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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 20, 1868, Galveston, Texas Ltd or mod by himself afterwards after Bioh he. Went to his House about one mile from town where he met the sheriff and his party who informed him that a crowd of men had taken the prisoner Hurst Faborn them just after sheriff Hammock left. On the next morning to was found hanging to a tree about thirty Vears from where to was delivered to Tho sheriff of Johnson co. Sheriff Hammock could not produce a receipt from Tho sheriff of Johnson co., but said to had one Given to him the Day after Hurst qua i aug but could a a the information that i could get of Vav. Ii. Loo was that to was Scon about ton Miloa a oath of Gatesville of the Day Bosforo dial was arrested and on the next Day his horse Saddle and bridle with Leo a coat hat and pistol Holster were found near the Samo place in the Leon River. He was next seen about eight Miles North or Gatesville in his shirt and drawers with his revolver in his hand. His being Soen about town is Only a Rumor. Sheriff Hammock had Possession of dials and Leos horses amp a. I went to his House for Tho purpose of recovering the property for mrs. Dial when the sheriff said he had sold Leeds horse for $15 currency by order of judge Allen and that dials horse Hud a been put out to pasture and had strayed off. To pro used two saddles bridles &o., one of which mrs. Dial recognized As her husbands the other she said was not her Brothers. She the cognized her brother a coat and blankets but his hat shoes and pantaloons were not to be found. Now from what i could learn from freed nieu and others in the neighbourhood it is my opinion that Lee was shot while on horseback and that his hat pantaloons shoes and Saddle Weijo marked with bullets and blood. Also heard a Young boy say that hammocks it on had gone to Kansas with one of the horses. Judge Allen and sheriff Hammock Wero a both very much alarmed it the questions i linked them and tried every Way to Clear themselves. It is my opinion that to judge is a dupe and that Hammock whom i have known Over a year and always considered a murderous villain was a willing assistant in All Tho murders in Coryell county. To is a notorious rebel and lion to me several times while giving his statement. A copy of the proceedings of a jury of in. Quest Ilfeld Over dial s remains is appended marked nothing off Loial could de had in the Case of Ivey and Hurst. After leaving Gatesville i resumed to Bell county and took to statement of Emily Fullbright coloured servant living at c. F. Kains. Sho flays that a number of men met at or. Kains House on the night that Ellington and Tho Schoonover were killed that after or. Kain had sent her to a Neighbours for a gun he went off with the crowd and did not return until Early next morning. A mrs. J. H dial s statement was taken at Belton on the 2gth of May. She says she was living in Moffi town at the Timo the recent murder were committed that Tho mob came to her House and searched for her husband who was absent at the time. Failing to find or. Dial they stole a Hobo from him that ves picketed in front of the House. She with her husband then left the county for i titty she left him in Hill co and returned t j Bell co., herself for their properly after which time she never saw her husband. While a was searching for him she found the body of a Man in the lower part of Bosque co., but is not her husband. Besides Tho Man Ocon by mrs. Dial i Wasi in i armed two others had been killed at the came time near Tho same place. I also Learned that or. We. Jackson was Hung and shot through Tho head in Bell co., at a place called Stampede about 12 Miles North of Belton. David Sessums was Ichabod from to lower smrt of Bell co., to Coryell co., where he was killed and thrown Over a precipice near James Mills on Tho Leon River. The families of both these men Havo fled from that part of the state and no particulars coaids be had. It was also reported to me that a Man named Bullard had been killed but the family having loft i could get nothing definite. A of Tho men killed by the mob Are charged with being horse thieves but i could not find a Man who could say a word against them or charge them with any unlawful acts. Joh Bazzel said to be the Leader of the mob was very loud in his denunciations of the murdered men and Tho Only thing he could say against them Vas that they had killed his dog which i afterwards ascertained was pursuing the parties when killed while on the other hand Jackson who was killed at Shackelford s House was leading the horse stolen from or. Dial a few Days before this horse was afterwards branded in Jackson s Brand and while in Bell county i found John Bazzell Riding him and wearing Jackson s revolver. I also saw a revolver in the of Ono of the Bazzell a sons answering Tho de. Ice option of w. Ii. Leeds revolver As Given to me by his sister it had the initials w. Al l. Cat on the handle. Bazzel accounted for this saying he purchased it of a Man having those initials. Another singular circumstance is Tho Man her in which sheriff Hammock disposed of the property of Lee find dial without ony Legal authority and being unable to fully account for the same from All that i could learn it is very evident that the rebels in Boll county have determined to kill or drive every Loyal Union Man from the county. This they Are doing every Day and after they get rid of Tho men they Moizo All their Stock or whatever they can Lay their bands on so that instead of killing horse thieves they prove to be thieves and murderers themselves. There appears to to a regularly organized band in Bell county for Tho oppression and extermination of the Union element. By re it bring to Tho statement of judge Allen it will to observed that these words Aro erased Viz a John Barr Tho Revenue collector informs to that Tho friends of Jackson said that it would take six of these horse thieves to pay for the judge is positive that thin was said but would not swear to it or allow it to to known that to or Barr had mentioned Tho subject for fear of being mobbed by i he party and thus it was with eve body with whom i conversed they Aro in such a a dread of to big mob that it was with the great a Quot to difficulty that i could got any facts whatever. A worn statements of witnesses enclosed marked b. Iam sir very respectfully 1 your of t serv to signed d. F. Stiles i Lent. Sgt i infantry v. S. A. Gatesville May a 18g8. Wei Tho jury whose names appear below it to hereby agree und Roath that Tho dead body which now lies before us which body is supposed to to Tho body of j. In dial did come t it his death by violence being broken out of jail at Gatesville on the night of the 5th of May a. D. 18g8, and hanged by persons which a a a sous Aro unknown to Tho judge to certify which we Hereunto sign our names on this the Day and month above written. A. A Garnett i. P. Stanifer. John g. Timpkins j. T. Grant. Hillery Logan. I hereby certify that the above is a True copy of the original. Signed Luther m. Allen clerk c. C. C. C. A few moments ago news arrived of the murder of two negroes a few Neil fib from Bastrop. Your correspondent passed Over the same Road Only an hour or two before the murder. These men followed on their horses. They were bound for the grand Council of the league which assembles Here on monday. A Many of the delegates were obliged to come to the convention under escort of their Loyal friends. Among these was Cape. Quot we. Oaks of Falls county. Capt. Oaks who had been a Union officer received before starting several threatening letters. Two Brothers Union men named Howard volunteered to accompany him. They did so returned and on the. 7th, while blowing their Cornfields they were shot dead. My own impression is that a number of the delegates will not dare to go Home unless something is done by the military for their Protection. The committee on lawlessness and crime have a clerk assigned them who is empowered to administer oaths. There is now some probability that to shall got at Tho facts of this matter in a different form Aud shape. Tho major general has issued the following order District of Texas v Aust id Texas june 11, 18g8. J Geue Rul orders no. 13. Reliable information received at this Headquarters shows that in Many counties in Texas organized bands of Lawless men Are committing murders and otherwise violating the Laws and disturbing the peace of the country. It is therefore ordered that All civil officers use increased dil gence to arrest parties so offending. For this purpose military Aid will be rendered on application to any Post commander in this state. Information with regard to offenders is requested from All citizens. Such information May be sent direct to this Headquarters or to the most convenient military Post. When civil officers fail to discharge their duty evidence to that effect is requested to the end that proper Steps May be taken in the premises. Where prisoners cannot be safely kept by the civil authorities they May be taken to the most convenient military Post Tho commander whereof will receive the same and hold them subject to orders from this Headquarters. Full report and list of witnesses will be promptly forwarded in each Case in accordance with general orders no. 41, from this Headquarters of november 22d, 1867. By command of Brevet major general j. J. Reynolds c. E. Mouse lstljieut2glh inf., a. D. C. And a. A. A. G. This he proposes to follow up with such additional measures As will Render the preservation of the peace certain. He has had prepared lists of reliable citizens Loyal and faithful these for each county will to placed in the hands of Tho military who will not Only afford them Protection but will Call on them for Aid information and assistance. Prisoners once arrested will be tried by military commission if the general commanding the fifth a military District will Grant order if he does not perhaps somebody else will. At last there is a Prospect of something being done for the Protection of the citizens of the state for which every Lover of peace will thank. His god. Leob. Austin june 15, 186s.among the things done on saturday was the sending of a committee to Huntsville to investigate the affairs of the Penitentiary. I Havo not time to Lay before the Public the in i formation that has been placed in my hands relative to Tho management of this institution i i shall however to so very soon. J the following highly important Railroad measure was introduced a it also merits sex i lauded notice and careful attention i a whereas there a pending before Congress a Bill to Aid in the construction of the inter i National Pacific Hail Road from Cairo in Illi i Nois to Tebei Rio Grande River to authorize the i consolidation of certain Railroad companies i and to provide homesteads for the labourers on i said roads which Bill contemplates Aid by the i United states in the rapid construction of a i continuous line of Railroad and Telegraph from j Cairo in Illinois through the South Eastern i portion of Missouri and Central districts of i Arkansas Texas and Mexico to san Bias on i the Pacific Ocean and which Enterprise in i the opinion of this convention ought to be i encouraged i be it therefore ordained by this convention i that the Brazos Branch Railroad company and i the Henderson Marshall and Jefferson rail i Road company Aro hereby consolidated into one company to be known As a corporation i with perpetual succession to to styled the i internal Pacific Railroad company which i shall have All the Powers and franchises Grant i de by the Laws creating said Fust named rail i Road companies and also the exclusive right i to construct and Quot operate a Telegraph line i along said Railroad. I 2nd. Said International Railroad company i shall have the Power to build equip and main i Tain a Railroad with a single or double track commencing at a Point on Tho Eastern Boan i Dary of the state of Texas connecting with i Tho International Pao fio Railroad from Cairo i thence running a South Westerly direction i across the state of Texas to a suitable Point i on the Rio Grande River below Eagle pass in i the direction of san Bias on the Pacific i Ocean and also the exclusive right to can i struck and operator a Telegraph line along said Railroad. 3rd. Said International Pacific Railroad shall to entitled to All the donations of land contemplated by Tho Laws of Texas granting lands to Aid in Tho construction of railroads Aud to All such Aid As shall be granted to other great Railroad enterprises in Texas and shall to authorized to vary Tho gauge so As to Cerl of Pond to i he guano from Cairn to Tho Texas line without impairing any right under the Texas Laws. And said company shall Havo Tho exclusive right for three years from Tho time of locating their line to locate Tho lands granted by Tho stat and they shall hold and have to right to dispose of such lands under the Laws now in Force granting lands to Aid in Tho construction of railroads. This morning a Long debate occurred of Tho following which was introduced on saturday by Lippard and sent to the committee on grime who reported in favor of its adoption whereas lawlessness and Crimo exist to such an alarming extent in portions of this state it is deemed proper to do All in the Power of this convention to protect life and property and for Tho suppression of crime. It solved that this convention tender to Brovot major Geu Oral j. J. Reynolds a sufficient number of Loyal men in each county of this state As in his opinion Inay be necessary to Aid and assist Tho said commander in Tho suppression of crime and Tho Protection of life and property and the enforcement of the Laws and the com n Anding general take such Steps As in his opinion May be necessary for the organization of any men so called to his Aid into companies or squads. Judge Hamilton took the floor endorsing every statement made saying that it was difficult to make on friends in Congress comprehend the enormity of Tho crime perpetrated in the state. He had done his Best in that behalf but had Heen accused of telling Munchausen stories whereas he had not told a fourth of the truth. He called attention to the Law of Congress which forbids the organization of militia in the rebellious states. He offered a substitute already telegraphed to you which was adopted. Evans of Mclen Nan supported the Resolution in a very forcible speech. On taking the floor this morning to discuss the stay Law or. Flanigan said he was admonished by flakes bulletin a one of the most influential journals of the state that the convention was making slow Progress that he Felt the rebuke and took it to him Sefi. Bat the rebuke did not prevent him from going off in an almost interminable speech on the stay Law. Mr., Flanigan confessed that it was the duty of the convention to a shut up a but knowing the right he chose to do wrong and make a speech Mccormick from the committee of contingent expenses estimated the Cost of a three months session at $125,000. He estimates the printing Bill at 518,000. This will pay for the newspapers but will not pay for the printing necessary and unnecessary a let it be said however that the convention has ordered very Little Job printing. In the last three Days Quot about Twenty a papers have been presented which Ordinary legislative bodies would have ordered printed not one of which has been put in Type. I have noticed that the convention does not afford their committees sufficient clerks to prepare their papers As a consequence legislation a delayed for the members have not time to prepare documents. It is poor Economy to delay the session by Economy in clerk hire. Anti a Onilio came up this morning by the following declaration offered by or. Burnett of Houston county be it hereby declared by the delegates of the people of Texas in convention assembled that the ordinance of secession passed by a pretended convention of the people of the state oif Telas which assembled in the City of Austin on the first Day of february 1861, entitled a Baa ordinance Quot to dissolve the Union Between the state of Texas Aud the other states United under the compact styled a the Constitution of the United states of America a a and All pretended Laws or ordinances or acts whatever enacted in the state of Texas in Aid of the late rebellion or which Are repugnant to the Constitution of the United states Are and were null and void from the beginning. Be it farther declared that the payment of Auy debts incurred by any pretended authority of the state of Texas or any citizens thereof in Aid of the late rebellion or for the support of the rebel government be and the same is hereby forever prohibited. Be it further declared that All Laws ordinances or acts whatever enacted in the state of Texas before or since the rebellion that make any discrimination against persons on a account of their race color or previous condition be and the same Are hereby repealed. These will amount to nothing. The committee will report a substitute. W. The a franchising or immigrants. Declaration offered in convention by or. Mao key of Caldwell on the a franchising of immigrants be it ordained by the people of Tho state of Texas in convention assembled that All male persons Over the age of 21 years or who May hereafter arrive at the age of 21 years of foreign birth residing in the state of Texas at the Date of the passage of this ordinance shall on taking the oath of allegiance to the government of the United states and an oath to support and defend the Constitution and Laws of the state of Texas be declared citizens of the state and As such entitled to suffrage provided they have resided in the state twelve months at the time of voting and All male persons of foreign birth who May hereafter immigrate to this state shall on taking a Aid oaths and residing in the state twelve months be entitled without further delay to the right of suffrage. Wholesale disfranchisement. On tuesday last or. Bryant introduced into the convention the following project for disfranchisement be it ordained by the people of the state or Texas in convention assembled that All officers of col. Duffs regiment of rebel troops All officers of Brig. Gen. We. Hud son s brigade Twenty first state troops All rebel officers or men in the rebellion who during or since the War Hung murdered mobbed or assaulted with intent to kill or maim any Union Man Federal officer Soldier or other government official All officers or men formerly engaged in rebellion who have been disfranchised by the reconstruction Laws of Congress or by the boards of registration appointed by major Gen. Sheridan or Brevet major general Griffin All persons who have been convicted of or charged with the murder or assault with intent to kill a Union Man White or coloured and have fled from Justice or Legal process All persons disfranchised by the Laws of other states and All persons engaged in the rebel service in or guerilla warfare in other states and have since that time immigrated to this state All persons who on the collapse of the rebellion fled the state and took Refuge in Mexico or other foreign governments All ministers of the gospel who entered the rebel army or preached rebellion from the pulpit or persecuted Union men for opinion s Sake All persons engaged in the abduction from mexican soil of Brig. General e. J. Davis and Captain William Montgomery and All persons engaged in the murder of Captain we. Montgomery be and Are hereby declared disfranchised and incapable of holding in this state any office of Honor Trust or profit under its authority or of being an officer councilman director trustee or other manager any corporation Public or private now existing or hereafter established by its authority. Looking after tuesday last or. Lippard introduced the following. Resolved that the committee appointed to investigate the financial condition of the state Penitentiary be and Are hereby Sut lionized to enquire into and ascertain the cause for which each convict was convicted and for what length of time. Rain is needed Here very much by our Farmers. Crops Are really suffering in some localities. Cotton looks Fine in this Section and promises Well but if we do not have rain soon Tho Corn drop wifi be Cut 6hort�?corsicana observer june 12.cocal intelligence. At a meeting of the Galveston bar association at Tho county court room on saturday evening last the following gentlemen were elected we. P. Ballinger esq., president. To n. Waul esq., vice president. M. C. Mole Ioro esq., treasurer. Robt. G. Street esq., Secretary. R. M. Tovis esq., Thos. M. Jack esq., f. Charles Hume esq., Thos. M. Joseph esq., Albert n. Nil is Board of directors. An annual meeting will to held on saturday at the usual hour. Mortimer was released from prison three nights Ogo upon his own recognizance by the sheriff from motives of humanity he being in feeble health. Yesterday judge Sabin discharged him from custody on a writ of Hareas Corpus Tho evidence being insufficient. Record ebb a Johnson a court presented Little of interest this morning. Jerry croon was charged with assaulting King a coloured Man. King being the aggressor was committed for fifteen Days in default of paying costs. Molly Thompkins charged with running a stove pipe through a naked roof and end an. Gering Tho premises. Fined five dollars and costs and committed for fifteen Days in de fault of payment. Boxed of Board of health composed of the principal physicians of Galveston met at the Council chamber last evening. Or. Randall presided and or. Welch acted As Secretary. Or. Kelly brought Forward series of resolutions recommending various sanitary measures for immediate adoption to Ward off disease and preserve the health of the City. They recommended the thorough cleansing of the alleys the filling no of Low places which May become the receptacles of filth not the disturbing of the surface the purifying of sinks privies &c., by the use of Salt Lime carbonic acid Wood ashes and other disinfectants by which the City could be More effectually protected than by any quarantine. By these Means if the City was not wholly freed from disease its severity would be greatly mitigated. After a full discussion the resolutions were adopted and referred to the mayor for his consideration. The meeting then adjourned. Arrival of Texas does not receive so Largo a share of immigrants is most Northern states she has occasion to be proud of the character of those who do come to make their Home with us. Yesterday Tho Bremen bark Weser capt. Behrens arrived in Bolivar roads bringing ninety six passengers All in Good health. She left Bremen on the 15th of april. They Are mostly Farmers and Are going to the Interior of Tho state to join friends and neighbors who have preceded them. They Are thrice Welcome to our state a and yet there a communicated now that we have seen difficulties growing out of negro imbroglio a and very nearly bringing whole communities into trouble and bloodshed is it not time to look about us and take warning ? at Houston the action of one White a Loyal leaguer put a old Harry into the Heads of the negroes and a general fight came very nigh being the result does it not become the duty of the mayor or the military authorities to look after the a Loyal leaguer so in Galveston ? when respectable gentlemen going Home and happening to pass the a picket 7 lines of the Loyal league place of meeting Aie followed by armed negroes to see that the citizen is out of the lines and other citizen halted on the streets by armed negroes and ordered to go Back and take another Street i think it time that some remedy was put in Force. If the mayor or military wont do it then the people insert defence must and will do it if in no other Way than by organizing themselves and being ready to defend themselves. Or. Editor i am not afraid of the negro if let alone. They Are worked un6n by White devils who when danger comes and by themselves they will be found wanting leaving the poor negro to take the consequences. There Are White men in the pity and some Are at present absent whose teaching to the negro Are the sores and carbuncles upon the body politic. The Black Man if let alone is All rights they Are not interfered with by the people of Galveston they have no ill feeling against their former owners except what is instilled into them by a carpet baggers and go. Ask the coloured Man from whom he makes his daily bread ask him if the Southern Man takes a Dollar out of his pocket or ask them for their votes and they will Tell you no then who is it that has those sentinels standing on the streets it is those carpet bag Scal wags who care nothing for the negro but to get into office and get their half dollars. Thus i say if these things Are not stopped and the White citizens Are not allowed to walk the streets unmolested As Are the coloured people we will organize and we know who to hold first responsible. These Are words of truth and sober Ness and it is Best to disband All such miserable secret arrangements As nothing Good can come out of them. To our coloured people i would say As a Good a Friend As you have in Galveston let none these a Scala wags these office seekers done to go with them but exercise your judgment in your voting bar peaceable Aud Good citizens then you will command the respect of All Good people. Old line on Northern . Grant said in our hearing not Long ago a a the rebels to win pred As it was our duty to do they fought us bravely and i for one have no spite against them. If they behave themselves i shall think Well of them. But Tho copperheads and peace men of the North the men who during the War reviled the soldiers encouraged the enemy and did their utmost to Stop supplies Ond reinforcements to our boys in for outta such men i can t forgive i will never forget them nor have anything to do with . Y. Evening Post. Twenty eight cases of clothing sent from Boston have been received a Crete for the destitute. A company of troops for Bell Foamy. The extraordinary expose of crime published by us on the 18th in the form of an official report fixing upon Bell county an unenviable share thereof May have caused the following order District of Texas Austin june 10, 1868. J special orders no. 92. A 9 a in. Company a 17th infantry is hereby relieved from further duty at the Post of Bren Ham Texas and will proceed without delay to Belton Boll county Texas and establish a temporary military Post at that place. By command of . J. J. Reynolds. C. E. Mouse 1st it. 2gth inf., a. D. C. And a. A. A. G. 1 a commuuicatod.1 Galveston june 18, 18g8. Edi or flakes bulletin. Your article in yesterdays Issue referring to the candidates for Congress in this District was Well said and i am glad to see that Gen. Byrne has objected to be classed with the others named. While the writer would prefer a conservative to represent us in Congress a still if we Are to Havo a Radical for goodness Sake let us have a gentleman. Let us run such a Man As Mccormick or Frank p. Wood of Washington county. Tho latter is now judge of the Washington county court. He is a High toned gentleman and a Man that would give credit to the District if a Radical can give credit therefore i now nominate judge Frank f. Wood As a candidate for Congress without his knowledge or consent. If he will consent to run he can be elected Over any a a carpet bag Scalar age that can to nominated. Jones. Let Tefft of the convention. State Capitol j Austin Texas jun1� 15, 1868. J editor flakes bulletin Deab Sib it is understood that you Are sending n copy of the bulletin to each member of the convention. I regret to say that Only about one half of Tho delegates get your paper. One of the clerks of the Postof lice told me yesterday that there waa ninety three copies of the bulletin received at that office daily. Bat the convention postmaster declares that not one half of that number has been delivered to him from the Post office. I notice also that some of the members Are receiving two numbers directed to them of the same Date while Many others get none. F. W. Sumner. As we intend to shown partiality a respectfully request the postmaster at Austin to do the Samo and see that each member gets the bulletin which is daily sent to him. Operations of tie Navy department. In accordance with a Resolution passed by the House of representatives on the Goth of january last Secretary Welles has communicated to that body the following facts relating to the operations of Tho Navy department since it has been under his management a on Tho 1st of april 1861, the following vessels belonged to the Navy department 10 ships of the line with 873 guns 10 frigates 500 guns 20 sloops of War 40g guns 3 brigs 1g guns 9 store and receiving vessels 7 guns a All sail in addition to these there were 7 screw frigates with 2g2 guns 18 first and second class steam sloops with 196 guns 9 third class steamers 36 guns 2 tender s and Stevens Iron Clad with 10 guns. Total 89 vessels and 2,306 guns. Since the same Date the following vessels have been built by and for the government for the Navy department 31 screw sloops of 41,391 tons and costing $14,597,445 37 also. 23 screw gun boats of 11,661 tons costing $2,243,000 47 47 paddle wheel steamers double endersof44,682 tons costing $9,523,412 11 tugs of 3,390 tons costing $1,306,680 4 ironclads the Dunderberg new Ironsides Puritan and dictator of 14,874 tons and a total Cost of $5,214,147 9 double turreted monitors of 12,386 tons costing s6,778,495 44 single Turret monitors of 33,188 tons costing $22,612,877 4 Western ironclads of 1,987 tons costing $622,508 1 screw Sloop 1 torpedo vessel 2 powder tugs altogether of 3,0 60 tons costing $642,780 and the two first ironclads the Monitor and the Galena of 1,514 tons and $510,250 Cost. In addition to the above the following vessels have been purchased by and for the government for the Navy department 497 ship3, steamers and other vessels for regular service / of 174,219 tons and an aggregate Cost of $19,278,130. Of these vessels 363 were disposed of by Sale for $7,109,100 97 were lost destroyed sunk As obstructions transferred to the army &c., and 37 Are still in service. Foty four vessels besides these of 14,883 totes were purchased for the famous a Stone. Fleet a at a Cost of $158,071 also 12 canal boats 1,396 tons costing $14,100, and 21 8choonersr costing $21,600, to be used for the same purpose. Military appointments for tax a. We copy As follows from special orders no. 130, issued on the 12ch, by Gen. Buchanan upon the recommendation of his excellency gov. Pease approved by Brevet Mejor Gen. J. J. Reynolds commanding District of Texas the following appointment is hereby made to fill an existing vacancy in the state of Texas Elpaso county a. H. French to be Justice of the peace vice Edmond Stine resigned. The appointee win Transfer to these Headquarters a copy of the required oath upon acceptance of his appointment. It being represented in a petition of the Board of aldermen of the town of Lagrange Fayette county Texas asking for the removal of a. C. Griffin town marshal that the said Griffin is guilty of Quot incompetency and inattention to the duties of his office a to the great detriment of the Public interests upon the recommendation of his excellency gov. Pease approved by Brevet major Gen. J. J. Reynolds commanding District of Texas a. O. Griffin town marshal is hereby removed and Philomen b. Carter appointed to fill the vacancy thus created. The great Fife in the Pine Woods of the upper Peninsula of Michigan is described As a most magnificent sight for More a., week past the whole atmosphere has been thick with smoke at times obscuring the Sun. Persons who have approached Thelio describe a vast whirlwind in the shape of a funnel travelling through the Woods at railway Speed setting fire to and burning everything in its Way. The destruction of Timber has been very great and the piles of Green Cord Wood Are consumed in a Short time in spite of every exertion. The fire is hardly extinguished in one place before it Breaks Forth in another. Over Twenty five Hundred hands Ore employed by the ten Nail factories of Pitts Burg
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