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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 7, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi wee Lily a ass re Vay Axa a a a a r to Inlet Kyo v Galveston a so a a Obday morning 7, i8�7. No. 68. Telegraphic. A a a a a a a a a a a i associated a Russ l Ibi it arclies. New Yorik dec. 2, More Active Call 7 por cent Dis iou uts stringent at 7@10. Gold heavy at 130y.\ Exchange Dull Ati i 104. Governments Dull. Stocks generally better at close. Balance in to sub Treasury .3103,000,000. Of Quot dispatches state that author earthquake had occurred at st. Thomas Tortola Aud other islands accompanied with volcanic eruptions Aud the sea Rose fifty feet doing much damage to shipping and buildings on the islands. Immense loss of life and property. Are reported in consequence. The american Schooner wild Pigeon was sunk. The frigate Narva arrived with Maximilian remains. Immens multitudes honoured the remains at chippello. The remains Are Ioja i Ood state of preservation a Tho embalming doctors mutilated Maximilian a attire and hair for profit. A Washington dec. 2.�?the Kentucky delegation is seriously perplexed. They Are satisfied that Tho establishment of a record admitting them to Tho present Congress will rain them with their constituents. There Are differences of opinion As to delays in the repeal of Tho Cotton tax. They Are becoming wider and More stubborn. Speculations regarding tha result May As reliably a made at new Orleans As hero. The president s message will be clandestinely published in the morning in Cincinnati Annj Floston. A copy is said to have been fjunc1.Tho authorized agents of the new Orleans Aud Mobile pus Are not authorized to violate pledges otherwise it would appear in the morning papers Washington Deo. 3.�?the first duty at the close of the civil War was to repair its injuries and secure Tho Bane lit of its lessons it a the earliest possible moment. This a duty wits promptly accepted by Tho executive and insurrectionary restoration in the first moments of Pence was believo4�?Tto be As easy and certain As indispensable. These expectations by it via disappointed by legislation and now their is no Union any Valiere. Each state is As free As another tort vial its ova internal uis according to its own will. An elaborate argument follows of pro. Position Tho Union Aud the a Constitution Aro a inseparable As Long As one is obeyed the Ober. Will be preserve eco and if the Ouer is destroyed both must perish together. There is no military or other necessity real or pretended to i. Which can prevent Obs Dicce to the Constitution either North or South. I Hope that you May ultimately concur m Trio Plau of Settle a shut consistent with our Trua interests and sworn duties it is too natural and too just to lit easily abandoned. It is Clear to the pies Denim a apprehension that staua lately in rebellion Are still members of the Union. Tho executive my predecessor As Well As myself Iid Tho Heads of All departments Here adopted and acted Pou the principle that the Union is not resolved but is indissoluble. Congress submitted amendments to Tho Constitution to Southern of Tutch and accepted their ratification judges of Tho supremo court Havo included Southern state in. Their districts for Tho Southern states Aro component parts of Tho Union Tho Constitution is Tho supremo Law for them As for All other states they Aro bound to obey it and so Aro we being sincerely convinced that these views Are Correct. Tho president recommends a repeal of All acts placing Tho Southern states under military masters. Tho conflict a tween the reconstruction Acta and Tho rights of Tho people under to Constitution is argued Aud illustrated at length. Alluding to negro suffrage the president Mayo the of Tho states to negro domination is worse than Tho existing military despotism. The people will endorse endless military oppression rather than degrade them-1 elves by subjection. To Tho negro race. The Blacks Are entitled Wolf and humanely governed but it it a tote possible to give them a government of theirl pwn it would become a grave question whether we ought to do so or whether common humanity would riot re Ltd us to save them from themselves. But it. Is not proposed that boy shall Only govern thesis Check list that they shall govern the White men and in a greater or less extent a it Netrol the destiny of the whole Cou Tryl the negro character is contrasted with Tho. Vitrie intelligence spirit and Progress of Tho White race. Negro population is contrasted with immigrants and the different terms of Weiju iritis citizenship and franchise Are ,--_teii.�?~ the president yields to no Man in his a to the Nilo fur general suffrage hut it re quits for Bonio Claffe Cfaft time suitable for Protection and preparation. To Transfer our political importance to the negro would in the presidents opinion to a Trio abandonment duty which to owe he memory of our fathers and the rights of our children. To depicts horrors inevitable from Tho proposed governments. A the president says it will require a Strong standing army and probably Taro than two Hundred million per annul to maintain the supremacy of Tho negro governments after they Are established. Without Tho military however they Aio wholly incapable of holding in subjection the White people of the South. The presidents financial policy Lias already beep truthfully foreshadowed. Tho message makes no special allusion to Tho Cotton tax. In discussing the presidents duties to says Quot a after grave consideration cases might. Arise where alter Tho Laws had been passed with All constitutional forms and time and placed on Statuto books it. Would to Tho duty of to executive to refuse to carry them out regardless of consequences. This would be involving Tho country in ii justifiable civil War ,. Yob dec. 3,<�?Gold 37- Money easy 7 per cent. Exchange 04 Bonds old 7b, new 7 Tennessee 0 s 2jj Ilour Dull and drooping wheat Dull and nominally lower Corn Dull and declining pork drooping $21 25� 21 co lard Dull 12@i a. A Cotton Dull 15. A turpentine Dull at 55c. Romju quiet. New Ohi each dec. 0. Active hut lower a a middling Orleans 15c. Salos 5300 Boles receipts -1348 Balej exports 1284 Bales. Sugar in Good Domard fair 12c. Yellow clarified 134c. Molasses Active and improved common i y50e a motor Dull and nominal 750$9, Clio Ico $13 50f�< it 00. Corn quiet and firm at �1 0�?oilq Oats unchanged. Pork Dull at 1 -0. unchanged. Lard Melivin us Ciai a it Juu Vul a cd a Cuiyu a. King a cd not Tho Coli cution be induced-1 adjourn without further legislation a an better Tierce 13c. Ken. 13ic. A Sterling 4gto50i. New York sight g discount new York Doc. 3. easier sales 280q Bales at 15s�. A a flour favors by Yors what doll and Deolin cd 2c. Corn declined lc., $1 31 to 4132. pork heavy and lower s20 25. Lard due and lower bloc. To 13c. Groceries unchanged. A naval stores quiet and 8teady, freights firm. Stocks firmer. �?T62 coupons 73. Gold 136j. New Orleans nov. 3.�?rthe following orders were issued to Day a special orders 201, Headquarters fifth military District dec. 3,18g7extract . Caz it a Bat is hereby appointed judge of the second judicial District court of Louisiana. Extract . Colonel William ii. Woods 1st u. S. Infantry. Wal without unnecessary delay relieve temporarily Brevet major general Joseph a. Mower colonel 39th a a a. S. Infantry from duty As commander of. The District of Louisiana embracing the state of Louisiana and posts of Marshall and Jefferson Texas and ship Island Mississippi. Lieutenant colonel Wood will also relieve general Mower temporarily from duty of attn missioner of Bureau of refugees Freedman and abandoned lands for the state of Louisiana. Quot upon being relieved from duty As above required Brevet major general Mower will proceed to join Headquarters of his regiment which will to established at Greenville la. By command of major general Hancock. W. G. Mitchell a. A. A. Go a new Obi ass dec. 3.�?in Tho convention to Day a Resolution was offered to establish the seat of government at Baton ii Ouge Aud to empower Tho first legislature there to Levy a tax to build Tho state Jho Iise. It was referred to the committee on general provisions. S a Resolution was offered fixing a Days Woidat a ight Houra and fixing wages of labourers of Public works and guaranteeing lawyers in per cent on All collections and physicians three dollars for visit Laid Over under Rule. A a a a dec. 3.�?internal Revenue re pc its to Day ,2-1g,�?~000. The Telegraph office in this City from eight of clock yesterday morning to three this morning transmitted 170,000 words. The Aey a paper matter was unprecedented work. The message was clandestinely telegraphed by three different parties. Mon Tgu Jiei a dec 3.�?general Popo telegraphed to general Sway no on december 2d, asking to says a Tho convention is doing incalculable injury to reconstruction by its late is the second dispatch of Tho Sitmon Tenor from general Pope. The convention has not fixed on a Day for adjournment. The members declare general Popoy a dispatch to to insulting. Ryttie convention to Duy passed an ordinance exp Nib a is one thousand dollars Worth of personal property and a Homestead of eighty a acres of land for Tho head of each family. An ordinance passed to first Reading suspending All courts of this Stato except the supremo probate and criminal courts. An ordinance Ito prohibit t marriages be tween Whites and Blacks was Defeated the Estremo Whites an coloured delegates strongly opposing. An ordinance staying the collection of All debts Antil january let next was passed. It a understood that military commanders will enforce every ordinance passed by the convention. New Yorik Deo. 3.�?hoffman was elected mayor by a majority Over both. Wood and 3 Darling. I 1 Washington dec 3.�?Senate, journal was amended by striking oat a Shono Rabla were it occurs before Tho names of senators present at Tho opening of Tho session. The standing committees Ore selected. No important changes. The message was Ead Secretary of the Treasury was called a a for information regarding taxes and incomes of the National Banks and. Then adjourned. communications of no general interest were read. A a Stevens renewed his Bill for schools in the District of Columbia which Wero referred. ,. Tho ii construction Quot committee. Was directed to inquire into Tho expediency of i Viii in Texas. Eldridge objected saying one Texas under despotism was enough. Stevens asked leave to introduce a Resolution regarding Tho census of Tho conquered a torrid Oil a with a View of , Tho admission of Tho Southern states. Objection was made and it was withdraw a i. Consid Rable indignant dispassion regarding the premature publication of Tho message. A a a the ago read and referred to a committee of Tho whole. 7 to election committee reported Beck Jones Grover and Knott sworn in and Trimble Brown and Young excluded pending further inquiry. 7 Shenck from committee on ways and Means reporte a Bill that All Cotton raised1 in Tho United states after the year 18g7, be exempt from tax. A Shenck ref soil an amendment making Tho same Law apply to sugar. Schenck proceeded to explain Why to did hot make it apply to Cotton raised this year. One fifth was already Iti Tho Market and a very Largo portion had already passed from Tho hands of the producers and growers would derive Little Benefit. The committee believed it would to impolitic and inexpedient. A a. Brooks moved a burst into that Tho tax to abolished and that no american Man fac tend Zottoli goods shall to entitled to Benefit of existing do a whack unless 00 Days of this act. F a a general Adobato ensued Covode Eli and Butler opposed Tho repeal. Logan Blaine Mullen Garfield Niblack and Alli Adli Lac Quot a bad Schencks a Bill. Barnes and pile favored Brooks substitute. Without closing the Debato Tho House adjourned. A a dec. 4. civil tenure Bill was discussed and denounced us unconstitutional extra judicial and promotive of fraud in preventing Tho removal of dishonest officer. Tho president elaborately discusses the financial question Are a invites the Early consideration of co Gross in comparing Tho currency circulation of soon years ago with now. Ilo says a a striking facts Mako it Tho obvious duty of Tho government to Tako such nieasurc3 As will Eualo to Holder of its notes Sud these National Banks to convert them without loss into specie or its equivalent. A reduction of our circulating paper medium need not necessarily follow. Tjimis. Would depend 011 Tho Law of demand and Supply though it should be Home in mind that by making Legal a tender and Bank notes convertible into Coin or its equivalent their present specie value would to enhanced one Hundred varied issues of our Bonds and Tho Gold Aud paper interest of Tho same Aro alluded to it some length and the president declares that equal and exact Justice requires that All the creditors of the government should be paid in currency of equal value not Gold for Ono and paper for another. He favors the Mas ure of retiring our paper currency that a re. Tuin of Gold and . Cd else to to articles of traffic and return to our avenues of Trade. It is unreasonable to expect a return to sound currency so Long As the government by continuing the Issue of irredeemable notes fills the channels of circulation with depreciated paper. Y the attention of Congress is invited to the necessity of a thorough revision of the Rev clue system and a Large reduction of the a 1 tides taxed is urged. Peaco is secured 1 with Tho indians but he has no official details Quot from the commis a Sion cars. No arrangement has been reached for a settlement of the claims of the British depredations upon the Commerce of the United states. He feels it a duty to decline the proposition of arbitration made by her majesty a government because it has hitherto been accompanied by reservations and limitations incompatible with the rights Honor and interests of our country. It is not apprehended that great Britain will persist in a refusal to satisfy these just and reasonable claims which involve the sacred principle of non intervention a principle henceforth not More important to Tho United states than to All commercial nations. A the president says a treaty has been concluded with the King of Denmark for the cession of the islands of st. Thomas and st. Johns to the United states. Yorik dec. 1.�?complete returns give Hoffmann 02,000 votes Wood 22,000 Darling 18,000., a new York dec. 4. closed easy at c per cent. Gold steady fit 13g� Sterling stronger nominally at 109�z�z government securities Active and better stocks generally advanced. The balance in the sub Treasury is $112,�?� a 500, 00. Newyork dec. 4�?arrived Saragossa Louisa Moore. Flour a Shade Wirtner. The attend ing upward. Cotton unchanged. trifle higher. Pork dropping $21 12-j. Lard Dull at 12�@13c. Cotton is steady at 15-ic. Freights Are steady. Turpentine 59c. Rosin is Dull common s2 75��3. Gold 137-1 Money in fair demand at 7 per a cent a Sterling is stiff at 9jj@9.j Bonds old 8 new 7j Tennessee 0s g2i stocks Active. Washington dec. 4.�?general Crawford relieves general Burbank commanding District of Kentucky Yho is. Ordered to Vicks Burg. A a a 4 _ j. Cavan Nugh a Bill allowing territorial delegates fall representatives rights in Congress creates a stir. Cavanaugh who 13 Delegate from Montana claim to represents sixty five thousand persons. Paying 5124,001 Revenue to contends his constituents Are 1 entitled to something More than a voiceless seat in Tho House. A Law is pending or Tho Canadian Parlia ment adding american Silver to Legal tender at eighty Cento on Tho Dollar. Montgomery Deo.1 4�?alarming excesses Havo recently been committed by the blacks1 in Bullock county. In Tho neighbourhood of Perot Tho coloured Loyal leagues organized and repelled processes by the civil Atithpri-1 i ties. Under instructions irom coloured emissaries they formed a court office red and organized arresting by night All Blacks who Opp sed their unlawful proceedings and carried punishment so far that their victims applied to the civil authorities for Protection. Tho Blask Boriff Iii id his Deputy were finally arrested but other insurrectionary leaders organized negroes and Mado armed resistance Aid firn other leagues was summoned. The Black flocked to Union Springs and threatened general rising and extermination of the Whites and taking pos Sessi ouf of the country. Black leaders went to the country plantations and forced the labourers to join them for. Vengeance showing pretended orders from general Surayne that they had a right to kill All Yho resisted their authority. During the excitement the negro Church at Croto was burned by unknown parties it was alleged by Tho Black leagues to to done to Guilamo to q negroes. Tho philos universally regret it. Tho Whites organized for Protection and general Sway no was appealed to and sent detachments of troops promptly to the Scono of trouble to restore order. Fifteen Black insurrection its have been arrested and lodged in Jato to. Tried by the civil authorities. At last accounts order was restored and All was quiet. New Yorik dec. 4. is Active and firmer sales 4000 Bales at acc. Freights quiet 0 Money More Active at 7percent Gold 13g3 Sterling firm at 9 @9.s governments Dull stocks steady coupons of�?Tg2 7g. A few of lean dec 4, Market still. Sales 5300. Middling Uplands la pc. Receipts 2000 Bales. Exports 30-14. Flour very Dull. Superfine $8 la. Choice s14 00. Corn Dull and unchanged mixed $1 08� is 10 Whito so 10, Oats quiet at 80c. Pork quiet at $23 00. Bacon Dull jobbing at il@l2o. For shoulders 15�15ic., for Clear sides. Lard Primo Tierce 13c. Gold 137. New York is Ali t. to j discount. Sterling. Bank 49i to 50.a Quot arrived Sinco last report�?124 Texas Beeves 43 5calvc�and yearlings. A sold�?890beoves, 179 calves and yearlings. Texas Beeves first Quality $40 to $45. Second Quality s25 to to s35. Third Quality $14 to $20. Cows with calves $20 yearlings $7 to s12. Calves $5 to $12. On sale�?2g4 Beeves g31 calves Aud yearlings. Washington dec. 4.�?in Tho Senate Tho ratification of Tho fourteenth article of Tho Constitution by Nebraska was presented. A memorial from some Kentucky eol doors relative to Tho alleged disloyalty of Kentucky state officers was presented. Or. Drako offered a concurrent Resolution that Tho president had transcended his constitutional Powers in Tho Quot language of Tho mess Tigo referring to hi3 reconstruction language and said it was derogatory. To Tho dignity of Congress and a usurpation of their rights and pro Vilegi a. Lies vein a memorial from the new Orleans chamber a of Commerce for the removal of River lbs Tajc tons was referred to the committee of Commerce. Quot Quot 1 a motion to print extra a of pies the Prebi dents me Sago elicited debate Vonti plating a Tho views of several senators. .i., j or. Howard did not think it worthy of it was a libel on every member Olio voted for Tho reconstruction Bills it was nothing less than an insidious invitation to the rebel states to resist by violence the icon Striction acts. He would not vote Money for the distribution of such attacks upon the Peoples repress a Ila uves. A a Otho he. Said Tho question was. would depart from prudence and hereafter Only print matter advancing their own views. A. A Cameron thought the message already sufficiently published. A. Summer moved to Amend by printing Only the reports to considered the . A libel on Congress but Aii incendiary document designed to stir no the rebels. Buckaloo claimed that Tho president a but exercised his prerogative in presenting his views to said Congress was not to be deterred from its work by either the president or Tho press and Tho South will be represented by the 4th of july next. The president had lib eled not Only Congress but the freedmen in declaring them unfit for the. Ballot Quot he declared that newspaper correspondents were in the interest of Tho rebels and made garbled statements i. Dixon claimed that reconstruction had been a strongly condemned by recent elections. The question of printing the message was postponed. A the reconstruction act so As to require Only a majority of votes cast to i Call a convention was referred l jul Ciary committee.,. A Bill was passed declaring five mtg Mbere of Tho supreme court a quorum. A Bill pledging Coin payments of Bonds Vios discus cd and after the. Executive session adjourned. .-1 ,-----4r� a House. A Tho Secretary of flip Treasury called for a report of amount of government Quot funds deposited with National Banks ,.-y.i in m a Bill for the better pro Teotima of Ameri can citizens abroad was referred.�?T. ,. ,. The Bill repealing Cotton tax was Iesu it a. An amendment reducing tax to one cent pei1 Pound lost. Brooks substitute telegraphed last night 1 amendment that court claims shall have no jurisdiction Oyei for Cotton tax either collected or to be Olla cited and till As it Camo Irtz no the comr ii. Tee passed without in Ament nays 20. The Bill Sipply Al plistes tax commencing wit i next years crop hut pre8entcrop. J.,a considerable fillibu8tetitf Quot a without reaching impeachment adjourned i a Washin Tonj idec 4. A Yovenne to Day $1,313,000.j. -. A. The president sent in several email Nomi nations to Occo Alibi so Verai ��c-aiaent.0 required by tenure a a of Ico Bill. A the Radical caucus to hear report of com-., Mitten and to consider the state of the party. In the South a states reported to night the i amount of Money a Ouer tied afe $40,000�hof a which Senate a and a Spitali attaches subscribed &Quot$15,000.1 numb be of it document distributed 855,000. 2,000000/i documents Havo Bee distributed Cinco Iho it origin of this committee. A the committee 1 recommends an Active Campaign Joi the ratification of constitutions in the Southern states s an therefore a cops Depablo Amon pfc. I of Money is required they want to put its Tho 1 i Field <0 help in this work Twenty orator a a White and Black. Tho committee reports that state conventions carried in till the states exc it South a Carolina where Short Timo and voting places Defeated it. The committee expresses the belief that Texas will go largely for convention. A Washington dec 4.r-Privato Nev. York dispatches state that the mayors election seemed to Thavon failed at some Points. Hoff Niani a vote was.60,000, wards 22,000, and Darlings 18,000.&Quot a a a a new Orleans dec. 4.�?paragraph 2 of special orders 2�2, Headquarters fifth military District dated to Day is As. Follows paragraph 3, of special orders no 188. From these Headquarters dated november 16, 18g7, i.ssu-, by Brevet major general Mower removing a p. It. Of Rourk clerk of the second District court Parish of Orleans for malfeasance in office and a Poi it Iii r. L. Shelly in his Stead 19 Lier by revoked and p. E. Of Bourk is reinstated in said office. If any charges a Are set up against the said of Rourk the Judi Cial department of the government 13. Buff client to tto be whatever action May be necessary in Tho premises. A a. Paragraph 1, same order suspends that por Tion of order 201, ordering general Mower to. Join his regiment says Mower will remain in Tho City Ali citing further orders. Tho constitutional convention passed a Resolution fixing the pay of members at Tea dollars per Day and mileage at Twenty cents Pertoli Way and elected. A coloured warrant clerk. A paragraph Iii order no. 202, orders the adjudication of making of levees on certain a plantations in the parishes of st. Charles and Jefferson to Tho lowest bidder by Brevet lieutenant colonel Mcge nigh a. Q. M., on the 10th inst., the work completed in time and manner to protect from overflow and the lands and improvement thereon to to subject to a special Lien and privilege for Cost of making said levees on them respectively Aud that the Ordinary formalities prescribed by Law for adjudication of said work be dispensed with. It Richmond dec. 4.�?the convention this morning elected judge Underwood president George Rice. Of Shenandoah seere tar y we. A. Fallon of Richmond sergeant at arms and Ono White and two coloured doorkeeper. Rev. We. Mitchell of Richmond was elected chaplain. The Voto for president gave go for under Wood and 32 for Wilson who was a candidate of Tho conservatives. Underwood on taking Trio Char said he hoped the deliberations would be characterized by cd Mustian clarity for Ali and As much forgiveness and. Forgetfulness of past injuries As is consistent with future safety. To hoped Tho Constitution would be framed humane and equal to All preventing crime and pro Motiur education removing unequal taxation and compelling every citizen to contribute to Tho necessities of the state Iri portion to a Tho value of Iii property. Re a a also ii oped amp to Homestead exompmonould.vepaspe.di/. In v chaplain Mitchell a opening the or nos ,.pray for the sex Confederate is As Well As this Loyal men. A general Schofield sent a a of Munich tin in a a the convention sending it Iomah App Pafe. ,. Which Havo been made to him in eases of Coil tested seat including Elioso of the Itice. Mond delegation All of which Aro flu Britt Quot to the convention for its action. I1 in i Tho galleries and aisles Are a densely crowd Good with Blacks Aud a slight sprinkling of it Whites. This after Doh the convention Only appointed committee on res acid. Al Ceil w. H. Is Nicklo of baltim�i�?T6, at no i plier. A. Quot to the body. A Tnie of Iris pts to raw. Or seats which the conservatives of a of Are e2sitting together opposed but did not defeat a committee who waited on Schofield Rotor pc of that to had Given them Somo Good advice a and would to glad to see members who wished to consult with him. Adjourned until to Morrow a Washington Deo. 4.�?in Tho Sapro Iao. Court of the United states Tho. Case Oftle Harbor masters and port wardens of nor. 1 Orleans versus the Southern steamship Cois Pany on a question of Warden fees was st few fitted to Day. 1 j 1 1 colonel Capron was sworn in As ago Ute ral commissioner. A e new Yoni Doo. 5.�?stocko Active. Sterling 1093. Money 7 per cent. Gold 137� Bonds old and new 1075. Tennessee Sixes Quot 62j. A flour 10@15c, better. better. Corny a Shade firmer. Oats a trifle 1 higher. Pork a a firmer 2l. 50$2l 6. Lard Dull at 12i@13c. Cotton firmer. Luico freightsf&iu., turpentine scarcely As film at 540, Rosin irregular common.3287-, r. S3. A. .,-"�,��1 a o\7 a the tall print we dlr Sierp stroked of Itoi injury in Many narrow . Ric Mioko dec cd the Mot hug be amp ii i of to convention is in debate 022di a a printing and Iii members drawing Ftp a seats a the con a to at be members go seats in lir smog Corner of the Hall they had Boater Day a it t a was Nat on Deo.115. 3ps��smm�r�?T to had a a slight attack of vertigo a Biffi a was on the Street this morning. A a the following vis Wilson a Billj introduce i a a in Tho Striate yesterday pm a it enacted thai m much of the a a very to it a a a tvs it no a As re a a Iris is a a _ majority of the registered voters to do termin Eany election on their Tiftic Ationo the Coria Tutti tons of taxied by thi convention Cleotoh under a 1 a the present provisions said acts-ave1 Bei eb1 a repealed and at any election we Ipoh Lias Ween i or held or May hereafter to held for convey. Tio is or Tho Tho Constitution a framed there by. A a majority. Of the so tet cast at such elections a shall determine the Fly a Salt. I a i j it i Quot i the haste of the committee of ways amp of Means in pushing through i to repeal .ofilio.-,. Cotton tax in a Eliapo which can give Iio re Quot Lief until the end of next year is Mega Rod is absurd. The friends to of Tho 1 southaro4�-tensely indignant at this perversion As they claim of Tho generous View of the North orc people As expressed it Tho polls. There a Oslender Hopes that the Senate will iribisfcrtar1 its retraction or at East immediate a Dliah i a Orient. .1 j a r a a i i a 1 Washington dec. 5.�?the report of Radical. Baucus states that 17� spa Akef Sah d a organize in a lava been added by the amp Elm Mittie and mai�1 a is More been employed with pecuniary distance by the Stato a a it us devoted the1 entire we Sioa to corisi4ora quo tips of the canvass South. A u i i us Macon ga., dec 6.�?th� Coli so Rvay it 1 a convention met at 11 of clock. It is on of the largest by die severe assembled Iii the Stafe of every Section arid nearly All Tho co Tintie a Jupt Quot represented. A a Hon. B. H. Hill was. Elected pr�d�ut%5 j reclamation. His speech was Ablo Toque Iii and conservative and was lonely. Applauded 0. Vice president w. T. Thompson 1st, can Gres Sioris a District Eli Warren 2ti do tk1 of Wright 3d do Ira a Duroo Ali vie a judge a. R. Wright 5th do a. To Mam 1j�� v do general a. La. Wright 7th do. a a committee of fifteen was appointed. A prepare business for to lib driven Tori 1&Quot. Adjourned fill 3 p. a a a new Oble ass dec. 5.�? cot font Iti fair -fto.,/. Mand middling15c. St los 4,500 Bales. R receipts 5,638 Bales. /.exports,.iy528�?T a ales. A flour Dull arid unchanged. Com quiet nut a 1 Ltd a firm sales of White at.sl�7i/ a a Llew a Lite. I a Oats firm and a Rich ringed at 8o0, Povur in re. Quest and adv Unica 5gc., mras 323 op�92-. Bacon quiet and holders firm but no Advance. Lard very firm a prime a pierces -13 Obi ,. Nee. York sight g discount at Bank. Sterling Lff a a a Iso. New York oct. 5.�?c.ottorii Active and ad-1 j Vance ,4@�e. Sales4000bales,.afclg,l@,16tc. Flour Active. State $8 104c Southern $90 of �13 00. Wheat firm White Southern $2 80ucorn firm at is Soj. Provisions quiet mess 1 pork s21 75. Groceries and naval stores quiet. Freights steady. Geld 1.362�13& i Sterling 103.�@110., /. Most go Dee. 5.�?mr. Greeley recently. Wrote to senator Wilson to exert his Lefik a Eneo to restrain the Alaba riia conv edition Fronz. ,6pting extreme measures. Senator Wilsoa writes general s Wayno that the policy pursued by Tho convention in legislating for divorce and in other ways transcending their author a Ity and the Altra speeches of Bingham atts a men of that class is doing great injury Ang bringing odium on the Republican party. A Tho convention to Day adopted an Ord a Nance providing for Tho submission of the a a Constitution to to registered voters on tie a 4th of february 18g8, said election to be help 1 at places to be prescribed by Tho cpinman<5 1 ing general of the military District. Ilem Bers of Tho general Assembly Mam Bers of Congress arid All state and Counis officer Are to be elected at the same time tie Constitution is submitted said election 1� 1 v be conducted under the same regulations aria a a a by Tho same persons As the leation on the Constitution the election returns .ms is a to the president of Tho convention shall give certificates to the persons Ole Teti. State and county officer to assume office is. Soon As the Stato a admitted into the Union. To hold for Tho Legal term to commence from 1�o the Tho first general election ter to or in admission of Tho state thou general Bly elected under this ordinance to Assembly a in Montgomery March 18,18g8. C con cult a on last Unge
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