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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1867, Page 1

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 18, 1867, Galveston, Texas A Mariro brew a Iii to ii i Jil Oil so Ftp tl�e7t? t"�er5m3k>hcr a Quot a Quot a a 1 of. A t 4 i to use Hun nov a a a a old Ujj. Liw Ivy Turpy a tin quiet it 4�i<s. Kit Siim a 1s� bbls.,no. -5, 250 bbl no. 1,. .1.,.�?z 3�?~ Quot a associate in Pfel so r Obi no ec12.-�o�pn�i�oiit.1 sadun?~9fie be a Vic Juii. Sixes a tee Day a Yetk Cut med �?5 l, a but in in lit to 3ii. Anew . Tuimil in a div 4�s l�?T,8. ,�?Ti54@j5iq.-><.i> our iit., sfiiio7i�?"5o >.st5 50 $,�1 we Hwy. Com it Uii West to a a �?T�iiij��d.-. Gig a a a in vat ii quiet. A pros pits Mac ii Gacil. Groceries a Elk. A Day Jet tino >�?~�@,52ap� j. In of u3 75 a it$7. Freights Low we a set Toni by . Go. Steam a i Grin i Susien �?�.-,. no Quot dec. Tl2-r�?i�p�rit� of Ujj. Eales. Is. Ino. I. Lir quiet. Cotton 13c. Sailed. Jinru so Ufer for not in York. , dec. Lamp a of tour be. files go Bales a middling-15 cents receipts .i75d.ljp�im�?~xmve"8oj�qnor fit a. i aug Tjsha dcc.1�t.�?�?Tgotlou Market Lull find declining sales 5383 Bales 5 middling 13.jc receipts j348 Bales. A i. Save he a a dec. .12.-�?Cotton declined in Fuir Demix cd pales 1581 Bales middling Uio receipts 2517 Bali is Rcck i pts for the week 18,95b Bales exports Quot foreign c24�o . 512c. T amp let Bpck 43-19 a Baies. A arrived Brig Gipsy jumped from Flat Aliza sailed Zierman Livingston for key York scoop her Hattid for Boston A , Deo.-12.�?icottbu Troio it highly Der amp to cd nominally lbs flour very Dull a it i a Oil jag. Ficut lira Prinis to us Rico Southern $2.73@$2.-8�.- go for Active Pri Ruo of a Rytel 18@s12ii Oats du1 Iid a excl ,70�7-io.- in to Dell at �5@,70<v a provisions quiet Zacou shoulders 12l�12?c. A.yta8ion6l50s,--.i>eoi t �z24-Lciloiolli Wing is a Shleyn i Bill l in i it i.-. Of a a a a Piaf. Tuo of War and Ihl chm is baby. Ave Hori Zed Iukie Lirette d of Bis in. Upon. Tale. of Tho cd 0y> Tajc a Harcau of a i Eli leu we abandoned. Lands to Reuy in a a ibo vol auteur ear vice of tha Uin tei a utes. Cly , or. A ii of Kheiri of a to it to a Otto Ierio top Sci. On dirty a hair the proper of to to Revenue ta-Day-i27i>fooo. Isei Vitti caucus decided to. Retain the i Ehe it Sofii Cne Rel a Quot or Ieie. To graft or Deli Tuo -.initflrer. It int. Of Gen orals Orlando a rpm a. A a Baut Watt Veseli 0.1 Ilo wised Iid qty Rev Quot Iii for of lick is . A oops. A customs ii jct Pitu Froid oember 2d to tie 7tb, in elusive ,245,00.0. The Aveai Doit to those Uiato Liis Lei Isone lbs Huspen Diug a Purrott. A a re elected. President of to Baj Tioy a i o Iid-oi�iq�ailroat�. Iverc Niton Pec. 12.�b�cuiiiniian onto Ajo a one Rativo Crayen Trioa a a pointed Gournis Hions is 0. Llivera a. M. T. Hanter join Journy James Marj Iball. And a a Cpru Niit Teo the Puoplo of Virginia orid Lioi a Juji itch shiite A a a Quot. A ii a coven Tina a in. Ref Bioti to Quot a igbo. ,. J. In ii Cal tors a mend no Trio convention Rop Orcsi thin who. Conservative a papers of to. State i Eudoro Tho notion of to Donvan Tion. V heavy isl cd Tuberq to�ight., i. R _.�z5atjuuhkv, i a a j.2,-y-Rbo so Vorest Snow Totta overline we bad Vij i cd tia Faco with a Trio last Twenty four hours v this water in by re Solivo feet. A i a a Clevy in Noca. 12uail, tray a behind Lime and no trains leaving. I. gtd. 12 a the a in a Sago to the Senate giving rt-a30ns for the Saspe usion of or Stanton Are re Gay Dod As Ina Terly and wonderfully hire we. Tie. In i a siding que to so tan tour a reply to to pres a request. T Bat both Tauton resign who Cia Jill Tipoti a Hiya that considerations of it Public clip Fracter Lead Bini to withhold Hoij until to next it Motiu of Congress. Tow the. Pc Sidon Bolds Iii not it july u Doe duration. But Vuu de Ait and Ettfer. By wan thug in the respect due Irot Ktal ton to his Superior a Iii Civ to Point i tirade i butt stint of could not Appeal Tiit Lio Laworn Tilini tie War. Department be Canna Tiit Law>ive8<tbo president tie right to Reia ovo Stanton the tenure of Silico Bil Lalomio mip ported Stanton but that Finiw did not compel Iii Iufoon to Rutemu then Liucc. A the president Argilee the ii eco ssi Tyi of Unity Anil Harmony -niu0n� his advisers and Alt do a to his Laving int bout exception retained Tho cab id of his predecessor and states i eident fully that the of Binot. Una Binous on his policy of and upon the of to tenure of Oil de Bill a Rit Antou baying been the United baits attorney general jays specially wus emphatic Aud Abson Tuin the Bill As unconstitutional. To most Point in specific Melmige refers to Tho new Orleans i jots. ring to the Nal Rativo Jiu ird Rappr Tetly to stank. The danger of Tho riot arid asked it View. I Sinton nut Only withheld Juh traction to general Laird but kept thy it Lis Pacli from tb<3 president Ontl Bia Cabinet until after dec Finenco of to riot. To president holds that had Stanton acted himself or had Madu from general Baird know Ito Bjar suffer ions. Tho riot would have been prevented. He. Products in Tutora from Sheridan to Tojo effect that bad ser Idiu been advised of Tho danger of to riot it could Buvac it Boon avoided. To the Public do not complain of. To change because Tho judicious Luna Suroiu of the new Sec rotary Havo already saved Many Millious to Tho Public Treasury. Wasni Nixon i to. Ï2�?s�mate.�?shormnn reported the Iio Uso Bill repealing to Cotton tax. It will to considered to Morrow. It Tho Bill conveying Tho proceeds of captured and abandoned property into was resumed. Poo Sondon Eai lit thou used to -,?35,-000,000,. But opposed to Bill. Toro Avo claims now pending in court Ola Imants for Tiv Enty million Dollar Worth of this property to whom this Bill would. Work injustice postponed a ,. A. In to joint re solution Pons ring to president was resumed Johnson having to floor. Tho Senate refused Colcun Oneo to to Ilou tio resold Tjon to Mojo urn until to Bill striding o i White Quot from to District Law become a Law Quot a y a to Benat a wont into a in Cuativo Bess on no a a j ,<oaiiuilitea of Chi Ambroci was a jul ire ted Ito up into Anto the a of / a Jln a Load canals was ,. .uuye�tq4-Tqj Juii a Viilo the of a Ilio Falls ohia.riverifoft.ibftindibaiiisidw.io1 \ a a a lib pop of Ivajo a no id a a Ero jul Jingo the i expedit Odiev of a tests a i Cote i a Ardis much Oli la log a a Bow Iuro it Ashley of quip of ezied Buju Rentin try the. In icis Jioni dec. L3ei.t�qos�iitnni�i<t�oi was received from Liaw a Sebo Giuld Appie ohm g it to ii Radii Jlius Iii Ini Filiip Wylot infer necks an a Sago of the Homestead Law. Jni�g4 8fi8i�8 it dub Liean debut wry cd a Quot a 1 ii a Vivi ugh to us Sis in Ivilyn t s., Joain Tiliti itis to k>fj0fitiieit Iuis Tsu -��t�t-63.� vow Jioji tar out in a if Jaq a. Existed Fry j a deferring. Tia payment of to. Bonds of .1847t 4�, Dmia Risca finances a be cd i�e<3t w�9<xefarrc a Ooin Png viiyis\,. Y3laynrtrd.ofteuue�see, offer Iid providing that diplomatic Tepee a to . Merit to Mielec Fojtl Frokt the Pernes a i it erred. To the i orig a Ali sirs Seh Onck Mude a , Flo duct inaction. Should be made the spent Ign Eaid to i oin6 was Avell. Taken. A -., A i a solution to reduction of to to a Iii lest. Possible limit a the committee of was i. Rented to in Ciuffo tipto1 of de stroking the spirits Sei de ii a lauds and re a Suoying Trio . To from a inc but a a let exceeding j>2,y00.y./�?o i. to. House went a into Gnu Mittie of the. By Lido. / a a it j i ii Maynard defended Trio jceaiie8aeti.gavbrn�?~ / ment. A a. _ . T a c i ii j \ Rob a a a omit tears 3j5qrt6a�?Tteiecot a ton / tax by la Wjt put . will probably Pas to Mory gtd a a 1 Ziv Pitk a Greg. 13�?ne.oujs-kst&cidsteiidy.�?~ i Puev easy at % per. Cedi pc veg Oil 1334@133�?Tii/ r.b<iadsci"vr\v7i Alq Ion a vhf v tennesscq.g2j.piloui do l a Aioo Piti lie i Dull and heavy. Com More steady Oats in. Better. A Tiv a drooping at s2l 25 lard Dull at Lii to gel sikh. Cotton Lull Jit 150 chanced 4� 5 Bialos s00i> viitli3 it 15x 4c a a a Lour flair a slates amp of amp Loio a some Fern so 25. Wheat heavy and Iii Ninstil Corn. Barco it Storn a fixed Sissy pro .yision3< Ull. It Oversea it Iii Ieti ii Dimuil Quot a Val stoics Dull. A a air eights Catt Pic Fityani in. Item Yoke de5r 13.�?Money Lossl very easy. Gold Stro Iep-13aj. Grietti Piegts generally inva foil Tess. To a i it of Deo. 13. A Violetti Iorito West Gale last night. A Steamer Eolus Igod Iid a in3ias�ltiver. A a a a ,nirvv.ojii.eaks.---dd6. I3>cdftt>n7 Ste Fudy Orleans -14s@lsciv a a aies to Ficay 58d0/bmes i receipts 7142 Bales Exposi to 2g94 bal Elf sees for Tho week 24,531 Bakefe csp6rts to Are ii 17,723 Bales Coastwise 9g8 Bales on. Band 92,059 Bales. -6ugiir eat Jer common 8j@10�s.fally Lair to Choice 1�?~24@&6. 3io. Lasses niicbanged., Louii feud Perdono i tin at s3 50 Cboin co.s13-25.,. 1 -20, s oiil8 Suff Bacon shoulder amp mailing to 15 a. Xxi Ards us a ale i moved Iphis to Fence 14�14ja amp egg a Torii sight i per Ceat 133. New Oble ass dec a new York dec. Meu of new yowl Cave passed a Resolution approving. Sear Ranish. Tirc ask so so a a to a a dance a my Mitteer will re lib dlr tint ii Vii Bibl y a tied t8 and cd Tupet ctr a Iii inti Otiis assist it secret airy of a Liq Tea ii l,r.v�?T i the Senate judiciary l report favourably on the Ihas of dry a Ilary. it a. V i. Quot a. Be Natier Wilsonii Quot pros enter Avni Emp Ial Foo Iii -j�iin1 wow taif a to i Quot Iii Eric a citizen a in a British a jail,7, charged with Feni arism Trio Quot a petition stems Lobat Warren was in. New York when the. Crimes charged. It very a a Sumner presented the usual number of petitions among Rte vein one from 30,000 Kentucky negro soldiers praying for the Equalia Stion of a l. A. Fiill vhf it to a nth do preventing Imp in go my undo a ther Ibn Safe in Utah i it a a j s a Llau to o View . Of. Cd inf a raft Tojie ,je3i my Tina of a a Peck a nay m�ni., a offered a Tiff fillip the Btu Linig the Cotton in a Cain a up a a Murli Pllis Ugboc it a tit ibis to in to to Ace on this Bill now Stiop to inl4 Corno up at on amp a j it a in Johns amp a Iive us tin of. In pm Iida a ent a bits to big a a a Ivrus. Was postponed. A a a re Ifer Hinig in i elem to air 20tb, it Archt or Osimo passed."1 a Quot log of a mss a a Aitor Ftp. Exit tipple a q ? to Louday. Of v 4�?~. P a cd me to Nimps re ant ,1 to Sims extent onto lib Bola a pm a it no. a a , d c., 43.�?a awol re a of about few a a a tried tip Gerber Biel Tene Tuesa a no get last a a �tiidi5nts a of a the go Biji Pii a Ojni a Vij so y a Atli Iise Skib i students Damiea in i5crnbpsj were Ore sterling42i�c5i/ new i a it so unit. Go it l32�0 13.�?tbo convention a a .-.------, a. A a i Tho agricultural Pep ii theist my Stuj Ifo a a Meni Siivo a Jean. Dist missed. Quot Meiai a a nuts by sin Tbs other department Fri i Vii Fco a 4ic&arg$dj great distress Premiss a c�ii8yqii�nc. J. /.i, A event to to Day �282, 00& a a a Washington a Job 13.�?teb�?Tn�?t�bnal Cah vexation or s�anitf9ii2tn a spirit is Widt Peri cutly a in rib Nious a fee most of the delegates a Rota to a a a a a Oju Naer parity a Eastern a in changes Iii a Juht v. A it is represented that a inst Lifty in Neil Yorlli before Tho tfx tie in of ice build icy Iau Djit is ii Amitt ii All in uhf Iuone Havu or unit by Svade Ubet a a a or Loso Money. It if Chii Mcd Tiit Frei Htiu a f or of a Edithg Stock a to Ltd pc a Stern Dis. Tillerie have Ai in Felt ,. T 4t a that i Isler a hts vines in fax ,. Vii who . A a Dan Tomeia d , Ojjeh a up i Leticai Oxe is Rutili -8\, a amp Ujiie Olidie Ialy Iid a Blini Steriti Oili cers have recently been re noyed to give Pitico to Loyal a is live Oil Generoli appointees. Tromp la epic Blicaus my be Ruof cd True tin pm. A the . Coloured Sieting it a st 1 night organized -.1 Cota Seevak Vii Blob Trio 1 whole a Iii was a winged by lib Blit Lik i i the i a Oak pet bag members i this Iio a Ohsup Tipu cuu / Venetiou mud cd that to coloured Teopilo a i Oro ?�ei�ie.3 to Plieni Sylvea it if. To Joy buy. Longer or eluded to li3etl,lbu<�ovip� a Nel a counsel of their True find tried j i amp no Dii a us to old in inhibit ants of the South. Esp Lutins were adopted declaring ill at orig terms against the ratification of the ,coustitiitioq.>.�?~ i it. A a. A a motion to Lay it on the to Blo was lost Ayea 43, naysl2, and it Vas referred ii pc a Resolution appointing a committee Tonia a my Rualizo congrats and allow the freedmen in a Bureau in. View of the destitution in Tho state to remain hero until reson str Fotiou is Complete. Laid Ott to table. A r a adopted a inviting general Orlando Bro Vul to Mil staff Ai Tilo he Bureau to visit Tho floor. A coloured Delegato offered i Resolution a Phi Jiting a committee to wait 011 general a Schu a Lead to ask him to Quot remove. The presi it Stato officers Aud failing in that to proceed pit to Washington for Ike Samo purpose of pro Mio Fin amendment to to Luv to give Tjie a convention Tho right to Remp vol Trioni. L4id Oji to table. I Tho Reao Lution of yesterday Pia Tivo by disloyal Lintul of Loyal voters of us ticket and an Amei dment to it relative tot Lee i of coloured voters up cd of by to tick i. By qty i up Ord a Hajj Ptel lipid Over 1lib-Mowrow, adj Unrad. A , dec. 13/�? a Philadelphia d a Diiro tib��?~il6grd�61 la log Iii a thigh a Jim a Bra a i it gift u if cd a Lepo Udoni on to lib other Blit la ii is hoped the negroes 94nuble q Teri rpm a a Ike 1. J a it the or gtd la my legs tobo3kyeblb�t�d�?Tsai ill Norm Rem piles ,�mh3t flt a req Bis a Luijt in it. A i i pm cd tsp i it f .1 i cd a Tiosh to the �3.r- to , a Ion 01 >1.0 rigni>5y, flakes vedic us lug a Otlo i a tact in wlm ssh a ,mid/iicating�d.<c3? Bur Dull m Une Hin fee a Joo r to q fist tto i 15.&Quot dats a a Pip i or Voi ,23.e0j a Omi Paliv 3� a of oof Fofi v of Quot Jolt at go Sta. 11 in Jack a Alt of to Btu state inv a a Tiby it Ila ton a a a Ras held Here to night. Much entus Iasi Resolution was adopted suggesting a National . on the it 22d pm feb i run in. To form a the rest i tips of Ito nation Anil to pro see Vatis i of to lib tiny pin tue principles oif .1 aan.feandsdoi.,Dic. Jl3.�? the a to can Ian dipl Constitution from Panama am Edv Bisi Jijo min amps j7 so ii i the governor of a Aji Forniti bag appointed a co Vowiel a Cut itt judge of a the supremo of <3o�r��?~vicec Fri. Ski Ift i Quot re a j l a by do autocratic legs slate 7p cab&a�z3 a a is i Aen Jiu passion tb.i98,uigbt9,i-, a a for. In Ftp s Tat is place. A eur a to a a Seifly a Iid w. T. Wallace a re Tho so a Iserl is fi�?oierii3sa a Jii i debit of Joistad Mius Tiomi to nigh pc of ,-. A a Skia his Ana Dep. Or jup%bao>3iiaistiyi were awaiting the organization of con res tot resign shocks of Warff Ilusko were Felt in Guate a Inard and Veilla Adlis -�?T1 a j ,. D the ref were Ltd to jars Ili Sant Domingo to bar , leu eyed. Tie. A a Saiid of a a st Thpmas will to try Restei Rby a a Tiiu it tut a states on tue first ivol Jsu dim ii a Quot Quot Admiral pay Tny a cited to in �6ver apr of serb Oniani we Are no , new Zoep ,p4p. Yong a i 133s, Sterling Imi. Money i old 1�7��owf, 1w2�Quot info s a a a -1013, a a Fleury a a ibo and drop n g�.y3\�� �5trd�ll mid Flop Pipit a a Quot a bad j it 2 81 a. A Yaut Viila Ili a of a a a a new York decr43 a the Souder Clyde Joti Agaric ind vib inia wot of a do a the ,yesteji3ay.,f Al \vit,,fd.,?i13.rrrspit�t in of 13ic. J Day i ,. .548 a strict 14i�15�,j ojdimii�l2c.v gds a i Bales Havre 1267 Bales new York �1050 lqjq�iu9k.vf� no Rob nim�>�z5.poth Carolina visit st pvt is yes a re Lay a be car following was olm Ilai irom Stevens we Fig fired Eais be Ute a ii tire ii an j paid Inq of. rho Viji Ginia Delev gift ,s4id.lu� Imp ail a. Uru Woid work fjoriously., against eco ii try in j Tiomi. i both get fail to to a ,pnr<�0>> ia0d. In u Dot .resi�?Tet3>w$io Latex i a a a Clian Gedi. Y,/.-�q ,.1 -.1. I i Quot a 1to of Jtb of Avol Mal Delegate a Harria be Igro said Tbs a j a get Ploufe a very Well j to apr thru Whites Wei e More frightened. A but negro is if Rago Thijn ,.jh� Sou born 1. Lii few Holden was the use of Tho Ite Public ii Pur by of a drab caiblin�.11 / v a a Virginia de Legato a a present do to lib cd ii i i Lioti. Is critical unless Congress Siam of their Teji suffering of the a lore Puoplo a Aud White unionists Vovou urbe terrible. A Irby Terveus favored Trio. Teleai Quot of the Clauso requiring a majority of Registe a dec is. A a the del9gatiph�tboufebf that do a it it a a suggested in ppm voting Condon Tiomi Al a ready culled to establish provisional go yarn f Mentz immediately Trieb if to i a Tiona Tupy would at least Siivo i Loyal state Stevens in Aid to bad a it Iran. Up a a ill with twi or throb by new civil pub visa Oas. Of was j to leave the majority Quot to affirm or reject con a. A Titus ious. that Tbs Preso of con 1,v9ptiqns-Ifibitflrus an in Hepe Dent to it Ody a a list. A gov tum to Xvi in of Tbs Diatz it j a commanders As spoil a a Wero a a a a re a by to Rte a by Assai onto go Gfa is. Quot a a a Ewe of. I egts tip Jinp prove a of this. Seven Etc qui fed 1. Whether the old masters would be Able to Scia fit Yonks Itobi Active salesii50q-bal� j pjt�5�@a5.5pj a j Fri Fli the a igbo., a a ii a and do my ii to less a Cwb at c a @7 re so a to Tate ment �8hcw3�k Dei. Or Insp in. Loans $a�l22, 539.-.� it >$918, a a a to Nannc Ltd of Ati Cost fat slightly lower. Stocks closed quiet and firmer. Balance in Sali ii 6a�?Tsury $105,652,607. J was a in Didin Deidier Mii Straiton is to Bavo s it fearing. Before the Isaya coi mib fairy it commit i ask a la la a by a us a a a of a if a i Dit Blat pm in a tid go vein in la to lid a Osi Lii $379> 0j30j000�d� i a a Ujj Sjo a r0w� Joti i 4 at. I lid Ilia i / a ibo a Radii Oldt j of i Abw tji btewt�iobad6 it i Moi a a beat it 11 �>2& ls@5.ic?a ? lira Polc Jiin in Iii Tifi Tiitciie-,,r�,9�jt, Bpsq-,.on,, a a in pm Jitich pevspns.,. Byes. Several in a Matda Vav cd a Ilju Rockby Lea Ping from Trio win a a do a a fit of tb�?~6lb Iii Iii a �?~.1 n 1, Ditavi Kjin Fin Ilad s8 a . 1&. ,1 Western Pike is 39@,1 41. Quot Provis in Nufi a Dell. A a groceries a l Dull and Teadye Navabi Tore is quiet.1,. , a fit a a it a i �.-Ilj v 7 a v 1 a Fiew a Pajk Pec. ,16,jrm9eynfiasy per cent. Gold �?�13i3@134f. A to Ding 104. Governments imprdve�/jst�6li� steady Ney a of damns Jadeo in a Ettoil is cited k spile.9 72q.q but let Boj leauql4.1c.jj<receigts�?~i435 1 408,5. E9t3,r208. A demand a n n a it Tivo common ,1 Olin ice 7�ff. It i flour i3til3 Dpi Blip extra $10.0� ohojic0b.@l t<-oo.jl1 Oord Nuitt find firm.,s1 3l� 1 ,.85o-,.pork. Cut irked i Peri mess $23&Quot jobs Conj shoulders Rothiii Liftig Tell a Yll ? clgaf�?Tt5i �j/l�?~lj6ir�,1 Keg a 14ic. Xerces idiot -qtlotedi�ctoldl89. A r Ster a Ming i?rmmev<5ia.l, 4?@43tr,ij3aiilk�ominal. Now York sight k per cent disco Raj new Obi ears dec. 10.�?the Wonyen Tiomi Bdl a Jim Cly a Quot ii Adsit feud i wdl0f v6t .s6ssi�i4i.hi5basliogtbeireijbiii�ld to bib on3idiitteo ud09,p.ri�fevi-, ? c4ifcjjp? st so a Ioel 1so of u a my Fife Lang ago alone. A b���i0i,06ted� a a Jav i Guin no j Iolob Vena in . Eichne a Sjo Forba Trifie ail Tiff bit lbs thrown violently against the wharf mock a paired a Ottoiii of Fiatt As. Tit oven ttt8ad Side on the Beach Ign and dry. Will Noi Ufi amp aft Tim amp a Holt 0� a in a Felt fll88ai of be Zoffl Anc cdiniiiibapre1 a ass this if told a do Peter to to my amp its a Sis by Ion Fiir iv&8i&brc 0 log to ficatb0svge aiib9pguasliqeo in i Ihfe itto Recd Auto a iof Dailida a on Trio Idle a Bot ��95,baxtbple3a@v a a dust. Martini a a amp in Ruffi mtmp8i>el it be the dwt of 1 rept�t�i3 �?T�tibjetsibiifift3l# , a Ceuta Dre cd ncedeaiiiolbb�?Tabitam/ji6�?Ts itl1ct a a cd Milete of fungo Omati Binai amp pc Iilo pm itt for Al #tak?u8iaca.fre.qi��gq,�i5tt. To Veax i.�. A xes Forb Niide Al fad a Iii to Llis disfiflctious1 Cip Febi Iii a iuolbjijmbrgwi.tcas.jjqibutotofc�arwye5f of James h. Thompson"oitenu., Liqing a a Quot set of Tetts Abs i >%>6w l.alj�esia�b.iki-Il Teti it Iii flow asking that . Napml.buntotoglvoil4 Fco is Al opted taxation Quot it a 1tccthi Anft Dud Eil a1 Tiia apr Orblin the to cited staf in Mali tit by a in in fwd Inife Olin cd a ill ipg .tli0.1in a Pirn Sib it of so �<t�t0n, 33e a 4c. -tbe1 by Al Isis of a sch a Aofter of st a and Sisura Egv Asib Afredi pm it is a a Eek Row Fnu ii a h a Ltd Iori a of pc 6 fkr Iii we la m Alia in misday next. Timothy desits Aud Owen arrested yesterday near t3fl Winro brought Iff k a a a the flying Juht after to in is Imda Iii Mil pc a to mtg a. 0 4 a ? Vejo a Jii je3teti to it a Iborti a a a. In of a Jurgo be a it the. Den mtg was p.rpyq4 against a a to a Fly a and tbsp wet Drelta a do t a prison. I in Tbs i cd Junit Adf admin by to Day i a Jire of a do is Ylen ,i�.-,Tho a Iseji it a a in i alexandria�?�jwsft-fi4wi�zt6d3<,ec<y9i8�iqn<m �lyfehi9sbis,i for of ova Leneen Tho flite i states. If Tco eyed you a i -\vhioii0g� i a a tjlir�v1 a a lib a t a fhe j�?gi#�hrffi�ptw<�3.0otba a la a a Tbs my a a Tim of measures a a. a Ore a a largo5 of fou thous the eur glib expedite is . >.�yi�3a�?~v lec i a a Quot a Longdo Batty upper hons a a Libe Ifer clip a Rte to la i London dec. 14<-���j�?Tiiiig. My so re a but Lio. Cd Typ it a to Ai Hidaro lion a ined in a Ler Ai Ucli prison to a Bow Street to Day ter exp pain tip Ostlyng w a elicited Atid the Jiris in is we re a Mana cd. Daring tho�6xamipfttf��f Miv -t��fk6,j to pkg tic i to Day a Al knowledge of thomcatj8&bf a a a a. 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