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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 24, 1867, Galveston, Texas Wee amp luf. Ujj Quot a by a off tsp flu a Quot All Nixa xxv 1>o yol. A Gal Yeb Tom. W run essay. -mqe.nin-g, a j�ol�24, 1867o no. 30.telegraphic Raboci Atco press Yoi i july 20.�?stocko a Ronij. Money spor cent. Gold 139s. Coupons of�?T62 111 a tenno3soo and Texas sex coupons of �?T68 new Issue Guj North Carolina 6s, now Issue 50. Flour Dull common grades drooping. Wheat a Shado firmer. Corn la 2c lower. Pork steady at $22 95�23 00. Lard quiet we risky Dull. Cotton quiet and steady middling Uplands 2gi�27c. Turpentine 58c. Rosin steady. Washington july 20.�?a Surratt juror taken violently with the cholera Moribus. The court took a recess. It is considered certain that Congress will adjourn this afternoon. General j. A. Mcclosky of Illinois was nominated to the mexican Mission As Secretary of legation it is stated that the Cabinet expect Stanton will approve the message. Some passages were a trikes out during its considerate n in the a a Goddard grand master of Penn a a sol Varia Freo masons is dead. The Post office. Department has ordered contracts for mail transportation from Brashear by Sabine puss Texas Bea Montand Liberty to Houston Aud Back six times a week by Steamboat and Railroad on a Seidule of to hours route 305 Miles Long. Washington july 20.�?the defense still Are for time. Judge Fisher ordered that they must close their Case to Morrow. Court adjourned san Francisco republicans Are still in convention and have nominated governor bid Well for governor. Resolutions in favor of impartial suffrage without regard to color Wero passed. Quot waft Runton july 19�?Senate.�?the House Amend Mont allowing negroes to serve As jurors adopted. $ the j lint Resolution from Tho House nullifying Tho decrees of claims was severely denounced by or. Trumbull. Sumner introduced a Bill to strike the word Whito from Tho naturalization Laws referred to a committee. passed notwithstanding 30 to c. Nays Bayard Buckalew. Avies Hendricks Johnson and Palmerston of Tennessee. Tho chair announced that the Bill was p. Lav the reconstruction. Appropriation Bill passed Over the veto. Tho Senato passed a Resolution to adjourn from to Morrow at 3 of clock to Tho first monday in december 22 to 15. The latter figure represents the impeachment element in the Senate. Adjourned. Hout a the assassination 1�?Tommittee was take evidence by a sub committee and administer oat is. A special committee of. Five was appointed to investigate the paymasters department. The preamble to the relation alleges fraud. Veto race my. The message covers three columns and it a Juc i elaborately the inconsistencies unconstitutionality and tyranny of the act alluding to the declaration that state governments Are All illegal. He says a singular contradiction is apparent Here. Congress declares0 these a local state governments to be illegal. Governments a Hill be carried on by Federal Lii cers who Aro to perform every duty imposed upon its own officers by this. The illegal state authority it certainly would be nil it fail a especially if Congress would attempt to carry on a Legal Stato government by the Agency of its officers. It is strange that Congress attempts to 6is-Stiin and carry on illegal Rhu governments by the sumo Federal Agency. A he Bays it is a now theory and will be acquiesced in by few. It applies Only to territory fit a. Goods and moveable things captured in War Aro called Booty if taken by individual parties plunder Thero is not a foot of land in any Ono of these ten states which the United staler holds by Conquest save Only such land As did not belong either to these states or any Sadi Vidal owners i mean such lands As did belong to Tho government called Confederate states. These lands we May claim and hold by Conquest. As to All other land Aud to mtg by belonging to states or individuals Tho Federal government has now no More title or right to it than it had before the rebellion. The message concludes within a period less than a year Tho legislation of Congress has attempted to strip Tho executive department of Tho government of some of its essential Powers constitutional and otherwise provided it devolved upon the president s Power and duty to see the Laws faithfully executed. The Constitution in order to carry out this Power gives him. A Choice of agents and makes them a a object to his control and supervision but in Tho execution of the serf Laws the constitutional obligation upon Tho president remains but the Power to exercise the constitutional duty is effectually taken away. The military general is a to Tho Power of appointment Mado to Tako Tho Plano of Tho president and Tho general of the army Trio place of the Senato and any attempt on Tho part of Tho president to assert his own constitutional Power May under pretence of Law be met by official insubordination. It is to to added that these military officers looking to Tho authority Given by Tho Laws rather than to Tho letter of Tho will recognise no authority but that of Tho commander of Tho District and general of Tho army. If Thero Wero no other objection s than this to Tho proposed legislation it would be Sutlin cont. Whilst i hold chief executive authority of Tho United states the obligation rests upon me to Seo that All Laws Aro Faith fully executed i can never willingly surrender that Constitution or Powers Given Lor its execution can never1 give my assent to let of Mado for Tho faithful execution of Laws and at Tho to too time surrender that Trust and Tho Powers which accompany it to any other exo Cuativo a Slicer High or Low or to any number of executive officers. If this executive Trust vested by Tho Constitution in the i Veidt it is to to Takoil fro iii him and veiled in sub or into officer./, the responsibility will be with Congress in Elo Thimig the subordinate with unconstitutional Power and with the officer who assumes its exercise. This interference with Tho constitutional authority of the executive department is an evil that will inevitably sap Tho foundation of our Federal system Liu Tjit is not Tho worst evil of this legislation. It is a great Public wrong to Tako from Tho president Power conferred upon him alone by Tho Constitution but the wrong is Moro flagrant Aud More dangerous when the Power to. Taken from the president is conferred upon subordinate executive officers and especially upon military officers Over nearly All the states. If the military Power is regulated by no fixed Laws and rules supreme each one of these. Five District commanders though not chosen by Tho people nor responsible to them exercises at this hour Moro executive Power. Military and civil than the people have Ever been willing to Confer. They know not what it is nor How it is to be applied. At the present time they cannot according to the Constitution repeal these Laws. They cannot reprove or control this military despotism. The remedy never be military despotism. A to be remedy nevertheless is in their hands and is to a found in Tho Ballott and is a sure one if not controlled by fraud overawed by arbitrary Power or from apathy on their part too Long delayed. With abiding Confidence in their patriotism Wisdom and intrepidity i am still hopeful of the future and that in the end the Rod of despotism will be broken the armed Rale of Power be. Lifted from Tho necks v of the people and the principles of a violated Quot Constitution preserved. Washington july 19.�? immediately after Reading the message the i peachers made a Strong Effort Boutwell Butler and others characterize the message As defiant Stevens said they were arguing that matter in vain there Are unseen agencies at work the Eric Are invisible Powers at work in this country which will prevent to lib impeachment. I repeat any at empt to impeach Tho president will be vain and futile. Wilson chairman of the judiciary denounced Stevens insinuations. He was assured that no amount of political expression should turn him aside from the discharge of his duty to Law and fact. Applause from the democratic Side. Stevens without reply demanded a vote and the Bill passed 109-to 24. Veto of reconstruction Bill read and Bill passed 100 to 22. A Resolution passed forbidding the president to remove District commanders without Tho consent of the Senate unless the general commanding the armies to rec commend. Adjourned. New Yore june 19.�?Money superabundant and unchanged. Gold closed Dull at 139. ©139/. Shipments. To Morrow one million k and a half. Governments stronger and prices higher. Stocks irregular. Treasury receipts one million six Hundred thousand payments three million one Hundred and forty five thousand. New Yoke june 19.�?Tho constitutional convention to Day adopted a Resolution declaring negroes entitled to the same rights and immunities As Tho to Whites by a vote of 58 against 41. Washington july 19.�?therpresident today in reply to a Resolution of the Senate sent to that body voluminous documents concerning Maximilian. Many of Theca have already been published. Of the 21st of june Secretary Seward wrote or. Romero a i am authorized to inform president Juarez that the emperor of Austria will at once re establish Princo Maximilian in All his rights of succession As Arch Duke of ail Stria upon Mexico a releasing him and will renounce forever All projects in Mexico. Will you oblige me by conveying this message by Telegraph to president Juarez for his information with the request that if compatible he will make Tho same known to Prince Max italian for his or. Romero on Tho same Day informed or. Seward that to transmitted Tho aforesaid note to Tho mexican minister of foreign affairs having sent it As fur As new Orlenna by Telegraph in Timo to reach the outgoing Steamer. To also states that on Tho 15th of june he sent Secretary Seward a memorandum of that Date in which it was made know to him that the emperor of the French and the Queen of England had addressed the Goye Maent of Tho United states requesting it to interpose us kind offices in favor of Maximilian. Or. Eeward on the 17th of july acknowledged the receipt of or. Romero a notes of the 3d, 7th and 12th insts., in relation to the capture and execution of Prince Maximilian generals Mejia and Miramon. W Ashington july 19.�?a meeting composed of senators and representatives among whom a were Wade Sumner Chandler Nye Howard Ramsay Cole Banks and but la re was held a recently to consider a scheme proposed by a or. Abbott claiming to to a brother of j. C. S. Abbott the historian. Abbott states he has been engaged for two years past in planning 1 and maturing a scheme for Tho acquisition by Northern ties of the mexican states with a View to the ultimate absorption of Tho whole of Mexico. He,.h, travelled extensively through that count Rye put himself in communication it fits leading men including Juarez and Mado overtures to them with the Sanction of prominent parties in Tho United a states. Until lately to had met with but Little encouragement in Plexico. Since the capture and execution of Maximilian his propositions Lyvo been Moro favourably considered. Or. Abbott gave a detailed account of his plans and Laid before them maps and surveys of territory propose to be annexed to the United states. To stated Quot that since the Success of the liberals Thero Wero fears entertained by the leading men of Mexico of a new i Jasion of that country by european Powers who Wero encouraged at Tho death of Maximilian and also of a fresh repetition of intestine strife which Havo torn for so Many years."7 under those circus instances Juarez and Tho better class of Mosigan leaders entertain serious propositions of placing Mexico under the Protection of Tho United states on certain conditions Tho most vital of which is that they a Halloo taken Carp of in Tho Way of Security that they shall he to Good positions in Tai or Nativo country. Abbott urged that Tho government should enter into neg Otious with Juarez and improve Tho Opportunity to a unix Mexico to the Union. To expatriated upon the immense advantage it would secure to Tho United Staton commercially and in a territorial Point of View. Tho senators and rep. Senta Tives present listened to him attentively Lor near an hour when each Ono gave his own views on Tho subject. Tho first to speak was Sumner who disapproved Tho project for fear that if it was adopted it might entangle the United states with Tho nations of some future time. To thought it migh to Well enough to entertain the idea Bat at present did t consider it practicable. Senators Chandler and Nye Wero warmly in favor of it so also was senator Cole. General Banks did no to think it practicable. To feared the i mexican leaders Wero not Earnest in making offers. Others present did not express an opinion. A. New York july 20.�?Cotton firmer sales 2,400 Bales middling Uplands 26jc. To 27c. Flour Dull state �7 to $11 25 seat Lien. S9 60 to $17. Wheat.3c. To 5c. Better. Corn Dull. Pork steady. Others unchanged. New Orleans july 20. A Cotton firmer sales 1000 Bales receipts 740 exports 7320 Low middling 24�. Louisiana sugar fair 134 prime 14j strictly prime 15, Cuba firm fully fair to time 14. Molasses nominally 48@52. Stocks very Small. Flour Stock Light double extra $11 75 Choice $18 50@ 19 00. Corn Stock Light firm yellow mixed 25@35 White 40@45. Pork quiet $24 75@ 25 00. Bacon Good jobbing demand shoulders 13 rib 14 Clear 15. Lard quoted 13� pierces 14. Gold 1395. Sterling 51@54. New York sight in a Premium. Washington july 20.�?a physician from new York testifies that he was in Elmyra on the 14th of april saw Surratt there had a suit with the Erie Railroad company he suspected Surratt was a detective employed by the Railroad company to watch . Tired him closely. Recess sick juror brought into court on a bissells Cross examination was quite lengthy. Court took a recess to six o clock. Adjourned to monday when defence can examine and expiate witness. Washington Jun 2 20�?excitement in the Honse to Day very great. The i peachers taking advantage of a thin a House carried their Point of ordering evidence reported and printed but Wilson chairman of the judiciary committee who has strongly opposed the movement tussle Over the matter until the speakers Hammer fell for adjournment thus again defeating them. Senate there was irregular discussion regarding the adjournment in which the president was denounced As contumacious and or. Chandler said there was a sort of hybrid concern in the Senate called conservative republicanism. ,. Fessenden took further remarks of Chandler As personal and said he had Only one thing to say the senator from Michigan says what is not True. Chandler hurled Back Fessenden a contempt with scorn when the amiable controversy was interrupted Quot by a motion to session. ,.i., a a is / a a the Senato adopted the report of Tho committee of conference. Adjourned to 21st of november. The president nominated Horace Greeley for the austrian Mission but objection being made Unac Rule of Senate the nominations could not be considered the same Day. Nomination goes Over. The Senate took no action on Capron a nomination to the Cominiski ownership of agriculture. John Netherland of Texas confirmed minister to Bolivia. John a. Mcclernand As minister and Ottenburgh As Secretary to Mexico rejected. Edmund Bolinger confirmed postmaster for Gonzales Texas. D. Reilly continued collector of customs Wilmington n. C. The following were rejected Hugh t. Waddell receiver of Public moneys Natchitoches Alexander Field receiver of Public Money new Orleans a. Bissell. A Resolution ordering 3,500 copies of the report on physics and hydrography on the Mississippi River was passed. The Bill carrying into effect the Venezuela convention passed. The Indian Bill As passed by the Senate a was amended and passed. The judiciary committee was authorized to Send for persons and papers on the question whether Kentucky Maryland and Delaware a have Republican constitutions. Preamble and resolutions were adopted ordering the sergeant at arms to bring Lafayette c. Baker before Tho bar of the House for contempt in refusing to appear before the judiciary committe passed. Resolution ordering judiciary committee to report evidence taken in impeachment Case passed 32 to 43. This result was applauded 1 by impeached so conference. The committee reported an adjournment from 4 of clock to 21st november agreed to Jeas 61, nays4g, Wilson was about reporting the evidence on impeachment when the speakers Hammer fell for adjournment. Washington july 20.�?internal Revenue to Day s693,000 for a week $3,234,000. General Howard Lias issued orders to his subordinates regarding employees. Preference must be Given to such As have been Loyal. All must take the Iron Clad oath. New Yolk july 20.�?the austrian ship Ond a from Antwerp has arrived. Seventeen deaths 1 Ond sent to quarantine. New Yore july 20.�? Gold firm at 1395. New Yoke july 20.�?Bank statement shows an increase of in Loans of one million on deposits two million Legal tender one million decrease specie one million. Simon Wil Fronski committed for obtaining goods Tuder Falso pretences. He i presented. That to owned a Plantation in Louisiana and bought a Stock of goods for new Orleans Worth $11 0,000. N new York july 20.�?receipts of Cotton for the week ending july 18 new Orleans 850 Mobile 389 Galveston estimated at 1100 Savannah 1319 Charleston 794 new York 1c98 Boston Philadelphia and Baltimore 189. Total 5779 Bales. Washington a july 20.�?the latest official accounts received at Tho greek legation give Torriblio accounts of turkish cruelties in a Crete. The cretans inflicted severe punishment on one of Omar Faschan a spies. Orner pascha in retaliation crucified a grecian priest in order a say dispatches to satiate his revenge and cast odium on the i Christian religion from which Omar pascha acknowledges backsliding having himself been born a Christian. He next besieged a Cavern in which Tho greek women and children had taken Refuge a closing Tho Mouth and leaving them to die of starvation. The dispatches Stato that the turkish government declines to yield to the remonstrances of european Powers regarding Omer Paschal a conduct. Washington july 20.�?Tho judiciary com Roit Teo had a meeting after adjournment and received copies of evidence already Given out and again enjoined secrecy during the excitement. It transpired in form absolutely authentic that on the 9th of february 186g the president general Grant and colonel h0ii3 or Avo shown by evidence to have been in perfect Accord with regard to Southern policy. New Youk july 22.�?Cotton is More Active and very firm sales 30q0 Bales at 27c. Stocks generally steady. Gold 139j. Coupons �?T65,in,. Once adj july 22.�?Cotton fico Low middling 2iis@25 sales 600 Bales receipts 186 Bales. Sugar and molasses no change Stock Light. Flour quiet double extra $11 75 Choice $18 50. Corn firm yellow and mixed 25@35 White 45. A Oats firm is 10, Stock very Light. Pork firm and Active s25 00. Bacon Stock very Light shoulders 13i Clear 15.?. Gold 140. Sterling 51 i@54. New York sigh Premium. New on neans july 22.�?Cotton prospects continue dubious. Owing to continued Rains the worm has appeared in some districts and the wet weather has prevented the grass from being cleaned out and Cotton slowed in. The replanted Corn in some sections of the Upland districts reports More favourable but All agree that even a two thirds crop is any where contingent upon cessation of Rains. The prospects of Grain crops Are a the Best Ever known. Westhof very sultry daily showers thermometer 90. The weekly mortuary report shows nine deaths of cholera and two of yellow july 22.�?it was senator Tilton who objected to Greeley s confirmation to a the austrian Mission. No inducement could cause him to support a Bailer of Jeff Davis. Washington july 22.�?vera Cruz advices via new York say that Maximilian s body is coming there for delivery to the austrians. J. Trneny of tenn., who has been on trial Here for stealing valuable papers from a quartermaster has been honorable discharged. Washington july 22.�?a dispatch from general a. J. Smith announces the 6afe arrival of the train at fort Parker with Bishop Long priests and Sisters of Charity reported july 22.�?rev. Charles Bort Cher with whom Surratt was concealed in Canada on the stand. Gave evidence that Surratt knew nothing of his mothers a danger. The evidence was ruled out on motion of the prosecution. Father Boucher a testimony is damaging regarding or. Mcmillan for truthfulness. Or. Boucher put him out of his House for. Impertinence when a a Boucher remonstrated with Mcmillan about the wrong of abortion. Defence closed and prosecution commenced rebutting. The Hope to close the evidence in two Days. Quot a a a a new York july Money firm. Gold changed �?T62 Coli Pons heavy Good steady. 203c. Lower. Pork 22. A a stocks Strong. 1393. Sterling uti Len flour common wheat quiet. Corn firmer $22 00@23 75. Whisky quiet. Cotton firm. Middling 27b. Freights quiet. Turpentine quiet 58c. Rosin steady common 62a strained s3 75. Washington july 22.�?the Republican committees circular says a two have Twenty thousand Southern Loyal names to which documents Are regularly the report says Only Money is needed to carry the. Southern states at the elections provided for by Congress. New York july 22.�?the Ocean Queen from Aspinwall brings one million one Hundred and sixteen thousand dollars. Bogota is quiet. Mosquera is still a prisoner. The bolivian legislature refuses to acknowledge any other Power than Mosquera. Political discord in Chili continues. Cholera decreasing in Bueno Ayres it has disappeared from the Seaboard republics. The peruvian Congress decreed the continuance of the Spanish War. . Few Lorli Pijor Wielb. New Yoek july 23, 1 p. 139j. Cotton demand fair and prices firm. Loncon july 23�?noon.�?consols 94 7-16 a 5-20s 72 -. By the Calysle Liverpool july .23�?noon.�?Cotton Market quiet but steady sales 6000 Bales. Middling Uplands log. Orleans to jed. Railroad the thousand who ride by rail every Day there fire probably few who have taken pains to inform themselves of the meaning of Tho different signals used by the conductors Quot and engineers on Railroad trains. Their signification is As Fol own a two whistles a Down one Whistler Quot off three whistles a Aback continuous Whistler a danger a a rapid succession of Short whistles is the a cattle alarm a at which Tho Brick be will always be put Down. A sweeping parting of hands on level of Eye is a signal to a go a downward motion of the hand with extended arms to a beckoning motion of Ono hand to lantern raised and lowered vertically is a signal for a starting a swung at right angles or Cross ways the track to it a Stop a swung in a Circle a Aback the a red Flag waved upon Tho track must be regarded As a signal of a danger. A so of other signals Energy. Hoisted at a station is a signal for a train to a stuck up by the Road Side it is a signal of a a danger on the track ahead. A it carried unfurled upon an engine is a warning that a another engine or train is of its _ the Viceroy or Egypt in Loddon times denounces with severity the decision of the government that Tho Viceroy of Egypt will be the a guest of the state a and that a rooms will to provided for him during his stay in London at Claridge a it says a there Are limits even to the apathy and negligence of the British Public in the matter of International Courtesy. It is enough that we have let the russian emperor come within a few hours journey of our shores without asking him to Cross the Channel although the heir to the British Crown was received by him with magnificent hospitality. We have to ask of Tho government that a second breach of Good manners shall not to perpetrated in Tho Caso of Tho egyptian ruler. For. The present at least the nation must consider Tho government its representative in such matters As Well As in the weightier concerns of administration and diplomacy. Of lord Derby and his colleague to would therefore ask that they should make such Arra Emonts As will insure to this Eastern Prince to whom we Are joined by so Many Bonds of policy and Friendship a reception which will not mortify him nor disgrace ourselves. The nation will regret and resent any failure in Courtesy to its. Visitor to. In it were a slight to new Yore july 20.�?the Edinburg at amp a City of Antwerp arrived. Tho Queen of Prussia had arrived in Paris Earl Derby in the House of lords in announcing Maximilian a execution said he shared in Tho feelings be All their lordships with regard of this unnecessary cruel and barbarous murder we if cd must have excited sorrow in every country a murder purely gratuitous which so far from producing any beneficial effect would of Ion add to the miseries of my Xico. He declined a stating Tho governments intention.1 lors Stratford de Ratcliffe said he should press c Resolution on the subject. In corps legislator Thiers said the mexican expedition had been without Good results to France and the prestige of her greatness was lost in America Ancl compromised in Europe Jules Favre said that the French troops should have brought Maximilian away Aud thus saved Franco from Tho stain of bloc. Which will rest upon her. In the sch ctr Rokuhei said France did everything she Couis to induce Maximilian to come away. To traitor Lopez has been degraded from Olup legion of Honor. Two thousand belgian volunteers have arrived in England in six steamers. Tho turks claim nearly All districts of Shoka. The owl says no intervention of european Powers will occur i consequence Cut Maximilian a execution. The Steamer Nebraska run Down a fishing boat which was anchored ten Miles off Cork Harbor. Out of a Crew of seven five Wero lost. Washington july 21.�?senator Yates be response to a Sornate said Tho democrats Wero shedding tears Over the death of Maximilian. It was the duty and policy of Tho mexican Republic. A the judiciary committee had a meeting to Day and resolved to retain Tho Eviden amp a until next meeting of Congress. Colonel Ward ii. Lainon was rejected As Consul general to Culm. Commissioner Beckwith writes to the Stato department that More than half of american exhibitors were awarded premiums. Money Market David a ably Force the Bank of England to red Celo rate of discount to the lowest Point Ever tie Cable. London july 19.�?empress Eugenie visits Queen Victoria at Windsor sunday next. Florence june 19.�?garibaldi announces to a great meeting at Pastoria that the tic a has come for liberating Romo from Popaz a tax Ranny restoring that City to its Fres Dom. London july 19�?midnight�?in the Hocsak of lords this evening a request was made in the part of the government that the he in a a refrain for Tho present from any express a opinion by Resolution or otherwise regard Ian the execution of Maximilian. To Morrow will be observed As Holiday. A report reached hero from Florence that a fight occurred Between a party of Garibaldi aus and italian troops near Verona. Paris july 20.�?napoleon continues to Purchase horses for Tho army. Military workshops Are Over tasked live Pool july 20�?noon.�?cottou Icin and Uno hanged sales fifteen thou Stoia Bales. London july to the Tonigs in the Houis Quot of l6r�s sustains the Reform Bill Eadi a Grey opposes it. Liverpool july 20�?3 p. .11.�?markets a a a closed no changes except tallow Deoline a the 43 and 49. London july 22�?noon.�?consola of 7�1s. Bonds 72 Liverpool july 22�?noon.�?Cotton fins. Sales 12,000 Bales. Others unchanged., fro iii tie Pacific coast. A ship just in at san Francisco reports Flavin or spoken the ship Ellen Southard from Hong Kong bound to san Francisco on Saturn is the 1st instant about thirty Miles West of Tea far Allone islands. The. Ellen Southard was flying signals of distress and a boat was Kenai on Board of her when it was discovered this Captain Howe Hor master had died in 6th of May and the vessel was in his wife. There wore four Hundred Ohita men on Board and tie Sejhar tires Weir a to murder the Crew As soon As a Wata nil Thero was Only three Days a a apply left Raes exhausted. The Crew also were in a . State of Mutiny living refused to ship unless some competent officer was pm us. Charge of her. Captain fake loft his Mats is command and coming on informed Theka a of the circumstances and they Immes to to Ltd amp a stood out to meet the distressed vess33. San Francisco is to have a sea Waill Quot to of club. A described by the bulletin As for Lowa i ii. Pit or Channel sixty feet wide at ali3.-bqttg.2iu at a level of Twenty feet below Maan Lov ti�4. A will be excavated for Tho found Stica of Wall which will consist of a Rodires a Bank a in thirteen feet wide at the top at a the it love o mean Low the East lips of a Wall is completo a body of a Eon Orete pro Wasfi thick and ten Quot feet in widths will be Laid on,toa2 upon this will be constr acted. A Wall of Elm masonry seven feet three inches a ids aes nine feel eight inches High vertical Oca land Side Aud sloping on Tho water Side with an offset for Tho reception a of timbers. Pm the line of each Street Sowers will be constr ted through the Wall Tho face of Tho embankment on. The water Side will be Protevi amp i by a rip rap Wall of stones to weigh not Les than five Hundred pounds of our readers Aro Avaro that tis chinese in California Send Home their for interment. But it is not generally it Iowa that there is an organized company who tail charge of Tho whole business. Such however is the fact. An Exchange says a persons Aire sent from Timo to time All Oyer California Oregon and Nevada a on Bone Collis tons. After preparation Lioy Quot Ato labelled Sali sent to Hong Kong where friends of the �1-Ceasecf recon a them. Tho remains of cd friendless ure cared for by guilds or Beur ancient societies. Religious ceremonies accompany the final interments in Whiler a a Trio attendance of a priest is not essential a a.,annual Pilski Page to the Field of wits Loo a tuesday last was the fifty second adversary of Trio Buttle of Waterloo. A. Lar in in Moor of non residents englishmen acct pc journeyed from Brussels to the and to mount st. Jean thus making Tho Lea ditto Piid excursion similar in some respect to a pilgrimage. A in it jed tic jugs Al
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