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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 6, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi a a i t Ai a but sax a Avay vol. , wednesday morning november 6, 1367. No. 59.telegraphic. prone new Veleano oct. 31�?Cotton gales Coo Bales Low middling 18�18jo receipts 2801 b ties. Tho new crop of sugar and Mola Asea buium received a yellow centrifugal sugar is quoted it Igo. Molasses prime Aak ing 90c. Floar firmer superfine �10 25 Chico sli@15. Corny very Lillo in Market Berdut $1 co. Oils 8l @82jo. Pork Dull no Bales reported nominally $24. Bacon a shoulders Rou ilium at 15io Clour aides 19@ 19-Jo lard Dull tie cos 154 kegs 15jo. Gold 140. Sterling Dull in 51053. New York Bank eight Par commercial 404 Dia court. Fever interments to 0 o clock this morning 13. Tho ordinance repealing Tho pro Viola school ordinances not Ryoei veg the votes of i 70-thirds of Tho members elected but Only of those present it the meeting the mayor s veto was sustained. New Yiai oct. 31�?money easier and nominal. Brokers not sufficient to employ All Tho surplus capital. Discounts rather easier but prime paper quoted at 10 per cont. Sub Treasury balance $100,000,000. �?T62 coupons 112$ 64, 1093 �?T65, 110-1 07, 1073-10-40s 1004 7-3,0a 105j. New Yoke oct. 30.�?Cotton a Shade lower. Sales 19 Bales iitql91. Washington oct. 31.�?Tho official majority Agai a to negro suffrage in Ohio is 5g.g92. Revenue receipts to Day s765.000 Rove nuo receipts for the month $14,500.000. A number of clerks were discharged from Iho paymaster s department to Day. It Wilson chairman of the judiciary committee is hero East Hampton ct., oct. 30.�?the French steamship Amsterdam from Malonga which wont fast ashore at Montauk went to pieces yesterday. Coi aubur ga., oct. 31.�?for Jareo Dayo 15ud Voles were polled. All but Twenty Are Negroe Aud All for the convention. Wilmington n. C., oct. 31 a considerable interest is manifested in the approaching election. Thu conservative being m a Hope 1 Tesij minority in this county they will probably nominate no ticket. Tho negroes Are almost a Cuil for the Radical party. Raleigh. Oct 31.�?the county convention of Tojo constitutional Guiou mull and friends of civil Liberty assembled to Day. After their Devotion to the Cost Tuii it it a of their forefathers and conservative principles adopted u series of resolutions. Hon. D. G. Proule a. Morris p. S. Mangusi mud 11 of. Blake were nominated fur Tho Stute constitutional convention. M. A. Bledsoe addressed the assemblage Iii opposition to Rui Licasui. All parts of the Eon Uty were represented with Lull delegations. To tuio to i Annony prevailed. The opponents of Tho radicals Aro now thoroughly engaged and in Good lighting trim. Tony expect to carry Tho Eon Uty. New Yonn oct. 30.�?guatuniala Buu Graut cd privilege 10 certain parties to establish o National Bank with a capital of Ono Hundred thousand Steinbeck in american was assaulted in Panama by three of thous Lithot Tiptn. The wound was not total. Tho american Consul demanded Tho arrest of Tho assail uts Ami in investigation was ordered. Tho unfair was undoubtedly a premeditated Atto supt at Ussama tuntion. Tho gunboat water co arrived at Panama of Tho lot and returns to California utter Coaling. Valparaiso dates of Tho third Sayo Tho uncertainty As to Tho movement of Tho Spanish deist causc3 a depressing in Talenco in Basinet. A treaty of Commerce Between pern and Chili is virtually Tho inauguration of Freo Trade. Bolivia is seeking to annul Tho guano contract at m i g 111 oils 1 a i a revolt it Ai Quisma Peru continues troops have been a jut Thole but Carisio still run Caius in command and no attack a Iyo t been Tondu Apo them. Havana oct. 30.�?inteliiger be Hiis been received that tit. Domingo has declared War against Lajti on account of sympathy and its Ciu Tunce give by Hayti Eua to the is presi deut. A Baez Wao at Carracas where to was planning an attempt to return to st. Doug Hugo. Pri Sidt i Anil Gener ,1 Pessin Wero on thi to Lantien Routier Wuh an army of Lour cd in Prib Neib a who took part in Tho revolt of the Pei ii t biliary fit Samiago do Cuba Wei ohm on the 231, mud All others implicated been heu Leuned to Long terms of Lui Prin Ontic it. A. New Yonn oct. 31.�?flour 10020c. Lower. Wheat j03c. Lower. Corn us clanged. Pork �2i0$2g 25. Colton Dull at 19@19jc. Pii i k. Tier Puntino 54c. Roain drooping at s3 37 4 Hoeka Dud. Money g per Cut. Exe Bauge Long 93094 sight 9j. Gold 140$. Quot new Yonn oct. 31.�?Cotton declined 4b. Bale 1 8110 Bales it 19c. Flour Dull Hisato 58 200510 co Southern $10 25. 8tooks Cloried Teudy. .�?T62 coupons 108�. Gold .1403 a i. North Carolina Sixes 49$. New Ouw Vii oct. 31 a sugar common hi1. Muse Ovado 124013c. To Lii bes Irr Enuine Prito Louisiana g5@80o. Flour quiz t mud steady Uii Perlito $10 25. Corn Dull mall to a is at $1 50. Oats Dull at 80o. Poi Dull at $23 75. Bacon Dull Ehon Liteh 14u Clear sides 18 a. Lard do Clitu d Mii Lilling Cotton 190194. Bank Sterling 1510152. . Of Lingo Par to Quot 4 disk Iii t Iii imn Ltd in d 60$ discount for Coli ii l Elul Gold 14o014oj. New on leak oct. 31.�?niuo interments y-11 it it Sis of Clit us this morning. Speirl Oil a 176. Dated to Day from Headquarters i Atli military , removes general Harry t Hays from Olla cd As sheriff of the Puri a of Orlea is for Boug an impediment to in Louis my tinder Tho its of c.iugiei.4, Aud appoints Cullberg bullitt m Lii Tel ice. A _ _ Wab Dinton o t. 31.�? Sheridan and staff Liuva unveil at new York. Tin 11� Rio a a spa Chat nays looters no being Roei vivid mini Respi Mable leg res haying a two uti Ull a it of the whith at the South a and to of they be allowed Orin Colon o Nii Litia coir ii Iii h. Vui Liidi a pm Vors for to Ohio l Lini Lek r. A ainu Noton oct. 31. prolonged Rabi not session was hold to Day. All departments Woro represented. Receipts of Custo Uii. For Tho week ending october 2g, $2,317,000. The National Banks Havo no right to receive packages of valuable a comi ties plate or other things for Safe keeping under Tho Power granted to receive deposits. The Revenue receipts for to Day Are $1,500,-030. Tho supremo court of the District of Columbia to Day denied Tho motion to Amend the writs of error submitted yesterday in the Corus cation cases and overrated the writs. The object of the writs was to carry the cases from the supreme court of Tho District to the District court of Tho United states for the District of Columbia. Tho cases will now be taken directly to Tho supreme court of Tho United states. John minor Botts is hero and despondent about Virginia. He says the negroes Aro forming co operative societies. Their determination is not to work for the Whites who have proscribed them when labor is in de Lund. seems that Tho executive has determined to withhold his message and the department reports until Tho first monday in december. So. Louis Oji. 31.�?Tho Kansas people consider the Indian treaties As hollow traces. The indians have withdrawn their opposition to railroads and agree to keep the peace Bat have a general Hunting privilege until the game disappears before civilization. Chable Stoh nov. 1.�?arrived, steamers Alliance from Philadelphia and sea Gall from Baltimore. General Cauby has issued a circular revising the decision of boards of registration. As to sufficiency or insufficiency of the grounds of Challenge alleged against the registration list. Savannah nov. 1.�?excitement of election bos died out. Seventeen Whites voted today total in county 1,320, sky 2 3l5i Bryan county for convention 235 against 20. Chapman county 20 so far As heard from. Total 3,703 Effingham 228 Thomas 700 Lowndes 390 Pierce 158. Arrived Steamer North Point from Baltimore Schooner Ada a cues from ii it cd Laad a Ousia ga., oct. 31.�?richmond vote to Day 2g3. Dalton Whitefield county has polled 1108. 900 votes for convention. Murray county 700 majority for convention. R a uie to it it Tal votes polled 1345, convention Little ahead. I it. It rumoured that Chattanooga Ana counties went against the convention. Marietta polled g59 Voles up to seven of clock this evening very Lew White votes. Americas total vote 1612, All Lor convention. No Whites voted. N Albany total vote 1753, All for convention. Thrive Whites voted. Macon election progressing slowly total 1g99. Four Whito voted convention Defeated in this ii duty. Milledgeville�?15 votes polled to Day for convention to Whites. Athens�?8 to Clay for convention one White. Augusta�?10 votes for convention. The papers denote duo general Popows sex Teu Kious illegal and contrary to Law authorizing a Recti of. La grange�?1804 votes polled All for convention Only 1j. Whites voted. Indianapolis ind., nov. 1.�?two alleged were taken from j lil at Greenwood in Diana by a Moi and hang. New Yoek nov. 2�?stocks Dull Sterling time 109i sight 110. Gold 141 g. A of upon of�?Tg2 19sp new 107� floor 10015c. Lower wheat quiet Corn such Iii de loping pork Lar Toner at $21 78 l ird Dull at 12�013jc. Cotton Quot quiet at 198 freights quit to turpentine 54055c. Rosin e Mamou $3 4503 584 Wasu Inion. Of. 2.�?total Regist Niou in new York City up to last night 106,092. Tho registration continues to Day. Total registration last year Vohen Tho democrats had 47 185 majority was Only 102,142. Tue democrats live been anxious Ubo i this registration but yesterdays work. .808, relieves them. They now regard the stat. As certain by a i id some m Jority. Wasu Noxon nov. 2�?kellogg, the Arneri eau Painter Quot alter thirty Europe. Has opened a studio Bere. 1 he Revenue decisions declare Tho us of a still by a Remitta to produce alcohol to spirit makes them liable As distillers. A negotiable note made signed Laud issued abroad Hud payable abroad May be negotiated by Eudorse input hire it stamp s. A grantee endorsed Pou cum str ment whether it the Sims o Makin a or subsequently should be stumped As an agreement or Uusi Neil mcmoran Tim on instruments of partial pave int endorsed As customary requires no stamp. Wab Hington nov. 2.�?Tho Memphis and Charleston Railroad Hab paid its indebted be a to Tho government amounting to Hulf a million of dollars. Trio Southern Railroad committee Lias concluded taking evidence and it is said they will report in favor of Biz aug certain roads. The following order was issued by Guider Al Grant to Day a officers belonging to stations in who have been absent from their commands on uce out of the yellow fever will proceed to their stations in time to be present thereat on Tho 30th of this iut Erual Revenue receipts to Day $1,969,000 for the Wei a $6,019,000 for Tho fistula year $73.000,088.the now York times has Tho following Washington special previous to Tho suspension of Secretary 8 Auton to fixed n vember Tho 1st As the time when certain of the railroads to which Tho president had granted Exter Sioux of thl in a should expire. The Nashville and Cliatt Auoora Riad a Short tune ago Viado application to Geuer a Graut for a Lurther sex thu Sipin beyond this Date. To has decided that to More extensions will to Given to Tho Sootulu re railroads. General Howard has Mado his annual report to Graut. To the amount of abandoned lauds in posse Sion of the in a Reainu is 215,024 acres Aud the number of i pieces of Toiven properly is 959. , nov 3�?from the returns re-ceivo�?~1 at Tho Lle i Ilii Arterson thi diet strict in is climate that Ono bundred loud Livo thousand votes Yere cnut nil Tho ques us of a Coupon Tiou out of a Hundred mud eighty six thousand registered. The offi dial count can of y a Nii Jority in favor of toe Kouvo Tiou Ojo position candidates were Only nominated in the Northern part of Tho state who to Tho Whites Aro largely in the majority. In other portions Tho conservatives took no part in to contest. Tho candidates favouring a convention Aro elected by Large majorities. The retrenchments and reforms already Ingn rated in Tho War department by general a grat will amount to five millions per Annam. It has attracted inquiry respecting Tho the Treasury account service in Tho War office from the 1st of january last to Tho 20th ult., they Arena follows pay $25,555,000 Bounty $10,500,000 quartermasters department $36.024,000, subsistence department $109,47,000, miscellaneous $26.781,000, mailing a grand total of $109,807,000. A new Youk nov. 3.�?the total registration of Tho City of new York one Hundred and Twenty eight thousand Kings county fifty four thousand three _ Hundred and ninety seven the registration last year in the City of new York was Ono Hundred and Twenty two instead of one Hundred and two thousand As telegraphed yesterday. Richmond nov. 3.--general Schofield has issued an order convening the state convention in this City on december 3d, a jury was Emp annexed yesterday after great trouble in Henrico circuit court for Tho trial of James Jeter Phillips charged with the murder of his Wile at drank hard a farm near this pity in february last. Iii Puleston nov. 3. White Man was or ted yesterday morning n ear this City under a negro vigilance committee. Thosa who made Tho arrest Are now in custody of the . A London oct 30, evening Consols 94 7-16. Bonds 70 1-16. _ Bank Fox oct. 30.�?bonds 75i. Liverpool oct. 31, quiet and easy Uplands 83d Orleans 9d. Paws oct. 29. A la he Victory of Garibaldi Over the forces of the Pope at Alo Trero Lon do is confirmed by telegrams from Florence Aud other sources. The general displayed great personal bravery during the engagement and his soldiers succeeded in capt aug All the pontifical orces but italians. Govern my no authorities at once released them. La liberte Suys Napoleon refused to permit the italian army to co operate with French expeditionary Force in operations. Which May be undertaken in roman territory. In reply to the proposal of Victor Emanuel said that italian cooperation was a Niece sary a As he at present intended to limit Ibe a a spot re of the French action to Civita a Eprui. La Patria says the Premier and members of tie new italian Cabinet accept office under two positive official conditions with Al Cir Emanuel first shall Puu icily disavow All Cou Ivance with or sup Ort of Baidin bands who have crossed Aud Are crossing the Frontier inti the papal Dominion mud second my that the military movement on the Frontier Tho italian Arney will to operator with Itie French expeditionary Loice. Flow Knob out. 2 a lie italian press is engaged in an anxious Tieu Ussia of the National crisis and policy of the government. Tho Nitro moderate Liberal journals express approbation of the action of the Cabinet towards to it carib Aldins Aud the Observance of the a september convention. The demo Craitic papers Are firm in their opposition to the. Course of the executive and Are loud in condemnation of the idea of foreign intervention in Rome. Much popular Diss Atista Tiou is produced mainly by the vagueness characterizing the proclus Mabou on the Subj it of the roman question and from the fact that the Royal manifesto contains no allusion and makes no reference to the matter of French intervention or How it should be met. The army contingent As classed in the year 1841, of the Royal troops has been called out. Florence oct. 31.�?-it is officially announced that Tho italian Ariy has advanced into roman territory. A Roaldi is before Rome with 22 Batt Ailous. Violent demonstrations Are made by the a party of act our in the principal cities of Italy great agitation prevails. Notly Lughas been heard lion the ulterior of Romo since Munday when Trau a misty Pruva Bun oct. 31 a the special a commission ers refused to give to Feu Iaus Ami to jury of catholics Auto protestants. Warre Rolu do counsel Deal Araug a Citi Dii of the quite it status Aud denied he jurisdiction of til court. Kelly who was Ros 0 led it Ila Chester is report Eil to to in Frappe of his Way to London out. 31.�?eni.j.tueiroailviccs state that Lopez had renewed his of peace to the allies. Paris oat. 31.�?it is said should there to. No general Cou Fereuc to Settle the roman que Rivion Tho Catu Olio will arrange a plan for the joint occupancy of Rome a a Ogulin oct. 31. Wurtemburg h to joined Zell Verein Aad t military us Iauco with German . London oct. 31�?kvening.�?� the papal troops Havo been withdrawn Trout tie country Aud Are All Cou Leutrat i wit unit it it due. Trio Railroad from Vivita vec Iii and Rome Aro Cut. A the italian troops Are adv Aucius on Rome. Paris oct. 31�?livening.�?the emperor of Austria consent to join the i Luau conference but , Lussia a i the Pope h Tive refused it is Oil i Illy anti Oisiu i i tint Tho italian troops have crossed the i outer. Garibaldi s army c in to it i of to t i a to it a a Uttmi it n. He Force la a welled with every mile of Bis Luar Cli. His pres Euco at Ilie Vilu of r firmed. Tho Kin of Italy a exasperated the party of a Tiou. Violent demonstrations Are reported in Trio principal cities. Cordiality by tween France and Austria. Com dote while a Rosiau Rola tinn Are unsettled. Two poli Tomeu Vivero killed in d Iblis last night feud tus ii set cited. Live Pool oct. 31, no Dull Upland 8j i. O let iiis9dsalts tit Luo Bales. Live Pool 0. T. 31, 2 v Trade report jul avoidable. Dull sales Lor the week g9.gu0 Bales. Hutnek of hand 072,-0u0 titles wii rot 151,000 . London Ooi. 31, 2 p. 91 7-1g. Bointon 70. File Stubno it. Mov. 1. A 1 ii. Gov Piru it Hascilo it d Hie. Bureau and the tee rooms of the National . Belim nov. 1 a ill. Kirov Socail Corres-1 Pon Deuce of Tho Emi Olla journal says Prussia will intervene in Italy should such action be necessary to preserve peace. Dublin nov. 1. thousand pounds Reward is offered for Tho arrest of Tho police assassins. Two suspected persons Uro arrested. London nov. 1.�?iutelliganca from sout America reports the capture of the paraguayan port of Pela Nhy by the brazilians with Many prisoners and Large supplies. 1 lord Ross the famous astronomer is dead. Flo Benoe nov 1.�?Tho Nazione denies that French troops Aro in Rome. Cialdini commands Tho italian troops in the papal states Garibaldi has ref eat a to Monte Rotando. He has made no reply to Tho summons to disarm. London nov. 1.�?the trial of the Manchester rioters resulted in the conviction and sentence and five of the prisoners to death. Pabis nov. 1�?evening.�?bourse Strong and Naing. R. London oct. 31�?the French veto received silently in Rome. The papal forces will attack Garibaldi to Day. Xio Nuon nov. 1.�?the.stillau informs the european Powers that rather than cede Candy a to Greece he will allow the cretans to vote on the subject. Baron von Beut has arrived in London. Another terrible Colliery Accident Hus occurred. One of Tho Northern mines was flooded. It is feared that two Hundred lives Are lost. Fan Tobt nov. 1.�?bonds 75�. London nov. 2�?noon.�?consols 94 7-16 Bonds 70�. Liverpool nov. 2�?noon.�?Cotton quiet and steady sales 8000 Bales. Advices fro a Garibaldi scamp Sis Miles from Rome oif the evening of the 30th, state that be had five thousand men and recruits were arriving it the rate of Sis Hundred Duilo. He will not attack Rome with less than 20,-000. Lie has Only two brass pieces of artillery a Bith he captured at Monte Rotondo. The papal troops Are retiring and burning the Bridges. Garibaldi resisted the wishes of his partisans to shoot the prisoners. The priests fought bravely at Monte lot judo. Garibaldi had plenty of provisions and ammunition. London nov. 2, French troops have entered Rome. The italian Reserve has been called but. It is said that Prussia has pledged her support to Italy. The relations of. Prussia and Italy cause anxiety. Men Brea in note justifies Tho italian Advance and Days the dignity of Italy and French Viola Ion of he september convention requires it. Tee Feni Aii general Warren has been convicted of treason and felony. A Washington nov. 2�?cable dispatches today that Garibaldi a forces were camped within five Miles of Rome on the 30th, mud that he has 3000 Troy ups under his immediate command. Though Well armed the troops have no tents and but Little discipline is observed. Garibaldi a Headquarters Are in full View of Rome with no papal troops Between Hia Camp and the City. The roman peasants take no interest in unit Iris the Garibaldi Aub respect property except fences which Are used Lor fuel. Eight Baldinus Are to be shot to Morrow for thieving. Weather very cold. Acerbi killed a Viterbo As reported. Menotti and Risciotti Are both in Camp with their father. Garibaldi was engaged to Day in examining the ruins of Bridges destroyed by the retreating papa is. Flow Knob nov. 2 a Miju ight. A Garibaldi still at Monte Rotondo entrenched. He refuses to disarm unless the italian Cabinet is changed. The King of Italy Decus lbs Napoleons proposition to allow the roman question Tobe settled by the vote of the romans. To Don nov. 2, Farewell dinner was Given to Dickens to Day. \ Louisa Kellogg made a successful debut Copic Nhien nov. 2.�?it is rumoured that the United states government Baa bought the Dmesh West India islands for @14,000,000,. Gold. It it a i Tjia Washington ii Zoial to Trio now Orleans p a Suyuno Washington nov. 2.-�?1 learn that or. Jolius h. Gilmer of Richmond Whoso name has recently been in the. Papers connected with a a a protest to eueral Schofield Hail a interview with the president yesterday it a stated that Dur Itig the interview or. Gilmer presented a Plau to the Cou Sitera ratio of the president by which Tho South Sii Ould be saved from the apprehended serious results of negro do Mirauce. Or. Gilmer de clues to reveal any particulars but Dracula Ray says Quot All is not with which satisfactory Assurance a curious Public must abide in patience the chosen time of full revelation. Ceil respondent. Bavarian View of tub consolidation of the Munich chamber of deputies Price Hohenlohe of the orca iou of the Bill concerning the accession of Bavaria to Tho z do Verein gave a Complete exposition of his policy which he said had never a hesitated. He still Hopes to obtain a coustau Tiona Union of Germany. The Guiou of the Southern states Luto a confederation of Trio South the creation of closer ties Between that body and As web us the Nuion of All the German states on the basis of the late Ger in Auric Couf , appeared to him impossible. Therefore Only one part remained to to take us the creation of a political tie Between the confederation it of Aud Tho Southern ates Aud in addition Ulli auce with Austria it waa necessary to wait Tho eff cat Al a Hal new organization of the �5 11-Veituu to Eft inmate Iii what lorm the projected political Bond will be practicable to March parallel with Tho Oliver Oil. This continued the Prince we neither wish the entry of the Southern status into Tho confederation of for a constitutional Alliance under the tire Tiou of Austria nor a confederation of the South which should be isolated from the rest of Germany or supported by Tho foreigner. To desire a National Guiou of the states of the South with those of the confederation of under the form of United states Sedlen bund. The National tie ought however to embrace the whole of Authein Germany. An isolated Southern state count not without provoking complications Beek to unite itself to . V la he mini Ater concluded in express in the Hope that Tho chamber would share Wizir him the conviction Tomti nothing will be Ablo to break the Bond which guat Auie it mat rut interests of Dubats oct. 10.we ase Aga Urf fail8�s 200 rom Vais fit of civil of Pride in the state. Attorney general Alix a ador Geo inca Imp Ortar from , editor a Austin nov. 3.�?about two Hundred morals were Mado yesterday. None for a amp Veston. Hon. Alexander attorney general resigned yesterday. Sax out to Otto. From Tho n. T. Worl i 19tb. It requires no Little courage to entertain and express a favourable opinion respecting the commercial position of this great Staple. It has treated its friends so badly the Losnes of those who have endeavoured to maintain its Price Aro so great that the explosion of John Laws schemes in France must to referred to to find their parallel. Much of these losses were Tho result of the setting up of non commercial theories against a fee i Ain commercial of jets. In november 18g.1 the Price of. Middling Cotton was pushed up in this Markot from 41 to 65 cents per pour Ltd among the trans Otious recently effected 500 Bales sold at 19 cents which Cost go cents per Pound Tho loss upon which exclusive it of Etoi Uge insurance and other charges was Over eighty five thousand dollars. And this cose is but Ono of Tihany. One who went into the Market for a flyer to Trio extent of not More thaa fifty Bales thereby 1 is a Small Fortune. The decline that lies taken place has pulled Down and bankrupts some of the oldest and wealthiest mercantile houses in Quot the world. In View of these facts expressions of Confidence in Tho Staple oven at the relatively Low prices that have been reached will is received with incredulity. But Thero ass facts that must not be lost sight of. Cotta at the present prices is not paying the Cost i growing. The average prices of middling Poitou before the War Wujs 11c. Per la Ini Gold equal to 16c. In our present currency adding 24c. For the government tax making 18ic., while it is perfectly Plain that the Cost. Of raising Cotton has. Fully doubled and thai it least 22c. Per la. Is necessary to return to the planter his first Cost. The estimates of the yield of the crop not coming to Market vary from 2,400,000 to 2, s00,000 Bales. But it is coming upon May sets nearly Bare whereas the Stock Ono year. Ago was three Hundred thousand Bales. To exported last year 1,560,000 Bales. It is no probable that the exports this year will greatly exceed that figure. To have to replenish our stocks instead of drawing from the amp try and this alone will nearly dispose of the increased growth. Again the lower prices Wie greatly increase the consumption. There Wie be fifty per cent More Cotton used with Toca Price at 20e. Than at Over 40c. Cotton Gools. At Low prices largely take to place of Luneac Aud woolens. It ,? Inho Callee Woolen Linen us amp Paiik fabrics and with Etc High Cost of Lood Cotton goods must be takes largely jul place of finer fabrics therefore a placing Tho yield it 2,600,000 Bales it Ian it Jagt at All probable that we shall have More Thor. 1.600,000 Bales to Export if indeed we ass. Spare >-0 comes into Tho ports slowly the Treasury regulations respecting the payment of the tax Are stated to be the principal Cloar of the delay in getting the crops to Durkai. It will be Well for the South if there Bolotna delay. It will Perve to restore Confidence Quot tii which Thero is a marked deficiency. To Fec. Available shipping of the ports promises to to fully occupied the next three months in sap a 1 lying great Britain Morei pressing needs fat. Food. Consequently with immediate Largo receipts at Tho ports the rates of freights. Aud Exchange will to greatly Adverse to the interests of Cotton. New York alone promises it be Able to furnish immediate facilities a handling Cotton. Besides it is probable this pc Tho co ton Tux will be reduced to one cent per la. Soon after the meeting of Congress. After january there will no doubt be less difficulty in moving to the advantage of the planter. We Are that the. Southern Cotton a rowers Aro in but poor condition to carry their co Tiiu crop and of course a would be impossible if Ohr idea were adopted to puny it fully into practice. The w mis of Europe for he coming Jear will undoubtedly exceed the amount she hcs take during the past and when it Shalte. Dot that her suppl from i Guerisi will tie increased but Little if any a Coos do. R bit reaction will undoubtedly Tako Placo u Tho prices current in her markets. A a. The Woma it in inf re a an apparition appeared esterday upon fourth Street which reminded us of a qing time ago. May of our readers remember the a a woman in White a who used to Parade that fashionable thoroughfare. Ivory particle of dress was White from her parasol to her Blip pets and. As it was known that she wa8 a Poar a harm less fragile being and As to Story went a a Iii e through unrequited love her appearance hardly created notice except that of strangers suddenly she disappeared Quot and it was said tier friends Bud placed her in Tho Longview adj Liui which was True. Yesterday in. App in Iliou . Up in fourth Street fantastically dad in a Bright yellow dress. It was the slight Petite figure elastic Yore bit i the liar was silvered with age Aud time Baffi Stiim Ped Iii Loop riots upon her Adco comely face. It uus the lady in White a in a now dress. Or. had allowed her an Indus Jence other Hurlet a weakness which is to Prius Eliade foil rih Street for one Day. She Bias been an inmate of Longview Hosp Tiit Elt Ven years. To Day she , never Pei haps to reappear in a world which to Hor has been but to p Egriu Inigo of blighted hopi and wreck of mind. A Cincinnati enquirer. Tini Ebe no i foe a convention in mama re Iii tis of Titis state foot up 163�-11 f a Streil voters after the revision a i been in Ide. Or this number 92,277 votes wer cast allot Thein for a. Coup ution teas 5 215,Unis a to in Writy of 10,729 mors he required oae lilt for holding the o invention. It. A estimated that Someth 32, a Iver Twenty Thoi Iannel White Voles were East. Al a i a delegates Elete i a t ident Floetl with Trio a publican party eco vat lie. Howard til a Siino. And or. Dak s. Of Mil Jomen Alai advertiser
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