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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 9, 1867, Galveston, Texas Or ny\beme-week1.y 0 re a or 1? yol. ,saturday morning november 3, 1867. No. 60. No in t in a press dispatches new York nov. 4.�?Cotton heavy and lower sales 1300 Bales at 18jc. Flour state is 10�10 10 Southern $9 to�14 10. Wheat Active quotations for mixed Western Corn 05� life. Oats heavy and 2c. Lower lard 1201,�?~ a groceries Kirin and steady Fri thu declining Cotton by steam. A a is Grain stocks Dull coupons �?Tci2, 108 a North Carolina sex coupons 119. Gold 141. Newyork nov. 4.�?stocks i eave and lower. Money Sevon per cent. Sterling a Long. Time i Short 10i. Gold 140. �?T62 coupons i. New Issue 7 u. Flour 10@20c lower. Wheat l@2c._ lower. Corn 1 cent lower. Folk heavy at $20 95. A my Dull. Whisky quiet. Cotton Dull 18�. Freights quiet. Turpentine firm at 55. Rosin steady at $2 37 87 a a. A. New Yorik nov. 4.�?ivfoiiey quiet and Active and general rat o Call 7, with eruptions at g Dii count. Gold firm at close. Exchange Dull of to 9c. Government securities heavy and lower with increased pressure to sell. 7 new Yorik nov. 4.�?arrived, Steamer Monterey from new Orleans and Tarifa from Liverpool. Orleans nov. 4 a seven interments from yellow fever to Day. Eleven yesterday. General Mower in order 178 issued to Day revokes that part of order 170 removing Harry t. Hay sheriff Quot and appointing Cuthbert bullitt in his Stead or. Bullitt having declined the appointment Louisiana sugar receipts Light quoted common Pricile 15c. Yellow clarified 10c. Cuba is 50. Oats Dull it s0e. Pork Dull no salts nominally $23 75. Bacon Only jobbing Thule. Shoulders ,14. C a Chi fir ribbed sides it a. Clear sides itty n ,19c, lard Dull and \ a Ettli a pierces 13.> w 14e. Kegs i pc. Sales a a a Vilou a 1,300 bal middling 18i �19c a a its Sinno sat Day 3,711 Quot Bales a Quot sex i /. ,728.balos. Gold excited at 1ii. Slur a a a a is. Yurk sight a til discount. , nov. .4.�?john c. A ranks hear go 1 with piracy and murder in capturing the Chesapeake during that w a was a it. A i the supreme court of Brooklyn on i a writ of Hareas corp i Alir claims a commission in the Confy Ltd Ite Navy but Bas failed to produce it. Tho Case Vris adjourn of to wednesday met. The total registration in the pity of new Iii was one. Hundred rho i and last year o a Hund eds id Twenty thousand. in Brooklyn ii by four thor.s-5. An increase of Sis thousand Vole last year Quot a a a in it ton nov. -1 a the president has to interfere m certain orders of gun a it a als Lopo and Schofield. The Lav. Gives him of Power to Duranl or Mould to with orders. Revenue receipts for to Day were $2,007,-w0. General Pope writes to general. Grant in in Gar to registration in Bis District a the objection Thoy Inako to Tho apportionment of the Stato is a pretext merely the real object is to obstruct and if possible arrest reconstruction. A governor parson., of Alabama visited the president. Tho debt statement shows n decrease of 52.000,000. A Washington. Nov. 4.�?general Howard writes to Forney that his former statement regarding a decrease of Tho negro population a is founded on partial returns from the Rural districts without allowance for Tho immense numbers that locked to the cities. The debt statement will show Bryt Little diminution of Tho aggregate. The War payments during Tho latter part of october were very i eave and the receipts Light. A. Tho conversion of 7-30-s was heavy. The worlds special says alarming accounts a Vicli Grants Headquarters from All parts of the South relating to negro troubles. A Grant ordered Tho militia commanders to pro. R Rve peace at nil hazards. A movement is on loot to secure or. My id s Pardon on account of his services during the yellow fever. . Nov. 4.�?a terrible Gale occurred on tie Lake. Several vessels went ashore. A much done. Two men blown from Tho Baik , were drowned. New Vilim nov. 5.�?Cotton lower sales of a a it Bales it l8 rtm8i�. Flour slate $8 10fa a i Sii Uthi re �10 y?14. Stocks Dull. �2 coupons 1u8-. Yoke nov. 5 stocks Dull and steady of l a 84 new 7i. Ten forties . Seven thirties 105j. Gold to. Sterling Long 9i 10,-, Money six per cent. New Voik nov 5.�? flour 10025c. Lower. Wheat a Shade firmer. Corn mess in Ork nominal no Tilio h7 j. Lard quiet. Cotton Dull it 18jf freights quiet. Turpentine 55 v,55jc. Losin common $3 55 ?d3 �0. New , nov. 5�?sales of Clit ton 0i Bales demand moderate declined ac., a middling Orleans 18c. Keep Pitt 2�o4 Bales exports 2 j9 . Sugar and molasses unchanged. Flo inactive Only local Trade super Foo $10 25. Corn Dull at $1 15@1 g5. Oats Dull Floc. Pork Dull and heavy $23 50. Jacon shoulders 14 a. Clear 18j. Lis to dui no sales Nomiki filly pierces . Keg 14 be. Gold 139i. Sterling 49�52a. New York sight discount. Moi Ile nov. 5. reconstruction con a mention met at Montgomery it 12 to Day 89 members present 14 coloured. E. M. Peck of tuscan Coli was Choso president Ito Ort Barber Secretary. Negroes Wero elected assistant Secretary and door keeper. Tho Day a a Yiv consumed in perfecting Tho organization. Fifty old citizens of Alabama and Tho rest Are coloured and were from Tho North. New Yoi ii nov. Terry reports two unknown schooners ashore on body is Lind. Also a Baltimore Schooner two Miles North of Ocracoke. All lost but Tho Nate. Washington nov. 5. times special say the Rumor is Falso about alarming accounts reaching general Grant and his sending Down orders to pro Nervo Peaco it All Haz girds. The heralds or. Davis trial will to postponed until May at Tho request of a Tuo . A Vii Rai Sli Man issued age Neval order to troop announcing treaties of Peaco with certain indians and directing a cessation of hostilities against them. The president is considering the Pardon of James a. Seddon endorsed by Greeley Burnside and others. A battalion of papal zouave will to recruited in Noy. 5. military authorities to Ain accordance with direction of Tho president engaged in preliminary movements for disbanding Tho negro military companies in the District of Columbia. Oao company paraded. Yesterday Allda a fully Avind. To Tore is no doubt that the commanders of the military districts will be instructed by general Grant to suppress armed organization both White and Black. Cabinet continued in session till half past Tyro of clock. Revenue receipts four Hundred and ninety thousand dollars. Toronto c. W., nov 5.�?the Case of Tho propellor Gourgia has Boon decided in favor of Tho United states. ,. Boston nov. 5.�?returns Audi cat ascertain the election of Bullock and state Republican ticket by a handsome majority. New Yorik nov. 5.�?a Printer named a frail was shot in the election altercation. The election of Tho City is progressing quietly. The vote is unprecedentedly heavy. The democrats Are confident of having sixty thousand majority. Washington Noy. 5.�?kansas republicans carry Tho. Legislature by a decreased majority. Negro suffrage amendment was behind Tho ticket but probably carried. Fermai suffrage lost by several thousand Wisconsin returns show democratic gains and behind his ticket. In Maryland the White democratic ticket elected. In Massachusetts Adams carried Boston by 1,435 majority. The same gains throughout Tho scale however would not elect Adams but to Iid show a Republican loss of 20,000. In the new Jersey election Elizabeth City and new Brunswick went democratic lie turns so far indic tie Liat the democrats have a a a Arrul <fe&.lighlat�re. The Votzi is very Quot Large. In new York City first Ward democratic loss 52 fourteenth Ward -5gain second Ward 12 t Ain tilt Cenilia Ward 355 gain. Niv Youk nov. A Active. Wheat Dull Anil drooping. Corn heavy. Rica quiet. Oats 2 ir3e better pork heavy at 20 75020 80. Laid qut. Cotton quiet a at is to. Freights Drill. Tri pc urine steady at 55c. Rosin common <3 55. Washington no new York Tribune estimates the new York legislature , 18 republicans i democrats As a Bemby Republican 71 democrats 51. It acknowledges returns Nie Agre. But Saya no doubt there will to a Republican majority. Boston nov. Quincy Adams elected governor is elected ilex. Rest Nativo in Tho legislature overwhelmingly for liquor License. A a Montgomery nov. reconstruction convention organized to Day. E. A. Peck of Tuscaloosa president Captain Barbour of a Tho forced Many a Bureau Secretary Henry Patrick assistant Secretary Moses Avery of Mobile negro 2d assistant Secretary h. 11. Grain of Slon Gomery negro bar keeper beating a White Man from North Alabama John d. Terrill sergeant at Armp. An Uulu sual number of minor officials were elected among them a fireman to tl�3 convention. Nothing special done. Oliero Are sixteen negro delegates in Tho convention thirty Northern men and Bureau officials Only a Mono conservative balance moderate Mon. Tho convention closed with a heated discussion about inviting the City clergy to open meetings with customary prayer. On motion of Speed inviting Perry to officiate As chaplain Norris of Niue said he wanted no disloyal preachers there the debate then to stopped. 1 to it 1 Richmond nov. 5, 18g7. J to my excellency l it ii. Rier ont govern of of Virginia have received letters from several members of Tho Lato Virginia legislature enquiring whether Thero would to a session of Tho body during Tho coming Winter and raising the question whether under the state Laws members of Tho House of delegates do not hold Over until their successors Are duly elected Maud qualified without deciding the latter question about which there seems to exist a i Leverity of opinion. I Liao to request that you will inform the members of the Date legislature that for Taco Mig Winter it will be dispel and with. A very respectfully your obedient servant signed j. M. , Brevet major general . A. Five companies of United states troop in Virginia were to Day ordered to Washington Lor Winter quarters. New Yorik nov. 5. 10th Ward gain 870, 7th Ward gain 835, 22d Ward gain 053, 19th Ward gain 1203. Washington nov. 5.�?the Boston Post telegraphs its correspondent Here As follows returns Como slowly Bullocks majority will to Small. Boston gives Adams 1500 majority a a on a Largo vote. The. Leru picture is Liberal. New York nov. 5.�?�vreliablo Boston dispatch says Tho us acknowledge a loss in Massachusetts of 53,00. They claim Tho Stilto by 17,500 majority. New Youk nov. 5.�?the 0th Ward gain 157, 9th Ward gains 509, Lgth Ward gains 005. Washington nov. have compre Hon Sivo returns from now York which indicate 30,000 democratic majority. Syracuse gives a democratic gain of c124. Albany do Moc Ratie gain 1000 Troy democratic gain 1800. Tho Tribune first telegraphs this giving up Tho state to the democrats by a decided majority. Albany gives a democratic majority of 1c00, a electing Tyllo county ticket and state senator and three out of four Assembly men. Camden county. New Jersey elects Tho whole democratic ticket by 500 majority. New Yoke nov. 21st Ward gain 1221 17th Ward gain 1199 18th Ward gain 1328 12th Ward gain 205 3d Ward gain go. Partial senatorial returns show elections of t. Weed Fenton Creamer and Bradley giving All Democrat. Washington nov. president has received a dispatch from Trio United states it attorney general giving Tho majority in new York and Brooklyn at 70,00. 5th Ward loss 125. 5th Ward gain 370. St Ward gain c0�?~. Lith Ward gain 12g. New Jersey is undoubtedly Gono democratic. New York City Complete gives 59,815 democratic majority. Democratic gain of Over 12,000. Returns from the Interior Avo Dagro though show that the republicans Wero not sufficient to overcome the tremendous majority of the City. Returns from Kings and River counties show no exceptions to general Rule of heavy demo ratio gains almost everywhere. The Stato will give a democratic majority of at least Twenty thousand. A Washington a dispatch from police Headquarters in new York makes the democratic majority in Tho City 01,450.- returns from Wisconsin and Minnesota meagre but it is thought that Minnesota has Gono democratic and Wisconsin very a close. A. New Yoek nov. legislature is democratic on a joint ballot with a a probable majority in the Senate. ,. The new Jersey legislature is democratic in both branches. Kansas both negro and female suffrage Defeated by 8000 to 10,000. Wisconsin latest coutits indicate Fairchilds election by reduced majority but de x cidely Republican legislature. Minnesota Negi j suffrage Defeated. We. Marshall probably elected g Vernor by a Small majority. A Coresa nov. 3rd.�? Garibaldi concentrated around Monte Rotondo and was urged to withdraw Garibaldi replied a who. Did not value Liis life and a Soldier should not count his the deputation replied a that a general should count Tho enemy and Garibaldi with 3000 men and two Gunj moved towards Tivoli which Tho papal had stormed. Unconscious of disaster at Tivoli Tho Garibald ians while marching to patriotic songs were surprised at Metana by seven papal battalions with seven guns who attacked both sides and. flanks fighting fierce. Garibaldi was dragged away. Whilo retreating. The Gari. Bald ians made two Bours Light at Montero Tondo and lied after losing nine Hundred filled and one thousand captured. Menotti was Hurt in the leg. On the Frontier the Garibald ians gave no everything but private property. Garibaldi looks old and Haggard and broken hearted and is disappointed that the insurrection is Over. Tho French took no part except a few As volunteers Terri nov. 4.�?the wounded Are arriving. The italian regulars Aro kind to them Anil weep like women while conveying them from a a the cars to the hospitals new a a a a ans nov. Board last night declared the yellow lever no longer an epidemic and that Tho City is free front All epidemic diseases that citizens and strangers can return at once without apprehension. The weather has been very cold for several Days with North winds. The number of deaths by Tho epidemic to yesterday to Ripon was three thousand and six. Tho Board of health pay a High compliment to the Soward association saying their Success has been wonderful. The theatrical season has commenced. The st. Charles and the Academy of music Are in full blast. The varieties opens on saturday night. Six interments from yellow fever. New oblians nov. of Cotton yesterday 2,200 Bales middling Orleans 18o. Receipts 818 Bales. Exports 7024 Bales. Sugar Louisiana second 15 yellow centrifugal 1g4 Cuba number thirteen 13c. Molasses Small lot prime Louisiana sold at 85c. Flour Large auction Sale of damaged brought High prices no quotations. Corn Dull is 40@1 50 Clear sides 18. Pork Dull $23 25@23 50. Lard prime in pierces 131 in kegs 145. Gold 139@ 130 i. Sterling 40@52. New York eight discount. Texas cattle first Quality s48 00� 50 00 second $25 00@35 00 third Quot $15 000 20 00. Shop is 50�g 00. Washington nov. following is an approximation to the result of Tho new York election majority from thirty to forty thousand. Brooklyn elected a democratic mayor. The legislature is Republican by a largely reduced majority with n possibility that the democrats will have Tho lower House. Bailey Republican succeeds Conklin in con Gress. In Maryland every of Ico is filled with democrats. In now Jersey Tho democratic majority is six thousand and there Are eighteen majority on a joint ballot. A. Massachusetts same us it noon. Quot a the Wisconsin legislature is Republican. Sec Wing Republican senator vice is much deplored by Tho democrats throughout the Coventry. Fairchild Republican is elected governor though Tho democratic gain is live thousand in the state. , Republic fun a a is Quot elected governor. Negro a Iii Rago is Defeated by a Largo majority. Kansas both negro and female suffrage is Defeated. A closer count Quot especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota May change these present results. All the tammany Hall candidates Are elected in thu City of new York. Morrissey won $200,000 on of Brien who Wae elected sheriff by 500 majority. The negro militia of Tho District of Columbia have been forbidden to Drill or Parade. Montgomery nov. reconstruction convention passed resolutions authorizing Tho raising of proper standing committees and recommend Congress to remove Tho political disabilities of All who materially aided reconstruction. An ordinance was introduced , to relieve All the property sold by executives and administrators in ring Tho War for Confederate currency to Tho Legal heirs of the estate without suit in court. Tho state Constitution will probably be modelled after Tho Vermont Constitution. Washington nov. Revenue to Day $391,000. Debt statement bearing Coin interest increased a thirty three millions bearing currency decreased thirty four and a Quarter millions National debt not presented increased sixteen thousand bearing no interest decreased three and a half millions. Coin in Treasury Ono Hundred and Cloven and n half millions currency Twenty two and a half millions. A total debt two thousand four huh a dred and nifty and a half millions. A new Yorik nov. less Active and prices unchanged Cotton a Shade firmer sales �10�o0 Bales with Uplands at 18ac. Freights Moro steady stocks firm coupons of �?T02 108-i .gold139 ,. New York nov. flour $100�? wheat 102c. Lower Corn drooping Oats quiet mess 0 a pork firm at $21@2105 Cotton firm at 18ac. To freight quiet. New Yorik nov. close general rate 7 por cent on All Loans. Gold closed at 139p. Sterling Dull 9g@9.j. Governments closed firm. Stocks heavy and lower with increased pressure to sell. On saturday the Treasury Balanco was Ono Hundred and thro e and a half millions dollars. New to Iii nov. Active and Strong. Gold 138�138o. Sterling g0<jiys 109a sight 110. 02 coupons 1034. 0 Washington nov. dispatch Eivid via Tho Atlantic Cable states that Largo numbers of vessels Wero destroyed at st. Thom trs by a terrible Tornado on Tho 19th of october. The town of st. Thomas is in ruins. The loss of life is terrible. Mexican advices Stato that Tho mexican government refuses to hold any Intercourse with representatives of foreign nations until they recognize the mexican Republic. Santa Anna and life still remain at Havana. Later dates from Thomas show fifty vessels ashore. All Tho property of the Royal mail steamship company at st. Thomas is destroyed. Tho Steamer Rhino with All hands lost. Tho Steamer Wyatt lost but forty persons saved including Captain Taylor and or. Hodgerson. The regular Southampton steamship which had sailed with one Hundred and fifty passengers is lost Only twelve lives saved. Washington nov. Amp a Forney a press and chronicle formally accept Grant As a candidate. Tho announcement covers four editorial columns and will appear in both papers in the morning. Forney Speaks of general. Rawlings and or. Washburne As authorities for Grants political views. H6 states that Rawlings speech was carefully prepared Here after a full understanding with Grant. Washington nov. 7.�?in the new Jersey st Nat there Are 10 republicans and 11 democrats House 15 republicans and 30 democrats. A Tho now York Timas claims 20 republicans and 12 democrats in the Senate and 4democratic majority in the Assembly. The Herald claims twelve majority in the Assembly. A dispatch reports that the Steamer Hendrick Hudson wrecked near a Montreal has Boon saved. A Washington nov. 7.�?lator returns make Tho majority in new Ybilc--10,000. The a Sei Najj is democratic by eight rna Jority. Tho Senate Republican by two majority hew Jersey is democratic overwhelmingly. Recent returns from Wisconsin Minnesota Massachusetts and Kansas show Universal democratic gains. General Emery commanding Tho District department has forbidden parading. First to endorses an order that martial Law no longer exists in the District and do not say by what authority he can disarm and disban.1 private Mitt any companies. This endorsement was passed Back through Grant to the president without comment. T. It. Siddons a has Beon pardoned. There seems to be no doubt that Tho state. Men that general Grant is in Harrr Iony with the Republican party As set Forth in the press and chronicle of this morning is made with general Grants consent. Washington nov. trial commences on the 28th. Postmaster general Randall received a dispatch this afternoon that Wisconsin was doubtful a later dispatch reduces the majority. On a joint ballot the new York legislature is almost certain. This will give Seymour Tho senator ship. James Mccormick Democrat succeeds Noel to Tho House irom Missouri. J y Washington. Nov. 7.�?a reliable letter from Lancaster says Stevens is worse but co Mes to Washington on saturday in a special train. The Pennsylvania Road has purchased the pan handle Road from Pittsburg to Steubenville for $1,960,000.codification of tue Laws of a the United codify the United states Laws have made such Progress that they Are about ready to have portions of the Laws As revised printed for Tho inspection of Congress. The work has proved much More a complicated than was anticipated after the commission organized Quot. Tho different subjects Wero assigned As follows a land and Patent Laws judge Johnson of Ohio judiciary Caleb Cushing of Massachusetts military judge Juames of Tho District of Columbia a the proportions of the Laws of these classes Jwo Tiibi has become absolute varies from one half to three fourths of the whole and Tho reductions made by striking out the superfluous Section have been Large. Generally speaking the older Laws Are far More carefully drawn than those of a Moro modern Date and Many have been found upon which it was impossible to fix a pre-1 Ciso construction. The commission is considering Tho propriety of recommending a Radical change in Tho organization of the attorney general a office so that by attaching several solicitors to that department to whom All Points of Law can to referred from Tho department Here and to a certain extent from the country at Large the expenses of Tho government for Legal advices will be greatly reduced. Tho following is inscribed to general j. Forsythe by Miles of Reilly fo0l Thoy fall my Friend i Trio Yonng Tho proud the Gay Trio fes Iivo cusses fall an Orange wre Atli inst ail of bin oud a ring in heu of Niin Nio Quot Ball Trio Man who faced a battlers Roar now yields to ruffle to chem settes and lion lie arts How Down before it some willed Fiill cd pair of Panta Lettes. The manufacture of steel tires for locomotives formerly. A Branch of Trade done Only in England is now accomplished successfully at several places in Tho United states Ono of Tho West factories opened being located it Nashua new Hampshire. Philadelphia to believe had the Honor of being the first place in America where steel locomotive tires Wero made., Tho Pardon records show that All Tho Kentucky generals have been pardoned except Breckinridge and Buckner Tho former has Novor applied fora Pardon and Tho application of Tho latter has not been acted upon. Tho Alexandria Democrat says Tho state Seminary has altogether escaped a Tho prevailing sickness a and Tho latter Lias much diminished in and about Alexandria. Tho fever is of a mild Type. The week ending 30th ult., there were Only two deaths to live the Welc . Eju us a in is a it London nov. 3.�?consols declined 1-16 Bonds advanced j. Live Pool nov. 3�?2 p. be changed. /livep.root. Nov. 4�?noon.�?Cotton, unchanged sales 8000 Bales. Arrived steamers Andrew and Manhattan London nov. 4.�?consols closed at 94 1-16. Bonds g95-. A Frank foot nov. 4.�?Bonds 75a., Abib nov. 4.�?bourse variable. Liverpool nov. 4.�?evening.�?-Cotton. Closed Dull at n decline of cd sales 1q.ccq Bales. Middling Uplands 8�dn Orleans 813-Breadstuffs and provisions unchanged. London nov. 3.�?the-vote of Tho towns iia Tho provinces of Romo is unanimous Forl Taly it is now reported that Napoleon requires Victor Emanuel to expel Garibaldi and if that is done Napoleon will retire. A Beblin nov. 3.�?count von Bismarck says officially to Day that Prussia is it prose in. Neutral on Tho roman question. London nov. 3.�?the proposition to sets Tho question by the popular will of the romans is not Tho suggestion of Napoleon but Taco spontaneous suggestion of Italy Prussia amp Elf nov. 3,. Moni eur says mom s Eno sent a unto to Tho French legation it Florence saying that the italian Advance was a. Violation of Law and treaty Napoleon does not approve by word or silence and asks m explanation of the treaty. There Are Only two French regiments to. Rome but Thoy Are continually leaving Toa Lon. The papal forces will assume the offend a immediately London nov. 4.�?the journal do st. Petersburg prints an official copy of a the join Noto sent by Russia France Prussia Italy to the Sultan holding him answer Awo for rejecting their advice. The first Squadron of the British expedition to Abyssinia sailed from Aden. Tho fenian panic in. Liverpool continues More troops have been sent Thoro tinder rfcs command of. Sir Alfred Hereford. On Lar Throe of the Fenia is convicted at Manchester we ill probably to Hung. Spain has recalled All political exiles. Edward James m. P., for Manchester is dead. St. Croix is excepted from the Sale of Tea a danish West indies to the United states. London nov. 5�?noon.�?consols 85g. Bonds 70. Or Wool nov. 5�?noon.�?Cotton heavy and declining sales Small prices unchanged. Bread stuff s quiet. Liverpool nov. 5�?2 p. irregular sales we ill probably reach eight thousand Bales. London nov. 9-l-Bonds 70 a live Pool nov. 5 a evening. A Goi scors closed lower Uplands 8s Orleans 8manchester advices unfavourable. Knox. Amp co., Ootton merchants stopped Pfout nov. 5.�?Bonds 750. Liverpool nov. 4�?evening.�?Cotton lies been Dull All Day and closed at a Deoline of a Uplands 8� Orleans 82 sales ten thousand Bales. It Havana nov. 4.�?no. 12 sugar 8.1 reals provisions Dull and unchanged. Exo Hanga on London 15j@1g. Federal currency 25 Short sight 21. London nov. 5.�?noon, bread riots occurred in and to Day every meat and bread shop in the City lies been sacked. At the time of Tho receipt cd Tho last dispatch incendiary firc a Woro Brealie ing in different parts of the town. Much excitement existed and the local authorities have petitioned Tho government for troops to. Quell disorder. Geneva nov. so Spezzia a prisoner in the hands of the italians London _ nov. 941 Bonds 70.�. / Frankfort nov. 75�. Liverpool nov. firm sales 15,000 Bales Uplands 8d Orleans 8 l bread stuffs quiet. London nov. 6�?2 p. 94 9-1g Bonds 71. Liverpool nov. G�?2 p. to changed. 0 Pahis nov. G. A the Emric ror of Austria co departed for Home. 0, Florence nov g. Garibald ians lost four Hundred and fifty killed and nine Hundred prisoners in Tho last battled the wounded1 Wero not counted. Tho papal loss was two Hundred killed and nov. Oil a Bonds 70j.Liverpool nov. Go evening a Cotton a Shade better sales 15,000 Bales with Upland at 8 9-Lgd. Orleans 8 13 id. Paris nov. division of Trio French troops have left Romo for i Vita Vecchio and the remainder will soon follow and Thero await Tho notion of Italy. The bourse is Antii rated but a general disarming is necessary to restore Confidence. The Call for a general confers Nee will soon be issued by Franice. Florence nov. 6�?evening.�?Garibaldi claims that to is an american Oit Izon Marsh american minister has Gono to visit him. General Cialdini commands Tho italian or it. My of observation a on Tho Popes Frontier with his Headquarters at Pisa. Manchester nov. of Uii prison hers on trial have Boon acquitted. London nov. 7, 9-11 Bonds 70$. Liverpool nov. 7, advanced one sixteenth. Sales estimated at fifteen thousand Bales Uplands 83d Orleans 8yd. Others nov. 7, 2 p. 94 7-1cl Bonds 70 11-10. Liverpool nov. 7, 2 i it. unchanged. A Quot a Large flowered and Fleshy Plant Wheeli flourishes in British Columbia Oregon and California possesses a most astonishing tenacity for life. Botanists Havo great. with the Plant for it will revive after being dried pressed and lain in a herbarium for several years. Or. Lyall onco immersed a species of Tho Plaul in boiling water to Stop its growing propensity yet Moro than a year Anda half afterwards it showed symptoms of vitality and in my a 18g3, produced its Beautiful Flower in the Royal gardens �1 Kew
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