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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 28, 1867, Galveston, Texas \ by telegraphic. A Esou at e <1 Picov i i Al i it a t Oli e s. I a Atlanta . 23.�?Tho convention met this my Knitig Anil immediately took a a a races till 3 of clock to give an Opportunity to Nego Tiitto a loan to the expenses. Tho lie Noou session was exceedingly Stormy the Fiu Nije committee foiled to secure a love and reported an ordinance to authorize further efforts which was Defeated on the ground that nothing could Boldine. Tho re port of the Commissi Ortt a sent to Mil Lodge a Ville to draw forty thousand dollars from the state Treasury was read. It says that he showed the Stute treasurer the ordinance of Ibe convention with general to open a author and direction endorsed thereon and the the treasurer said he must decline paying out any Money on such authority being sworn to obey Tho Constitution and Luw. Of Georgia and was bonded Only to warrants signed by the governor. During Tho debate that ensued one Dele 7 Gate said Tho treasurer bad snubbed Tho convention another said to would to god Tho convention could snub the papers. The negro Bradley said the sergeant at Arras should be sent with a tile of soldiers to living that impudent fellow the treasurer to the bar of the convention. Another negro said Jabat did they bpm Ltd us Here fur great con 7. Fusion acc pin red the ,. Is Oyer to the 8th w Jau Rayy neyts. La a. Eff Effion a expressed by Tho delegates a majority of whom have not enough Money them Home. The hotels boarding houses the convention primer Ami the. Officials suffer m a a rely. / a a. Macon . 23.�?a/detachmc-nt Oil a a troops left Here last Wrght for milled Gevilla supposed to have some connection with the treasurers refusal to Money to the order of general Pope for the members of the convention. ,. _ Ottawa Jec. 23.�?parliament adjourned on saturday until match 12th,-, an Ong the Bills approved by the . Was one to prevent unlawful training of persons in Trio use of fire arms valid the Pray Tieff of military a solutions also / authorizing Juh ties of the peace to a Yeizo and / detain arms eol Leeton for that purpose it be. Rug dangerous to the Public we air. A v it. Iii Diko pa., dec. 23 a the locomotive Iowa of the heading Railroad exploded , kill aug the lire Niau and Engineer. ,.mas.-, dec. 23.�?an attempt \v.�?T,s made to Rob Tho Merriman National it birr Julat set lire to a paint shop to Call off Atte Nojir but a watchman heard an Espoo Quot Sion Quot a the it ii Ehte no Quot Spatt a tier and Lull d by the burglar who escaped. The Ivor of Trio luuk was shattered by j . By ljin.\\dri.rni\,. 23.�?the works of in Amden rolling Mill co., was Destra Yedley lire this afternoon a a a lots seventy thousand dollars insured for thirty love thousand. Two Hundred men Are thrown it out of pm . New a Wiik dec. 33. A arrived Steamer general Sherman fro att n4w , dec. 21.�?>gold 133g, i it change 10o. Bonds old and new 108. Tennessee c22. Missouri 97s,/flourdulliind drooping. Wheat heavy Opal Dull. Corn Dull and in a buyers firm. Oats steady. Pork Dalj. Sucks .820 25i whisky nominal. 15j�15j for Uplands. Freights turpentine quiet at 50c. Ito sin firmer at i 87j, Strain d common p is. Louis dec. 21.�?tesson, Sou a co., a Bankers failed a a a 1 a /. New York dec 21.�?margaret Welch convicted of murder of a a policeman in Tho second degree sentenced to prison fora life a 5, a arrive am. P. Clyde from Wilmington. Havana dec. 22.�?All the foreign consuls visited Captain general Burundi at Tjie Palace 1 and were Hosp itally entertained., Tho festivities continued three Dayh. It is reported that an envoy from 81. Do Mii go it Tho bearer of apr offer to lease Tho City of st. Domingo a instead of Samanis to the o United states. A a Quot the Consul Genera la of Havana telegraphed Fie Ward advising him to defer Tho Purchase of by Thomas. It j in an engagement with Tho troop3 of Baez generic a Tolou of Vas killed Quot. His body was a taken to buried with Honor. Janis Quot do. �?~23�?evening.�?it is rumoured that Katf Lawwill the amp premiership and form Nice a Cabinet hostile to Franco. A. France is considering Tho necessity of ordering the Quot troops of lib French expedition a remaining at Chita Vecchia to itome. M. other members of a secret a political society in Paris Havo been sentenced. To . New u a Anks dec. 24.�?coitou�?mid doing Ali ii gel inc. Sales to bal s receipts 770 Bales. Sugar firm with an upward ten Doncy common uj0iojc. J prime to Choice ,. -13 rt>13ic. Molasses Active Lair 62c. Primo 72o. Choice 7oc. Flour Dull find depressed x super Niue a 50 Chico s12 amp 0s1 1 5 \ Corn a Tibet and firm it is of Rajsl 12 Oats 83085c. Pork Dull and depressed new Tricis gift Tel Vlra $22 50, without Selling. Bacone Shou Ide Rrt i in. Clear sides 15j015ie. Lard a Market Bare of Tierce Keg quoted at 13i. Sterling 43i@ 17j. New a Dis court. Gold 132jij�? Tho convention to Day almost a unanimously adopted Cooley to Resolution repealing the amp Boud ordinance adopted instead of the ordinance reported by committee a . Tho Ordi Anco pro video that a direct Nils of Jioio Mill Pei cent on All real and per Hail property he Colliot ted Jay the Sheri its 1 another Grdina Uco Vaa also. Adopte3 no a. A a to necks Silica of Tho convention. If successful in negotiating Tho loan Tho Money collect Tell As a tax to by placed to Tho credit of that loan in Tho Treasury. Tho exhibition of products and manufactures of British Iio Riburn will form a considerable feature of Tho Lou Diana state fair. In this City on Tho 7tli of january. A new y it i a. Dec. 21.�?cotton lower sales 1100 Bales at 15ic. Flour Dull state $8 -10. 010 05�?iioutherh Dull. Wheat Deell Dull Ald declined la. Provisions quiet. Mess Foik i-21 00. Frights heavy Cott of to live Pooi in a steamships id. Moi boy easy tit 0 per cent., with except icons at g. Gold Ciocu at 133,�?T. Government Kirin. Jet Oaks. A Toady. Hub tre Auvy balance one Hundred and three and a half ytuajtd�y7-25.-=? locomotive a a at Reading pa., yesterday killing the Engi Neaf and firemen. Tho new England society celebrated the anniversary of the Landing of the pilgrims in the customary manner yesterday. Speeches were made by Henry Ward Beecher be urals slip Remau Aud Sickles Aud others. I new Orleans dec. 20.�?cotton a firmer middling 14ic. A sales since tuesday g100 bales4 receipts for the same time .5034 exports 3075. Sugar firmer tending upward common 9@104c. Prime to Choice s13b0 13ic. Molasses firm common 48c. Prime to Choice g5075c., flour Dull superfine jobbing $9 50�.double extra $,1000@s14 00. Oho Ico .$12 50�$1�?T4 50. Corn Dull at $1 10 �$112. Oats quiet at 83@85q. Pork Dull mess nominal a $22 00. Bacone shoulders retailing 11c. Ribbed sides 14c. Clear sides -15@15c. L Irdy no sales quote kegs 13ic. Tierce 14c. Sterling Bank Iio Mitial commercial 430454 \ Gold 133. New York sight i disc int. I new Yozie dec. 2g�?cotton easier with balts of 1800 ,.�?z1,54c.�lonr_iictiive, state s8 40�l� 65 wheat quiet and tin changed Corn easier prices nominally unchanged. Dull pork1 quiet and steady mess $20 90 lard whisky and groceries quiet freights quiz of Wool in Good demand Texas 19.025c. Quot Money closed Var y easy. Call Loans 50g per cent. Discounts 709. X Gold firm at 134. »bierliug.lirniftn4--lit�-- ti6�fa g--.40- Carolina Sixes 5.0. X new Orleans Deer 213.�?the convention devoted the. Day to. The consideration of. Reports from the committe e to draft a constr. Tuition. Both the majority and uni Dorily re. Ports were taken up at the Saine time. The following which was the second article of the minority report Quot was adopted As the Arti de of the Constitution by a vote 0f"57 to 17 a All Nien Are created free find equal and have certain inalienable rights among those Are life Liberty Pursuit of Hap Pine to secure these rights government i Uro Iris to. Tuned among Man leaving their j test Powers a Groin the consent of to a a go a rued. A . Aud l, i to a adoption As it would bring the. Convention Ana. Ivor to the prejudice of the state inasmuch As if Enid declied in the Cousin i no Oriu Imal could to punished by death or imprison pit. Athe following offered but Wai out by Tho Prev us a a the Citize is of this staff owe allegiance to. Fhe unit states and this allegiance is. amount to the allegiance duo to the Stato. The convention adjourned until a m. To in a roof Wash Notos Doc. 2 j. of statistic a Niar por the total authorized mileage o a railroads in tie United states at 54,000 Miles completed costing two thous ild Sis Hundred and fifty four million dollars. A i in the Ohio congressional District Madel vacant by Ila Milton. The majority in 186g was 1852., the contest for Tho nomination on either Side is already bitter. J. L. Char Goan of North Carolina and Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky Are Here. Sea Pune to Doy $551,000. I 11 the Secretary of the Treasury has deter mined to postpone indefinitely the Sale of Tho dismal swamp Stock. A negro fired his revolver at three men who ran against him. One of the men is the murderer escaped. Washington Deo. 26.�?judge Underwood has appointed Hamilto g. Font of Piehi mond receiver of the Bank of the Valley of Virginia the assets Are Over a million Washington dec. 26.�?the Case of colonel . General Ordi lord arbitrary in Juris Onmi it will be taken up by the supreme court soon after re Cess. Washington is emptied of its a notables. No news. I new sonic dec. 26.�?on Christmas mor Ning a lad entered Tho office of the superintendent of police Aud left a parcel which he said had been Given him to. Deliver by a Geni Leman at the Auson House. The parcel Conr stained checks on the inks of the state of now York for three million six Hundred and eighty three thousand four Hundred and thirty five dollars the amount stolen from Tho Bank messenger recently to Wall Street. Muu Deijs in , dec. If. Walker Edmunds a Young merchant whilst a Riding near this City on saturday evening was met by two negroes with muskets one of whom levelled his Musket and without a word fired shotting Edmunds in Tho Fork Enid inflicting a fatal wound. No arrests have Betti made. It is supposed Thoy mistook him for an Obier person As no attempt was Mado to Rob him. / an in Knoten Man was found murdered yes. Ter Day near iliggi18�?T Plantation off a Ive Miles below bore. Ilo is supposed to have be ii n. In Ito atm i. You no girl Munji Eren to obtain. Pouy of Lipe ,. N. A Jmmy 18�?the body of n girl Tolvo years of Ariit who was Burnt to depth by Tho a Tacq meat Honson at Canaan last week his been exhumed and Fyt Laid to contain Marks of violence. Sho is supposed to have been Mur-1 ,dete4 by her reputed parents named Brown to obtain a policy of $5,000 on her travel Erst company of Hartford. The brow shave been arrested. Report says Tho child was not their daughter but adopted a rom Ohio some Timon get. I London dec. 23�?evening, police has largely increased. I Rome Deo. 23.�?the Pope allocution congratulated Liis hearers on the defeat of Garibaldi. Pahis dec. 23 a France and Italy have commenced negotiations for the abrogation of the september convention. The italian parliament refused to interest on the debt of the provinces formerly belonging to the states of the Church. The French government protests. Florence dec 23.�?the Cabinet has resigned but awaits the judge Nutof in its acts. The said Neva ministry will be organized by Duran Doc. A. London dec. 24�?noon.�?american securities Flat Paris dec. 24.�?rentes Flat. In a Pool dec. 24�?noon.�?cotton Dull and unchanged sales 10,000 Bales. Bread stuffs Dull a the Weser arid pereire arrived out. London dec. 24�?% p. A Consols 92i, bends 725-16. Liverpool. Dec. 24�?2 p. sales no exceeding ill a a jts. London dec. 24�?evening.�?con�ols 92i Bonds g24. / Liverpool dec._2lcottoi 1ull and lower Uplands 7s, Orleans 7&/sales 8000 Bales. A As Aikton get cd 24 amp Bot a a to Fco a a Brett Froid a a in a est indies is believed to official circles As Indi eating a desire on4ho part of those islam do to be annexed to the United states. The executive departments Are All closed Early to Day. A they Wilbrot resume their duties until thursday. Admiral Davis commanding the Spoth Atlantic Squadron reports to the Navy tile disposition of the pcs Sels of the Guerriere Wabash and Pawnee Are at Dario. The Kenata is at Montevideo. The Huron is at Rio Xanthe Sawokin off Efu Enos Ayres. A a. A. A a a there Yas a Cabinet session of several hours to Day with All present except Randall. % v a Quot during the Forenoon a senator Fessenden and daughter and general Meade called on t in president. A London dec 24.�?accounts received at Mosso Wali y4tjie condition and Progress of Tho in Abyssinia Are All favourable. The Rev is steadily advancing into the Interior it i and so far has been met in a Friendly manner by the natives. Paris dec. 24�?the debate on the army -4>it--Vma--c6nti1nued Ijar Tho go Fps Legi Latif yesterday. Marshal Niel defended the Bill on the ground that Stich a measure would have a tendency to prevent War Aud was a guarantee of peace. Jules fayre spoke the second time against the Bill denouncing it As a dangerous instrument. M. Oliviere said the introduction of the Bill at this time proved that the government autioipat6d an Early War. To thought France would be stronger and Botters a prepared for hostile contingencies should a constitutional Oystein of govern sent be granted to the it Ion. 1 Pajins dec. 24, evening. A the unsettled of condition of affairs in Florence occasions ranch anxiety Here. Tho changes in the italian government it is feared will place Italy in a menacing attitude towards France. The bourse is uneasy. Rentes Flat and nominal. Florence dec. 24.�?the existing Cabinet is not to be dissolved some changes in composition will be made but general Mene Brau will remain at the Bead of the government and under his direction the organization of the ministry will proceed. Vienna dec. 24.�?a Bill for the emancipation of the jews passed the Rei Ehrath. A Paris Deo. 2gi�?ely Buffam an old and prominent american Bui Nalitt and author committed suicide at Lauderdale. At the time. Of his death he was correspondent of the new York Herald. London dec.2g.�?the apprehended fenian outbreaks did not occur. Traup Mility and. Goed few log prevailed yesterday. Extra precaution against lawlessness apparently unnecessary. Liverpool dec. 26.�? bread stuff a quiet and Fern. A London dec. 20.�? Bonds 72i. A a a Anav dec. 25 a steadier Cuba arrived with or. And sips. I Ives Nib to Ca outta for now Oreatis. Paris Dae. 26-Patiie confirms Tho report that 20,000 More troops have be in ordered to. Civi a London dec. 2g.�?thornton, Tho new minister to Washington sails in Days.�. League , jury appointed to Stimato the value of Tho riparian lands opposite league Island acquit Edi by the govern night As a condition of their acceptance of it us a Tiaval station have agreed. Upon recon Moud ipg a compensation to Tho owners of five Rel undred dollars for every All other a wards this will Pieatso Somo and Fiss Elpaso having land pm airing will exult in its enlisii�m-gj�sirs5flshtsob<ir Whoso All is taken lame what they Only got five Hundred dollars for what Asido from its propinquity to Tho Navy Yard would to very Deal at Ono fifth of Tho Price about to to paid for it a Phila american. A i Ai aria s gites i metropolitan it eco a thu classifies Tho personnel it of the convention lately sitting at Montgom Ary Ala. Negro Barbers 16 coach Drivers Whites Aud Slacks 18 valets half and half 11. Sex Plantation hands 8 it Quot Yankee pedlar �14 freedmen a. Bureau Mcd 7 Massachusetts col porters 5 Tribune correspondent Hiya ill White 1 a Nettro \ r a a Lime 3 suck dec you Vrcon. J Loyal lag curb 2, total 87.Brevet Hank in the army the Bill reported 0 Tho House military committee Ini regard to Tho Brevet rank in the army the a Pov to thinks is a Good one As far As it goes but if it had provided for the entire abolition of brevets the editor tells us it would be better still and More in accordance with the views j6f some of the Best officers in the army. / Quot a a a Brevet rank the editor reminds us rats originally instituted As a recognition of some specially Gallant a Otic on the Battlefield the action is Ith the Date and place being specified in the Brevet commission. Turdici Otily a Given it was an incentive to soldiery ambition. to Etwood it did fora Oro harm thaicivif5an8 can Well imagine for when Fml amp a if Idle Given a atorious officers not a evened were grossly wronged. Given generally for a a meritorious s conduct. A or As j re Ward to political Fri ind it is a positive nuisance and Sham. J ,. A such within the past three years it has come to be to the regret and mortification of worthy officers to the prejudice of Good discipline in the army and to the disparagement of those whose brevets were nobly won by heroic acts in Tho Battlefield. Hundreds of excellent officers whose War records have been unexceptionable but who have lacked political influence have been hundreds of others who have no special claims to Brovet honors have received them. Ofis Icess in the. It ,ter�?T8 and Cummis sary Generalis it departments who Nover heard n shot fired in ,.have been Breve ted from1 captains to brigadier general. In 1865, when brevets fell Ini and Undi Stin gnashing Shower it used to be remarked in the army that an officer need Only Send his application for a Brevet to a member of con Gress to receive it by return mail. So far As Brevet rank can Confer Honor it has become of no account. Men who have honestly won it regard it with disgust because it is shared by so Many undeserving ,. A i. Quote upon assuming command of. The territory of a1a8kd, october 29, general Jeff. C. Davis issued an order which contains the following paragraphs Iii. The government of the United states having As yet made no provision for the .or-1 a animation of civil authority in this territory it becomes the duty of the military authorities to give Protection to the inhabitants thereof and their property. With this object in View it is announced that of Congress of general application to All the other territories United states will be enforced and , rules and regulations heretofore in Force for the government of the pee Polo of this territory who until changed by proper authority continue in Force provided they do not conflict with Tho Lawson Congress nor the treaty by which this Tefr a tory was ceded. To. For Tho information of All the Resi a dents of Tho territory who desire to remain i and become citizens of the United states by a availing themselves of the privileges of a tide i of the treaty above alluded to it is. Hereby announced that they can signify their intention to do so by registering their names and filing their declarations at the adj Nutant. General a office of the District. No. A a pair of spectacle to suit the eyes of potatoes. Quot the club with which an idea struck the poet. A stick to measure narrow escapes. The identical Hook and line with which in Angler caught a cold. An used in Tho reign of tyrants. A knot from the Board a Man paid Quot seven dollars and a half a week for. Or. , of Oregon Holt county. Says the Quot Sentinel a has produced this year from our talc Nieth of ail acre o f ground 100 Gallons of wine. At this rate-3200 mgt Hans i can be made from an acre. Or. B. Readily disposes of Bis product by the barrelat$3 pot. J gallon so thut Isno acre of. Grapes made into y wino will bring the Suin of,$9,000.it be quires four years to bring Tho vines up to this bearing Standard and a Pirr tial crop May be counted on for the third . To would Elko to see that wino measured Afroh Carneado in France tii Irleen thous with men Are Erica Gedlen Iho capture and euro of sardines. Besides the immense Quantity exported As Many As four million Hosea Are Jiuu ibid mtg Asa Dpt Ludt Uio enormous quantities Are sold fresh the fish Are first dried in Tho open air then boiled Over Furt aces in the finest Olive Oil. Until done after which they Are packed into Tho Little tin boxes in which they Are bold. The boxes Are Reri dered perfectly air tight by soldering and in a steam Chest. The refuse of Tho sardines is sold for agricultural purposes. California promises to Amish us with luscious grapes equal to those arc in in hot-hoii8es Here for five cents a Pound when Tho Pacific railway is finished. In the sent prof Ajlill in Monitor Valley Nevada a a natural bowl seventy Fiyo feet in a a diameter and almost As deep co distantly full of boiling water. The National Union Republican committee it have designated Chicago As the City in which the next National convention of the party is to be held. The Competition Between Cincinnati st. Louis and Chicago is said to have been fierce and of course there is talk of one of these cities Ever thinks any of her one gets any Good thing without a previous shameless infraction of All the decalogue to say nothing of All the Laws of mercantile honesty. The 20th of May next is the appointed time for the meeting of the convention. Thu it would seem to be evident that i the Republican leaders expect a laborious Campaign and Inte tid to work. Trio scaffold. Ing put up by the committee pending Quot the erection a of the Reg Jay platform is a slight Structure and has but one Plank Over which any Northern Democrat needs to stumble it a invites the. Co operation of the friends of the Complete extirpation of Tho principles of slave free Trade arid Protection re not referred to nor inflation nor repudiation. However the Fortieth Congress is to make 1 the Republican platform Ami nothing to do a it it Call the Conven Tiou. It a nation. A a general 6nint and correspondent of the new York / times telegraphed As follows / a a on general Grants position published in Thev new York correspondence of the Charleston courier and attributed to general Dent brother in Law of general Quot Grant was not written Quot by that gentleman nor was it authorized to to written either As a Public or Privato expression of the views and wishes of to general who has not departed and does not propose to depart from the reticence he has always observed on the subject of Tho presidency until such an o Ca shall arise As will not Only make it Quot proper but incumbent upon him to speak. It would seem hardly necessary to reassert this but so Many adroit methods Are resorted to for the purpose of forcing general Grant the attitude of seeking tie presidency that it is Well to keep a Sharp look oat Gorsuc i . A they hive very belligerent judges i seems in new Mexico. One of them chief Justice Slough lately a very vehement style the governor for pardoning a Man whom he had convicted of crime. A quote said it Ras of no Usu for him to sit on the Bench and con. Vict sentence men a a if. Bob Mitchell in Urjil nothing tits to do Thau to Pardon them. A a Fow Days alter he made a very brutal re Ronal assault of Tho the Secretary of the territory had been invited by Tho legislature to administer Tho oath of office instead of the chief Justice As had been customary. This chief Justice should be sloughed off As soon As York times. A. ,. / ties Aijane John p. Slough that was expelled from the Ohio a legislature some years is Suje for practising the Noble Art of self defence with a big Stiak when weak solution of Chloride of magnesium is combined with calcined magnesia the mixture has Trio Power of holding together fifteen or Twenty times its weight of san Cor into a substance hard enough to a used for Flag and tiles and which May be readily coloured for ornamental Caso of lob Licary and Iipp Autance. Tho Mound City 111. Journal of the 19th,. a one of the most remarkable instances of robbery and repentance on Tho part of i professional rogue and Endeavor to repair damages due to his victim is exhibited in these. Quel to the Stem robbery which occurred of wednesday night of last week. Our readers will recollect,.that on the Friday night follow ing a watch taken from or. Stern was returned by slipping it under the Gate of the Bank Yard pertaining to his Saloon. Strange As it May appear last night Friday 13th inst Monsy take ii won returned in Tho same manner1, accompanied by the following note of a. A a Gati Stemelo a i cannot keep your Money i cant sleep nights i Hope Yon will not trouble me Eny More i am sorry i Ever troubled you. I Oever will do so Eny More i a a your Friend \ a the Man who Robed the Money and note were rolled up together and wrapped in a piece of newspaper and i the package was placed Iti the preciso locality where the watch was found. A Quot another strange feature of the affair is the fact that mrs Tern All Tho time was pos. Messed of a presentiment that the Money Wuhs be returned. He stated that he of Esesse the Power to disturb the mind and wisc Ishoo Quot Ccu s the t of abbr until he cd Tild be e a is Hloi toy no longer and As Tho affair has turned out Tho credulity of those not affected with superstition must be staggered. A a the bold and skillful manner in we Bohr the robbery was perpetrated is evidence sufficient to establish the Falt to that the perpetrator of the deed was a professional rogue Bui that he should be troubled with Tho qualms of conscience he has exhibited is indeed remarkable. A. \ since the recovery of his property is. Stern no longer feels the effects of the chlo Rofo rip. And in spirit he is quite forgiving. He freely forgives those who robbed him anti Hopes they will Call and take a drink at life expense. Pontiac Gazette Hae the following in relation to a citizen of Wayns county Michigan. Sinco Weston a great feat to know of nothing in the pedestrian line that surpasses the exploit of or. S. M. Little of Northville a Fow Days since on a trip from that place the this City. To Loit Northville at stopped Nineteen minutes at Willard take and five minutes it Oto a other Point reaching pin Tiac in time to take the 11 45 to a in Vest with _ two. Minutes to spare. The distance is 22 Miles. He carried an overcoat weighing Sis pounds on one Arm and a band boys about 1-iinches Square containing various articles anti weighing five pounds on the other. He wat dressed in his Ordinary clothing. We Call this pretty Good for a Man who had nor previous training and was merely,1 walking on r business trip a South from col�mw.8. State that Santos Gutierrez had been elected president. The isthmus Railroad had bees overflowed by the heavy Rains but no damage was reported. Mosquera had Rea Ohey Panama on his Way to Peru f our Lima peril correspondence is dated nov. 28. President Prado had made a regu Lay attack on Aie Uipa the principal Strong hold of the rebellion and had severely Defeated his opponents who however still hold it Possession of the main portion of the Cifre. Three Days had been Given tji Epi to surren a Der. A Point was gained by Prado where la could command the barricades with he heavy artillery. Colone Balta the chief cd the rebels in the North has a so been severely Defeated. The Bank Missouri Democrat opens a Leader As follows a if the Case really on trial were that of the people is. The National Banks the rules of Law would compol any court j to Reader judgment against the defendant by deftly. No amp because the Banks Haye made Nivy ply whatever to the allegation against Theta of. They have done worse than that. They have made several elaborate replies but not. One that touches the Case actually presented against them and not one thac does of prove by it a disingenuous ass its misrepresentation an<3 its studious evasion of the Point really at Issue the impossibility of making any Good def Iise they have kept therr new treaty wonderfully Well. They have killed three White men to be sure but it was Only to try their new guns which the peace commissioners gave the production of Coal during i86�o5, is. Great Britain amounted to nearly 102 Mil a Lions of to is of Iron to 4� millions of tons of Silver from Lead to 636 thousand ounces. The total value of Mineral productions for the year is estimated at about 210 millions of dollars., Tho new York times Washington dispatch says that Secretary Seward will soon Send to Congress copies of the later correspondence on file in the state department relative to Tho Alabama question. And Call upon that body for a formal expression onto Piniski on Tho subject to will not take any further Steps toward the settlement of the difficulty until to is made acquainted with the desire of Congress in the premises. A / it the Ottawa Ohio Home journal says thai a jus Tice not a thousand Milos Fri re Ouia we awas recently called upon the mar Riago . For ii a a uple of a a auit re cafe a a citizens of african descent a and is his Styk it a of performing the ceremony is a Little Peculiar-., to give it verbatim alter the usual questions had All propounded and , he pronounced the Twain a Man and wife a and delivered Tho closing of arge in the following impressive language \ a what i have this night joined,t9gfithsr-let--�?~iiti&Quot Lilac Quot a a but Zodat aughty put asnnder.�?T i Tho recent address of the Hon. Roben Lowe before the Edinburgh philosophical institution on Tho fanlt3 of primary and uni-t3rsity education has created quite a Sensel Tion. To Obj Ota strongly to the Folly of placing the. Study of words before that of things. His views All the Keener. Frani the fact that he is one of the bost�ua-.�4ffl�ftiaj<nglaad�--�mid. Heretofore la his. Career has been Denry Tsilta tha Efonise of aristocratic. And conservative traditions pedantry and Flummer have had their Day a England. A

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