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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 29, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi we wekly Quot a i qts a it Var Kay Ajax away o ver 1a Veo vol. , saturday morning june 29, 186?. N0� 23.telegraphic. A a a a a a associated new York june 24.�? Money easier und Supply abundant. Call Loans c per cent on government securities 6 per cent on stocks., Primo discounts ci@7i. Exchange Dull at 310�� for Sterling and 152�@ 1523 Lor francs Gold closed at 138 j. Government securities firmer during the afternoon. Stocks buoyant end higher. Treasury receipts $2,370,000 a payments 85,342,000. New Yolk Juno 21.�?admiral Farragut by a Telegraph invited the president and party on their return to an excursion on the Hartford a a Down new York Harbor. Secretary Seward for the president declined telling the Admiral to delay his departure for Europe. Boston june 24.�?the president Lias been handsomely received hero and treated with the utmost kindness and respect and with unbounded hospitality. Secretary Seward attended thu Rob in eos Bury yesterday. New York june 24.�?this morning s Herald says a corps of thirty stump orators have _ been turned Loose upon the Southern states by the Union congressional Republican committee Twenty of whom Are coloured men. These speakers go charged with the strongest Republican. Logic within reach of the congressional committee and with the determination to permit even one of the smallest villages to escape its share of political advice. Reinforcements to this corps Are being and shipped daily and another detachment of orators will wend their Way southward in a few Days. General Sickles writes a letter addressed to. Hon. Henry Wilson chief of the military com shiite a of the United states Senate which he signs d. E. Sickles major general commanding setting Forth the inadequate Ness of the appropriation for reconstruction and concludes i have the Honor to suggest for your consideration and of your colleagues of Well that the interest of the Public service requires without delay n further appropriation to execute the acts of Congress Lor the government of the rebel state. Washington june 24.�?Johnson, who killed Smout under Peculiar circumstances has been committed for trial. Bail refused. In speaking of Sheridan s letter the new York times says general Sheridan certainly pays very Little attention to the. Forms of decorum in his relations to his superiors. His dispatch to general Grant on the subject of reconstruction sails As near the Edge of absolute insubordination As anything of the kind be have seen lately. The Tribune says general Sheridan writes a letter to general Grant which has All the directness and sincerity of that great Soldier a a character. New Yore june 2&t-flour 12c. Better whiskey 3@3c. Better. Corn quiet. Pork Dull at $20 a i 20 15. Lard Dull at lli@12p. Whiskey steady. Cotton Dull and drooping middling 2gi. Turpentine declining�?5�?~ji. St cab Strong. Gold 138j. Sterling unchanged. T>2 coupons 10j. Washington june 25.�?it is stated that senator Hermau in a recent dispatch says he will attend Congress it of business requires it. He sees nothing yet to warrant the extra Sest ice. Difficulty is apprehended in getting two thirds. Among those who cannot or will attend Are California 1 Connecticut 2 Del. 1, Kentucky 2, Maine 2, Maryland 1, Nevada 2 Ohio 1, Oregon 1, Pennsylvania 2, Rhode Island 1, Tennessee 1. West Virginia 1, Wisconsin 1, Yern out 1, Indiana Morton 1, probably unable to attend. These estimates show three votes Short of two thirds necessary to defeat a veto. New Yolk Juno 25.�?general Colo was committed for trial for murder in the first degree. Or. Lord of Bank robbery notoriety has received one million1 two Hundred thousand dollars from an unknown source leaving or. Lord Short ninety thousand. A Lunatic Mother it Blackwell s Island caressing tier child some two weeks old smothered it. A Little girl six weeks old was found dead in Leonard Street in bed with a Drunken Mother. In consequence of the App Caranfo of yellow Ever in new Orleans arrivals from that port wiil be boarded at the lower buy. All steamers bringing emigrants and passengers Are required to land them at the quarantine. Washington Juno 25.�?during the president s speech at Boston he confined bin Iseli to thanks to the people for courtesies to him As president and chief magistrate. Tji Feo cheers for Congress were called for from out of the audience. The cheers were Given. During or. Seward s speech three Che orb for North Carolina were proposed. Or. Seward said a you May Well give three cheers for the Stato of North Carolina she was the first Stato to put Lorth a declaration of ind Epen Douce in the revolution against great Britain. You May Well give three cheers for North Carolina she was the last state of Tho eleven who Bee Edet and last who went most reluctantly out of the Union. You May Well give Ebreo cheers for North Carolina Bhe was Tho first one of Tho eleven who seceded to Corno Back again to Tho family fireside of the Union and to Day nothing a wanting for her to to Humo her ancient honorable and most Pori a Otio position in the family of Tho Republic but the consent of Tho people of Massachusetts. Now i know that All that w coming about very soon i have been Tho Earth and the fit is full of the elements of Felicity of health and vigor and i saw in North Carolina the it i it a ton Spring up which a a to Supply next year the Mills of Massachusetts. I have seen in new York Tho wheat growing that is to Supply Tho West indies and Tho Southern states. I know that nature designates that this whole continent merely these thirty Sis states i this whole continent should be Sopor or later within Tho magic Circle of the american Union Wahidi Noton Juno 25. A Tho Louisiana Leveo question is attracting great attention. It is confidently stated that a special committee will be appointed by Tho next Congress to investigate matters connected therewith including Tho Meana used to secure tie Pasti Igo of last sessions Bill whereby Tho government endorsed Tho levee Bonds. New Yokis Juno 25. lower. Sales 1�?~joo Bales at 2fi@26$. Flour Active state1, 7 Luj ii l 1 Southern mixed to Good s j 75 ��11 50 i Jincy extra $11 c0 a ,15 25. Corn Dull and declining mixed . Pro visions groceries generally Dull. Gold a i new Orleans june 25. Dull and easier sales 700 Bales Low middling24@24$ receipts for three Days 1455 Balee against 13.1-1 exports Samo time 11,585 Bales. Sugar and molasses hold firmly no sales. Flour quiet and firm superfine s10 25@10 50 Choice extra $16. 50. Corn firm mixed 90@ 95 White $1 00. Oats scarce at 70@72. Bacon steady at 10@104 rib 11$ Clear 13. Pork Dull at $23 50. Coffee 23@25. Whisky nominal and unchanged. Gold 138,0138�. Sterling 49�52i government eight 4 Premium. A new Orleans june 25.�?the times of this morning comments severely on Sheridan a Telegram to general Grant. It says it contains Gross inaccuracies of fact errors of Law and logic and says if this conduct and the language of this remarkable document is sanctioned by any considerable portion of the american people Tho Constitution had better be consigned at once to the flames and the Republic delivered to anarchy and june 23.�?the court was occupied in procuring evidence regarding the death of Booth whose diary was colonel Couger was on the stand and testified that it was in the same condition As when he saw it five weeks ago before the judiciary committee and As when taken from Booth. The Coart of claims rendered judgment against the United states in fourteen Cotton claims involving one Hundred and ten thousand dollars under Tho Law of restitution to Loyal owners and holds twelve under advisement. The internal Revenue to Day amounts to Bix million and fifty nine thousand dollars. Boston june 25.�?the president was conducted to the capital to Day and formally received by the governor. New Yolk june 25.�?the Iron Clad do in Verberg purchased by France sprung a leak a few Days ago. She was towed into Dock butt was found impossible to raise her. New appliances Are in Progress. Boston Juhe 25�?10 president in company with Secretary Seward postmaster general Randall surgeon Morris colonel w. G. Moore and others of the party were escorted to the Capitol by several Mem Bers of the governor staff and committee of municipal authorities. Thousands of persons of both sexes were observers Quot of the scene. Loud and Oil repeated Hurrah by the multitude were Given for the chief magistrate of the Republic. The Secretary of state immediately after received a similar Honor. They acknowledged the compliment bowing with Heads uncovered. Again there were Huzzah and with music of bands they entered the Capitol. Seats had been provided in the Hall of representatives to which they were escorted. A number of ladies and some of Tho most prominent officers of the state and leading citizens were present. Soon after All the company had entered the Hall governor Bui lock addressed the distinguished visitor and said or. President it is a great pleasure to have Tho Opportunity of welcoming you in this Hall in the presence of gentlemen who Are connected with the administration of the Federal and state governments and to present you to our fellow citizens. I push you could Tarry longer to observe More though truly our objects of local history on institutions and our people. We regard the visit of the president of the United states As an augury of the Harmony Prosperity and stability of our Union. Applause the president renders an important service to the whole country by becoming himself an exemplar and promising that Mutual acquaintance which is productive of affection of All. We Are one in political interest. It is in the. Cause of the general welfare As with a local Pride that i take great satisfaction in a welcoming you to the Capitol of Massachusetts. Applause in which All the spectators joined the president replied x governor a in Responto to the Welcome which has just been tendered by you As the chief magistrate of Massachusetts i can Only return my sincere thanks for the kind and hospitable attention of which i have been the recipient. I came to your City you have said that a visit by the chief magistrate of the nation is calculated to bring about that Harmony and cordiality of feeling which should exist among the several states. I think i know How to a Precia e the sentiment. 1 did intend to make an address upon being presented on this occasion but i cannot refrain from u single remark. If to were All brought More in Contact with one another and could see and understand each other better the difference which operates practically in keeping us somewhat apart. And which Aro for the Greuter part imaginary would disappear. Applause the Asperities. And i might say our prejudices would then be removed. The state would Stond in a close Harmony with All the states of the Union. It has been said that our nation is too Large to hold together but i will take the reverse of the proposition and say it is too Large to Divide that whole cannot get along without parts or parts without whole. Itene wed applause we should be Ono United prosperous and Happy people. Applause. Then sir on behalf of those i represent i thank the people through Yon for this manifestation a of their kind regard. Great of Claflin then welcomed or. Seward who responded briefly but eloquently. New York june 26.�?Money easy rates fair a borrowers Call Loans 4 to 5 on government and 6 on stocks. Gold and Sterling closed firm. Closing rates for governments were highest of Tho Day. Stocks were 4 to h lower at inst opening of Tho boards. New York june 26.�?flour 10@20c. Better. Wheat 3�5c. Better Corn unchanged. Pork quiet at $21 15. Lard quiet. Whisky st Ady. Cotton Dull at 26@26�?~�c. Stocks very Strong. Money six percent. Gold 138j. Sterling unchanged. Quot 1862, coupons 110$�110�. Virginia 6s c8@73. Georgia 7s 84j. Washington june 26�?general Grant first saw general Sheridan a letter in newspapers it created a profound sensation in military circles. Tho judiciary committee is in session. New Yolk june 26.�?arrived, the new Cunard Steamer Russia from Europe Champion from Charleston. Philadelphia Juno 20.�?samples of new wheat from Georgia and South Carolina Wero exhibited on change. No sales. Boston june 26.�?Tho presidential party left for Hartford Kcf Day. Council Bluff a Niue 26.�?a Block of buildings including the nonpareil office was binned. Loss s 20t>, i dollars. A san Francisco june 26.�?the Pacific mail company and a Large number of shipowners Are being sued for failure to pay state tax on passengers from foreign ports. Penalty $1000, for each passenger. New Yore june 26. Dull and unchanged. A Les 1200 Bales. Flour Active. State $7 50011 25 Southern $9 90@15 50. Wheat Active. Virginia $2 50. Corn quiet and unchanged. Mess pork $21 25. Whisky advancing�?36@40c. Groceries quiet and Dull. Stocks quite to steady. Gold 1384 �?T62 coupons l of. A new Orleans Juno 26. sales 1250,-Dull Low middling 24$ receipts 476 exports 3614. Louisiana sugar Stock very Benall Only retail Trade. Cuba numbers 12 and 13, Llu a Ali. Molasses quoted-47i� 50. Flour quiet and firm superfine $10 25 �s10 37 double extra $11 50. Corn Good demand advanced 10@15 yellow and mixed 95c�si White $110 a s1 15. Oats Advance a cd 2@3c., Stock Light 74@7o. Pork Dull 23j. Goldl3s4. Sterling 49�52j. York sight Ujj j Premium. New Yore june 26.�?the Dunderberg was raised and repairs completed. It Washington june 26.�?collector Kellogg of new Orleans telegraphs the Secretary of the Treasury denying the report of yellow fever being there. Secretary Wells addresses a letter to Stanton regarding an application from Sickles for a vessel to carry out reconstruction and says the department would Leel justified in using funds for such purposes besides it has neither officers nor men for such a vessel. The speculations regarding Grants answer to Sheridan Are unworthy the least credit. It is kept a profound secret Here. The Hon. Peck Consul general of Hayti the president is a expected Here on Friday. Washington june 26.�?the state department has advices of the total wreck of the Sacramento off Madras. No lives lost. Only four members of the judiciary committee were present and adjourned to to mor Row. Internal $525,000. Nothing startling developed in the Surratt Case. General Grunt on the stand testifying Jinn regard to seeing Jacob Thompson at Vicksburg. A Sharp colloquy regarding Thompson ensued. The prosecution declined saying whether Thompson was connected with the conspiracy but wished to show a connection Between him and the prisoner in Money matters. Mrs. Mary Benson on the stand stated that it she lived in Canada that she got her own and her husbands expenses and Twenty dollars per Day. The prosecution then announced the close of evidence for two of three Days. Augusta june 26.�?th� registration commenced in this City to-dav�?53 Whites and 157 coloured. Philadelphia june 26.�? arrived Wyoming from Philadelphia. Memphis june 26.�?jeremiah Hall was found Hung near Raleigh Tenn. A paper was found on his person showing that he was Hung by outraged people for , june�?�26.�?the a a re in the Case of Boog and ethers tried for the murder of Roe in the recent due after Twenty minutes deliberation rendered a verdict of guilty and the prisoner discharged. Judge mose3�?~has issued an order providing for the next jury panel being constituted in conformity with order 32 of general Sickles declaring the right of citizens without distinction of color to serve on juries. New York june 26.�?per Steamer russian the Council of the English Reform league has issued a address to the european working men denouncing wars and the maintain Ance of Large armies. Burmah is still threatened with famine. Springfeld mass., june 26.�?the president and party have arrived Here they Wero met by the staff of governor English and the mayor and City Council of Hartford. New York june 27.�?flour 10@15c bet-1 ter. Wheat 3�5c better. Corn Dull. Pork lower at $21 10�21 20 Cotton steady. New York june 27, unchanged. Stocks easier. Gold 137j. Sterling unchanged. �?T62 coupons 110@110. Washington june 20.�?mr. Ran Gabe the greek embassy Udo his son and members of the legation visited the departments to Day and were everywhere received with distinguished Courtes a. Or. Ron Gabe himself and others expressed a great interest in the smithsonian Institute. Washington june 27.�?the president in answering governor English said everybody in Connecticut and elsewhere know what my views Are in reference to first principles of the government my acts Are before the country and my past course must suffice As to what will be my future conduct. A the Pennsylvania Republican. Convention nominated Henry a. Williams for supreme judge. The resolutions demand guarantees from the vanquished which will Render treason odious and forever impossible. They applaud Lincoln and denounce Johnson a failure to gather up and fix in the organic Laws the principles settled by the War a without which peace is a snare condemns it Johnson and his pliant attorney general and a majority of the Cabinet. They applaud Sheridan ,d Sickles and expect Grant will vindicate their record by sustaining them Bey characterize Davis release As a reproach to the administration and an insult to the Loyal people of the nation. A the Steamer North America ran ashore at South Point. Passengers and Crew Sale. The specie and baggage were landed and the cargo thrown overboard. The Captain Hopes i to Nave the vessel if the weather keeps moderate. Tho heralds dispatches from san Luis Potosi of Tho 11th, Are favourable to Maximi Liana amp safety. A dispatch to the Tribune says one million and a Hulf new Orleans a Ity script is fraudulent. New York june 27. steady sales 1,600 Bales at 2g@26ic. Gold 138��. Other finances unchanged. New Orleans Juno 27. sales 1000 Bales easier Low middling 24 receipts 53 exports 1262. Louisiana sugar Only retail business. Cuba sugar and molasses unchanged. Flour quiet and firm superfine $10 14 double extra $12 i7,$13. Corn advanced 5c, yellow Aud mixed $1@$1 10 White $1 15@ is 20. Of tel scarce Odd unwed 5c. Prime Choice Bay $26@$27. Bacon a a fair jobbing should Ltd rv01 a i a a a a a 25<�ji5��. Lard drooping pierces quoted a 12� Keg 13�. Pork very Dull held at 23 no sales quoted. Gold 1373 Sterling 49�50i. New York sight go i Premium. The. City treasurer publishes a statement of the amount of notes issued and by what authority denying mayor heaths Power to repudiate any portion. He continues to receive them for debts due the City without distinction. The suit against Jacob Barker by the depositors for embezzlement of ninth one Thoa Sana dollars was on trial to Day the action of mayor Heath regarding Tho City currency is universally condemned. Philadelphia june 27.�?a committee of Quot Twenty five citizens was appointed to receive and tender the Hospital ties of the City to the president. _. Washington june 27. A or. Dennison member of Congress from Pennsylvania is dead. Revenue receipts to Day $842,000. A Weichman was on the stand Ali Day. Nothing new. Was elicited. Washington june 27.�?cameron, Butler Logan and Schenk of the joint ordnance committe was in session to Day. The judiciary committee was in session until four of clock this evening. There were Many wild statements made with regard to what was said and proposed to be done among the Best authenticated is a quiet remark of Boutwelle a that the president must be impeached and removed. The court of claims has adjourned to the 1 2 the of August. Of specials. New tort markets. New York june 28.�?Gold opened at 138. A r Peais a we. Liverpool june 24, s quiet. Corn 38s. 6d provisions generally a unchanged but Pori advanced is. Prime Eastern mess 74s. London june 25�?noon�?.consols 94.-., Bonds 73. Liverpool june 25�?noon. tends Down estimated sales 6,000 Bales Uplands la Llod. Orleans Llyd. London june 25, 2 p. declined Liverpool june 25, 2 p. movement in provisions. Prime mess pork advanced 2s 6d. Bacon 6d. Higher. Tallow 4d. Lard has declined 6d bread stuff s unchanged. London june 25�?evening.�?console have advanced 4 Frankfort june 25�?evening.�?Bonds 77j Liverpool june 25�?evening.�? Cotton closed heavy Uplands 11 Orleans 115 Saleb 7000 Bales. London june 26�?noon.�?consols 94. Liverpool june 26�?noon. Dull Uplands lid. Orleans 11j sales 8000 Bales. Bread stuff firm. Provisions quiet. American produce generally unchanged. Southampton june 26.�?the Allemania has arrived. Florence june 26.�?there is feeling against the clergy the people refused to participate in the Celebration on st. Johns Day because the priests refused religious ceremonies on National festival two weeks ago. London june 26.�?victor Hugo has addressed Juarez a pleading for Maxim Lillian whose most fitting punishment Hugo says will be to owe life to the mercy of the Republic. London june 26�?2 p. Consols 94j. Bonds-72. Liverpool june 26�?2 p. M. unchanged. Rome june 26.�?Twenty thousand priests and Lour Hundred Bishops Are Here from All parts of the world. The american Bishops Are lodged in the convents. The Celebration occurs on saturday. The st. Peters is to be illuminated. The cholera has broken out Here and is reported to be prevailing in Sicily. London june 26.�?the steamship Sori with the cuban Telegraph Cable sailed and will reach Havana in about Twenty Days. London june 2d�?evening.�?consols 94s. Bonds 73. Liverpool june 26�?evening. Gen Erly ruled Dull. Orleans declined go. Sales. 10,000 Bales. Middling Uplands lid Orleans 114d. London june 27.�?finances unchanged. Liverpool june 27�?noon. Stead. Sales 1000 Bales. London june 27.�?consols 94. Bonds 7�5. ? a. A ,. A a athe Gold mines of North old Miner writes to the Charlotte times that the Gold mining interest in the Western part of the state is attracting a Large Shore of attention from Northern capitalists. The hotels Are crowded with them and every train brings Mills engines Ard machinery to be used in working the mines. About eighteen or Twenty stamp Mills Are no and being erected four or five of which Are now in full operation and at the Huey mines they have a ten stamp Mill which is now producing $300 in Bullion per Day. Scientific miners from California with Large experience in Gold mining have examined the raining interests of this state and Edve pronounced. Them equal to the Rich valleys and Mountain Gorges of that famous land of dispatch. A the Public Domain now amounts to 1,465v 468,000 acres of which 474,166,551 acres Are surveyed. During Tho past year 403,180 Nores have been taken for military Bounty 1.802.596 acres under the h me Stead act 94.596 acres went under railway Grants 651,. 066 acres under the agricultural College Grant and there was sold land to the amount of $300,294. The total disposed of during the a year is,4,629.312 acres but still Uncle Sam is Rich enough to give us All a farm. The oldest Bradley of Watertown new York who is now nearly 92 years of age the reformer of that place says Lias been a Mason Between 79 and 80 years attended As visitor the Royal Arch chapter at Fulton Owego county new York March 1866. Not one in the logo wan born when he was made a Mason. He travels abroad considerably generally Alono visited some of his childredandfriend8 in 18g6, at Rochester Little Falls Saratoga Albany new York new Jersey new Haven Connecticut and elsewhere attends to his business matter a inti Leo a Kukuy Tunit Imsu of amp it a diary for Many years. His general health is Goud. Cir pets a Kivo Letlon in the Trade. Philadelphia Price among the numerous ways in which the present stagnation of business and info Titca of Price have manifested Thorf elves is Tiia absence of Many of the common conveniences of life. This effect is particularly notices is in respect to carpeting. The Ticino was Veteo a person of moderate Means could afford tournament his House with the Best that Taco Market afforded whether of foreign or Domestic manufacture. But the combination of a decrease in earnings and an increase in Tira Price of the raw and manufactured mater Fly has created a marked change in this rasp it those who still count their increases by Clio thousands can of course afford to Renews a the furnishings of their houses As fast and is often As is necessary but with the great working class Tho Case is far different twi Many families in these trying Days Are forced., necessarily to return to Foshia of Bare floors which prevailed in ancient times. Anything therefore which promises s. Change in this respect should be welcomed bar the Public in no hesitating Way. We Hava a fair Promise that such will be the ease with the fabrics manufactured by Tho a Vienna carpet manufacturing company a Whoso wot a Are located at the Corner of Vienna and Mem it Phis streets in this City. The process Par sued by them is Peculiar and Noyel and has been secured from infringement by letters Patent. The Matt rial used by them is the common Burlap cloth which is closely Aud substantially woven., when transformed Feona its rough state into a Plain cloth it is printed with metallic colors of neat arid varied hues and designs. These Are impressed so durably upon the. Material that they cannot be affected by the rays of the Aan or by any other Ordinary circumstances thus retaining the freshness of their appearance much longer than usual. In addition to this Merit which in itself is a great recommendation the material of which the carpets Are composed will Pio. Serve its texture firm under constant we Amuz tear for a period four Crimea As Long Aso Dic Ary carpets. A Quot the cheapness of Burlap cloth Aud the improved process of its manufacture enabled the Vienna company to dispose of their products at Agate much lower than those at present r uling the Market. For 75 cents per Yard they can sell an article which will Wear better and is in every respect Superior to Tho Ordinary carpeting which Are now held at $2 50 a Yard. This is a fact of great i importance to Hoose keepers and it is Only necessary for them to realize it to ensure an entire revolution in the carpet Trade. To convince a septic of the decided merits of this new article of manufacture an examination of the material in question is All that is needed. The result will be its gradual adoption by All those who follow the time honoured principles of Economy and we May anticipate that but a Short time will elapse before the Burlap carpets will be found in general and satisfactory use. Samples of the different styles Aud varieties of this carpet Are kept for examination at the establishment of messes. Frothingham amp Wells commission merchants at no. 610 Chestnut Street and at messes. Bar Oroff it pc co., Market Street above fourth. In this connection it is inappropriate to state that the carpet manufactures of Philadelphia amounted last year to two and a half millions of dollars in value despite the depression in this and All other branches of Trade. With the impetus which the new article will impart we May expect a larger in i crease in this respect in the future. Anti renters in new county new York is troubled with anti renters. We learn from the Hornellsville times that on Friday week Deputy sheriff Prentiss went to the farm of or e. Butcher one of the anti renters for the purpose of Selling off a portion of the property to pay by it for his land per order of the agent of the Putney estate at Bath. On reaching the1 residence of or. Butcher or. Prentiss found someone Hundred anti renters who him some of their resolutions s string Forth their determination to protect each other against such sales and that the life of any person attempting to make such sales would be in danger whereupon is. Prentiss thinking a a discretion the bettor part of Valorz in his Case returned Home without malting tie proposed Sale,1 and or. Butcher continues in peaceable Possession of his property. The anti renters Are determined and Resolute and should the land agents attempt to Force a collection serious difficulties would doubtless be encountered. At Docial All the known sources of diamonds in the world Are running Low astonishing quantities con tides to be supplied to the Trade in Europe these Are unmistakably genuine dealers Che greatly exercised to know where they come from. While some Are of the opinion a he a certain a parties have discovered and keep secret certain immensely productive mines a the East others Are quite As confident but some Lucky chemist produces them by artificial Means and has thus far kept this great discovery in purifying and Chrystal izing a amp a b it a to himself. Man. Named Koppich of Breslau who has made immense sales of diamonds of late in Paris and who has keep toll fhe cutters of Antwerp Busy for some weeks is thought to hold Tho key of Tara mystery. So soy the late foreign papers. A few Days ago a waterspout of considerable magnitude passed Over Eiford near Tamworth England. Its coarse was marked by the destruction of boughs of Trees &c., and Tho top of a barn was carried off by it. In its passage across the rive Ribero it took up a vast body of water leaving Tho bed of the Stream visible for a few moments. The Cable Telegraph company and government would appear Frota the following paragraph that Tho Cable Telegraph company has lo3t Confidence in the High and mighty in consequence of Tho non payment by Secretary Seward of the $19,000 due this company for1 the Long and celebrated Bigelow dispatch Aud in consequence of a dispute Between the russians and the United states Secretary a who is to pay for the russians treaty dispatches a the company Havre ask functionaries with Jit payment in advanced a a the Rule for All publicans and sinners ,
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