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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 31, 1867, Galveston, Texas Bema we key cts a Al i it a Ltd it vol. V. Galveston saturday morning August. 31, 1867._�?z is no. 41 telegraphic. Associated press dispatches i a new Yoke August �?~28.�?Cotton easier sales 100 Hales at 27o. Flour declined 15 pc state s7 20 Southern s9 50�13 50. Wheat firm. Corn firmer mixed Western los a 1 11 a. Pork firm. Lard heavy at 12�0l4. Whisky quiet. So Ceries unchanged. New Orleans aug. 28.�? Cotton easier and unchanged sales 275 Bales. Low middling 2g. Receipts 195 Bales. Exports 341 Bales. Flour unsettled superfine $9 double extra s10@s11. Corn firm and scarce advanced so. Wintje and yellow mixed $1 25 White $1 30. Oats Dull and drooping. Pork firm at $26 25. Gold 141. Sterling 153��156. New York sight one half per cent Premium. New Orleans aug. 28.�?the City Council last evening appointed a new Board of school directors and supervisors and other minor officials of Twenty four school directors appointed eight Are coloured. Deaths from yellow fever monday 14 yesterday 15. Cyrus Hamlin soil of the sex vice president died this morning of yellow fever it is reported a hat the late City attorney. A and assistant and City Surveyor have taken i tops to Institute suit against Twenty members. Of the new Council for Heel in declaring them incompetent Lor positions they recently held. Washington aug. 28.�? the following was issued to Day a a in pursuance of the foregoing order of Tho president of the United states / Brevet major general Canby will on receipt of this order turn. Over . To the officer next in rank to himself and proceed to Charleston South Carolina to relieve a major general Sickles of the command of the. Second military District. Major general Sickles on being relieved will repair to new York City and report by letter to the adjutant general. By command of general u. S. Go ant. E. D. Townsend a. A. G. Tue order regarding the 5th District was not promulgated at. Revenue receipts $558,000. Grant had a prolonged interview with the president this morning it is the Memphis it Ohio i Railroad instead of the Mobile it okie it Railroad Over which Brownlow has appointed Cliff receiver and Richards superintendent., during the interview to Day Between the president and Grant matters were adjusted and Grant s letter of yesterday was withdrawn. Subsequently the order relieving Sickles a a As promulgated and there Are assurances that she order affecting the 5th District will be Orviatt gated to Morrow. A frowning is Quias sick Tulsi , Aue 28.�?arrived, the . From Havana. New , aug. steady. Gold 141. �,2 coupons m4. Cotton heavy. Sales a Ufa Bates at 2 pc. Flour state �z0 75. New York aug. 2 Dull. Money a Uji go it or cent. Gold 1-11 Sterling 109. New Orleans aug. 29.�?Cotton Dull. Low middling 20c. Receipts 31 Bales a it is 250 Bales. Sugar Anil molasses or changed. Flour Dell. Superfine s-9 00- choke $12 50� 1-1 00, Corn held firm at in 25. Oats drooping at Etc. L and Linn and unlimited. Pork firm and held no an a i 0<je. Bayou re soul Ders 13013.1 Clear sides 12�e. Supply of Bacon Light. Cud closed at 141.%m41i. Sterling 1530155. York sight i Premium. _ i. New ii trans a plug. 29.�?tli� re of re of. Health of this reports 20 deaths trom yellow fever Yeston a. Weather very variable flip majority of the newly elected City officials have been a it Ial tied and Given Bond Aud will enter upon their duties immediately the old Board of school directors held a meeting and transacted business As usual parsing a Resolution testing Tho legality of Tho action of the Council in electing new. Officers a Egioio the exp Tiou of the term of the present incumbents without having first created vacancies As required by Law. New , August 20.�?steamship , from Matamoros last right with dates to the2lst, but Little news. The Brownsville Ranchero publishes a copy of an order of Berro Zabel to the chief of police directing the arrest of Catholic priests crossing from the american to the mexican a Hie of the River holding them subject to his. Disposition general Reynolds has established quarantine Between Brownsville and Corpus Christi. As yet no lever at Brownsville. A a the american residents in the City old Mexico have tendered a dinner to Offenburg. New York aug. 29.�?susau b. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton leave where they will advocate female suffrage till the election. Washington August 29.�?during Tho late contest the president placed himself squarely on his constitutional rights and duties and carried his Points. It is suggested that a recent letter from Stevens opportunely published yesterday morning lashing conservative senators for not taking from the president certain rights and duties some of which Grant claimed had much to do with Tho generals retrograde movement. Washington August 29.�?second.�?in compliance with Tho foregoing instructions of the president of the United states major general Sheridan will on receipt of this order Tarn Over his present command to Brevot major general Charles Griffin the officer next in rank to himself and proceed without delay to fort Leavenworth mo., and will relieve major general Hancock in command of the department of the Missouri. Third on being relieved by major general Sheridan major general Hancock will proceed without delay to new Orleans la., Aud assume command of Tho fifth District and of Tho department composed of Tho states of Louisiana Aud Texas. Fourth major general Georgo ii. Thomas will continue in command of Trio department tit the Cumberland. A by command of general u. S. Grant. E. D. Townsend a. A. G. Washington aug. 29.�?custom receipts for the week ending August Isth Throe million seven bundled and two thousand dollars. Tho Steamer Colorado arrived after 2 y care absence. Revenue receipts to-day�?~$514,000. General Emory succeeds general Canby in thin department.1 a martial convenes at Leavenworth september 15th, to try general Custar charged with being absent without leave. Havana aug. 24.�?eighty Cigar factories have closed on account of inability to pay new contributions throwing hundreds out of employment. A a Hope amhed a. Lombok Auy. 28.�?sir win. Napier commands the expedition from India for the Rescue of abyssinian prisoners. The great Eastern has been chartered to Lay the Cable in May Between Brest and new York. Denmark has renewed or demands on Prussia claiming Schleswig. London aug. 28.�?later advices confirm the Success of. The insurrection its in Arago the Spanish commander killed. London aug. 28.�?evening�?Cotton Dull heavy and declined sales 8,000 Bales Orleans 10�d Uplands 10.jd. Fun Fonti aug. 28.�? Bonds 77. Live Karol aug. 29�?noon.�?Cotton opens quiet but steady. Middling Uplands l04d. A Orleans 10-�d. Sales 8000 Bales. The insurgents have captured and hold Saragossa. S Spain aug. 26.�?the official journal says the South German states wiil Confederate with neither Prussia nor Austria but remain ing Independent will hold the balance of Power. The bitterness with which the prussian press is discussing the Salzburg conference causes anxiety throughout Europe. A a London aug. 29.�?console i 4, la. The in cry of the Csc routes. C from the moravian we gather the following a Quot interesting items about the Cherokee ind isms the tribe numbers fourteen thousand. The females outnumber the male s More than eighteen thousand. Ten years ago the tribe numbered Twenty live thousand but the ravages of War the exposure of the refugees in Northern climates when they were driven out. From their Homes during the rebellion and other causes have operated to produce this wonderful diminution of numbers the cherokees own in fee simple about 4,000,000 acres of land and the United states government holds in Trust for them ,000,000. The cherokees Are the most enlightened tribe of indians in the West they have made most commendable Progress in civilization. Many of hem Are finely educated and Are men of culture and refinement. Before the War they had a number of Good schools and academies and Tho children i4 tiie More intelligent and wealthy were educated. In Eastern colleges. They live a legislative form of government with a. Senate and House of Assembly a governor and head chief elected by the people courts Aud Justice officers. Their country is divided into different counties. They held slaves but in our Western provincialism that a a pm avid former slaves Are now treated with consideration and respect and wiil soon become the principal men of the tribe a is they Are industrious and seem to have a greater desire to accumulate property than the native indians. In proportion to their numbers the cherokees previous to the a far were the wealthiest people on the Luce of the Globe. They owned immense heards of cattle horses Aud hogs. Large shipments of cattle were annually made by them to new Orleans and other Man owned 20,000 head of cattle another 15,000. There were Many that owned 10,000, 30007 2000,1000 and a 5000 head of cattle each. The wine product of California. The state of California now produces about 3.500.000 Gallons of wine Worth on an average 35 cents per gallon or $1,250,000 in the aggregate. The Alta California says a this is the estimate of the Vintage of 18g7, which in spite of the late Frost and cold and backward Spring curtailing Tho yield will be in considerable excess of the crop of 18g6. In addition to this we shall this year produce about 100.000 Gallons of pure Brandy Worth $2 50 per gallon or an aggregate of �250,000. So rapid is the increase of our vineyards the increase of our annual Vintage May safely be estimated at 25 or 50 per cent on that of each preceding year. The child is born who shall yet Seo California producing 100,000,000 Gallons of wine annually. A single wine House of this City shipped last year More that $100, 000 Worth of wine to the Atlantic states and has exported since april 18g7, $35,000 Worth. The Quality is improving in a greater ratio Quot than the product is increasing and California now furnishes several varieties of wine which european connoisseurs acknowledge to to equal to anything produced by any Vineyard outside of the Golden the Cost of a Pound of is in. Struc Tiyo and sometimes profitable As Well As curious to examine the Way in which the Price of this commodity is piled up Between Tho producer and consumer by freights handling expenses Exchange and the commissions and profits of middlemen. Tea for example is sold by the grower in China or Japan a Ciyi rious prices from about Joteen to thirty cents a Pound. With freights added it is said to Cost when Laid Down in any of our principal seaports an average of about fifty Centa in Gold a Pound for Superior brands of taking this As a starting Point Tho additional charges before it reaches Tho table of the consumer Are said to accumulate As follows original Cost of Tea imported 50 cents disc count on currency to pay for it 20 cents duty on Gold .25, cents discount on currency to make up Tho Gold 15 cents contingencies 10 cents profit of importer 12 cents profit of jobber 13 cents profit of retailer say .28 cents. Total so 74. Of this fifty four cents Are comprised in three profits thirty five cents in Exchange for Gold Twenty five cents in duties and ten cents in contingencies in All one Dollar and Twenty four cents in addition to Tho Cost 011 Board a ship at our wharves Refo Rothe Cost would Liao been about As follows original Cost imported 50 cents 10 per cent for contingencies 5 cents profit of importer 5 cents profit of jobber 0 conts profit to the retailer 14 cents. Total 80 i amp str. A a gentleman going to Trio Waterside to take a boat cried out a a who can swim a a i 1 master Quot Camo from forty bawling Mouths but Ono fellow turning about said a sir i cannot a then you Are my Man a said the gentleman a a for you will at least take care of me for your own Tuc Indian War in tic Platte Toller special correspondence of the Missouri Democrat exciting scene in Omaha. Omaha neb., August 8th, 1867. Dispatches forwarded Early in the afternoon to the office of the superintendent of the Union Pacific Itai Road announced that the dead bodies of the Engineer Brookes Bow ers and the fireman George Henshaw would let a brought to this City and would probably arrive at 4 of clock m. The news like wildfire through the City and As the hour of their arrival approached a Large crowd of men and boys assembled to witness the spectacle and if possible to catch a glimpse of the remains of the unfortunate men who but a few hours previous left Omaha in the prime of their manhood on their usual duties. The train at last arrived punctual to its time and a general Rush ensued to the baggage car. Quot. The charred relics. Two Small boxes 30x12. Inches enclosed All that was left of the bodies and both together would weigh about thirty pounds. These were taken out carefully and reverentially with uncovered Heads by men who wished to pay the last sad tribute to murdered friends. We confess to have been curious to see the remains. to each other that the bodies had been Burnt. What did they Louk like ? Bow were they Burnt ? those were the questions that we were naturally prompted to ask. But we repressed curiosity. Cof a fins had already been provided one Meta lie the other an elegant mahogany finely carved and covered with Black silk velvet ornament ted with Silver fringe. A Short time elapsed during which the coffins had been prepared and one of the boxes was opened. An appalling sight. Every Spectator involuntarily stepped Back for exposed to View surrounded by Cotton Lay a blackened charred trunk about two feet in length resembling a half Burnt log of the same size. It was carefully taken out and we were allowed the privilege of examining it. A Skull Burnt to a Crisp almost fell to pieces As we lightly touched it the eyes like Day pitch rested on each Corner of the Orbital Bone the lower portion of the face has entirely disappeared the Teeth were All gone and about half a dozen hard Lumos could be distinguished rolling around within the hollow the neck appeared twisted As if the mass of flesh and blood had writhed and seethed before the fierce heat but now it resembled a mass of Black Glutinous matter. Of the entire body the spinal column alone remained with the ribs Burnt Short off. The Thorax Penis and limbs All were gone. A near the Region of the heart was a Lump of fatty matter but closely adhering to the Bone. By the apparently agonizing positions of the neck and the grinning ghastly Skull the stunted bituminous relic seemed to be turning its eyeless sockets appealing to heaven for Venge Ance. It was an appalling sight and we have Seldom witnessed a More impressive or a so Lemn scene than the one presented in that lonely baggage room surrounded by labourers in their working clothes gazing on the two inanimate objects before us. Interment. They were finally put in the coffins which were borne away attended by a Large concourse of friends and acquaintances and buried in the City cemetery. It was an event most memorable in this Young City one which will not readily be forgotten. A scalped living Man. On the same train was a Man named we. Thompson a native of England who turned out to be one of the Telegraph repairers reported killed. He attracted a great Deal of attention from the very extraordinary fact that the covering for the head which nature had so kindly endowed him with was absent. People flocked from All parts to View the gory lastly baldness which had come upon a mrs suddenly without any premonitory symptoms. The poor fellow suffered horribly if we might judge by his facial contortions. He seemed week from loss of blood. He had received a gaping wound in the neck Aud a Bullet in the muscle of his right Arm. He was taken to the Hamilton House and a physician was. Sent for who attended to his wounds. In a pail of water was his Scalp about nine inches in length Aind four in Width somewhat resembling a drowned rat As it floated curled up on the water. The scalped Man s Story. His statement Quot which we have been at some pains to get accurately is As follows a about nine of clock tuesday night myself and five others left Plum Creek station and started up Tho track in a hand car to Hunt up where the break in the Telegraph was. When we came to where the break proved to be we saw a lot of ties piled on the track but at the sumo moment indians jumped up from Tho grass All around and fired on us. We fired two or three shots in return and then As the indians pressed on us we ran away. An Indian on a Pony singled me out and galloped up to me. After coming to within ten feet of Molio fired the Bullet entering my right Arm seeing to still run How clubbed his Rifle and knocked to Down. Quoth of Theu look out his knife Aud stabbed Rue in Tho neck and then making a twirl round his fingers with my hair to commenced sawing and hacking away at my Scalp. Though Tho pain was awful and i Felt dizzy and sick i knew enough to keep quiet. After what seemed to me to to half an hour to gave me. Tho last finishing Cut to the Scalp on my left Temple Nondas it still Hung a Little to gave it a Jerk. I just thought then that i could have screamed my life ont. I can to describe it to Yon i just Folt As if my whole head was taken right off. Tho Indian then mounted and galloped away but As he went to dropped thy Scalp within u few Teet of me which i managed to get and hide. Tho indians Wero thick in the Vicinity might in rvs iii Udu my escape. Ali ill lying Down i could hear the indians moving around whispering to each other and then shortly after placing obstructions on the track. After lying Down about an hour and a half i heard a Low rumbling of Tho train As it Camo tearing a along and might have been nolo to Flag it Olf had i the Savages at the train. Tie rest of the Story we have Given in or first a Otter. The Engineer and fireman vex shot and scalped but before the indians Burnt Tho train they plundered Tho Box cars of everything that might prove of the least value or what attracted their fickle fancy. Bales of Cali Coes Cottons boxes of tobacco sacks of flour sugar Coffee boots bonnets hats saddles ribbons Ana velvets. They decorated their persons by the Bonfire a which they made of the boxes already plundered their ponies Weie com Paris Ned with Gaudy pieces of Muslin and their tails were adorned with ribbons of variegated colors. The Scalp lacks of the indians were adorned in the same manner while hanging Over their shoulders were Rich pieces of velvet. A Devilish Bevel. Some of them came across a barrel of Bour Bon whiskey. Quickly they stove in the head and quickly they quaffed huge draughts of the firewater which set their brain on fire and rendered them delirious. A violent War song was chanted while they were thus inebriated with a furious be stipulations in Honor of the Victory achieved Over the Pale faces. At Daybreak they set fire to Tho wreck taking fire from the Furnace and throwing it in the Box car and while the flames reared themselves into pyramids and tall spiral columns the indians danced and held High carnival the dead bodies were thrown into the fire and a. Terrible yell announced to the scalped and trembling Man the Fate Engineer and fireman. Louder yelled the indians As the fire raged on its terrible work and As the stench of human holocaust spread it seemed to give intense satisfaction to Tho Tawny devils. The indians enjoyed themselves until they saw their work fully accomplished and then left. The scalped st Sivok. Thompson managed away and found Refuge at Willow Island station until he was taken care of by a party sent for him when he was brought to this City. Drs. Peeke and Moore of this City will Endeavor to reset the Scalp on his head and they Are confident they can do it Well. As he is a Strong Man it is expected that he will recover health and strength. Kossuth s election. Pest i of Tho London Herald letters received Here from wait zen give the following account of Kossuth selection to the hungarian diet As member for that District a at 5 a. M. Some sixty electors assembled outside the town and brought themselves by wine and firing guns into the requisite state. Of mind for the important act. At six of clock two bands of music and a Small body of horsemen traversed the town and were everywhere received with much enthusiasm by the few persons at that hour in the streets. The a shots and increasing noise at last roused the tardy sleepers and at nine of clock the electors met in front of the town Hall. There might have been from three Hundred to four a Hundred persons present but among them were certainly Many lads of tender age and ragged ill dressed men who undoubtedly were not privileged to vote. Very few town a electors of any sort made their appearance. A when the crowd seemed tolerably Complete loud cries of a Oeljen Kossuth made themselves heard and As no other candidate was put up the president of the committee asked whether the electors would give in their votes or elect Kossuth by acclamation. The latter course being chosen Ludwig Kossuth was unanimously proclaimed member for the District of wait zen. Sevy ral voters then proposed that the new member should be specially requested.1 to accept the Choice that had fallen upon him. The letter agreed upon for this purpose ran honoured and great Patio to with Universal enthusiasm warm gratitude and in the Hope of a More Brilliant future the District of wait zen Hab chosen the first and greatest citizen of our fatherland As Deputy and begs him to accept his seat in the interest of the sacred cause and the welfare of the country. We Trust that by the fulfilment of this request our poor fatherland May regain one Whoso great heart and magnanimous mind it has so Long been deprived. With thankful reverence we Ever remain amp a. All the electors assembled signed some 180 signatures filling the sheets. It proposed to for Vard this letter by a deputation to Kossuth but Tuo electoral officials doubt whether the requisite expenses of the journey to Turin could to collected. The president declared with a sigh that there was Little Prospect of doing so in wait zen and Tho letter will therefore probably go the Ordinary Way of the Post. \ to Seo How Lar a a proportion of the voters had taken part in the election inspection of the list for the wait zen District showed that it comprised 3,800 electors 2,340 of whom belonged to the surrounding country. Of these 90 came to Tho polls and scarcely 100 of the town electors upon the average therefore about five per cent. He turn of disgusted brazilian emigrants. A Tho Montgomery Ala advertiser gives the following a Conni of the return of a party of disappointed southerners who had obstinately insisted on exiling themselves and seeking a Home in Brazil there arrived at Tho Central hotel last night a party of ladies Aud gentlemen who left Brazil last month thoroughly totally heartily disgusted with their new Homes among the a hybrid masses in Tho overrated Well flattered country of Brazil. The party is composed entirely of alabamians. They give affecting and painful accounts of the sufferings of Many hundreds of deluded southerners who were lured away from their friends by the tempting offers of the brazilian government., and the tales of wild and impulsive. Amerind a adventures. They represent that Thoro is no regularly organized government in brazils there is no society but Little cultivation among Tho inhabitants no laudable ambition no ways of making Money Tho people scarcely know the moaning of the word kindness Tho american people Livo about in huts uncured for there is general dissatisfaction among the emigrants and Tho whole Brazil representation to a Humbug and a farce. Tho american Consul is in receipt of numerous and constant applications from helpless american Titi warm to assist them in getting backs to their True and rightful country. Tho Loyal guests at Saratoga justly complain that while sex Trebel generals Magruder and Taylor Are provided with free tickets to the balls and races Gordon Granger Wright of Tho Goth corp and other Union generals receive no such civilities. Is effects or our tax syst cd on Bur Jura. From Tho now York daily bulletin one of Tho most important duties of Congress at the next session will to the revision of our Revenue and Tariff Laws. There is a increasing feeling of opposition against them. They Are Felt to be an Hope Ditont to business and an Obsta olo to that free interchange of commodities a High is the life of Commerce. From being the least taxed we have become the most heavily taxed people in the Wolfi. The tax gatherer meets us at Overy turn. There is nothing a person can Purchase from a Needle to a steamship that does not pay toll. Even every sep Erato article that enters into the manufacture of Tho simplest commodity is taxed. The Mode of its collection is impossible More onerous and vexatious than the amount levied. Many of Tho imports Are inquisitorial in their character and require state ments of personal affairs such As should not be demanded by any if is Naif too much to affirm that at the present time Thero exists among business men an impression that no return to a sound mercantile activity can be looked for without a revision and simplification of our tax Laws. A it is doubtful however a Beth a any Relief ii to ice looked for in a Mere imitation of the English tax system. The English Revenue be derived from five principal sources custom excise Stamps land and income taxes. This method has Tho great advantages of simplicity and Economy of collection. But it is not adapted to our country. In Tho first place nearly All the chief items Are derived from foreign products upon which the taxes can be easily they pass through the.cus-. To houses. But in this country nearly All the articles from which Tho English government derive so Large a Revenue Are grown upon voc soil and Are therefore More liable to a a. Sion of Tho tax. This is More particular la Tho Case with respect to tobacco sugar Spir it Sand Timber. Even Tea is being domestics ted. The collection of Revenue upon products grown upon so wide an extent of territory As is comprised in the United states if necessarily a costly and hazardous Experiment. This is More particularly exemplified in Tho articles of whisky and tobacco the evasions of which would nearly pay the inter est on our National _ debt. Tho excessive duties add to the temptations to fraud and the consequence is ii multiplication of officiant increasing the Cost of collections. Tho True course would be the simplification of our Tariff and repeal of the internal taxes. Upon All but a score or two of the fifteen Hundred manufactured articles now liable to duty a reduction of whisky and tobacco taxes and a severe Economy and reduction of the expenses of government. This policy intelligently carried put would immediately afford Relief to the Industry of the country and in spire Confidence. As matters now stand there is a general feeling of distrust that would alone operate to Check Enterprise and an increasing demoralization of the Public on tort subject of Revenue evasions. Congress cannot sit too expeditiously or circumspectly upon this subject. Delay or half measurer upon these Points May arrest the restoration of business and Lead to serious financial embarrassments. Interesting to. Holders of compound interest a voice the Secretary of the Treasury in a recent letter to general spinner says holders of Comaj Pound interest notes have no right to claim payment thereof at maturity at any other place than the Treasury of Tho United states pfc Washington but in Tho exer Oiso of a Liberal discretion has authorized Tho assistant treasurers at Boston new York and Phila Delphia to pay these notes when presented at their respective offices. In do Fig this the Secretary has done As much for the accommodation of holders As the interest of the government and convenience of the depart ment will permit. Tho National Deposit cannot be authorized to redeem compounds and charge to your account1 or. Spinner has issued the following rules for presentation of notes to the Treasury for redemption first a holders Are required to remit suet notes in packages separate from any Othee notes or securities and addressed to the Treasury of the United states. Second express charges on compound Ina Terest notes forwarded to the Treasury for redemption must be prepaid by the party re-1 mitting them. Third schedules of notes pre pared and sent to Tho Treasury specifying the denomination Date letters and number contained in each remittance. Fourth As a safeguard to holders it a i suggested that these notes May to cancelled before forwarding them by punching iii both signatures care being taken to leave the Date and numbers untouched. Fifth payment for these notes will be made by checks on the assistant treasuries a new York Philadelphia Boston san Francisco and new Orleans or in currency by express at Tho Cost of the owner of the notes Otas the party remitting May elect. A a strange death bed remains of the late or. Borlase Wingfield wine and spirit merchant East View sharpies were interred at the family vault at Christ Church Harwood England lately. A most singular request has been made by the deceased gentleman that his horse to a which la he was much attached should follow him to Tho grave afterwards have a Good feed of Corr and then be destroyed. This was strictly carried out. The horse with Tho closed Carriage of the deceased followed in the rear of Tho fun eral procession and Tho next Day after being Well fed with Corn. It was taken to Tho Sidt of a pit which had been dug in a Field adjoining the residence of or. Wingfield and Thoria a blown by or. Roger Hampson Vete Rinan surgeon Nelson Square. This operation War performed in the following manner the jugular vein was opened and an Iron pipe having been inserted vein Tho pipe in blown Down until the horse expired which occurred in about half a minute. Or. Wingfield had also requested that All of his Domestic animals might to destroyed at the Samc time and buried with Tho horse. Two cat were accordingly Dro Vnod and Tho remains 6 a faithful dog which had died about a Mohib. Ago were exhumed and All were buried in one Niev. S. Boles is agent for Hamline University Minnesota. Quot Ristori will positively sail from Brest september 1, and mate her first appearance on the new York stage september 10
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