Triumph through what Vor trials. The great party will move on to Tho arduous but inevitable Achi event of equal rights for a the journal of Commerce says a the Republican leaders vainly thought they coi ild Lead 1 he whole nation to Trio consummation of the wildest unconstitutional projects but Tho More of the masses refused to follow. If Tho elections a do nothing More than Divide parties More equally and thus Check party arrogance the effect has not been lost. A Tho Sun says a the mass of the Northern people desire a reconstruction policy giving Security against future rebellion and Are opposed to spiteful schemes of the Republican extremists and through the elections they have spoken and if the Republican party would save itself for their reverses it must cast overboard Tho vagaries of certain Lead a to Era. There was a Cabinet session of an hour and. A half. All the departments were represented. The Baltimore american places Grant for president at the head of its columns. A the customs for the week ending october 5th Are $2,-100,000, the internal Revenue $351,000. -. The Revenue Cutter wilderness sails ii monday from Charleston. Ground rent deeds should b.3 stamped the same As other conveyances of real estate. To i a cry department i _ Washingion oct. 12,1807. J in accordance with your Oral instructions i Havo the Honor to make the following report in. Reference to the counterfeit seven thirty a notes of the denomination of s100o, second series dated Juno 15, 1805 1 the notes of this denomination and series were All printed in this department with four Noil a upon each Sheet and Tho notes were lettered respectively a a c Aud d. All the counterfeits yet presented Bear the Check letters a or b. I have 3�?Tet seen none with either c or d. It May Well be however that cos or Dos Aro in circulation because both the a and denotes Are evidently printed from one and the same plate the Check letter being altered by thu counterfeiter after printing a portion. It therefore Niay have been altered to j or d after printing the a and b. The most obvious Points of difference be?., tween the genuine and counterfeits a Are in the size of the Seal in the numbering in the Central Vignette in the fibr Der of the lathe. Work in the counters and in the treasurer s signature. The details of the differences Are As follows a \ it a a the counterfeit Seal is one sixteenth of an Inch larger than the genuine and of iii. A Dill Ruee in is due to to i it Points of the Seal alone Points being longer than tie it Naim. The Central portions of the Seal ate of the in both the. Counterfeit and the genuine. The Ink of the counterfeit sea is of a lighter red than the genuine. A of the counterfeit a a a pm lbs Fri i .ui�?T a a it in Ihfe a Tigre a fiut Are printed with a Dixie rent Ink. The genuine biters a metallic Lustre while the counterfeit is Dull and Leaden. A tri Ifni a the expression of the. Face in the counterfeit female figure is very different from the genuine As the eyes arc larger and More open cum larger and neck narrower than in the original. The convolutions of the lines forming the. Clouding at the right of the female figure Are Moro a Latte used in their curves in the counterfeit than in Tho original. The clouding under the figure is slight Aud indistinct in the counterfeit Niak nig Tho space of tween the figure Quot and the words a Treasury department lighter in the counterfeit than in the original. / the letters forming the word a Piuri Bush 011 the shield at the Leit hand of the figure Are Well defined in the original but in the counterfeit they Are irregular and compressed and Tho lines do not form perfect letters. There Many other minute Points of difference a Thep Central Vignette particularly in the drapery which a careful comparison will disclose. the Border of the counterfeit note Tho Black Central Star has Points of very irregular length while those in the genuine to perfectly regular and uniform in their length. The counterfeit has Moro White space about the Central Star than the genuine Aud. The Black dots around the White space which Are perfectly concentric in their Arrau Hemenc in the Gesuino note Are irregular Aud a not concentric in the counterfeit while about the Star in the Coupon the Border is larger Aud clearer in the genuine than in the counterfeit. Aud the work Between the stars in the counterfeit is compressed giving tie counterfeit Coupon Border a Muddy look while the Gesuino is Clear and sparkling. _. the Black counters of the 1000 the Central spurs on the figures a ire nearer each other in Tho counterfeit than in the original and Tho Cyphers in the counterfeit Are More Oblong in the Green tint counter. Of the 1000 the round Spur at the left hand foot of Trio figure 011 the genuine note cuts into the head shaped Centre of the lathe work while in the counterfeit it is entirely Clear of it. A a Jiin i re in the first letter of Tho treasurer s is oat uru the Cross big of the a a ends of the hair lines of the upi5eraud lower portions of Tho letter a of a in Tho original form to Small triangular space of White and this White space is wanting in the the Gesuino note there is a Well defined Cross Lino at Tho top of the capital a a us in Tho word a a United a a under Tho treasurer s signature but in Tho counterfeit there is Only a. Faint Lizio connecting Tho tops of Tho letter. Thoro Are Many other Points of difference not necessary to detail As those above recited will Lead any expert to detect the others. Tho Back of the counterfeit note has Many strik ing Points of Dille Ronco from the genuine. Among them it May to Only necessary to notice that Trio Cycloid work upon which the words a pay to bearer Aro engraved is much Darker Aud heavier in Tho counterfeit than in Tho genuine Are up Irso Aud Clear. Tho Square Tablet which encloses the Cycloid work in Tho counterfeit is nearer to Tho Tablet which encloses Tho terms of option than in Tho genuine. In Tho Date of option of Juno 15th, 1863, Tho a it lib in the Jtj no 15 is near to the figures �?o1sgs�?� in the genuine Whilo in Tho counterfeit they Aro some distance from Tho figures. The expert in noting these differences will scarcely fail to notice Many others which exist but which it is deemed unnecessary to extend this report by noting in detail. A i Havo the Honor to be very respectfully your obedient servant. S. M. , chief of division. To Lluisi. Llusa us Cullel a Secretary tre Miry. Washington oct. 12.�?the application for Pardon of r. M. T. Hunter was written soon after Tho close of the War. His expressions of approval apply to Johnson a and not to Tho congressional plan of reconstruction. Revenue receipts to Day $391,000. Receipts for the week $2,500,000. For the fiscal year to Date $61,814,000. General Schofield returns to Richmond tomorrow. Franklin a in face was serenaded fit Concord n. H., on wednesday night and said a a i warn you my friends to note the fact that these triumphs whatever they May be Aro no party Tritt mph. Tho people Havo risen in their majesty with a consciousness of their Power Aud disregarding party lines and party aspirations Havo been silently considering what belongs to them their children and the country. I think Tho great Battlo has been fought Aud won. If the results Aro significant in nothing else they Aro in this that the we into race our race the German italian French Irish Scoth Anil Anglo Saxon people Are still to be the controlling poster on this v the Superior court of new York 011 an Appeal has decided the Garner Case in Yovor of mrs. Tyler. Tho Republican majority in Iowa is estimated at 20,000. Tho gubernatorial result in Ohio cannot be known positive a until tuesday. A Richmond oct. 12.�?general Imboden will apply to the United states District court for. A writ of mandamus to compel the registering officer to Register his name. In Case the court refuses to Grant the writ to will Appeal to the supreme court of the United states and thus test Tho Validity of Tho oath required by the reconstruction act and demonstrate what virtue there is in the Pardon accorded by the president to the excluded classes. Tho chief of the freedmen a Bureau has received a letter from Norfolk explaining Tho troubles of the Taylor farm. The negroes have been allowed to remain there up to this time unmolested. Taylor was pardoned rep re than a year ago. He Lias been endeavouring to get them Oil but they have persistently refused to leave. Few Days. Fince a a party went out from Norfolk a accompanied by an agent of the Bureau to persuade them to leave offering places 011 general Wise s Faim which is still in the bands of Tho government. They assembled together and through their spokesman refused All offers of a a Compromise declaring that the president has no right to Pardon Taylor Aud that they would remain on the farm and defend what they considered their. Property against All Comers. Steps will be taken to exec them by civil process. There has been 110 outbreak As yet and 110 armed demonstration was no Ade. The conference was a Yea to Able one but it is feared that trouble will a grow out of it att Ujj Ood May be shed before the squatters will ,. It a a a 1 r the Board of director of Tho chamber of Commerce held their first sheeting this evening Aud organized the Board of registration close cats books last evening. During Tho five Days there were registered in this City 189 Whites t57 Blacks which Alcaves the Black majority nearly the same As before. The african Church has been refused to the Republican mass nominating convention and it will to held in Capitol Square monday.-. A meeting is being held now to in to Prepa a rations for it. Hunnicutt and Underwood will doubtless to two of the five delegates a it general Buregard leaves in the morning for Washington. New Yolk oct. 12.�?cotton Moro steady sales 2500 Bales. Middling Uplands 18c flour the Mer state $9 10�$11 25 Southern $10 75@$15. Wheat Active 2@3c. Better. Corn 2e. Better. Mess pork $22 co. Lard 14�14ic. Freights higher. Baltimore oct. 12.�?cotton very Dull. Middling 18jc. Flour quiet and firmer. Wheat firm. Corn declined 3�5c. Oats lower 70@72c. Provisions steady and us changed. Ill. St. Louis oct. 12.�?tobacco nominally unchanged. Flour very firm. Wheat steady and firm prime red $2 40@$2 -12. Corn very Dull mixed White is 03�$1 01 yellow $1 05 Choice White is 11. Oats higher fancy White Csc. Choice 67c. Prime g5 to 6gc. Pork easier $2-1 to $�?~21 25. Bacon Dull but firm shoulders 14jc. Clear sides 18�oc. Canvases a sugar cured hams 29c. Plain canvases hams -. 18ie. Lard 1-1 to 1-l.lc. A a. Cincinnati oct. 12.�?flour firmer extra s11�$11 25 family s12�s12 25. Wheat 5c higher no. 1 red $2 g5. Corn firmer at is 10. Oats firmer at g8c. Whisky unchanged 35 in Bond pork Drill at $23. A lard held firmly at 131c. Bacon very firm shoulders 1-Ljc Clear sides 18-. Green meats Lia it i 12e for sides 14j�15c for hams. A butter scarce. And firm at 35�42e. Cheese Dull at l-l�14ic. Potatoes Dull at $2 75�$3. , oct. 12.�?sales of 25 lids tobacco at $4 30@$20 go. Four $8 .50 Lor superfine. Wheat �2 70.corn sacked is 12 now ear $5 in bulb. Oats g8@70c in bulk Cotton Dull at 16c. Mess pork $2-1. Racon. Shoulders 15c Clear sides 194c. 14c. Whisky 84 in Bond. Augusta oct. 12.�?cotton Active prices easier and irregular. Sales 5s7 Bales. Middling lo�15ic. Receipts 319 Bales. Savannah oct. 12.�?cotton declined. New _ York middling la pc saes 600 Bales. 1450 Bales. Mobile oct. 12.�?cotton Active. Sales 3200 Bales. Middling 15i�l�,c. Receipts 982 Bales. New , oct. 12.�?money easy at 7 per cent. Gold closed firm at govern ment s slightly lower. Stocks a Iivo aug excited a at better oct. 11.�?arrived, Steamer Wilmington from Galveston. Mobile oct. 12.�?three, interments from yellow fever to Day. 1 Lotrn Villa oct. 12.�?justices Swayne and Ballard have decided the civil rights Bill constitutional. Samuel b. Taylor a Nephew of Tho presi. Dent is dead. A a it a grand democratic mass meeting is held to night at Tho court House to celebrate the recent victories. Much enthusiasm prevails new oct. 13.�?cotton Dull 18 to 18.$. Flour 10c. Better. Wheat 1 to 2c. Lower. Corn heavy. Oats Dull. Pork heavy $22 40. Lar quiet. G2 coupons 112virginia Gas 40 to 48. Gold 1-140 to 14-1 i. Turpentine Dull 57. Rosin quiet. Freights and Vaidic ing. Savannah oct. 13.�?the Republican meet ing advertised will meet at 4 p. U. To Morrow. The Torch Light procession afterwards is indefinitely postponed. Mayor Anderson issued the following proclamation prohibiting the Torch Light profession whereas it is proper in the present excited state of the Public mind that prompt measures be taken for the preservation of the Public peace of Tho Community where from information Given Hie As mayor there is reason to apprehend that gatherings and processions at night in the streets of Savannah May Likely result in riot and conflagration i do therefore Insko this proclamation forbidding any such assemblage or procession in Tho streets or other thoroughfare after Nightfall within Tho limits of Tho City without written permission of the mayor and i do hereby request All orderly and Well disposed persons to Aid Tho authorities in tie preservation of the peace Aud Good order in Tho City. Signed Edward c. Anderson mayor of Savannah. Charleston oct. 13.�?g�neral Candy and staff leaves for Columbia to Morrow to consult with generals Orr and Worth. The order of the election for Tho convention will be issued on his return. Senor Romero his wife and daughter Are Here awaiting the arrival of Tho steamship wilderness. It is reported that a party of negroes Toie tip Quot the track of Tho South Carolina Railroad last night . I Hopkins near Columbia. The train was thrown off the track and the cars robbed. Columbus Ohio out. 1-1.�?further corrections in Tho returns add a few Hundred to Tho majority claimed by Tho republicans for Hayes. Memphis oct. 14.�?the Board of health declares yellow fever epidemic Here. Charleston oct., 13.�?arrived, steamers prometheus from new York steam Ting Achilles and Steamer Thomes n. Morgan from Philadelphia for new Orleans steamship me Meka from new York. Savannah oct. 13.�?arrived, Steamer Vergo from new York Steamer Somers from Baltimore. Key West oct. 14.�?the steamship Cor Riuas from new Orleans waiting for repairs to her machinery will be repaired to Day. New York oct. 13.�?the registration of voters for the nov. Election begins Here on monday. A a. Seven Large american flags captured 011 Board the rebel Privateer Shenandoah sold at auction hero yesterday. Washington oct. 13.�?havana dates of the 12th say the cuban government has abolished the auction monopoly. Otters ring and family arrived 011 Tho steamship corsican. Philadelphia oct.-1-1.�?commodore John Rudd is dead. Canton Ohio oct. 11�?on sunday in the German reformed Church a Man recently j fdwch8tgtn�-Tifwi�o Thyi in i amp firary approx he eds a his wife divorced Sinco Oisin Carcy ration Quot demanded a kiss which the Young woman. Was in the act of , when he plunged a Butcher knife eleven times into her body and fled lie was captured and with difficulty saved from summary execution. A Castine i sept. 14.�?a fishing vessel belonging hero was wrecked off Newfoundland. Seventeen men were drowned nine of whom leave families. From Washington. Special to the Xii v Orleans i Washington oct. 11.�?the president this morning made an order restoring to rank and giving Back pay to fifteen members of the u. S. Artillery who were dismissed by Stanton for participating with the fenian in Buffalo last August. The president has also granted Pardon and amnesty to Samuel Barron of Richmond county va., sex Commodore of the Confederate Navy. The latest information elects Hayes governor of Ohio by a few Hundred but it will take the official count to Settle the question. The legislature is democratic with seven majority on joint ballot. In Pennsylvania Sharswood is undoubtedly elected by about 3,000. Washington oct. 11.�?general Grant today in a conversation on the elections last a t tuesday said he was pleased with the result because it would allay anxiety about conflict of arms and revolution and compel moderation on the part of extremists who have been threatening measures that disturbed the Public mind and kept Well disposed citizens in alarm for the stability of the government and the Security of financial interests. General Sherman left hero this evening for now York for the purpose of visiting his daughter residing in that City. He Wal remain. In new Yorka Fow Days and then go West t o resume his command. It is stated that just previous to the disco. Ery that Treasury notes Are counterfeited on wednesday last the detectives had deter mined with the authority of Secretary ,, to arrest several officers of the Treasury suspicion that they had been engaged in duplicating notes. The discovery of counterfeits dispelled the suspicion. As yet noise of the recently threatened pressures upon the president for Tho removal of or. Mcculloch has been brought Tob ear nor Lias any Effort been made to depose other regular members of Tho Cabinet. Tho president has not said to any Ono recently that to proposes to Mako a Ciango in Tho administration except in the War department but Thero Aro some outsiders who know nothing of the purposes of or. Johnson that Are continually concerning now organizations of Tho Cabinet a Ifil sending off telegraphs according a by which they claim to be authorized by Tho president. These unfounded assertions keep Tho financial men in feverish solicitude and Gold speculators constantly on the Qew. Ii e. A a we have a Well authenticated report Here of Tho separation of a noted Radical member of Congress and his wife and tho1 departure of Tho latter for Europe. Previous to her departure she directed a suit for a to commenced impotency being Tho ground alleged for asking Tho decree. The parties reside in new. England. The rage for divorces is so Strong in chingo that a negro sued for separation from a woman with whom i10 lived but to whom he had never been married. A boy at Portsmouth England stole a horse and two pistols and started business As a highwayman after Reading Dick Turpin nov Elottis. me we. �?4�.--�? London oct. 11.�?yesterday evening the Bullion decreased �385,000. In the Bank of a Franco it decreased 25,000,000 francs. Co sols 94ji Bonds 71 1-5. Frankfort oct. 11.�?bonds 74j. Liverpool oct. 10�?evening.�?cotton. Heavy and declined 4d Uplands 8ad or. Leans 8id. Manchester advices unfavourable. Tho Steamer Oriental from Quebec was. Spoken at sea disabled. A Florence oct. 10.�?a Battle took place yesterday Between the Garibaldi an and papal forces near Monta Ibieta. It is reported. That the invaders were Defeated. Tho parly in action say an will commence �11 Rome in concept with the invaders. London oct. 10.�?the fenian apprehensions do not Abate. It is believed that parliament will assemble on the 19th. The Bishops favor amending the inn anglican Synod. The papal troops whipped the Montalbono. London oct. Ii Dis patches says that affairs in Italy look ser Ioil a. It is believed that Tho whole nation will follow Garibaldi a project and that Victor Emanuel will soon Cross the Frontier and proclaim Rome a part of Tho kingdom of italy., parts oct. 12.�?napoleon will return to. Paris tuesday Paris oct. 12.�?bourse heavy rentes a a a. Cling. Frankfort oct. 12.�?bonds 74.i. London oct. 12�?evening.�?consols 94.iv. Bonds 713. Liverpool oct. 1-2.�?evening.�?cotton.-, steady. Sales 10,000 Bales. London october 12�?bonds 7�� Derby a intended resignation has been denied. A a Liverpool Sefc. 12.�?cotton advanced 7-13. Sales 1800 Tho fenian alarm continues precaution have been Token against their rising Tiitu Limerick. Tho liability of r Campbell amp Sou is �125, a too. A Lighthouse Dusti Sycil. In rom Kew Orleans Lighthouse Steamer Geranium Capi Niit. W. Tillberg having been dispatched by the acting Lighthouse Engineer and inspector ,. Or. Bonzano to examine the lighthouses Neair the track of the Cyclone of october fifth Nancu sixth Lias put into Brashear City and reports the Iron screw pole Lighthouse at Shell keys near the Entrance to at Hal Alaya Bay entirely destroyed hardly a vestige remaining of this costly Structure. At the South West reef Nineteen Miles Easi a and one half West of Shell keys ipi�.1ejl�,,ii a onix let he it tar Abhi Tiff of tie Quot Waves against the structures carried away the Iron gallery around the Lighthouse breaking Oli the solid Iron rafters on which the gallery rested. It in believed that but for the giving Nway of this gallery and the Relief thereby afforded this Structure would have met tin. Same Fate As Tho she Al keys Lighthouse. The assistant keeper at Shell keys who was in charge of Tho Light during Tho storm Hay not been heard from and is supposed to have perished. Tho principal keeper and one assistant were absent from Tho station during Tho storm and Aro Safe. All the other lighthouses West of the missis a Sippi Aro Safe. A the Steamer general Sedgwick Steamer Hirlan Captain Lewis arrived at Central Whais of last evening at 8 a. Ii. From new Orleans in route to Indianola Sho left there on wednesday the 9th at 81-. With very Largo mail and several passengers. The non arrival of the Morgan air Brashear created i cars for her safety and Tail accumulated mail was placed on the Hariani. We Are indebted to Captain Lewis forthe following information about one Hundred anci1 fifty Miles East of Galveston night before last to was signalled by a Steamer in distress. He. Ran Down to her and answered her signal when lie found it was the general Sedgwi Cit from new York to Galveston with a cargo ii general merchandise. She had been Haugli t1. In the late Hurricane and was disabled on the night of Tho,5th inst., and the Captain employed the Harlan to Tow her into Galveston. She a speaking badly and her cargo is probably damaged her boiler is moved from its position in her hold and her machinery entirely disabled. The Harlan took her in Tow Aud arrived at the outer bar at5 p. A. Yester Day but there being no Pilot Tho sed Wiele was left at Anchor. The Harlan will return i this morning to Tow her into Jort As Scon As Quot to. Pilot can be Mahine Steamer clintop., Lii he arrived this morning from ludianola., reports having spoken about fifty Miles West of the Harbor the Brig Galveston bound Ion. This port from new York with an Assort Otai cargo of merchandise. Sho was Dis masted and in a crippled condition. The Clinton offered to Tow the Brig into port for $1000, intr Tho offer was refused and Tho st Camor Partell a from her. Athe brio learn the following additional concerning the above named vessel. Sho is consigned to or. A Choppin of this City and her cargo while assorted is principally ice for ibis la Arlist. And the Interior. Or. Choppin called on or e. P. Hunt agent for the underwriters Anci Laid the facts of hoi reported disaster Eclov. Him. A Tho latter gentleman suggested a until this morning when if did not appear off the bar to would Send Ltd tug to her assistance. The is conceded now tin. Pennsylvania Lias Gono democratic Bat l j will require an official count to determine tit result in Ohio. The most reliable inf Orau. Tion is that Hays rep is elected governor and that the legislature is democratic
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