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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi weekly yet it la .r-?3 2g��- �4i a a a a a kor y3&zs> vol. wednesday morning Juitt to 1867. No 26.telegraphic tide Houston convention. A a a sic Cal to i lace a a bulletin.1 Houston july 5, 10 a. committee on. Resolutions is still in session. They Quad. Rei on confiscation. A Compromise in probable. A. Associated . Fob Tess. Monroe july 5.�?the frigate Susquehanna arrived yesterday under healed order not known. She proceeds to Mexico direct. New Orleans july 5.�?Cotton Dull. Sales 12uu Bales. Low middling 23jc. Receipts for the week 2150 Bales a just 22 w last week. Exports for tie week 7051. Stock on hand 5 1, 107 Bales. Fair Louisiana sugar a 13c Priidu to Dionico 1 to. To molasses in Market. Havana sugar asking an Advance owing to an Advance in Havana no. 1 held it a it Hie. Molasses Dull. Flour improved us Pei Liue so to. Corn firm mixed and yellow in 10 White $.1 25. Oats scarce at 2 85. La Orl Fiji and held at �23.75 v. 21 01. Jia coir Shoih Iris 11.jo rib Side s 11 a i l 2e Elev do lit a a. 4l my Dull and quoted in pierces at 12.i r.fj12.ic kegs 13-c. Gold Kwh. Sterling Jifa a new York sight j Premium. Lied River levee in front of Alexandria la., gave Way on Friday night Trio 23th, flooding Tho lower portion of Tho town but the break was promptly repaired by Tho citizens. On the night of Tho first it again broke. The dispatch says the Only Chance to escape overflow is by a fall of Tho River. 1 a Washington july 0.�?judge Wayne is Demi he wus born is Savannah Georgia in 1700 was appointed to Tho Bench in 1835. Tho prosecution has closed its testimony in the suf Rutt Case. A Resolution has been submitted to Tho House that legislation shall to confined to reconstruction and Bills relating to it Only to acted upon a a Long debate ensued luring which it has transpired that thirteen senators in caucus voted in favor of Universal suffrage. The Resolution restricting legislation finally passed a ayes 19 nays 9, namely Buckalew. Drake Fowler Howe Sioss Sumner Thayer Tipton wide Wilson stated in course of Tho Debato that Stanton wanted no legislation regarding indians but needed Money to support reconstruction. Senato adjourned to monday. A House. A Tho speaker presented a memorial from Green m. Adams against Tho admission of Keck from Kentucky. Referred to to committee on elections. Huriel moved to suspend Tho rules so to might introduce a joint Resolution tendering thanks to major general Phillip ii. Sheridan for his Able and faithful performance of duty As commander of the District of Texas and Louisiana. Rules suspended by a vote of Lio to is against the Resolution passed. Additional papers regarding the Kentucky delegates and a protest from members whose seats ave not contested was presented referred to the committee on elections. A joint Resolution of thanks to Sickles Pope Schofield was adopted. Sci Erick offered a Resolution of thanks to la Etro Jenn v. Nubby and attorney general st Libery Lor the maintenance of the president s policy. La i ending the question n its reception the hons adjourned until monday. Washington july 5.�?thu Resolution thanking the District commanders was adopted by. A strict party vote. Brooks is the Only Democrat on the reconstruction committee the Cabinet is in session to Day. The new brazilian minister commander Don Mingos lose Gonzales de my Gal Hor was presumed to Tho 1 re hideout to Day. Both the president and minister expressed pleasure it the friendliness of the two Powers. A a Seii ate. Or. Tipton urged the favouring of rewards from the government for Indian scalps. Nov Yoke july i. A Cotton firm Aud quiet. Sales 950 Bales at 20020ic. In w Yoi i july 0.�?stocks Strong. Gold a 138j. Sterling lofi01u.j. Cotton Dull at 2<0 2gj.ftp new Youk july 0.�?Gold closed at 130. New , july 0.�?Cotton Dull and in settled. Sale 10ij0 Bales. Low middling 23 i23ic. Receipts 133 Bales exports kill bides. Sugar Only retail Trade fair 13je. Molasses Market Bare. Flour Stock Light single extra $10 75011 00. Piiru a Quiej firmer and very Light Stock. Mixed is 12 j White in 2501 30. Oats scarce at 82085e. Pork $23 75. Lacon 10j, 12i013j�?slioul-. In rib and Clear sides. Gold 130. Sterling1 j053. New York sight i Premium. Washington july actor named Matthews was Beloro Tho judiciary committee on monday in effect As follows on Tho Day of Tho assassination i met Booth on horseback who gave to a letter requesting me to Leuvoy it at Tho intelligencer Attico in Trio morning if Booth Hud left town. I received Tho letter Given to honorable and in a secret manner that night during the excitement of the assassination. Matthews remembered the letter when read. It contained a. Statement signed by Booth Payne ast crot and Harrold. Tho statement was that they had tried to abduct Tho president had failed and were to solved that they would sacrifice three or four lives in Desenso of the country and remove by death Tho president whom they considered caused Tho country a trouble. Hoping read Tho letter Matthews became terrified and burned it. testify in behalf of Surratt. Tho prosecution in Surratt s Caso closed to Day. I or. Bradley jr., made his opening speech for the Dolomite. To reviewed of prosecution to show tilt i prisoner s presence hero on api ill Ltd and said he could Provo that most of the witnesses Wero infamous or mistaken lie would Provo that Surratt was not within four Hundred Miles on the Day of assassination and further that u was Eitler Booth Surratt or ast crot who Weie in Trout of the theatre that night but that to would product Tho three Meli Reliful to Dii the stand and would Quot product Tho men who look i into president Lincoln a Carriage Aud the Man who called the time As Well us the individual described As Tho villain Nus looking mail ill closing his remarks Bradly sail 1 0 would also produce the original agreement Between Tho assassins with Tho Pennio signatures attached and that neither the name of mrs. Surratt or John Surratt would appear upon that paper the leading members say that Congress will not Tako up the question of rebuilding the levees on Tho Mississippi until Tho states Are reconstructed under the acts of Congress. Washington july 0.�?papers have been filed in the attorney general a office looking to the removal of f. J. Herron d. S. Marshal for Louisiana. Washington july 7.�?custom receipts for june so l.000,000. Internal Revenue receipts a $21,000,000. During Tho first Throe Days in july the receipts from both sources were $9500"000. The japanese commissioners have paid 8300,000, and on their return will pay the balance of �100,000 for the ram Stonewall. She leaves in August. A majority of the members of Congress anxiously Hope to finish Early next week. Information was received at the War department that the Phil. Kearney massacre grew out of placing military posts on the Mountain Road by River without Tho consent of the Indian. Tho Cheyenne War grew out of the approach of troops. Tho indians abandoned a Village which was afterwards burned. A official report will be made by a committee to Congress recommending measures which will insure peace among All Indian a letter from Consul Pike to the state department dated May Coli says. Since dispatch the fever has greatly increased. All persons who can Are leaving the Colony. Nearly thirty thousand deaths have occurred since the 10th of february. The medical faculty suppose it will continue through the year. Cold weather seems rather to ii Pravate it. Business is suspended. Consul Pike is sick and has been ordered by the physicians to leave Mauritius but declines to leave his Post As there Are a number of cases. From american vessels in distress. Washington july 7.�?exgovernor Lazarus Whowell is dead. New Youk juiy7.�?the Dunderberg 6ailed on the 4th, but put Back on account of disarrangement in her machinery. Sho will be delayed from two Quot to three Days. She performed admirably until the Accident which is of a character liable to happen to ony vessel. New Youk july 7.�?arrived, Steamer Sou Der from Charleston Sappas from Wilmington George Washington from new Orleans Britania from Glasgow and the Hansa from Southampton. New Youk july 7.�?there Are to cases of contagious fever in the Hospital or on ships in the lower Bay and Thero has been but Ono death at the quarantine during Tho present year. Superintendent Kennedy has issued an it Oil Der forbidding the transportation of liquor through the metropolitan District on sundays. Washington july 6.�?a dispatch from Topeka Kansas says the Osage indians have Quot left the reservation for the War path. The governor of Kansas writes to senator Ross urging severe measures and soliciting congressional Aid and if not Given they will take their own measures. that live Hundred Whites have been killed during the year. He accuses agents Aud traders of misrepresenting the temper of the indians. A dispatch from Omaha says several steam.?&Quot ers were attacked on the upper Rivers recently j Eulit killed. In w a wok july j. Spoken june2fl a latitude Al i Alin 10, Longitude 57 Aud 10, the raft a or Europe apparently All right. Xiv Youk july 0.�?Texas vessels from Texas ports will he alter be leu died to Anchor at the lower quarantine Lor examination in consequence of Vello y fever in that state. to inc july 8.�?Cotton steady at 20. Flour advanced 10 to 20c.-,Sterling 1100110,. Oji ass july 8. A Cotton sales 12u0 Bales Low middling 23i receipts 250 Bales. Siocic of Louisiana sugar very Light. Fair 134, Low yellow a fair 14, nos. 12 to my a134 molasses quoted 471. Flour very Linn single extra $11, most Hales o n private terms. Corn advanced 2i, yellow and mixed >1 1o0s1 15, White,61 30. Oats firm held at 85c. Lard quiet prime in pierces retailing at 12., Keg 13j014e. Pork firm at523 75. Lacon fair jobbing shoulders 10i, rib 12i, Clear 134, Gold 138j. Sterling 4�?~ji@53.\ne\v York sight Premium. Washington july 8.�?the committee of. Nine has prepared a Bill. It places in Complete subjection to the military commanders whose previous nets Are validated it makes Tho Board of registers judges of qualifications Lor registration forbids the removal of commanders without the advice add consent of the Senate or sentence of Coitt martial forbids civil courts wether Federal or state from interfering with commanders or his agents acting under his authority or from entertaining civil or criminal proceedings against them for any act done under Tho Laws to which this is supplementary. Specials. Levy York Market. New Youk july 8�?3 p. closed at 139. Cotton Market quiet but firm middling Uplands 2o02gic�?scarce Aud wanted other grades abundant. New Youk july 9.�?Gold opened at 13tia. 11 a. M. �?138. Cotton Market quiet but firm quotations nominal a unchanged. Sterling Exchange Loi Aud 10�. Ivy attic Cable. London july 8�?noon.�?Consols 9u.�? five to verities 73. London july 9�?noon.�?Consols 91 73. Liviiiirooi., july 8�?noon.�?Cotton firm at 10u1. And lid. Sales 10,000 Bales. Quot Livi i Pooi july 9�?noon.�? Cotton Sarjeet inactive and prices drooping sales 7.00u Bales middling Uplands 10�id. Orleans lid. The Columbus miss Sentinel says regi i station in Lowndes stands Whites 501, Blacks in 18. In Newton county up to Date 515 Whites and 225 Blacks have registered. The Ruigui Wicent Black horse Ridden baking William at the to View in the Bois do Boulogne was the one which he used at it served As a Model for the animal seen in the equestrian statue it Tho exhibition. The Secretary of Wir has authorized the Issue of one thousand Breech loading arms and fifty thousand eai\ridge.s, from Leavenworth Arsenal to the Union Pacific Railroad company Kansas Blanch to enable their engineers and working parties to protect themselves against Indian attacks. The company have already received five Hundred Spencer rifles for the same w a. �?--4��- european sews try Steamer. Youk july Steamer brings news to Tho 25th. The times says neither the favourable Harvest weather nor arrivals of Gold from America appear to restore Tho financial Confidence of the Havre and London Public y Tho French Senate has been petitioned to return Louis Phillips remains to France. In conference on the affairs of Hanover in Berlin the hanoverian representatives Are said to be in favor of a connection with Prussia. The treaty by which Bavaria joins the reconstructed customs Union of Germany has been ratified by it. The King of Bavaria will have six votes. The italian parliament had commenced a debate on the War budget. The Queen of Spain Lias Tho intention of Lime during the festival iut consequence of remonstrances t �?~t3ihquot the italian governments. The Transylvania and croatian diets have been dissolved Aud new elections ordered. Great demonstration made by the citizens of Essex in Envor of try Touvi it Essex lost. The returns if the Bank of Franco show an increase of seven millions francs in Metal in Reserve. Til portuguese chamber of deputies passed a Bill for the Reform of the penal Codo and the abolition of capital punishment Aud adopted the general budget. 1 in the English House of lords the 24th Earl Russell moved for an address for a Royal commission to inquire into the subject of the. Established Church in Ireland. Tho motion was made by lord Cairns. Earl Derby said to was willing to consent to Tho appointment of a commission to obtain information. He denied that the state bad endowed any religions body in Ireland and said there was no precedent for depriving one Church of property for the endowment of an of the Cable. London july 5.�?the grand review in the Park was postponed on account of Maximilian a execution. Great indignation Here and on the continent. Vienna july 5.�?the Imperial court Bas gone into mourning for Maximilian. London june 5.�?the Bank of England holds Twenty two and a half millions Bullion. New Yoke june 5.�?therising Star brings $67,000 treasure. A storm interrupted the working of the lines could not get any More. Liverpool july 5�?noon.�?estimated sales 1 10,000 Bales. Middling Uplands 1o�011 sales for the week 50,000 Bales whereof 13,000 for Export and speculating. Stock 788,000, 038.000-american. London july. 5�?evening.�?Consols 01j. Bonds 72?. , july 5.�?Cotton closed unchanged in tone or prices. Middling . Orleans 11 sales 10,000 Bales a London a july 5 a Noop. A Consols 93�. Bonds unchanged. Paris july 5�?evening.�?th� Moni eur of to Day has an article expressing detestation murder of Maximilian. In the so uate and corps la gis Latif to Day speeches wore made denouncing the execution As a crime against civilisation. Orders have been sent out suspending from their functions All French consuls in the mexican Republic. All festivities., in this City have ceased and preparations for a forthcoming fetes have been abandoned out of respect for the memory of the ill fated Maximilian. Diblin july 5.�?a fenian Leader alleged to be general Halpin formerly Secretary of Ono of the fenian organizations in America has been arrested in Tho streets of Cork. Pairs july 5 a the Quot French government Quot has granted a Concession to the new Franco a american Telegraph company which pro. Poses to Lay a submarine Cabie from Brest to some Point on the american Cost. London july Tho courts of Europe have adopted mourning for Tho death of Maximilian. I Tho recall of Tho British legation from the City of Mexico Aud ill diplomatic relations Between great Rita an and Tho government of my Xico Aro seriously proposal a. London july Pacha Sovereign of Egypt arrived in Loudon to Day from Paris. The Railroad station was Deco to rated with flags and Flowers in Honor of the illustrious vistor who was escorted by a grand procession in which Tho Prince of Wales landlord Stanley Secretary of foreign affairs took conspicuous part. Thero was ,al6o a Large body of troops in attendance Ond formed an escort to Tho la aug of Egypt who is the guest of Earl Dudley. London july i� Bonds 73, Liverpool. July quiet sales sumo Bules middling Uplands 103d. Orleans lid. Paris july 0.�? it is reported that Napoleon has concluded to disarm 34,000 men of thou French army immediately. L0nd05.�?T, july .941 b lids 73. I vein Pool july unchanged. London july 0.�?in Tho House of commons several votes were taken in opposition to Tho amendments to Tho Reform Bill in which the government was successful by a Small major a a Ity. The Queen of Prussia visits Paris incognito for a few Days. The coaxed from Cadiz for st. Johns is reported from Quebec Juno 7th As abandoned at sea. Sho had sustained severe damage from a collision with the to Lese which arrived at. Liverpool Juno 2d from new Orleans and which saved Tho Crew Aud transferred them to tile Advance. 8. A a French Fleet is under preparation to proceed to Mexico to demand Maximilian a body. Live i ool july $. Noon. A Cotton Dull s Iles 10,000 Bales plans 10a, Orleans 11, London july a Consols . Men cd. The French eau not understand the English ideas with regard to Tho Sabbath. Thev Are quite indignant because Tho English exhibitors in. The Champ do Mars cover up their goods 011 sunday. They even declare this to be a breach of contract a for a they say a sunday is our chief Day for visiting Tho sex lib Ilion and when we go Aid pay our Money Wear deprived of a great portion of the by the arrival of the st. Mary we have full details of the trial and execution of the emperor Maximilian Mejia and Miramon. The execution. As Early As six of clock the troops that Wero under the command of general Escobedo Wero formed upon the a Cerro do la Campana a a Short distance from the City where Tho execution was to take pm Ace the people of quere Taro were flocking in Tho Sandh 10 the place to see the closing scenes in the life of men whom they All As the clock strikes seven the Church Bells Send up the dreaded toll and announces the fact that the prisoners have left their prison for Tho last nine and Are upon their Way to the place of execution. After the lapse of a few a moments they appear in sight drawn in. Carriages surrounded by a Largo guard the emperor first Miramon next and Mejia last. As they near the place convulsive sobs break from the crowd All Are deeply moved Aud affected. When at length the carriages Stop Aud the prisoners get out amongst the vast contours you could hardly see a dry Eye tokens of dissatisfaction. Were manlies Aud of All those present the condemned men. Seemed less than any others interested in what is taking place. Maximilian upon alighting on Tho ground saluted Tho people in an easy and Graceful manner and with an elastic step marched to Tho fatal spot. The prisoners were dressed in Plain clothes their arms were not bound neither were they blindfolded. After taking their position the emperor and Miramon spoke to the persons present the emperor spoke in a Clear Ami firm Notin amp a and with nothing of Tho bravado he seemed to feel his situation. He said that when he was first waited upon at Home by a deputation from Mexico who came with credentials offering him the government of the country that he refused. At a subsequent meeting the proposition. Was again presented to him when he replied that if he could become convinced that a majority of the people of Mexico thought that it was for their interest to place him at the head of the government that he might consent but not otherwise. A. Few months a afterwards another deputation waited upon him and brought additional testimonials. Upon taking the advice of the ruling Powers of Europe he was advised that he had no other course to pursue save to accept the Call which he did. He denied that the court which tried him had the Power to do so As his was a Case in which the Good Faith of the nations of the world was pledged. He had never done an act Talaat had not been for the Good of Mexico and hoped that his blood might Stop the further effusion of blood in the country. Miramon spoke from a p Iper which to held in his hands. The Only regret he said a be Felt in dying was should the liberals retain. The reins of govern Juenst his children might be pointed at As Tho children a traitor. To had always opposed the i i Jeral party from principle had always been in favor of order Aud against the disorder of Tho rabble and that Lin should die As he had lived a conservative. He was satisfied to die a Man could uie in 110 nobler cause than to die for his country. His name and his acts would Livo after him and posterity would judge Wiecher he had done right or wrong. To closed with i in emperor Verri Mexico a Mejia made no address. He however sent for Escobedo Tho Day Benoie. And said to him that he would die a poor Man Itiat during the time that he had been in service he had never made an Effort to make Money and his Only wealth consisted of forty head of cattle which were in the mountains. He asked As a favor that the merchants of Matamoros to whom he owed considerable would not press his wife to pay his debts when she came into Possession of the Money left her by the kindness o the emperor. After Miralou had ceased speaking the guard were drawn up the prisoners standing facing them. The emperor culled the sergeant to him and drawing from his pocket a handful of Twenty Dollar pieces gave them to him and requested that after his death he Divide it amongst his companions and ask. Ing them As a favor to aim for i s heart. Tho sergeant then resumed his place the officer in command gave the signal the Volley was fired and the prisoners Lay stretched upon the ground. The emperor was not quite dead there was considerable quivering of the Muscles of the body although five balls had entered his breast two other soldiers were called up who shot him in the Side m he Lily upon the ground. and Mejia a were killed by the first Volley each having received four balls in the breast. Ash Etwas immediately thrown Over the body of Thoem a Perot by the doctor u attendance and who was to embalm the body. The three bodies. Were then taken Possession of by their respective friends and Lemord rom the ground. The Call , Aud the troops moved Back to their quarters 011 the ground for hours Kepi there us it wore by some Agency. From tie i Augliero july o. By the mail trom Monterey last evening to learn that news had received Thero from a the City of Mexico of the capture of generals Marquez Vidaurri Quiroga and of Harran by Tho liberals a and on the morning of Tho 22d ult., Wero unmercifully butchered 1 Roia the Mobile eve Uius Vera july Atli the mexican steamship Tabasco Captain Andres Lotello arrived at this port yesterday from Yetra Cruz Hakim 011 Board nearly Livo Hundred of Maximilian s troops who Lett that City 011 the 27th Alt. To it by constitute the foreign Lesibu command,.�?�. To Ltd to Iciel Voudrie. E had tie Pic us e to. Morning of meeting major irb.,_ c a Frt Nch stall officer who politely 113 a i s it it 1 us 1 Vil ii a list of the officers who c a e Over 011 Tho Tabasco together with the particulars of Tho surrender of Vera Cruz Etc a a a the Imperial commissioner surrendered the town to the foreign consuls 0 1 the 2gth of june. Colonel s Urie. Commanding the a foreign legion was required to leave Tho City but he objected to doing so As he a saw no grounds tile movement. He was satisfied that no Cou i i of the place for six Mouths having an am,.-. Supply o ammunition with ten Bat tones of Are ii Ery numbering in All about seventy a guns. Lit however consented to embark b a troops on condition that they should leave the town with All Tho military , and that each member of Tho legion should a certain amount of Money a an amount a in Tho words of major Cordier a too Largo with which to die but too Small to live a these terms Wero accepted by Tho consuls and accordingly Tho troop a embarked on Tho 27th, with All their arms accoutrements etc., leaving in Tho City Tho rest of the Garrison consisting of about thirteen Hundred mexican troops. The foreign legion represents perhaps it dozen different nations. A of mexicans Thero Are 46 officers and 50 men spaniards 4 officers and 200 men All belonging to Tho artillery. Of the rest of the troops Thero Are g6 infantry 3g artillery a and 130 cavalry of which 34 belonged to Tho governors guard. The following list of officers is furnished us lieutenant colonel Voudrie commander Captain bouchard2d commander cavalry Captain Marlin infantry Captain meal aug adjutant major Captain. Ilalio artillery lieutenant soul Paris cavalry lieutenant Brizay, infantry staff officer lieutenant Ron Quot net commander of governors guard lieutenant Monde paymaster sub lieutenant Bollet governors guard Suh lieutenant Guerin cavalry sub Trio Utenart Lecaur Irois infantry sub lieutenant Redonnet artillery sub Lieut Eraut burbot Cordier staff officer Captain Leys belgian paymaster to Tho 11th mexican it was uni bored in Yora Cruz Whon Tho Tabasco left that the English French Spanish and other foreign ministers to Tho court of Maximilian had been murdered by Tho liberals and that Marquez the Liberal commander in the City of Mexico had blown his brains out immediately after the fall of Tho major Cordier informs us further that the vomit made its appearance in Cruz about. Quot the 25tli of february and Lias prevailed there Ever since causing daily quite a number of deaths. A a a a a ill g i. A from Fixsal Natl Carpen Fly. From the Picayune july 7.1a mercantile House furnishes the following particulars of news brought by Tho Schooner Atlas from Campe Alliy How at quarantine. She left several Days after Tho reported shooting of Santa Anna and states lie was alive and Well and not closely fell june 16. It was Takon by assault sacked and Laid in ruins. Campe Alliy could have held out longer being an old fortified place surrounded by Walls with two towers which commanded the approaches to it. As at Queretaro they were a a treacherously sold to the enemy. The Captain confirms the accounts heretofore received As to tie murder of three prominent citizens of the country senors Durante Espejo and another Whoso name was not recollected. They Wero secretly taken by Tho Liberal loaders in spite of the protests of their own men carried at Midnight to Kalkini Between Ca peachy and Merida and Thero / Rijiro cited execution of Santa report was current in Trio City last evening that Santa Anna had Boon executed by his captors at sisal Mexico. We have reason to suppose that the report is Well.founded.�?. X. 0. Crescent july g. Important proposition Lla Ilc by prance. Special dispatch to Trio x. A world.1 Washington july 1.�?Tho official confirmation of the execution of Maximilian in Mexico has produced a profound semis action hero in governmental and diplomatic Al quarters. At the mexican legation Tho news was first received from the austrian embassy Olio gave it with their official credence. Senor Romero made haste to communicate it to Secretary Seward who expressed no opinion either Way but is disposed to. Look upon his efforts in to half of Maximilian a a life As hindered by the absence of the proper diplomatic representative of this government in Mexico. The austrian legation received the news with a thrill of horror and sent it to Vienna Over the at of Antic Cable with All possible Speed and dispatched it by Telegraph to count Wydoma Bruck Tho minister who is temporarily absent from Washington 1 a an important official fact has transpired today Tho policy proposed by the French government to Tho United states As. Regarded Tho presence of Maximilian in Mexico. It appears that As Long ago As january last count Berthoty the French minister hero informed Secretary sow fird that Maximilian had proposed to abdicate Mexico provided that Juarez would Eon veto tie constr Tuti Anar Assembly for the election of Quot a president of the Republic. The emperor was thereby willing to acquit so in a Republican form of government in. Mexico but desired a new Choice of the Assembly for Tho presidency. To was willing to pledge himself not to object if Juarez Vas chosen again. It seemed to be the Desiro of the French government to obtain the approval of this government to this proposition but or. Seward regarded such a step is. Nothing less than in interference in mexican affairs. How far his official efforts to Savo Maximilian a life will prove to be an interference remains to to seen when the official correspondence is Laid before con a Gress. A austrian Steamer invitation we visited on yesterday Tho War vessel Elizabeth of the austrian service now lying in Tho Stream. She has a Beautiful Model arid is in perfect order though somewhat in need of paint on account of Hor Long cruise. The Elizabeth is a 1200 ton ship with engines of nearly 100 li6rso-po.wer, and has a Speed of twelve knots per hour. Sho Carrier six guns two on each a splendid cast steel rifled 1 Pou Niiler both aft Aud for Wail. The Largo guns Aro Breech loading and different from any of that kind to have Over. Scon. The Mechanic ism is simple Blit Moro perfect Aud safer than the Whitworth they Are 21 Pounders but with two Aud one half pounds of powder will throw a 52 Pound Shell a i Static of 7000 Yards. We were also permitted to enter to portion of Cabin of the vessel which Lead been Sot apart Lor the Uso of Tho emperor Maximilian who was expected to have taken passage on Tho Elizabeth for eur Kew she having been in fact Cruz for Nom time awaiting his orders. Tho Elizabeth is expecting instructions by Telegraph from Vicuna and will remain hero until these Aro received. It to Are not mistaken Sho i s Tho first War vessel of Austria Ever at our wharves. If All a Tho officers of their service Aro As courteous Aud gentlemanly us those of Tho Elizabeth to Hope she is but Tho aural courier of Many other such x 0. , july c
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