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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 2, 1867, Galveston, Texas To a a a a it a Semi weekly a it it Al Ltd a no pm it a t7 it it no Kavaya it a a by Xii Kyo or Vav vol. , saturday morning november 2 1867. No. 5.8.telegraphic. Ster Gold i associated press new York oct. 2g�?evening.�? Cotton closed firmer it 20�20jc. Sales 2,000 Bales. A new York oct. 28.�?Cotton lower. Sales Quot 1,600 Bales at 20e. Flour Active Stato s8 g5 @$10 70 Southern s10 30�$14 co. Wheat quiet. Freight it steady. New Youk oct. 28.�?stocks weak Ling time 109�109a Sig lit 1091. 142j�1424. A 12 coupons 1124. A new York oct. 28.�?money Market easy on Call. Demand met at g�7. Gold closed steady it 142 j. Cash Gold in better Supply. Treasury disbursing $4.700,000 on november inter est. Sterling nominally former but demand Light at l09j�1094. Governments heavy and lower. Stocks closed heavy and lower. Norfolk oct. 28. storm extended All along Tho Atlantic Seaboard. Quot Wilmington a a oct. .38. A tremendous rain atom with heavy wind producing very infill Tido and submerging Tho wharves on Tho .naseiions.damage, heavy blow outside Iio disasters yet reported. New Yore oct 28.�?Cotton quiet at 20ic. Freights firm. Stocks Active and Strong. Money g�7. Sterling time 8j�9 sight 9j @9j. �?T62, coupons 122 Gold 424-new Orleans oct. 28.�?Cotton Active and stiffer. Sales 2,500 Bales. Low middling 18c. Receipts 2,849 Bales. Sugar in fair demand. Go Hogsheads new crop of Louisiana first of the season arrived this morning sold at 17c. Cuba Brown 125�13jc. Molasses first shipment new crop of Louisiana received this morning classed prime sold for is 05. Cuba is hell at 55�60c.four firm with Fuir jobbing Trade superfine $10 50 Choice $15. Corn Market Bare Small lots sold to Day at is 75. Oats scarce at 80c. Pork Dull and lower at $24 50. Bacon Only a retail business. Shoulders 154c. Clear sides 19�194c. Lard Dull prime in pierces 144c. Kegs 15jc. Whisky Dull Western 30� 37ic. Bond. Gold 4.2. Sterling 54�50. New York sight a a Premium. Omah oct. 28. five hundredths mile of the Union Pacific Railroad was Laid yesterday seventeen Miles will carry the track to Trio Eastern base of the Rocky mountains Washington oct. 28.�?general Pope declines changing the Georgia districts,.he reports to Grunt that to reflected two Days be Foro adopting to Lien. It is fair to say that Tho president s endorsement in the complaint amounted to a Strong protect. Grants an it War to Tho president mildly agreed with Tho presiden a views but expressed apprehension that it was now too late to Mako . Grants endorsement on referring the papers to Pope has not transpired. Washington oct. 28. British govern Mont hav Ujj declined releasing colonel s. Surron and Nagle they will to tried immediately and the state department Here bus ordered the employment of counsel Lor the defence. It is not intended by recent Cotton regulations ii Eidos three no. 5, to require permits and Bills of lading for the removal of Cotton from Point to Point within Tho District where Tho same is produced As in Case of removal from Buchli districts a collector should not exact a fee from the taxpayer for marking his Cotton. Van Moutox pot. 28. treaty with Tho Kiowa and Coni Sueho tribes gives them about Hix thousand Square Miles Between Tho North Fork of red River und red River embracing southwestern Coiner of Tho present Indian territory with a fraction from Texas they Promise to induce the comanches of Northern a a seas to come on the Roh Elvation if successful government gives them adore land. It Iveno receipts to Day seven Hundred Aud fourteen thousand dollars. It is stated John minor Botts received but eight White votes which were cast by native virginians. His successful competitor,-mr.-manse, received 14 negro votes. Our Hundred and Lily your farms have been added to Trio a abduct Ivo Force on Tho Mississippi during september. A a special from Florence says Garibaldi had �?�1000 followers on crossing Tho Frontier. Proceedings were commenced to Day by Henry 1>. Taylor who went South to recover property from John 15. Defrees who purchased it at Quot confiscation sales. Colonel Parker Iurii uate that putting the dismal swamp canal in Good c Indi Tion will Cost $350,000. Head vines against further expenditures upon it by the government. Tho Pilo Light House Somers Cove at Tho Mouth of Litho Annani Essix River Tangier a sound has Heen completed. And a Liglin will to exhibited on Tho Goth of november a Memphis oct. 28.�?bight fever interments . Weather Cloudy and warm. Acoof.taaga., oct. 23. republicans held a Inasio meeting hero Blodgett Bullock Conly Puiul Hoard candidates for Tho convention Mado speeches endorsing Tho Atlanta Pla Loim. Steps Havo been taken to preserve order during Tho election. Tho freedmen arc coming in from this evening to take Partin Tho election. A Thero is no opposing candidate Tho conservative apparently having determined to Tako no part in Tho election. New Youk oct 29. Brig John from Norfolk was totally lost on Tho Barbadoes reef. Arrived Schooner Equator from. Charleston. Gold 1413�142. Sterling 1094�109ij. C2. Coupons 112j now if Suo 106o�107. Money 7 per cent. Stocks t Ull. Cotton Dull at 20c. Freights quiet. Nev Orleans oct. 29.�?Cotton brisk sales 1000 Bales prices stiffer Low middling l8@18jc receipts 24g Bales. Sugar and molasses no change. Flour firm and Market Bare at $1 g0@1 70. Oats held at 85c. Pork Dull at $24. Bacon shoulders 15�15.io Clear sides 19c. Lard Dull pierces 144c kegs 15je. Gold 112. Sterling 52j @554. New York Hight 403 Premium. Eleven deaths from yellow Over to Day among them lieutenant Georgo lee., who Baa been acting Assi staut adjutant general of Trio filth military District for Bozio time. Memphis oct. 29.�?it is understood that shippers instead of Tho Sellers must pay the Cotton Tux this adds two und a half cents to local quotations and unsettles Tho Market. Over interments to Day. A a Quot Tho agent of the associated press is authorized by Tho or. Bard editor of Tho Atlanta daily now Era to state that Tho reported conversation Between general Grant and himself published in Tho new York Tribune and other papers was totally unauthorized by him and is erroneous in several important oct. 2g. news has been received hero that Garibaldi was victorious in a fierce Battlo near Monte Retardo capturing a Hundred prisoners and the airguns. Many were killed and wounded on both sides. Garibaldi had four battalions. Pams oct. 27.�?garibaldi�?Tsvforce is from .10,000 to 12,000 men. Tho papal forces will to concentrated before Rome with instructions to Apt on Tho defensive. The troops which have sailed from Toulon Are expected. To reach Civita Vecchia this afternoon. Rome oct. 20. Pope in a letter to the roman Catholic Bishops throughout the world says a a the Patrimony of the Church has Beon assailed by revolutionists a and asks them to order prayers in All the churches for Tho holy see. The police on Friday in searching Aphonse met with resistance. They attacked the House with bayonets and. Killed fifth Hriblan. And took three prisoners. A Quantity of arms and Bayonet were also captured. New York oct. 29.�?Cotton less Active and scarcely so firm. Saleb 1,400 Bales at 19�20c. Flour Active. State $8 g5@s10 75 Southern $10 30�s14 go. A few York oot. 30.�?stocks Dull and steady. Money 0�7. Sterling 9g�9j. Gold 141. �?T62 Coupon 12$. Cotton Dull 19jc. Champion arrived from Charleston. New York oct. 29.money easier Call go 7, with increasing business at 6. Discounts continue stringent prime paper slow at 7� 10. Gold closed at 142. Sterling firm but quiet. Stocks closed Strong. Governments a fraction firmer at close. Sub Treasury bal a Anco $113,000,000. Charleston oct. 30.�?general Canby has ordered a cessation of quarantine after november 1. Washington oct. 30. District supreme court quashed the writ of error to Day m Tho confiscation Case on account of an i fori Mility of attestation. It will be renewed. Washing ton oct. 29.�?a Hurricane swept Over Porto Rico on the 13th, damaging ship Quot Ping and causing the Rivers to overflow damaging much property. The Revenue receipts to Day were $397,000. A James a. Brady was debarred by judge Fisher at Tho close of the Surratt trial and was ordered to show cause by the 4th of november Why to should not be punished for contempt of court and m Tho meantime should be suspended from practice in the court. Augusta ga., oct. 2g.�?returns from All parts of the state indicate that the conservatives took no part in Tho elections which came off quietly. All the votes cast nearly were for a convention. 1785 votes polled Lulu-�?1073tor the City and 712 for the county All Tor a. Convention the following returns were received from the Interior Rome 70i votes polled nearly All for a convention scarcely any Whites voting. Marietta 305 votes polled mostly freedmen nearly All for a convention. Lagrange about 500 negro and our White vote polled All for a Conven Tiou excepting City add county officers. No respectable White me0nro connected with the affair. Grifon 675 Voles polled 550 for a convention 175 to 200 Whites voting. Fort Gaines county�?300 Yotes polled All for n convention no White Man Ofiu ered or cast a ballot. Americus from. 500 t3 goo votes polled All coloured. Albany 339 negroes and one White Man voted for himself polled All for a convention. Tho Whites kept away from the polls altogether. Savannah ga., oct. 29.�?Only one White vote was cast. 174 City voters and 80 county cannot be found in the a registration books. They forgot the name under which they took oath. The Boston mulatto Bradley ticket is ahead few negroes knew wha t they were voting for More than they were instructed to Zijke the ticket Aud place it in Tho Box. Not a single Firre twas made Savannah sustained Tho reputation of a peaceable City. Co opera Tion Between the civil Aud military authorities were of the kind Liest , g.v., oct. 29. election today passed off quietly. No disturbances and but Little interest manifested. G58 votes were polled 100 Lor county 257 Lor City Only a few Wiite radicals voting. The registered voters. For Coj Tity Aud City number about 3000. Trio conservatives Tako no part in Tho election. A Arav Sra oct. 29. election to Duy was 1 Viry quiet. There voted Many negroes from the country and some Fiorin South our Olimi. City votes 12g2 county 4400 about 2700 rejected votes All negroes save 3 or 4 Whites. All votes Arr for Tho convention and for Tho negro Radical ticket. Richmond oct. 29.�?hunnicutt addressed a crowd of negroes in Capitol Square the s evening. In Tho course of his remarks he alluded to certain to hats made to kill him quid said a i will not Leavo done to you know fellow citizens that when the assassins Bullet passes through my brain or Bis Dagger touches my heart More than one Man will Falk Pon that Day. Tho Asso Blago responded i. Me Pitia oct. 30. assessor rescinded Tho order requiring shippers to pay the tax on Cotlon. Tuo inform fonts to Day from yellow fever sixty nine.? Havana oct. 28.�?advices from Porto Rico of Tho lot state a Hurricane was experienced of Tho 13th, Aud p number of coasting vessels were lost and others seriously damaged Tho Rivers overflowed causing inundations at various Points 6nd considerable damage to prot Perty. Lutell Genco from Jamaica Statos that instructions Woro received from England against Tho Lino of steamers Between Jamaica and new Orleans. Tho governor at the request of a number of persons will write to England to co if to cannot obtain a reversal of Tho decision. Tho Steamer a red Gauntlet which lately arrived at st. Thomas with a number of Southorn oin Granta has Boon sold. A heavy Rains prevailed yesterday and arrivals from sea report a Hurricane and Sovero rain storm. Tho Steamer Palormo with War materials on Board for Chili has again Boon embargoed. Tho Brig Sarah Nowman with doubtful cargo from Nova Scotia also at st1 Thomas and May possibly to embargoed. Tho latest advices from Hayti state that a amp Silmaro issued a proclamation announcing in the recent fighting Thero. New Orleans oct. 30.�?Cotton weaker prices unchanged sales 1300 Bales Low middling 18c. Receipts 1538 Bales. Exports 415. Sugar and molasses nothing doing. Flour at a stand still no sales to Day. Corn easier quoted at $1 declined 5c., quoted 80�82c. Pork $20 i8._ Bacon Only retail business shoulders 154c Clear 19@19.jc, lard Dull and unchanged. Freights steam Cotton to new York 4 Boston and Philadelphia la. Liverpool 3�ij sail Liverpool 9 1g Havre Gold 1414. New Orleans oct. 30.�?Only nine fever interments yesterday. At a meeting of Tho Board of health last night the quarantine was suspended. A motion was offered by or. Warren Stone that the fever be declared no longer epidemic. The motion was opposed and referred to. Committee on health. Or. Stone argued that the disease had run its course and was no longer epidemic though sporadic cases will continue for some time. In his opinion it is perfectly Safe for strangers to come to this City. In his remarks he con yellow fever . any circumstances. Mayor Heath vetoed the ordinances providing for the administration of Pablic schools on the ground that the Council makes no provision for any other administration schools leaving them without director or teachers. The action of the Council looks As if it intended to abolish the schools altogether Sinco they have failed to Force negroes into the White schools. Tho ordinance was passed. Other the mayors veto by the Board of assistant aldermen. It has not been acted upon by the upper Board. A judge Leaumont of the Goth District court decided to perpetuate the injunction granted to the school Board restricting Tho mayor from promulgating the ordinance. A Resolution was offered in the Board of aldermen last Naglit requesting the military authorities Tho present school boards lost. Two Blacks voting in favor and four Whites against theatrical season commences sunday november 2. St. Charles and Academy of music open with japanese troops. New to inc oct. 30.�?arrived, Zodiac from Savannah. Cotton lower. Sales 1,800 Bales. Uplands offic. Flour Dull Southern ten to Twenty cents lower Selling at $14 50. Wheat 2�3c. Lower. Mixed Western Corn $1 40. Oats l@2c. Lower. Provisions Dull and heavy. Lard steady. Groceries quiet. A freights firmer. Cotton raised pc. Governments Strong. �?Tg2 coupons 12a. Gold 140j. Sterling 0j. New York sight Premium. North Carolina Sixes sex coupons 49 new Issue 49. New Yolk oct. 30.�?money decidedly easier. Large balances offered at 5 on Call. Sterling quiet at 9g. Gold heavy at 140j-governments steady. Stocks firmer. Sub Treasury balance $114,000,000. New York oct. 30.�?middling Cotton 18c. Sales 4gc Bales. Receipts 1,815 Bales. Steamer san Jacinto has arrived and reports very heavy weather. There were three steamers duo yesterday that Aro not yet in. The Steamer Virgo ha3 sailed. The ship Star of the West Cle Rcd for Liverpool. New cleans oct. 30.�?new York sight Par a a Premium Texas cattle number one. Sheep Range from $1 50 $50@$go per head. A so. Cold jibs oct 30.�?result of two days1 election 1,117 votes All for convention. Only Twenty live Whites voted. Number registered in county 2,910, of which 1,150 Are Whites and 1.7g0 Blacks. Sayann.\n, ga., oct 30. election passed quietly. Total vote As far As heard from 2500. There was Only one White vote to Day making two White. The negroes have it All their own Way the Whites do not go near the polls and regard Tho whole thing As a farce. Now polls will be opened to Morrow for Tho Whites. Nearly All of the votes cast Are for the negro Radical ticket. General Popo extends the time of election two Days to saturday. Cotton heavy and Dull holders anxious to i up realize. 1 1. Washington oct. 30, state department Lias Malta advices october 4th. Cholera of a most malignant Typo prevails Nino priests died at a st. Domica Convent in two Days. Tho Lilc a has almost ceased at leghorn after a prevalence of three months. Boston out. 30.�?governor Andrews was attacked yith apoplexy his condition is critical. Later he is dead. 1 new Yoek a Oci. 30.�? Tho firms of Blume it co and Biles amp co., 343 Broadway Havo been burned out. Loss two Hundred thousand dollars. Washington oct. 30.�?revenue to Day sg23.000. \ a the detectives profess to have information that about $10,000 in counterfeit seven thirties Wero issued recently and that they were shaved by Only three persons and that they Wera out. No Moro have been offered since Tho detection of Tho counterfeit. New York oct 31.�?flour 10�20c. Lower. Wheat 2�3c. Lower. Corn l@2c. Lower. Pork lower $20 87�$20 95. Lard Dull at 13� 133c. Cotton Dull at 19ic. Turpentine 45� 50c. Common Rosin $3 5g. Sterling 93� 9 5-7. Gold 140i.t, 62 coupons 12�. Stocks lower. New York oct. 31.�?arrive a steamship Montgomery from Havanna Chauncey from Aspinwall Moro Castle from Savannah. The steamship c. W. Lord lost her smokestack. The steamship Chauncey brings five Hundred and sixteen thousand dollars in specie. There Wero severe storm3 and Rains in Central America. Tho cholera is disappearing. A Lino of steamers is to to established Between Valparaiso and Liverpool. Augusta ga., oct. 31. Republican has Tho following additional of Tho returns Wilkes county first Day 739 for convention Taliaferro county first Day 379 for convention Groove county first Day 550 for convention Pierce county first Day 124. Headquarters third District Atlanta october 30, 1867. J general order no. 83. It appearing from representations from Many parts of Tho Stato Sinco Tho commence ment of Tho ejection that on account of delays occasioned in voting under Tho registration Thero a a probability that a Largo number of voters will to deprived of Tho Opportunity of casting their votes within the three Days designated for Tho purpose in order that to ample Timo for All registered voters to cast Hoir votes Tho boards of registration Are hereby directed to keep Tho polls open till six of clock on saturday afternoon 2d inst. Of this Extension the Board Wail immediate and general notice through their respective districts. Signed Jno. Pope Brevet major general commanding. San Francisco oct 26, democratic state ticket has been elected with about 30,000 majority. Medicine Lodge oct. 26.�?tuio goo Chey Onne indians threaten the commissioners and Havo sent word to the indians at Tho Council to get out of the Way. Tho commissioners have 300 men to protect them. Tho commissioners remain. A treaty was Mado yesterday with the apaches. Washington oct. 31.�?it is understood that Tho retrenchment committee pronounced the questioned 7-3q notes of counterfeits a thereby relieving the printing Bureau of dam. Aging . A. The state department has no information who will succeed Bruch from England. I b5 <0> in m a Psi. >�T�0 Liverpool Friday evening oct. 25.�?Cotton closed very Active sales 20,. Uplands 8 cd Orleans 9ad. A London saturday evening oct. 26.�?consols 94 7-1g. Bonds g8 15-1g. Liverpool saturday evening oct. 26.�? Cotton closed quiet sales 20,000 Bales prices unchanged. Toulon oct. 26.�?a Fleet of ironclads left rat six this morning. Transports with troops Are to follow immediately. Shipments of War material going on vigorously. Paris oct. 27. to Niter issued yesterday evening announces to the Public in its official columns that in View of Tho present invasion of Tho papal territory and Tho renewal of the attempts of the revolutionists on Rome the emperor Napoleon has repeated his order for the Force of expeditionary troops already mustered at Toulon to embark for the roman Waters. A a 5 London oct. 29.�?consols 92 5-16. Bonds g9�. Liverpool oct. 29.�?Cotton Dull. Sales estimated at 8000 Bales. A quotations unaltered. ,. Liverpool oct. 29.�?noon.�?hutchison, Cotton dealer has failed. London oct. 29.�?lewis , in the. American Trade has failed. Toulon oct. 27.-10,000 troop3 arrived from Africa. Paris oct. 2-7.�?in the Council at st. Cloud to Day Napoleon a residing Tho Cherbourg Squadron was ordered to Italy. Florence oct. 27.�?garibaldians continue to Cross Tho Frontier the Telegraph is Cut. Romo is isolated fr6m the world. Madrid oct 26.�?spain has decided to join any action of the Catholic Powers in favor of the Pope. Summary or the 28th.�?menabrea has formed an italian ministry. Victor Emmanuel has issued a proclamation denouncing Garibaldi and declaring that Tho French policy meets the views of Tho italian. Government. The bourse is Active rents advancing. The Pope left the Vatican and sought Refugo in the Castle of st oct. 28�?noon.�?consols 941-16. Bonds g9 1-1g. Liverpool oct 27�?noon.�?Cotton quiet. Uplands 8g Orleans 9g. Sales 10,000 Bales. Bread stuffs easier. Florence oct 28�?a. particulars of the engagement at Monte Rotonda represent the fighting As desperate. At. One time during the Day when the it papal reinforcements arrived the result seemed doubtful but Garibaldi who led the Volunteer in person was completely successful. He immediately followed up the Victory and vigorously pursued Tho Papai forces who foil Back on a Rome. At last accounts Tho Garibald ians 10,000 to 12,000 Strong had reached the outer fortifications of Rome. London of. 28.�?advices from Rome state agitation prevailed. Garibaldi an attack was hourly expected. Liverpool oct. 20 �?2 p. easier. Paris oct. 28�?noon., bourse firmer. Rentes advancing. Rome oct. 29.�?there is fighting within half a mile of Tho City and great excitement within Tho Walls. The revolutionists Are preparing for a second rising. A proclamation forbids Tho Asso Blago of Over four persons. All persons to retire within their houses and to Coloso Tho shops Spoti d signal of alarm. Twenty five thousand Garibald ians attacked Viterbo yesterday and Wero repulsed with a. Heavy loss of men. Cattral their Leader and Deputy Acerbi Wero killed. Tho roman citizens including Tho aristocracy Aro armed and patrol Tho streets. Turin oct. 2g.�?a great popular demonstration forming p Aris oct 27. Monitor says the Fleet was kept Back at Tho request of Victor Emanuel but subsequently bailed because no Cabinet could be formed and Garibaldi was menacing Rome. The Moni eur adds that France and Italy Aro both interested in maintaining Law Aud order. Rouher in a dinner speech said he hoped that Italy under bid passions would not fight France but emerge from the trial purified. Garibaldi a a with 10,000 men was before Rome after the Battlo on Monto Rotondo. Humbert leads the troops Agui ast Tho French. It is said that Victor Emanuel abdicates. Garibaldi was checked at Monte Rotondo by reinforced papal , oct. 29.�?a fenian panic exists. Tue armoires and gun shops Are guarded an4 the patrols doubled. oot. 30. trial of Tho rioters is progressing. The Case a Strong against them. Thro was much excitement. Dinghy Seymour Tho counsel for the defence moved to remove the trials to London on account of local prejudices. Paris oct. 29. corps Legisla Tift met on the 28th Paris oot. 30.�?Largo bodies of troops arrived at Toulon and Moro Are coming. Berlin oct. 29.�?prussia declines receiving Bavaria in Tho Zoll Verein on Tho terms proposed by Bavaria. Edinburgh oct. 29.�?a Public dinner was Given to Disraeli who made a tory speech. Paris oot. 30.�?a grand banquet was Given to Napoleon Aud Eugenio and to Francis Joseph at the hotel Devillo which was splendidly decorated. Francis Joseph spoke and thanked Tho people. He invoked a closer Amity and saw in this oration a new pledge of peace. Many in the streets cheered lustily. Liverpool october 30.�? Cotton quiet and steady sales 10,000 Bales bread stuffs firm. Paris oct. 30�?Garibaldi was at Monte Mario on monday. Moro ships have left Toulon. Tho entire press lands Victor Emanuel a proclamation Franco will attack Jho insurgents As they Fly Over the Border and the italians will disarm them. The Moni eur of tuesday issued a note justifying the expedition and says Italy has failed to protect the Popes Honor. Paris oct. 30�?evening.�?insurgents, id Rome Active a outbreak momentarily expected. Garibaldi is six Miles away organizing shells reach the City. The French Fleet Are unload. Ing at Civita Zecchi where the Pope is expected. Bourse close re firmer. Rents higher. Madrid oct 30.�?orsundi finally accepted the cuban Captain generalship. Paris a oct 30.�?francis Joseph returns via Berlin. It is said Trio Popo tells the French that to leaves Romo should Victor Emanuel enter. London oct 30.�?nothing further from Rome. Von Beust will shortly visit London i Nonence out 28.i--it is�?T,6aid deputies Nicotra and Mesto Aro badly wounded. Tho Sale of Church lands has commenced. Lamarmora has been sent on a Mission to Paris. London oct 30�?evening.�?consola 94a. Bonds g9g.Liverpool 0ct. 30�?evening.�?Cotton Dull and declined 1-1g sales 10,000 Bales Uplands 8id. Orleans 9d. London oct. 31.�?Napoleon-Deolines Tho italian cooperation in defending Tho papal London Globe says although Prussia pledged its neutrality Bismarck has Given the formal Assurance that to will not allow Franco to make War on Italy. Nii i Iii a in Orient Tetter from Secretary Mccall oct. A Washington dispatch of the 7th, says the Secretary of the Treasury this morning addressed an important letter to a gentleman in new York in relation to our finances of which Tho following is a copy Treasury department oct 7. Dear sir your Favoron the 4th inst. Is received. Too much importance is attached to the utterance to which you refer. Tho people of Tho United states Are All As sound on Tho question of Tho preservation of Tho National Faith As they Wero upon Tho question of Tho preservation of the Union. Consider Tho Faith of government pledged to pay the five Twenty Bonds when they Are paid in Coin. There need not i think Beany apprehension that they will to called in at the expiration of five years from their respective dates and paid in United states notes. A United states notes Wero issued under the pressure of great necessity and Are by authority of Congress being rapidly withdrawn from circulation. No More can to issued under the existing Laws nor can i believe that any considerable number of members of Congress would favor an additional Tsuo for any purpose whatever much less for Tho purpose of paying Bonds in violation of Tho express understanding under which they were negotiated the policy of contracting the circulation of United states notes adopted by Congress and being steadily pursued by Tho Secretary should of itself even if the Honor of the nation were not involved in Tho question satisfy Tho holders. That Tho 5-20 Bonds will not to called in and. Paid before maturity in depreciated currency. Very truly yours signed h. Mcculloch Secretary. Political to the proposed convention in Georgia the Griffin Star says so far As we Havo been Able to learn through our Georgia exchanges Tho conservatives Are pretty generally settling Down upon Tho following policy to wit a i o Voto for the Ablest and inst available conservative candidate and not to vote at All on the convention question. We Are inclined to think that this is he Best policy provided the conservatives can All be United upon it. A. A Western democratic paper says Tho democratic Voto in Ohio would have been increased by ten thousand if Vallandigham had remained at Home and kept his lips sealed. The state committee did try to suppress him but the democratic masses would Havo him on the stump. Sex congressman Grinnell Radical of Iowa has written a letter giving his favourable estimate of general Grant. He says i read the flashing of his Eye with Delight at Tho last session listening to such a speech As that of governor Boutwe. To came on. Our Side and i never saw him on the other. Nor did Tho democrats extend him salutations. To my knowledge he was in deep sympathy with general Howard in his Plana and administration. To did not fight to Savo slavery and when it was dead he joined Congress in Tho wish that impartial Justice might be secured which was a certain condition of Power and National Prosperity. A b. H. Hill of Georgia has written another letter on the situation taking up in the present chapter the recent elections to regards them As evidence that the a great reaction Quot has certainly commenced. A dastardly act of desecration. Gravo of Captain William Jav Curtin who died in 1828, was opened in Linden Grove cemetery Kentucky on thursday night last by some wretch or Hyena in human form who brat open the Stone coffin containing Tho remains of the deceased exposing Tho Bones to View. A Captain Martin was of Inorg Tho first settlers of Kentucky having Como to the Stato in 1786. To died on Hia farm now known As the Howell farm and was buried in Hia family it graveyard in 1828. It his son Hiram Martin a removed the remains from there in 1851, and kept them at his own residence until 1861, when they Wero consigned to a Stone coffin and buried in Linden Grove cemetery where they have remained Over since until disturbed As above stated. The Obj act of the villain or villains was probably to obtain Gold a Largo amount of which it was very foolishly rumoured a for years ago had been buried with a his body. A 1 a Robe of Point a la Klencon lace in Tho Paris exposition represents 10,500 Days labor in its manufacture. Joseph Dion b Illiard Champion of America has challenged John Roberts the English Champion to play three games English Pren hand american for ton thousand Dol is n Gold each and Tho championship of to world
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