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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 19, 1867, Galveston, Texas Vol v. Galveston Quot Gay morning. June. A 19, il�67. R no 20. The civil authority so that id the trial and punishment of criminals or offenders he May it supersede the civil jurisdiction. His Power is to it be exercised in these special emergencies and the Means Are put into the hands of the commander by which it is to be exercised that is to say a sufficient Force to enable such officer to perform his duties and enforce his authority As military tribunals of his own appointment to try and punish offenders. These Are strictly military Power executed by the military and not by civil authority or by civil officers appointed by him to perform Ordinary civil duties. A if these emergencies do not happen if civil order is preserved and criminals Are duly prosecuted by the regular criminal courts the military Power though present must remain passive. Its proper function is to preserve the peace to act promptly when the peace is broken and restore older when is done and that civil authority May again safely resume its functions the Power becomes again passive but on guard and watchful. This in my judgement is the whole a Liopo of the military Power conferred by this act and in arriving at this construction of the act i live not found it necessary to resort to the strict construction which is allowable. Mobile june 10.�?the Steamer Neanon from Montgomery Sun in the Alabama River 011 Friday evening. The boat was valued at $250,000. No insurance. The cargo consisted of supplies for the people of the Interior among which were two thousand Slicks of Corn for the poor. The cargo was Worth $25,000, and was partially insured. Tex �8 items. From the Mckinney enquire june 8. On Friday week two of or. Doth Eridget a sons drove an of team and Wagon into East Fork at chamber a Ford and they state in a few moments before they could drive out the Creek Rose six feet. The Wagon washed away one of drowned and the boys with difficulty escaped. A. A on saturday last the swelling Creek and accumulated Drift threatened the destruction of or. F Irrish Bridge on the Greenville Road East of town. With his usual Energy Uncle Jimmy was there superintending a number of hands employed to loosen up the Drift and direct it through Tho Arches. One of the hands Freedman Eli who could not swim with perhaps unnecessary Zeal got into swimming water and drowned the body was recovered on monday about 100 Yards below the Bridge and buried. At the court judge Vance organized juries under order 13, which inflicted Light fines of three and five dollars and one hours imprisonment on several free Dinen who had been telegraphic. Associated i�?Tre-33 dispatches. I Washington june 18.�?general Withers had a Long interview with the or amp ident this evening. Nothing bus transpired beyond some minor Points. A municipal officers will be considered in cab inet to Morrow. Tho indications Are that the administration will to More carefully d Terin ined on carrying out the letter of the reconstruction acts no More or no less avoiding however Ultra irritating or hurried the measures. General Rousseau and c. L. Stancliff the Leatter the Well known architect from Kentucky have arrived. These gentlemen emphatically deny that negroes were excluded from the Square during the unveiling of clays statue at Louisville new York june 13.�?yacht race to Day phantom first Palmer second. Washington june 13. A Hon. John Morrisey won it is said $40000. On. The prize Light Washington and Baltimore suffered heavily. Washington june 13.�?All Day was consumed and Only three jurors seen red in the Surratt ease. Baltimore june 13.�?john Clark president of the citizens National Bank and one of Tho oldest merchants Here Dieu this morning. New Yoke june 11.�?stocks steady. Money 6@7 per cent. Gold Dull. Philadelphia june 14. A arrived Junietta from now Orleans. New York Juno 14.�?fiour Dull and declining. Wheat nominally lower. Corn 3 n5i better. Pork lower�?�21 37<<?21 50. Lard a heavy. Whisky quiet. Cotton firm at �?~27c. Freights Dull. Washington june 14.�?specials to the Baltimore Sun and new York world say that the president will probably assemble Congress in August by proclamation to adjust complications under the reconstruction acts. Tho court adjourned on account of the sickness of judge Fisher without Progress in getting a jury. Tho people Are indisposed to nerve and make nil manner of excuses. It new Yoke june 14.�?the Herald has a. Special from san Luis Potosi of the 26th ult. Juarez rejects Tho terms proposed by Maximilian., made at an interview with Escobedo. Maximilian Mejia and Moranion were placed in separate cells and the guards doubled. The letter expresses Nittlo Hope of Massimi Liapi a safety. New York june 14.�?Cotton Firin. Hales 2200 Bales it 27c. Flour declined 10015c. Gold 137�new Orleans june 14.�?Cotton Active and firm. Sales 3g00 Bales. Low middling 24ic. Receipts for the week 203s Bales against 3350 Bales last week., Export Lor the same time 17,414 Bales. Stock on hand 79.g8c Bales. Fuir Louisiana sugar 12 pc prime Porto Lutico 13jc. Molasses no quotations. Flour extremely Dull and unsettled holders Are anxious to realize sales of Good doable extra made at $11 00 j#>11, 50 Choice $17 00@ 18 00 no quotations of a a cry be. Corn declined 5010c yellow and mixed is 05 3 @1 10 Wiite $1 15. Oats Dull and drooping at 90@02c. Lard quiet and easier pierces quoted at-13c kegs 14c. Fork Dull at $23, 75. Bacon in fair demand shoulders fac rib sides Llie Clear sides 13�c. Gold 130j. Sterling-17 0-51nevi York sight j a Premium. Washington june 14.�?internal Revenue receipts to dry $085,000. Tho Herald and Tribune Ore fun Rioa Over the policy foreshadowed by an extract from the intelligencer telegraphed. The Tribune says to fuel that the president is treading on dangerous ground not Only for himself but for the country. The Herald s is Congress must meet in july. It must meet with the Resolute will to carry out the move Neni now greater and Morti necessary than Ever of impeaching and removing Johnson from the executive Ali stir. The times says it May be Wise to. Restrain such removals l or the future by will Ltd a a Grava practical mistake to Leverse the a a action taken hitherto ibid a Sti greater Blunder to remove or punish the for having . Washington june 14.�?romt-rc. Mexican minister has a letter dated tuban Yua May 20, signed per Ferrio Diaz which cays that in Lew Days he will have35,000 troops including 9000 cavalry when he will attack Mexico none will escape he could Force the City with his present Force but lacks cavalry to Guara Tho avenues of escape Diaz concludes then a Mexico will nearly have been cleared of traitors. St Lotus june 14.-�?wade s party will Liao a banquet to Morrow and visit Iron county Over Iron Mountain Road. St Josei a june 14.�?Steamer Only Chance arrived from fort Benton bringing fur parties and a half million in Gold dust. Passed forty upward bound boats no trouble irom indians. New Youk june 15.�?Cotton quiet Ond firm with sales of 700 Bales at 27c. For middling Uplands. Flour Dull Aud 10@20c. Lower superfine state $9 c0@10 25 extra state $10 2501110 for Choice. Wheat Dull and nominally lower. Corn Dull closing l@2c. Lower. Whisky quiet. Pork heavy with Eales of 4250 barrel at $2102125, new mcs3 closing at s21 50. Beef steady. Lard heavy with sales of 750 barrels at 12@13oc., the latter for Small lots. Naval stores quiet. Freights firm. Money offered Moro Fri Cly at 5@6 per cent the express reports the Bank statement for monday favourable. It will show a decrease of Loans �4,000,000 specie $3,000,000, anode posits $44,000,000, and increase $2,000,000 in Legal tenders. It shows plainly that Tho bunks can entirely liquidate their indebtedness to Tho government. Gold closed 2370 137j. Sterling Dull and unchanged. Governments Strong. Export of Gold to Day $1,.>-i.bgi. A new Orleans Juno 15�?evening.�?Cotton, sales 2400 Bales firm Low middling 240215 receipts 349 Bales exports 1409. Sugar fully fair Cuba 12c. A Choice old process Louisiana 14 be. No molasses reported. Four extremely Dull and irregular buyers holding off for new Stock sales of single. Extra $11 25, treble extra s12014 Nalea cipo Rieve ii ibid Quot extra $10 50010 75. Corn very Dull below and mixed 950s1 05, Choice while is 12 -01 15. Oats declined 82j0s5c, Hay prime Elvoice �270 2s. Pork Dull declined 50c., offered at $23 50 without Selling. Bacon fair jobbing shoulders 10., rib 11 �012, Clear j3je. Coulee Low to prime 230 25c. Gold opened at 13 i �j13c$. Sterlini v7i y52 new i it s in a Jubi 401, Washington june 15.�?the amount of Gold in the Treasury to Day waa $103,000,000, of which $i8,000,000 have been deposited by carries holding certificates and $85,000,000 belongs to government. The Louisiana National Bank of now Orleans on its voluntary application has been discontinued Asa depository for Public moneys Hviid a financial agent of the United states. It is understood circles tilt the attorney general in his opinion just pre pare holds that the reconstruction acts provide for two governments military did civil that both Are provisional and to be obeyed but to cease upon the reorganization of the states by the government. Retakes the position that the military is Only to protect All in their rights of personal property and Lor the preservation of order the suppression of violence and crime. There is no authority in the Law for the removal by the military Coinman Der of the proper officers of a state neither executive or judicial or the appointment of their successors. The military commander is not authorized to destroy but to protect civil affairs a military commander being regarded As a conservator of the peace and not an Abro Gator of the Law. A jury was obtained in the Surratt Case today which will secure the trial of the accused beginning on monday. An agent for the Pacific Railroad of the California Side has arrived in Washington to obtain through the freedmen s Bureau the services of from 1,00.0 to 1,500 coloured labourers on that id. A new Orleans Juno 15.�?in the Republic Cru state convention a Resolution was tabled asking Congress to apr opiate s50,000,000 for the peaceable Possession of Cuba or to take it by Force. Governor Flanders addressed tie convention yesterday. Washington june 15.�?Tho president has received u memorial front the citizens of Texas regarding the restoration of judges Bacon and Stribby Piug reinstated by Sheridan after their deposition by the legislature. The the Memoria lists say that the military com Mander at Elpaso disregarded the Laws of Texas and denied county officers the right to. Execute state Laws and refused to recognize officers appointed by governor Hamilton arid that he appointed magistrates with authority to. Render judgments und Issue executions without allowing debtors the stay provided by Law. They also state that Bacon i unfitted by Lack of learning for the position and also that the property of citizens of Elpaso county has been confiscated Imd sold since tie close of the War under processes issued by the Federal District court of new Mexico. Washington june 15.�?thad. Stevens has written a letter urgently recommending a july session of Congress. New York june 15.�?sir William Napier brother of the sex minister was arrested Here charged with purchasing goods under false \ pretences. The complaint alleges that he was it about to depart for Europe which is untrue. He denies guilt and has agreed to be examined on Tho 21th inst. The grand concert for Tho Relief of Southern Mason will be Given it the Academy of music on Tho evening of the 27th. James t. Brady is to deliver the address. The scheme of the Peoria Central Road for leasing the Chicago Alton and Terre haute roads excites no special interest in Fina Ciui circles. New York Juno 17.�?flour 20c. Lower. Wheat nominal com Shade firmer. Pork lower $21 75 lard Dull. Whisky nominal. Cotton quiet 27c. Freights quiet. Stocks Active. Governments Strong. Sterling unchanged. Gold 137j. Money 0@7 �?Tg2 registered 7. Arrived City of Antwerp. Washington Juno 15.�?the opinion of attorney general Stanberry is too elaborate for Tho Telegraph and Tho reasoning too close for synopsis. The following verbatim a extracts cover the conclusions i find it impossible under the provisions of this act to comprehend such an official As a governor of Oue of Quot these states appointed to office by Oue of these military certainly he is not governor recognized by the Laws of the state elected by the people of Tho state Aud clothed As such with the chief executive Power. Nur is he appointed As a military governor for a Stato which has no lawful governor under Tho pressure of an. Existing necessity to exercise Powers at Large. The intention no doubt was to appoint him to fill a vacancy occasioned by military order and put him in Tho place of the removed governor to execute the functions of the office As provided by. Law. The Law takes no cognizance of such an official and to is clothed with no authority or color of authority what is True As to the governor is equally True As to All Tho other legislative executive and judicial officers of the state if Tho military commander can oust one from his office he can oust them All if to can fill Ono vacancy he can fill All vacancies and thus usurp All civil jurisdiction into his own bunds or Tho hands of those who hold their appoint neuts from him Aud subject to his Power of removal Aud Tylius frustrate the very right secured to Tho people by this act. Certainly this act is rigorous enough in Tho Power which it gives with All its Verity. The right of electing their own officers is still left with Tho people it must to preserved and must not to understood As filling limits to the Power of Tho. Mili. A Scy commander in Cage of a an actual insure motion or riot. It May happen that a insurrection in one of the states May to so gooral and formidable As to require a temporary suspension of All civil gov eminent Aud Tho establish input of martial Laws in its place and Tho same thing May to True As to local disorder or riot in Refore Uco to the civil government of Tho City or place where it Breaks out whatever Power Essary to meet such emergencies the military Quot commander May properly exercise. I confine myself to Tho proper authority of Tho military commander. Where Poco and order prevail it is not allowed to displace the civil officers and appoint others in their place under any idea that Tho military commander can better perform his duties and carry general purposes of Tho not by the Agency of civil officers of their own Choice rather than by Tho lawful incumbents. The act gives him no right to resort to Sueh Agonoy but does give him a right to have a sufficient military Force to enable him to perform a his duty and a ouf Orco his authority a within Tho District to which he is assigned in Tuo of insurrection Aucul riot. To a Suji Limov com Smuder is win que , guilty of stealing. From the Sherman courier we learn that the court of Cooke county had to adjourn being Vinable to find a jury White or Black under order 13. A the courier complains that owing to Leavy Rains no mails have b6en received. A Freedman was murdered near Georgetown in this county on Friday the 31st ult the negro was a Blacksmith in the neighbourhood and bad a pistol of. Some notoriety on account of some peculiarity in its make and perhaps some Money for which it is supposed he was killed. There was two men seen to ride up to him and soon after the report of a pistol was heard Aud the next morning he was discovered dead. There has been arrested a Joung Man by Tho name of Robert Tittle on suspicion that he was one of the party. His examination has not yet been concluded. A Young Man named Robert Witton was. Drowned at Post Oak a Small Stream near our it City on thursday of last week. It appears a that he and three others swam the Stream and on reaching the Shore Witten caught hold of a Bush which gave Way when be fell Back into the water and took the cramp and drowned before his friends could lend him any courier. The Millican news letter Calls on the citizens to Register. The citizens of Millican have organized themselves into a police. A meeting of the bar of Tyler county was held on May 23d, Hon. O. M. Roberta presiding. A memorial to Gen. Griffin was forwarded soliciting that officer to modify order 13. The county court was unable to proceed for want of a jury. Canada. Special correspondence of the it rail. Mon Beai c. E., Juno 6, 18g7. Almost the Only object of importance to american readers has been the seizure of Tho three United states vessels in Trio canal Here. Several pleasant castles in the have been built on this slight foundation by International logicians. On inquiry i find that the three vessels in question were purchased in new York and cleared thence for Quebec whence they desired a clearance to Chicago. The collector of customs Here deeming a special permit from Canadian to american Waters necessary detained the teasers until he could communicate with the government of Ottawa they granted the necessary clearance e. I have it on the Best official authority that the abrogation of the reciprocity treaty will not to held to close the Waters of the st. Lawrence t o american Bottoms. Lord Mlinck sails for Canada next week Sci resume life position a3 governor of British America. A is a proof of his intention to make a Good lug stay he a rings his family with him. ¿1 quite a scene of cured in the court of appeals on tuesday judge Alwin one of Tho Ablest justices on the Cau Adin Bench announced that to had tendered his resignation feeling convinced that proper facilities were not afforded for the transaction of business owing to the shortness ,0f.the session the dilator iness of Tho judges in opening the court their haste to get away to dinner and Tho time wasted Oyer Tho arguments of coun Sel on elementary Points. These grievances Long Felt will be shortly brought before Tho legislature lion it is to be trusted they will to redressed. The elections will to held commencing about tbs 20th of a gust the House will Fri Eli fare a Mie w a. Liverpool june 13.�?lord Monk Viceroy of the Dominion of Canada sailed to Day for Quebec on Tho steamship Victoria. Dublin june 13.�?corridon, by whose testimony the prisoners were identified was today attacked by a m b of his countrymen at Waterford and barely escaped from their vengeance wit i his life. Paris Juno 13.�?a dispatch has been received by the government from constantinople announcing that the Sultan of Turl Tevz a leaves for this City on tuesday next. Tiff arrival Here of Ismael King of Egypt ii daily expected. Frankfort june 13.�?Bonds 77�. London june 13, , 94j. Bonds 73. Liverpool june 13, evening. A Cotton steady middling Uplands 11 gel. Orleans 11 fid. Sales 15,000 Bales. London june 1-1�?noon.�?consols 9l�. A Bonds 73. Liverpool june 14�?noon.�?Cotton firm Uplands Llyd Orleans Llyd. Sales 10,000 Bales sales of the week 01,000, of which 18,. 000 was for speculation Anu Export. Stock on hand 801,000, of which 451,000 is american. Corn advanced to 37s. Cd. Bullion ,-c37q,000. London june14�?2 p. Bonds advanced one eighth. London june 14�? 94i Bonds 734. Liverpool june 1-4 a evening. A Cotton sales 12,000 Bales middling Uplands Llyd Orleans Llyd. Corn 38s@38s./6d. Provisions quiet. Pork 75s. Lard ,12s. Turpentine 32s. Tallow 43s 9d. A a London june 15.�?th� government will Send out a number of troops in the Steamer belgian to be stationed in Canada. 9 Madrid june 15.�?the Spanish government has decided to. Send an envoy extraordinary to Washington with new orders in regard to the chilian question. London Quot a june 15�?3 p. Or a Consola for Money 94 j Bonds 734. Dublin june 15, appears that during the attempt to Rescue fenian prisoners at Waterford on thursday the military and police came to close quarters with the mob and the former used the Bayonet freely. A a a number of rioters were Bayon eted and two deaths have taken place therefrom the second being reported to Day. London june 15, and great Western r. R. Consolidated Bonds of 1890, closed to Day at 25�o. Frankfort Juno 15�?evening.�?Bonds, 78. London june 15�?noon.�?consols, 93$. Bonds,-734. Liverpool june 15�?noon.�?Cotton quiet at Llyd. For Uplands. Liverpool june 15�?3 p. to Day 10,000 Bales middling Uplands Llyd. Orleans Llyd. 1 Berlin june 15�?evening.�?King William and Bismarck arrived to Day from Paris. Darmstadt june 15.�?the emperor Alexander of Russia has arrived Here for a Brief sojourn. London june 17 9-1 i. Bonds 73. Liverpool june 17�?noon.�?Cotton firm. Middling log. Orleans 11js. Paris june a gig Ismael pascha King of Egypt Lias arrived in this City and met with a most enthusiastic reception. It is understood that the Shah of Persia to whom an autograph letter of invitation from the emperor had been sent to visit this capital during the exhibition will be unable to leave his government. Dublin june 16.�?several additional cases of High treason were tried before a special commission last week and resulted in the conviction of accused. Pestle june 16.�?the Royal government of Hungary is preparing measures for Tho. Emancipation of the slaves in this kingdom. Frankfort june 16.�?Bonds to Day 78. San Francisco june 13�?the following official announcement is published in Tho Japan Herald of May 20 legation of u. S., Japan april 17.�?iu pursuance of previous arrangements which have been duly confirm red in this City citizens of the United states Are informed that the ports of Iago and Ore on Tho West coast of Niphon also that of Canale Yeddo Aud Osika will be opened on the first of july next. The grounds for the purpose of residence and Trade have been set apart at Iago and Oka Aud similar arrangements for Yeddo and a portion of the West coast will be completed at an Early Day and notice Given accordingly. Signed r. 15. Von a Ikenberg a u. Minister. H. B. M. Steamer Serpent has gone to Survey a new port on the West coast which will probably be near the province of Pongee. Extraordinary statement. A Tho following extraordinary statement comes from the. Lips of general Cole who a few Days j since shot Hon. Or. Hiscock of Tho Albany j constitutional convention it the following is a statement of the prisoner a Tho cause of the tragedy is this i had a a a i Friend l. A Hiscock. I thought him the Best Friend in the world. I have a wife Aud two j children she Isas pure As Snow or was be a fore lie be Caw acquainted with her in 18c4. I j was in the army first As a private and last As a major general. I was in the army five years during Tho War. In 1864 my wife was taken sick and expected to die and sent for this lawyer to make her will knowing him to be a Friend of mine. While she was in bed to came and lil ted her tip and kissed her. At this time he expressed a world of Friendship for me Aud sympathy for her. After her recovery lie came Ogain. One evening lie came. Under the Guise of business when Tho family a with whom she boarded relatives f Liers were absent when he started to leave she started to Tho door to bid him Good night he j threw his arms around her and endeavoured j by All Means in his Power to have criminal Intercourse with Lior she demonstrating and j praying him to desist which to finally did a but not until after shamefully insulting and exposing her she was still weak from the re suit of her sickness to then went away and a she Sank to Tho floor with Shamo and exhaustion fearful to Milce any alarm As he had been there so frequently before and false Opin j Ion might be formed. She was fearful also of Tho consequences if i should know it. He afterwards called again and expressed j much sorrow Lor his conduct that i she did not Malte any exposure. After 1 that he continued to Call and in do adored by All Means in his Power to j seduce her and even made a similar forcible Effort again. She oppressed with a feeling j of shame and guilt for having permitted him to kiss her and for not having exposed the a former interview did not dare to make an exposure. This was repeated a number of a a Quot a times she resisting and preventing the full accomplishment of his purposes and he making efforts at All times to overcome her by exp citing her passion. At last Pony threats of j exposure to me he desisted for a time. After j my return from the army i had occasion to j visit Washington about four months since a and while i was absent to went to my House j and solicited my wife again beseeching her that she would submit fully. To this she made an indignant refusal but was still not relieved of his import unities he. Taking every Opportunity to annoy her but he never fully accomplished his purpose. All this time i As a husband Folt that there was something j regard to my wife because she Seldom smiled and seemed broken hearted do j ring All these three years. Only a. Week Aga last monday he met me in the Street and a asked Mea when i was going away again which a he had done at previous times and therefore i noticed it. His guilty manner awoke Tho a a first suspicion in my mind As to my wife virtue. A pm that after my return to new York i wrote to a Friend asking him i if to had Ever seen any Imp Oprie j ties Between or. Hiscock and my wife. He replied that to had seen suspicious j circumstances. I immediately came Home on sunday morning last and Learned the above j facts from the lips of my . When j i found that he had betrayed the love of my i wife and defiled her person and when i found her utterly Brokett hearted and my Home Des i dated i Felt distracted and As if i should be j obliged to kill her destroyer. At her solicit Tion that i might avoid so great a calamity to a her Aud her poor Little children instead of a Hunting him tip at once and shooting him Asj Felt inclined i waited until to Day that i i might Calm. I came to Albany to Day Irons Syracuse with my wife intending a to take her to her Sisters in Brooklyn where it she might have less Opportunity to Brood Over her troubles and then to Reti irn myself to Al buy where i Learned or. Hiscock was Foice j him at the Mouth of a pistol of his Knees to beg forgiveness for the great injury to had done me and then to compel him to leave the \ country in ten Days. I thought i had better i have it off my mind and i went Over to his j hotel and when i saw him the fall of my poor it heart broken wife and the disgrace of my Chil Dren Rose up before me and i could not re Strain myself i had not spoken to him i thought i was Calm i could net speak some j thing was in my Throat and i could not say a word. At Tho station houss the prisoner being required to hand Over everything in his Possession to delivered his pistols &c., and declared positively that he had retained nothing. But Ubon his being searched thera was found concealed upon him a Long Sharp it bladed Spring Back knife from which it is j argued to contemplated stride. About Midnight lie was removed to the jail. George w. Cole went into the army As Cap Tain of cavalry at Tho commencement of the War served with distinction and left the service As brigadier general. Hoisy brother of Cornelius Cole u. Senator from California. He also has a brother now acting As it american Consul at Acapulco. Or. Cole has j been engaged for some Timo past As detective in the United states Revenue service in new York. His wife is connected with some of the most respectable families in this Mexico Caraef ithe a messenger. The following facts Are obtained from a gentleman who recently traversed the Interior of Mexico from Mazatlan can Tho Pacific coast to new Orleans and who was present and in communication with president Juarez at san Luis Potosi during Tho visit of minister Campbells messenger. The messenger sent was a Man named White who had been employed As a scout by general Sheridan and was recommended by the general to minister Campbell. Tho messenger reached san Luis Potosi on the 19th of april and was very courteously received and treated by Juarez Ana his ministers. Both he and the gentleman whom we Havo consulted were made to understand by the president in Beveral conver ustious that the latter did not share a in the vindictive and uncompromising lust for the blood of Maximilian and his generals which prevailed throughout the army and among the people. If the Princess Lito could be spared Juarez would probably spare it. So it was said would general Corona one of the Ablest though the youngest of Tho Liberal commanders then before Queretaro. But so would not or. Sebastin Lerdo do Tejada minist Ekof foreign affairs nor the minister of War nor general Escobedo commanding the investing forces nor any other authority or counsellor except perhaps or. Jose Maria. Valerius minister of of Moaton who might assist in deciding the Fata of the expected prisoner. It was suggested that Maximilian if caught should to held indefinitely As a hostage for All the Money and valuable supposed. To have Beon Folonio sly seized by him and transported to Europe during his stay in the country. Whereas tie president laughed and said it Navasota. Special to flakes a bulletin. Navy Sota Juno 15.�?court in session jury All Black. Ii. We learn that the assistant commissioner of freedmen for Grimes county has Forward d to the commanding general a list of Nineteen persons eighteen of whom Are White that can take the Iron Clad oath required of jurors. A of Lillo i Turk world a thousand Dollar bouquet. A bouquet was recently purchased at Afancy fair in Prussia for a thousand Thaler so equal to More than $1,000 in our Money. Or. Ari Tarchi the turkish ambassador was the Gallant Patron the fair being under the patronage of Tho Crown Princess for the Benefit of disabled soldiers. Some of our ladies would be de. Lighted with such a customer orpheus c. Kerr has written a new novel. \ a a it Vou said to be funny
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