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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 4, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi wee kit 1 1 a a a a ssh vol. , wednesday mob Nieft december a 4, a 1867. A no .67telegraphic. A a associated press Washington nov. 29.r�?Senate.�?a memory rial from Delaware was presented favouring equal Suff Rogo. Dunbar editor of Trio now York Globe having purged himself of. Contempt was discharged. Chandler offered a Resolution declaring strict neutrality in the pending quarrel Between Abyssinia and England. Simner objected and the Resolution lies Over. Morrell introduced a Bill directing the Secretary of the Treasury to redeem Legal tender note with Coin and. Directing him to sell Eael year after paying the interest on the Public debt any Gold in the Treasury Over $75,000,000, receiving in payment National Bank notes and compound interest notes and requiring All National Banks which have not an am int equal to 20 per cent of their Enki Taliu specie to hold Tho internet on their Bonds and that on and after july 1, 18g9, they shall pay their notes cd Tho. Denominations of five Dollar and underpin Coin. Larger denominations in coir or Legal tend or notes. Banks failing to comply with Obeso provisions to forfeit their charter Tho.treas-. User having authority to organize other National Banks of equal capital in their Stead. Morrell stated that to would press Tho Bill at us Early Day saying that Congress must gun Polo with Tho financial difficulties it once and Ascot Tail Tho True solution of Tho financial disturbances. Adjourned till monday at 11 30. / House not in session to Day. V new to he nov. 28.�?admiral johndrake.,. Sloat is dead aged 87 years. A Washington nov. 28.�?resolutions have passed Tho Tenn Osseo legislature instructing. Tho Congo is ional die Gabiou to Quot sustain Tho impeachment and confiscation measures. Grant has issued Tho following order All Volunteer officers now to tailed in ser Vico will to mustered out to Talco effect 1, 18g8, except Tho commissioner and disbursing officer of Tho Bureau of refugees i Reed in and abandon of lands. _ a a e. D. Townsend assistant adjutant general. Tho Day was generally observed northward As a Holiday consequently no Market reports. A warrant has been issued for detective Baker. Charge perjury. Llol�?Tult.4 a tit via regarding Iuo transmission of Tho Purchi deut a message which has not yet been finished. Washington nov. 29.�?gossip says that Tho committee shows a majority of thirty against Tho majority report. Tho impression prevails that Wilson a report will to adopted. F hero is a Strong disposition Oil Tho part of Tho democrats to debate Tho matter in order to ventilate Tho claim absurdities of both Bon Twells a and Wilson a reports. Tho Senate rejected Stilwell of Indiana As minister to Venezuela. Mrs. Cobb has made a interesting and touching statement claiming that she Imu been forced before Tho Public by detective Baker most injuriously that she never was at Tho Kirkwood House and never know or. Johnson until to Becaro president when Sho was presented by senators Wado and Chandler. Sho in in destitute circumstances. Dunbar before Tho Senate to Day under arrest for contempt testified that if testimony we to to believed High Treasury officials Are awkwardly situated. Tho Senate in an executive session of a the to hours confirmed Horace Greeley As. Minister to Austria general Capron a agricultural commissioner Rad Atu. Hunt governor of Colorado. The cd penal of the Indian commission via $150,000. Commissioner Taylor attributes the to icing of the Indian War to this commis of Ian 6aving a million a i j All members wore present at a cab inet meeting to Day Wells having recovered. A draft c i a message was read. 1 a internal Revenue receipts to Day ,090,000. The sentence of general Custar suspending him from rank Ontl pay for Ohio year was a a. V the working men of pit i Luig Luve nor i rated a full City ticket. A joint meeting of democrats Aud Republic i an of Boston is called at fan in in Hall opposing impeachment. We a Imison nov. 29.�?Many senators and representatives have gone Home. Politics at u disc omit. No new developments on the Cotton tax. Efforts Are making to secure copies of Tho message for Tho mails they will possibly to Lurnis lied to Morrow. A Only forty votes arc regarded Uro for impeachment. Several of Tho faithful Aro weak a tiling. The defeat of Tho convention in South Carolina discourages. Tho radicals very much they apprehend defeat on Tho adoption of Tho constitutions in every state. The tameness exhibited in co Gross gives no proper idea of the despondency on Tho Stipps and among Tho cliques. Washington nov. 29.�?Tho Collier wild Kelly fight Lias finally occurred Collier win i Ning in 111 rounds. Lieutenant Brauo will to tried Niider an indictment for piracy. Surratt will very probably have a shango of venue. A Havana. Nov. 28.�?st. Domingo dates of th3 2 la report that Tho rebel general Bonionto was captured and shot. General Cabadilla at Tho head of a column had loft for Ciao president Cabral Aud his fit Iff pursuing. Washington nov. 89.�?lieutenant Shotley and forty soldiers Wero attacked at plumb Creek by Tho indians and two killed and. Nix wagons and Twenty thousand dollars Worth of property was taken from Thom. Fourteen indians ran off Sevonty Alvo head of Stock from fort Laramie. Tho debt statement which will to issued about Tho 15th, will show a slight inc roast of Tho Public debt. Tho rave duo Aith Oritis Liuvao decided that when Cotton is exported it must to clearly identified As Tho same Cotton for which to permit has to n obtained. A permit does idiot under any. Circumstances authorize to lib Export of an equal number of Bales or pounds of other Cotton. A Pef Niit to l Foj Nuevo Cotton showing the pay i of is filch Cut to authorize exportation. It s the tax on Cotton removed from producing districts will to. Collected from Tho Cotton it a self no matter in whose Possession Cotton intended for manufacture in the District where produced cannot to taxed until manufactured. Every person firm or corp a ration manufacturing Cotton for any purpose in Tho District where Tho Cotton is produced must make return and pay the tax. Washington nov. 30.�?internal Revenue receipts to Day s5c 5,000 for the week $3,113,-000 for Tho year $65,120,000. National Bank circulation $299,441. The Reading of the presidents message will occupy two hours. Tho ways Aud Mearis com Mittee will report a Bill preventing contraction and prescribing Tho time and manner of Selling surplus Gold. The sonata judiciary committee is invest gating Tho loyalty of senator Thomas from Maryland customs receipts from Tho 18th to the 23d. $2,219,000 or. Davis remains several Days at ban my a hotel Baltimore. Washington nov. 30.�?general Rousseau has assumed command of the department of Columbia. Judge Slorra of Cincinnati has decided that Legal tender notes known As greenbacks Are not taxable according to an explanatory Section of an act of Congress providing a loan Quot i n us. Secretary Mcculloch finished his report tonight and copies have a consent to the Liiv trs papers. The document is of considerable length. It refers to the reports of the different Treasury bureaus drawings from them facts and figures in support of views advocated in his own report Aud elaborating upon them at length. Mcculloch alludes to his earlier reports going Back to the time of his nomination and also to contracts at Tho rate of four million dollars per month As provided by Law. He shows that there were months when he could have contracted to the above amount but to refrained from doing so because to did not think it necessary or expedient. He takes Strong grounds against expansion which to use his own language would be Ruiu and Lead to repudiation. The views of general Butler or. Stevens and others Aro commented on and the tendency. And. Results Quot of All the different finance schemes if they were carried out Are enlarged upon and contrasted. Iio interprets the Law in Refo Ronco to the 5-20s As binding Tho country to their payment in coir a Vinci it pal and interest acid behoves that if the policy looking to their redemption in currency a Btu Miu ted Tho effect will be disastrous. He states that to has sufficient Gold in Tho tit Masury to meet Tho demands on Tho government and keep the Market in Check. He gives his reasons a for not Selling More Gold and endeavouring to bring about a resumption in that . Tho speculators would to Morrow buy up All Tho Gold he could offer and could easily control the mar Levaud make Tho Premium higher than Ever it has been to believes that an immediate resumption would Lead to an immediate crash in business which he Hopes to avoid he comments at length on Tho internal Revenue Commissi Puers a report and gives it As his opinion that if Tho internal Revenue department and the Treasury had sole control of Tho system Tho taxes would to , Ned an end put to fraud and nov. 30.�? the House met to. Day Only 50 members present. Adjourned till 10 30 monday. Tho Cabinet is in extra session considering the message. It Montgo Irnne nov. 29. A general order no. 224, by general Popo sets Forth that to reconstruction convention having provided of required by congressional enactment for Tho Levy and assessment of such taxes on the property of Tho state a Aro necessary for the payment of the expenses of Tho convention payment by Tho state treasurer of Tho appropriation for thou pay of its officers >111 let i sanctioned. 1 the convention granted eight divorces from the Bonds of Matrimony to Day and. Dismissed one suit for bigamy. The majority of the Cymny Tateo on franchise reported Back an of the franchise article empowering Tho ii ext legislature to disfranchised rebels who Havo not aided in reconstructing Tho state under the Laws of Congress which was. Tabled until to Lnor a Row by a Radical majority. This proposed no to on threatens the breaking up of Tho convention. Tho radicals declare they will hold the Rod Over unrepentant.,, and maintain control of the subject of franchise fearing the loss of political Power. All Ordina Uco was reported declaring void Between Whites and freedmen and requiring the legislature to prohibit such marriages under Loveie penalties. Tho sex Tremp radicals strongly opposed it. A coloured Delegate said it was contrary to Tho civil rights the ordinance was tabled until to Morrow. An Ordina Uco was passed declaring valid All official acts of Public officers in this Stato tinder military authority and during Tho existence of the present provisional government As if the same Ltd been done in due course of Law. A Bureau of emigration has been established by the convention. nov. 30.�?Tho reconstruction convention passed an ordinance to organize Tho Volunteer militia of Alabama. It authorizes Ono company for every 100 voters All to appointed by the governor and to Bool known loyalty. A great Many offices a with heavy emoluments Aro provided. Ono major general three brigadier an adjutant quartermaster inspector paymaster and surgeon Gei morals &c., Thow Holo to to under Tho command of Tho governor Tho conservatives Aclaro that thi9 measure places Tho state Niider a military dynasty similar to Brownlow a. Its expenses will necessarily greatly increase Tho rate3 of taxation. An Ordina Uco was passed declaring Tho War debt of Tho Stato and liabilities croat cd directly or indirectly in Aid of Tho War null and void. An ordinance reported by a select committee was discussed Emtil the hour of adjournment providing for. Tho extinguishing Between citizens of this state of All debts existing july 20th,18g5.the convention will Continuo in session through a part of next week. Richmond nov. 28.�?john i Hunnicutt editor of Tho now nation who was arrested yesterday by civil process we As this morning bailed by military commission to appear at Charles City county ten Days and Quot Journ Cut of Tho reconstruction coup option a of which lie member to answer an indictment already found against him for incendiary language used by him in a Public Quot speech. The commissioner stated that Genera Schofield Fli liked to interfere in such matters but did so that Tho accused might attend. To his duties in the convention. His bail Las fixed at 85,000. Hunnicutt claims that the indictment is merely a pretext to prevent his sitting in the convention. He volunteered to appear at court without compulsion be foil of the military took Tho matter in hand. Thanksgiving Day was generally observed half the stores were closed and there was Seiz. Vice at several of Tho churches. By Chmoni nov. 30.�?Tho United states circuit court will adjourn on monday until the adjournment of the reconstruction convention which meets on tuesday. A Many delegates have arrived. There was a causes of the Republican members on monday night. Weather very cold. Ice formed Here to Day. Nashville nov. 29. A a the general Assembly of the presbyterian Church of the United states adjourned to Day to meet in Baltimore on the third tuesday in May next. The action of the Assembly a year ago in excluding coloured persons was not sustained. Those having requisite recommendations will hereafter be admitted,1 Geo onto in British Guiana nov. 10�?one Hundred and eighty persons emigrants from the Southern states of America have arrived in this City. They Canoe As settlers and Are Likely to make addition to the population of the Colony. This town the capital is to be lighted with Gas immediately. We have had very Little rain during the past week. The weather . Washington Quot nov. 28.�?st. the itch the Light House was damaged and whole parishes were desolated by a Hurricane. The revolution in favor of Baez was Defeated after some fighting. Havana nov. 29.�?beforo leaving the City of Mexico Admiral Tegethoff settled nil claims against the emperor including Many accounts known to be impositions. The Princess publishes a Flat denial that she is the daughter of an american. General Marquez was again report at Matamoros. Santa Anna is sick. Chabli Ston nov. 23.�?Tho Bremen bark Gauss arrived Here to Day with 152 emigrants under the auspices of the state immigration Board. They w Ere warmly welcomed by their friends and Lay the citizens generally. A Chicano nov. 28�?weston arrived Here this morning. \ a Havana nov.-27.�?sugar84@8� provisions unchanged freights inactive and heavy Sterling 14 Premium Exchange on new York for currency 2g discount. Havana nov. 27�?sugar no. 10 to12 81 potatoes $4 Bacon 15 flour unsettled $13 50 @14 lard in pierces 15i in tins 174 Salt hams 16@18 Sterling Exchange 13i@13� on new York for currency 26. Stocks Strong. Sterling unchanged. Gold 139. Money 7 per cent. 5-20s of �?T09 coupons 108i� of �?T64, 1054 of �?T05, 10 g a new Issue 108. 10-403 102j. 7-303 105�. 3new Yoek nov 29,.�?money c@7per cent. Gold quiet at 139� 139o. A Sterling Dull. Governments Dull. Stocks quiet and a Little lower at the close. Cotton Dull and declined a middling Uplands Lac. Sales 1900 Bales. New York nov. 29.�?hour irregular state $7 75�10 00 wheat Active and advanced l@2c. Core. Steady prices favor buy re. Oata Dull and heavy. Pork Dull at $20,80. Lard heavy at 12i@13�c. Groceries quiet and firm. Freights quiet. Mtg Bike nov. 22.�?sales of Cotton yesterday 1500 Bales receipts 3033 Bales sales to Day 2500 Bales demand Good middling 14 144 receipts to Day 3581 Bales sales for the week 12,400 Bales receipts same time 1�,,g50 Bales exports for the week 13,931 Bales Stock on Haud and on shipboard 36,100 Bales. Baltimore Novi 29.�?Cotton Flat middling Uplands �155016c. Flour very Dull. Wheat a a declining Southern red s2 50�2 55. Corn declined new White is 15@1 23 yellow is 10�1 15. Oats Dull at g3@72c, provisions neglected. New Yoke nov. 30.�?stocks a Shade better. Money easy 7 per Sterling 109j. Gold 138-i. 5-20�?Ts of �?Tg2, coupons Obj. X flour 10c. Lower. Wheat drooping. Corn favors buyers. Oats a la better pork $20 87i lard Dull. Cottbus Dull and drooping. Middling Uplands Lac. Freights quiet. , nov. 30 easy g�7 per cent discounts Dull Gold heavy at 137u@138 g6verniiieut�?Ts a fraction lower Sterling quiet and steady stocks quiet and firm. The Bank statement shows Loans decreased 51,528,000 specie increased $1,073,000 circulation decreased s49,000 deposits increased $964,000 Legal tenders increased s97g.000. Sub Treasury balance to Day $115,000,000. Conversion of 7-3 for Tho week Over $20,-000,000. New Youk nov 39.�?Cotton lower sales of 2500 Bales middling Uplands Al 154@lgc. Flour stale $9�10. Heat Dull and nominally lower. Corn la. Lower mixed Vestern $1 33. Pork $20 95. Lard Dull at 12i@13.jc. Naval stores quiet. Gro Teyib a quiet and unchanged. Freights steady and Quot quiet. New Orleans nov. 30.�?sugar quiet Good fair Hie prime 13o. Molasses Dull Louisiana com Caon 45�55o Chico 75@80c Cuba 52c. Flour Dull a superfine nominally $8 75 treble extra $10 5o Choice $12 00@14 50. Corn quiet and firm at $1 07j�1 in. Oats better at 80c. Pork Dull asking &Quot$23 00. Bacon very Dull shoulders retailing 11� Hie rib 13i@14ic Clear 15<@155c.�? freights improved \ steam to Liverpool pc sail 91gc steam to Havre 1 3-lg@l4c a a at ton in fair demand middling Orleans 15o sales 4700 Balea receipts 4113 Bales exports 8g49 Bales. Sterling 49@53. New York sight 4 discount. Gold 138. Texas cattle and a sheep unchanged Sinco last quotations. Washington Deb. 1.�?the comptroller of Tho Treasury a report shows that ten National Banks have failed since their organization a Aad their aggregate capital was Ono million eight Hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Publio losses about one million. On deposits the government and not holders lose1 nothing. Every Filaro traceable to dishonest. Or incompetent officers Tho presidents message contains two Leo thousand words. Both Tho president and Secretary of the Treasury Aro in favor of a Early resumption a of fipe Eio payments. The president does not think that there need be any contraction of paper circulation As preliminary to resumption. The presidents friends say his message will reiterate his reconstruction views. The entire message is represented As Calm dignified patriotic and kindly in its tone towards Tho South and argues for Early restoration on constitutional va., dec. 1.�?two four Story Brick houses Tho property of my Bently were burned. New Youk dec. 2.�?arrived.henry Chaun Cey Aspinwall 23d ult., with Throe Hundred and Twenty five thousand dollars in specie. Mrs Jefferson Davis is in this City awaiting Tho arrival of her husband. Bogota. Deo. 1.�?mosqueras�?T trial concluded with demonstrations of sympathy for Mosquera which induced the president to exclude the Public. Tho Congress is strongly guarded. President a. Costa a government is in a critical condition. Several. States protest against him and trouble seems to to brewing in All quarters. V Tho new columbian War Steamer Cua Spad foundered at sen All on Board were saved. Tho vessel Cost three Hundred thousand dollars and had aboard a Marble Monument for Simon bolivars heart which Cost seventy two thousand dollars. I Jug dec. 1.�?it is proposed that representatives from governments now United against Spain meet annually to consider Means of Strongi Hing themselves. A London nov. 30.�?evening�?the funeral of the Manchester fenian took Placo at Cork to Day. In Tho procession were eighteen thousand men and fifteen Hundred women and several priests. Smaller demonstrations Wero made at Manchester. No disturbance at either. Charleston dec. 1.�?a swindler calling himself r. S. Coleman bearing forged letters of introduction from h. B. Claflin of new York has obtained six thousand dollars in currency from the first National Bank of Charleston besides a Check for one thousand dollars on Tho first National Bank of new York and one Dorithe same amount on the Suffolk National Bank of Boston. He decamped last monday no, been heard of him since. Quot new Youk dec. 2.�?ilour Dull and drooping. Wheat in buyers favor. 1 Corn Dall. I Oats firmer. Pork firm and quiet at $2112j �21 25. Lard Dull. Cotton Dull at 153� la Etc. Freight quiet. Stocks Dull and lower. Money easy. Gold 137-1. New Yoek dec. 2.�?Greeley publishes a card declaring that he is not officially notified of his appointment to Austria therefore he neither accepts nor declines but done to in tend leaving his country pending Tho presidential dec. 2.�?Congress organized at 12 of clock. San Francisco t dec. 2.�?pesquiera is reelected governor of Sonora Confidence is restored. A Strong movement has taken place in Durango in favor of an Independent Republic. Tho government troops Quot were Defeated. All the Iio nth Westera states Are expected to join Tho revolution. R. Martinez desires the governorship of Cino Loa and unless nominated by the legislature will seize the government he Heads the troops the Republican army lately dismissed will play an important part in favor of the Best payers they Aro disgusted about Back pay. New Yolk dec. 2.�?Cotton firmer. Bolos"1 2,500 Bales at 16c. Flour Active. Freights steady. Government securities nominal. Coupons of 1862 107� do. 07107g. New Yolk dec. 2.�?Gold closed heavy at a. 1362. A new Orleans Deci. 2.�?sugar in Good demand common 9 to 12c. Fully fair to prime 13c. Molasses a. A rec�?��?~-3 i Lipron favors buyers common 40c Primo to Choice 70to 75c. Flour Dull and nominal superfine $8 75 triple extra $12 75. Com unchanged. Oats quiet and firm at 80o. Pork quiet and firm at $23. Bacon Dull shoulders 11 to Ilio. Dear sides 15� to 15,2c. Lard prime Tierce it held at 125c. Keg 13c. Cotton declined middling Orleans 15 in. Sales 3500 Bales. Receipts g014,_ exports 2029. Sterling 4gi to 51. New to turk sight 4 discount. Gold 137. Orleans Doc. 2.�?Section four of. Wink life s educational ordinance which was referred on saturday is As follows no person shall establish a Privati school Pless la can so a by the state and All such schools shall to taxed As other professions. Tho legislature shall make Laws governing this entire Subj it in accordance with Tho spirit of this Resolution. U. Some member to Day offered a series of resolutions having in View the raising of funds to defray Tho expenses of Tho convention by direct taxation on real and personal property above Tho to of $200, payable in United states currency. It provides for Tho appoint. Vent of a Board of three collectors in each Parish or municipal District collection to commence within Twenty Days after Tho passage of Liis act with ten Days notice. Section ten of this act empowers collectors with All necessary authority for collection and to enforce by summary process authorizing Thom to seize and sell All property at auction after ton Days notice and gives them Power to Calla posse comical is and imprison anyone interfering. 1 Section eleven is As follows All courts and officers of courts throughout Tho state Aro hereby forbidden to interfere with said col Lee Oisin discharge of their duties under this ordinance by any Legal process whatever under penalty of impeachment and Fine or imprisonment. Section sixteen says no privileges exemptions or proscriptions As heretofore established by Low a shall Havo any Force against Tho provisions of this ordinance. All rights credits and titles shall to liable to seizure for the collection of the taxes herein levied All Laws heretofore a and now in Force to the contrary notwithstanding. Section seventeen provides a special com a a Quot Mittie styled tax judicial committee to decide All difficulties arising from enforcement of this act Whoso decision shall be final. A ordinance referred to Tho committee on contingent expenses. A Resolution was offered that members re Celivo eight dollars per diem and the Samo mileage fes the members of Stato legislature compensation to cease at Tho expiration of 30 Days. Laid Over., a a Resolution was offered Reeo Monding general Nan cock to remove from office a a men disfranchised under Laws and the appoint int of Loyal Meir i their places. Laid Over under the Rule. R. Tho Resolution of saturday to ratify loves Bonds Camo us was discussed and postponed. It was fiercely opposed by the ruling ring of extremist radicals on the ground that i twas an attempt to endorse rebel legislation and compensate rebel planters. A archbishop Odin received a formal reception from the clergy laity and societies Yeiter amp a. The ceremony was very impressive. General Hancock Aud staff were present. Ext Roet 4 of special orders a no. 200, dates to Day As follows a spa Ragrag h i special or Ders no. 197from these Headquarters dated november 28, 18g7, issued by Brevet major general j. A. Mower removing from office Smith Izard Aid to chief of police of this City and appointing in his place Porter v. Perkins is hereby revoked. Paragraph 2, of special orders no. 197, from these Headquarters dated november 28, 1867, removing from office l. Of Donnell lieutenant of police second District City of new Orleans and appointing a Angelo v. Ward in his place is hereby revelled. If any charges or allegations Aro presented against Tho officers who Are reinstated by this order they will be considered by Ika mayor and police Board to whom Tho Subj is properly by command of major general Hancock. Signed w. G. Mitchell a. A. A. G. The order revoked by the above was i sties on Tho morning of Hancock a arrival. To Are informed that Perkins who was appointed to succeed Izard is a Cousin of general mowers. Extract two 2order no. 200, remove r. King Cutler from the Bench of the second judicial District court to which to was appointed by general Mower and declares the office vacant. Washington dec. 2�?Senate.�?Tho memorial of Tho Alabama convention for Tho is peal of the Cotton tax was presented. Twelve of clock arriving the commencement of the second session was announced. V a committee appointed to inform Ste president. -.i.,.-Quot a Teso ution was offered asking the Secca tary of Trio Tro Asui y under what Law Edmund Cooper occupies the position of _ assistant Secretary and other business adjourned a Wilson chairman of the judiciary commit tee made a personal explanation in done Jose of Churchill concluding that Tho too Dot cannot and do if def Quot Attubato a a is Chairge is. Opinion to improper motives or pecuniary considerations. The judiciary committee was instructed to inquire whether the House had a tight to accept or reject terms of treaty like that acquiring russian America. 1 various petitions resolutions &c., requesting Tho repeal of the Cotton tax Wero Rete ref. To to committee on ways and Means. Arnel of Tennessee denied giving Aid Autt. Comfort to the rebellion. Tho Posto fico committee was directed to inquire into the expediency of allowing Railroad companies to carry letters referring to their ohm business outside the mails. A a v Tho judiciary committee enquiry Iitto the expediency of Lipold Zaptin a Nual session of the admiralty court at never. Albany Indiana. A Resolution was adopted ordering Tho cons Mitten on elections to pursue Thia inc Belga tin of pm. A. Jar hum charged with become ing his election by bribery. Twelve of clock having arrived the second session proclaimed one Hundred and forty Eie members committee was appointed to inform the president. The committee subsequently reported Flics Tho president would communicate his message at noon to Morrow. Tho election committee reported favourably Xun Valladay from Kentucky. A consideration of report postponed. Adjourned. 1 7 Washington dec. 2. A half a dozen Fiaalii Cial Bills wore presented action an Galladay a right to his seat indicates that Ventu orians will to excluded until after the Voto on in impeachment. It is generally unit stood that the com missioner of Rev Nuoi Rollins will soon resign. A. the reconstruction committee had a meeting at Stevens room. The majority held that further legislation was necessary before record Striction was judges of Tho supreme court Lead % Chase visited Tho president. A it is stated that Cornelius Wendell Sny Cree amp a Clark As superintendent of. Printing in Fps Treasury Tho president a will nominate s. S. Cox cd minister to Austria vice Greeley declined. Tho conclusion of general old a report says that in a majority of the counties of Hie District there Are very few Nien who can Fata a the test oath and those Are not disposed to defy Public opinion by accepting office unless supported by a military Force afterwards. Tho will of the coloured people May a in favor of supporting Loyal office holders but their intelligence is not now sufficient to enable them. To Combine for the execution of their will. All their combinations Are now conducted by Whito men under Tho Protection of Tho military. If Tho Protection is withdrawn Tho White Man now controlling it would withdraw with it. And some of the a Southern people now Exa i operated at what they deem to freedmen e presumption would not be. Very gentle towards them so that the presence of a larger military Force will be required for some time to maintain the freedmen in the right of suf Frase. Washington dec. 2. Revenue receipt. $2,211,000. Phi dispatch. A a a Washington nov. 2.�?the committee is ways and Means recommend a continuance of the Cotton tax. Spicl Al s. -�?-1 new Voru new York nov. 2�?3 r. 134 Exchange steady. A seamen Aro Moro difficult to to had nou than at any time before or Cinco the War. This is caused partly by Tho revival of freight in Tho Grain Trade but primarily by Toto loss of seamen last summer during Tho stagnation in shipping Largo numbers having abandoned their vocation for other . -
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