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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 23, 1867, Galveston, Texas A a a a a by Kors Vav Quot /7 a a by. T to Xiv cd Xiv Kyo vol v,,1 saturday morning a november 23, a 18�si ii i a we Phil a a a Oil i. I. A 1 a a m. In it a no. 64. Telegraphic. Associated press .dir, new Yoke nov. 18. very Active towards the close at 7. Gold closed heavy at 139j@l& ii. Governments Jinx with modern to Demaud. Exchange quiet Bat firm Oft stocks heavy and lower. Sub Treasury balance one Hundred and Tea n. C., nov. 16.�?Tho arrangements Are equip Leto for the election to Morrow in some counties it Good Many negroes Are operating with the Southern Wimes. In Ila invt county on negro candidate is Otalio conservative ticket. Avgusta ga., nov. 18.�?r.tunis from Florida show that the convention is carried by a decided majority of the registered voters nearly Ull. Blacks voting and but few Whites. A Large number of negroes Uro elected to the convention la Leon county three or four delegates Are negroes. A press of Georgialu locates Tho meeting of a convention at Macon on the 5th of deter Abr for izing a party in opposition to the reconstruction under the military Bills mud with a View to defeat the Constitution to be submitted by the reconstruction convention the conservatives taking1 it Lor granted that no Constitution can to submitted which will to acceptable to their party. Neither time nor place of meeting of the reconstruction convention has yet Boen made known. Richmond nov. 18.�?judge Burnham delivered his charge to the grand jury to Day. He said a happier state of Security is beginning to appear and while we cannot close our Eyesto the threatened evils and disturb ii Coa in Tho Community yet Tho crisis May be safely passed by forbearance and firm and impartial administration of Law. He called attention to Tho tact that Tho greater number of Tho crimes be pro Tho court were committed by freedmen. All cases must be tried critically and impartially a Telegram to Tho enquirer from Danville announces the robbery of j. M. Walker la st. Night of.530,00 in. Money.-. Cutuil Osrox nov is expected that the new state tax Bill will to issued shortly by general . Thu merchants request him to lower the taxes. New Yoke nov , steamers saw Osu Virginia and Quaker Cit it with holy land excursion lists. New a Oft nov. 13.�?Cotton Firra at 18c. Freights steady. Stocks Active and a Shade better. Money 7-j. Sterling unchanged. Gold 39,. Pc 2 Eon Pons . A a Washington nov. 1v>--�?�?� gossip says Tho president is displeased with commissioner Biol line a evidence b lorb the impeachment has been summoned by the impeachment committee. Colfax has not prepared lists of the committees. Stevens will introduce n Bill dividing Texas into two or Roro states. Rollins will probably to removed december first. Henry Sherman Law Branch in Tho third auditor office is Tho author of the article attributed to Stanberry. Gone Rel Imboden applies for an injunction against Scho Ticlad denying him suffrage. If Tho injunction is refused Lio will apply to Tho supremo court a Tho Southern radicals will hold a Cravea Tion hero on february 22d. Havana nov. 18.�?Tho French Steamer Panama arrived from Vera Cruz bringing Tho prussian French and italian ministers end j i into a aim Halm. To Eggelhof has nuts body who will arrive at very Cruz soon the body in much decomposed. New Yolk nov. 10�? Cotton firmer and Active sales 4000 Bales i84c. Quot flour favors buyers state $8 30@1<> 15 Southern $10014 25 wheat quiet pork firm. Sugar firm. Freights quiet. New 1t�?Toik, nov. 19. very stringent 7. Gold 139 Sterling firm 9j @9$. Government fractional lower. North Carolina Sites 51j a n new , nov. 19.�?sugar Dull and yellow clarified 13�13j. A molasses ii Etive at 70@\90c. Flour Dull and depressed Mipe Riino s90s9 25�?Tr Choice $13 4u@$15. A . Oats Small sales at 78c. Pork Dull and declined 50c., quoted at $21 50. Dull and lower shoulders l2i@12.ic. Ribs 10@17c.fl lard no pales quoted pierces leg-i.,13ic. Cotton firmer. Middling Ort fuiuii7.ii i Leif 3400 Huiea receipt 1334 a a titles Export 781., Sterling 50�@53. New Yirk sight i in. Premium. Go la 139. Mon whom icky nov 19.�?li the convention a committee on militia reported an ordinance to organize Tiro state Volunteer militia Lur of subject to the orders Ottly in governor. A Ilam question of substituting Quot Tho minority report on the. Franchise question for the majority report was decided in the negative by a test vote of j 10, nays 70. The majority report will carry. Quot. It All persons who do not vote to Tho new Constitution and binding ibo not to contest negro Sutra go hereafter and not to maltreat Uny person on account of his past or present support of the government or Tho policy of Congress. Ii Aleith 17.�?Tho election passed off quietly without any disturbance. Tho negroes behaved with Tho . A Strong military and Polico Force was stationed at Tho polls and paroled Tho streets nil Day. It a impossible to Tell Tho result of to Days voting. About 1200 votes were cast mostly negroes and All radicals with but two sex cup sons. Many Blacks who forgot Tho names registered by them lost their votes. It is thought the radicals Aro ahead but a vast majority of Whites Are yet to vote. The principal strength of the radicals is already polled. Tho conservatives Aro jubilant and Eon indent of Euc Coss. , nov. 19.�?Tho elections Are passing very quiet. About 1100 votes Aro polled nearly All negroes air Whites voting against Tho convention. Tho Whites will i it to to Morrow almost unanimously against a i convention. Mon rite Ati nov. 19.�?at a fire yesterday a Man wife and two children were burned to nov. 19.-Tho interest in Tho Duffy and Bussy Light to Morrow is in crop Oleir both Een Mccoole and Coburn to fight on Tho 27th Day of May for Tho Chiun Pion ship and Titi Lioti Sand dollars were in Ned to Dikiy / a a a a 1 u Binghampton n. Y., nov. 19.�?-the Susquehanna and Chenango a vers Aro Frozen Over. The weather is very cold. St. Louis nov. 19. A Tho steamers Owanda and Amoranto were sunk in the upper Missouri. The Indian commissioners have left fort Lii Ramie. They accomplished nothing. Washington nov. 19. A Tho Cabinet had a prolonged session to Day. All wore present but Secretary Welles a Revenue to Day $279,000. It is stated that the English do not like Seward a negotiations with Denmark Lor Tho Purchase of the West India islands. Unless ordered Colfax will not name Tho committees till the commencement of Tho regular session. Juarez has Given permission for Tho transportation of army stores through Mexico to Tho Federal troops on the Northern Borders. The greek legation has advices that the candian War is resumed vigorously. The peruvian minister was presented to Tho president to Day. A Largo torchlight procession of working men takes place to night and a serenade is Given in Honor of general cary., Havana nov 19.�?a Hurricane swept Over st. Domingo on october 30th, lasting four hours Deso lating the capital destroying 200 a lives and nearly All shipping in the Harbor. No american vessels Aro reported. No news from Tho Interior. Sugar firm at 8�. Exchange on a Jondon 14i@14. Federal currency 25j@26 per cent.,.discount. 1 nov. 19.�?at. A night session of the convention the majority agreed to strike out of Tho article on the franchise question that Claason which disfranchised All who do not vote on Tho new Constitution. This action is said to to in consequence of orders from Tho Radical leaders at a Washington. Washington nov. 19.�?Tho amount to be paid for st. Thomas and st. Juan is $7,500, 000 in Gold for Clear titles. There is no truth in Tho Story about French liens. The cession depends on the votes of Tho inhabitants. Tho Federal government has. Appealed.ior.-. Clemency in the Case of the am Ricau fenian convicted at Manchester. Havana nov. 19.�?the Queens birthday was celebrated with the Usu til festivities b Usi to. Ness was generally suspended. Finances unchanged. Niew York nov. 19.�? colonel Mosby of the Confederate army visited the Gold Board to Day and was invited to the platform by the president. Several members objected but after some discussion Tho presidents right to extend the invitation was sustained. J it a Ston nov. 11\�?tne convention elections in Tho state began to Day. Tho Voto in. The City lbs u convention is 2428 Blacks Aud 13 Whites. No votes against. All quiet in Tho City Aud the state. The Whites take no part in the election. Business goes on usual. The grand Lodge of f. And a. Masons of. South Carolina assembled Quot seventy i Iivo lodges represented. A grand master governor Orr in his address declares Tho condition of masonry in Tho state As encouraging and acknowledges contributions for the Benefit of distressed Brothers from masons of Tho North and West. New Yorik nor. 20.�?wm. Mcintyre Ono of Tho mayoralty candidates of Tho democratic Union convention fired a revolver into u crowd and was Takon to Tho tombs. Tho new York Union democracy nominated John h. Anthon. Colonel Wise is it Well known prominent Ean Didato for Revenue commissioner. Collector smythe of Tbs 8th District new York has been suspended on account of complicity in whisky frauds. Governor Ward chairman of the National Republican Central wrote it letter to a soldiers Union endorsing Grant for the a new Yorik nov. 20.�? arrived steamship Arizona from Panama with $180,000 in treasure. It australian Anibals had eaten the Rev. S. I. 15j.ker, _ a Wesleyan missionary and six native christians. Tho am Ricau ship Asia was Cape Horn. Revolts Continuo in Peru. The Spanish government have recalled the admiral1 and the greater portion of the Pacific Washington nov. 20.�? Fitz Greene Halleck is1 dead aged 80 Yorik nov. 20.�?stocks Active and a improving Quot. A Money Cliv e. A Borling Long 98 Short Gold 140. Bonds old-83 new 7. New Orleans nov. 20.--Cotton sales 1506 Bales demand Good. Middling Orleans 17 to,174e. Receipts g6g2 Bales. Exports 2933 Bales. Sug Iiri common 9c. Primo a 12ic. Molasses Sells As fast As received it 70 to-93c., common to Choice. A flour Dull Aud depressed superfine $9 Choice $14. ? Cornve a Dull White $125 to 81 30. Oats Dull and unchanged pork $21 50. Bacone ouly a retail by Siuess doing a boulders 12a to 12. Clear sides 17c. Lard declined prime tier Ces. 13. To 134c. Gold 139,i. Sterling �0 to 53. Now York Hight 4 Premium. 1 cattle Market Texas cattle no. 1 $40 to $55 no 2 $25 to $35 no. 3 $14 to $20. Sheep $1 50 to $0. New Yoke nov. 20.�?Cotton easier sales 1100 Bales at iy@18.jc. Flour Dull and favors buyers�?$8 -30@10 15 Southern $10 14 wheat quiet Corn Dull Southern yellow $1 20� pork heavy at $29 Rice easier Carolina 8.j@ 9ic. Sugar firm naval stores steady Wool steady Texas 18@2gc.freights steady stocks Dull Gold 139?, Money 7 per cent. Coupons of�?T02, 108c@1082. Richmond nov. 20.�?the Richmond Couser vat Iva coloured people have called a meeting for to Morrow night to Spross Over utter Abhorrence of such firebrands and in Cendia a Ries As Lewis Lindsay and of Siors. Seven distilleries around Richmond have. Eloson operations owners not finding them profitable. A reports to Tho military commissioners show that Ono Hundred coloured men of thin City Havo Bevoli discharged for voting Tho Radical ticket. Two Hundred Moro Aro reported is being discharged for Tho sumo cause but Tho employers say they had no work for Thorn. In Many cases coloured men were reported who had been discharged Bosforo Tho election. Augusta ga., nov. 20.�?general Popo orders Tho reconstruction convention to meet at Atlantis on Tho 9tlr of Decombo. County meetings Are being called to elect delegates to the conservative convention which meets it Quot Macon on the 5th of december Quot a Wiki Ripton nov. 20.�?Tho election has closed. There was no disturbance and not an arrest Mado daring the two Days. Washington nov. 20.�?the judiciary committee Lias imposed upon itself absolute secrecy regarding evidence Atul reports. They will probably report on monday. There Ore six cases of suspension from office in the Treasury department which require reports of cause to the Senate. The Southern Railroad committee has summoned further definite has transpired regarding the Davis trial. Revenue receipts $255,000. General a Stevens. Formerly a Confederate officer acid lately superintendent of the Vera Cruz Railroad is reported dead. New Orleans nov. 20.�?at a meeting of the City Council last night an ordinance of stamping the City issues of the denominations of ton and Twenty dollars Tho notes to Bear interest at three tenths per sent. Per annul from Date and stamping and cutting the five Dollar Bills in half was pro-&Quot-pobed.-v.��?�.�?�����. The following important order has been issued by general Mower Headquarters 5th military District \ november 20th, 18g7. J / special orders no. 1u. Tho present incumbents being impediments to reconstruction under the Laws of Congress the following removals and appointments of civil officers in Louisiana Aro hereby ordered / a. Paul e. Theard judge fourth District court Parish of Orleans to removed and j. P. Boyd appointed in his place. Richard c. Bond clerk four Ali District court Parish of Orleans is removed. Find William l. Randall appointed in his place. We. Woelper clerk sixth District a Quirt Parish of Orleans is removed and a a a. Caulking appointed in his place Paul w. Collins 3d Justice of the peace Parish of Orleans is removed Aud Eugene stats appointed. D. Byerly clerk of the 3d District court Parish of Orleans is removed and John b. Carter appointed in his place. Thomas Askew a state cell motor of the let District removed a ind John l. Davis a pointed in his place. By Cotor and of Brevet major general Jos. A. Mower. Some forty members of the convention which commences its session on saturday met yesterday in caucus. A Lope Wals expressed that the Constitution would be framed and tie convention Complete its work by the first Day of january. It was thought also the Best plan to to adopted would be to elect Stine officers when the Constitution is submitted to Tho. People and in the event it would be practicable to inaugurate a new state government about february the first. / Raleigh n. C., nov. 20.�?Tho election7 c vent off orderly the Whites voted heavily and unanimously a conservative ticket. Many voted against the convention. Over Whites a who registered failed to vote at. All. About oho thousand votes cast to Cay leaking two thousand for two Days voting. Ballots not yet counted and the result is unknown. It is thought the negroes Havo carried the City by/250 majority. Charleston nov. 20.�?the election to Day ois perfectly quiet voting is confined to the negroes. Accounts from the Interior districts represent the Whites As everywhere declining to participate in Tho election. Wilmington nov. 20./�?the election passed off without disturbance Jno arrests in two Days. Great apathy among Tho Whites. The Blacks polled their fall strength. Nota Black is known to have voted ticket. Very few Whito. Radicals voted in this City. First Ward not counted yet second Ward Radical 299/ conservative 120. Third Ward Radical 251 conservative 115. Fourth Ward Radical 293 conservative 153. Total registered votes of the City Whites �>05 Blacks 1583, this county probably will give 1500 Radi Cal majority. Lii Neville and Cerro Gordo in Columbus county give const Dei Able conservative majorities. A f Washington nov. 21.�?general Gregory is mustered out. Ouly general Howard remains of the a Volunteer generals. Attorney general Chandler knows no reason Why Davis trial cannot proceed the president has Grant to reports. Chase considers Tho Bonds payable in specie. 0. It is stated Stevens will support Seward so West India pm repudiates Tho remarks attributed to a him in Grants dispatch. Popes registration expenses to october 1st Are $175,000, a. Congress assent filed sit Lioon. Cincinnati nov. 21.��?a freight train ran into Tho rear of an express train duo Here at six this morning on the Hamilton and Dayton Railroad at lock Laud Tho collision caused the cars to catch fire. The rear cars were Froin Toledo Tho inst being the Toledo sleeping car in which four ladies and one Man Woro burned to death. Nearly Tho whole train was burned. A. Memphis nov. 21.�?the Success of th6 convention in Mississippi is considered doubtful. A a a san Feancisco nov. 21.�?the Tea shipments to new York including that. By the great Republic reach 10,000,000 pounds an increase on last year. Mrs. Burnell of now York murder notoriety is the plaintiff in a divorce suit. New York nov. 21., Active at 7 per cent. Sterling Long 109a Short to Obj. Stocks heavy. Gold 139�@139 Bonds old 108 it lies a 107a. Flour 5@10c lower. Cotton steady at 18o. New Yoke nov. 21. j Active to close Loans Sharp at 7 discounts closed at 7 to 10. Gold 139j. Exchange quiet rates nominal. Government seouritie3 Dull and a fraction lower. Stocks closed Strong and higher. Montgomery nov. 21.�?Tho following is a Tho article on Tho elective franchise As finally adopted by the reconstruction convention a Art. 1. Sec. 1. Every male person born in the and every male person who Lias been naturalized or who Bas legally declared his intention to become a citizen of Tho Twenty one years old or upwards who shall Havo resided in this state Tho six months next preceding Tho election and three months in Tho county in which he offers to Voto except As hereafter provided shall be deemed an elector provided Flint no Soldier or. Sailor or Marine in. Tho military or naval service of Tho shall hereafter acquire a residence by reason of being stationed on duty in a this state1 a Section 2 it shall be Tho duty of the Gen Feal Assembly to provide from time to time forthe registration of All electors but Tho following classes of persons shall not to permitted to Register,.vote or hold office those who during the late. Rebellion inflicted or caused to to inflicted any cruel or unusual punishment upon any Soldier Bailor Marino employee or citizen of Tho , or who in any other Way violated Fao Rales of civilized warfare those who Aro or May be disfranchised by the proposed constitutional amendment known us the 14th article and Tho act of Congress passed March 2d, 1867, except such persons As have aided the plan of reconstruction proposed by Congress and accept political Equality of All men before Tho Low a provided that the general Assembly shall Lia Yeilhe Power to remove Tho disabilities incurred under this lust clause those who a Hall Jive been convicted of treason embezzlement of Public funds malfeasance in office crime punishable by Law with imprisonment in Tho Penitentiary or bribery. No idiot or insane person shall be permitted to Register or vote in this state. It Section 3. All persons before registering. Must take and subscribe to Tho following oath a i do solemnly swear or affirm that will support and maintain Tho Constitution and Laws of the and Tho con a Stit ution and Laws of the state of Al Baba that i am not excluded from registration by any. Of Tho clauses in Section 2d of this article that i will never countenance or Aid in the secession of this state from the that i accept the civil and political Equality of All Mon Ond agree not to attempt to deprive any person or Persona on account of race color or previous condition of any political or civil right privilege or immunity enjoyed by any other class of men arid furthermore that i will not in any Way injure or countenance in others any attempt to injure and person or persons on account of past or present support of the government of. The United a tates a th�1 Lawa of the a Statos or the principle of the political and1, civil a Quality of All men or of Alfil Ratiba with any political party.�?�. Resolutions were adopted expressing entire satisfaction with the military administration of major a general John Pope and tendering him the thanks of the people of Alabama Lor the Arm and impartial course which he had pursued. A quo three votes wore Given against these re so do int ions. A a. Several branches of the Constitution were considered and adopted involving unimportant changes in Tho old Constitution except a the creation of Tho office of lieutenant governor. Tho convention will probably Complete its work this week. A t new Beeaks nov. 21.�?cotton�?demand Active so Len 4000 Bales a largest of the season. Middling Orleans 17c. Receipts 3071 Bales. Sugar inactive and drooping sales of Primo at 12ic. Molasses quiet common to Choice 08@70c. Floor Dull and a drooping no quotations. Lower grades of com declined 5 to 10csales of yellow and White $1 15 to �1 20. Oats very Dull at 72c. Pork no sales reported averaging �21 75. Bacone Only retail business she Aldo a 12ic, Quot to 12ic. Clear aides 17c. Lard Dull Choice t Pierce 13c. Kegs same Gold is9j. A Stirling 51 to 53. New York sight i cent. It Premium. I new Yolk nov. 21.�?Cotton Lowey Galea 3,000 Bales 17c. Flour Dull. State s8 25� 10 00 Southern $9 90@14 25. Wheat Dalj Amber state $2 65. Corn Dull is 37. Lard 124@13ic. Groceries quiet and firm. Turpentine 53 i to 54ic. Rosin s3 35. Freights quiet. A Washington nov. 21.�?Revenue receipts $335,000. Customs for the week ending Tho 10th, $2,370,000. A special Treasury agent Randall departs to inspect port entries in Texas. A Davif leave Canada to Day and goes from. New York to Richmond by Steamer arriving on. The 24th. Senate a several petitions including one from negroes complaining of discharge on account of voting Aud praying for Relief were received. A the Secretary of state was ordered to Coni Mun Cato documents and reports bearing on. The repeal of Tho Cotton tax Sumner introduced a Bill striding the word a a White a from the Laws Aid ordinances of the District of Columbia a a i. Edmunds a Resolution , a Uii Leiis expressly otherwise stated is payable in Coin. Senato adjourned until monday. A credentials of Butler of ten Nessee wore referred to the com Mittee Oneley tons. Pending the report excluding Butl car the Sanio proposition regarding Stokes and Muller was Defeated. A a it a a All Tho Tennesson Dolera Ilion except but. 1er, sworn in. A 3 Robinson of new York introduced a Resolution to impeach minister Adam s for nog Lect of duty in failing to protect innocent americans charged with Fenia ism in England. Adjourned to monday. A Ashington nov. 21.�?blane, of Maine renewed the Resolution = Quot in the House enquiry regarding the repeal of the Cotton tax. Adopted. Quot it is generally believed Tho Cotton tax will to Rej Eula a. Hon. David a. Wells commissioner of Revenue has prepared a report favouring Tho repeal of the Cotton tax. Wilson announced in the Houise that Tho judiciary committee would. Be ready on monday. The report on the impeachment discussion referring the whole Tennessee delegates to the election committee which was sprang by the democrats caused angry debate. Tho Yote excluding Butler on which Tho Roll calledret3ulte_d, yeas 117 nays 38. Tho democrats voted in the majority. No caucuses to night. Montreal nov. 21.�?eajily Prico was burned to death by Tho explosion of. Ake Roseno lamp. A Cincinnati nov. 21.�?three ladies were killed at Rockland two of the ladies were -si3t�ra, a aimed Morgan they had tickets from Detroit to Louisville and Tho other woman lived in Detroit. A Cleveland nov. 21.�? roughs attempted to no a t Voston lit Fremont but were driven off by the police. Weston reached Toledo tonight. In his a Ipie a just me is. Paris,.nov. 18.�?1tho French Chambers a amp Semb cd. The emperor spoke ass rms so. There was no longer any objections Oil a a a a part of France to Tho Gerin Rin Unity and Eert Soli Dation. London nov. 18.�? Consols so 7-1c. Ones 70.?. J. A Liv a Pool nov. closed quiet fed without Auy quotable alter. Action. A a. Frankfort nov. 18.�?Bonds 7g. Live tool nov. 18, evening. Pm amp Sketo quiet without quotable change. It London nov. 19�?-evening.-�?causals. 94 9-16. Bonds 71,. Lifee ool nov. 19�?evening.�?-cc-Ciaa closed Dull. Uplands 8bd Orleans so a a sales 8000 Bales. Manchester advices unfed Morable. London nov. .19.�? the times Prois Cai to. Poleon a speech As the most Liberal and a can sible of. The second Empire. Liverpool nov. 19�?noon.�?Cotton dal declined l-16d. Uplands 8gd. Orleans sales 8,000 Bales. Breast Ufa quiet. Live Pool nov. 20.�?Cotton, sales Bales Uplands 85d Orleans 8gd. Chicago nov. 21.�?bussey whipped Duffe in 135 rounds. Quot London nov. 20.�?2 r. Ar.�?consols�9��-Bonds 705., Liyeh Pool 2 p. steady. Business fair. Quotations Uncha cd. Bread no ust unchanged. Evening a Cotton closed steady. Upland 8od. Orleans 8yd. Sales 10,000. A Frankfort nov. 20.�?Bonds 7g 1-1g, Panis nov. 21.�?napole�n in his Speed la said in. The necessity of resuming the discussion of important Laws i am obliged to Cak you together unusually Early in View of the1recent events i desire to Avail myself of your sagacity and assistance vague disquietude have Arisen affecting the Publio mind of Europe restricting Industry and Commerce in All quarters. This uncertainty i cd uld i do pc. No longer. It is necessary to accent frankly Tho changes on Tho other Sido of the Rhino and proclaim that so Long As our interests aug dignity shall not be threatened to interfere in transformations affected by the March of population. The disquiet displayed is difficult of explanation. When France has offered the whole world the most imposing spectacle of conciliation and peace the uni. Versal exposition Lias drawn closer the ties of fraternity Between nations Tho Eichi Bitio. Disappeared a but its tracer will a Cavo d keep Iai press ions upon our age it has destroyed a Host of prejudices and errors but to Hasful. Pledges of Concord do not to Date Penso wit improving Tho military inst Tationa of Franco. Oar weapons Are the army Tai Navy Tho stronger to Are the More Cert Fey. Will be Tho Assurance of Peaco. I have beast compelled to Send again of a troops to rom to. Protect a the holy see from Republican inv Der oar conduct could not a anything hostile to Tho Uay so. Pen Denee of Italy and that nation a car understands Tho danger of these revote to Ionar manifestations caused to Gouax Hekl principles and Earadean order Calm is uses to abolished in the papal states. We May cd Oculato Tho. Time when on troops can be to. Called. For France the convention of september exists until it is replaced her relations of Italy to Tho holy see interest whole world. To Settle these relations Ais a prevent now complications a conference it the Powers is proposed referring to the _ Tern question. I am Happy to say that Ileo Powers have agreed upon two principal Points the maintenance of the integrity of Empire and the amelioration of the condition s of the christians. The Jonroy i have made. With the Empress to the East and North of France has afforded me opportunities for num -. Infestations of sympathy which i touched in profoundly a i Havo found nothing that Hac been Able to shake the a of Denee the people have placed in me and their attachment Tor my dynasty. For my part i labor incessantly to anticipate their wishes. The hav esl it. Not Good and dreariness is inevitable and it foreign Trade can alone secure supplies and lower prices. I foresee the period when the reduction of taxes May be taken into consideration ail v Ding to Tho. Reforms already established anti others proposed doubtless the of a a a liberties ha3 a esp fied the Quot vpubiic3 it mind to dangerous Impi is 3. But to Render them powerless i count Mger the common release of the country the pro a Gress of Public morality and firmness of Tho ruling Power. In the suppression let to to sea follow the work to have undertaken,.togeiiissr to developed. Tho Liberal institutions a weakening the principle of authority. Lse is not Cense to spread around us the cup Foite a of life Aud adopt every measure which will Render prosperous the Acciai condition of he great mass. For my own part Yon my a a rest assured will uphold firmly Tho Power conferred upon to for no obstacle nor unjust opposition will shake either my courage or Nir o Faith in Tho future. London nov. 21.�?parliament was Ope Iier to by Tho Queen. She Hopes Napoleon will avoid complications by an Early withdrawal of the roman expedition and asks Money for the abyssinian expedition that open Ian Isar was suppressed in Ireland and has taken Tho form of organized violence and is. England where it must be suppress Estby the fulfilment of Law. Addresses from Boti. Houses to the Queen re Echo Tho Queen speech. A e a England refused a conference unless a de Tinct plan is first proposed. Nearly All the members who spoke condemn Napoleons roman expedition. Two thousand extra poo linemen and a Largo number of troops Are to Manchester to preserve Peaco Pendino to amp execution. A a wat Eesi whose it Tow called them on the Dock this morning Ware surprised about 11 50 by Tho unusual sight it a a a waterspout on the Lako Whoso Waters we a i observed to to singularly agitated some distance out a Little to the South of East. Gradually. Assuming the appearance of a Wida spreading Palm whose Shaft tapered off As it approached the Waves below Tho waterspout. Then moved rapidly to. The Southeast unti lost to View. This singular phenomenon although on a rather Small scale wan watched with much interest by Tho gratified beholder express nov. 5
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