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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 11, 1867, Galveston, Texas Cut Semi weekly is a �j0>r is a or o a by i Ajax by in Lyo vol. -. , wednesday. A morning,1 december 11, 186?. Noe .691telegraphic / a. A. _ a i in rest your dec. 5.�?Money less Active on Call 7 a Cir cent. Discounts stringent 7�10. Governments steady and Dull. Coupons of �?T02 1078 a .�?T04 0jj.�?Tg5 1034 07.107i 301 7 304 104.5. Stocks closed firm with eueral recovery from lowest pc if. Washington a dec. 5�?Senate.�?the discussion of Tho Bill pledging Coin for bonded debt was resumed elaborately discussed and Laid Over. A Tho Bill abolishing the word White in Tho District ordinance was resumed. During Tho discussion Morton of Indiana said the feel aug against the rebellion its aiders and fib. To tors was Strong As Ever and ten years hence would to still stronger. The Bill passed by 30 to 8. A it is Sumner s Bill of last session un-1 abolishes every distinction. Adjourned. , of Indiana introduced a Bill funding Tho interest bearing debt an taxing the Pamo to form a sinking fund fat a Tho liquidation of Tho flame. Tho committee of ways and Means were instructed to inquire into Tho expediency of exempting from tax Tho products of hand looms. Fuino introduced a Bill for Tho More efficient government of Tho rebel states. Referred to 1 the judiciary memorial of Tho now Ork aids chamber Commerce regarding Tho removal of Obb auctions in Tho Mississippi River was referred to the committee on Commerce. Several financial Bills were referred. Ashley of Ohio introduced a Bill to facilitate the restoration of the rebel states. The special committee on ordinances continued. Tho Blaker Aud Golloday contested Kentucky Case came up and both were allowed an hour. Blaker consumed his hour and was further indulged in his abuse of Kentucky and personal Delpava gement. Gol Hulay contented him by of with a Brief but eloquent defense of Jago i Iise. Tho commit the reported in. Favor of Golladay which was Almot unanimously adopted. To was sworn in. Tremble Brown and Young of the Kentucky delegation re. Tin excluded. A Tho impeachment was resumed. The speaker announced that expressions of applause or otherwise would Lead to the flouring of the galleries and like demonstrations o i the part of Tho members would Lead them to the liar of the House. Boutwell who has the opening was allowed unlimited time. Early in his speech in. Argued against Huspen iou before Linual decision. Before Boutwell up deluded Tho House a-1-j ruined. Washington die. 5.�?major-general 11. C. Buchanan colonel 1st infantry has been to report to general Hancock to command Tho sub District of Louisiana be assistant commissioner of the freedmen s Jln Bureau. There will to to withdrawal of Legal tenders during december. Tho debt statement for november will to issued , an increase of ten o twelve millions. Lvov Piuto to Day seven Hundred nud Lifty Gnu thousand dollars. Stanbe Rry a opinion called for by Congress confirms the governments title to Harper a ferry property. Private advices states that Tho United Staten steamers Desoto and Monongahela were lost tiring the recent West India Hurricane. Tho larger portion of the Crew of the Desoto and n portion of Tho Monongahela were saved. The Sale of the government interest in the dismal swamp canal is postponed to Tho 2d of december. Washington dec. 5.�?Tho official report of a Sheridan a of orations in Tho fifth District the time of his removal has Bec i received. Lie says persons whom he found holding civil offices in Louisiana and Texas nearly nil sex Robul soldiers or sympathizers with the rebellion and that while they held office it. Was impossible to execute a he military reconstruction Bill. He defends v Lis action in removing Many of these officials a and says they Wero suffered to remain in a office until it became absolutely necessary from their disloyal nets a to oust them lie adds that he strove to perform Liis duty Faith Tel by and impartially taking As a guide what to sincerely believed to be Tho spirit and meaning of Tho Law which Liay la appointed to a execute. The Corduva settlement in Mexico to said. Was composed of unrepentant rebels and he i Tjarks a from Tho impossibility of preventing demonstrations of sympathy for Tho Liberal cause in Mexico by Union soldiers of Tho Border some complications arose but they were readily Ila further says a a reconstruction was progressing satisfactorily in his department lit Tho time of his removal and to Tho satisfaction of nil the people of his District except unrepentant rebels and dishonest political tricksters whom to had to says to Lias teen assailed by Tho highest officer under Tho government As a tyrant and a in Ritzau Lut to declares that in his heart to feels the assertion to to untruthful. Iio concluded by thanking his subordinate officers for Tho cheerful and zealous manner in which they performed their several duties Llic mind dec. 5.�?the afternoon was a pent by Tho convention in discussing Tho printing question. A proposition was made Thano bidders should take contract who could not Tako Tho Iron Clad oath. Tho question was finally referred t 3 a select committee. A Ltd a Resolution a introduced that members and officers to sworn in. Answering an inquiry Tho mover said to supposed the oath to to taken was Tho test oath prescribed by. Congress. Tho Resolution was Laid on Tho Tible Richmond Deo. 5.--Snow four inches deep along Tho Lino of Tho Central Road to Day. Mov Roomi Ity dec. 0.�?Tho convention was ung Ngod All Day considering Tho Constitution. Tho final Voto on its adoption Vaa taken Lato this evening a yeas 07 nays 10abson tand not voting 23. Sorn Plo of Montgomory presented a protest signed by fifteen members Siomo of whom Aro absentees. Tho pro Tost wan ordered to to spread on Tho journal a Hilt Tho name of the new Titeca who a guck it Wero struck Oil Quot. Other members gave notice that to. Y would present a protest tomorrow. One was presented previously by a member which makes 17 members who protest against Tho Constitution. The convention will probably adjourn to Morrow. New Tomc dec. La flour 10@20c better. Wheat l@2c better. Corn ,l@2c bettor. a Shade firmer. Pork Dull at $21 65. Live Dull at 12j@133. I Cotton firmer at 16.j @17c. Freights steady. Turpentine favors buyers 51s. Row in a. Little More Active strained s3 00. Stocks steady. Money 7 per cant. Sterling 109 Gold 1373 5t20�?�< unchanged. Washington Doc. impeachment argument a attracts but Little attention. Boutwelle a line of argument mainly shows that Tho committee was right in its report a though Tho Hausa should refuse to impeach. He combats Wilson a position that impeachment is possible Only on Audi Tible offences. Tho impression is that Jitter Wilson a speech the whole matter will b3 tabled. Macon Dac. conservative Conven Toft has finished its labors and adjourned it eleven this in orning after adopting a spirit eco platform. The preamble acknowledges Tho obligations to adhere to , support the general government in All Legal and proper measures and claims from the government a duo performance of the reciprocal duty to extend to us in common with All people of the whole country the Protection guar Aureod by the Constitution of our lathers that a Manly protest against bad Public policy is Tho duty As Well As Tho right of every a american citizen and this without factious opposition to the government or untimely interruption of Public Harmony. Silence und a wrong May to construed As Ani endorse a a ment. Resolutions. 1st. That we recognize it As a duty to sustain Law and order support cheerfully nil constitutional measures of the United states trove Mont. And rights of All classes under he lightened and Liberal Laws. 2j. That the people of Georgia accepts in Good Faith the legitimate results of the late was and renew their expressions of allegiance to of states and reiterate the air of termination to maintain inviolate Trio Constitution framed by out fathers. 3.1. To protest dispassionately yet firmly against the so called reconstruction acts of Congress Aud against Tho Liudi Cativo of Ortiz in Ajmir titration of those acts As wrong ii principle oppressive in action and ruinous to the states of the South As Well As hurtful to Tho True welfare of every portion of the common country tending directly if not in Teu tonally to the permanent supremacy of the negro race in All states where those Laws Avo enforced. 4th. Pro test. In like spirit and manner against the policy of Tho dominant party m Congress which seeks to inflict 14 011 the states South a bad 1 Overn mint As wrong not Only to both the races in the so Ith Aud the people of All parts of but As a crime against a civilization Aud humanity Wheeli. Itis4hediityfof All right minded men to discount Nance Aud condemn. 5th. That we enter on record in the name end behalf of tie people of this state our solemn protest against Tho assembling convention which to affirm with Tho evidence be of re a has been ordered under pret Euso of. Votes illegally authorized forcibly procured fraudulently received Aud falsely counted As we believe and in View of Tho solemn responsibilities in the issues invoked we do hereby declare that we will forever hold the work of framing a Constitution by Suc Lii authority with intent to to forced by military Power on Tho free people of this ancient Commonwealth As a Critne against our people against continuance of free government against peace and society Nga Subt the purity of the ballot Box and against the a dignity and character of representative institutions. Atli Ami 7th provide for the appointment o f a Central executive committee by the president to Call conventions of the conservative party when necessary and indicate at a proper Timo Tho policy Best adapted to promote the Public Good. 8th recommends conservatives to organize in every county forthwith and report organization to executive committee. 9th appoints Herschel v. Johnson. A. H. Chappell b. Ii. Hill Warren Aiken t. L. Guerry a committee to prepare Aud publish an address to the people of Georgia and the a United states setting Furch the True senti Mats of Tho White Iaco in this state the deplorable could Tiou of the people Aud the ruin which the enforcement of the reconstruction acts will bring on All classes at the South. Preamble and resolutions Wero unanimously adopted. \ a be solutions were also adopted thanking Tho Ortli Vifor Tho support of the principles of fro government at Tho Lato elections. And Tho Pecillo of that Section Lor timely Aid in provisions amp to rendered the suffering people o Tho state during the past year. The convention was harmonious and adjourned in Tho Best of spirits. New Orleans dec. Active acid advanced middling Orleans loi@16c. Sales 4,500 Bales a receipts 0,040 Bales. Exports 4,107 Bales. Sales for the week 28,900 Bales. It scripts for Tho week 23,091 Bales. Exports for the week 23,705 Bales. Stock on hand 90,003 Bales sugar Active Good common 114c. A prime ls@13ae. Molasses Dull and declined 5c., coir Mon 40c. Prime 70@75c. Flour firmer Supen lne so double extra s9 75 Choice $13 75. Corn firm at is 07i@sl 10. Oata Taree at 83@b53. Pork better $23 75 sj$24. Bacon shoulders retailing at ll@12e. Clear sides 153c. Lard in demand pierces 134c, kegs 13ic. Gold $1374. Sterling 14g4 0151. Now Yorac sight amp discount. New of Hans Deo. orders no. 204 appoints Charles o. Tuguo judge of the Secott judicial District court of Louisiana vice a. Cazabat declined Tho latter not being Tako Tho oath prescribed by the Bill which general Hancock requires of All appointees. A i to Resolution fixing Tho compensation of members Aud employees of the convention provides that compensation shall begin from Tho Dato of election or appointment. In disc Issing this Resolution a coloured member said that they had been slaves Long enough now they would enjoy Tomo of Tho luxuries of Freo Dom said i10 wanted All the Money that could to got. It solution adopted yeas 65, nays 23. Tho following wa3 offered yesterday. A3 an article of Tho proposed Constitution resolved that the Faith of Tho Stato shall never again to pledged to protect tha a aided monopoly of Tho Mississippi Bottoms by Tho erection of loves or otherwise but Tho Stato May assist in redeeming said lands from , whenever such a system of agricultural Economy a shall to adopted an will secure to the real Tiger of Tho soil the just and legitimate fruits of Liis labor by an equitable distribution of the right of Ovner slip in Homestead farms i referred to committee on internal improvements. V a series of articles for incorporation the Constitution were offered and referred to the committee on schedule and ordinance a of which the following Are extract the of system of Laws heretofore in u3e in this state and known As Tho. Civil Law system together with All statutes enacted by previous legislation in accordance therewith together with Tho revised statutes civil code and code of practice Aro hereby abolished and Tho common Law of England is adopted As Tho Law of Louisiana find All statutes of n general nature and not local to that kingdom passed prior to the fourth year of the reign of King James Are also adopted As the Laws of this state until repealed by future legislation. Except Tho common Law statutes que provisions for imprisonment for debt provided no person shall Ever be arrested or imprisoned for debt in this slate i that the common jaw As hereby adopted shall go into Force within six month so from the Dato of the proclamation of this Constitution that the Laws Public records and All records of judicial and legislative proceedings of this Stato shall be promulgated and preserved in the English Lang Ngo Only nil publication of the same in any foreign language is hereby forever prohibited All legals papers proceedings contracts drawn or preserved in any other language than the English after Tho common Law goes into operation shall be null Aud void. Capital punishment in this Stato is hereby forever abolished. A Resolution that no company o r Corpora-1 lion now existing or hereafter created in this state shall Malfe any distinction of race or co or in its rules or regulations was referred to a committee. R. A Dir. Of rights. Tho committee on Bill of eights reported article 1, Section 12 of which provides that no Public funds shall to bestowed upon any charitable or Public institution in this state which makes any distinction among the citizens thereof. A. A a. Section 21 of Tho same provides that Tho military shall Boiu strict subordination to the civil Power. Section 32 of this article is As follows to guard against. Transgression of Tho High Powers which to Hayo delegated we declare that everything in this article is excepted out of the general Poots of the government a lid Shal 1 l Cir Ever remain inviolate. Tho article was ordered to to printed. A an amendment to Tho Resolution inviting Thomas w. to address the convention was offered inserting the name of missed Monia Jones an intelligent lady of color of new Orleans. Tho whole matter was tabled. A \ a general Hancock s order of yesterday revoking. Sheridan a jury order was elicited by representations of. Eminent a judicial officers that Tho course of Justice was impeded by that order. Under it was almost impossible to jury that could either read or write and it was almost certain should convictions a to obtained their proceedings would be set aside by the supreme court. Tho following Resolution was offered in convention to Day by a negro member whereas by the acts of Congress known As the military it construction acts Aud acts supplementary thereto this convention in empowered not Only to make a Constitution but to found a. Civil government therefore be it Lle solved that this convention shall in \ mediately prompt measures to form a a civil government Loyal to Tho United states and so enact As to Havo it thoroughly organized throughout the state previous to submitting the Constitution a to the people for ratification. Laid Over. A Resolution endorsing levee Bonds came up for action to Day and was tabled by a vote of 70 to 13. New Yoke dec. advanced sales 4300 Bales at 17j@,t74o. Gold 137g@l374 Sterling quiet and firm 109j�109. A private dispatch from new York rays a banker on Wall a a 3tce<it had Twenty thousand dollars counterfeit Legal tender shoved on him this to Ruig. Washington Dee. senatorial caucus decided 10 retain Forney As Secretary and Brown As sergeant at arms. 1 the Revenue from during the fiscal year ending Juno last amounted t it 2814 millions dollars. Cueral Grauth of Corr Metod estimate for Iii in reduces Tho sum to thirty seven millions. The Cabinet continued in session until after two o clock. A Tho members Wero present. Customs receipts from the 21st to Tho 30tli a nit., inclusive $1,980,000. Revenue to Day s 024,000. The Voto yesterday i i the Senato striking White from District Laws and ordinances was strictly party indicating that who Lato elections have had no effect on senatorial radicalism., John s. Walton has been confirmed As treasurer of Tho United states Branch mint at now proceedings in the House to Day indicate 55 for impeachment and 110 against. On the Republican Sido of the House there is 15 majority opposed to impeachment. Tho order assigning general Buchanan to command of sub District of Louisiana has been resolutions from the Louisiana convention asking a repeal of the Cotton tax Vero presented. Quot resolutions from the new York chamber of Commerce favouring a repeal of Tho Cotton tax Woro presented. Several financial Bills Wero presented and Rof Errod. A concurrent Resolution the message in its allusions to reconstruction As derogatory to the dignity of Congress was set for one of clock monday. The sonata held a Shoat exec Tivo session and adjourned to monday House ineffectual efforts Wero Mado to legislator on currency and taxes. Boutwell resumed his argument on in peach nout. Wilson followed and moved the tabling of the whole demand for previous question seconded but Tho vote stood off by a vote of 02 to 108 Tho House continued Calls of House for two hours and a half t when it adjourned till to Morrow. Asci Noton nov. 0.�?mexican in Legoms via Havana state that a Demaid is about being made upon Guatemala for injuries sustained by Tho invasion of Glide Pas. Escobodo is reported to a Jive said that if. Teen thousand men could seize on Cuba. Or a Tega is still a prisoner a the embalmer of Maximilian s remains has been prosecuted for Selling relics or the Prince. Some of the members of co tigress Are in prison. A. Telegram from Havana contain further news from st. Thomas and the other West India islands. The united1 states steamers Desoto and Monongahela had been totally wrecked in a storm off Santa Cruz. It was thought most of the screws were saved. The Susque Liann was also damaged. More earthquake shocks Are reported and everybody was trying to emigrate. The danish commissioner had arrived to deliver the Island of st. Thomas to Tho United states. It a a the austrian frigate Novara Lias left has Vaha with Maximilian a remains for Trieste. New Youk dec. 7.�?Cotton opened firm but closed Dull and declining sales 2,100 Bales at 174�17ic. Flour closed less Active Tad Vance state $8 30@10 00. Wheat quiet. Com mixed Western is 33@1 37. Pork firm $21 55. Lard firmer. Freights Dull. New Yolk dec. 7.�?Money closed steady at 7 per cent. The impeachment failure had a Good effect. Sterling quiet. Gold closed atl3g.5@13g2. Government securities firmer., stocks stronger. The Bank statement shows a decrease of Loans $365,000 the circulation is 100,000 the Deposit $759,000 the increase of Legal tenders $497,000. New Yob dec. 7.�?the Steamer. Thames from Savannah reports she saw on the 4th inst., a burning vessel and staid about a Short time but saw neither boats nor Crew. The vessel was loaded with lumber. The Inman Steamer City of Paris was seized for a violation of the passenger Laws. The penalty is fixed at one Hundred and Sev Enty thousand dollars. The Steamer gave Bonds. A Tho debt statement shows Tho debt bearing Coin interest has increased&Quot$62,000,000, that bearing currency interest has decreased $47,-000,000, the matured debt1 not presented. Decreased $4,000,000, that bearing no interest increased $3,000,00j3, making the increase of debt $13,000,000 Cpin in the Treasury has decreased s849,000, currency increased $15,-000,000, making the net increase of the debt $4,701,000. New Orleans dec. 7.�?Cotton stiffer with middling at 16c. Sales 4000 Bales receipts 1805 Bales exports gq56 sugar unchanged molasses Dull and declined Cornmon 40� 45c. Prime 63�g4c. Flour Dull and unchanged Corn quiet and firm Oats scarce at 85c. Pork advanced to $24�?T25@25 50 Bacon shoulders 11c. Clear 154o. Lord very firm prime in pierces 134@13c. In kegs 134c. Gold 137 Sterling 1464�151 new York sight 3 per Chat. Discount Choice Texas cattle s45 second Quality $25@35 third Quality $14 @20. New Orleans dec. 7.�?the United states District court judge Donrell has ordered juries drawn in his court to be composed of 1 citizens without distinction of color Darell was appointed by president Lincoln. The grand and Petit juries Wero Disel urged yesterday and a new pannel according to was ordered. 4 Washington dec. 6.�?in the Senate tht%6 was no session. In the Honee after unimportant business the impeachment question was resumed with filibustering by Logan. Finally Wilson with Drew his motion to Lay on the table Anda Yoto was taken on the majority report ordering impeachment which was lost by 57 to 108�?ab sent Tenty Ono members. A motion to reconsider and Lay the motion on the table prevailed and thus the impeachment ended. Resolution suspending Tho Power of Tho Secretary of the Treasury to contract the currency prevailed\128 to 32. The House went into a committe on the mer Sage pending Tho debate. The it construction committee to which Stevens requested several a joints it if Tho message to he referred was denounced As an obstruction to reconstruction. It f Tevens struggles against the turning tide excite admiration and pity no one heeds Tho a vindictive utterances of the worn out Leader. A without further business the House and Jour Tho a of the Cotton tax was Bosforo Tho Senato f Ivice committee where it meets opposition. A a this d Tuiuli purchases r were before Tho Senate and referred to Tho committee on foreign relations. A. A a lieutenant general Sherman arrived Here and visited Tho president and Grant. Who remains three months. The receipts of Revenue to Day half a million dollars for Tho week six and a half millions dollars for the year ninety one Aud three Quarter millions dollars. Tho weekly statement of Tho finances shows no material change. Mrs. Eustis daughter of w. W. Corcoran Aud wife of Hon. George Eustis former congressman from Louisiana and captured with Mason and Slidell from Tho Trent died in France. New York dec. 7.�?flour 10�20o. Hotter wheat 2@3c. Better Corn la. Better Rico firm Oats l@2o. Better pork $2150i lard steady at 12i@13.ic Cotton quiet at 174c. Freights quiet turpentine a Shade lower at 53c. Rosin quiet common strained $3 stocks Strong Money 7 per cent. Gold 136j Bonds old Issue.1073 new 1073 Sterling steady. New yogic dec. 8.�?arrived, Barnes Savior from key West Clyde Terry mer a a Vij Llin Tybee and Saratoga. A ship Dod Bingham master from Hamburg a a with Over 383 passengers lost 75 during Tho passage Twenty still ill of Tho cholera. It is the worst Caso recorded. Tho ship is ordered to quarantine. New Yolk dec. 8.�?a special to Tho Herald reports from st Thomas on the authority of persons Baard Tho Schooner andalusian that Tho Island of st. Martins has nearly disappeared and st. Bartholomew has been almost destroyed by a Volcano. Boston dec. 8.�?Tho largest me6tiug Over hold was held at Faneuil Hall to express a a opinion regarding Anglo american citizens. H011. J. Ii. I Giltinan president Washington desc. 8.�?Tho National Bank examiners fifteen in number from All sections of the country have beep in daily sos Sion with Tho comptroller of the currency Sinco wednesday last. They Havo devised ii most thorough and systematic or Coss of examination Linto National Banks. A tha Otami nations have heretofore been very searching in character but hereafter will to such a will develop any and All the 6re Are sixteen Hundred and thirty nine National ,. Banks. A Havana dec. 7.�?rates of Exchange on London Paris and new York Are unchanged. Nos 10 and 12 sugar 8�84, nos. 15 to 20 10j. Lard in liercc3 155j in cans 17. Pota i toes $4 25 hams sugar cured 24, Ordinary ,18. Onions $5 50@6.�? butter scarce. Freights Dull nothing doing. Weather Cool. Havana dec. 6.�?mexican dates of the 27 the have been received. Peonage Hap Boen Abol. Shed. A steam Marble factory Hii been opened in the City of Mexico Juarez was present upon the occasion and made n patriotic speech. To suggested that the first Pieda of Marble Cut be used in a Monument to be erected to the memory of mexicans who fell martyrs to Liberty. Tho condition of the mexican Treasury is improving. Statements Havo been published in the newspapers stating that a contract had been made Between minister Romero and the United states government for three millions of dollars Worth of War materials a two millions o f which were to to taken in rifles and muskets and smaller arms and the remaining million in journals Havo published letters of general Grant Romero Secretary Seward and Madam Juarez in regard to mexican affairs. Kidnapping of wealthy persons continues to a a carried on pretty extensively by numerous bands of Bon Dittri. New Yoek dec. 9.�?Cotton easier sales a fifteen Hundred Bales at 17c. Flour Active. State $8 50@10 75 Southern $10@14 25. Wheat Active. Corn $1 38�l 42c. Oats firm. Pork heavy $21 .624. Lard steady. Arc a Ceries quiet. Turpentine 51@514. Frights lower Cotton by sail 8@ 4 by steam 3. Grain. Gj@64.z new yoe6, dec/9.�?government so Conri. Ties closed Strong old Issue 1072 new Issue 107i 10-403 101.i 7-303 104g. Gold 13g3. New Orleans dec. 9.�?Cotton Market stiff sales,4,000 Bales. Receipts 7,833 Bains. Exports 3,448 Bales sugar Active with full prices common 11c., Primo 134c. Molasses better fair Goc. Primo 70c. Flour has a better feeling superfine is held at $9 50, Choice $14 25@$15. Corn firm at is 10@$1 15. Oats firm at 85c. Pork ruling upward mess $24 50@$25. Bacon Dull. Shoulders lie. Clear sides 15sc. Lard Primo in pierces 13?. ©14c Gold 13g4 Sterling 1464�151. New York sight 4@0 discount. General Hancock has revoked so much of special orders no. 102, issued by general Mower As removes from office Adam Griffin state treasurer Hypolito Peralta state auditor and appoints e. J. Jenkins and j. Ii. I Sylier to their places and has restored the former to their former office. General Hancock visited Ltd it opera on Satur-7 Flay night and was recognized Ana greeted with enthusiastic a he ears. Band struck up a a Hail a a Ltd no business of importance transacted in Tho convention dec. 9.�?shurtleff, Democratis elected mayor of Boston Tho a rat event of the Kiri Sinco the glorious Days of Jackson. Washington dec. 9.�?Senate.�?petitions from assistant assessors of North Carolina i were presented praying for compensation Wilson gave notice that to would report a Bill removing political disabilities from two Hundred and eighty four alabamians recommended by Pope and Swayne. The Secretary of the Treasury was called on for full details of the restoration of captured. And abandoned Resolution declaring that neutrality Between Abyssinia and great Britain Camo up. Partial debate ensued when the Senate went into executive session and adjourned. House. A on a regular Call for Bills and resolutions by states among those offered was one exempting from taxation manufacturers a yielding less than ss.ooo1 one directing the Secretary of Ike Treasury to use $4,000,000 in greenbacks in a the Purchase of Bonds Ono to abolish Tho office of assistant treasure and one for the More effectual government of the rebel states. Tho judiciary a committee directed an in Quiry int a Tho expediency of amending the reconstruction acts so As to make Tho members of the convention take the test oath. After a severe contest certain portions of the presidents message Wero referred to Tho reconstruction committee thus reviving that committee. ,. The Bill striking White from the District Laws and ordinances passed 10g to 18. It goes to Tho president. The president was called on for Tho record of the trial of Albert Luck in new Orleans for trip murder of a negro boy. Cooper moved to suspend the rules to pass resolutions that the taxes shall not exceed three Hundred millions and made a speech in its favor but the House refused to suspend 1 the rules. ,. Several new financial Bills and resolutions were introduced and Tho House adjourned. Washington,.dec. 8.�?the president nominated Paul Dennett for collector of customs Teache District Louisiana we. La. Stanford general appraiser of merchandise new Orleans Hoth to fill vacancies. Wilson a list for restoration to political rights includes governor Patton and general Longstreet. A. A the mercantile and shipping interests press the Senate to confirm Seward a treaty for Tho West India islands. 1 Ono Hundred and Twenty six farms comprising nearly eight thousand acres were added to the productive Force of Florida during november. Purchasers of government Stock in the dismal swamp canal will to required to keep it open. J. The receipts of Revenue for to Dav Woro $452,000. A Spencer and v wife who were arrested for complicity in Tho counterfeit of Soveig thirties . A the people of st. Thomas Aro pleased with Transfer but merchants apprehend losses from the operations of the , v i Chicago offers Twenty thousand dollars to secure Tho National Republican convention there. A. A
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