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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 21, 1867, Galveston, Texas Been a wee in a i�3t it amp cd a m by a a a a Gay is its a. F o by it Felt a d Kyo vol. , saturday --.morning, december 21,-1867 no 72.telegraphic. A a a a a a a associated Washington de. 1c.�?papers in the Lusk Caso show that Sheridan approved to of the commission which was de Atli Nuil forwarded Tho record for the la Rifai Deiny a approval. Judge Holt in reviewing the ease says it is believed that no record of guilt Ami crime has Ever been examined by this Bureau Catling More loudly for the rigid enforcement of Tho est Rouie penalty than this lib concludes a it is respectfully advised that the prisoner be executed. A Tho following endorsement up cars on the bade of Holt a report a the prisoner the record of Whoso trial is7 within Nad every Opportunity to desired to defend hit self. Chis Crisino is a most fearfully brutal one and to is without any excuse for its commission. It is the first trial for murder under Tho reconstruction acts and the sentence should be carried into effect. Respectfully submitted to the signed. U. S. Grant Secretary of War and interim. Among Tho papera submitted in a letter from Tho counsel of his accused claim a ing in. Ability to obtain witnesses and on that to count that the accused s Defenso was of Mero technical . He Felt confident any court of Law would have sustained his exception and asked the president 4<>-set aside the trial. A in submit Ting the papers Tho president Eaid no action had yet been taken by him. Montgomery djo. 1c.�?the advertiser contains reliable information of of Geo. Shorter a negro of this City who was the loader of the recent insurrectionary movement in Bullock county. The negro Shorter claims to be from Illinois or one of Tho Northwestern states and says that he was sent by the radicals of that Region to organize his government in the South. Tho Blacks gave information of his whereabouts and to was a captured by Whites and Blacks. When the deluded negroes of Tho neighbouring plantations heard of it they gathered in considerable numbers and clamoured Fop his delivery to them for summary punishment boy would Lavo put him to Lenth but tie Whites Iutta feed and persuaded them to Lut the Law take its course. Shorter was imprisoned in the county jail of Union spring.-. A letter of Shorter a 10 the negroes whom to called the officers of his government has Bien published showing Tho nature of Trio Oiga in Ilion he Lead a to cited. In this letter Shorter decreed the death of Jerry treasurer of the revolutionary organization there Are More letters of Shorter in Possession of the. Civil authorities and the whole of them with evidence of Iho Blacks examined will expose to the country in its atrocity a Radical lot to organize the Blacks of the Koutlis in a revolutionary conspiracy against Tho Whites. The following is shortens letter a a a drop you a few lines on this reason about that great Man Jerry. Call nil Tho men together and take Jerry and that Nonoy from Lim cud if Bodoni to give it up a ill him. Kill him done to let him get Avray from you All. I Send these men Down to proceed to Bullock county a to Hunt for him. To has stolen come amount of Money. Iio has been going about and tolling Moro lies Ringo knowing to Ere. To also had a full Lio wrote me and i want Jeff. Mccall to Tako him or kill him Rod i want ten Moro men to Como Down to Pino level with George and brim your Gano. Tell All Tho men to get and Tako him or Mil him. Jeff done to fail. A Signor Geo Hub be Osteh. Captain Bryce agent of Tho freedmen a Bureau at Greensboro recently took Tho Beys Ivad liberated a number or prison cars confined by the proper civil authority. Ilia fiction is severely condemned. At this sheriff s Sale today real estate Railroad Stock &6., sold at remarkably Low. Figures land at trom go to 25a an acre and Railroad Stock at 10c on Tho Dollar. New York dec. 17. A flour a Ohaldo firmer. Wheat a Quot Trillo better. Corn steady. Oats a Shado better at 81, Iii store ,87c afloat i Orli. Drooping Mesi $20 -12iv lard a 11. Cotton steady it 15�. Freights Dull. Havana dec. 1g.�?sterling 13$ Premium. Fed Oral eur Reney 23i@25i discount. Gold 2�z Premium. Sagar. Dill sales Mado at Cardenas at Advance refining Musco Vado i reals. A arrived Star of Tho Union. Advices from Hayti represent that Universal discontent reigned in the capital and foreigners Wero filled with Ali irm at Tho aspect of affairs. Passengers just arrived report that a revolution had commenced. 1 six millions of a Lytton papa dollars Vero reported in circulation throughout the Ite Public. Some accuse the presiden Sal have of Havinga hand in their emission. General Lyon Montes was mud dered by his new. Orleans dec. 17.�?Cotton advanced 15e. Gales 4,000 titles receipts 11,511 Bales exports 7g9 baits. Sugar declined 12c. Comman4f.f@0c. Primo to choler 12�@134c. Molas sch in Chi a Getlir flour Dull a superfine $9 75 Choice $12 75�13 co. Corn quiet uni firm is 15. Oats Dull and unchanged. Lard unchanged Liascou unchanged. Park very Dull asking 823 00. Sterling commercial 41j@45 Bank nominally 47. Now York eight per cent. Discount. Gold j33. A Tho session of Tho convention to Day was Short. Thoy a doped Tho report of Tho printing committo As a whole and adjourned until noon to Morrow. Vicki Izuo dec. 17.�?futnaco s Carriage repository Leonard Brothers livery stable and grocery in Tho suburbs of this City was destroyed by Firo last night. Loss 373,000�? insured for 340,000. It was caused by incendiary so. New York dec. 17.�?Cotton firmer and quiet. Sales 2,200 Bales at Lisic. Freights lower Cotton by sail go., team pc. New Yolk dcc.17.�?governments closed firm. �?T02 coupons 8�. Gold Strong at 134j. Washington Deb. 17��?senate�?a Resolution promotive of a prompt Bett Lamont of claims was introduced. In the a course of Tho Adobato i twas maintained to lib to accounting officers assumed too much jurisdiction. ,. reported a funding Tho debt. Consideration was postponed until after holidays. A Resolution calling on Trio president for instructions to , under Tho act of 1862, to suppress rebellion and punish treason with Tho amount of Money realized and names of victims adopted. Davis offered a Resolution calling for no Gregatos expenditures of Tho freedmen a Bureau since 18g5. Several senators objected As much of Tho disbursements was for White refugees. 1 pending discussion morning hour expired and Tho repeal of the Cotton tax was resumed. Conkling of proceeded to say that a helping hand had been extended to., those destitute communities. Tho direct tax had been suspended in All Tho insurrectionary states Tho tax had been removed from sugar machinery and other articles which pertained to that Community. To would say now. That it would Havo been much better for these people if Ono of the parties of this country and Tho visible head of Tho government had let them alone. If they had stopped swaggering about and gone to work to build tip their impoverished Section they would to Day Havo been much happier and so would to. If this tax was taken off it would wipe out Twenty millions of Revenue and they knew not where to replace it. Or. C. Indicated a disposition to vote fora reduction of the tvs but maintained that the proper Courso was to postpone Tho until february and March when the whole subject of Revenue would a Quot be up end gave notice of his intention to make a motion to. That effect. Morton said Cotton should not a entirely exempt from the burdens of the1 government. The discussion assumed a political turn Tho subject was postponed for an executive session and adjourned. J House after general business Stevens introduced a regarding reconstruction. Objection was made and the postponed. This alters the provision requiring a majority of the registered votes for the now Cou Htit ution to a majority of the votes cast. The convention provides for Tho election of rep a resent Tieb at the time of the election on the Constitution who shall Tako their seats at the session succeeding the one at which their states Aid admitted. Section 31 provides that until a new apportionment the states shall be represented As follows South Carolina a 2 of whom shall be elected by the state at Large North Carolina 8, 1 to be elected by the Stato at Largo Georgia 8, 1 by Tho Stato at Large Florida 1 Alabama 8, 2 by the state at Large Mississippi a 1 by Tho state at Large Louisiana 0, 1 by Tho state at Large Texas 5, 1 by the Stato at Large. Arkansas 3. No number of. Representation is Given for Virginia. The judiciary committee was directed to Continuo Tho examination regarding Maryland a Republican government a a Washington dec. 17.�?grant�?Ts confidential a letter regarding the removal of Sheridan and Stanton is published. It is quite Strong but its length and the fact that it bears on the past issues precludes to necessity of telegraphing it. New Yolk dec. 17.�?Money abundant at 6 per Cut. Gold Strong at 134 0. Sterling firm and business moderate . Governments Active Aud excited stocks More buoyant at close with a general improvement in prices. A arrived steam 7 City from Galveston. New Yoi i duo. ¿7.�?two new Orleans merchants charged with defrauding firms in now York in amounts As High $150,000, Wero brought Here yesterday. In their efforts to get Tho parties out of new Orleans Tho detectives finding they Wero Likely to a inter a feed with by a writ of Hareas Corpus and Tho action of general Hancock succeeded in Spir iting off their prisoners in spite of courts and military officers. Axx Sissy n. Y., dec. 17.�?the old reformed dutch Church of Kinderhook was destroyed by Firo on saturday afternoon. It Ras for years Tho Placo of worship of Martin Van harm a Havana Deo. 17. A advices from st. Thomas Aro to Tho 7th inst. Tho government architect was examining Hoso edifices who Cir wr9 left it v dangerous condition by Tho earthquake. To had ordered a to demolition of Tho English mail offices Lloyds building Damian s hotel and Tho warehouses of Morrisino Mora and others. Up to Tho 7th instant five Hundred shocks of earthquake has been Felt. Divers Wero busily it work in Tho Bay and two Hundred _ packages Wero daily raised from Tho wreck of Tho Steamer columbian. Business generally rammed. No Moro failures reported. Rents of Corner lots Wert greatly increasing. Ail Vides from Sau Domingo report that two million dollars had been realized from a Lato loan Mado by Tho Doi Unican give Runjo Htiu Paris. Merchants who refused Toa Tako government paper As Security had been fined two Hundred dollars each. Exe Hango . 13 Premium. Havana dec. 17.�?- currency Lon sight 24@244 to list out Short sight 22j@23. Bacon $17 00. Lard $11 ,50 3 17 00, onions co Fig. Potatoes $4 75. The Steamer Bienville from now Orleans has arrived. Tho Steamer Star of Tho Union from Philadelphia sailed for new Orleans. Tho principal of a Largo provision House called Tho san Cipray company has absconded leaving liabilities to Iho amount of seven a Hundred thousand dollars. Assets Small. Atisnta�7ga.-,. A 17.-i-a Resolution was adopted to Duy of any matter of legislative character.1 a Resolution was introduce Oil to prevent discrimination by common carriers on account of color. Also a Resolution recommending Taco removal of governor Jenkins and Tho appointment of Bullock of Richmond. New Yonn dec. 18.�?flour Dull and us Chin cd. Wheat quiet and very firm. Com Dull and drooping. Ryo steady. Oata very firm. Pork Dull at 70�75c. Lard Dull. Cotton quiet it 15.1c. Freights Dull. Tur Pentino irregular and drooping at 50ic, Ito sin quiet at g2i075c for common strained. Sterling Long 110o�110 Short 110a@110g. Money g@7 por cont. Gold 133-5. Bonds old ls8g now 108. 10-403 100g. 7-30 101$. New Yoeu Doo. 18.�?arrived, James and Ger Manhattan Udo Albemarle and san a Jacinto. A a a Tho hawser of Tho Steamer Villo do Paris broke injuring several persons Somo fatally. Hovore Earth quake lasting Twenty seconds this morning Oxton Ding to Tho now England states Cunda and As far South As White Hall. New Yorik Doo. 18.-Agossa and a Raleigh. Washington Doo. 18.�?-Tho presidents message is highly laudatory of Hancock a or Der no. 40, and concludes a i respectfully suggest to Cong Rosa that Somo Public recognition of general Hancock conduct is due if not to him to Tho friends of Law and arrived Euclid Sar Justice throughout the country. Of such an net As his at such a time it is but fit that the dignity should to vindicated and the Vii tue proclaimed so that its value As an example May not to lost to the nation. Revenue to Day s345j 000. An immense amounts of produce is Frozen up in the Erie casual. La san Francisco the democratic caucus fails to Nom invite a senator. Severe storms prevail throughout California. In Tho House the commit too on Public lands has reported a declaring As forfeited All lands granted to Southern railroads in 185g about five million dollars Are involved. Washington dec. 18.�? memorial from Tho Norfolk Board of Trade favouring a repeal of Tho Cotton to a a tabled. A memorial from the citizens of Arkan Bas affirming that out Ruiika no imminent on account of the destitution in several counties. A the repeal of the Cotton tax was discussed after which the president s a message regarding Hancock was . Who ii a unit considerable confusion As to its disposition the Senate for the Relief of soldiers who deserted was reported by the military com Mitt tee which provoked a discussion. It was contended that it restored ois cers who abandoned the Union Force in Tho Federal army at the. Commencement of the Var. Tho House went into Cain Mitten of the whole on Tho state of the a message was read amid considerable confusion. It was ordered to be printed. The reconstruction committee substance telegraphed yesterday was resumed. A Maynard gave notice of an additional Section authorizing the conventions to establish provisional governments. Stevens withdrew Tho Section of the increasing the representation from the Southern states. Aud tha passed by 101 to 37, a strict party vote. The As passed provides that Tho majority of voters shall ratify the Constitution Aud that at the time of voting for the Constitution Tho member of Congress shall be elected according to the congressional districts existing in 58. Tho same officers who make Tho returns of voters on tha Constitution shall give certificates to the congressmen adjourned new , pec.18.�?cottou firm and tending upwards Orleans 15c. Sales 4000 Bales receipts 2.226bales exports6173 Bales. Sugar unchanged. Molasses in fair demand fair g0e., Choice 75c. Flour Dull and depressed to quotations. Corn Dull and unchanged. Oats �0 sales and held at 83c.- a pork very Dull jobbing $23 50. Bacon a Are \ tailing shoulders la Llic. Clear 15-. Lard no sales prime in Keg 14@14i no sales for Tierce for several Days. Sterling 43�46i, nominal. New York sight b per cent discount. Geld 132 Texas cattle unchanged. In special order no. 213, dated to Day general Hancock gives notice of the election in Tesla for convention or no convention and for delegates to the ,earned. It will a held feb. 10 to 14, in Clu Siye. Ninety relegates Are to be elected. Total number ,104,2g9. A revision of the registration is to to commenced fourteen Playa Previ Paa to it Tho election. The order app�rtion3 delegates a among the counties and says no election will be yield in counties not organized or in which there has been no registration. Tho election will be had Only at county seats and cach ballot presented by a coloured voter to be marked a a coloured a a by the judges of the a election. Boards of registers Ara charged to conduct Trio election. If from any cause any of the registers fail to perform. Their duty their places will lie filled by the county judge county clerk or Clork of the District a of it provided they can tia life otherwise vacancies will be filled by appointment of the Balauch of ill in gift a iwo r Board. The Sale of liquors during Tho election is prohibited. Military interference unless necessary to keep Tho peace at the polls is prohibited. No soldiers allowed to appear at voting places unless registered voters and then Only to Yote but. commanders to to. Prepared to act promptly in Case the civil authorities fail to preserve the peace. The sheriff and peace officers Are required to be present and Hield responsible that there shall to no interference. Judges of elect too each registrar or clerk is empowered to fall upon Tho civil authorities Aud in Cash of failure to respond to perform their duties during the election. Athe Brownsville papers say that under orders from general Reynolds refugees from Mexico Are being-prrested1 in Brownsville and Quot turned Over to the mexican authorizes under the charge of being Quot i \ .1 Tho Brownsville Ranchero was seized on the 12th just by order of Brevet brigadier. General Mckenzie commanding sub District of the Ito Graude. A Soho of the proprietors arrived in this City. A the convention did nothing to Day. A , dec. 18.�?flour a Shade lower state s8 co $10 85, $10 25 and s14= a wheat Dull. Corn ,1c. Lower. Oats Park s20 go. Lard Dull 12g�13o. Cotton quiet sales 1,800bales, 15o. Groceries Dull. Freights quiet. Gold 133j. New Youk dec. 18.�?governments Strong. �?T62 coupons 108j. �?Tg4s, 104 65s, 1054. �?~67s, 108. 10-408, 1035 7-30s, 104j Money closed very easy. Discounts easier at 7 percent. Sterling weaker and in Light demand j stocks steady. Hong Omen a ala., dec. 18.�?albert Smith Freedman has been appointed by general i Pope As Justice of Tho Peaco for Tuscaloosa county. Washington dec. 18.�?the following a the presidents message in relation to general Hancock a order no. 4,0 gentlemen of Tho Senato and of to House of Eure tentative s a. A an official copy of Tho order Ira sued a Gay major general Winfield s. Hancock a commander of Tho fifth military District dated Headquarters in new Orleans Louisiana on the 29th Day of november has reached me through Tho regular channels of the or department and i herewith communicate it to Congress for such action As May seem to be proper in View of All Tho circumstances. It will to perceive. De that general Hancock announces that he will make Tho Law Tho Rule of his conduct that he will uphold Tho courts and other civil authorities in Tho porno rms no of their proper1 duties and that he will use his military Power Only to preserve Tho peace an enforce the Law. To declared very explicitly that the sacred right of Tho trial by jury and Tho privilege of the Hareas Corpus shall not to crushed out or trodden under foot he goes further Ami in Ohio Comprelli Eusivo sentence asserts a that the principles of american Liberty Aro still Tho inc Ritacca of the people and Ever should be. When a great Soldier with unrestricted Power in Liis bands to oppress his fellow Mon voluntarily foregoes the Chance of Gratifying his selfish ambition and devotes himself to the duty of building up the liberties it and strengthening the Laws of his country. Ii presents an example of Tho highest Public virtue that human nature is capable of practising. The strongest claims of Washington to to first in Wai first in Peaco and first in Tho hearts of his countrymen is founded in the great fact that in. All his illustrious career he scrupulous i abstained from violating the Logal Aud constitutional a rights of his fellow citizens. When he eur rendered his commission to Congress the president of that body spoke his highest Praise in saying that he always regarded the rights of the civil authorities through All dangers and Clis asters. Whatever Power above the Law courted his acceptance to calmly put temptation aside. By such magnanimous hots of forbearance to. Won the Universal admiration of Mankind and loft a name which has no rival in the history of the world. I am far from saying that general Hancock is Tho Only officer of Tho american army who is influenced by the example of Washington. Doubtless thousands of them Are faithfully devoted to the principles for which the men of the revolution Laid Dowie their lives but the distinguished Honor belongs to him of being the first officer in High command South of the Potomac since the close of the civil War who has Given utterance to these Noble sentiments in the form of a military order. I respectfully suggest to Congress that some Public recognition of general Hancock a patriotic conduct is due if not to him to the friends of Law and Justice. Throughout the country of such an act a a his at such a time it is but fit that the dig nity should be vindicated and the virtue proclaimed so that its As an example May not be lost to the nation. And hew Johnson. New Yoek dec. 19.�?flour firm and 10a lower. Wheat l@2c.lower. Corn to lower. Citico a Shade better. Oats steady. Pork $20 65. Lard Dull. Cotton steady at 15$c. Freights Dull. Turpentine 51c. Rosin favors buyers common $2 55. Sterling 100. 10q.�?T Money 6 per cent. Gold l33g. Bonds old 108� new -108. Tennessee a 62 h. Stocks Active. 1 dec. 19.�?the boiler of thug unit exploded killing one and injuring three. A fire is now raging at pin Horn opposite Here supposed to a Tho Petroleum works. Washington dec. 19.�?in response to a letter proposing the educational test after 1871, senator Wilson is antagonistic. It is to soon. If adopted it should apply Only to those attaining majority after 1871. I the old and new school presbyterians of Susquehanna and Luzern counties Pennsylvania have United on the basis adopted by the presbyterian National convention. , dec. 19.�?Cotton steady Eales 2,400 Bales at 15$ to 16c. Flour Dull Stato$8 50 to s10,75, Southern $11 50 to $14 60. Wheat Dull Corn steady. Pork firm $20 85. Lard heavy. Groceries quiet and Dull. Turpentine 51 to 52o. Rosin $2 55 to $7 00. Freights steady. New Yoek dec. 19.�?monoy very easy Supply Large and increasing. Call Loans 6 per cent exceptions at 7. Discounts 7@9. Gold firm at 133j@i34. Governments 00-Tivo. New of lean dec. 19.�?Cotton Active Orleans 154c. Sales 5,300. Bales. Receipts 5,448 exports 369 Bales frugal in fair demand common 94c., fully fair 12� 121c., prime to Choice 12j�134c. Molasses i in air Weinand common 50c., Prim pc it re quote 70�75c. Flour extremely Dull superfine $9 75, Choice $12 50�$14 50. Corn steadier at $1 10@s1 15. Oats 85@86c. Pork very Dull jobbing at $23 50. Bacon unchanged. Sterling nominal it 143@147. New York sight i per cent discount. Old 133@13 3i. Two More fires at Vicksburg last night. One accidental and loss trifling the other in con diary loss $18,000. The Bank of new Oleaus has discontinued business on account of depression of Trade. St. Louia dec 19.�?bacon shoulders sides 13.j. Lard 12.j, whisky firm at $2 25. A Cincinnati a Deo. 19.�?flour dullard un-changed.corn steady 86 to 87c. Mess pork old $20 00 new $81 00 Bacon Dull. Bai Tim Oke dec. 19.�?Cotton steady. Flour very Dull and unchanged. Wheat Scains but Little Oil no Quot to Oliuer Quot five a of Nisi Choice Southern red s2 75. Com Active and scarce prime dry White $1 25 yellow is 26 @1 27, Oats firm at 76@77. Rye scarce and unchanged. A provisions quiet bulk shoulders 11�12. Quot. A Washington dec. 19.�?senate�?the . A sed yesterday by Tho House supplemental to Tho reconstruction arts was and. Referred to the judiciary a Ommittee. Several memorials regarding Tho rights of american citizens abroad were presented. Several speeches were made urging immediate and vigorous action to Thich Sumner chairman of the committee on foreign rela options replied that the committee could not be driven into Hasty action by temporary pres sure. The memorials were deficiency , front the House came up and was debated at length with Calls for times and nay3 on minor amendments evidently with a View of staving off the Cotton tax and anti contraction Bills until after holidays. These amendments Are pending on Cotton tax and action to Morrow is hopeless. Doubts Are expressed whether a quorum will be present to Morrow. A letter was read from the Secretary of the Treasury stating that the Public exigencies would provent contraction and Tho next month Quot and no further contraction would be Mado until Congress expressed its views. Tho Seji Ato then adjourned. Somo unimportant business Boyer offered a joint Resolution thanking general Hancook for his support of civil Law. Tho clerk was ,. Not permitted to conclude Reading it a storm of objections arising from the Republican Side and the regular order of business was insisted upon. A for Iho Relief of deserters came up and an amendment depriving deserters to the enemy adopted. The discussion developed Tho fact that a Quarter million deserters were on tha Rolls. A Call for Tho previous Quost iou Iai Lod and the Bili was re committed Stokes presented a Resolution guaranteeing loyalists claims for losses incurred during the War which was referred to the commit too on claims. .7/ a Resolution was adopted directing further delay in soiling the government s interest in the distal swamp canal. \ the House went into a commit too of Tho whole in Tho deficiency and the reconstruction acts. Boyer asked if it was now in order to Movo tii auks to Hancock for doing All in his Power to abrogate military government thus reducing expenses. The chair ruled it but of order. I. A a Quot Quot Butler said that general Ord without apparent causes expended Moro than Pope Canby and Schofield together. The negro character was length Quot Butler maintain that he was a kind amiable person who would protect himself Whon he had the ballot Lawrence moved an amendment that the the South Levy Taxa to. Re fund reconstruction expenses which the chair ruled out of order. Committee Rose and passed 97 to 35. Adjourned. Washington Deo. 19.�?the president sent a message to the House covering the rep or s. Of h. G. Sharp sent to Europe last january to investigate whether citizens of Tho United states implicated in president Lincoln a assassination were in Europe. Sharp reported there Are no Legal or reasonable proofs to warrant action of government against any persons now in n. Y., Deo. 19.�?the express train on the Lake she re Railroad near Angela ran off Tho track. The rear car went Over a sixty feet embankment and burned. Forty eight passengers were burned to death. No southerners Ornong a partial list of killed and us Ltd p e an news. London december 16�?Consols 9211-16 Bonds 71i, a livid Pool dec. 16�?Cotton unchanged sales 12,000 Bales. London dec. 16.�?apparently organized attempts Havo Boen made to Burn various warehouses the outrage is attributed to be Nia ism though none were arrested Liverpool december 16�?Cotton closed firm and rather Moro Active Uplands 7-id. Orleans 7id. Sales 12,000 Bales. Levee Pooni dec. 17, Consols -92 9-16. Bonds 711-16. Liverpool Deo. 17, Cotton a closed steady. Sales 10,000 Bales. Prices unchanged. Manchester advices unfavourable. Other a markets steady and unchanged. London Deo. 17.�?nitro Glycerine exploded while. Being removed by the to Lief i Lynne several killed and nearly the whole party injured. It1 is supposed the go a Cert be Wiki concealed by fenian a v Spain denies the into Nylon of Selling Rubn. A change in Tho austrian ministry is pending. A the a abyssinian expedition has reached silage. Water is plentiful and the natives Friendly a a. A / a Quot London dec. 17.�?noon.�?Consols 92 Bonds 72. Live Pool dec 17�?noon.�?ootton steady. Sales 10,000 Bales. Bread stuff and provisions quiet and steady. Pabis Deo. 18.�?Tho Moni eur published a police circular placing the press under More vigorous censorship. London dec.18�?p. 72. Liverpool dec. 18�?p. 4cs. 3d. London Deo. 18�?eveping.- ,vsoli�-52 or la. Bonus 72. J r a i. Liverpool dec. 18�?evening, a Cotton closed better Uplands in port 7gd. To Arriva 6jd. Orloan8 7gd, sales 12,000 . Petersburg dec. 18.�?the invalid russe says that the agreement Between Franco and Austria on Tho Eastern question if in will imperil the peace of Europe. London dec. 18�?noon.�?-Consols 92 9-16. Bonds 72 1-16. Frankfort dec. 18, 76 13-16. Live Poi dec. 18�?noon.�? Cotton quiet sales 8000 Bales quotations bread stuff Dull of Quot is unchanged. Loncon Dee. 18�?wm. 72b. Liverpool dec18�?p. My Cotton More doing sales 10,000 Bales. London,, 18.�?an attempt to blow up Millbank jail failed by a defect in the fuse. No arrests. London dec. Iu�?bullion in the Bank of England increased �277,000. Consols 92�t. Bonds 724. Liverpool Deo. 19-�?-Cotton quiet Uplands 7gd to arrive 64j. Sales 10,000 Bales. Provisions and Breadstuff-3, quiet. A horrible ?. A algal Rrth a it i Tori Ting to the Paris Figaro ascribes of or. Julian Watts Lissell of Ilani Hall Staffordshire who fell As a Volunteer in the Popes army it the Brittle of Mentana to another englishman who was fighting on Tho Gan paldian Side. The writer says a among the original ties of this last Campaign i have t Learned one which deserves to be embalmed in history. An englishman follows the Gar Iba Dian. Forces he is armed with i Rifle of excessively Long Range and made expressly Furlong shots. To this weapon is fitted a. Small Telescope and a reflecting Mirror per a mits our engl to sweep the country to a a distance of Ono thousand eight Hundred Yards. Comfortably installed on a height out of reach of the enemy a shot he picks off his men in. An artistic manner just As a sportsman shoots Down larks. This sanguinary eccentric keeps a sporting Book in Down the exact circumstances of very homicide which he commits. To has no political opinions j he is a simple Slayer of men. But of no regular army would permit such sporting lib attaches himself to the irregular Garibaldi a bands. From the position to occupied Ai a Muntada there is every reason to believe tha amp it was to who killed Young Julian Watts it Russell of whom i spoke in my last letter. The Cotton crop in Hunt county is Tho by str in Northern Texas As the worm did very Little injury yet considering the Low prices our Farmers will be hard pressed far Motiey thick Winter to meet their demands. To think you a better try More wheat and Icaza Cotton neat Independent Dee. 7
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