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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 10, 1869, Galveston, Texas Texas politics. Capt. Conner Baa. No material interests among the people whom he proposes to represent his no me and his interests Are in Indiana who to his congressional ambition ought to be que noted or satisfied. A citizen of Indiana having a District Way off in Texas to represent in Congress is an anomaly not to be tolerated in a Republican government. The fact that capt. Conner commanded a Nigger company will stick to him to the last. Like an evil spirit it will haunt him wherever be goes and like Banquo s ghost will not Down at his bidding it is passing strange that one possessed of his abilities a hold belong to the army at All Minoh less to a Nigger regiment. Bat this is not the Only thing inexplicable in capt. Connery a Springs Gazette. We stand to oar position and in the name of an oppressed people Call upon every Democrat in Kaufman county to stand by Jack Hamilton. We Are no admirers of Hamilton this is too Well known to All oar readers. We Call upon every Man in this county who loves peace and his own race to stand by Jack Hamilton. We Call upon every Man wit Bont regard to party affiliations who wishes to a a be slate once More prosperous to stand by Jock Hamilton. The reason Why the conservatives Are not now disfranchised is because he was firm in the hour of Star. This is what the Colorado citizen says the military satrap who governs our people with injustice and whose unjust hatred we Are made to Buffer is but discharging his duty to his party. He is Only doing the dirty work of his masters. They bad decreed that in order to secure the Ascendancy in the councils of the nation it is necessary to turn the thumb screw in Texas knowing As they do that the agonizing cries of the sufferers never can reach the ears of their dupes in the Northern states that in order to beep alive the hatred of the people of the North towards the unfortunate people of this Section the most outrageous falsehoods must be manufactured by the dirty tools of the party and freely circulated where they will be believed by the class Allied to them and from whom they receive their authority. November 1st, 1869. To the Copie or inn son Milan counties. My name is before you for representative of our District in the. Next legislature. I have been in Galveston the last few months in the service of the government but for reasons Hereunto appended i have resigned and As a part of my time will of necessity be taken up in the removal of my family to my Home in Burleson county i Tuke this method of placing my name before you and in the amp Nean time will visit As much of the District amps possible. 1 urn in favor of electing general Hamilton governor and will support the adoption of he Constitution at framed by the late recon auction convention and of Universal am and Universal suffrage and if you elect 1 will particular attention to the great it to re to of the state such of education in Ruul improvements immigration agric us tire Stock raining and and wiil Aid in the a Sago of Mich Laws As will to font Likely to Advance the interest and Gen Rul Prosperity of the people unit a will Opp Jse the Parage of such Lawn an will oppress any Ciuris of our citizens i will Luxor Ich system i f taxation As will boar equally on All classes Boas Light As possible to support the government without creating a Public debt. In All local legislation 1 will obey Ibe will of Taco people directly interested when fairly expressed. I shall oppose fall schemes for division of the state unless Diro otly notified by. Lear majority of my constituency to do otherwise. Respectfully your fellow citizen j. H. Mundine. Orv or the of Higinia Customhouse Gueston october 1g, 1869. ,.1. John l. Al Nyoh collector of customs at Leal i Stoll sir permit me hereby to tender my resignation As inspector of customs for this port to take eff not upon your turning Over the Customhouse to Yoor successor. I am prompted to this course from the fact that i cannot with Jun Tico to my friends or Lay past record hold the office after the supporters of a. J. Hamilton who with like political views with myself have been removed a my persons appointed with less Liberal Opin Ion. 1 Bra sir a Republican but cannot in Domo Tho illiberal policy of the faction opposing the election of general Hamilton. Ii Oping that the above will be to Yon a suf ii Jet explanation i remain yours truly j. H. Must Rob inspector of . Hon. C. Caldwell associate Justice of supreme court removed to take effect october 31,1869. Montague county a. W. Tarkington county treasurer vice Richard Boren resigned. Parker county a. C. Miliken county treasurer vice e. Miliken deceased. Galveston county City of Galveston Adolph Waitz recorder vice Samael Dodge whose resignation is hereby accepted. Brevet colonel n. A. M. Dudley major u. S. Army superintendent of the Penitentiary of the state of Texas vice t. C. Bell who is hereby removed. Registrars for Hood county Benjamin f. Tipton Malachi Gregory j. 0. Hightower. The Resolution calling in question the Validity of Coopers election was introduced by an intimate Friend and confidential agent of Johnson. It is understood Here to be a Johnson move and is strongly condemned even by Many who were his strongest supporters on the ground that a further agitation of his claims and particularly in this manner will Divide the conservative masses a portion of whom Are willing for him to make Rome howl but done to it him to play that role in Tennessee. The refusal of the House to suspend the rules so As to take up the Resolution and then Lay it on the table was not a test of its sense with regard to the proposition and was owing to the disinclination of members to hastily dispose of so grave a measure the plan of the conspirators is to have the Resolution reported Back from judiciary committee at some time when the attendance in the Honse is such As to jeopardize its Success and Rush it through by a strict partisan vote. No one however seems to fear any Snow result. T be movement has created Minoh More talk than its originators anticipated. A Memphis Avalanche. The Mountain indians Are in a fair Way to become civilized. They have got so domesticated that they build forts and throw up breastworks behind which to defeat the government cavalry. The nos wit had the pleasure of a Call this week from Furlong time Friend Peter Pierson of the thriving Norway settlement Bosque county. Or. P. Gave As several items of interest the wheat yield in the Neil boyhood last Harvest was from 12 i to 16 bushels to the Aore. This fall one half More breadth has been sown in wheat than last year. The people of the settlement Are Well pleased with the result of their Experiment this year of cultivating Ootton on the Prairie. They will Plant much More largely in Ootton next year. From one fourth acre of Prairie land or. P. Has gathered this year 450 pounds of Ootton. There Are two flourishing schools in the Neil boyhood. In one the language of the fatherland is taught in the other the commodious Ohnich building lutheran is being built of Rock 32s85 feet. The pastor of the Churoff Rev. O. Extrom is an educated gentleman and popular with his flock. At present he is on a temporary visit to Bast Ern examiner nov. 3. Tax lost had a Call from Bev. H. N. Reese of Hill county last week. Or. Reese waa on bib return from Belton where he had been to visit a son whom for some years he had Given up As lost. The parents and son became separated during the War in 1862 a and it was not until september last that they could gain any tidings of each other. At last it transpires that the parents Are ii Vida comfortably in Hill county and the son doing Well As a merchant no further than Belton. Before the separation the son going into the army the family lived in e is Tern Texas. The meeting must have been a Happy Waco examiner nov. 3. Daring the past few Days on streets have been laterally crowded with wagons hauling in the Fleecy Staple and loading with goods for the Interior. A Large Trade is being entered at this Point which will make a rioh Harvest for our merchants and business men generally. We presume the receipts will probably amount to one thousand Bales per week Wutoh is mostly sold Here at fair figures. All of our planters who were so fortunate As to be cultivating Uplands will have a a pocket full of rocks soon As All of them made fair crops of Ootton which sell very readily at remunerative Colorado citizen 4th. The Ootton Trade begins to become quite Lively in oar City. Daring the past week Many of oar merchants end Farmers have shipped heavy consignments to Market and yet piles of the Fleecy Staple Are to be seen on every hand. Oar planters Are not permitting the grabs to grow under their feet Bat Are pushing the pickers and the latter stimulated a Cood wages Are working Mckinney a inquirer oct. 30. Gen. Reynolds was expected at Waco on the 3d instant. Everything seems to be Lively in Sherman. New houses Are being built in every direction new St tes Are going up and immigration is pouring in upon our people and. We will soon have one of Tho most Al mris Bing cities in Northern courier. Goliad has arranged to entertain members of the conference which soon meets there. We would like to travel Over Texas in five years hence to see the hundreds of Miles of wheat Fields and Many hundreds of Miles in Corn and thousands of Miles in Cotton. Certainly we Are justified in urging Western men to come to Texas. There the lands Are not Richer the citizens not half so pleasant their improved land costs from fifty to one Hundred and Twenty five dollars per acre in Texas Only from five to Twenty dollars. There Stock must be fed half the year in Texas not a month. The Texas Central Railroad is moving on rap Day one thousand chinese Are expected to work of this Road the agent has gone to China for them. A new depose fifteen Miles from Calvert is established another thirty Miles North of Calvert is established in Limestone county and by Tho close of 1870 the Road will be completed into Navasota a county. Texts has its famed sour Lake situated in a Lovely Grove with vast Prairies opening out to every Point there Are nine Wells from which the water is Ever boiling no each differing from Tho other. Here persons Are cured of liver complaints dyspepsia dysentery and tan and freckles Are guard. The presbytery of the Brazos now in session in Houston be presenta Twenty churches and ten ordained ministers and two candidates for the ministry. At the time the last statistics were taken there were five Hundred and fifty nine communicants. Out of the Twenty churches three have regular pastors four Are vacant and thirteen Are served with a stated Supply. There Are ten sunday schools ninety six sunday school teachers and five Hundred and fort three Telegraph. , in the it eld specie heavy break Down in Goto is now known is caused by a general belief that Secretary Boutwell will in a very few weeks make a grand coup and at once return to specie payments thus forestalling the decision of the United 8tates supreme court which it Siu undoubtedly declare the Legal tender act unconstitutional about the end of the year. This action of the Secretary will undoubtedly cause temporary distress throughout the country and create a panic in produce and general merchandise Bat As the step is to be taken sometime the present is considered most convenient politically better indeed than at any other period not so Remote from a presidential election. Among the numerous flan Oil measures in contemplation by Boutwell is one to replace the 6-20 Bonds about due by a Large foreign loan. Thib has often been contradicted but is nevertheless now about to be agreed upon with the agents of foreign Bankers now in this country. The Gold Wab a new York oct 30.�?the Gold War is still progressing. To Day messes. Jay Gould and Jas. Fisk jr., appeared before Justice Dowling at the tombs police court and preferred a charge of perjury against or. Orlando m. Joslyn of the firm of Joslyn amp co., Gold brokers at no 36 Broad Street. The complainants argue that in a civil suit pending Between Joslyn and Gould Fisk and others the accused made an affidavit before Jas. Betts Metcalf a notary Public stating that he had purchased a Large a moot of Gold on Aero not of Gould amp Fisk at 168. This was th4 suit in which the opera House waa attached. On the presenting of affidavits it warrant was issued for the arrest of or. Joslyn who was taken into custody and held in $ 6000 louisianans write to Tho Secretary of the Navy urging him to recommend to Congress the Tran for of the Navy Yard from Mound City Illinois to new Orleans. Hamill no inn Nii. On the 7th tost. Jodge la install arid Hon. James Armstrong avoid envy met in this plane. Soon it was agreed that the citizens should be called together and that pee ones would be made by these gentlemen. Armstrong leading off after some preliminary remarks stated hat he voted in 1868 against having any convention that being a Delegate he Armstrong on the assembling of the convention had insisted upon its adjourning sine die wit Bont making a Constitution that he opposed coloured suffrage and that he then and still denounces the reconstruction arts As revolutionary null and void and Are outrages non the people hat be wad a Democrat that be bad his fears of re construction if Snow men As he were elected and that if the election of men acceptable to the government was necessary to reconstruction that he was opposed to it that he could not say who he would vote for for governor nor How he should vote until election Day and that be should then be controlled by circumstances. He exhibits the usual bitterness to the administration and while be does not accept reconstruction he will accept office under reconstruction. How is this or. Tunstall at the Oon Lusion of or. Armstrong s speech in a few trite poit ted and Well arranged and eloquent remarks. Stated that he was in Earnest in the matter of reconstruction that without bitterness or Anima version he had urged the people to reconstruct at each successive stage of reconstruction to avoid intensifying the terms that the material interest of the state would remain undeveloped until it was effected that he was Between the two extremes Whitmore and Armstrong that he wait therefore the Best reconstructive that Whitmore would disregard the great interests of the masses of the Whites and that Armstrong As he admitted himself would not probably be a seat if elected and that even if he did that he would be powerless for Good to the people that if be elect Armstrong we had just As Well elect the Brenham ticket and wish it As Paddy did his soul that the Only measure of solid peace was the election of men who were not on the one hand bitter towards people of the South nor on the other band obnoxious to the party now in Power. He also stated that he had insisted upon Armstrong a making with him a joint canvass of the District and that he had declined to do so but would Bush Wack it but hoped he would yet Oon Olude to do so. Judge we. V. Tunstall furthermore stated that if he were elected he should at Onoe go North and represent to that people that Texas had done a work worthy of ill acceptation. As to Armstrong we have to say that inasmuch As be has been uniformly and bitterly opposed to reconstruction that we regard him As very poor reconstruction material. We notice however that he is just now a Little tender footed. He is therefore not the Man for the times. We want one who has the ring of the True Metal. We want a Man to state plainly whether he is for the Constitution or not whether he is for Hamilton or not whether he is with the Brenha mites or not whether he is for their platform or not and whether Quot he is for reconstruction now or not. We want to know if he is for railroads or not whether he is for better mail facilities or not for Frontier Protection or cot if Armstrong a claim to our consideration is that he is an old i Moe rat we soy to him that such claims Are played out. Democracy to com Mand our respect must be up i h the time must take Tho Bull by the horns and make him plow whether or no. Armstrong dots not reject the nomination tendered him for lieutenant governor because he opposes the convention or because he does not like the platform adopted but warmly avows that he is not competent to fill the position not smart enough that it is too big a thing for him that the responsibilities Are too great. Me also acknowledges that he would not make a Good Justice of peace. Now if he thus thinks of himself what does he suppose we think ? this reminds us of Whitmore and Bis friends who act upon the presumption that clabber Heads and Buttermilk brains Are Good enough for Congress but we Don to and if we can to find a Man who has borne tact Talent stamina and adaptation to the High Trust of engineering the state of Texas Back into the Union and representing our general interests after she is restored we Are going to stay at Home in the 30th of november. That Sall. If we elect Armstrong we had just As Well go the whole democratic hog tail and All. Well try it and see. Vox Popoli. Lir part of department or agriculture. The department of agriculture has just issued a preliminary report of the condition of the crops. It says the great agricultural lesson of the country inculcates the necessity of draining and thorough out Are. It is not an exaggeration to estimate the reduction this season from alternate draining and scorching of farm crops at $200,000,000. The general apprehension of a serious failure in the Corn crop of the More Northern states has been materially modified by the sunny weather in september and exemptions from killing frosts to october 1st. Early frosts in some portions of the Eastern and Middle states checked the ripening and left the frosted porn in the Field in an immature and damaged condition. But the injury is comparatively slight in extent and limited in area As the whole crop has had an in Nunally favourable maturing season resulting in a very Gratifying amelioration of the prospects for a Supply of this important Staple yet a full crop which should not be Isis than 1,150,000 bushels can by no Means be expected. When the Harvest is Over and the Logoai estimates Are completed the aggregate will attest a moderate yield amply sufficient for All wants of the country. Had the Spring wheat been equal to the Winter the whole crop would be enormous. Throughout the South the yield is unusually Large and the Quality excellent. Texas and Mississippi Are somewhat less sharers in this improvement than other states in that Section. In Illinois the counties reporting an increase equal to 10 per cent or More Are almost without exception in the Southern part of the state. Below the 40th parallel the Winter wheat Region there claiming 8 10 of a crop or less Are with one or two exceptions Spring wheat counties Indiana grows a larger proportion of Winter wheat and consequently this year Proda oed a Minoh better average yield than Illinois. Many of the counties return High figures. The area of Ootton cultivation was increased last Spring fully 16 per sent. More than a million acres were added to the cultivated area. Fertilizers were liberally used in the Atlantis states end improved implements were to some extent employed. Rarely has there been a better season for Oata than the fire sent very few of the states returning a Ess increase than 10 per cent and some giving 30 or 36 per cent. The season has been too dry for either kind of potatoes in the South and on the Atlantic coast to new York. New England generally has a Good crop and it is in Nunally Good in the West with the exception of Minnesota. The product of Sweet potatoes is manifestly increased. A slight increase in the aggregate number of fattening cattle As Well Assn their average condition is reported. Some of the states fail to maintain a fall average among which Are new York new Jersey Kentucky and Illinois. Sew counterfeit Osna Loaa Banks. The United states counterfeit Detector gives the following list of new counterfeits that have appeared since the first of the pres ent month third National Bank of cd Tobago raised from ones. Well done. Twenties raised from ones. First National Bank of 8priqg-Field, i. See genuine ones and twenties sixth Page. Fives Quot imitation Farmers National Bank of beading pa., reported to be in circulation. Look out for All Farmers National Banks As the town and state can be easily changed and printed from the same counterfeit plate. F ves Jewett City National Bank Jewett City Conn. In the imitation the Date on the Deok of the ship is 1292. It a hold be 1492. The Date 1493. On right end of the genuine Bill under the Indian Princess is left off of the imitation. The word feb., under the engravers name in imitation a Fer. Twos Jewett City National balt Conn. The coarsest part of the Bill is on the left end. The female with the stars Over her head. The genuine have 16 stars in two half orioles. The imitation have 23. And very indistinct. Tens Farmers National Bank of Amsterdam new York. The letter �?o4�?� in a Amsterdam a under the words National Bank of in the above imitation Are smaller than the other letters and the curved line under a United Quot runs into the shading of the the genuine does not. Twenties fourth National Bank new York City. In the Battle of Lexington on the left end of the Bill the Man lying on the ground his right foot in genuine does not touch the lower Border the imitation touches both lower and left Borders. Mutual National Bank of Troy. Tens imitation. Dangerous the first letter a pc Quot in a a Mutual is out of proportion to All the other letters. The curved line under the word a United a in imitation extends into the shading of Quot do Quot Auburn Unity National Bank new York. Tens imitation. The shading of the words a lao been City in the counterfeit is All blurred and heavy the genuine is Clear and distinct. Fifties imitation. Reported in circulation. Third National Bank of Chicago Illinois tens raised from ones. Letter from no Eccl county coitus Christi Texas oct. 31, 1869. To Tho editor of flakes bulletin in your Semi weekly Issue of october 27th there appears an angry protest by a certain functionary Here who signs As a Vox Populis against Radical meetings generally but particularly one that was held Here on the evening of the 18th instant at which nominations were made for county officers Eto. Much to the Bugrin of bowery democrats copperheads and quasi republicans who haunt the barroom of this Surg an explanation from an Eye witness would not i presume be amiss at present As this Vox assumes the role of a censor in a Way which might be id some to suppose he was a Republican of some Shade. The facts Are these Gen. Davis gave notice several Days previously of Bis intention to leave on a tour to meet Gen. Hamilton for discussion and the republicans Here having no use or patronage for the a apes Tiberous rebel rage published Here a slept the advertiser whose columns Are mainly devoted to abase of Gen. Grant and scrutiny against Gen. Davis and other candid honest and upright Republican requested the sheriff Dennis Kelly esq., an appointee of Gen. Reynolds and a most efficient Oneto notify the members of the party to meet that evening at the courthouse being All in town attending court. Whereupon a consultation was immediately held among the Seymour and Blair republicans present As to the Best Means of frustrating their purpose and forthwith a petition was presented to the fudge requesting him to appoint a night session of his court for a pretended emergency and which was accordingly granted. The manoeuvre had no other effect than to Transfer the meeting to the coloured Baptist Church where it came off a perfect Success and was Udd Ressea by general David on the issues of the hour and Bis intended departure in the morning. The next Day court adjourned sine die there being no farther business before it and three Days of the term unexpired which shows the animus of the patriots. Posters then appeared calling on the Union republicans to meet at the courthouse the following Day at 2 p. Signed by the same a Vox a and such a gathering Ohye gods never before transpired the groceries were speedily emptied at the appointed hour and a conclave of Hawk eyed political Hacks of every conceivable Shade assembled the whisky ring predominating including All the leading spirits of the last year s Seymour and Blair barbeque club now vainly endeavouring to Palm themselves off As Union republicans. Bat As Van Ambur Gbo a showman says a behold i the most harmonious assemblage of discordant natures Ever presented to the Pul Lio gaze a these worthies after nominating each other to every of Floe in the gift of the people were then addressed by a coloured orator about a half dozen coloured men being present who supposed they were participating in a genuine Republican meeting until the fulsome flattery of their self styled Best friends Oon Vinded them they were being hum bugged by a bogus clique and they left the menagerie in disgust Wiser if not sadder men. The same system of cajole by is being planned for the mexican population by this clique but will they succeed ? Quien Sabe. They failed on the natives in 1866, and depend non it their old a a Aqaba a Oquita tricks Are now and forever barred and played out. The memories of their Ante helium triumphs through Tutje Ageno of the whisky lever haunts their imaginations like Banquo a ghost this Oracle Vox alludes to a Trio who Are a styled political servants a &a., and recites amen with hypocritical reverenced Captain John Dix our county judge he handles especially Light on the principle that a a Burnt child dreads the fire. A this venerable gentleman a Veteran of 1812, these head the Frosta of seventy three Winters have silvered and whose appear Canoe should command respect has been assailed More than Onoe by this Vox and his clique. T1 e remembrance of the repulse Given them by the late lamented can. Griffin in a Beir nefarious attempt to vilify and misrepresent Captain Dix tilt tingles ears and makes them chary of further assaults. As for the other two of the Trio they Are never better pleased than when being abused by the bowery ring clique and their Organ the advertiser and bid Defiance to the whole Troe Ukai group and. Their miserable . Do vibes. Cuba. B. 6. Shields i speech to Waco november pint. According to Appo nement general b. G. Shields of Falls county candidate for Congress in this the 3d congressional Dif Trio addressed his fellow citizens at the courthouse in woo on monday the Stinst. Considering the Day of the week and the Brief notice that had been Given the attendance was Good and was composed of those of All Post party affiliations. The general said that he had been Long out of the political harness and that be did not feel that same readiness of speech a of Yore. He evidently did not Start out in the speech with the intention of being eloquent but Only to make a Plain quiet talk therefore As he warmed with the subject and really became eloquent it was Alt the More interesting to his auditors. We had never seen Gen. Shields before but his whole bearing Aid presence in conversation and on Tho speakers stand gave us the impression Ofa Man of Strong in Telle tonality and stability of character. And near the dose of his speech when passing in review Tho Brilliant future of Texas when reconstruction shall have been consummated it was easy to detect flashes of that Genius and oratory Whigob before the War took him to Congress from the Wea thy Mobile District. First Gen. Shields disposed of a document printed by the Corsicana paper which he was told had been scattered Broad Oast Tover the upper end of the District calling in question Bis sincerity patriotism conservatism Etc. He should hardly notice the charges therein contained did he not think they originated in a higher source than the Mere imagination of the editor. Truly he had not position which he now occupied. In 1851 he moved to the place where he now lived and As he then thought to retire from politics forever. At that Date he could not contemplate the policy of the majority of leading Southern statesmen with approval. He thought the tend nov of their policy was wrong and would result in War and disaster. As a resident ambassador of the United states at the capital of one of the South Quot american states he had observed the dire Ful consequences of civil War. He believed that secession would bring War in its train. But the great majority of the Southern statesmen with whom he bad before noted and for whom he bad the highest respect favored secession and he Felt that any continued efforts of fits to stay the tide of events were worse than Yain and so he moved away from the scenes of his Early triumphs and attachments to the then wilderness of Texas resolved upon retirement from political life. Since that time until the letter of the other Day in response to the Call for him to become a candidate for Congress he had not written a line non politics to any person connected with the Public press. In 1866, willing to do what be could to bring about an Early restoration of the state he became a candidate and was elected to the Texas constitutional convention of that year. In this convention a sense of duty often constrained him to differ always with Courtesy he hoped from the democratic members. When in the last convention he saw the Strong Effort being made to disfranchised a Large portion of his fellow Titi Zens and to engraft upon the Law of the state the Abi Nilio doctrine he wrote governor Hamilton urging him to stand firm by the Liberal measures which he had proposed. This was Bis first letter on Publio affairs to any Publio Man since his retirement in 1851. He had not sought office. He had been so Long absent from Publio life and especially from that important position a representative in the Congress of the United states that he Felt a diffidence in again entering the Arena. But from the commencement of the present state canvass the Call upon him had been continuous and urgent. And although he shrunk from anything like a contest while life and strength remained he did not feel at Liberty to entirely disregard and ignore what seemed to be the wishes of so Many of his fellow citizens of All first shades of politics. Hence his present position before the people of this District As a candidate for Congress _ Gen. Shields went Bank to the earlier elections and cited them one after another All going to show that a great majority of the Northern people were determined that reconstruction when at All should take place on a the terms Laid Down by Congress Northern democracy had been repudiated a time and again by the Northern people. How vain for the people of the South to hold on longer to the skirts of Northern democracy. Gen. Shields dwelt More at lengthy upon the importance of reconstruction and restoration and the grand results to flow therefrom a it an non any other Topi amp legislation was a great need of the hour. We must have legis lation in Aid of internal improve tents it immigration eta., before the it to natural resources of Texas can be re Lizs l. Bat the could have no legislation Uit jul reconstruction. What a change would the completion of the various propose railroads. Work in Texas and if the spirit now abroad in fever of political Harmony and restoration continued Young men now in. Hia presence would see Texas intersected by them in a very direction. What a vast difference to our people in the item of Beeves alone Tiad we Railroad communication with St Louis for instance. Every beef on All one vast Prairies would be doubled in value had we a Rau roid to St., Louis. But to accomplish All these Aims we must have legislation and Mon ii amp lation there must be restoration. If the proposed Constitution was ratified by the people As he hoped and believed it would tens would be soon restored to the Lunion. In that event he did not belie re Congress would refuse admission any Fonck. In Conol Ixion in a most Eloy ent main Gen. Shields urged All regard few of the past to come no manfully and cordially to jibe work of bulging about former am amp a relations Wuh the general government that the sons of uie sooth Woula yet Bee a Day of Power and Prosperity for the South for which they had so Long and earnestly sought Only in the wrong Way. Slavery that Boue of Contention is at last out of the Way and our air Fields Are 9pen to the Industry Otth world. Prosperity and glory were yet coming tat the 8outb, Only through a different Channel from that it had been sought general Shields thanked Bis audience for their attention and took his seat amid a round of �pplanse.,. We have not the time nor space for anything like a fall synopsis of general Shields really Able speech. He touched on various minor topics not mentioned in this Brief review. We hear the Effort spoken of in ter ins of approbation on All hands As evincing patriotism and ability Horace Greeley has written a letter to a Friend in Arkansas in Whigob he says he thinks that a Plohg continued rebel disfranchisement is
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