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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 12, 1867, Galveston, Texas Ses2��-Weemiy Yob a Galveston sat ibb a a 1iqimig, october a 12,. I8�?~67. My 52.telegraphic. At Socin Titi pres3 dispatches. Washington oct. 4.�?a contract Lias been closed by Trio postmaster general through win. D. Mann assessor internal Revenue at Mobile with the Mobil Trade company for a tri weekly Steamboat mail Between Mobile and Selina. Services commence the Lofb. Offices trill be immediately opened at important landings the Alabama River. Lor is d. Campbell has taken the stamp in Ohio in favor the democrats. J. Warren Bel has been appointed collector customs at Corpus Christie Texas vice Mcintyre suspended. Tho speech s. S. Cos at Columbus o., and the proceedings the Pramod Ratip convention at Albany Are having a cheering effect the Bank men and capitalists. A a a a special from Nashville says that Brown lows a election to the Senate is conceded. Internal Revenue receipt to Day �1,000,000. Customs receipts for the week. $4,250,000. Act. ,. Novices Jovo. Been received Here that 800 head cattle stolen by indians Iron Texas Are held at fort Bushorn subject to she order the owner proof property. Tho following preliminary proceedings Bavo occurred at Albany it resolved that the organization known As Tho tammany Hall organization is the regular organization the democracy new York and those bearing its credentials Are delegates to this convention. Resolved that recognizing the delegations 1 from Tho county new York representing the sections the democratic party la Iowa As Tho Mozart Hall democracy As sound democrats unquestionable Fidelity to the principles find nominations the democratic party Tho state we tender them honorable seats in the convention. On motion the German delegation was included. Washington oct. 4.�?liassnaore 1ms been removed. Callicotte a be lessor is under consideration. The con eat for the position is bitter. Richmond oct. 4.�?schofield has issued an Del prescribing who a Iofik election. Tie a a civil police Are to keep order it the polls and i re to be held responsible tor disorder. Registering officers during the election shall have the Powers commissioner a. A registered voter arrested Ler any offence Oil tree to Ion Day must be allowed to vote be Bro to Lien to jail. In districts we arc there Are Over 0000 voters separate places will be provided tor Whites and Blacks to Yule. No candidate fur the convention shall e Iio iat Jas a registering Pilicer. Lin ring Ino Eie Tiou All liquor --4iops in the Vicinity the polls Shui be t Osu Ltd a. Quot. The officers the u. S. Circuit court Are arranging the preliminaries for the trial a Davis the first november. Judge Underwood to Day overruled a motion to quash Tho indictment 4 1 a Revenue fraud ease the ground want jurisdiction. Hoover ruled the ground that the Lav 1620 gives it Iho named by Congress not a in Law , oct 1.�?fionr very Active Southern s10 80014 75. Wheat irregular i White Southern 9203 00. Corn $1 320 1 35i. Mess pork $23 �,0. Freights quiet. Cotton lie lower sales 1000 Bales middling Uplands 20c. A. New Yoke oct. 4.�?stocks heavy and cd cited. Money very Active at 7 per cent. Gold 1411,. 5-203, c2 coupons 111. Registered interest 1040104. Government Selling Gold to Day. To reign a Scango very Dull with by Little Doin non finally 1094,. Governments a closed steady. Stocks closed heavy and lower with pressure to sell. Balance in Hub Treasury $110,000. New Yoke oct. 5.�?flour very firm. Wheat quiet with More disposition to realize. Corn 01c . Oats �01c better Western 7gjc. Pork lower $23 g2i0$23 75c. Lard quiet 1-Hc, Cotton Dull middling Uplands 20c. New Youk oct. .>�?7 r. 1444. Cotton Market inactive prices drooping middling Uplands 20c. New Yolk oct. 5.�?stocks Strong. Gold 144j. 1 Money 7 per cent 5-20 a 02, coupons 112. Mobile oct. 4.�?cotwu in Good demand Moro inquiry for lower grades. Sales Coo juries closing quiet at 17j@lsc. For middling. Receipts the week 4,304 Bales. Stock 9,070 Bales. Philadelphia oct. internal Revenue officers supported by marines Havo destroyed a Hundred illicit stills. New Yoke oct. 4.�?elias Howe Tho sewing machine inventor is dead. St. Locis e. Neil member Congress from this state died to Day. Rio Momi oct. 5.�?the trial . Davis will certainly Tuko place in november. Thu counsel both sides Are ready. Or. Davis is expected to arrive hero about the 21st a november. A module oct. 5.�?three interments from yellow fever Lor the Twenty four hours ending at 0 clock this evening. Montgomery . from 34 counties about half the state Havo been received. The convention is decided upon by More Thau 11,000 votes Over the required majority. Detroit oct. 5.�?gallagher and Davis bad a Mill to Day resulting in the defeat Tho former in 15 rounds. Kex West oct. 5.�?the admin it to court allows "25 per cent Salvage Tho George Cromwell,.amounting to �21,000. Washington oct. 5.�?T�?Tho following no among Tho Albany resolutions resolved that regarding Tho National debt As a sacred obligation to demand Economy Tho administration honesty in the collection and application the revenues simplification and a Equality = in taxation a. Incurred for Tho Benefit Tho people instead corporations to Tho end that the Public Faith Inay to preserved and the Burthen taxation lessened. Resolved that to denounce Tho efforts Tho Radical party to retain Tho Power it has usurped by establishing Nejira supremacy in Tho South by military Force complied with Tho disfranchisement Tho masses Tho White population As an outrage upon democrats principle a and an attempt to undermine and destroy Tho Republic and that to stigmatize Tho refusal that party in this state to submit Tho question negro suffer Mac to Tho people As a cowardly evasion a Paramount Issue in Tjio pending struggle. Tho Treasury department has issued the Fol lowing instructions regarding bonded tobacco warehouses the cellar such warehouse May be used for other purposes having Tho Entrance from Tho Street and no connection from the upper floor. A office May be allowed Tho owner tobacco for the exhibition samples partitioned from the storehouse. Tho owner May take samples from goods stored according to the usages Trade and exhibit them in Eaid office the samples being regarded As in the custody both the owner and storekeeper retail Trade in such samples is prohibited., information under Date Liverpool sept. 17th, has reached official quarters that the wheat crop the United kingdom Falls Short both in Quantity and Quality. Estimates place the yield at 20 per cent below an average. In consequence heavy War and pension payments and Light Revenue receipts Tho debt statement shows an increase two and a Quarter millions. The Secretary anticipates heavier receipts during Tho current month and thinks the next statement will show a decrease several millions. ,i3a ?,,, in issuing Quot writs Hareas Corpus where sol. Diers and sailors Are . A in Accord Ance with this opinion Secretary Welles has ordered Commodore Selfridge to obey the writ and produce in court the Sailor Gormney. Revenue receipts to Day $500,000 receipts for the week so,500,000 receipts for Tho fiscal year to Date 801,250,000. National Bank circulation �290,000,000 securities held for circulation and Public deposits $379,000,000. A commissioner Lollins has. Written a letter stating that by the Law affidavits All kinds Are relieved from stamp duty. The debt bearing Coin interest has increased $30,500,000. That bearing currency interest has decreased $34,800,000. The debt matured but not presented has decreased six a 250,000. The debt bearing no interest has increased $4,120,000. Tho Coin Tho in Treasury has increased $2,035,000. The currency in the Treasury has decreased $15,250,000. The a has increased $2,494,000. Omaha dispatches say that a party Railroad thieves whose operations have extended Over the Pacific Railroad for the past six months has been broken up. Most if hot a ill the thieves have been arrested and a Large. Amount property found secreted in Omaha. It has also been ascertained that Large Quim cities m stolen goods wore shipped to Points East during Tho summer implicated were connected with the Road. The Pawnee scouts Aro said to be highly incensed at spotted tails band. They say that when they Are mustered out the Federal service they will make War spotted Tail. New Yorko to. 5. A the Steamer Weser brings european dates to the 24th ult. The financial and customs agents at Naples have been defrauding the government at the rate 30,000,090-francs for the last six years. Richmond oct. 5.�?it is understood that Tho coloured voters hero have agreed to run three Whites and two Blacks for the convention. Messes. A Hunnicutt and Wardwell Are two Tho Whites most prominently named. A Republican negro mooting in Henrico to Quot Day nominated g. L. Swann for Tho convention thro Wing out an sex Federal colonel who was a candidate for nomination. Mrs. Annie e. Kirby. Arraigned for the murder her husband was convicted and sentenced to seven years imprisonment in the Penitentiary. 1 quarantine it new York. As a gooral thing the arrivals infected vessels at this port Havo been fewer than one would naturally suppose considering the malignant Type the sickness at the ports from which the vessels sailed. Although several attempts Havo been Mado to effect a lever panic in Tho City they All proved futile. The season is now solar advanced fears need to apprehended a visit the yellow Over although As remarked by . Reid one our officers at quarantine it would not be a difficult matter even in Tho coldest weather to persuade some timid persons that it has been an inviting season for that particular Scourge. Among the infected vessels which came into port during the past few Days was the Minnesota an Emigrant ship. On her passage hither sixteen deaths a occurred among Tho passengers. Eigl to the passengers from Tho same vessel Aro now lying sick Board Tho a Hospital ship Falcon. Tho officers at quarantine were at first undecided As to the nature the sickness but they Havo Tho. Conclusion that it is unmistakable cholera. Tho Minnesota after haying Boen thoroughly fumigated has been allowed to Como up to Tho City. Tho steamship general Meade from new Orleans which Camo up to Tho Bay two three Days ago lost two men by yellow fever the passage. Another Tho Crow is Bick Tho Falcon. Thu Only infected vessel at present lying at the lower quarantine is Tho steamship Narva from key West. Sho was engaged in Tho service laying Tho Cable Between Cuba and key West and before reaching the latter port lost fourteen Tho Crew by the Over. Since Thon two oth. deaths Havo occurred. A Tho following vessels detained Are discharging their cargoes at Tho upper quarantine steamship Monterey from Orleans with assorted cargo. Steamship Tillie from Galveston with Wool a a a. Steamship general Meade from new Orleans with assorted cargo. Steamship Perit from Galveston with Cotton and Wool. A Bai k Mary Stetson from Havana with sugar. Bark Ilo Raco Beals from new Orleans with Cotton. Bark Caruna from Matanzas with sugar. Brig Eiche from Havana with sugar. English immigration. A Tho strikes la borers and other difficulties Botteon employers and employees in England induced an a unusual immigration englishmen during the month August. The Irish immigrants Havo always before been Tho most numerous but for that month Tho English Preponderate Tho Steerage passengers who arrived in now Yor during August Wero As follows 3298 English 199 scotch �?~2315 Irish 2445 from Tho continent. In like manner Tho Steerage pcs seniors to Canada 557 Wero English scotch 135 Irish and 312 Othor Memphis a Siki is w a i a a a London oct 4.�?Garibaldi, without giving. His parole was sent Home to Caprera whence he made his escape but was again arrested Tho main land and sent Back to the Island where he now remains. A dispatch from Alexandria Egypt announces the arrival there the Steamer Quaker City with the american excursion lists. Captain Duncan telegraphs that the Quaker City will leave Alexandria the 7th instant and will reach Gibraltar Oil Tho 27th, when they will sail for Home. It is said that sir Augustus b. Page present British minister at Florence will be appointed ambassador to the United states to fill the vacancy caused by the death sir f. Bruce. Tho committee appointed to examine into the affairs the Atlantic and great Western railway in America have returned and made their report which is Well received by the stockholders the a Bullion in the Bank England increased half. . Ltd a a Madrid oct. 4.�?gen. Ler Sundi. The new Captain general Cuba sails immediately. , oct 3, 2. closed inactive sales 10,000 Bales middling Orleans 8yd. A London oct 3, 3 p. 94 5-10 a quids 714. , oct. 4, unchanged safes 01 the week 7c,000 Bales which 8,000 for speculation and 17,000 for Export. Stock. 7c9,000 Bales whereof 224, 000 Are Ameri oct. 4�?midnight.�?Garibaldi has issued an address urging his friends too to Rome. The latest dispatches from Italy though conflicting Are highly important. A message Lias just been received from Florence announcing the clash arms. The insurgent troops holding a Strong position near vague Rea in Viterbo were attacked by the papal forces. A Short Sharp fight ensued which resulted in the defeat the attacking party a a Wasio were obliged to hastily withdraw. The losses in the engagement Are not stated. The effect tins Victory is very Inspirit ing to the party action. A Public meeting 9 the friends Garibaldi was held at Turin yesterday. Revolutionary speeches were made by a my distinguished persons. A great people were present and the e Tonsia a was meetings a like character Are in contemplation in other cities Italy. Although a prisoner at Caprera Garibaldi has issued a Strong address to his followers which is published to Dav All Over he recites the grievances Italy and asks a his countrymen to now. He appeals strongly to their patriotism and urge Sall his friends Tomb arc forthwith to lion eve a London oct it 5.�?the Standard this City in an article this Tom bag says that Tho Arm ing France is erring apprehensions a Winter Amain. Paws oct. 5.�?it is said that the emperors France and Austria agreed at Salzburg whom they would support for Pope. Extensive operations in Grain have reduced the Bullias in the Bank France a million. Sterling. It is rumoured that Victor Emanuel has appealed to the great Powers to be released from the treaty stipulation binding my to maintain the integrity the papal dominions. The rebels hold Many posts in Viterbo and await attack by the pontifical troops. London oct. 5.�?evening.�?consols 94 Bonds 71js London oct. 5.�?noon.�?bonds 71�T-�?T Liverpool oct. 5.�?noon.�?to-Day being a Holiday the re was no Cotton Market. Live Pool oct. 4.�?evening.�?Cotton-heavy�?middling unpand3 8�d. Middling Orleans 84 d. A. Coloured Cetl sex ejected from Public schools is a time past a degree excitement has been occasioned in some the Public schools account the fact that a number coloured children insisted upon attending and remained despite the efforts the teachers to compel them to leave. Recently a petition by coloured people asking permission to Send their children to other schools than that set apart for them was referred to the common Council committee a schools the committee reported that the Council had no authority to Grant the permission asked and the report was adopted. Not 1 withstanding this action the parents the children continued to Send them to the schools and yesterday superintendent Fos Dick went to districts nos. 11 and 12 and ordered the coloured children to leave. Thib they refused to do when they were ejected. This morning the coloured children in no. 32 were also ejected by the superintendent. It is understood that Morfo Dick has adopted this course in pursuance the action the Council and it is rumoured that the parties considering themselves aggrieved threaten to Havo him arrested and arraigned before Tho United states Cotrit Emder the civil rights Bill. The school Sci apart for coloured child. Ren Vine Street will accommodate two Hundred we Are told though the average daily attendance is Only about com Urdal Aji Kisir a a a a. 25. A bequest to the Washington sept. 23.�?the Secretary the Treasury has received a i notification from the executors Tho last will and testament Captain Ralph i ,"late&Quot"of san Francisco that said testator has left to the United states Tho sum Twenty thousand dollars in Trust t6 to applied toward cancelling Tho National a debt. The executors express the Hope that a a this legacy May be but the forerunner numerous similar exhibitions patriotism by other Tho Captain says in his will that to has been greatly blessed that to has an undying attachment to the government Tho Best one that Man has Ever been permitted to enjoy and that As he was too old to Render service in Tho Field to put Down and punish crime rebellion he feels it to to his duty to contribute toward the payment the debt incurred in that patriotic work. Tho staircase at Tabic Rock Niagara Falls Homo 180 feet in height where visitors for a Merly passed Down to reach Tho Sheet water and which has lately been closed to the Public use was some Timo wednesday night chopped away by some unknown person. The whole staircase has fallen into the River. Maximilian anal Lopez. It we have received the following communication to tie editor Tho n. Y. Times a Mexico saturday aug. 17, 18g7. Sin with the indignation a Man Honor who has become the victim such a horrible calumny As that a Chiph has assailed me i have seen that men who know not what Havo been Tho True events and who Havo not oven cared to take Tho trouble to learn the truth persons knowing the same have sent to Tho european and american press reports that Aro false and absurd in every particular. It is easy for me to Correct Tho erroneous judgment my compatriots who Are the spot whore Tho events in discussion occurred but Public opinion in Europe and America cannot be so easily reached unless Tho press be just and impartial toward me. That you May give your decision in the matter i Send you a copy the manifesto i Havo published and which contains the Sim pie and Fajth record what has . I will con Fine myself at presen t , a a simple reflection that will convince you flip falsity the assertion which has been made. The european and american press suppose that like another Judas i sold the emperor in the midst his sleep. I merely wish now to state that Tho emperor was not taken prisoner in the Militi iry Post which i was the commander nor oven in the besieged City but at some distance beyond the town at the head his troops among which were 430 Good cavalrymen the Empress regiment drawn up in line Battle and surrounded by their generals and officers. Could not Maximilian with these forces and particularly with Tho Aid Tho cavalry have undertaken a Retreat How Coull it to supposed that to was sold betrayed i beg that you will take thorough cognizance my manifesto that you will a reflect upon the declaration i Havo made above and that you will do me perfect and entire Justice by exonerating me from the horrible crime imputed to to. Would you know the origin the report a taxing me with treachery ? it svs first circulated by two imperialist generals one Whon desired to conceal his guilty speculations that led Tho army to utter demoralization and ruin. The other in a moment intoxication and urged by a feeling revenge and by personal reasons concerning the military service explained the taking the City Tho evening the Mern Quot Oracle 15th Day May accusing me in presence Tho captive generals and chief having sold my Post to Tho enemy. Both knew that i had left my a lost by order Tho emperor for Tho purpose Parl eying with the besiegers and sought n that incident with Tho purport which they were Only partially a. Acquainted a pretext hat no one might become aware their own deeds. Be Jujj stat with me As conscience and truth exact acid i Pray accept the Assurance the consideration with which i remain your obedient servant. Miguel Lopez. Summary the defence Lopez. Tho pamphlet transmitted to us with the above epistle was published some time since in the mexican Monitor the Republic. The substance the narrative is As follows after the sortie the 1st a amp a matters grew very desperate with the Garrison at Queretaro. Provisions which had been scarce for some time were now altogether exhausted. Tho soldiers Wero reduced to eat horse flesh. There was no bread no eggs and the horses Tho Empress regiment had to be fed the bark the Ash. The Supply ammunition was almost at an end. Under these circumstances the troops became rapidly demoralized. Physical weakness infected their spirit and they Felt that their a position was continually becoming More desperate and untenable. Maximilian set a Noble example patience and valor to the men and the officers seconded him. When Marquez quilted men and resources he could get All he was Able to do was to gather together Somo 4000 men from the whole Mexico. What the end the siege would be was then Clear. Maximilian received neither i couriers no Newa he had no longer any Hope Succour. The soldiers Tho foreign legion for the most part French received communications from Many their companions who were in the enemy a ranks. From that moment All was a lost. It was under these circumstances that Maximilian the night Tho 14th May made tip his mind to treat with the enemy for capitulation Ond entrusted Lopez with Tho Mission. Lopez accordingly went to scope do and asked him to allow Tho emperor with the Empress suite and the Empress regiment to leave Mexico. Escobedoe a reply was that he had no Power to Grant this request and that Maximilian must either surrender at Dis erection fight. When Lopez returned to Tho Imperial quarters at Midnight he found that the horses were All saddled for depart rite that Maximilian had repeatedly asked for him and was now anxiously waiting his arrival. On hearing Escobedoe a reply Maximilian was evidently much disappointed. Preparations for flight had been made More than once and the enemy informed these preparations by deserters resolved upon a desperate move. Quot the night tha4th May quitting Maximilian Lopez engrossed As he says with thoughts about the Fate the army to go Quot the round the lines. On reaching the Gate la Cruz which to had enjoined his officers to Ratcli wit i Especial vigilance to was surrounded by a body officers and 1 men who put their pistols to his Throat. To at once recognized them As enemies and the Liuio him prisoner. Stupefied for the moment he could neither ii Glit nor flee. His captors taking him with them immediately made for Tho emperors quarters. To gain time and to warn Maximilian so that to might escape was then Lopez a Solo idea. He went therefore to general Velez and suggested that it would to Only humane to avoid shedding blood. Colonel Zabloski was charged to toll Tho emperor that to had just time to escape and Lopez cannot explain Why the colonel was so Long in discharging his task. At Daybreak Maximilian presented himself with some persons his suite soldiers various corps and Somo others. He was foot in Tho Street and followed very close upon Tho party who had made Lopez prisoner. Taking advantage a momentary confusion Anion Tho Republican soldiers Lopez hurried As fast As he could upon a bad horse to meet the emperor meaning to suppose though to does not say so to give him a hint his danger. Then. Lopez returned in the direction Tho soldiers. In proof hi��1 assertions Lopez appeals to Prince Salt Zabloski Rodillo . Blosk and Don Jose do Blasio who whore witnesses what happened. Lopez seeks to implicate some other imperialist officers in Tho treachery which surrendered Queretaro to Tho liberals. N a a x co crop a sports from be department agriculture. Washington sept. 29.�?Tho crop report Tho department agriculture for August and september is just issued. Tho reports for August give the general averages for Sev. Eral states. From approximate estimates crops then harvested As compared with those ofl80g, together with the current condition the growing crops while the september tables pertain chiefly to Tho state Tho fall crops. The returns show a uniform reduction Tho general average. \ wheat As compared with july figures and september estimates wheat harvested As compared Witlox Tho. Crops ,18g a drop the figures somewhat lower. In. A number tha states it is attributable to a considerable Quot tent to bad weather harvesting and to the fact that in going sections Tho Grain is to be found shrivelled and threshed out less to the acre than anticipated. The leading wheat growing states report the following per Centavo increase at the close the Harvest Ohio 130 Indiana 50 Michigan 33 Wisconsin 17 Minnesota 25 Hli Iowa 20 Missouri 40 Kentucky 34 Western Virginia go Virginia 50 Tennessee 40 Georgia 80 Arkansas 45 ,"14 and Pennsylvania 40. Only Kansas and Texas show a falling off from last year when Tho crops from these states were very Large. Returns duo october 1st will enable us to estimate with greater accuracy the amount the crop for the present year. A the prospects for com continues to improve and if the Frost holds off the general crop May to a fair one. While a number states return Low estimates others particularly the Southern states show a marked improvement Over Las year. Cotton promised Well up to september in it when Tho Worms were appearing arid Ucli apprehension was Felt in various sections for the safety Tho Cotton growing states. Extracts from correspondence show that Georgia promised a yield 53 per cent beyond the crop 1sg6 South Carolina 50 Alabama 42 Mississippi 24 Arkansas 18, and Tennessee 9 while Texas and Louisiana show a considerable falling off front last year. that Aro Well posted hero do not believe that there will to any considerable falling off in the crop this Stato from that last . Bulletin Rice Barley and Oats exhibit no material change from previous reports though Oats Ere seriously injured in some sections Lay Trio Treme wet weather during Quot Harvest but Gen a orally the crop appears to be Superior to that last year. Buckwheat shows a Good average with prospects a fair crop. Potatoes arc rotting badly. In Many the Large potato growing states the crop will probably fait below the yield last year. J the leading sugar producing states show a fair increase Over Tho crops last year. Sorghum is evidently Tho decline in most Tho states and Witlip sufficient reason. The crop now growing is in Good condition. In a few states Tho Appio crop promises Well but in a majority the crop will to from ten to forty per cent below the crop 18g l. Hay shows an increase in almost every state and quite Large in Money. Pennsylvania returning an increase fifty per cent. Wisconsin and Illinois Twenty eight per cent. Indiana Twenty Sis per cent. The average will reach from Twenty five to thirty per cent above the crop i860. The Wool clip will probably fall from five to ten per cent Short last year. It is attributable to the Severo weather last Winter and the consequent exposure and destruction a Largo number sheep. A a i. A. The Virginia state convention. Richmond va., sept. 25, 16g7. The following letter will be published to Morrow Fuist military District state Virginia Richmond va., sept. 24, 1867. To . James Mcdonald i have received your communication this Date asking my decision the question whether delegates to Tho state convention will be required to take Tho oath prescribed by act Congress for officers the United states and by Section Nino Tho act july 19 for Ali persons hereafter elected appointed to office in said military districts under any so called state municipal authority by detail appointment the District commander. In reply i have no hesitation in saying Liat delegates to Tho state convention cannot be required to take the oath referred to. Section nine Tho act july 19 refers to officers elected under authority the so called provisional state governments. This cannot be construed to include delegates to a state convention elected under authority the Congress Tho United a states. No oath whatever has been prescribed by Law for a leg aft a to the Stato convention and there is no authority but Congress competent to prescribe such oath. A the Only restriction imposed upon Tho registered voters in Tho selection their delegates to Trio convention is that contained in the fifth Section the act March 2, Viz a a no person excluded from Tho privilege holding Lico by said proposed amendment to Tho Constitution Tho United states shall be eligible to election As a member a convention to Frame a Constitution for any said rebel yours very respectfully j. M. Schofield Brevet major general u. S. A. Registration in rabbis coi it Complete. A Whites registered 1,040 coloured registered 1,509 total registered 2,558. Rejected 12-l this completes Harris county entirely unless an opening Tho Board is ordered again. It includes Tho last six Days sent. 23 sept. 29 a. Add iii Farragut arrived in London Tho 1st, and was received with marked civilities. Officers hydrographic Survey say that the Stato has water Power enough to employ a population 5,000,000. A
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