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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 13, 1867, Galveston, Texas A or correspond Cnoc Quot special correspondence of i la Juhym bulletin. J London june &2, 1s67. The glaring Ells of trades1 Union und Combina Tiou amongst workmen Liao Jiow lie coma so train Marcut that they no Lon a admit of doubt. Nay thy loudly Call Lor legislative notion to restrain them. The Roost Bli cuing revelations have just been disclosed before the to idea Union commit Alon now Vittini a bellied relative to the . Pc rated by unionist a of that neighbourhood upon a Roomy and life i Trio murdered who shot Lilily the Sav Milder Fioro time ago confessed to the diabolical deed and baud How much he received for the commission of the Crimo in a Iirma Licad tin local Nerti tiry. While giving his evidence hot two and l Ach time restorative had to to Eti. Broadhead too Hay made u full lev Catlon. Xiv entire Oil air is Lioni Bly rep ulivo and �3 Yain fully variance with modern civilization. As the saturday review a i this morning re Nia lib a until this foul a tii Iua in Itu moved Tho very or site Ifield will be Macure Riidu his Siuy to tic Wink ear11. The Clit Meier of the whole nation in , and stain d with blood and die worst of in though Ihirg Luo Iid revelation is the most. Pos ili c of or ivies. Yet is a liter All Only he Ramtu and Downing i Stilt of what be Lear in Aub Lely of Ink in other in a is. Aud Over a wider Range of society than shed on to Nizile , the Tiloa a i new mat i indy was Slid that Elisha kor i a hot to Uva mus in and that la Avne Hough a bad his blown Down and i nov destroyed. Sheik id has loner Ada bad Luns �<0 tet sol s in i e i Ity. The Jins Fiou Leilh Erio ii a Chi who did them Wei a they duo him by to the exceptional Binta Lity ii Divi urls an urus Autv Lawless imputation 1 such we been con taut la a suied wan . Liev a Jav said to by act of individual Ninmo Ity own if the cause of the animosity was to be sought in the on Trade pie indices old the Diee. Or on that a other i and a Ere Uch acts deliberately e in fitted tor Union Imp finses with More or less com Junco f of the authorities of the Union the Niblic. Femme not bin Ivel a iii the lat ter was the True Buklin truth an now is infinitely War amp Rel iii they Kurin ised. Linley Wah hot according to a distinct agreement Between the Secretary of a Union and two of bin a in tsp an a a ement As Plain a business Liko. And As strictly executed is nay Trade contract. Indiana Tiou May Sceva Etc on Neh men yet no indignation can be too Strong. Against a Nch cold blooded atrocities. Many a murder for which the murderer Baa been Bung is Leas heinous than the act for which these three ruffians will claim an indemnification from the commissioners.1 of course i Tucy fulfil rhe conditions on which is granted they must receive though is impossible not to feel a Icyk Jet that one of the to lire least should not vindicate 1 in his person the majesty of to Law. will not be altogether a Good precedent that three self convicted murderer should be readmitted unpunished into ii Helfield life. I ome Stern lesson will we tear be to eve Cowo the of notorious Tow us a our of the Moat . Disgust Jar Anil ills Eraci fal Pioci Milln a that 1 remember of re Etcil the . Jinn Foj Hall do Ilo Wilny Evo Lufi. Or Nonio Lay Jiro Vious. h us Liccini Vii by Rani conc i Stltt a m Cullu Quot of the con Wiki lib Aluni a Arbo Chat of Vroulis i. Us Ltd ,.t tit feb ova place for the Pur poise Quot of Ina Lii c the l d. My of Law and order to Ltd a a Ircy a to att.kuim- of All i Ukel a of her Malia tvs a Subj Ctm to the Mouar Chial and parliamentary 1 011-Slitittlou of the i Rountr to Proust spa Init Rcv Olu a to Wiy a Itati d to the privileges Ai Vitili in Tutti pc Quot ple by Llie Clown in lilo peace lilo. Ii Wiik t5 of to Royal for the pin pole of further Iulio a cd that Jar. I. A Quot. Folk a the Cali ditto Lor the Clov j i Uliuli i the l. Lection. Who i prepaid ii of a he a i Chat intake 1 lie chair Imil a up Weil Ih the lie ail die Imp a by a i a a rvs 1 Pic literal i . Was a i of Navy Lur time Quot a a Liall fit 1 of the Fannu a Tea be. I of i few of the in rare i hiring a and pmlli.. To in i who Ilii a 11 .tll.iii., u a their Nam Ltd to Eie i Tiloi i Hilf. Al lir h i i iii l were Mes a. Lit a i. , and Mantle together with an in Lii re i in Rii . Alai is Mibb <1 llr., a a nun . I out in i ii a i Fri Ifni i Louia of a a in a i. pit a Antion was taken by those who a a i ii a ii ii l she like Tio to Preveat tile of a actions i ill disc ohm Dpi Fiou thu May he Bent a upon i Tiu Hijii proceed minus. Kven the tickets issued pledged to a who Alee ital them that they would b. Favourable to Tho Movi Nie Tharani Tei Izi Ilas tin cause of Quot god the save ii a and the 1�?~eojde.1�?T i hardly Ero the on died. When a tot Nav of Lio int Niani tested themselves. A a Rumi out Maui Beis of the Lia be. T oui Icli Lua lied Lulo the Khall and with a degree. Of moral turpitude Siul f barefaced i i timely to h a excelled or in deist Oil seated thera Delvca Raj in front of tie platform Wiiilie their uie Kedly disposed and pliant Beau red to liens Ives in nil divert Ion on Cut thug a p a Low. When or. I Owler Ami tev Crul Ito Lemen a us m. I a a. Accompanied by , arrived a scene of indescribable ensued. Duo Lela uned to Keve the platform and were cheered by their for Leilh for sex in Bitloy k. Tho Organ or Apuy de to drown the commotion that in mind he Init lug cried but vociferously l or Tho a a Maniel Laie Quot and a a j�?T.All& round the la a Quot be ,&Quot Whilo one i Enow raised the red Cap of Liberty us o Polo amid lond cheers and jul ii Kat Coli Shiou and. Waved Triumph fitly. Tie reporter of the Standard remarks Tho to Iota in Tho Lindy of the Hall now became Dea Euini and a cry was rained which was immediately respond d to by an Alan nine run i to Tho orchestra Over the reporters table which was upset oud unto to our pencils. Anil Ink were iii plod of Ond chatter cd in Vii ads i Ichona goveria of Tho report is narrowly Scap. D injury by Lupin a on to the Ucb Fitta or niacin a Ood their a a Capo right and left a opportunities Inonu favored. Eueral Inch and treo in tit ensued on the orchestra. Clalra were Brolien and pitched Down into Tho body of Tho half. Sticks were brandished in Truo Blizil Ralegh fashion. Several Persona tot severely eat Eye and broken coat a Many in their fright climbed Over a into Tho Sido galleries for safety and As the crowd on Tho orchestra swayed to and Lio. A few unfortunate individual Wens precipitated into the body of Tho Hall and must have sustained severe Bruist if no More Nerleen for two Ligoura did these disgraceful proceeding last until i body of police a veil and took Mantle anti other of Tho i Radical Rini Leadem into custody. Of course after paying heavily for Tho us oof Tho Viall the conservative working men 8 association Coull not hold its meeting owing to the wicked interference of liar enter la ugly unit h h in famous notoriety seeking satellites men who Lyvo no reputation to lose Anil who Are intolerant of every expression of opinion that which hears Tho lamp Nmair of Tho Forra league. This political body can ecu reely Alpo Oil Tho foul damning stain a Ficili the conduct of Homo of prominent executive Havo iii acted on . Such a diabolical proceeding is unprecedented and in English in ill Only and unfair and those who got up the Dis iii Liangco of Tho highest Ceil sure and Tho most supremo contempt. So much for Adoal toleration and fair playthopnti3. In tie most unqualified manner con Ilen Nii Trio i a Greib for their Daystar ily Rocee Altig tie . James a Lylall. The times having remarked Tli. their plans or opposition were widely and organized says Quot that the result was a Triumph to the league in a physical he miso no Ono a a an deny but whether will Conduce to the in tease of its in Oral Lull hence or insure for a larger a hate of political. Power is a a question which Imit lie left to the Public to judge. seems to its that its executive were afraid that the Case of its opponents was too Strong to allow to be stated fully and Tho morning Herald having characterised the occurrence As a pc Vidalous violation of the right of Public meeting and free speech winds up an Able article on the subject in this Wise a we do not envy i Hose Whoso task is to apologise Lor proceedings like these. would to Bolo to say that the abortive meeting was a Ctm Servat Ivo. Iltem. we ill reality to Triumph of i Odieal brutality. to not to to supposed that tactics like1 these will staid the growth of Public opinion Union Quot Tho working classes. Kather will such an a Pisto As that of last night teed to Lead them to two important conclusion. Tho first ,1s, that the principles which commend themselves to Yuoh lies to late must to Light and sound and that Trio cause which arrays such of its Side is one to to shunned by every Man who values his Good name and can a Foid to preserve i amp Orff Fri pct. The second is that those who hold the views which Are to obnoxious to Tho Rofeim league roughs will do Well to take prompt measures for banding themselves under an organization sufficiently Strong to meet the violence and Ruffia ism of their antagonists with Stern and immediate Tho Standard comments thua i a h proved now that those who Call themselves the Liberal Lle form ers of London Enn Only permit themselves to hear one Side of the Jues Ion. They must speak themselves hut no one Elso shall Duro to open his month. A a there is no doubt that was n glorious Victory for Trio platform was f formed hats were crushed chairs smashed and the respectable majority of the lne Otin put to much discomfort Ana annoyance. How Sincli further Tho league might have pushed their advantage is impossible to suy for just the height of their Triumph the minions of tie Law came in and Otice Moro robbed the league of the fruits of their exertions. Much however was done to make this a capital nights work for to learners. They prevented to Weir opponents from sneaking which was n glorious gain in itself for inc list Rel cause. They showed that they will have Only one kind of opinion in certain political matters that while they clamor for the a a free right of Public that menus the Freo Light Only of the to a semele and Speal wherever they Liidi Cal Diffily no is. While partially becoming the Tho riotous learners admits a a that would have been fir bettor the Inki rup Civ a Bow cautions the news is in its selection of mild language had gone elsewhere and Given pea Elul utterance to their thu Telegraph Radical and rainp.int., As Are its general sentiments ventures to be reasonable and just Lor Unco. Its language of condemnation is cogent Audra seaworthy. Speaking of the Loag ures i Kif a Quot they resolved to attend and to oppose. Now. Had i Lieen a puh in , they would have a i ail Uin Lou Ineil right to do so hut was most expressly stated that Only those favourable i the objects of the conservative association were invited and All the tickets of admission were issued Oil that understanding. was therefore worse than rudeness was a Gross breach of Faith to go with the Yiew of Ereat ing a disturbance. , the thing to feb Lioio aug a a a free to gut ensued. The conservative journals will doubtless hasten to denounce the cond of the leagues but they shall riot be More prompt than ourselves in repro bating a course Winch was altogether unjustifiable lie form has received a Good Deal of help from Tho More Saga Loub of its enemies has sustained nut a Little injury from the More injudicious of its friends a this reproof from their own Organ too 1 a Mali fear will have Little effect upon persons callous to �11 Seibe of decency oblivion to Justice inimical to social order and unmindful of the rights of others men who would upset if they could the whole fabric of society and worship reason instead of go.11i for one was fully prepared for an imm Cokato and unequivocal repudiation by the Council of Tho lie form league of Liat Wanton interference and those proceedings on Tho part of its colleagues and very Many members of the society slut what is the strange and deplorable fact Why the very next a a Tuluii a meeting of the executive their rooms in to Adelphio Terrace Trio following Sharac. Tori Stic Resolution was proposed bocon ded and duly carried by acclamation a a hat the . James Hall meeting fully proves that the working menus conservative association is an arrant Sham and that a the attempt Wos a simple Effort by tory Squires to bolster up an expiring action. A resolved therefore that the thanks of the Council and delegates be Given to Tho lie tor me is who on monday night maintained the legally elected chairman against the violence Nuil brutality of an educated what need of any further testimony jut. Of their Cir n months Are they judged. Queen Elizabeth y. As herself the1 representative of revolutionists r the lie four league while advocating Tho right of Itco Poech pm themselves disclaim the Light of opposing political parties to Posi Eim the very Lei nement of insole ice. Whilo we have had a do play of league "rowdyism11 in i Ondon the Toun of Jinni Agliam has for Negev no Days past been the a healer of intense re i ious a tiie logical named mite by a a Lacon Evitea 1 i Isth ii isl has torn a longtime Linen travelling 1 com town to town and Village to Villig Lect using the in or is of the Tomun Chiueh. And denouncing the Pic its of that ill language More suggestive than elegant and not All sparing in the use of rude exp Tiv. S. And Abu Ive epithets. This Man is in Tom enjoyment of a society a a a so of cure that has been heard of called the a protestant electoral this time Bir Nii Ughrin was honoured by or. Murphy s presence lie applied to the mayor for the use of the to a i Hail wherein to deliver his address. The mawr very refused his request. His friends then tiled to get the use of other rooms hut with Jual ills Ueless. length there was no alternative but to erect a temporary shed which was ulc Kly thrown up in rather a Central position. The first lecture took place on monday , lieu an outburst of fury took place Mongil o numerous Irish ii Oman catholics Wilch continued for several Days without intermission. Nut Only All the police. constables pensioners and Olu Teero had to be ailed out hut Tho military Idso and infantry and Hussars had to be telegraphed to or to Manchester and Coventry. I Quot Reo lights hard knocks broken Heads ted won led limbs prevail this time the Iowa was in a veritable state of siege houses wrecked streets destroyed stores Pilla-<�1, while Tho list of a wounded reads like the Hospital state of a regiment on Active ser Vlco thatched As an adv Cuccu Guird nud fresh from a Fth Are encounter with the Chomio b tie magistrates had to Road the riot act and tiie infuriated mob to be dispersed by Force Ainuu serous arrests Liao been made to Allan to have quite enough to do in dealing with the various charges now that to town is quiet for Tho present lost. I regret to find that an Over urgent in to Testant and n. Member of Tho hound of commons or. Whalley has mixed lil self no in this Nasty business and Endeavor a support Yttri thy in Bis ill advised Chiba do Rig dist la Opery. He has written a Long letter to the London papers justifying his col be Riuo s proceedings and assuming to responsibility of Bis nets. A Ait is a sad thing that religion should thus to perverted. Or. Man Ilia and Liia advisers appear to be oblivious of Tho truth that the instincts of humanity Are More sacred than Tho logic of theology and that in lighting against tie Devil they Are doing Tho Devil s work Zeal without Krowl Cego has led to Tho Dos Turbacco to which i Liao referred. Of course 1 my far from approving of Tho wicked and intolerant conduct of Tho iii Sli Catholic population of Hir Minghan while i still less approve of a wilful and intemperate onslaught upon the religion to which they Are so attached and in punishing Tho re Vilers of which 1 Jucy they supposed they Are a doing god service a i h to just been Reading in Froude s a a Missella Niobe an article which struck me As very apropos on Tho occasion. Having stated that Quot christianity Lias Abler advocates thou its professed defenders who proceeds to say 4so Long of the spirit Leonti Riuo to to visible in a Harity in self sacrifice in to Lithe graces who h also Hutu in creatures above themselves and invest them with that Beauty of holiness which Only Rell Tott confers thoughtful Petsonis will remain convinced tint with them in some lorm or another is the secret of truth. Tho indy will not thrive on Poison or Tho soul of falsehood and a the vital proteases of health tor science to follow As to choose our food Nobby Trio most chemical analysis but by Tho expel Iesue of its Oil ets iii iii to system so when a particular Betley is l Ruit tul in nobleness of character we need trouble ourselves Ycre let to with scion Tiiu demonstrations Tomt is false. May in that Trio Faith which Aavo i is tie some thl nit held in common by All Sineiro Christ land and by bosons Well who should Cuoio from the Kast. And the West and sit Down i the Kingdon id god lieu Tho children of Tho covenant would be cast of flip is a comical one that is taking but a super Lelal View of thu Abs Senee. Of specie would to a serious calamity to any nation Anil would to easy to understand now such a misfortune would Ong Onifer Universal sorrow and discontent. With us Trio notes of lamentation ail no not because to have no Money but because to have too much of . In Fael lies in mighty piles in the dim Cellers of the Hank of England useless Anil unproductive. According to the Bull Ouist the amount of Stock of the precious metals now in Tho Banks of England mid France approaches close upon a in li0,0ill Sterling. The proportion held by the former being exactly �2l,,4uu, an increase of ��37u,-1/71 upon Tho accumulation of last week. Further accessions of this immense Stock of specie in untie Ipa ted and such an occur Rance is giving Rise to we uneasy us a. Tho cause of this state of things and its probable results Aro thus commented of by to journal referred to a the fear of War a observes Quot rapidly following commercial Distant and disaster Lias been succeeded by a lethargic state which for Tho present revises to give place to the certainty of Peaco orto Realise Tho fact that there is super flu oils retrogression of Commerce a which is scarcely less injurious to those who Sutler from than apprehensions of a rupture of the peace. These conditions will help to explain the redundancy of Gold but Trio Moro important question to be solved is Tho direction which the use of those growing reserves will take when the time arrives for a fresh develop Merit of activity. Quot we cannot present see what turn affairs my take. We Only know that hitherto the engagements made or making for Tho negotiation of foreign Loans do not Promise any serious inroad upon those reserves and that Trade though languishing is not languishing for the want of capital so much As for tie want of and be with All this Gold this unhealthy plethora of Money in the Bank coffers fully a i Milliou filter link Moro is on the Way from new York besides some hundreds of Lions Nils from Australia. What Aro we to do with is p Ain that a nation May possess a huge accumulation of Gold and yet be far from prosperous. In Kniland now there obtains a Universal want of Confidence i he Public have been. So. Weir in Tedie and Egi Eil i oils a or i a a tiled by lie most promising of Spe in Lite on. Aate Ute cd ted by High commercial class names that they prefer letting to Weir capital lie Idle to in risk Fuls Yeeu . is hard to what til Quot end will be. To i time the Greate dissatisfaction owing to the eur Ntina to seclusion of the Queen. Often and often has she received gentle counsel from i he times. And other journals hut . Lias Tallen upon her unheeded. With her bereavement the entire deeply sympathized but no Otic rold have im-�?Tinedth. grief could have taken such deep hold of the Sovereign As to result in her perfect isolation from1 the world and the in Niqui Sliment of duties which ate regarded As Paramount in Ono upon whom devolves Trio government of tie state sinful a to say just the bight of the general discontent one journal raid that nil important iii Lentia Organ the examiner outfits the Queen s ill do Gist. Although thinking knowing and feeling that would a a to of her Good once More to mingle among her peo Jde yet re Marks Quot Xot. One Hoar sooner than she chooses would we have her come. She treats us not As slaves and we would not have slavery imposed on Here Tho worst of slavery that of being forced to play the hypo write in her grief. Slie does her duty As a Queen ii iving us our Liberty unquestioned and in grudge Why should we grudge or ques Ion hers ? for the richest people in the would sounds ineffably base and paltry to complain that a few court milliners and confectioners May have a Little less to do in Tho season because the Queen spends Little of her time Licking Liam Palace in comparison with what she used to do. A is positively humiliating to have to org ii the matter or top Ead the sacred Ness to which sorrow should to held. We deny we treat with scorn the notion that tie use of the Royalty or the chief duty of to Queen of England is to set upholstery to and Mantua makers a Needles going and to keep French Cooks incessantly occupied in their vocation. The True function of a cd nine Queen in a genuine countr. Like ours is Tobo . Let those who prefer make believe and imposture go elsewhere for and much Good May do the examiner takes a Low and improper View of the Case. Granted that the West end tradesmen May to actuated by selfish motives is not so with the bulk of Tho people. All classes of thee Ommul to would desire to see the Queen once More take an Active part in the nth Yiirs of a Tate because such a course of action would a More healthy condition to the nation and certainly be Token a Niomy. Normal condition of the Royal mind. and protracted grief for the loss of a husband dues not comport with a profession of christianity snot consistent or ?-<v.mly iii one who occupies the position of head of the Cicur i anglican. The gets a handsome Revenue the c a Ieuv i i a Nal does she give in to a a i John Llull is such an arrogant a i i Corfi tied in Ellaby parotid Moniti that he will i to few Snow huge himself outdone by by other and yet England ill Many particulars is ssi la Heliend nth ice countries. Our carriagv�?--1 5riean that arc called the second and third class ecu Veyn Trees of this Kindse a positive disgrace to civilization being Little better than horse boxes Viereia people Are crowded together Tike cattle and treated like cattle Tun. We do adopt an improvement or idea now find again sometime even from tie Yankees for. Whom to assume such a dignified contempt. The latest is that of smoking carriages which Are now fas getting into Vogue the Liri Stol and Exeter railway comp my being tie last to comforts and tastes of passengers travelling Over its line who like to resort to the a by Reed for the purpose of alleviating the Monotony of travel. The Irish Kun form ill has been postponed until next session. The Chancellor of Ibe exchequer stated in in arli aident that owing to to state of Ireland and the insuperable Dilli Cutie amp in the Way he could not pig Russ with to. So much for Justice to Ireland the Irish terribly Dis comlite and Liao held a meeting to consider wept course they Aro to take. Stephen Joseph Mejino was Beuton cedi yesterday to fifteen years penal servitude. He protested against the sentence and demanded Protection As a citizen of the in Titch states. I find that there was no foundation for the statement that he was to to Equit feed. I sent the intelligence to you on the authority of an Irish paper. The basis of an agreement has been adopted by a parliamentary committee of Irish members for Tho Assumption of the Iri a railways by tie Statel Ireland is to guarantee tie Treasury against los. For tbs to years the lines will be managed by a commis Siou. And subsequently leased under certain regulations a uni s. Paul lib ,ircm.is�. The Case or professor he Ytse. The trial of professor Hodge indicted in a one of the Mont iii courts on a charge of tour cd is exciting a Good Deal of anxiety among his friends r the North. A distil guis Hotl savant and a Man whose enviable a character has endeared him to All who. Have a come in Contact with him is natural that they should interest themselves in his behalf. Ave do not think however the they need feel any uneasiness on the subject. The homicide with which or. Hodge stands charged was so clearly done in self Defenso that no jury utter hearing the evidence could come to any other conclusion than that was justifiable. was Only after his son had been shot through the wrist and he himself had been wounded in the breast that the professor fired the shot which killed his antagonist. Tho difficulty in the Case seeing to be that his son who was the sole witness of the a a Curence is indicted with him and consequently he is denied the Benefit of his evidence. This however will not effect the result As the indictment cannot possibly to maintained against Young Quot Hodge. We see by a letter from governor Meagher that the doubts expressed As to the possibility of the professer having a fair trial in to territory owing to the Leeling that has Leen excited against Hini Are without reasonable grounds the Cash will be tried fairly nud squarely on its merits and these being in professor Hodges favor we cat not Seo Tomt his friends the North ii pc any real cause Lor anxiety on his account a y. . 1 Jurt the Railroad Bridge across the Colorado a will to a completed in five or six we Eis Oil one tithe workmen named d. Hurley formerly of Captain Upton a company was drowned a. Few Days since. Ii a in &Quot.d by the dispatches to see that after m Uch delay the bowl of Gruel has been Given a to Tho san Antonio express. All Tho congressional printing now gees to the a Eastern Pari of Tojo a Tate. The Telegraph line being in the enjoyment of its period of periodical repose we Are obliged to take our dispatches from the new Orleans papers. From Tho papers of "wednesday., Washington Misc Clivany. Washington july 9.�?the mexican Lega Tiou has official information concerning Santa annals arrest contradicting the statement that lie was forcibly taken from the Virginia. Baron von Geralt prussian minister left to Day. His successor is expected shortly. Into Ernal receipts s555,000. In the Surratt trial the court was engaged most of the Day in discrediting the evidence of sergeant Dye. Several witnesses deposed that they would not believe Librn on Atli. Washington july 9.�?the debates in both houses to Day indicate the growth of the the. South is a a onto need territory and has Jio rights. That the states Are utterly abolished and military government supreme stud that the Constitution does not hold with regard to them. Bingham who 1ms been opposed to harsh measures supported the Bill in i. Violent and Viii Ichiye speech. Stevens in his to stuff speech landed mexican in in slaying Maximilian. This sentiment was loudly applauded. One distinct Hiss was heard. The Only part on which the two houses will probably differ will be regarding tn<3 appointment of civilians. Testate offices by a military commanders the proposition thus to restrict commanders meets with powerful opposition Froni those who Aro in a hurry to Reward loyalty. The speeches of the democrats attracted no attention whatever from the opposition. Poussard. The French dramatist died in Paris. Warren Pettit an actor was shot dead by his mistress in Memphis. Sickles on the situation. 1 Washington july 9.�?sickles, in a letter to senator Trumbull says a seems to me that the True conservative guaranty against reaction is the enfranchisement of the coloured people. That being done the occasion for the disqualification clause ceases. Hence the True solution i believe to declare with Universal Effrage a general amnesty naming the exceptions. A More Liberal amnesty is in my judgment essential to Liei Success of the congressional plan of reconstruction. will enlarge the Range of popular Choice for the important judicial and legislative departments of the state governments otherwise inconveniently confined to classes few of whom Are fit to hold office. Bill parsed the hons Washington july 9�?senate. judiciary comi tee s reconstruction Bill was taken up and the Day consumed in arguing ,.points.to whether the cot Mandera should be allowed to appoint civilian to vacant state Oitice. The. Senate adjourned without Deli Nite action. Bill was resumed. The sixth Section was modified by striking out the words a for unless he shall Pouse to be relieved Quot and inserting instead a for in arrest punishable by dismissal from a the army or disqualified by sickness from the. Performance of his duties a and the Bill passed. Yeas 119, nays 31�?viz. Adams Archer Barnes Eldridge Giles Glossbrenner to Man Hotchkiss marshal Mccullough to Gan Morrissey munged in Bialt Nicholson Noel Phelps Raudell ii Obinson loss sit Graves Stewart Stone tuber Van aukes Ofiu Trump Wood. House adjourned. Europe. Quot a a los Don july 0.�?in Tho House of lords this evening Earl Derby strongly denounced the action of the mexican government in putting Maximilian to death but to m$3a no disclosures As to what measures Tho government intended to adopt in Tegard to Mexico Liverpool july 9�?2 p. business firms in this City. Messes. Bond amp Beeber and messes. Miller amp Southall largely engaged in. The brazilian Trade have suspended payment. London july 9.�?the Sultan of Turkey has accepted the invitation of the emperor of Austria to visit him in Vienna. is accordingly announced that the Sultan will return to constantinople by Way of Vienna. Where he will remain for a week As the guest of the emperor Francis Joseph. The austrian ship meteor from new York for London was Burnt sea and four of Ali e Crew mate and Carpenter were lost. A Vienna july 9.�?the emperor has finally decided to visit Paris during the month of september. A Berlin july 9.�?arrangements have been effected for a conference Between the King of Pis Ussia and the sovereigns of the South German states an Early Day. Itch july 9, coloured majority in registration to Day is. 250. Accounts from the southwestern part of the state and from the Valley show Large minorities for Tho Whites. I Admiral Tucker late of Tho peruvian Navy has been appointed by Tho peruvian government to take charge of an expedition to explore the Amazon River. Falling off in internal Steven to collections. New Yoke july 9.�?internal Revenue collections this year compared with these of last year Rhow a calling off of nearly six and a halt n. O. Papers of Thuis Doy. Washington. Washington july 10.�?surratt trial. Defence engaged All Day in impeaching witnesses a number of whom swore that neither Tibbetts nor Cleaver could to believed on oath. Several parties sword that there was to dancing metropolitan Hall on the afternoon of Tho 11th, and that there was no round table. In the Hall. Hon. John Nugent of California is an applicant for the mexican Mission and is backed by the California delegation. Internal Revenue receipts to Day 8812,000. Judge Lawrence of Tho judiciary committee has prepared a minority report in i Avor of impeachment and will present when the House Calls for . A athe extremists desire Tho committee to report nov and adjourn until october for trial. Ther6�?T a Ull be a severe struggle Over this Point ii to he sonnet will Endeavor to read i a vote Oft its Bill to Worrow Independent of that passed to Yeti e House. A committee of conference will be required. An Effort was Mado to enfranchise lawyers and get a declaration that voting for secession did not work disfranchisement. Statement recently made that the military commission which condemned the conspirators United in recommending Tho president to Pardon mrs. Surratt is in part erroneous. A majority of the commission recommended that her death sentence to commuted this paper was never seen by Tho president nor Lead he Ever heard of until recently through the newspapers. A Stevens presented to Tho House two petitions one signed by four thousand and the other by eight thousand persons of Maryland asking Congress to pass Laws securing suffrage and establishing a National militia system regardless of race or color excluding participators in rebellion. Washington july 10.-�?controller Knox has just returned from new Orleans and is preparing final reports regarding the new Orleans sub Treasury and first National bunk troubles. He has recovered six Hundred thousand dollars1, which covers about half the government s loss. Tiie. Kentucky members regard their and Mission firing Tho present session As hopeless. Congressional. Washington july 10.�?senate�?consktfi-nv. Tion of the judiciary committee reconstruction Bill was resumed. An amendment giving commanders Power to till vacancies by appointing citizens or detailed soldiers was adopted by a vote of 22 to-15.the following was added to the sixth Section a whether holding such office the. Time of the rebellion or or. Deli Isons a death was announced and eulogies pronounced after which the Senate time for taking evidence in the Kentucky election is extended to december. A committee of five was appointed to inquire into the treatment of Union prisoners with Power to Send for Persona and pipers. A Bill was introduced extending the prowls ions of the Homestead not to lab amt Arkansas Mississippi Louisiana and Florida. Referred to the reconstruction . The committee on. Foreign relations was directed to inquire whether any american., citizens had been convicted in great Britain for words spoken in America. Or. Wilson stated that the judiciary come Mittee had requested him to that they were not ready to report on impeachment. Or. Bout Well uttered a concurrent resold. Tion to adjourn until october nest eliciting warm debate which was interrupted by the. Announcement of or. Dennison a death. After the customary eulogies a the House Xci York Marla cts. Newyork july 10.�? flour 10@.20 cts. Bot. Ter. Whet 3@5e. Bettor. Corn quiet., Park a firmer �$22 20, lard quiet llj�12jc. Cotton Dull middling Uplands 2g.\c. Stocks heavy. Money 5� 0 por cent. Gold Sterling time lift sight 110j. 5-20s. 02, coupons 112. Registered Lonj �?T05 coupons 109-5, Issue 1084@108o. V 10-iq registered 102j coupons 5g2a@102i7�?T-30s first series 1084 others 107&. New Yoke Jillyn 10 a stocks steady. Gold 138-s. 5-20�?Ts of 62, coupons ill a iii you ii Only 10. A Money superabundant. Intes unchanged. Sterling quiet firm. Gold i i 138�. A the Orussia to Day took a Eniy a million Ana half special govern Lionts closed steady with an Advance on 5-20s, of �?T64 and �?Tg5. Stocks closed Strong and buoyant with a general Advance. Sub treas. Try receipts to Day $1,154,000 payments i856,000/new Yosky july 10.--Cotton firm. Salea 1800 Balet middling Uplands 26 miscellaneous Savannah july 10.�?Ono tee Whites and thirty coloured registered to a a. A a a. A there is a re Utonn mass meeting in session this evening. Attendance orderly. A. W. Tenno vhf new York gave Tho negroes Good adv Fie. Several speakers followed resolutions were passed endorsing the Lanta convention and Congress. Boston july 10.-�?Daniel Deshon former / a leading merchant died to Day aged seventy two years. A new York july 10.�?by Tho Steamer Tioga from Havana Tho 4th instant to learn that Tho reported revolution in Porto Rico Only a military revolt easily suppressed Aud the leaders Etc Eluted. is reported that a cargos of Bis tbs was recently landed on the Island. After 21st iustr., All vessels i ill be fined s25, if weights and measures Are in the Manifest. Sugar Active 83 rials per arroba for dutch ii Standard no. 12. Augusta july 10.�?thoi Rog Btry lists Vram closed in this City to Dat. Total Regie Iarud 3277. Whites 151g Blacks 1721. By Hie Cable. Liverpool july 10�?noon.�?Cotton sales 8000 Bates middling Uplands Loid middling Orleans 10 15-1 go. Bread Tufik quiet. Corn 37s. Other markets unaltered. London july 10�?-noon.�?consols 9-li Bonds 73. London july 10�?2 p. . Bonds advanced 1-1g Liverpool july 10�?2 p. firmer demand better prices unchanged. Sales will reach 10,000 Bales. London july 10�?evening.�?consols 94? buds 73.j. july 10�?evening.�?Cotton and bread stuffs unchanged. Frankfort july 77�. Red. And six minister Campbell a if our i Spaiches Aro Correct or. Campbell sex minister to Mexico did not go there because he had peremptory orders from or. Seward to remain in new Orleans. Of course this exonerates or. Campbell for what Man would not prefer to stay in new Orleans paid 61000 a month for Doin Quot nothing to attending to his business Tho Headquarters of Ruaix of a Plain that somebody has terribly blundered and Congress should look into Tho management of Ouw mexican i relations. Ii or. Seward hid shown halt the Energy in sending a minister to mox in of that he did in removing or. Motley sending general King to Rome or or. Doolittle to Russia he would have better sustained his. Reputation As a a. A Tribune
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