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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 2, 1867, Galveston, Texas Vol. A a Galveston wednesday morning october % 18 a no. 49 associated in runs Washington sept. 26.�?Tho following Aro among Tho Syracuse resolutions resolved that of republicans of the state of now York recognizing the obligations of constituency and straightforwardness in support of Tho great principles we profess we unanimously declare that suffrage should be impartial. That is a right which ought not to do limited by Possession or by color. Resolved that Tho course of the Congress of the United states in carrying out measures of reconstruction on Tho basis of Freedom regardless of education and on executive patronage meets our Hearty approval resolved that unreservedly we do hereby assure them of our determination to stand by them through this struggle and All measures Nec Ebsary to place Liberty and peace on lasting foundations even to Tho severest remedies known to the Constitution. I Coli cd that no Porson should to by Law deprived of the right to Public or private recreation or pastime on any Day of Tho Quot week provided that no person in the exercise of this Light shall violate Public order and decorum or proper respect due Public worship and that excise and All oth for e ism Laws should to maintained accordingly. Alluding to the last q,._.e<l, the worlds special says Tho committee on resolutions decided to ignore Tho question of changing Tho excise a. The proposition was brought up under Tho regulations of germans and strongly pressed by one member of the committee declared that it was necessary to recognize the demand of the German element but decided by a vote of All the members of the committee but one that the question should not to touched. Tho convention voted against the Twenty third Street party and All other contestants. A Ellou was made to Amend that report by adding that a committee of three be appointed to Camino into the organization of the party in now a York acid such suitable Steps for their reorganization As Well As secure a full representation of All the factions this Quot after a spicy debate was voted Down when Trio Twenty third Street delegation withdrew in a body from the convention leaving so Many vacant seats that the convention looked thinly attended. Tho convention did not even give them consideration enough to award them scats in Tho Hall. If this decision settled Tho question that the i Catoir radicals had control of the convention and would no it to suit themselves both in platform and in nominations. Thu Tribune opens its Leader with a a during a political Ca cer of no inconsiderable length luring Ninny years by no Means wanting in affix Iris of great Public interests to have Liever known tile general mind to be in a More apprehensive and unsatisfactory condition. The Clouds of peace Are Moro Triblo than were those Clouds of War to a a Washington t sept. -7.�?the world s special from Syracuse says the afternoon sus-�011 commenced with a Stormy speech from Tosco Conklin Tho permanent president of Tho convention giving a history of the party dangers which now threaten the country praising Stanton and Sheridan and denouncing Johnson. His allusion to Stanton was faintly applauded while Sheridan a name was greeted wit i rounds of applause. His views with reference to the coarse to be adopted by Congress in reference to Tho i Rem Dent. Was an argument in favor of impeachment and in opposition to permanent sessions and an Effort to circumvent Tho president by a Rick or resorting to extraordinary Powers by Congress. Impeach Mont was the remedy to to applied instead of assuming doubtful Powers by Congress Ortho trenching a Quot on the prerogatives of Tho executive. It was in Short an Experiment. Tho speech was delivered in an impree3ivo and telling manner. Sir. Conkli declared Liat he did not admit that Tho time had Como for impeachment but at Tho same time his whole argument on that a Point was that the hour had arrived to adopt that Cousso immediately. In it conclusion of his speech committees reported on contested seats from now York declaring in favor of Tho radicals. The Resolution adopted by the germans in convention yesterday was subsequently presented As an Amend not to Tho report of the committee our solutions by or. Schwirtz. Or. Colo declared that Tho excise Law As now enforced in Tho metropolitan District was a cruel farce and failure and proposed a Lesolo Tiomi which pretended to look towards a pledging Tho convention to a change in Tho Orciso Law but really meant nothing but a Lio Crisli of words. It tvs voted Down and afterwards presented by or. Schurtz and adopted by the votes of the new York delegation. Newy Ciuc sept. �?~27.�? Money very close and fictive sales of Gold to Day about-81, . Tho Treasury is mailing 20 Bonds while they Puro Haso 7 30 a Mil stopped Over a million of dollars in currency sent West three Days ago. Flour Dull and lower. Gold quiet. Stocks dosed slightly better though lower than earlier in Tho Day. Sub Treasury receipts including customs 15198,000 balance $117,599. Washington sept. 26.�?thursday �3 known ii court circles As diplomatic Day when foreign ministers Aro accustomed to Moke their App Caruco at Tho state department. To Day nothing was done. This is unprecedented within Tho recollection of Tho oldest attache of Tho Stato department and or. Seward is in. Great Gleo Over having his work so Well up. Havana sept. 25.�?goneral Manzano a death took Placo at five minutes past four of clock in the morning. Ilia body has been Oneal Juned and is now lying in state. The whole City is in mourning and half hour guns Wero fired All Day yesterday. Tho flags of All consulate buildings Aro halt most. Fold Marshall a Orient takes coins and of All the Pinili Ary forces on Tho Island. A arrived yesterday Steamer Tioga irom new Orleans for Philadelphia. Exchange on London unchanged. New York Sopt. 27.�?Money 7 por cent. Gold 1-133. Stocks Active a �?T02 coupons 13$. Cotton lower sales 10c0 Bales at 22c. New Yoke sept. 27. feverish. Money 7 per cent. Gold 143�l-13i. Sterling unchanged. �?T02 coupons 133 Virginia Sixes 50. New Orleans sept. 27. sales 300 Bales Prico one half cent lower. Low middling 10c. Let copts -122 Bales. Flour firm bup Orinic $10�$10� double extra us. White Cornsi 40. Oats 80c. quiet and firm at $27. Baco shoulders 15c. Clear sides 19c. Sugar cured Bains 24i@25c. Lard prime pierces 14jjo. Gold 1444. Sterling nominal. New York sight a a pc. of yellow fever up to 6 of clock this morning 77. Mobile sept. 27. sales 450 Bales closed quiet. Middling 19c. Receipts 1085 Bales. Sales for the week 2000 Bales. Receipts during the week 4613 Bales. Exports 1152 Bales. Stock on hand 9158 Bales. Mobile a Flat. 27.�?threo negroes who committed an outrage at dog River wore in Jig to Day. There was an immense crowd but no disturbance. Philadelphia sept. 27.�?dr. N. M. Gorman not Pevely Caroline Herron has been arrested with a Large amount of counterfeiting apparatus. Washington sept. 27.�?customs for the week ending yesterday 84,108,000. Reveno to Day $411,000., professor Ferguson of the naval Observatory is dead. U. S. Consul at Palermo reports a continuance of the cholera but Milder there was a Cabinet session of two hours to Day. All members were present. J Secretary Mcculloch has issued a circular forbidding subordinates from communicating Treasury news to correspond Ems. New York sept. 27�?evening.�?the express says the feeling in the Cotton Market is very gloomy. Private telegrams from Liverpool report a further decline some quotations Are As Low As 8.j@8id. Fears of Moro failures. No Cable news to Day the land wires not working. All such dispatches must have been of yesterdays Date. Philadelphia., sept. 27.�?Tho political excitement is increasing. Hancock Sheridan Aud Sickles Are in the City. The City Council has extended their Hospital ties to All three. Mobile sept. 27.�?there Aro nine cases of yellow fever reported in the 24. Hours ending at six of clock yesterday evening. Five Tho Day before. Washington sept. 27.�?frazer, Trento Ltd a cons Case is settled. Tho to terms Are unknown. General Crawford s command left Lonis Villo for Nashville. Trio heralds spec Ial says the Union leagues of Virginia Are being abandoned. Nashville sept. 27.�?general Thomas holds a conference with the authorities today. Ii is stated that general Cooper in a secret meeting said there were three ways to meet the emergency bullets bayonets Aud matches. New Orleans sept. 27.�?the Republican has full returns of Llie vote tort a in the first second and third municipal districts of Friis City. First District 2,510 second District 2, i 053 third district�?~2,297 total 7,09,0- nearly All the votes cast were for a convention. The number of registered voters in these districts is 2-1,275. Washington Sopt. 27.�?As an illustration of the arguments upon which Tho election in Penu Sylvania. Ohio Aud new York Are turn the following from to Day s Herald is telegraphed a a to Day Tho negro supremacy views of Congress will be carried into practical effect in Louisiana. To Day from Early Dawn this morning until to Morrow evening eighty Turco. Thousand Semi Savages will go up to Tho polls led by unprincipled White men and by sheer Force of numbers sweep from Power Tho wealth and intelligence of the state. Tho thirty five or forty thousand Whites who have been permitted to Register will we Aro told Content themselves with simply depositing their votes again Isth a convention thus protesting against the execution of a political doctrine they had no Power to Avert and the Success of which they feel assured will entail irreparable injury upon themselves and their posterity. Tho Call for a convention having thus been carried by Tho negro hordes let us see of what material the convention itself will be com posed. Not a prominent Louisi Anian will be there not a Man of standing in the Community. The Republican nominees who certainly be elected stand As Lour negroes to three White adventurers. This then will be the Compisi titter of the. Calie to Frame a Constitution for the state that gave ii. Taylor for president of Tho United states. Is not this entire thing utterly revolting and can to of Tho North palpably Swallow so Gigantic a right Ond so beastly a caricature upon human Liberty.? forty live or fifty negroes assembling in convention to do what ? to perform in act Tho very meaning of which they Aro most ludicrously ignorant. And who Aro their assistants a handful of White men Whoso very course in consenting to such in a Lilia Tion Stamps their characters As being thoroughly worthless Thero is Ono instinct which cannot to eradicated from Tho Mitis of a White Man and that is the supremacy of his race above All others. Prejudice against Coloria but Tho natural instinct of the Supe rior against contamination Atid try what Trio wrists May the barriers which caste in that sense has erected Cun never be broken through successfully. Tho present farce in Louisiana will to successful Lor a while but Tho signs of Tho times too plainly indicate that Tho Nour is approaching when it and All other Kindred dogmas will to swept away in the torrent of Public indignation. We cannot a a therefore stand quietly iid. Witness Tho debasement of our own Jaco in Louisiana. California Connecticut and Maine Havo re. Baked the Effort at negro supremacy before its practical effects Siivo been seen Aud we Tell Tho radicals of these United states that their cheers of Joy at Tho Success of their dogmas in Louisiana this Day will to answered Back by Tho people of Tho Loyal North in october and november next in such tones of indignation and disgust As will inform Tho world better. Our recent War was fought for Tho preservation of Tho Union not Lor Tho exaltation of Tho negro and to enslavement of men of our own st. Louis sept. 27.�?goneral Marcy while returning from a tour of inspection in Mexico was attacked by indians near Pawnee Forks. Lieutenant Williams of Tho 5th infantry lost a log one Man was killed and Throe wounded. Major Rpdney with an escort of forty Mon was attacked but no damage was done. Tho indians Are estimated As number ing three Hundred. Charley Brient has been recognized As one of Tho leaders. Washington sept. 27.�?the Herald says Tho platform of Tho republicans As Nuncia. Ted at Syracuse is a very lame diluted cowardly and fraudulent affair. Philadelphia sept. 27.�?declining Tho Hospital ties of the City tendered by it committee of the City Council and an invitation to the Sheridan dinner at Tho league House general Hancock visited his Mother to Day at Norristown pn., and proceeds Westward. Baltimore sept. 27.�?the democrats nominated Robert t. Banks for mayor at the election authorized by the new Constitution. New Yosif sept. 28�?noon.�?flour 15 to 25c. Be ter. Wheat�?31 12 for Spring and $1 35 for Western. Corn Rice and Oats quiet. Pork heavy at $23 j. Lard steady. Cotton Dull at 22�c. Turpentine 57a to 58c. Rosin steady. New Yoke sept. 28, Active and Strong. Money in fair demand at 7 per cent. A Gold 143. Sterling time. 1090112 sight 110. Coupons of 18g2 113q Virginia 6�?Ts 49. Washington sept. 28.�?judge Underwood and attorney Chi Mailer Are consulting relative to the trial of or. Davis whose friends and Bondsmen represent him anxious for trial. Congressman Shanks has gone to Richmond in Pursuit of evidence regordii2 the top Atman of Federal prisoners. Washington sept. 28.�?the settlement of Frazer Trenholm amp co., is entirely Satis fac tory to this government defendants counsel acknowledge the correctness of the principles claimed. Further action however is necessary in Federal Aid. Of British courts. 1 new Orleans sept. 28.�?fever interments to 6 of clock this morning 67. Cotton sales 325 Bales Market easier Low middling 18i@19c. Receipts 217 Bales. Exports 588 Bales. Sales of the week 1.225 Bales receipts 1,883 exports 2,207. Slock on hand 18,302 Bales. Flour quiet and steady superfine1 $10 double extra $10 50. Corn firm and unchanged. Oats scarce at 80c. Pork quiet and firm at s27. Macoir sides and shoulders Dull. Hams in fair demand and unchanged. Lard quiet and firm prime in pierces 11.3�15c. Gold 44j. Sterling 50 �59. New York sight �@4 Premium Choice Texas cattle s45 second Quality $25� $40 third s15@s20 calves s5@$10 yearlings a a $7�$15. Washington sept. -28.�?securities held 379.000.000. National Bank circulation 299,-000,000. The Revenue receipts to Day 477,000 for the week 2,500,000 for the year to Date 54,750,000. A # new a Yok sept. �?~2s.�?Money easier at 0 to 7 per cent. Gold 1-13san Francisco sept 28.�?an Oregon dispatch says lieutenant Small a company of first United Fatatis cavalry fought Snak indians killing 20, capturing 15, and soldiers unhurt. Washington sept. 28.�?lieutenant commander Fleming is dead. General Mower has modified Tho military orders relative to juries in the state of Texas so As to Render it Pratti Elije to obtain juries in that state. has adopted the views of governor Pease and judge Sabin. The following is the order fifth ainu take District t new Orleans september 28, 1s07 special orders to. 151. Extract a 1 m a m % 2. All persons duly registered As voters under the reconstruction Laws of Congress in the state of Texas and no others will hereafter be considered As eligible for jurors in any of the courts of that state r no other oath will be required except that taken upon registration. The county courts of the state of Texas will immediately revise their jury lists and make the new lists to conform to these directions. 1 a a _ by command of Brevet major general Joseph a. Mower. Geoege l. Hats off a assistant adjutant general. Washington sept. 28.�?revenue receipts to Day �477,000. Receipts for the week $2, 500.000. For Tho year to Date $54,750,000. Raleigh n. C., sept. 28.�?there was a grand rally of the conservatives of Walker 1 county Here last Naglit. The resolutions adopted declared the Devotion of the conservative party to the Union and to constitutional Liberty and its opposition to the formation of a a White Many a party a to confiscation and 1 proscription and to drawing party lines fur ther than hostility to radicalism. Half a dozen speeches Wero made. Great enthusiasm and perfect Harmony prevailed. New Yore sept. 23.�?sheridau.has arrived Here. was enthusiastically received at Newark und escorted to the City Hall where speeches were made. There will to no Public demonstration Here not 1 monday night when he will visit Tho Union league. Stanton Sickles Anil others of prominence Aro expected to be present. Louisville sept. 28.�?Tho Board of Trade remitted to Day $2500 to the Howard association of new Orleans. New Yoke Siept. 28.�?Money easier at g�7 per cent. Gold Dull at 113.1. Governments heavy and lower. Five twenties of �?T02 coupons 113$. Specie exports to Day 559,000. During the week $6,000,000 currency shipped Westward. Tho Bank statement will show a decrease in Loans of $2,875,000 an increase in specie of �878,000 increase in circulation $908,000 decrease in deposits s4,1g1,000 decrease in Legal tenders $1,717,000. Charleston sept. 29.�?general Canby has issued general orders no. 92, As follows numerous and Well founded representations having been made that illegal and oppressive taxes Havo been imposed in different sections of the states of North and South Carolina it is ordered that the collection of taxes be. Suspended in Tho following cases 1st. Whenever any. Tax is or stall be imposed otherwise than under Tho authority of Tho government of Tho United states which by Tho terms of Tho act imposing the same or by Tho exaction of Tho Publio authorities thereunder shall apply to any property or rights parted with or any transaction made and completed prior to the adoption of the act authorizing Tho same. 2d. Whenever the Power of Congress to regulate Commerce with foreign nations and among Tho several states is impugned by the imposition of taxe3 discriminating in commercial transactions in favor of resident citizens a amp a against the citizens of for i eign nation or of other states of Tho United states. 3d. Whenever any tax is or shall hereafter. Be imposed for Tho purpose of discharging any obligation contracted in Aid and furtherance of the rebellion against the government and authority of Tho United states or to reimburse Tho Publio Treasury or any local body or Public officer or other person for any expenditure on account of any such obligation or pretended obligation. Commanding officers of posts Are authorized to suspend the collection of any tax embodied in Tho paragraph supporting their action and Tho grounds Aud All proof relating thereto to these Headquarters. A Havana sept. 20, via Lake City sept. 27. A advices from the City of Mexico to the 15th, and very Cruz to the 20th instant Havo been received. The Diligence from the Capitol had been robbed. Sabto Piro Boron Sheil Brig Tho English banker of the City of Xiv Mexico died at la Cuba on the 9th inst. The body of the sex emperor Maximilian had been brought from Queretaro to Tho City of Mexico. A specie Conducta had left Queretaro. Tho Nueva Leon forces said to Havo triumphed entering Monterey on the in the ult. The water had overflowed a portion of the town of Acca Borro causing some deaths and int Ion damage to property. Or. Otter Birg the late american minister had obtained his passports Lor Homo with his family and or. Blake. The archives of the legation Are left in charge of Consul Cripps. Marquez is reported to have been Seon going into Tamaulipas with a mule Load of Money. The convocation is appointed to meet on the 22d inst. The report at Vera Cruz that the condition on which the body of Maximilian would be delivered to Admiral Tegethoff was the return of the articles stolen and carried off to Miramar is false. A property in Sonora to the amount of Over $1,000,000 had been confiscated. General Alvarez died at Providence August 21st. General Jiminez had been appointed his successor. Cincinnati sept. 29.�?twoinen entered the ears of the Ohio and m. Railroad at Seymour Indiana last night and making their Way to the Adams express car secured Tho messenger and robbed Tho safes of ten thousand dollars and then escaped. Washington sept 29.�?professor Charles King president of Columbia College new York died in Italy.,. New Yoke sept. 29.�?gen. Scott a will just probated Bequeaths Pulaski a sword to Quot West Point. That worn during Tho mexican War to his grandson Winfield Scott. Ilyati advice a to the 8th state that the country is in extraordinary agitation Gold fabulously High provisions scarce flour $20 Gold. Still in arms against Salnave who had pillaged Delmira a town in the South. Thirty four Hytien dollars Are Worth one Spanish Dollar. St. Louis sept. 30.�?general Sterling Prico died Here yesterday morning of disease contracted during the mexican War. St. Louis sept. 30.�?tho�?Tcommittee appointed some Days since by the merchants Exchange to solicit funds for the Howard association of new Orleans have collected Over seven thousand dollars. Nashville sept. 30.�?perfectly quiet on saturday voting confined mostly to negroes and strangers. The mayor receded from his determination of holding pole under charter of. 1858, but present officials will hold on until ousted by the courts or bayonets. New Youk sept. 30. Active and Strong. Money in fair demand 7 por cent. Sterling sight 9j. Time 9�. 1862 coupons 13i. Flour a Shade firmer. Wheat 2 to 3c. Better. Corn i to la. Better. Oats quiet and steady. Pork Dull $23 75. Lard firm 14� 14 Ujj. Whisky quiet. Cotton Dull 22c. Freights quiet. Turpentine 57i@58c. Rosin in fair demand strained s3 87�. Goldl43o. New York sept. �?~30.�?flour More doing state $8 25@10 60 Southern $1025. Wheat steady at noon mixed Western Corn $1 33i Oats Dull Western 74j�75c. Pork heavy at $23 75 lard firmer at 14@14$c. Whisky quiet Cotton steady a Les 900 Bales at 22c. Rice Dull and nominal a a a sugar Les Active but firm Rio Coffee Active but firmer prices of other Dull turpentine unchanged freights drooping. Stocks Active but heavy Gold 143q coupons of�?T02,113 j. New Orleans sept. 30.�? sales of Cotton 125 Bales. Market quiet and easier Low middling 18 in. Receipts 00 Bales. Louisiana sugar Only a retail business fully fair 154c., prime 10c. Cuba very Dull retailing at l2.i@13ic. For nos. 12 and 13. Nothing doing in molasses. Flour quiet Light Bales treble extra $12 Choice $13 50. Corn no sales prices firm mixed $1 40@1 45. Oats steady and firm at 8o0. Pork Flat asking $27 25. Baconi Only limited jobbing Trade shoulders 15@15o., Clear sides 19@194c. Lard quiet pierces 15jc., kegs 16c. Gold 1434. Sterling 56�58. New York sight �@4 Premium. Interments from fever for the 24 hours up to six sunday morning 61 for 24 hours ending monday Horning �?-1 Washington sept. �30.�?our Consul a at Demorra on August 3d, reports that yellow Over had re appeared the seamen in the Harbor. Senor Don Louis Molena minister plenipotentiary from Nicaragua presented his letters of recall to the president to Day. Tho parting ceremonies gave evidence of goad feeling Between the two countries and Strong personal Friendship Between Tho president and Senor Molena. Jos. M. Murphy a Nashville negro has be ii appointed by the sergeant at arms of the United states Senate As a Meirer of the Capitol Force. A Strong. Pressure is being brought to Bear to secure a modification of the recently promulgated Cotton regulations. A numerous Lotters representing a routine for obtaining permits Are. Impracticable in Many cases and generally inconvenient. The Treasury department has the matter under consideration. New Youk sept. 30.�?Tho National Bank at Whitestown n. Y., is reported As having failed. Rev. A no m. Krebs old school presbyterian is dead it. Washington sept. 30.�?Tho report of the commissioner of agriculture for August rep a presents the wheat crop not As Large As anticipated in july. It promises a tolerably fair crop if the frosts do not injure ii. The army worm made its appearance in Tho about the first instant Aud caused considerable apprehension in Soma sections for the safety of the crop. Potatoes Are rotting badly in Many of the Largo pot Efio growing states and the yield will be less than last year owing to the severe weather last Winter. The Wool clip this year is from five to ten per cent less than last year. A , sept. 30.�?archibald i Oito Ixo to brazilian Consul is dead. A Keene n. H., sept. 30.�?there has Walleia three inches of Snow Here. Jet team mews. A a -----q��?.---. London sept. 27�?noon.�?consols 017-1 1 a Bonds 72. Sugar 25s 6d. A. Liverpool sept. �27�?noon. dece ning Uplands 9jd Orleans 9�d. Estimates sales 10,000 Bales. A. A love Pooi sept. 27�?evening.�?coifon heavy and drooping throughout the Day Lias declined go middling Uplands 8d air leans 9d. Sales 10,000 Bales. London sept. 27.�?bullion decreased 000. London sept 27�?ncr�p.�? Consols panes steady at.94 7-1g. American securities nominal at prices of last evening. Bank foist sept. 27.�?Bonds 75fj. A a Liyeh Pool sept. 27�?noon. Tea. Changed estimated sales to-Day-10,000 Bales Uplands 83d. Orleans 9d. Tho brokers ocular reports Tho sales for the week at go,03.�?T Bales of which 20,000 were for Export and 20r 000 for speculation. Stook now in port 821,-000 Bales of which 255,000 bale3 Aro Arnan can. Provisions bread stuff s and prod Ueo a changed. Florence sept. 26�? serials riots Brake out at Undine in Northern Italy 60 Miles from Venice. Armed bands port Asch the streets clamouring for a revolution Tieso bands wore largely composed of Garibaldi volunteers who had been compelled to jpy from the roman Frontier by italian troops. Geneva sept. 27.�?crowds of men assembled in the streets of this City yesterday they loudly cried for Tho release of Garibaldi. Toiuo violence was done but no Ono ,. ? Florence sept. 27.�?partizans of Garibaldi Are creating tumults in various parts of Italy for the purpose of obtaining the Volcano cof their Leader. It is reported that King Victor Emanuel in about to Issue a proclamation calling an1 dec Tmur diary session of the italian in adic Merit. Dublin sept. 27. A it is feared that Tho is riia is will make an Effort to Rescue Cape bks Moriarty. The government is taking accessory precautions. Forty fenian convicted have been sufi t Portland England for sumo keeping. Constantinople sept. 28.�?Tho Sultan jts abuses the czars cretan demands. The Csc declines meeting the Sultan personally having nothing agreeable to say. A Large party in Greece Quot is for Tho Mug s deposition and proclamation of a Republic under the protectorate of or annexation. To the United states. , sept. 28.�?garibaldi�?Ts partizan a Are tumultuous in various parts of Italy. It is reported that the King is about proclaiming an extraordinary session of sept. 28�?noon. Firick sales 10,000 Bales. London sept. 28�?noon.�?securities dec. Changed. A live Pool sept. 27�? . Closed Dull owing to Tho unfavourable Manchester advices sales 10,000 Bales quotations a unchanged. Florence sept. 28.�?the Garibaldi an Rio a have been suppressed. It is officially announced that the country is quiet. London sept. 28.�?italian accounts Ara conflicting. Riots Are reported at Modena. Misiun Genoa and Naples. The pop thanks Napoleon for Garibaldi a arrest. London sept. 28�?evening.�?late dispatches from Japan announce that the christians in various parts of Tho Island Are maltreated by the natives. This is especially to Etc of the inhabitants of Nungi Yazici and its Vicinity. A a Aplin Chester sept. 28.�?the police Aro Verv Active in arresting persons believed to to implicated in the recent fenian Havo been apprehended since the last report the prisoners Are All discharged however cd lust us examined nothing being proven in warrant their detention nor has anything r. To the plans of Tho fenian organizations Beer elicited. Paris sept. 28.�?Tho government of key has officially denied the published statement that its Aid has been or will be sent in Bokhara in Tho struggle of the latter against the Dominion of the Czar of Russia. Berlin sept 28.�?kiel, a , is to to immediately fortified Gay King win Zaat and garrisoned by prussian troops. Liverpool sept. 28.�?evening,, More doing sales 12,000 Bales. 1�?Tloeence, sept. 29.�?Garibaldi writes its letter from his prison in which he says a Tho romans have the right of slaves to Rise against their oppressors and it is Tho duty of to help he Hopes Hia fellow patriots will not to discouraged and will March on to Tho Hber Tipu of Rome he concludes by declaring that he cues of the Wolfi Are upon them and nations anxiously Awali their action. a London sept. 29�?Tho Pau Anglica Synod last week condemned the writings or. Colenso. Liverpool sept. 28�?evening__cut toe a Moro favourable Trade report closet firmer and with More doing. re Tchad. Fully 12,000 Dales with Tho a Jimial pro Pontiac. Lor speculation Aud Export. A Florence sept. 30.�?�?~accounts represent riots us serious. In some cities mobs Ai Aud obstinate. Troops Aro using and occasionally Bullet Many have Bear killed and wounded. Paris sept. 30.�?the Marquis lag apr won the horse at Long Champ Rico. Or. says that for Tho period of a Inonu before marriage and a month after death me regard their wives As Angels. Edwards Tho Milwaukee wig pork pact or who filled his barrels with Salt and sane has been sent to to Stato Rijou for thro a a year. A a
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