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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 22, 1867, Galveston, Texas A v -1 ill it a \i/7.�f a pm is it diva or .1av a it. I a 3� j a a a a a a Rii a it Xay away by in o a o so yol. Galveston Maiuri a morning jote v22, 1867� a no. 21.,. Telegraphic. \ Antoci Arteil in can , new Orleans Aniio 18.�?sales of Cotton 2500 Bales. Prices firm Low middling 24 pc. Receipts for three Days 1311 Bales against 1350. Exports during to same time 2120 Bales. Choice Louisiana sugar 14.1c. Choice Porto Rico Laic. Retailing Cuba no. 12,114c. Cuba Molasso hhds., 47a@50c. Floar is too unsettled for acc unto quotations. Bales have been made of doable extra it $1125 treble extra $14 00. Corn Dull mixed and yellow 85�95c Choicie Albite is 00@1 05. Oats Dull at 70@75c. Pork Dull Aud lower asking $23 50. Bacon 10.jc> Clear ,13c. Gold 1374. Sterling 48@524. New Yorkjr a. New York Juno 18.�?Money unchanged and easy at 5@g per cent on cull with exceptions 7 per cent. Gold closed firm at 137o a 137u. Sterling Dull at 10�10i for prime bunkers. Government securities and stocks quiet but firm with Little change in quotations. I a a. Chicago june 18.�? Gumbars fifty four and fifty six occupied As a Saloon and boarding House was Burnt to Day. Three bodies live been recovered and eight More Are supposed to to in Tho ruins. Washington Juno 18.�?the Cabinet was in session yesterday and to Day on the subject of the conduct of the commanding generals of the Southern districts and will continue their deliberations to Morrow. The purpose is to Frame such instructions As will clearly define the Powers of these commanders under the reconstruction acts and insure obedience to Tern and at the same time facilitate Regis Tion under uniform rules. New Yoke june 19.�?gold 138s. Cotton quiet. Middling Uplands 27c. Freights Dull. Washington Juno 19.�?isaac Newton Tho commissioner of agriculture is sick. Cabinet in session to Day making three Days. New York Juno 19.�?Tho express has private but thoroughly authentic advices that Jar Czi forces were severely repulsed at Tampico. Tho garrisons Battle cry was Viva a Santa Anna Viva Republic _ 3vabinstttp june 19.�?the department of state has information that Tho court martial in the Caso of Maximilian him been suspended for to present. Charleston s. C., Juno 19.�?a Duel was fought this afternoon at hatches Avenue a Short distance above the City Between Edward Roe formerly of Columbia and Olieo. Boog of Charleston. Roe was wounded supposed mortally at the first fire. Boog surrendered himself promptly to Tho civil authorities. Arrived , from new York. Sailed sea Gull for Juno 19.�?Tho superintendent of to Union Pacific Railroad says Tho work must to abandoned unless there is More Protection from Tho indians. Washington june 19.�?revenue receipts to Day $540,000. Boston Juno 19.�?the Cuba sailed with $100,000 in specie a new Yonn Juno 19.�?Tho Queen from Liverpool has arrived. Washington june 19.�?judge Fisher defiled that the prosecution had not furnished a list of witnesses to Tho defense and against Tho right of plaintiff to hold the witness for Cross examination at a any time during Tho trial. Facts were developed during the argument that Tho prosecution has seventy witnesses. A c. Ii. 151ineyr watchman of the Central depot testified that two men Ono of whom left , marked Sun att Aud slept on Tho benches on Tho 17th of april. Carroll a Lobart conductor on Tho Vermont Central Railroad carried some men whom looked like Tho prisoner towards Quot Canada. Tho counsel agreed to admit the Railroad timetable As evidence. Jolius of. Triplett heard a conversation Between mrs. Currutt and prisoner a heard mrs. Surratt Bay she would give any one a thousand dollars to kill Tho president thought to heard Tho prisoner when t nere was an unusual Victory Curso Tho Union army la to defence objected but the prose Putin wanted to show malice and Tho evidence admitted further evidence intended to confirm the of Surratte a presence Here on the night of the of assassination. Adjourned. The Cabinet session lasted from 10 of clock till 2-30 when the president Stanton and Stu Berry had a prolonged inter View. New York Juio 19.�?Cotton unchanged sales 2100 Bales. Gold 138j. New Orleans june 19.�?sales of Cotton. 1100 Bales Sti Gierut 214. Receipts 912 Bales. Exports 8g4 Bales. Sugar Louisiana second 11c. Prime 13@14c., Cuba not a 10 Aud 12, 1140h4 Cuba molasses 47�50. Flour is a Little steadier but too irregular for accurate notations. Corn Dull yellow and mixed 80@85e. Oats drooping with sales at 75c. Pork Dull nominally 23 00@23 25. Lard Tierce 12@12�e. Kegs 13�. Bacon shoulders retailing 104. Ribbed Llo. Clear 12c. Gold 137�@138. Sterling 484@52j. New York sight 4@g Premium. Columbus ga., i no 19.�?it. B. Hays to nominated for the first ballot of Tho Republican convention. Washington Juno 19. Tear Admiral Stophen Roan has been assigned to Tho command of Tho Asiatic Squadron. A new Yoke june 19.�?Money easy. Gold closed quiet at 138j@1384. New York Juno 19.�?Tho revolution in Venezuela has been quelled. A great rain in Jamaica threatened Tho sugar crop which would be Light but an abundant Coffee crop was exp cited. Isaac Newton commissioner of agriculture is dead. Charleston june 19.�?thonomuaentsjupon general a dickies course contnined7in the a attorney Gene rut s opinion published hero this morning created a profound sensation. General Sickles Lias to Day forwarded a request to Washington to to relieved from duty is commander of this military District and demanded a court of inquiry 011 his official notion. Washington Juno 19.�?general Pope telegraphs general Grant that it is untrue that negroes have Boon appointed to Tho municipal government of Mobile but that Tho offices Aro filled from the Best people of Tho City. To f Lutes that general Sway no a on his Way to Washington. Nothing yet authentic has transpired re Yarding the Cabinet executive order is not yet completed. Washington Juno 20.�?advunco Conics of the attorney general a opinion were font added to certain newspapers by himself the matter being in his exclusive control and conducted by him Independent of the press agents. 0 new York june 20�?noon.�?stocks heavy. Gold 1373. Cotton quiet. Middling Uplands 27c. A freights quiet. New Yore june 20�?noon.�?the Herald Hab a special from heart s Content that the broken Cable has been spliced and communication reestablished. Philadelphia june 20.�?the varieties theatre lately burned. The audience was fortunately Small and escaped with some bruises in crowding out subsequently tto falling Walls certainly killed Sis ind probably More Aro burned in the ruins. Fatty Stewart one v of the proprietors is missing. New Orleans june 20.�? Cotton Dull and lower. Middling 24a. Sales 850 Bales. Receipts Bales. Exports 3182. Louisiana sugar scarce and in request prime to Choice retailing at la of ,15 Cuba sugar and molasses Dull and nominal. Flour Dull and unsettled superfine s10 50 double extra $11 25 and nominal. Corn Dull a Tidlow and mixed 80 @85 White 90@92a. Pitts Dull at 70c., at close. Bacon shoulders Scarth at 95@�oo�c. Ribbed 11 go. Clear 13c. Lardell ili pierces 12ac,keg3, 133c. Pork Dull and unchanged. Gold 1372. Sterling 484@524. New York sight Premium. A Quot Washington Juno 20.�? Tho president leaves northward in the morning. Prominent citizens of new Orleans have telegraphed to the president urging or. King of the times for the mexican Mission. General Longstreet has been pardoned. The russian treaty has been officially promulgated. New Yobe Jane 20.�?flour Dull declined 25@30c. Wheat declined 3@5c. Corn Dull declined 2c. Cotton easier sales 1000 Bales at 2gi $,27c. Philadelphia june 20.�?13 dead and 30 wounded from the lire last night. Washington Jane 20.�?tbo following is the result of the Cabinet meeting. In Cabinet Juno 18, 1867 present the president secretaries of state War Treasury Navy postmaster general attorney general acting Secretary of the Interior. The president announced that he had under consideration two opinions from Tho attorney general As to the Lega questions arising out of Tho acts of Congressi commonly known of Tho reconstruction acts and that in View of the great magnitude of Tho subject and the various interests involved to deemed it proper to have them considered fully in the Cabinet. And Avail himself of All the Light to coaids get by and advice of the members of the Cabinet to enable him faithfully to Oxe cute the Laws and decide what orders and instructions were necessary and expedient to be Given to the military commanders. The president said farther that the Branch of the subject that seemed to him first in order was the instructions to the military commanders for their guidance Aud for the guidance of those persons offering for registration. The construction proposed by Tho attorney general us set Fortis in Tho summary contained in his last opinion will be now considered. The summary was read at length. When the Reading of the summary had been concluded each Section was considered and voted on As follows firs a tue oath prescribed by the supplemental act defines All the qualifications required,4�nd every person who can take that oath is entitled to have his name Cut r a on the list of voters. A voted Udo except the Secretary of War who voted nay. A. Second the Hoard or registration has no authority to administer any other oath to any person applying for registration than this one nor administer any oath to any other person touching the qualifications of the applicant of the falsity of the oath so taken by him. A no provision is made to Challenge the qualifications of the applicant or entering on an investigation of his qualifications. A voted Aye except the Secretary of War. Third As to citizenship and Hesidence. An applicant for registration must be a Cit. Izen of the state and of the United states and must be a resident of a county or Parish 1 included in the election District. To May be registered if he has been such n citizen for a period less than twelve months at the Timo he applies for registration but Cali not vote at any election unless his citizenship has then extended to Tho full term of one year us to such person the exact length of his citizenship should be noted opposite his Nameon the list so that it May appear of the Day of election. Concurred in unanimously. Fourth an Pekson cannot take this oath but an alien who has been naturalized can take it. And no other proof of naturalization can to required from him. All voted yeas except the Secretary of War. Fifth no one who is hot 21 be Aesop age at the time of registration can take Tho oat for he must swear that he has then attained thut age. Concurred in unanimously. Sudlik no one who has been disfranchised fou participation in any hej5eijjon against the United states or for felony committed against the Stato Laws of any Stato or of the United states can Tako this oath. Actual participation in rebellion or actual commission of felony does not amount to disfranchisement. The. Sort of disfranchisement Here meant is that which is declared by Law passed by competent authority or which has been filed upon Tho criminal by sentence of Tho court which tried him for crime. No Law of Tho United states has declared penalty of disfranchisement for participation in the rebellion Alono nor is it known that any such Law exists in either of these ten states except perhaps Virginia to which Stato special instructions will to Given. All vote Ayo except Tho Secretary of War who dissents As to Tjie second und third paragraphs. Seventh a having held office. Followed by participation a Tho rebellion. This is the most important part of Tho oath and requires strict attention to arrive at Ita meaning hero follows Tho oath two Eie innate must concur in order to disqualify a time it Ossa. -1st, Attica and Sivial oath to support the Constitution of the United states. 2d. Engaging afterwards in rebellion. Both must exist to work disqualification and must happen in the order of time mentioned Tho person holding office and having taken an oath to support the fed a eral Constitution Ond not afterwards engaged in rebellion is not disqualified so a person who engaged in the rebellion but not heretofore held office and taken that oath snot disqualified. All vote Aye except Tho Secretary of was. Eighth officers of the United states. As to these the language is without limitations As to any person who at any time prior to the rebellion held any office civil or military under the United states and has taken the official oath to support the Constitution a a a of the United states is subject to the disqualification. All voted Aye. I nth Mii i laity Orric its of any state prior to the. Rebellion Are not subject to disqualification. All voted Aye except the Secretary of War. Tenth municipal officers that is to say officers of incorporated cities towns and villages such As mayor aldermen town Council police and other City and. Town officers Are not subject to disqualification. All vote Aye. Eleventh persons who prior to the rebellion have been Mem Beju of the Congress of a the United states or of Stute legislature Ore subject to disqualification. But those who have been members of conventions framing or amending the constr Tuti ii of a state prior to the rebellion Are not subject to . All voted Aye. A executive of judicial offices. Of ans state. Who took the oath to support the Constitution of the United states Are subject to disqualification including county of cers. They Are subject if they were required Uptake As part of their official oath the oath to support the Constitution of the United states All voted Aye. Thirteen Tkv pets Obs who exec cited Siebe employment a dec state authority Are not disqualified such As commissioners to Lay out roads commissioners of Public works visitors of state institutions directors of state institutions examiners of Banks notaries Public commissioner of deeds. All voted Aye but Tho Secretary of state. The Secretary of the Treasury and the Secre. Try of War express an opinion that lawyers Ore such officers As Are disqualified if they participated in the rebellion. Two things must exist of to any person to disqualify him from voting first office held prior to Tho rebellion and afterwards participation in the rebellion. Fourteenth an act to fix upon a person the offence of engaging in under this Law must be an overt act voluntary and done with intent of aiding a common Quot purpose a person forced into the rebel service cannot be disqualified. All voted Aye except the Secretary of War. Fifteenth Meek acts of Chatt where intended to relieve the wants of the object of such Charity and not done in Aid of the cause do not disqualify but voluntary contributions to the rebel cause even such indirect contributions As arise from voluntary loan of Money to the rebel authorities or the Purchase of bends All Mark disqualification. All voted Aye. Sixteenth All those who in legislative or other official capacity engaged in rebellion Ore disqualified but officers who during the rebellion discharged official duties not incident to the War such As governor of a a a to the Are not disqualified. Sentiments or sympathies would not disqualify bit where a person by speech or writing incited others to engage in rebellion he must be disqualified. A vote Aye except the Secretary of w Are who dissents to second paragraph with the exception of words a where a person has by speech or by writing incited others to engage in rebellion he must be the duties of the Board appointed to superintend the elections. This Board having a list of voters for which it is constituted must eee that the name of the person offering his vote is found on the registration list and if such proves to be de Facto it is the duty of the Board to receive the vote if then qualified by residence. They can not receive the vote of any one whose name is not on the list. The Board can enter on no enquiry As to the qualifications of any person who offers to vote. All voted Aye. Eighteenth the Mode of voting provided in act to to by ballot the Board to keep a record and poll Book of election showing the voting lint voters and Persona elected and make returns to the commanding general of the District. F All voted Aye. Nineteenth the Board appointed ror. Registration and superintending the election must take the oath prescribed by the act of july 2, 1862. All voted Aye. In the Cabinet june 20, 18g7, Cabinet officers As on the 18th, except acting Secretary of the Interior. The president said that after full do Libra Tiou he concurred with Tho majority on those sections of Tho summary upon which the Secretary of War expressed his dissents and that he concurred with the Cabinet Only on these sections approved by unanimous vote that As it appeared that the military commanders Euter tailed doubts of these Points covered by the summary and As their action hitherto had not been uniform he deemed it proper without further delay to communicate in a general order to Tho respective commanders on Points set Forth in the the july fico Jica. Special to Tho n. O. Republican. It is now ascertained that Congress will surely Janeet in july in Case Tho opinion of or. Staubert is adopted and carried out by the administration. 1 Hon. W. B. Fessenden of Maino now in Europe has Boen heard from. In Cash a meeting of Quot Chi Gresa is determined consequence of the attorney general a opinion he will immediately return and Tako his seat in the Senate. is a in is a mews London june 19.�?consols 944 Bonds 73. London june 19, 2 p. have declined ii. Live poo june 19, firm a Uplands Lugri. Orleans Llyd. Com 37s. 9d., and others unchanged. Liverpool june 19, 2 p. , bread stuffs and produce unchanged. Beef has advanced 2s. . Pork declined it. 74s. Queenstown june 19.�?Tho City of London touched Here London june 19�?noon.�?a Public breakfast has been tendered we. Lloyd Garrison by a committee of which lord Monk and the Duke of Argyle Are members John Bright will preside. A. A in vice chancellors court on the demurrer in the Case of United states is. Wagner decision in favor of plaintiff. Dublin june 19.�?the funeral of the victims of the late riot was attended by five thousand persons All wearing Green emblems. Liverpool june 19 Cotton closed easier in tone but prices in chopped middling Uplands had. Orleans 11 cd. Sales 8000 Bales. London june 13�?evening.�?consols 91i Bonds 73. London Jane 20, noon a Consols 94$. Bonds 73. Liverpool june 20, tending Down Uplands la jed. Orleans 11j. Sales 8000 Bales., constantinople june 18.�?a collective note from the French russian prussian and italian governments was presented to the Porte of saturday last urging the suspension of hostilities in the Island of Candia recommending that inquiry be made into the grievances of cretans to be conducted by a joint commission appointed by the great Powers and the Sublime Porte. Liverpool Jane 20�?evening.�?Cotton Dull at Llyd. Orleans la jed. Live Pool Jane 20�?2 p. declined 5. Uplands 114. S to 33 o a a. Ujj s. How Tori for Letb. A new Yolk Jane 21.�?gold opened at 137. New Yolk june 21, 11 30 a. 1373. Cotton Market doll and prices nominal Uplands 2gi Orleans 274. Exchange steady. Newyork jape2112 30p. 1373. Cotton doll and unchanged Low middling 2-14 tee Catale. London Jane 21�?1 30 p. 94j. 5-20�?Ts, 73. Cotton quotations nominally unchanged. London june 21-11 a. 94 5-20a 73. A live Pool june 21�?11 a. Market quiet but steady. Sales 10,000 Bales. Middling Uplands 114d Orleans Llyd. Liverpool june 21�?, sales for the week were 65,000 Bales Eales to speculators and for Export 18,000 Baleo. Stock on hand 82�?T4,000 Bales of which 439,000 Bales Are american. Increase of Bullion in the Bank of England �500,000. The attempted assassination in Paris. From the Chicago new a Yolk june 8.�?the heralds Paris special says a a the Moni eur in its official account of the attempted assassination of the Czar says the Ball struck the head of the Horise. Which carried one of the Imperial grooms Riding it the door of the Royal Carriage. The people in the crowd arrested the Assassin and the police interfered to save his life which was threatened by the enraged populace. The Man says his name is Berezouski and that he is a native of nol Hynia. Be Droit says the Assassin is a polish Mechanic and that he purchased a double barrelled pistol Here june 5. The Gazette Des Tribu Aux says the Groom. In waiting who was Riding Quot by the door of the Imperial Carriage observing the menacing movement of the Man in the crowd caused his horse to bound Forward so of to place him directly Between the Assassin and the Sove reigns Tho Ball passed through the space formed Between Napoleon and one of the grand Dukes son of the Czar wounding a lady standing opposite. To see .the.car.tega.puss. The blood from the head of the grooms horse spirited of the uniforms of the Imperial party. The Man attempted to fire a second shot but this discharge burst the second barrel. The Assassin said he came from Belgium two Days since with the intention of killing the Czar. The Paris sle clo says the Man states that he had no accomplices. A a la France says addresses of congratulation to Napoleon on his escape have been extensively signed in Tho several towns and it is believed will become general. The americans there will be on to Morrow present through general Dix an address to the Czar. A service was held in the russian Church in Paris to Day. The Czar the grand Duchess and the sons of the Czar attended and offered thanksgiving for their escape. After the service the sons embraced the father with much emotion. Both the emperor also embraced. Some of the czars Doit advised Hia return at once to Russia but he would not a a the Assassin was examined to Day. He a an instrument maker. He was asked a How could you fire at. A Sovereign the guest of France who nourished you a he replied with tears r a True i committed a great crime to1 Ward but you ran Tho risk of killing Napoleon a to this the prisoner answered a no Bullet could riot go astray it must go straight when aimed at the Czar. I wished to relieve the world of the Czar and the Czar of Tho remorse which must weigh upon him 1 a it Tho prisoner showed a sorrow. Fui Tho Cri Iuo he had attempted to commit and Only expressed regret at his failure. A Napoleon has conferred Tho Cross of the a legion of Honor on Tho Groom. Tho horse of the latter a patriotic ladies of la Dies of Copenhagen have formed a committee to collect diamonds und Jowels from All those who Aro willing to Mako a tia Critico of them in order to assist the Danes who have left Schleswig in of Tho conduct of the prussian authorities. Nearly 1500 Hundred Heads of families have been compelled to leave for refusing to take the oath to Tho King of Prussia. The japanese say a a the Tongue of woman is her sword and she never lets it grow Rusty for want of anecdote of Washington. The Chicago times of the 12th inst. Says the following a unpublished anecdote a is contained in sex pref Lieut Van Burens recently published volume in political a parties in the United state Oldenburg n. Y., april 30, 1857. Hon. M. Van Buron dear or during the session of the presbyterian general Assembly in Cincinnati in May 1852, i dined twice Ati the hospitable mansion of Hon. Jacob Burnet now deceased. He was born in Newark new Jersey in 1770, and was the son of or. We. Burnet who was in the medical service of his country through the revolution. Judge Burnet was acquainted with our Early distinguished statesmen and in the recollection of their manners and characters. He related an anecdote of Washington which he had from the lips of Alexander Hamilton. A when Tho convention to form a Constitution was sitting in Philadelphia in 1787, of which general Washington was president he had fitted evenings to receive the Calls of Hig friends. At an interview Between Hamilton the Morrisey and others the former remarked that Washington was reserved and aristocratic even to1 his intimate friends and allowed no one to be familiar Vith him. Governor Morris said that was Mere fancy and to could be As familiar with Washington As with any of his other friends. Hamilton replied if you will at his next reception evening gently slap him on the shoulder and say a my dear general How Happy i am to see you look so Well a a supper and wine shall be prepared for you and a dozen of your a Quot the Challenge was accepted. On the evening appointed a Large number attended and at an Early hour governor Morris entered bowed Shook hands Laid his left hand on Washington a shoulder and said a a a my dear Genearl i am very Happy to. See you looking so well.�?T. A a Washington withdrew his hand stepped suddenly Back and fixed Bis eyes on Morris for several minutes with an angry frown until the latter retreated abashed and sought Refuge in the crowd. The company looked on in silence. A a at the supper a hich wag provided by Quot Hamilton Morris said / a a i have won the bet out paid dearly for it and nothing could induce me to repeat yours truly John the Hoosac North Adame mass transcript says that the funnel commissioners with the consent of the governor and Council have concluded a contract with messes. Dull and Gowan of Chicago fora two years Job upon a the Tunnel. The messes. Dull and Gowan Are the eminent builders of a the Lake Tunnel at Chicago. The contract provides for the excavation of six thousand four Hundred feet of Tunnel at the East end it or nearly a mile of Complete Tunnel also the it sinking of the Central Shaft to Grade which will be about five Hundred and forty feet of . To Joejr contract to do this in tw6 5cars, and to excavate the Shaft not less than thirty feet por month. The contract will exceed a million of dollars in amount. The terms of Tho contract Are agreed upon and All that remains to be done is the execution and delivery of a Bond by the contractors with sufficient sureties for Tho satisfaction of the commissioners. There a is no reasonable doubt that an adequate Bond will be furnished. Recent discoveries have been made concerning the obstacles a and difficulties at the West end which Promise immediate Relief and rapid Progress. It is believed that the problem of the. Water and the demoralized Rock which have a hitherto baffled All attempts at remedy is at last solved. Jays tenuous and horrible crime in new York pm blood on the Bridge across Mill Creek was discovered by a son of or. Eddy on sunday morning. Search being made the clothes of a female. Chemi Satte trimmed with lace amp a were found saturated with blood under the Bridge and Marks of a severe struggle about the Bridge two tracks a a As if two bodies had been drawn Over the ii id Flat to the causeway and the distinct Mark of two bodies on the Side of and Over the cause Way indicating that a male and female Hud been attacked of the Bridge a Tho shot heard by or. Young was probably in defence of Tho female who her defender being murdered was probably ravished after much resistance the bodies drawn Down to the River placed in a boat and sunk in the Harlem River. The police authorities Are at work and it is hoped the ruffians will to secured and a nun ished.�?2f. Wom. In Arkansas Texas and elsewhere military orders have lately forbidden the collection on Confederate. Taxes. That is All right Pratti. Cally but poetical Justice might better be Dono by allowing the tax gatherer to up about but not to take anything but Confederate Money in payment of his when deserting was pretty brisk from Tho rebel lines around Petersburg our soldiers with characteristic Lionor had a Way of asking fresh deserters when they were paid off last. On getting the reply they would soberly count out to them their Back pay in Confederate currency provided for the purpose. A Good Deutl of co federate a Money Quot is religiously. Preserved in England a Good Deal is hoarded up for curiosity and a Good Deal has been used for wrapping paper for covering boxes papering barns and so Forth. 4 still enough could to collected to satisfy the nost avaricious Confederate assessor. When weit Zola a troops entered Richmond Confederate promises to pay were flying All around the streets in the wind and could to picked up by the handful and they Are not to lie despised after ally they Are Worth something in these days�?avoirdupois.�?2?. Times. A governor Wells without an Organ in new is a rather curious fact that Tho Only paper which published governor Wells response to general Sheridan on the 5th mst., was the new Orleans Picayune and it appeared there As an advertisement in Small Type headed a a card a and marked a Mono time inside no editorial comment. The Republican anti Sheridan publishes it on the ctr without comment. The Bee conservative does the sumo. The bulletin con a creative done to seem to have known anything Quot about Tribune coloured Radical is equally dark. The times is the Only nov Orleans paper of the ctr at Lind that mentions the brochure editorially at n. ,
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