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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 30, 1867, Galveston, Texas ? a Yin v w 5�vv�7 by Ltd a a vol. , saturday morning november 30, 1807. No. 66.telegraphic. I associated Washington nov. 25.�?grant�?Td evidence is covered by Jar. Woodbridge but the following tolls in s Story questions i understand your position to be this it you dial not assume to to the originator to inaugurate any policy but when any a a question came up and your opinion was asked a t a or Uit the j a resident wa3 going to do or had done you gave a opinion ? Ana very that is it exactly Niu i presumed the whole committee understood me i have always been attending to my Oivin duties and tried not to interfere with other Peoples 1 a Vas �1,1 ways ready to originate matters pertain Katf in la be army but no Evv was willing to origin be m a tors pertaining to Tho civil government of the United states. 1 when i was asked my opinion about what had been done i was willing to give it 1 originated no plan and suggested no plan Lor civil government i Only gave my views on measures Niter they had been originated i simply expressed an anxiety that something should 1 0 clone to give sonic soft of Contr l Down there. There were no governments there. When Tho War was Over and i wanted it to Seo some government established i wanted to see it Dono quickly i did not pretend to say How it should to done or in what form. Go Aliimau off committee of elections Dowes ways and Means Schenek appropriation Stevens Bank Iii and currency Pomeroy Pacific Railroad Price claims by Ughrin Commerce Washburne Public lauds Julian pos Tollice far Esworth judiciary Windham old committee continued throughout Indian flu Ira Windham Mili tiry Afi Iris Garfield naval flu Ira Pike foreign affairs. Banks territorial if air Ashley of Ohio Llorada and canal.-, Cook a a lairs Elliott education and labor b Iker patents Jincks print aug i a to ii retrench neut Yau a Clr. Tho majority of who committee Iii their report Recomb ouding in each Livent say great stress is Laid upon the alleged usurpation by ,1 in president of the pardoning and veto is Nln of Tho authority to make removals and . A v ii to what i i the i i Lati Iii o1 the pow is of the executive by a org Miz Ilig Gove Mients i i the Southern states at the end of Tho was without asking the and Vire of Congress As they assert for personal purpose. They refer to the Par Dongug of 1 person it West Virginia de it or tors from the army during the War which they state was in Behy if of private aiv.1 interested parties and Quot a order that they May Voto a Icord Sluco with the president s opinion. The ten it it a of executive offences throughout tie cd tire report consists in allego.1 a Sirpa to ins of Powers above mentioned. Trio my Jority assert also that by various official speeches mid Public Declara ions the president has sought to obstruct Tho Laws of Cou tyres for Thoj wifi cation of the states with particular reference to Tho constitutional amendment approved by Congress. A 1 this report is very lengthy and Sigved by is Outwell Williams Churchill Thomas Aud Lawrence. A report waa als submitted by Wilson and Woodbridge dissenting ,. Majority und asserting that there was no evidence presented which demanded Injpeaeh-1 rent but they condemned his political views and Wero willing to censure. The minority report by Marshall and Eldridge strongly defends the president trom Abuso by his political enemies and assert that his Only faults consist a not holding Tho political views of the party a Jiichi elected him in subjugating the people of Tho South. Tiie report is extremely caustic nud buses harshly some of the witnesses who testified Bel Oie Tho Cut Mittee. Baker in a accused of perjury and they conclude with a a the pie Sidet will be held in respect by his countrymen when his alumni actors Aro pillowed in he undying scorn and indignation of Tho american a the Points Remde in he summing up of Tho majority report against Tho president Are not out by Tho testimony first a is to Tho i resident having usurped the Powers of Congress in. Organizing governments in Tho Southern states. Second it will to found in general Grants testimony that Tho pro a a i a Nimo which was followed by or. Johnson been Laid Down by . It also appears in general i Auto i testimony that to was present by invitation at the Cabinet Council in which Tom re organic Ilion of the Southern states a i discussed and that while lie assented to Tho plan followed by tio administration lie did not offer any suggestions of ins own but wan a silent listener. Tho Only Active part to took was in restraining the president s Avdor to Hayo prominent rebels like Ujj Quot a brought to consign punishment. As Jcj Ali a Pardon of prominent rebels it appear that Many of Tho most prominent of them Weic pardoned on Tho recommendation of Grant Speed stauton Etc. As to Tho paid Niue of some Hundred deserters from a West Virginia regiment which Tho it report alleges wins done a order that they might Voto for u Deiuro Cutie member of Congress it appears from Tho Ovid Enco that they Wero Quot hot pardoned till a week Tho election Aud Tho in resident Merfi a endorsed Tho application in the usual it to Tho Secretary of War who himself granted it. Thu committee enquired into Tho Possession by. Tho president of. Certain Tennessee Bonds in supposition that his Possession of. Them might Liao connection Tho release of certain properly of Southern Railroad companies Hilt it appeared that or. Johnson had been Tho possessor of these Bonds Lor the last twelve years. In Refet i Ico to Tho trial of Jefferson Davis Speed and Tho counsel for Tho government shoulder All Tho responsibility of fat trying him Tho avowed Causo being that grf it of Rustico chaos should not preside and that attorney general Speed would not consent undo Ray circumstances toi Avo Tho trial conducted Beloro judge Underwood. Thero wins an attempt on Tho part of Lufa Yelte c 15-Akur to get up a Story about an in. Ii binary letter from Johnson As military governor to Jefferson Davis offering to turn Over Tho Stato to him but Tho committee could Hayo had no trouble in deciding what degree of Cix Dit was to to Givon to it. Tho tale fell util a it i a it via no allegation against Tho 1�?T,&Quot Sid it of i is having personally Given ground of offence. A a Bey it 1 Ohio who presented Tho articles of impeachment acknowledges that Lio has it Given the committee All Tho valid Xvi Dovico in his Possession. A a \ Wassington nov 2g.�?-Tho ii Monsev amount of mater sent North Ward a last night caused some delay in Tho regular dispatches Gold closed steady at 1-10. It is said Mcculloch threw 825,000,000 on Tho Market to control it or rather to prevent a panic. Bets Are invade that the House will Send Are ticks of impeachment to Tho sonata provided Tho vote is taken in december. The a Popit Tine it of Schenck to to of Way und Means who favors High Protection and expansion excites Surprise and comment. Washington nov. 25.�?Over thirty thou Sand words were telegraphed northward yesterday regarding the impeachment making Over fifteen solid columns. New , nov. 25.�?stocks Dull. Sterling Long 10 a Short 109-i. Bonds old 108 new 107ii. Gold 1395�139i. 10 40�?Ts 102a 7-30�?Ts lfl5j. A Long �10 15. Wheat drooping. Pork $28. Cotton dnll/16.j@17 freight a steady. New Yon pc nov. 2g. Nitro Glyce Ripo explosion occurred at Bergen n. J., killing 9 persons and injuring others in a a. Baltimore nov. �?~20.�?john a and Geo. D. Wise Are indicted for assault with intent to kill Edmund a Pollard. The City is crowded with roughs to witness. The fight Between Collyer and Kelly. New Voitk nov. 20.�?Cotton lower sales 3,000 Bales at lgc., close. Freights steady. Coupons of 1862 1072 do. �?T04 1 u7fi do. �?T65 10gt do. �?Tg7 107.j seven thirties 105,. Money easy at c@7 per cent. Discounts 7@10 per cent. Sterling unchanged. Government securities steady. Stocks stronger and higher. New of bleats nov. 2g.�?sugar steady firm and no changed. Molau sess lower common g0c., Choice 85c. Flour extremely Dull superfine 88 75 Choice $13. Corn Dull and. Unchanged. Oats firm at 80c. Porfi Dull at .<22 50. Bacon i 3 retailing at 12c. Clear sides age. Lard prime in pierces 13c., in kegs 13�c. Cotton Active middling Orleans 10c. Sales 5,500 Bales the largest of the season. Receipts 4,173 Bales. Gold l39. Sterling 1-1 �153. New York tight per. Kiich mob nov. 20.�?judge Chase did not. Air Avo. Titis Imo Ruig As expected but it 11 o clock the court a met. There was a detachment of cavalry in the Piuze. The court Rocini was densely crowded. Tho or Uii a jury was brought in. All the counsel of Davis present except let Rady and Ito id. Judge Underwo Oti took his eat at 11 30, Aud the grand jury was sworn in. In his charge judge Underwood to rented the Abse Nej of judge Chase and cautioned them that no party or class pit Adje a or their delivery Tiona. A Ltd ices cd nested with the. Rebellion claim la Iii first attention to brought to their Kun Lodge that any Ohio had committed Teitson to must be indicted a a unless he has be ii specially pardoned by the president or by general amnesty. To reiterated the Law Aud speciality for treason i he Saidi a a violation to it i Revenue i avs would j claim their attention Jed they should be in sparing in the cases of Public officers engaged in it if any should to so fond. Up to. Noon no step Wasi taken in Tho Davis matter and or. Davis not yet in court. About thirty ladies present is spectators. Richmond nov. 2g.�?Seddon, Letcher and several other witnesses for Tho government Wero before Tho grand jury to Day which shows that Davis will be tried on a now indictment at Tho Terni in March. Davis will remain hero several Days. To will not spend the Vav inter in Canada. General Lee goes on thursday to Peters Burc to attend the marriage of his son w. Ii. F. Lae. Sir. Evarts for government said Tho intention of the government Yasuto try Tho Davia Case some Day this term. Oue consideration in fixing Tho Day was Tho time when i. Chaos would attend Here and the government proposed to name a Day after adjournment of Tho supreme court for this trial when Chase could sit. With Underwood. Evarts suggested the fourth monday of a March. Of Connor said Tho personal convenience of or. Davis would Havo been promoted if that had taken place in May last and it would by very convenient now but his counsel would Greo to Tho proposition of Evarts. Lie thought Tho pre Sanco of Chase would to beneficial not Ulo Iio t Tho it erect of Tho accused but to All interests. Underwood said the arrangement proposed by Tho government was agreeable to Tho c Juryj Aud particularly because Tho court car. Nestly desired that chaos should sit up bit Tho Case. It was duo t6 the defendant that two judges should sit in Tho Case in order that aug Appeal might to taken on disputed question a Aud Tho Caso carried up by Tho defendant to a higher court. Tho judge agreed to fix Tho 20th of March for the trial and on application of or. O Connor to extend or. Davis bail Bond until that time Aud further agreed that if judo chaos could not preside alien to extend the leave of absence until Tho term foil Wing. The order of Extension of leave of absence of or. Davis and fixing Tho 22d of March for a trial was entered by order of the judge and the Davis trial ended for this term. Davis a did no appear a court. Wilu Osses who Camov into court sex Secretary Seddon Quot i governor Letcher and general Wickham Wero recognized to appear at Tho next trial. New Obi Eaks nov. 2g.�?Tho convention succeeded in organizing to Day. stand president we into Secretary ser Grant at arms and door Ite Peri coloured. A c Minitte of thirteen of which w. L my Miller is chairman was appointed d to draft rules1 nud regulations pending which Tho rules Aud regulations of Tho House of representatives of Tho United states Are adopted. Tho now Orleans Tribuno was elected Printer Tho Republican failing by . No other business was transacted. Tho ouachita River packet Idaho blew up at Tho wharf to Day and six men were wounded. Two mortally. Tho upper works of Tho boat Are wrecked. Washington nov. 2g.�?in Tho Senate or. Mecula Loehr a documents und a memorial from Tho Alabama legislature regarding Tho repeal of Tho Cotton tax Wero referred to Tho Coin Mittee on co Morco. Tho Bill continuing in Howard and Sickles was referred to Tho military committee. Tho general diplomatic correspond Niico was called for. A Bill changing Tho Naino of Samuel Ghana -. Barney who a claims though to. Draudson of Commodore Barney that his father and undo had disgraced m3 name was passed. Tho Senate went into executive Sersion and adjourned. A in Tho House Grant was called on for the correspondence Between himself and others regarding the removal of Stanton and Sheridan and general matters regarding reconstruction. It Tho military , Ere directed to enquire ii Ito the expediency of paying Tho army weekly instead of every two months. Tho committee an freedmen a affairs were directed to enquire and report the reasons if any for continuing Tho Bureau. Detective l. C. Baker was arrested by order of the1 judiciary committee and discharged on payme Iii of costs. from Liq Alabama convert Ion regarding the. Cotton tax wits referred to the committee on Way a and Mearis. Tho committee in ways and Means were directed to inquire into the expediency of taxing u. S. Bonds Aud National bilks for Tho liquidation of state debts. \ the House went into a committee of the whole and adjourned. Stevens left the if ouse much indisposed Tho impeachment interest has died out. Tho Senate did not Liing in the executive session. A i the Revenue receipts to Day amounted to �443,000. The Collier Kelly fight has come off. Kelly claims the stakes. Governor Shain g. Harris is at Home in Tennessee under surveillance to appear in the Federal court in March. , nov., 20.�?impression is almost Universal Here that owing to Lack of the req Tiisto majority of registered voters the a convention will be Defeated in South Carolina. G2,000 voters will be required to insure convention Only 2g,000 known to have voted in Twenty districts of Tho thirty Dis tric Tsin the state. Cicai Teston nov. 2g.�?later acc outfits from Wadt Yalaw Island show tha statements of the. Riot As being greatly exaggerated. No person was seriously Hurt. S a Havana nov. 2g.�?sugar, to and 12, scarce but higher at 8i@8 15 to 20 Dull lard 15? in pierces and 18 in cases tallow 12@12v Bacon 14@15-, Salt pork 19 sugar cured 22 potatoes 4 cooperage nominal freights Dull nothing doing Exchange on London 11� 14 a new York curency firm at. 20 discount. Arrived Tho steamship rap dim from new Orleans sailed the Phoenix from Mobile. Washington nov 27.�? in gossip a prominent Radical said yesterday in alluding to Grants evidence no mail who restrained Johnson in hanging rebel-5 could Ever to Tho a nominee of his party.�?�. The election committee will report a Resolution admitting the Kentucky delegation except major Young. A Tho committee on ways and Means will report Ngai st a further contraction. A private dispatch from Alabama says that the politics a Jmc Tinnery of the tute is Iii the v hands of chases friends on judicial questions. Yesterday in Tho House it was noticed that Western men voted Jet pc Thor regardless of party or opinion on the impeachments it i evident it a dead. New Yoke nov. 27.�?flour, state s9 75� 10 Southern $950@14 wheat drooping a Cotton lower sales 10u0 Bales at 16ae. Freights steady government securities closed Strong Money easier at�?Tg@7 per cent irregular and unsettled Gold weak closing at 1394 Sterling unchanged stocks Little doing. New Yolk nov 27.�?sterling unchanged Gold 1393 Money easy at 7 per cent. Bonds 61d Issue 108 new 107q flour Dull and drooping wheat Dull and favors buyers com Dull and heavy pork quiet lard Dull at 12a@ 13. C. Cotton quiet at . Freights steady turpentine firn at 55ac. Rosm common s3@3123. I. Trio balance in the sub Treasury a is s110, 750,000. New Oble is nov. 27.�?sugar in Good demand and firm common 9.?c. Prime 12ic. Molasses Diu a Aud declined Good g7�c. Choice 83c. Flour no sales. Corn quiet and firm it is 0g@s1 10. Oats firm at 80c. Pork no sales a asking Rutes s22 50. Bacon very Dull but unchanged. Lard nominally 13$c. In tie cos kegs 13c. Cotton declining mid Diug Orleans 15@,15c. Stiles 4,500 Bale. Receipts 2,329 Bates. Exports 813 Balcsik. Gold 139j. Sterling 119@152i. New York sight j discount to Par. Texas cattle no. 1 s40�s55-no. 2, $2o@s35 no. 3, s14�$20,. Sheep is 50@$6. New Orleans nov. 27.�?i i who convention. To play Wickliffe White of new Orleans offered i i preamble and Resolution denouncing in article in Tho Republican of Tho 23d, a portion of which has been telegraphed. The preamble recites that whereas it is Tho policy of the Radical Republican party Ond their real honest desire to dissipate unfounded prejudice by a Courso of strict Justice and Honor by using every Endeavor to preserve peace and Good order. Resolved that to hereby utterly repudiate All desire for class legislation All desire for african stale legislation that to do not As a people or As a party desire meditate or countenance bloodshed or revenge that All we claim is Equality before Tihe Law for All men a without distinction of race color or previous condition am that we deprecate the sentiments expressed a the leading article into new or Jesus Republic Oak in Tho Issue of a Tho 23rdj imjt., anti denounce said article a of uncalled for ice Tidbury and dangerous to the Best interests of the party,.nnd Declaro that said article does not express the sentiments wishes or purposes of Tho Radical Republican purty of Louisiana or the coloured race. The resolutions Wero discussed. Considerable cd. Cite Mont prevailed in regard to parliamentary usage. They were finally tabled by a vote of40 to 41. Tho commit Ca reported a series of rules a and regulations adopted entire. Adjo Utheil till Friday. Washington nov. 27.�?prospects of Tho immediate repeal of the Cotton tax not so promising. Tho friends of Tho measure Are fearful of spontaneous opposition to move mints originating on their Side of the nouse and Are holding Oft. Of far Evory Bill introduced looking to Tho repeal has a rider which will kill it or pro Yoko weeks of discussion. Favor Abio action before Christmas Leighly improbable. Tho committee of ways and Means Lias a agreed unanimously in its session., tbi3-a. If to report a Bill for Tho repeal of Tho Cotton 1 tax. Ricmond nov. 27.�?ex-Secretary Seddon was before Tho grand jury All this morning. This afternoon general Leo was before it and was questioned about two hours. The jury Lias found a new indictment it a about six. A times As Long As the old one and presents Only the s Ime facts More in detail. On Tho 22 1 March Davis will to taken into custody by the United states marshal on this indictment. Leo. And Seddon Are recognized to appear As witnesses. Davit a movements Are ask yet Uncertain. I thanksgivings Day will be observed tomorrow Banks Public offices Etc., will to closed. Delegates to who reconstruction convention which meets next wednesday Are arriving. Tho new nation says Tho first act of Eliut body should be to vacate All state offices held by rebels and put Loyal men in their at a Republican meeting a petition to general Schofield was adopted asking that at future elections the City police will be re moved from Tho polls and military Protection. Substituted. Augusta nov. 27. meeting of the Citi Zens of Richmond county was held to night. A preamble and resolutions wore Nnandi a Nous by adopted in favor of Universal amnesty arid impartial suffrage and the abolition of the test oath As qualification for office urging Tho state to reorganize and defeat recoil8trnction under Tho military Bills. Twenty four delegates were appointed to amp Tho cons Rativo convention at Macon. The meeting was largely attended and was enthusiastic. Washington nov. 28.�?Senate, Resolution was adopted calling for the papers in general Fitz John porters cases adjourned till Friday. House. Resolution was adopted that when the House adjourn it be to saturday. A communication regarding Tho expense of the Levienn Cutter system was referred to the appropriation committee. R \ or. Stokes of Tennessee Mada a personal explanation. Lie denied giving Aid or Comfort to the rebellion in any Way he contended that Tennessee had disfranchised no one. Tho state had organized anew and declared who. coff pred hi3 own loyalty with that of senator Patterson defended Patterson and said that it was said of Stokes that to had condoned his offence with regard to the the test oath he had said nothing on the Sobject of condone ment and Elridge who favored a modification of the oath did not see How Stokes a could take it in the face of his Stokes Duncan letter. The House went into committee of the whole Aud adjourned till saturday. The Secretary of the Treasury has decided that Missouri must pay the tax on the Purchase of the Railroad on the ground Liat the Road did not become the property of the state until the Sale was consummated the necessary preliminaries being the stamping of the Arti tides me tax is so Tow. It the president a sending nominations to the Senate. Tho Senate shows no disposition to act on some thirty nominations before them i a. Receipts of internal Revenue for Foddy Are 844,000. General Howard Lias returned. All the departments will be closed to mor Row. A new Yozie nov. 27.�?an immense meeting of citizens collected at the Cooper Institute last night for the purpose of demanding of Congress and the executive that nil Tho americans arrested in England of account of their supposed or actual sympathy with the Feni a a a is be released. A resolutions to this effect vere adopted and a committee appointed to take them to Washington. Speeches Wero made by judge Daly Horace Greeley a. Oakley Hall and others. H. Authon in a letter to the democratic Union convention last night a Dealino the nomination for mayor in favor of Hoffman. The convention afterwards endorsed Hoffman and tendered Livia which lie accepted. Washington nov. 27.�? tie ways and Means committee intend to report Abili for Tho repeal of the Cotton tax monday or tuesday. Nothing has transpired regarding the details. There will be considerable opposition to the repeal itself and the Retro Cativo features should Tho committee propose them will be fought fiercely. A majority of Congress will undoubtedly favor the abolishment of the tax but in the incidental questions there Are wide taif Fererici Tho discussion of which will delay final action. The favorite opium in is that the tax will to abolished from the Date of its passage Rind the account closed. San Feancisco nov. 27.�?Tho Steamer Golden City from Panama arrived saturday. A Cottica Mexico letter of Tho 13th inst., states. Raymond Vega re elected governor. All business paralysed by Lato increase of maritime duties which raised Tho schedule Tariff 70 per event. Importers have to pay. Besides 50 percent on Duies levied by the Imperial government. Foreign merchants Are to be victimized until driven out of the coun a try. A general Corona still at Guadalupe trying to raise an army to fight Labordo. Revolution anticipated Arizona advices give particulars of the Campaign by colonel Price major Clendinning and lieutenant Wolls against the Hii Parupia indiar.?, their country was overrun and their ranches and Winter stores destroyed. Thirty indians Wero killed and seventeen taken prisoners. Colonel Prico proposes driving them from Point to Point until civilization or fear of Grade Al extermination compels them to go upon reservations. New Orleans nov. ,28.�?sugar unchanged. Molasses declined common 50@55c. Prime 75c. Choice 80@83c. Flour extremely Dull no quotations. Cor better $1 10�1 �o2. Pats Dull and lower 78c pork quiet and firmer $22 25 Bacon declined shoulders jobbing Llic. Clear 15ic. Lard1 very Dull i no sales holders asking for prime Tierce 12ic. J Keg 12ic. Cotton steadier middling Orleans 15j�16e. Sterling 1483@152, a new York j sight j discount a Par. Gold 138i�138. Tho japanese authorities Havo signified their willingness to do shango seeds and plants with the Agni cultural Bureau at Washington Bat have stipulated that we Sli ail Send ours first. E am Rte is1 a a a London nov. 25.�?russia, Austria and la 5 a Miil Powers Are Adverse to the . Prussia is mounted on. The objections of England considered a Mere a matter of form. Tes Pope demands strut quo. A a it London nov. 26�?noon�?a, Squadron from left Chiba to punish the fun ions Manilla. R a deluge is said to have drowned ten amp ass and persons. Finances unchanged. Liverpool nov 2g�?noon.�?couok dih Quot and irregular sales 8,000 Bales Uplands Orleans 8d. Leven room nov. 2g�?2 i Dull. Corn 48s. Go. Sugar firm. London nov. 2g�? c5f-Bonds 70i. Frank foot nov. 2g.�?Bonds 57 7-e5. Manchester advices unfavourable. Feo Bence nov. 26.�?italy Lias not Chi Isis ted to. Join Tho conference. Garibaldi goe3 to Caprera. L9ndon, nov. 26.�?another typhoon or a visited Hong icon causing much damage. ,.London, nov. 27�?noon.�?Consols Bonds 70j. Liverpool. Nov. 27�?noon.�?cottoa a to and unchanged estimated sales 8000 nov. 27, 2 o�?Tclock.�?consols9i9-ui. Bonds 70y. Love Pool nov. 27, 2 heavy Aud declining prices declined o Sicca the opening Uplands 73d. Orleans 8gd. London nov. 27�?evoning.--Consols 94 Bonds 701. Liverpool nov. 27�?evneing.�?Cotton closed heavy and declining Uplands 7 13-16 Orleans 817ig. A London nov. 27.�?centre Francis was captured in Dublin with papers. Paris nov. 27.�?some of Tho French troops Havo left Rome. .London nov. 27.�?parliament voted two million pounds for the abyssinian War. Tfx minister was blamed by parliament and Tecc press for sending off Tho expedition without the Sanction of parliament. Oumedian volunteers will join the expedition in great 11 timbers. american Blip Yesta went ?.iies�?T.shanghai and was flood by wreckers. A a Pes a Tiomi of the cargo saved. A leu Fiallo Iii Prospect a of Hie in. Up ii Liis important subject Tho Springfields Patriot of the 14th inst. Has the following which As expressing Tho views and feelings or our friends in the Southwest we Transfer to our columns a a colonel Baker and or. E. G. Paris who have been East nearly three months trying the form a combination of capitalists to com Piei our Railroad returned to our City last Friday. They bring us the cheering news that of Csc have succeeded in interesting in the Enterprise a number of wealthy capitalists who Ana undertake the work of completing the Oil. Tursy Roposo to pay nto the Trees try a sufficient amount of Money to completo the Road to Lebanon As an Earnest of their purpose to vigorously to cosi Cletion the Well known reputation of Tira gentlemen who propose to engage Inthis Enterprise for wealth and Energy logo flier Frith Tho actual putting up of say one Quot million fes it Hundred thousand to Start the work with Wili see re the completion of the Road Boyo Ude doubt if the proper legislation can he obtained. A a the proposition of these gentlemen requires very Liberal legislation on tie part of state. It will be necessary to Grant theroan lands &c., to the party without considerate to the state and with Tho authority to Elsaa thereon a sufficient mortgage to secure Sacic sums of Vioney As my to necessary to Complete the Road which shall not be divested he any forfeiture to the extent of Tho Money a amp tally expended Iii Good Faith in Tho construction of the Road. The Road land,v&e., to to forfeit in subject to the inor Gago if Thor should fail to Complete Tho Road to Lebanon within two years or fail to expend the sum <3f Money that May a stipulated in the Law is. Its completion to Springfield and the state line. We do not fear any foil Citurs however As the Money to by paid by the parties in Tea first instance will secure its completion to Lebanon the Only difficult a part of Tho when it is completed to that Point its earnings will be increased Lour fold and the Feu from there will be easy of construction. Colonel Baker and Zvir. Paris report the Ohi party As totally unable to build the Road aug As. Being in a Stato of pecuniary embarrassment so. Great that they cannot sex Tricart Tho Selve from it is very desirable hint the legis.vtue-, 1 should be convened in extra session in Timise to comply to Tho legislation a necessary to toe organization of this new party before the Aii journey session commences. This would save several months delay in the resumption of work on Tho Road and would not Taniou the time of the sitting of that body any longer a the two sessions than it would be if the business was All done in one session As the special session might by fix a so As to blend into Tho adjourned session. Colonel Baker and or. Paris inform us tli2& the governor and general fish b&v.0 both aided them in the work of forming Neo party and that Tho governor a willing to Culi an extra session of. Tho legislature and to Aid our Enterprise All to can. Texas Pino Bluff Ark. Dispatch says Tho streets of that City Are a i crowded with emigrants in route for Texas. Smith Ark., Herald learns from or. Vail mail agent Iii that place that of sunday oot. 20, a Man was murdered aria. A robbed on Tho top of Boston Mountain nex Evansville. Or. Vail stated that two men from Texas Wero going up into the upper counties to Purchase lands and that somewhere below fort Smith Turco men came up with them and learning their object the said they Wero going up Tho country on the , Piid they would travel together. Tho party travelled together to Tho top i Tho Mountain when Tho Turco men Fitta Clas. Tho two lulling oae. Tho other made his is Capo to Evansville Whon to informed Tho citizens Oliero of what had taken . Tha citizens immediately formed a company and started in Pursuit of the murderers butt key made their says a a we Don t want in our poetry any la Noro than we Iuit a cd Ekery bom in our so tip a a a
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