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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 28, 1868, Galveston, Texas Semi weekly vol. Al. Ntow in Tigri j Jum Galveston saturday morning november 28. 1868. No. 82.telegraphic. A of Euvil Pica nov Orleans nov. 25.�?Cotton stiff or in tin morning easier at close middling 234� a al. Sales 2700 Bales. Receipts 2197. Exports 11,�?~112. Gold 135a@1354. Sterling com Mere my 45�4g4. Bank igl n y sight 4 . Sugar nud molasses unchanged. Flour Dull Sanpei fico $0 25 treble extra in 7507 50. 0 Riv quiet new 90u. Oats held it 03c. Niay la us Western s24. Bran �1 �0. Pork Dull nominal $20. Bucon unsettled. Shoulders 12�. Clear ribs 1g. Clear 134. Land Dull Tierce 1g mtg 174. Whisky Western n edified $102 50. Col to Dull but unchanged. Heavy Rains nil Day prevented Trade. New Yoke nov. 25.�?mouey easy at 5@c. Sterling a i. Gold 34.j, 02�?Th 13i. North Carolina s 05, new 03. Virginia a Exco Pous 0f.1. New 59. Tennessee s sex coupons g8, new same. Flour Dull and declining. Wheat heavy 102c. Lower. Pork a Shado firmer lard Dull Peteani 1g401g�. Or. A ton Birru at 25 new York nov. 25.�?Cotton less Active but steady. Sales soul a Bales at 254. Flour Stata Fujil Western a Shade easier super Liue is -10 05 m0 Southern Dull common to fair extra $7 2l 0s 25. Wheat 1@2j lower with Moderato demand for Export and Homo use. Corn a Shade Linnet mixed Western is 13@1 17. La Oik Dull lower new mess s2g�?T50027 50. Lad heavy lower Kettle 1g�017. Whisky quiet. Groceries Lull. Naval Torea firm but quiet. Turpe Vitinu 480484. Rosin $2 of 0 7 50. Freights Kirin. Cotton sail a a 5 10 011-10. 02 s 13j. Tennessee a us now g8.j. We 584 new 79. Money very easy 40g, Supply Large. Discounts 709. Sterling i a. Gold dosed Active at 135�. Washington nov. 24.�?butlor�?Ts sickness is a hoax. Tho Early appearance hero of a Morton and Trumbull is taken by politicians As an indication of the character of Grants constitutional adviser Grant has not written to Slocum. One Coy for Somo years appointment clerk of Tho Treasury Dopart nout a appointed Steven to supervisor for Louisiana and Arkansas. Or. Courcey was born in Mississippi and is regarded is a excellent business Man. The new postal treaty with great Britain was signed to Doy. England Abandons the double postage otherwise Tho new differs Little from the old arrangements. New Yolk nov. 24.�?the grand jury of u. S. Circuit court has indicted judge Fullerton and others charged with conspiracy connected with tha whisky fraud. Warr ass were issued for their arrest. Washington nov. 24 a Farragut will arvo to night and be the guest of Welles. Washut autos. Nov. 23.�?mcculloch has ordered Tho Salo of $25,000 in Gold per Veek in St. Louis to Reli ovo importers. He hits also issued us order directing Trio Deposit of internal Lovenzo taxes Wilu thou. H. Assistant treasurer or designated depositories in cities where they exist after Dee. 1. But four Revenue supervisors remonia to to appointed. �z1. C. Alik a up Caox a Gre soy a a beef of the appointment Burc Aji giant Visita Boston this week and returning Upen la monday and tuesday in new York. A Publio offices were closed to Day noon and remain closed until Friday. Cresey leaves for Louisiana on Friday. Farragut had a prolonged interview with Tho president and Saward. Col. Powell of Tennessee is appointed Consul to port Stanley is lauds. Tho Stato department is of Ciao by advised Eliut Washington was fixed Byj Shusou and Stanley As Tho place for Tho meeting of Tho Alabama claims commissioners. Tho details Are vol fully settled. Notwithstanding contrary reports it is known that our government is satisfied with Tho Progress of Nego tia to ii a stud has no reason to doubt Tho for thu settlement of these claims will to satisfactory to both nations. Ruut will visit gov. Burnside it provi Ilc Nee during his Northern trip. Tho Continuo a discharge of females from Tiu Treasury department occasions great distress Aud some apprehensions of suffering daring Tho Winter. Unofficial letters from naval officers Opoutra dict the stories which have been circulated charging Loprz with various crimes against humanity particularly with the assassination of certain foreign consuls. New Orleans nov 25.�?a lady of Board the Steamer Sarah from Mobil tor new Orleans was robbed of $9000 last night. No Eluo to the perpetrators. 0 a Gotico has been Giren of Tho closing of Byver Nicut offices to Morrow. A Havana nov. 24. resignation of Mojin minister of War b considered Ceitlin. Tho reporte insurrection in Sierra Knobla is uhf outdid. Tho Secretary of the Treasury Cut Plains that Customhouse of Kors disregard la b instructions. Tho american Schr. Eugene from Nauton is wrecked. Havana nov. �?~25.�?valmazoda has allowed the revolutionists Ebreo Day to disperse la a non a Active operations. , nov. 24.�?-Tho official majority of. Slocum Over Roberts who head Tho electoral ticket is just 10,000, Tho average majority for Seymour electors is 9.9c3. New Yolk nov. 25.�?arrived, Huntsville and Clyde. Spoken nov. 15, lat. 33 ion. 78, Baik irom Charleston for England. She lost her deck in amp Galo on Tho 13th, loaded with naval stores. New Youk nov. 9,5.�?arrived, Btu Amor san Jacinto. A Felix Larkyn a a baldwins Stacker was killed by Tho proprietor of Campbell s Oji iter Saloon. Nov Yolk nov. 21.�?arrived, steamship in Fairbanks. New Ouirk nov. 24, Sutherland has placed Tjo Erio Road in Trio hands of sex judge Davis As receiver. Foil to Cir by Mon Croe nov. 24. Schooner Lovato Wentworth put into Norfolk in distress. Sho lost main Boom mud sails in fridays Gale. Noy. 24.�?corroner�?Ts jury on l Case charge that Tho daughter us duo in Law murdered Tho lady. Both committed for trial. Jav Cifax nov 21, fall Raack Orol fish i Riciuto almost u total failure. Distress in this Winter. I iii is nov. 25. A key Oldorf an alleged i Limo thief wan Hung Licurs Lolly Springs Altir fatally War Hsiug the Man who attempted ii he Rrt t. Chittet Jake nor. 25.�?a sewer caved in int night 2 persons killed 9injnred, and digging for others. New Yolk nov. 25.�?c2�?T� 13j. G4�?Th 71 c5�?Ts 84, new 10i g7�?Ts,. Csc Sll. 10-40s go. Stocks Active and buoyant during the whole Market and firm at close Wool very quiet Domestic Leeco 45@51, scoured 85@97, pulled 3�@54, Texas 3o03i. Hides a Little More inquiry prices closed steady sales 5g00 wet salted Limo Grande Ojo and 1500 Matamoros on private terms Texas Are noted at 13@14 currency for wot salted. New Okle avs nov. 2gth. A Cotton easier middling 23j023.j. A receipts 785s, to polls 574 Bales. Gold 55a. Sterling commercial 46j@4g.i, Bank 474. Now York sight 4 disc. Sugar Iiron i us in Lair demand prime 1240 12i, claim Lueil 134. Molasses Active and firm at 530go, Choice 72. Flour Only local Trade Bupt ilium so 37l xxx Jug v2j. Xxx $7 50. Corn Lull Aud lower s7. Oats firm at g2. Liran is 20. Lav kit Viive $25027 pork Dull and nominal $20. 1 icon fall shoulders 12j, Clear rib 10. Cleur to lard Dull Tierce 1g, Keg 17c. Whisky firmer Western rectified is �o-2a01 05. A Liee firm fair 1 l�., Pri i a 16� 010.5. New , nov. 2 5 a the returns 1 Simiu j Days ago As the Oli Ocial vote was Tho Voto returned to the of ii e of these Cretai of state. Yesterday the g Vernor he Ere Ury of state and the judge of the second judicial District examined the and de Claird the Lys ult of tile eletio.,. They throw a out tin ent re vote of the parishes of swivel Les w , Jackson a. Boil Olle St. Bernard Sabine s. Tho Baptist St. Mno rain Tirro Vouno and Washington for ii for a cities in t he n Laum r of making re Taus and declare no Legal returns received from Tho , making Tho satire vote us returned for Grain 27,911, and for Seymour 40,358. Notwithstanding the rejection of the vote of these Priske Tho democratic congressmen Are dealt red elected in e All but the second District. In Tho Latte District Only Tho finishes Lafourche St. Charles and St. James Aro counted giving Hieden Tho full and Meu urd negro Mann a unexpired term. Ilu i s majority in the second District for both terms is nearly 10,000. In the first District St. Murling a majority out r Sypher is reduced by this rejection from 9400 to g53. Tho Kerub Chau this evening says there is Sonaio ambiguity in the Law As to who the re turning of fliers of the Parish of Orleans Are. Tho reports of the of the govt norms committee show some diversity of opinion As to Tho construction of the i�-., new Yolk nor. 2g.�?in Tho fight resulting fatally to Felix Larkin four persons were badly injured. Pistols knives and clubs Acra used. Havana nov. 2g. insurgents attacked Mauz Pinillo but were repulsed with heavy Joss by Tho troops assisted by guns from the men of War and Tho Harbor. All accounts from the insurrectionary District continue to Tho govt cd meet. The us Amer Infanta Isabella has arrived. Washington nov. 25.�?the impression increases that Grant will to subjected to All restrictions that have cramped Johnson. Tho admission of the Louisiana congressmen chosen at Tho recent election is highly improbable. The opposition to their admission is strengthened by unofficial statements of col. Keller to the effect that gen. I Ousseau concurred with Radical in Tho opinion that negroes could not safely vote. Washington nov. 2g.�?All departments Ore closed. Seward and Bandall visited Johnson. This morning s Tribune Days a gen. Rousseau s stuff fliers Tell the associated press and the associated press tells us that gen. Rousseau has behaved admirably in new Orleans. This authority Muy or May not to considered Good statement but tor another Mado in Tho same connection it cannot be doubted. Tho stuff a Flint r informs us that the Louisiana Ite publicans did not vote at the Lato election because they believed that the Reuels would make it unsafe for them to do so and that general Rousseau concurred in their Baltimore nov. 2gtb. A Admiral Semmes lectured in Maryland Institute last night to audience was Large and he was warmly greeted. Tho Day was univ trally observed. We. Price a old citizen and member of Tho Bur in dead. Four fashionable weddings occurred in bal Tim Ord during Tho last week. A Incis Nati nov. 2gth.�?thanksgiving Day was generally observed. Tho drawing of Murray e Idy let lottery has been resumed. Quot dispatches from Denver City say Tho City is infested with roughs driven from the Pacific it. R. Towns by Tho vigilance committees. Oue of two Highway men killed the other mud was alleged Lionso thief was taken from Denver jail by 20 men and Hung. Grauth it Oli Ocial Mojo hey in Nebraska is 4290.e�obopeas news. Live Pool nor. 25�?afternoon.�?cottou firm. Tallow 50s. 0,1. Havious nov. 25.�?Cotton firm both of spot and afloat. Beulin nov. 24 a Bismarck makes no secret of his affiliation with the Liberal Paity. A Madi Iid nov. 24.�? i lie advocates of a Republic seem gaining ground in Spain. Bir Eloua favors a Federal Republic. Naples nor. 24.�?thoeruptiou is subsiding Fazara for Tho safety of adjacent villages Hare ceased. London nor. 25.�?the Globe speaking of Tho Queens reception of Tho chinese embassy a a America Favory the protective system while Dnn Laud desires uninterrupted Intercourse Trio interests of Eug Laud and China Solfaro Ore identical. If there is the smallest Oliance of advantages acc Ruig from the proposed treaty ratify it London nov. 25th�?noon. A Consols us. Changed. Bonds Quot 75. Liverpool not. 25�?noou. A Cotton tending up Salen 15,000 Bules. The to Tiv irom Quebec for Liverpool a j abandoned at sea. Tho Crow has arrived in Sicily. Lonzom nov. 25.�?gladstone is Defeated in Soulin debt Lancashire. Mazzini a death a contradict cd. London nov 25. times says Tho lil it Cral Milij my in Tho new House will be 117. Glad Stonum a defeat in Southwest Lancashire is attributed to local dislike of tha i ish people. Perth nov. 25. cry Tatian members Lite been seated in thu hungarian diet. London nov. 25. A spot nation is Rife re in Ding Tho composition of Gladstone s Cabi net. It is considered certain that Kimberley will to foreign Secretary. The propriety of having the Alabama claims commission sit mice Shively in London and Washington is now under consideration. Consols 944 Bonds firm at 75. Late Pool nov. 25th.�?evening.�?cottou closed firm with a slight Advance. Uplands 1140113. Orleans 11 �115-London, nov. 25�? evening. A Consols 944. 74j. Sugar quiet. Tur Pentic 29s go. Glean Kofoet nov. 2g.�?bonds quiet 794-Litemmol, nov. 2gth�?evening. A Cotton closed quiet Uplands 118 or enus 11j, sales 12,000 Bales. Pork declined 88s. Other provisions unchanged. Biva stuffs heavy. Isavee nov. 2g.�?Cotton firm tres Ordi Naire 140. Jl3 to u 1 a in -. New j orc nov. 25�?3 r. No Gold j35j. Cotton Market quiet but steady at 25.j, 250 254. Exchange steady and unchanged. New of cleans nov. 25�?4 35 p. M a Cotton fair demand. Prices firm at 24c. Sales 3000 bae. Gold Luj j. Thanksgiving to Lay 2gtu Trievel Oro no reports to Day. This came too late last evening to scud out. A Fin ii. A Lett i a Rory a Souter n j. Litie of t i Ramun location. To Trio editor of the courier-journal., new Yolk nov. 10, 1808. From personal residence of the Pacific coast and a desire Lor the expansion Unity said development of our country i feel much concern for the southwestern Traus Conti Gueutal liar Road system so imperatively demanded by Public interests and which will come before Congress this Winter when to save time and insure Success much is required and Little Likely to to accomplished without Unity of and concert of action. Besides these my interest is increased by Tho fact that i am going to our sister Republic Mexico Tho Northern Statc-8 of which bordering our own country will feel locally interested in the route of our Southern transcontinental line by which they Aro to to More or less benefited and with which they will desire connecting lines by which to supplies and machinery for the development of the exhaust less Mineral resources of those Border states. Oil All these accounts i should have been gratified to meet and have a free conference with Tho leading representatives of the principal southwestern lines of projected railroads before leaving and would even Hope to be of Somo use to them before leaving As i expect to on the 10h instant. But thinking they might consider the Liberty of writing to request them to meet me Herd next Friday a presumption i Havo decided instead to submit a few suggestions on the Matteis in question. 1. This is the congressional session when the outgoing wishes to do something gracious and the incoming administration ought to be glad to get rid of the responsibility of appropriations in Aid of our railroads and both ought therefore to favor the required appropriations. 2. The development of the South and West and the construction of a Southern transcontinental Railroad Are so abundantly fraught with Public benefits that if those interested use proper Means and minds to Lay the facts. Before the country through Tho press they can Creato a Public of nion that will Bear their measures through Congress promptly and without extra Effort. But if they act without Unity and each interest underhand edly conflicts with Tho other i am afraid of failure expense Ond mischief. 3. I earnestly suggest that Only three of Tho principal lines say the Kansas Branch at lactic and Pacific Aud Memphis and new Orleans and Fulton or Shreveport ought to ask subsidies to Tho Valley of the Rio Graude. 4. That thence to the Pacific there should be but one grand trunk line Over which All the Westward bound lines irom the Mississippi and Gulf to the Valley of Tho Limo Grande 6hould Havo equal rights to Ruu trains at uniform rates Aud charge. 5. That the rights and subsidies for its construction from the Rio Grande to Tho Colorado amp a would belong to that Ono of these lines which should first reach Tho initial Point to be fixed in the Valley of the Rio Grande and from the Colorado t Westward to the Southern. Chi Pauy or to the Sau Diego Aud Gila City Railroad company. G. That Tho initial Point should he fixed in Tho Valley mho Rio Graude near Elpaso to Causo that will open two Hundred Miles of that great and Fertile Valley accommodate All Tho Westward bound Railroad lines from the Kansas Branch to Tho Rio Grande give an initial Point for a Railroad to Chihuahua and for a Overland Phonco to the Pacific possessing All the advantages set Forth in Tho no e appended to this letter to which i bog to Call Especial attention. 7. To effect tha Best re3nlts, the friends of these Railroad lines should organize appoint special representatives under. Ono general head and a discuss and arrange Tho programme which this head should carry out. This arrangement will give All a Fairchance. Do the most that can to Dono for Tho entire Railroad interest and prevent those otherwise necessary combinations of extreme and stronger interests which in self defence crush minor ones Whilo it would reduce to a minimum. Tho chances of corruption an it i Public demoralization. W. S. Rosec Jakq. Government Hale of cold. Special to Tho i. O. Picayune. New York nov. 23--it is ascertained that Tho government will soil Ond thus throw upon the Market ten millions in Gold. Tho report of the Secretary of our it is understood does not Call for any appropriation for the payment of bounties. Antelope. Late fashion plates from Paris show that the toss of gout Lemenu a boots and shoes Are being Mado quite Broa 1 and quite Square again. This Stylo will look a Little Odd when first introduced but in respect to Comfort it is far Superior to that of the Sharp pointed toes now in Vogue. Tho Best Reading is what we get out of each others faces. What volume so interesting As a lady a pretty Laco and who does no to want to read it through and through and repeat Tho perusal next Day ? the postmaster Irenr Rall a it Porr. Washington nov. 17.�?postmaster general Randall has been busily engaged for some Days in preparing his annual Tho important document is not yet finished but some statistics from the numerous tabular statements contained Iti the report will prove interesting. For Tho fiscal year ending Juno 30, 1865, 142,240 Miles were used for mail service while Thero was used in Active Ruu Ning 57,933.g94 Miles. For Tho year ending june 30, i8g8, there were 216,g28 service Miles and 4,224,525 running Miles. This shows an increase of 35 per cent in the service Aud running Miles in Tho year. Since 18g-5, Congress has added 1,2g7 new mail routes besides All the Southern in in Roules have been revived which makes an addition of 48,714 Lineal Miles of mail route added to the labor and expense of Tho department in less than eighteen months. The. Following table will partly show How Tho expenditures exceed the receipts the statement being for carrying Tho mails Only namely state. Expended. Steven to California. .�041,468. §398,302 Kansas. G51,5gg 99,692 Nevada. 241,180 30,140 Nebraska. 170,492 54,494 Utah. 453,798 10,068 new Mexico. 254,382 8,264 Washington Terri to a 110,144 4,364 Arizona. 126,607 .1,968 Idaho. 14,700 9,482 Montana. 33,650 10,011 Oregon. 363,693 .30,110 Texas. 387,370 115,916 add to this Tho deficit of the Southern. States not named and Tho total deficit foots up Over s3,000,000 for Tho past year. The a salaries of postmasters and Many other expenses Are not included. In All the Large cities letter carriers Are employed and this Cost $995,000 for the past year. No Revenue is received from this source. None of the sea service lines return Ady Revenue to the department. China Brazil the Sandwich islands and other routes Cost this year some $725,-030 More than was received. The horse service costs from 33 to 40 per cent More now on account of the difference Between Gold and currency while Tho rates for letters Are the same. Postmaster Dennison a report for june 18g5, showed a surplus of $801,430 Over actual expenses. His second report for june 18gg, submitted by governor Randall his successor showed a deficiency of $965,693. Governor Randall a report for 1867 also showed a deficiency and this report for 1868, will show a Defi Oieno of $740,000, which has to to provided for by special appropriation. He recommends the establishment of a Telegraph system in All the principal cities and Post offices in the country alleging that it will secure a Revenue and save the people Money. A letter of fifteen or Twenty words is sent from Washington to new York and delivered there As a letter with a postage stamp upon the envelope at a Cost to the writer of the dispatch or letter of three cents for the stamp and ten cuts for the message. Full average rates will be presented in Tho report. These messages Aro to to delivered by the letter carriers thus securing prompt and Correct delivery. About a Labko a interesting fact touching Tho forced retirement of superintendent Clark Frem the printing Bureau has transpired. When senator Edmunds chairman of the Eom Raitto on retrenchment noticed Mcculloch that he would not proceed with the investigation of the affairs of the currency Berean so Long As Clark was there tha Secretary proposed to give Clark four months longer leave of a Benco. Or. Edmunds declined the proposition remarking that while be would impute no wrong to Clark be Felt satisfied that no evidence such As would be satisfactory to the Eom Mitre could to obtained from employees in that Bureau if or. Clark in any Way controlled it. After consultation with or. Clark the Secretary finally concluded to accept his resignation. Advocating a uni Foiatu system of adjourned meeting of the Board of Trade of Boston was held november Lgth. The following Reso Lulious was presented1 and unanimously adopted resolved thai the importance of telegraphic communication at Tho present Day is hardly second to that of the Post office and that in our widely extend cd country its use should to encouraged and promoted in every practicable Way. This Board therefore would express the boo that Congress would devise a uniform system which will bring the Telegraph hues of Tho United Quot slates within the Roach of All classes of our people and make them available for the transmission of All descriptions of intelligence. Us t against a rail eau Coj Paky for $20,000.�?mrs. Pattio b. Johnson widow of the late Thomas c. Johnson who was a prom. Intent lawyer of St. Louis and at one time a state senator from St. Lonis county has instituted a suit against Tho Indianapolis and St. Louis liailrort3 company for $20,030, for the death of her husband. She states that on Tho 8th of last August her husband engaged passage from Terro haute to St. Louis on the above mentioned Road. When the Braiu arrived at Matoon to was in a sleeping car. She says that Tho sleeping car was Ordo Rcd to be detached from the rest of the Braiu a Aud that he was notified to leave it. To was standing on Tho platform of the car when it was suddenly uncoupled and he was precipitated beneath. Tho train passed Over and killed him. Sho claims that his death was the result of a criminal neglect on Tho part of those in charge of Tho train and was in Nowise caused by carelessness or want of caution on the part of her husband. In View of thes alleged facts. Sho bring this suit Oga Inot Tho company and asks for the above amount of damages. General Halleck a major general in Tho United states army a fact not generally known will probably get a Chance during grafted administration to resign his sword and Lay aside his Jemini. A Pally and baldish a instance of How much a Man May not know. By Reading military books to was one of the a premature favourites of the Early part of Tho War and when Tho Galaxy of really grand marshals Ca tight up to him they found him entrenched As the ranking major general. It was As if Napoleon should storm the Bridge of Lodi Ond find an old codger crawling out of a Book Case at Tho other end in a gen it fall a uniform saying a i was Here already in a Washington correspondence Chicago Tribune. . Tho South americans say it is Tho first Shock of an earthquake that always does the most damage. The subsequent ones Are never so destructive. Several famines who Havo spent the sum Mer at Dumbarton now Hampshire remained to a Miro Tho Woods in autumn and on sat a Urdaz last took a Sleigh ride Aud had a merry time. Brigham Young is issuing currency in Utah generally resembling Tho National greenbacks. There is said to to a Good Deal of it in circulation and the Mormont president finds banking operations very profitable. The new government of Spain is decidedly changing the National policy. Complete Liberty of Trio press is decreed the court for the trial of press offences is abolished Aud the censors of literary and dramatic works have been discharged. A Florence paper states that Tho italian pc Tiptor gag Randi has received from this country a commission for the great Monum Eui to president Lincoln to be of colossal dimensions and Cost �200,000. Thero May possibly to some mistake about it. Brazil keeps a standing offer of eight thous Aud dollars in Gold to any one who will invent a Modo of preserving beef so that it will be suitable for exportation and though four Hundred processes have been put in Competition for this priz none have yet received it. Mrs. Ouvry Booth Goodrich widow of s. C. Goodrich the widely known and lamented Peter Parley died at Woodbury conn., suddenly on sunday evening november 1, in the sixty second year of her age. Sho was buried it Southbury near her husband to whom she had been a most devoted wife. / Many of the churches in England Are restoring the orchestra to the musical portion of the service. The Bishop of London having lately heard a country band perform the service in Church expressed his great pleasure thereat and it is hinted that Tho Queen wishes to have the same feature introduced a into her Chapel. During the last racing season in England ending with october three horses won $17g,-575�?formosa �130,015, see saw $30,7g5, and Paul Jones $15,785. They Are All the progeny of the famous Borse Buccaneer. Governor Fairchild of Wisconsin having lost his left Arm in Battle recently presented a number of Odd gloves to gen. Stannard of Vermont who has lost Bis right Arm. Hero after they will probably do their Glove buying in partnership. Marfori the favorite of Queen Isabella of Spain has been dismissed. His place is now occupied by count pc Spalato belonging to one of the first families of Navarre put two persons in the same bedroom one of whom has the Toothache and the other is in love and it will be found that the person baling Tho Toothache will go to sleep first. A newspaper biographer trying to say his subject a was hardly Able to Bear Tho demise of Bis wife a was made by the inexorable Printer to say a Wear the Chemise of his a Box containing the body of a child wac dug up by several men who were stopping a leak in the canal at Bloomfield n. J. It had apparently lain there for about two weeks. Short dresses Are adopted for breakfast for Tho promenade for Church for dancing and on All occasions but those of great ceremony such As bridal Call Aud wedding receptions. A Panier is divided into three parts a sted Frame an under puff of starched Calico and an Over puff of silk velvet or Cashmere. Suck Aro the Consitt Nenfi in Eibers of the celebrated grecian Bend. The conference of German ladies held at Stuttgart has decided to organize i commission of painters doctors tailors and Modister for the purpose of suggesting new artistic and appropriate toilets. A pretty woman is like a great truth or a great happiness and has no Moro right to bundle herself up under a Green veil or any other similar abomination than the Sun has to put on spectacles. A Small child being asked by her sunday school teacher a a what did Tho israelite do after they had crossed the red sea Quot answered a a i done to know May am but i Gnesi they dried a positive people keep the world going bid. Negative ones have their use. Many a wife k charming because of her negative qualities in other words because she is quiet contented amiable winning and Good. Or. Vallandigham has retired from the Dayton Ohio Ledger newspaper and it Hac now floated into the hands of a company. It is understood that it will net be quite so red hot As it Vas under or. Vallandigham a administration which did no to pay. The new York express says a this season we resurrect in hats of Tho old fashion so the sugar loaf with crushed in top and curled brim. To be consistent the next revival should consist of the Well remembered Bell Crown hat with which the state Yankee is t ? this Day Furnis fied. It a the Semi Centennial anniversary of Tho establishment of Tho order of Odd Fellows in the United states will occur on the 26th of april next. The event will be celebrated by a National f Eto in Philadelphia. The programme includes an immense procession of member of the order in full regatta a committee Eythe grand Lodge is a a a ready engaged in the work of making preparations. A parisian fashionable authority gives this advice to the 1adie3 about gloves gloves for Tho evening Flea coloured Straw coloured or very Light Gray. White gloves for the opera. Gloves for the Day should to of Lade Natu Reile. Even for formal visits in the Day time Straw co ored gloves Aro in bad taste White gloves Aro actually proscribed even for Attea a. Ding a marriage. An English paper referring to Tho secession to Rome of the Rev. Ii. J. Pyo and his Wile Only daughter of Tho Bishop of Oxford says a two sincerely sympathise with the affliction which this Long threatened perversion is eos to occasion the Bishop of Oxford. We Only Marvel that his lordship remains Blind to the inevitable tendencies of his own Sacerdotal Lay brother or. William Wilberforce and his wife his late brother Archdeacon Robert Wilberforce and his or Nier brother the Rev. Henry All Rod the same homeward path and ail Lundri in Tho Romish ,
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