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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 1, 1867, Galveston, Texas Vol. Quot saturday a morning june 1, 1867. No. Is telegraphic. Associated press dispatches new Yoke May 30.�?the Steamer Virginia from Liverpool arrived to Day. She brings 14,200 bushels of wheat. Cotton firm sales 1200 Bales., at 27ic.&Quot flour heavy Stato and Western 59 80 @14 00 0 15 00 Southern mixed Good $12 40014 00 extra $11 10 l 5j 1c 75. Corn declined 102c. Western is 20 a 1 24 for mow and $1.3001 32 for old. Mess pork $23 10. Lard 1240130. Sugar firm and in Good demand. Naval stores Dull. Freights heavy. Railway shares heavy. Government Quot securities Dull. Gold 137�j. A a 7-30�?Ts. Cut of 1802, registered 10040100. Cou a Pons. To .>q01oyj. New , May �30.�?Money Active. Call Loans a �?T��?T7. Discount 707. Gold closed weaker at 137j0137ij. Governments Dull. A stocks heavy and Orleans May 30.�?Cotton Linn and unchanged sales 2,150 Bales receipts 435 Bales exports 7,508 Bales. Flour unsettled superfine $11 25011 50 Choice extra $18 00. Coin Dull and drooping yellow mixed $1174 01 20 White ��1 25. Oats fair demand 950 is co. Hay declined prime Western $27 c0 in 2s 00. Bacon shoulder 9� rib i2i Clear 13 j. Pork Dull $24 ou024 25. Lard prime Tierce 13c. Keg 114014jo.�?T Gold �30$. Sterling 4<ji0bo. New York sight half per cent Premium. Cicinnati May 20.�?a Gal Apolis merchant a with Cincinnati business connection failed. Liabilities Over $500,000. Alex Anua May 30.�?Tho freight train on the Orange and Alexandria Road ran Oil Tho track killing the Engineer and fireman. St. Louis May 30.�?a fort Kearney dispatch says the Liidia War Lias fairly begun. Candies Are Burnt Stock stolen and settlers murdered daily. Troops aae going Westward rapidly. Washington May 30.�?Tho president has appointed e. H. Aug Omar a member of Tho Board at. Wes Point. General Thomas t. T. Eckert formerly assistant Secretary of War is now in this City. Internal Revenue receipts to Day. Amount to $817, �00 a the comptroller of the Treasury advertises in the City papers that Bank Ziotes of the first National Bank of new Orleans will be paid in Money on presentation at tho1 Treasury of Tho United states. By the came. Madrid May 30.�?Tho government . Side ring the abolishment of colonial slavery. London May 30�?10 a. steady american securities unchanged. It is thought that Bank rates will be reduced one Quarter. Love i ool May 30�?10 a. opens buoyant Osiier articles unchanged. Liveufooi., May 30�?noon. A Cotton firm More doing estimated Bales 15,000 Bales Uplands lid Orleans old. St. May 30.�?Tho emperor Alexander left to Day for Paris. I i , May 30.�?bismarck accompanied Tho King to Paris. Iome of a a Jim Bennt Ltd a Adion turns in Franco. The Paris correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette writes As follows we had until recently or. Jim Bennet of the boat Henrietta Here. His boat lies still on the coast waiting for a buyer like the other yachts that he beat and they will to used to win Money or lose it at the Cherbourg regatta or. Bennett accepted a great Deal of hospitality us this Side of the deep and at count Susa s Ono night to stroked Tho Goatee of a Young Spanish Nobleman both of them being a i now Couie you so a Whereat the spaniard who would not fight himself,., persuaded two of his friends to Challenge the Only Boult of his very popular father. The Herald might have had a Chance to get a first class sensation out of the re using through the body of this rash Ocean Sailor. Pass the first the lunge or. Bennet has him on the hip our son wounded desperate valor of our a on the castillian popped a infidel i have Theo on the hip the fatal Cut obituary appearance of our new office in mourning. But thai Opportunity to beat All its contemporaries was lost by or. Carey and Laurence Jerome persuading the spaniards that Bennot co hid Peel an Apple with a Bullet la Hus do Tho youths of Tho Republic Excel upon Tho sea and Tho Shore. I Bennett visited the Loudon times office and met with scant Courtesy. He was asked to dinner by the Duchess of Salisbury and was so net up by her United kindness and wine that he said to a Friend a a do you know Why this is thus they fear us yes began they Tramblo before us i to Llu you boys i shall Plant the stars and stripes on a Tho Tower of London a Hois a Good fellow nevertheless and behaved himself Well. I Don t know him,.but �11 that i Tell you is True. Our commercial credit. I Lom Trio k. O. Bulletin May 1c. That Tho operations of a Bank should to stopped for examination into its machinery it Offero a Mill,., is a peculiarity of Tho banking Imp action system. But As this arrest of business hate been confined to Tho first National Bank and to such interruption offered to Tho other two to Are compelled to suppose that Tho visitor is acting upon in formation known to him officially. We Ato not authorized by facts to offer any speculation upon the cause or extent of this interruption. It would be possible for a Bank of discount advancing upon Bills drawn against Cotton exports to Jose Tho margin Between first Cost and Tho late reduced rates but this would in common prudence be protected by Tho endorsements required outside of the transaction. Quot to cannot attribute Tho embarrassment of Tho first National to this cause because Tho. Other Banks on Tho Samo basis have suffered no such interruption nor Havo there As yet been any failures of mercantile houses in this City announced by authority. To make these statements not for Tho purpose of a throwing any discredit on Tho first National bunk but for the purpose of protecting Tho. Credit Othu City from any imputation abroad. We Havo suffered so much from Short crops Low prices High water and political agitation that a financial panic is greatly to to deprecated. To Trust no Buck calamity will befall us. A Many a girl thinks she can do nothing without a and. When who gets Oao finds she Cun do nothing. A the Eastern question. Athens Torresi Jiuu not London times april 25. To shall soon learn whether Omar Pasha Lias succeeded in his operations spa quarters of the Island appear tranquil but Tho Western Quarter must be subdued or Tho insurrection May at any time break out again round mount Ida. The plan of Omer Pasha is i am told and it certainly ought to to to establish two columns Ono at ask Pho to the Southwest and the other at Omarlos to the Northwest of the mass of the Sahakian mountains making Good roads from canes to communicate with both. The whole distance would not exceed thirty Miles of Road making he would command the flanks of any insurgents who issued from the mountains. He must also occupy Tho sea coast of Shakia from the town of a Plakia to the port of suit keeping posts at Lohutro and aghia rum Eli. The Leet can Supply them and cannot be blown off the coast for More than a few Days As the Atesian winds will soon succeed the calms of Spring. Blockade runners would then be Able to introduce anything into Shakin. It is said hat a greek general who Lias collected six Hundred men and received a Large Supply of provisions and military stores leaves Greece Fer Crete immediately with i know not How Many of his band. The rest will be thrown into the Island As quickly As possible. Some pretend that a thousand men Are ready for his service. I hear unfavourable accounts of the mind and Energy of Omer Pasha. He is said to be worn out negligent and avaricious. A Short Timo will decide whether Hie can Settle the cretan business. Things Are going in such o Way hero that Many look Forward to Tho occupation of Athens by the protecting Powers As the Only Means of escaping anarchy. A Good Harvest however might keep everything quiet in the country and russian influence May Intima Dato Turkey and prevent the ottoman government from punishing the greeks for supporting or creating Tho insurrection in Crete and sending bands of brigands to act the part of insurgents in thessaly and Epirus. The Pope and the press. From the Liverpool courier Liny it. The Pope has found himself in a Strango predicament with regard to the provisional appointment of a Bishop to a russian diocese. The pontifical act is published in the official rom Chi journal and is accompanied by a confession that his holiness has no Means of transmitting this nomination to its Destina i Tion owing to the interdiction which prevents the Bishops of Russia under heavy penalties from communicating with the holy see. To therefore Hopes that his decision will to reproduced by All the newspapers and that in this Way it will come to the knowledge of Tho Bishop and the catholics of the diocese concerned. Is not this a curiosity tins Appeal to the press by a Power which condemns the press As a diabolical. Invention and the source of All the evils which Ali list society ? in Calitr shia. Of. In Oiel Starc correspondence of Trio London he. In. April 37. How far circumstances unconnected with religion May favor the introduction of orthodoxy into America i have no Means of knowing but Many persons think that the Episcopalian end the greek churches Are More Apt to unite there than any where else. The russians have left several churches in the settlement they have just ceded to the americans n great Many natives have been converted to the greek Faith and it is possible that in those Distant regions members of both churches greek and protestant May worship in the same Temple. This May tend to the Extension of orthodoxy in America but that it will Lead to a Union of the of churches is very doubtful. India end pal spy shawls. It a of these two kinds of shawls Are always fashionable always indicative of the social position and Quot Good taste of the wearer. Pure Cashmere shawls yearly become mors scarce and difficult to obtain the production being limited and the demand constantly increasing. The Price advances with great rapidity a so fast that a lady recently obtained for her India shawl which had been worn six years two Hundred dollars More than she had paid for it. It is not generally known what an immense business is done in the Purchase and Sale of secondhand India shawls. Three fourths of those which come to this country have been we re in India England and France and Here. Again they Are bought and frequently sold Back again to the dealer at a trifle less or As in the instance cited above a trifle More than they Cost. Much depends on some trick or form or colouring which happens to fashion. Some times Black sometimes red and sometimes White Centre or lines of colouring Are the rage and if the shawl which is to be sold fulfils that particular condition and is also Fine and in Good condition it will bring nearly a new Price. Our new nobility Are willing sometimes to pay a higher Price for an old Cash Miro shawl which has been remarkably Fine than for a new one in order to be Able to boast of it As an heirloom heaven help them when probably any respected maternal ancestor they May have had considered herself Well off to own a Good plaid Woolen one. A Large business is done in such establishments As a. T. Stewarts in altering and remodelling old. India shawls and scarfs in suppl Itig new Cen amp is and fringes of Tho fashionable color in cleansing Aid. Darning 11 and furnishing new. Bits to be inserted or new Corners for them. We Carnot make the entire so fowl in this country but there Are girls who can embroider and. Make pieces or Small goods which can rarely be detected even by a connoisseur. A few years Ngo the Price of an India shawl rarely exceeded a thousand dollars and to have heard experienced salesmen Deplato that beyond that Price it was almost impossible to discover a Shade difference in Tho Quality. Now they frequently reach three thousand dollars and five thousand is not an impossible sum for one shawl for one poor weak woman s Back. One would think break under it. The most distinguished Paisley shawls a a ire now made with Black centres and Black fringe acid Many ladies Ore living their White centres replaced by Black ones an economical Chungo when the White ones have become soiled As they can be taken out washed and used for other purposes or a Price will be allowed for them. A woman a suffrage in soc Tiou Lias is in st. Louis in Lii Mobile i for. The Mobile nationalist edited by Albert Griffin and Tho Radical Organ of that City and Vicinity save of the Lute riot on tuesday night last Hon. We. D. Kelley the distinguished representative in Congress from Philadelphia attempted to deliver an address according to previous appointment at the Corner of Royal and government streets. About -1,000 persons were present who gave the speaker a enthusiastic reception. The meeting was called to order by Gustavus Holton esq., who in a few appropriate and and eloquent remarks introduced or. Kelley to the vast Assembly. At first Tho meeting was tolerably orderly but it soon became Manifest that a gang of rowdies was collecting near the intersection of the Royal and government Street railroads. They of course interrupted the speaker frequently making insulting remarks etc., but no danger was apprehended by those Oil the stand until a body of men were seen to come into the exr we and cry repeatedly a a take him Down a a a Rotten egg Liioi a a a Captain Pennsylvania Home guards a Ete. Or. Kelley finding that it was difficult to make himself heard and understood informed the disturbing element that to could not be put Down that the 15th u. S. Infantry was at his Back and that if that was not sufficient the army of the United states certainly could protect him that Freedom of speech should be maintained. About that timer tie police made an attempt to arrest the ringleader of the rowdies a dense crowd of White men rushed toward the spot whether with the intention of rescuing the Man or not we cannot say the women who we re present in Largo numbers instantly took alarm and immediately the crowd commenced to scatter in every direction. In a minute or two firing commenced about simultaneously from the windows of Hon. John Forsyth a House and above Brooks auction store and the Northeast Corner of government and Royal streets. Tho firing soon became general and quite a number of men were killed and wounded. All the White men Hurt were shot near the scene of the fray but coloured men were shot Down in All parts of the City As they were going peaceably along to their Homes. We Are unable to Tell at present How Many Are Hurt. Mayor Withers had promised to keep order but from what it appears that there were not half a dozen policemen on the ground. A he knew the inflammable nature and violent disposition of. The people and should have had a Large Force in which Caso there would Havo been no disturbance it is asked who is responsible for the riot we answer that it appears to have been premeditated one of the evidences of which is that Tho alarm Bell began to ring simultaneously with the first shot. It would not have happened had not the daily papers been filled of late with such villainous attacks upon All those who differ with them upon political matters. It would not have happened had Trio mayor had a proper police Force on the ground. We have to space for further com ment at the present time except to ask Gen k eral Stavne if this is not enough to justify him in removing the mayor and putting in his place a Man who will give us an efficient police one which does not sympathize with the violators of Law imparts end exports of the United states the report of the director of the Bureau of statistics for Tho month of april 1807, has Fust Bee ii published showing the statistics of the Commerce and navigation of the United. States up to the 31st of March last. The value of the imports of foreign commodities for the nine months ending March .31 were $306,083,833 for the three months ending on that Date were $94,754.462, and during the month of Maroli were $31,082,119 of which amount �27,954,743 was dutiable and $3,127,370 free of duty. Of the whole amount imported in March goods valued at $18,g.0g,5s4 were entered for consumption Anil goods valued at 512,475,035 entered into warehouse. The principal articles were Coffee $933,gs3, Cotton manufactures $2,922,-394 manufactures thereof $539,189 Luides find skins $1,237,394 Iron and steel and a manufactures of $2,112,520 silk and manufactures of $1,528,735 sugar t and molasses $3,291,221 Tea $918,704 Tabacco and manufactures of $250,219 liquors $402,067 Wool and manufactures of $3,694,705. The exports of Domestic commodities for the nine months ending March 31� were $308,-788,033 the exports Lor the three months ending on that Date amounted to $133,882,777, and the Seifne for tie month of March to $45,-512,140 the principal articles exported were bread stuff a $2,0.17,789 Cotton $31,301,779 Cotton manufactures,$381,383 Gold and Silver Coin Bullion and manufactures of $1,679,025 lumber and manufactures of Wood ,443,-s54 Petroleum and other oils $1,577,224 provisions $2,g37,897 Rosin and turpentine $215,035 tobacco and manufactures of $744,-194. Tho value of exports of foreign merchandise for Tho three months ending March 31, were $3,985.499, and for Tho month of March $2, a a 272,198. The commercial reports while Ern firming the vast extent of our foreign Trade exhibited in these statistics show that the Large proportion of it is done in foreign Bottoms. From Bergen in Norway our Consul arrival of but a single vessel from the United states. Our Consul at lag Ayra Venezuela also reports the arrival of but one vessel. Our Consul at st. Johns new Brunswick reports a remarkable falling off in the shipments of lumber to Tho United states As compared with the same period last year. Tho reports of our Consil at Melbourne Australia shows 24,300 tons of shipping in Poi to with 933 tons belonging to the United states. The report of our Consul at Lyons France exhibits a falling Oft in our purchases of silk velvet goods and others articles of luxury to the extent of nearly one half As compared with last year. The communication from the hanseatic charge do affairs exhibits a Gratifying increase of Trade Between the United states and the port of Bremen As compared with last year. Statistics of the shipments of textile manufactures from Trio United kingdom to Tho United states exhibits a slight increase Over last year. The values of Domestic imports Given above except specie and Bullion Are in currency All. Others in Gold. A Beaufort which belonged to South Carolina planters before the War and had a population of four Hundred hag now three thousand Blacks and a thousand Whites and is aristocratic no longer tie South in favor of military itus. A from the sew York Herald. 1 judge Marvin of Florida late provisional governor and the present senator elect is of opinion that the majority of Tho old citizens of the South would prefer always to live under military Rule it and without representation in Congress rather than to come Back into the. Union with the disabilities imposed and with Universal suffrage and he thinks the peace of. Society there is better preserved by authority of military commanders than it Ever will be by the civil authorities. Should the states generally become a reconstructed a As required by Congress and thus get Back into the Union there is says the judge a natural antagonism of races and a prejudice even stronger than the natural hostility which cannot be overcome especially under circumstances of compulsion such As Are now prescribed to the South. Al l masters will never be Able to bring to n is into submission to civil government administered by then former slaves. Prience there will always be an element of danger at the very basis of the structures proposed on negro suffrage. He has no doubt however tha the work of reconstruction now in Progress will result in the reunion of All the states. There is some question among senators elect from the Southern states now Here among whom is judge Marvin whether in Tho event of their states being received into the Union under the military reconstruction act they will be allowed to take their seats. It is the general opinion that they will not without a re election. This is the View of senator Johnson. But there seems to to Strong reasons to the contrary and in favor of their reception. The Southern states Are certainly states although it May be outside of thet Union. They Are recognized by Congress is states thus existing by the very requirement that they will make their constitutions conform to the will of Congress before they can be admitted into or received into the Union. Hence As states they can legally it would seem elect senators prior to their admission into Tho Union. This is always done by territories which become after forming their constitutions states outside of the Union and after their admission their senators and representatives proceed to take their seats. Buccal be against decency in Young woman by the name of Mary Franklin about Twenty years of age from Sparta Randolph county was on her Way to Atlanta in this state and reached this City on the Terre haute Road about Sundown on monday night. On getting off the cars she inquired the Way to the Chicago depot and on reaching it found that the train had gone and that she could not leave a in till Tho next morning. Her next object was to find a boarding House where she could remain until the morning train her Means not being sufficient to justify her going to a hotel. She therefore inquired of a Young Man she met if he could direct her to a boarding House. He told her that there was one above the round House and that he would show her Tho Way or words to that effect. She suspecting no harm accompanied him. After reaching the Vicinity of the round House he managed by refusing to give her her carpet sack to detain her for a few minutes until to was joined by a companion when the two it being now quite dark suddenly assaulted her grasping her by the Throat to prevent her crying for help and Erich in turn violated her person. They then robbed her of i Liat Little Money she had and left her. Although almost crazed she managed to reach the House of some persons living in the Vicinity where she was kindly cared for. Yesterday two Young men named respectively James Motley and George gent were arrested on suspicion of having done the deed. Gent was tried in the afternoon before justices Middleton and Quarton when he was fully identified by the girl As one of the villains and his Gililat clearly established. He a was sent to jail to await his trial next week before the the circuit court at Edwardsville. Motley was tried this morning but discharged no evidence appearing against him. But meanwhile another Man by the name of James Gibbons had been arrested and As soon As he was brought into court was identified by the girl As the other party and his guilt clearly proved. He also was sent to jail to await his trial at the same time with gent. A Alton 1u.j-Telegraph, Hay 5. A a the new York journals Are disposed to Moke a big thing out of our Little laughable squib of riot. The Tribune concludes its article thus and now messes. Military commandants at the South a word with you military Rule is open to grave objection but it has one Good Quality it Maizes Short work with rioters and mobs. Will you comprehend that Yon Aro in Power expressly to preclude such doings As those at Mobile and Galveston and secure to every one the right to meet and speak freely we done task you to silence our adversaries to insist that Yeu shall guarantee them the utmost Liberty of speech and action and we Durand the same and no More for our own Side. If any of you done to know How to Stop Quot Quot such doings As those at Mobile and Galveston he should promptly resign and Lei some one take hold who Hau More capacity or More Pluck. The people Are paying heavily for the maintenance of order and they have a right to the articles they bargain Vor. If you can to Supply it please oblige them by getting out of Tho Way Hempstead May 28, 18g7. Editor bulletin a permit me in reply to an article in a recent number of your paper respecting teachers of freedmen in Texas to say that the statement about a mrs. Dicken a son being Seate amp at a separate table at a hotel in Hempstead is incorrect. Mrs. Bayle is one of the most devoted Landlady a that can be found and is untiring in her efforts for Tho Comfort of her patrons. Of. This attention i have received my full share. The ladies Boi trying at the hotel have treated me kindly and politely. I Liao Only to add that d. T. Allen is a Utho Rof Tho statement in question and is in no Way response for it. Yours respectfully l. S. Dickinson. To cheerfully give place to Tho above and Are glad that Tho statement was not True and that Ilio gentleman alluded to did not make it Bat somebody did who was it ? to like to get to the. Bottom of All these Little things. Items Iron 7�r.s papers. The health of Victoria is Good at Resetic. We learn from some of our leading Pliest Citra that there is very Little .Cknoss in to in. But few cases of any kind. This so pics we ii for our severe Hail storm through the Northeast Corner. Of Gonzales county recently doing considerable damage to the crops a us destroying a number of calves Young Cote and even growing horses. The Corn and Cotton crops were somewhat injured but Hopes Aro still entertained with the Praseut Good season of a fair yield. A Large government train from India old on the Way to san Antonio with army supplies passed through town several Days ago. To learn that there will soon be a sufficient number of troops stationed on Tho Frontier to prevent any further depreciation by to indians upon the citizens of that portion at. The state. We Hope this will prove vice tia advocate May 24the Waco Register of majr 22djays of. Last saturday a or. R. Ii. Morison we o Iimori the Connor place ten Miles below a at was shot by a negro boy by tie Dick at the ferry at this place or. M. Died on sunday night from Tho effects of the wounds. Dick attempted to Mako his escape but is now in the custody of Tho military authorities. There seems to Havo been no provocation for Tho deed., the negro claims the amp i his gun went off accidentally but the fit pts is. We learn them do not sustain him. Mrs a was at the ferry waiting for an Opportunity the Cross when this negro Dick went to the ferry with a gun in his Haud and was heard to say Asho passed Cassady a drinking Saloon a now i will Havo immediately after using this language he was Reece standing within nine or ten feet of or it. A with his gun held in a perpendicular posit inc he was seen to lower it gradually until it was brought Down upon a level with or. 5l and Quot then fired. The gun was an Enfield Riffe charged with Duck shot and Trio whole charge entered the victims bowels one of his hands was terribly mangled. He leaves a Young Anis interesting widow. Tho marshal Republican of the 4th-says the peaches Aro All killed not one to Fco seen on the Trees. How to shall miss Tela delightful fruit this summer at the late session of the District court cd Lamar county Nelson Winters charged Wien the murder of John a Duncan was in Audi guilty of murder in degree and being under seventeen years of age was sent to Ike Penitentiary for ninety nine years. On May 12, a foul brutal cold by coded murder and robbery was perpetrated on i person of an old inoffensive Man Narney Theodore f. Sayre recently come in so be it. Neighbourhood of san Saba from tue on Arizona. A the deceased had expressed a desire to Purchase a Stock of cattle and Rancho in this suction of the country which fact and Aitch circumstances led to suppose he had Ngoai about his person. To came through. From Franklin Texas with or. Davis now it a your county. Prom the inquest held Over Tho body try Coroner Henry Taylor it appears that the _ Man was gagged and then choked to Dealfi a with a Short piece of rope $301 in currency were found in the end of his Belt wesak a to demons in their haste had left behind thai. A Tho mount pleasant press learns that a Man by the name of guest known the Oreg out the country As a notorious outlaw Atria curse to the human race committed Enicia a. In Hopkins county a Short time sin cot a cutting his the Oft Frith a Bowie knife. We a commend Tho act to a few More of his Strino in Northern Texas and Hope Lioy will folios his example. The same paper says prom All por Fiou of the county to hear the most flattering a a. Counts of the crops. Corn wheat and Cottor All look Well and Promise a Large yield. The Greenville Gladiator says sheriff son just from Hopkins tells us that court opened thursday and adjourned on Mondi Iyo making the shortest session Ever held. What ton who shot sheriff Masor twas brought Forward but by consent of both parties is East a Tyr continued on his giving bail in the a a r of sc00. The meagre amount of business transacted arose from judge Mabry Docty ing his authority under present Ireum Siance a the freed woman tried for whipping amp White child was found guilty sentenced of sly in months imprisonment and fined $200. By ton tried tor an assault with intent to Eldridge was found guilty and Senter c i six months imprisonment and fined Aon Friday a couple of men Jacob mils j t step Lien Tucker tried to shoot each Atli Ltd Tarrants but were prevented by the Era Rel with the above exception court passed of quietly. The Dallas Herald says a Man by the name of g. W. Corley a Wagoner supposed to be from Fannin Eoanu and engaged in hauling Cotton Tojo of a no so was killed near it. Pleasant on Tho Itti in. By a Man named Cloud. Both had a amp Ata drinking and had quarrelled. Could was so rested examined and held for further trial or a bail of $1500, in default of which he was a a handed to jail. From the Jefferson bulletin we Taka the face lowing the building committee of the Eliseo a a Church of this City have commenced work go on their new edifice and Are pushing it Forward with Energy. It is intended cat appropriate and Beautiful Structure an onus ment of the City. A our planters Aro gloomy., the crops terribly behind hand. Corn is Small a no grows slowly. Cotton in Many localities a. A Lousy a owing to the Cool nights. Tho salvation of the country depends upon a Ion postponement of the summer drouth. A forlorn cuss of the male persuasion off the following poetical effusion sallies arms her dog imprison i. No Ilyf my Heck was iii sen How often. Would i re and turn to get a Pat from a hand like Heru and when she kisses towers nose o i wish that that i were a lady a regular shopper who had . An unfortunate clerk Tumble Over a c stockings in the store a objected that were Long enough. A i want a kid she longest Hose that Are a then cts a. Am a was the reply a a you a Trio nest engine
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