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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 15, 1867, Galveston, Texas Seme weekly a Quot a. Ltd Quot n v a to a ,�2 up fit of a or a in ass. Of i i y. Yky yay a of of o Fly it y. A a sgt by it it , saturday morning june 15, 1867. No. 19.telegraphic. Associated press new York Juno 12.�?the nonpareil for Europe cleaved this morning. Stock Strong. Gold 1373. Money 007. �?Tg2 coupons 109a 011oi Virginia g a g7j07o. Flour Dull and unchanged. Wheat Dull and declining. Corn Dull and 1 cent lower. Pork $21 70. Iii ird drooping. Whisky steady. Cotton quiet 26jc. Freights quiet. New York Juno 12�?noon.�?Hon. John worthy is. Mutual life insurance Corn Pauy of London verdict for plaintiff Stab Lis Liing the Rule at least As regards foreign companies that premiums paid in Confederate Money during the War Aro valid. The Rosin Yard of Lofe rots &.smith, Brooklyn was burned. Loss fifty thousand dollars. The Steamer America has arrived. Washington Jisuo 12.-r-is is Semi officially stated that Sheridan a action regarding Wells is not approved. In the opinion of the Cabi Zient there is no warrant in Law for Tho removal of state officers. The jury array was discharged on Tho ground that it was illegally drawn. A new array was ordered. Mayor Withers has his first interview with the president to Day. The motion for a now trial in Tho Conover Caso will be argued soon. Immense crowds Aro departing to witness the Collier and Iron fight which occurs tomorrow morning. A Hogshead containing remains from Tho dissecting room of Tho military museum in the heart of Tho City was found loosely buried in a Yard causing unusual sickness in that neighbourhood. Its removal caused intense stench. Several persons who assisted in Tho removal Aro said to to seriously sick. \ York Juno. 12.�?Tho Sam Jacinto arrived from Savanah. Cotton sales 3,900 Bales at 27c. Gold 1374. New Orleans Juno 12.�?Cotton firm Low middling 24024 sales 2000 Baleo receipts 128. Fair Louisiana molasses 60@70 Cuba for distilling co. Fair Louisiana sugar 120 12�. Flour us Porfito $10 50010 75, double extra $12 go Cho iop 618 00. Com Dull and unchanged White scarce. Oats unchanged. Fork Dull no sales held at $24 00. Bacon fair jobbing. Shoulders 9$01o. Rib 12.j. Clear 13. Lard no quotations. Gold 130$, Sterling 47i051j. New York sight a a por cent Premium. Washington Juno 12.�?amotion for a now trial in Tho Conover. Ease was abandoned. He leaves for Albany Poni tertiary to night. Between four and Flo thousand will witness the fight to Morrow. Steamers have left new York Philadelphia and Baltimore for Tho Field Tho crowd from hero Aro immense. Tho foreign legation will to brilliantly represented. Washington Juno 12.�?ninety-Tbreo suits have been commenced by Cla Mauta of Savannah Cotton alleged to Havo been captured by Sherman and sold in new York. Tho claims amount to about four million dollars in Gold and suits Are authorized by recent acts of Congress. Tuo grecian legation has arrived jed will be presented to Morrow. Wabiis Notow Jane 12.�?ah members of the Cabinet Wero present yesterday when stau Berry a opinion regarding the Powers of District commanders Xii a discussed. The opinion was approved by All except Stanton who was silent on the subject. General Grant was not present during the consideration of Tho opinion but is Adverse to the arbitrary removal of state a a Tao Indian commissioner had n prolonged audience wit i the president this morning. Charles Alpina a Iso had at interview with a file Neil Withers the mayor of Mobile has an interview at three o clock to Morrow from which it is inferred that Mobile remo Vals Are of still undecided upon the impression which prevailed a few Days ago of changes in District commanders is fading. Now it is thought that the desired restraints had better to obtained by enforcing discipline which involves respect for Law and obedience Iron subordinate military officers. Revenue receipts to Day $503,000. Richmond Juno 12.�?this morning the two committees appointed by Tho two wings of Tho Republican party at Tho conference last night met senator Wilson and three other delegates from the Union league clubs of new York Philadelphia and Boston at tha. Ballard House Sherfi All existing differences of Scenti melt were adjusted. Hon. J. A. Botts accepted in behalf of Liis friends of Tho Chi Irlotte Villo convention a proposition for a joint convention of the two wings a follows to Tho unconditional Union men of Virginia the Republican state committee and Tho undersigned citizens of the states of Virginia who Here avow ourselves unconditional Union men and members of Tho great Republican party of Tho United states Call upon All others of Liko condition As common sufferers Liot to throw away this Golden Opportunity to Rescue ourselves our children and our Stato from the hands of Elioso who Havo brought nothing but War desolation want and wretchedness upon our land to moot in Council at Richmond As Moro convenient than Charlottesville on the first Day of August nest at 12 m., in Tho african Church for Tho purpose of ext Luduig and Peri eating Tho organization of the Republican party commenced by Tho convention assembled at Richmond on the 17th of april last. Tho Call is signed by Tho Republican state committee. Governor pier Pont j. Botts Lewis Mckenzie of Alexandria and some 300 others. New York Juno 12.�?died at Jamaica Long Island mrs Tittio t Rancis Blake daughter of the Iliou. Richard Busteed aged 18. Washington Juno 13.�?the following correspondence is just published new Orleans april 2, 18g7, general u. S. Grant i transmit by mail to Day a communication from general Griffin in which he asks for the removal of governor Throckmorton of Texas. I feel Liko Griffin. he ought to be removed and i fear i will to obliged to remove Tho governor of Louisiana. 11� is impeding to 1.a much Asho can. I will Eom Menco Tho registration of Louisiana As soon As Tho sep Mileine Uttel Bill reaches 1110 officially. I foe myself fully equal to Tho new task and Hopo to get through with it creditably to the Mili tary. I Send Griffin application and this Telegram asking the Benefit of your judgment. It is intention to make but few removals. Signed up. H. Sii Kridan. Major general u. S. A. To major general p. H. Sheridan new Oil cans la Washington april 3.�?i would advise that no removal of governors of states to made at present it is a question now under consideration whether Tho Power exists under the Law to remove except by special act of Congress or by trial under the sixth Section of the act promulgated in order 33. Signed u. S. Grant general. A new York june 13.�?stocks Strong. Gold 137b Cotton quiet at 27. Freights steady. Washington june 13.�?the jury for Surratte a trial is progressing. The panel will most probably to completed to Day. Tho intelligencer which is now regarded a Tho executive Organ has Tho following to Havo authority for the statement that at a very recent consultation of the Cabinet it was decided that the military officers in command of the five districts into which the ten unrepresented Southern states Aro divided Havo no Jower to remove civil Oili Cors deriving their authority from Tho state governments As now organized. The question before Tho Cabinet had Moro immediate reference to a the removal of the governor and other civil officers of Tho Stato of Louisiana by general Sheridan but of Courso will apply to Tho action of the other officers and commanders. No doubt Tho forthcoming opinion of Theo attorney general in accordance with Tho reasoning of which it is understood the decision referred to was arrived at will fully justify the legality and propriety of this determination. It need scarcely be suggested that Tho issuing of orders replacing the deposed officers which May become necessary As a consequence of this decision of the government would be no Good ground Lor an application on the part of general Sheridan to be relieved from Tho position he holds much less would warrant the inference that the administration a contemplates Quot or desires his removal for his errors. We feel authorized to say that Tho speculations of sensational journals upon this Point however they May be attempted to to supported by imagined political manoeuvres on Tho part of either Tho friends or enemies of the general Aro wholly without foundation Washington Juno 13. A Aaron won the fight in g7 rounds. The fight wag desperate. Collyer face was jollies. A Coia Cheek Juno 13.�?Tho prize fight party arrived at g of clock. The ring was erected on a Bill near Tho River. Three thousand people were in Tho amphitheatre. Outrageous conduct took place on the boat coming Down this a evening such As robbery breaking into state rooms amp a. Numbers of Persona wore badly robbed. We. Mcmullen was chosen referee. The fight lasted an hour and fifty .nn.tes. Sixty seven rounds Wero fought in the most desperate manner. Col Lyer stood on the defensive playing the drop. He came up boldly until Timo was called for Tho sixty eighth round when his strength failed. Acquit i week june 12.�?immediately after Tho ascent of Colliery a spouse Aaron fainted in Tho ring and was Laid Side by Sido with Collier. Aaron had three ribs broken in the fourth before Tho last round. New Yore june 13.�? Cotton firmer sales 2,100 Bales at 27c. Gold 137&. Quot new Orleans Juno. 13.�?Cotton Stiller Low middling 24j sales 1100 receipts 385 exports 285. Sugar fair Louisiana 12 a prime Porto Rico 13 i. Molasses no quotations. Flour very Dull and unsettled Suner Fino $10 50010 75 Chico $17 75018 00. Com Dull yellow and mixed $1 1001 15 Whito $1 17i�l 20. Oats Dull 95c. Pork very Dull $24 00. Lib con fair jobbing business. Shoulders 10c. Rib 12 j. Clear bides 13-iv Gold 13gj. Sterling 47i�51i. New. York sight �0s Premium. Washington june 13.�?it is almost certain that the acts of District commanders wherein they have transcended Tho limitations of the Law will to reversed and the Powers of provisional governments be restored Ami that the functions of provisional governments will hereafter Only be removed by court martial or Metoi Congress. This is the decision of the Cabinet Stanton Only dissenting by silence. Tho probable resignation of District commanders under these reverses Aud restraints was discussed. Such action was apprehended and deplored. The Point was made however that these District commanders Wero soldiers 011 duty and that however unpleasant Tho duty they cannot abandon their posts. San Francisco Juno 13.�?the Constitution has suited with $1,045,000 in treasure $804, 000 for new York. Three Hundred and sixty chinese have arrived in a recent vessel. Washington Juno 13.�?internal Revenue receipts $840,000. Total customs from 1st to 8tli, amount to nearly $3,000,000. To Are sorry to observe that in their Southern hours far the Republican orators Hae omitted to touch or speak at Napoleon Natchez Vicksburg Jackson and other places of the Samo stamp. Doubtless the towns along Tho River and in Tho Interior of Mississippi Are. Not Tho pleasantest in which to try the Experiment of Freo speech but for that very reason they Aro the places where we want and ought to hold Republican meetings. Mississippi is further. Out of i in Union than any slate except Texas it will not do to desert her because to cession still holds her in its deadly folds. Tho Union people of that Section of country Havo already remarked this omission and Aro Hurt and disappointed. If to Aro going to fight out Tho question of free speech to must do it just As Tho soldiers did Movo on the dangerous place Phui press. Of All Tho states in Tho Union Texas has the most unenviable reputation. To verily believe that men have told and papers printed stories of her crime until they believe them themselves. To Don t Seo that anybody is hindered Froid speaking his mind or that any violence is Dono for opinions Sake. A tobacco Exchange is a about being established in Lynchburg va., in order to Havo Timo in Tho buying and Selling or. John Robinson of new Ian has presented Tho Herald of that Planco with some very Large Ripe cherries grow on his lot. His Early varieties Havo ripened and gone. St. Louis is to have a new Gnu elevator with c00 feet River front e West a is a in we we. A a a a a London Juno 12�?noon.�?consols, 95 Bonds 73. Liverpool Juno 12.�?Cotton quiet Uplands hid Orleans 11 lid estimated sales 10,000 Bales. Corn 35s. 9d. Tallow 43s. 6d. Arrived Germania. Liverpool june 12�?2 p. Tho Manhattan. Bark Merrimac from Messina for Philadelphia put into Gibralter in a Leaky condition. Cotton firmer. London june 12�?2 i it. 11.�?bonds declined one eighth. London june 12, 94. Liverpool june 12, closed with slight improvement prices rather Moro Active a middling Uplands ll�01l5d. Orleans Elf a. Sales 15,000 Bales. Bread stuffs quiet. Pork declined 76s. Lard advanced. 50s3d. higher closing at 41s turpentine declined cd. 32s. Go. Rosin steady common 7s. File l2s. London 1 june"13�?2 v. Consols declined a. Liverpool Juno 13�?2 p. firmer. Pork declined one shilling. Tallow advanced three Pence. News items. Paper neckties Ero becoming fashionable a darning machine Istle latest English invention. Forty anchors Havo. Been fished up in Savannah River this year. In Rockford 111., there were made last Winter 5600 reapers and mowers. Avet and cold weather has destroyed the wheat in Many parts of Wisconsin. Hanging in Montana is styled a climbing Tho Pine limb Quot and in Jie Vada a Early George w. Emery died in Albany last week and four Days afterwards his wife died of grief. Philadelphia is to have a new Musio Hall 75 by 200 feet giving 15,000 Square feet of surface. The funds of Tho Yale theological school now amount to $210,000, and j by a contingent bequest this will be increased to $250,-000. Charles d. Pullman a Deputy collector in Tho Chicago custom House is behind about a a a. $5000 in jigs accounts and is now under arrest. They have Magirl of ten years in a private gymnasium in Roxbury that lifts 270 lbs., one of 13 that lists 400 lbs., end one of 17 that lifts 4g5 lbs. Tho Kins of one Tom Kelly who died recently at Dubuque Iowa have found beneath the hut in which to lived about $5,000 in Gold and Are still digging. A handsome Little millinery Gerlof Louisville who last year returned a snug income but has been losing Money lately called upon the assessor the other Day and wanted a the $1,900 the government owed some delay occurring during a recent presentation of the Quot Black Crook a in new York Tho stage Mab scr explained by saying that a the ladies of the Ballet were not Tho joke was Lully appreciated. The exports of Wool last year from California exceeded--4�000,000 pounds and the local consumption 2,700,000. This year the manufactories it is estimated will Consumo nearly four millions of pounds giving an increase of almost fifty per cent. The australian Vintage this year is larger than was Ever before known and the yield of Gold is increased Over that of last year. Over thirty thousand tons of bread stuffs have been sent to England Aud Ono Hundred and five thousand Tous More Are ready for transport action. The Case of the actor Forrest against his wife is again before the courts. The court ordered or. Forrest to $4000 a year to his wife but he has evaded the judgment by appealing entering new motions and employing All Tho machinery of the Laws to avoid payment. Over $g0,000 is now due. The lady is married again Laud lives on Staten Island. Albert alien a boy of Linesville Erie coun. To pa., lately ran away with $5000 belonging to his father and was finally arrested in Saginaw Mich. He bought an interest in a Saloon in Cleveland for $450, and immediately sold it for $100, then bought the tugboat Emma of Saginaw paying $750 Cash for it and was about going in the towing business when arrested. George Bru Buke whose wife and Daught is died of cholera in Louisville last summer has brought suit against the City claiming $25-000. He alleges that epidemic in the part of the City in which he lived was caused by the overflow which was brought about by the Street not being properly graded to allow the water to run off. A the . Louis papers record a strange Domestic Story. Alfred Barling of la Crosso. Wisconsin was recently divorced from his wife and shortly afterwards fell i wove with her sister Emma Thayer. The Twain appointed a Day Lor Tho marriage but in the meantime Baring hearing that Emma a morals had been none of the beat broke off the engagement. The frail creature then stole Baring a trunk containing $200 Worth of valuables and decamped for . Louis where she was arrested but not until she had sold the valuables. Barling like a fool then proposed marriage a second Timo to Tho girl but she rejected him and is now living a life of shame in a Low . Louis haunt. A conference of representatives of the various co operative societies of the kingdom of Wurtemburg was held recently at Canu Stadt. Another meeting Lias since taken place in the same town of the presidents and Many h members of the various societies for the instruction of workmen. There Aro some 20 of these valuable institutions in Swabia called lube tit i3udv.n<is Verein and the encouragement they Bave received from Tho upper classes has enabled Tho Central society in Stuttgart to Purchase a Fine House at the Cost of 150,. There will be a Ball for ii Struc. Tivo Aud amusing meetings Library Reading room Etc. At Tho meeting above referred to Tho discussion turned on the most salient subjects of social political Aud economic movement acid a report was presented As to Tho Steps Talgren by the league of Fuesko societies to obtain direct and Universal suffrage. A Pacific address to the French people was voted unanimously similar to that forwarded by the machinists of Berlin. Collision with an in Clerff. Tho. Eastward to from now York which arrived on saturday Sydney Herald of March 11, met with a most serious misfortune on her passage of such a nature that it seems almost incredible that Tho vessel with her entire Crew were not lost leaving no to Cord of their Fate. Tho Shi left new York on the 17th of october with a cargo of general merchandise for this port. The usual gales incidental to the season were met with in Tho High latitudes but nothing of perilous moment occurred until when off the Capo of Good Hope 011 the 4th of january in latitude 4g Deg. 30 Sec. Tho vessel was under Bingle roofed to sails whole course set and spanker and Bowling along before a Strong Gale at 11 knots per hour. At half past nine p. M., suddenly an Island of ice 200 feet High was discovered right ahead close aboard. Tho Helm was promptly put Down and her headway partially deadened but there was no room to Clear the danger and with a terrific crash her bows struck against the floating mass a Tho Loro part of Tho vessel. Tho sheer rail was carried away As far As the foremast on both sides Knight Heads Timber leads and bits together with the Stem and forefoot ground into splinters the spar deck started from under Tho Plank sheer 18-inches for 20 feet around each Bow and Tho port Bow stove into the waterline. The Bowsprit and foremast with everything attached went Over the Side together with the main and Bead of Tho main Topmast which in its descent passed through the main Topsail and main course there being nothing in the helpless ship but the spanker and mizen Topsail it was blowing a violent Squall at the time the barometer indicating a change. The Shock is described As resembling a heavy clap of Thunder and Tho terror that must have possessed every mind May be More easily conceived than described such Means As Wero at hand were promptly brought into requisition and As All worked with n will spare sails Wero quickly got Over the bows to Stop the water from getting below. Fortunately the Gale abated after a few hours the repairs were nor nicely carried out jury masts got up and the ship kept 1 Deg. 20 min. Further North and kept on her course for Sydney. On Friday 18, in lat 43 30, s., Long. 122 e., at 2 a. M., she was found by the Aid of a Bright a Moonlight a to to a among a a the Ico a islands again through which she ran All Day Clearing them at dusk the last one seen being about 22 Miles to the Southwest the vessel was then hauled to the northward for eight hours and again kept her course. That the temperature of the sea does not note the proximity of ice has on this passage been successfully demonstrated As the thermometer. Stood at 52 Deg. Both close to the bergs acid at a distance from them. Viewing the ship As she now lies in Darling Harbor it appears truly Wounderful How she escaped total destruction. To a a spleen flip cd Lac of revolutionary times there is now on exhibition at the jewelry establishment of messes. Browne amp Spaulding Corner Broadway and Prince Street a magnificent relic of Tho revolution of great value and Beautiful workmanship. This is a Gold snuff Box presented by Louis Xvi., King of France to colonel John Laurens of South Carolina an Aid de Camp of general Georgo Washington on the occasion of col. Laurens visit to the court of France As special envoy from the United states government to negotiate a loan from Tho French government. The Box is of pure Gold the exterior beautifully enamelled and studded with diamonds. The top has a finely executed likeness of Louis Xvi. Set in a Cluster of thirty tour Dia. Monds while the out Tedge contains Twenty four diamonds. This Beautiful relic has been in the Possession of the dependents of colonel Laurens since his death and is now owned by one of them a widowed lady who a lost nearly All her property by the late War and who now sends this hero to be sold Quot for Tho purpose of maintaining herself and children. It is valued at $10,000. The history attached to it is As follows when colonel Laurens reached France although his reception was favourable and encouragement Given that his request would be granted yet the Interpol a by the minister count do Verginey afforded Little Prospect of immediate Success. Colonel Laurens convinced that procrastination would give a death blow to american Independence resolved in Defiance of court etiquette to make a personal request of the King. Or. Franklin our minister at Versailles vehemently opposed his intention but finding Laurens firm in his purpose said Quot i most cordially wish you Success colonel a but anticipate different a result that i warn you i Wash hands of the accordingly at the first Lovee colonel Laurens walking directly up to the King presented his petition to which to solicit of his most earn est attention and said a should Tho favor asked be denied or even delayed there is reason to fear that Tho sword which i Wear May no longer to <1. In in defence of the Liberty of county but be wielded As a British subject against monarchy of his decision met a Vith its Reward. Apologies were made for do lays the minister gave his serious Atten. Tion of the matter and the negotiations were crowned with Success. St. Louis june 3.-�?late Denver papers report that 15 to 18 ii he of Snow and heavy Rains fell there b to it Ifer i the 15th and 20th of slay. The Snow deep in the mountains that the Couch could not go through to Central City. A boy Namol Georgo Millor aged 17 years who was captured by the blackfeet indians in 18g5, and stolen by Tho cheyennes in the following year had escaped and reached Denver. To reported five White women held captive one of them Tho wife of a doctor at Council Bluffs. Tho indians keep thoroughly posted with regard to military movements. They have Many Sponcer titles procured from traders. The indians contemplate a general and simultaneous attack along the Platte Early in june. Indian commissioner judge Kinney and party Wero attacked at Bridgers ferry on the 15th. Captain Willis with his. Troops gave Pursuit recovered All Tho Stock and killed one Indian. Joel ripped his son to death has been released from Auburn jail on bail in order that he May stand a now trial an order for shich has been obtained by his counsel Froia our Ausilia . Atli in Juno 7, 1807. Tho Prospect of crops in the Vicinity of the capital is unusually Good. There has been no excess of rain in this Region As Thero has been below where Tho mud Diness of the road3 is said to have caused a detention of Tho mails. Indeed strangers hero from All parts of this United states judicial District report High water in their respective regions. Tho United states court Hon. Thos. H. Duval presiding no circuit judge having Ever come Here or being Likely to come Here commenced its summer term on monday. There seem to be no criminal cases to to tried owing As i am informed to the fact that str. Stanberry Tho attorney general of the United states has instructed the United states District attorneys of Texas not to Institute any proceedings for any matters that occurred during the rebellion without they first consulted him and when he is consulted by letter he seems not to Havo found it convenient to reply. As this action of or. Stau Berry amounts to a suspension of the enforcement of. The criminal Law it is highly probable that Congress will inquire into it. If the attorney general after swearing that be will faithfully execute the Laws takes it upon himself to give instruction which if obeyed prevent their execution and Tho United states District attorneys who Are not bound to obey them do follow them a ingress will be bound to take the matter in hand. Tho execution of to Laws is Protection to the masses is the highest mercy. Thus far no crime committed tween Frio Date of Tho ordinance of cession lid the Date of Kirby Smiths surrender has been punished by Law to Lough Congress has passed no act of amnesty and oblivion Tho intelligence has been sold out along with the entire office by messes. Brown amp Foster and is to be succeeded at once by a now Republican paper to to styled the Austin Republican. From calculations made Here based to a considerable extent non conjectural data it is maintained by the Union men that if fair play is allowed and the freedmen Are not prevented by intimidation from registering and voting As they please Tho republicans will carry Tho next election by a Large majority. If As. They suppose there Are 50,000 voters among the freedmen this conjecture May prove Correct. When the registration is completed the Public. Will he the better Able to judge fis. To How Yap vote will probably go. As it is the new element of political Power the freedmen cannot be estimated by the e old Quot politicians. They done to know what to make of it. Certain it is that the freedmen of Texas have thus far been the most orderly industrious and Law abiding parties of tli3 population of Tho state. If they we be to try How badly they could do they would not come up to the. Iniquities of those who held the political Power of this Region since 1861, and who now affect to distrust them. No opposition Lias As yet been organized to the resolutions of the Largo Union meetings held recently in this and adjoining counties. There seems to be no Powers to Lead the people any longer left in the old set of politicians and the old rebel press. They seem to be commonly regarded As a played governor Throckmorton is in a most deplorable fix. While on Tho one hand to claims to be Tho constitutional governor of Texas on the other he volunteers to Aid general Griffin to carry out a plan of reconstruction based on Tho express declaration that a a no Legal Stato government exists in Texas. Then to is a a pardoned for having been a brigadier general of militia when the militia was plated under the orders of the Confederate states military and he cannot take the test oath. To Cap Tho Climax of his involvements it is that instead of swearing to the Constitution accepted by Congress he has sworn to Tho apocryphal Constitution rejected by Congress and hence never has been and is not governor. A the financial. Editor of the Philadelphia Ledger says a the financial situation is not a quite bad As some of Tho Washington correspondents have represented it. It is now reported that Secretary Mcculloch says that far As the financial necessities of the. Year Are concerned there will be no necessity for a summer session of Congress. This statement should have some weight with those who Are urging a july session for financial reasons. We May be sure that if additional legislation were required and if such legislation As would give offered any Hope of helping us out of financial embarrassments the Secretary of Tho Treasury would be the most anxious to secure a meeting in july. The requisitions upon Tho Treasury fell off last week a from Tho War department Aud there is a reasonable Prospect that Tho Secretary will get through Tho the month of May without increasing the aggregate of Tho Public do bar while his funding of 7-30 per cents will by Large and the Greenback circulation remain As at present. This result considering that his Gold customs for the Mouth will be $8,000,-000 or 810,0000,000 less than his Gold payments for Tho United states 5-20 interest will be especially Gratifying. The eight now Jersey railroads report an aggregate of receipts for 18g6 of $12,145,-454. The Camden and Amboy earned $1,312,-895, and expended $3,801,722 the new Jersey Central earned $3,581,244, and expended $1, jg3,975 the now Jersey earned $1,770. 852, and expended $981,847 the Morris and Essex earned $1,020,077, and expended. $715, a 208. The traffic on the different works of Tho joint companies As the Camden and Amboy combination is termed during the year was from tonnage on the canal $2,857,244. Tho total number of through and Way. Passengers on the Camden and Amboy and new Jersey railroads was �?T4,575,424. Tho freight ton nage on the same roads was 824,895 toffs and the specie carried s5g,503,77?. The total receipts of the companies were $8,453,533, Aud the the expenses $0,080,315�?leaving for interest and dividends $2,373,218.�?neicjereeu state Gazette. ,. Quot the new York Union league club backed by Claro out of their arraignment of or. Greeley confessing they had made a great hubbub about a matter which of their business. Through deep humiliation they have doubtless acquired some just Conception of the right of each citizen within the limit of the Laws to order his own opinions and conduct to Sivit himself. That acquisition if fairly used hereafter will compensate for Tho Chagrin they must fee just 6\iette
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