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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 21, 1867, Galveston, Texas Flakes Gale Stop intelligence. A a i a a a any sexto.n�?T6 following Are Uko interments reported for i Hae August 10. Or. Groot 32, yellow fever. Thomas Herne 20, yellow fever. Infant of a m. Biznett still Bosn a Wei a 33, yellow Yovor Germany. A Louise grape 30, yellow. Fever Germany. A tames b. Brown 10, yellow fever Florida. We. Baidzar 27, yellow fever Germany diary Hegan 18 typhoid fever Germany. Wilhelmine Braush 28 yellow lever Rush 15 months a convulsions Galveston. We. Brown 31, yellow fever coloured Madera burls 20, yellow fever Galveston. Vichas Monard 78, old age Galveston. J. L. Wallis 14, yellow fever a. Anderson 22, yellow fever Maryland. Henry Tate 32, yellow fever Germany. Eduard Albert 23, yellow fever Germany. Sami. L. Berry 39, inflammation of bowels Illinois. Sam. N enable 28, fever Germany. Or. Fifer 40, yellow fever Germany. A Stephen j. Nagle 30, congestion Ireland Dun. Lyon 35, yellow fever Ireland. Angst a boy0, yellow fever Germany. 31. Ii ers 3 years and 5 months dysentery Galveston. Paiuline liners 8 months yellow fever Galveston. Christian Rodefeld 51, yellow fever Ger maily. George troute Ditter 24, yellow fever Germany. Mrs Hubli a no Gress 45. Yellow fever tus. Aleck Edmondson 24, yellow fever Scotland. Chas. N. Fonda 28, yellow fever England. John Douglas 32, yellow Over Scotland. Avillie a. Compton 4 years g Mouths yellow fever Texas. Rudolph Bichon 31, yellow fever Germany. A. Garland 32, yellow fever Germany. Mrs. Mary a. Thompson 54, yellow fever a Virginia. Andrew Ola or 32, Sweden. Clement Forenoon 20, France Charity Hospital. Madeline Muller 15, Germany Charity Hospital. Jshii Gibson 31, Ireland Howard association. Saturday aug. 17._____ a Caroline Kuhn la Germany convulsions. Theodore Ackman 24, Germany. Mary Olivo a Ireland. J. Frilligan 40, Ireland Howard association. J. Maury 30, England. M. Werier 24, Ohio. , 24, Germany. \ a James capman 28, Ireland. Mosis-45, Louisiana h. C. Smith 18,Philadelphia. J. Emil inc Pond 0, Texas. James Mcshane 32, England. Ann Pardon 22, Ireland Charity Hospital. W. Lib us City Hospital. Theodore minx 30, United states. Or. Grant 2g, Canada Howard association Ned. Bularz. 20, Canada Howard association. It Venus 31, Germany. Charle Zado to 32, Germany Sam Andler 20, Germany. gel like 13, Crouch sunday August Isra. Katherine Bonot 3g, yellow fever France. Or. Borton 22, yellow fever Massachusetts. George tan 29, yellow fever Germany. H. Wilke 29, yellow fever Germany. Richard Veit Geh 22, inflammation of brain Germany. William Wilson 28, yellow fever u. A. P. E. Abbots 10, yellow fever. New York. Lawrence Cavanagh 30, yellow fever Texas. Gustave Silver Send 4, typhoid fever Germany. Mark Morris 30, yellow fever Germany. Takoj. Farley 28, yellow fear Ireland. James Wilson 21, yellow fever u. S. We. P. Caster 22, yellow fever Kentucky. Thos. P. Smith 23, yellow fever Tennessee. John a. Lidstone 20, yellow fever st. Blondine 24, yellow fever Laly Superior of Charity Hospital France. Adolph Rue Buhl 29, yellow fever Germany. Christino i Reischer. 27, yellow fever Ger 1 Ninny. Quot Dora a19, yellow fever coloured. T. B. Cheseborough 39, yellow Over South Carolina. Quot Thomas Kelly 20, yellow fever Ireland. Lloyd q. Harrison 17, yellow fever Texas. Henrietta Holst yellow fever Germany. A. Compton 28, yellow fever Texas. Byron Russel 23, typhoid fever Alabama. Monday August 1. Julius Miller 25, yellow fever Germany. Elim def Folk a yellow fever unknown. Andrew Fleming .27, yellow fever Louisiana. Patrick Murphy 23, yellow fever Ireland. Marv Francis Aberl 30, yellow fever. N. York. Chas. Williams a yellow fever unknown. Joseph Darby a yellow fever. Franco. Joseph tends 22, yellow fever Germany. Negro woman unknown. Kate Cann 9 mos. Amp 18 Days v. F., tex a. Patrick Tabb 30, yellow fever Ireland. Chas. Jones 23, yellow Over u. S. Austin Hach 20, yellow fever Italy. Fas. Joce 51, yellow fever. Baltimore. De. Williams 50, yellow fever Ireland. John Harber 19, yellow lever Germany. 1 we. Polvogt 39, yellow Over Germany. G. Lorras 30, yellow fever Virginia. Janox 19, yellow Over coloured. Jency nickel.i.19, yellow Feer Texas air wisc Ugard 3g, yellow fever Denmark. A Pauline Cramer 29, yellow fever Gormany. A Joseph Marks 33, yellow fever Poland. L2mclino Brennan 1, yellow fever Texas. Emily Curry 25, yellow fever u. w. A Gilwicks 37, yellow Over England. Ferdinand Madwiek 9, typhoid f., German. A Joh Eisenhart 30, yellow fever Germany. A Henry a Cate 37, yellow fever. New York Nemo unknown M. A unknown. To. T. Butterly 37, yellow fever Ireland. Wilch Liuo vieburg711103., teething Texas. Mary e. Pounds yellow fever la Seltzer 34, yellow Over Germany. A Nellio Day negro 14, yellow fever Charles Niebour 7, yellow fever Texis. A fit Misatis exponents a of City Wisdom and Tho conservators of municipal health iia ving heard that Tho yellow 1 Evor like the Devil should to fought with lire determined View nights Ciuco on the Experiment. They Mado soveral inf actual attempt in Tho Early part of Tho week Aud it was not until thursday that Thoy Mado Tho thing go a Coal tar a a said one a no a said his subordinate a seven barrels of Robin Aud to add strength and Blu Blaze let us put in Twenty pounds of Tho discussion of How it should be Dono waxed loud and warm Tho heat was modified by numerous rotations of Ico taken through a Straw. At last Tho preparations for disinfecting were Complete a barrel of Rosiu Twenty pounds of Brimstone and Twenty whisky barrels Pilod sky High. Tho Pilo was fired tha barrels blazed Tho Rosin melted and ran in All directions with blazing streams. There was a minature Volcano a juvenile Vesuvius at which Tho builders were had there not been More sensible people about half the town would have been burned up and effectually disinfected. A new set of gentlemen will be charged with the disinfecting process in future. He id times Rou going the new chief of police is bothering those Young gentlemen who live by their wits most annoyingly. He is a a pulling Aas the police phrase goes All those gentlemen who have no visible Means of support. People who love to live without work had better find some other locality. He has a Way of making them mighty uncomfortable. Gamblers sponges thieves and All others belonging to the race of Chevy Liers Ile Industry had better leave Galveston. is a very mild caption for the Nasty and dangerous custom to which we Are about to allude. There is a Wagon which goos toward the Beach about Sun Down Laden with the offal of the Hospital and Tho cast off garments of fever patients and Tho blankets of such As have died. These Are drawn to Tho Beach and cast out to poised the kale with their pestilential stanch. Nor in. This the worst of it negroes go out and gather these articles and bring them to their Homes scattering the disease wherever they these things ought to be either burned or disinfected so thoroughly that there shall be nothing to fear. Absents. A the following arrests have been reported by the chief of police John Clance arrested drunk and disorderly. E Len Ryan arrested for receiving Money under false pretences. Thomas Jeff drunk disorderly and fight ing. Michael Gleason arrested drunk and Dis. August Cline arrested drunk and disorderly. John Coras arrested drunk and disorderly. A Eufe Rinas arrested drank and disorderly. George Kimball arrested for dangerous and suspicious character. Daniel p. Gallagher arrested for dangerous Aud suspicious character. James Robinson alias Dago to arrested for dangerous and suspicious character. Charles Newheit arrested for keeping open after hours and disorderly . Fred Smith coloured for beating Eis wife Thomas Burr arrested for robbery. Thomas Kirk arrested drunk Aud disorderly. Thomas Gorman arrested Lor being drunk and sleeping on Side walk. Joseph Lindsey arrested for disturbing the peace. John love coloured arrested drunk and disorderly and sleeping on the Side walk. Bell Victoria Nettie Oliver and Mollie Harris arrested for using abusive language. Sarah Ann Thomas coloured arrested for. Disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace., Frank Smith j. Mcdonald James Riley Aud George braunar., arrested As vagrants. George Mason for larceny of a Gold watch Aud valuable papers. Charles c. Newhart for keeping open after hours. R. B. George for drunkenness and sleeping on sidewalk. Peter Delaney tor drunkenness and threatening the lives of l. Kemp Aud John Rob Kennedy for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Officer Mcnulty for drawing a pistol on we. Burton. Hack no. 24, for having no lights out after 8 of clock. A scene at amusing incident happened at Headquarters one Dikiy last week. A policeman was discharged by the Nev chief and believing that the Well known league of White and coloured men which holds Forth at the coloured Church was omnipotent to build up a Man to matter who it was Tia had been cast Down he appealed to the a they were indignant that a Clubine should be cast from the police and appointed a committee with a Well known col. Ored gentleman at. Its head he lad More sense As the sequel will show than any of the balance to Call upon the major general commanding Aud know Why this was done. We do not know whether they intended exactly to reprimand him or to order the dismissal of the chief. But certainly they aimed at to thing less than the restoration of the discharged the putting on of the decapitated head Aud Tho return of Tho Clubine to his Normal position As a policeman. The committee stated the grievance pretty soon there began the signs of a storm Tho chairman wisely slunk out Aud left his Brethren to breast the storm of tamil itary indignation that overwhelmed them like a waterspout. Tho general paced the floor in Wrath and presently burst Forth. With our usual Enterprise to did not have phonographic reporter present but suppose that Tho a Uji st was not far from the. Following a what do you mean with your miserable Little club by dictating to me what i should do ? the chief has Beau in the employ of general she Man. A he has Confidence in him and l have Confidence a him acid if a a Hadnot do you suppose i would be dictated to by your club get out of my office a exit the committee acid the complainant followed followed by Tho metaphorical we with a cowardly look. Tho Leago Ozvill have so me difficulty i finding committee men willing to. Encounter Tho major commanding in his Wrath. Tho truth is these Loyal leagues and other secret political societies Aro a a getting too big for their they do not hesitate to order command Aud dictate to any officer civil and military. Jiey a Are no respecter of Persona and Are to puffed with their own they Vytill undertake anything. In bad noticed yesterday the hauling of several loads of coffins through the streets piled up a h Cord Wood on carts. This is altogether wrong we see enough at present to intimidate tha timid without unnecessarily creating unpleasant beter taste would Havo at such a season conveyed Toliese coffins to their destination under cover. 1864. 1357 the my myst Epick secs in Galveston h53. 1954, �o338, 1830, 1884 and 1807. A vim Aow deaths. Quot a a Quot 1353. 1834. 1853. 1853. July 24 a a a a s3----�? 2� a 27 a. 28 a g>9 a 30 a 31�? August 1----�? 0. 7 8. 9 a 10. 11. 12. 13w 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 2 a a _. I 5 a a a4 �?T"4 5 <5 g 1 19 4 3 i 9 9 11 7/. Is 13 24 21 20 31 23 21 39 24 25 3g Sontz Era Tail Road a and canals. Fram Tia now York bulletin the remarkable development of the Railroad interests of the Southern since the termination of the civil War illustrates the ener-,.gy which the Southern people have displayed in repairing the waste of War. Our government exhibited great Wisdom in the prompt restoration of the Southern lines to the original management and the Sale upon Liberal terms of the rolling Stock and Iron used by the. Military authorities. A basis of operations wa3 thus afforded which has been followed up. With great Success. At the present time nearly All the old established Southern railroads Ore in pretty Good conditions Soma of them better stocked than they were at the commencement of the War. But what is of even More in Potance new lines and connections have been made which bid fair to improve greatly the admirable network of railroads in the South. Enterprises of the greatest magnitude Are also contemplated and projects which were formerly regarded a3 chimerical have been realized. Virginia leads the Way in this work of improving her Means for internal communication. She has taken up the broken links of her Railroad connections and is prosecuting new plans of improvement which when effected they expect will Render Norfolk a commercial rival of new York. The grand practical scheme of Virginia Enterprise has in vie y not merely the connection of the Ohio River with the Atlantic Ocean by a nearer Shorter and therefore cheaper route but the far Moro important scheme of connecting Norfolk with the port of Gua Ymas on the Pacific Shore. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad is to be sup plied with some missing links and the whole work will be enlarged Aud improved in a manner that will Render it As advantage Ous to Virginia As the Erie canal is to new. York. Another project is the route of the Atlantic Mississippi and Ohio Railroad with its connections. This Road commences at Norfolk Aud runs through Bristol Cumberland Gap to Nashville and Memphis and thence across the Mississippi through Arkansas Chahua Hua Aud Sonora a to Gua Ymas where it will connect with san Francisco. Part of this grand line i3 already in operation and Only requires some missing links to Render it Complete. The work is in Active Progress. The Railroad from Memphis to Little Rock is Only waiting for a few score Miles of Railroad Iron in order to open up the Rich resources of Arkansas to the world. Belore the War a company was ,1 with Large privileges by the Texas legislature to build a line of Railroad from a Point in the Angle of Texas and Arkansas through Northern Texas to the Rio or Irude Aud thence through Chihuahua and Sonora to Gua Ymas in California. The distance from the Rio Grande to Gua Ymas is Only four Hundred Miles a and general Thomas is now actively engaged in pushing the work through. The necessary Grants have been procured from the mexican Republic to construct the work in Chihuahua and Sonora. The main line will of course be tapped by ranches in order to developed local Trade. Another virginian Enterprise is the contemplated repair of the dismal Swapp canal. This canal is now in a very ruinous condition and will either be sold or Money half a million dollars will be raised to restore it. This canal opens up the Trade to the Carolinas with that of the Virginia sea Board. These works Are All entirely practicable and give Promise of a speedy completion. This very Brief review of the activity of the Southern Railroad interests shows that Section of the country has already entered upon the grand race for commercial development. The Industrial activity that demands these increased facilities is most promising and encouraging Send indicate a remarkable Power of recuperation enabling the Smiith in spite of the grave obstacles to Progress with which she is surrounded so rapidly to engage in the work of social and Industrial reconstruction. The Cotton worm in Eastern Texas. From Tho dusk of Torvor aug. 10. The Cotton worm has very suddenly and in vast numbers made their appear juice All Over Cherokee Aud parts of other counties. Wherever they Are discovered the immediate destruction of the Gro Wing Cotton has been entire and completed scarcely a vestige of the Plant excepting the stalk being left. An observant and intelligent gentleman who has recently passed through a portion of Rusk county informs us that in the neighbourhood of mount Enterprise whole Fields have been destroyed by Tho ravages of the worm that the people were alarmed and panic stricken at the injury which in a few Day. Had been accomplished. One planter of that Vicinity who has two Hundred acres in Cotton publicly offered to take fifteen Bales for his entire crop. So numerous were the Worms in some places that the. Stench arising from them could be smelt at a great distance. This terrible calamity must seriously affect the business of this Section and excites Tho Active sympathy of our people towards those who Are the immediate sufferer. Three Young men belonging at la Salle while walking toward that place when near the Illinois Central depot nere overtaken by a Thunder storm and took shelter under a tree near by. While standing there one of Tho party named who was a standing Between the other two with an umbrella raised Over his head was struck by a Thunderbolt and instantly killed. Such was the Orco of Tho Bolt that his boots were torn to shreds but strange to say the other two escaped without injury. from Tho commercial. 1 reports from All parts of Tho United states a represent the wheat crop a Largo beyond All precedent this year. True in Texas the summer Rains injured the wheat to some extent but generally throughout the country this crop Quot is very Fine. In portions of Georgia North Alabama and other states devastated by the War where re few weeks since want and starvation stared the people in tha face the new Harvest has furnished the staff of life in the greatest abundance. The Corn crop too promises to turn out equally Well. In Texas we Are More than compensated for the partial failure of the wheat crop by the superabundance of Corn Mado. This very important crop is now beyond All Ordinary contingencies. The Price of bread stuffs must come Down. In addition to the unprecedented crop of Corn our forests Are loaded Down with Mast. This will fatten the immense number of hogs found All Over the state Aud certainly reduce the Price of pork. Beef is already almost As cheap As dirt. We hear that in the older. States thousands upon thousands of people contemplate a removal to our state. Let them come we Are prepared to receive them. We have land and bread Aud meat and mules and oxen for teams everything indeed to make a great state. All we want is population. Let the tide of immigration flow in from All quarters through All channels and spread All Over our state. Our accounts of the Cotton crop Aro very discouraging indeed. Worms by the millions Are devouring the Plant and they seem to be everywhere increasing. Their devastation Are not confined to Texas but extend through Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi and the Best Cotton producing regions of the land. Tho Cotton crop of Texas for 1866, will probably reach 250,000 Bales. It is questionable whether it will reach half that amount during the coming year. Still it is too Early to Forni any reliable estimate. One thing seems to Well demonstrated that in the coast counties of Texas some Means must be devised to destroy this pest Ferous Cotton worm or our planters must abandon the cultivation of Cotton and Plant sugar Cane sorghum or something else As Cotton is altogether too Uncertain to be depended on. We believe the Cotton worm can be destroyed _ and we. Hope. Our. Planting friends will another year wage a War upon the destroying insect. We have heard that a strip of Millet or Oats sewed All around the Field would furnish food for them which they preferred to the Cotton Plant and that they would then let Tho Cotton alone. To have heard again that log heaps burned at night around or in the Field would attract the Miller and burning these winged insects prevent the production of Worms. Let both these experiments be tried. Another remedy which certainly will prove effectual if it is practicable to carry it out is to treat the Cotton worm As we do the tobacco worm kill him. Generally when they first make their appearance their numbers Are not Largo and they Are confined to a Small Corner or strip in the Plantation. Let the hands enter the Field and kill these pioneers. At their vfest.,appearance their numbers Are too insignificant to do a Inch damage let them to killed and thus prevent multiplication. We have heard of one planter who tried the Experiment of killing tli6 Worms this summer and with comparatively Little labor saved his crop. The Cotton worm is not like the Grasshopper migratory. Let him be killed off on his first appearance we should like to hear from our planting friends the result of their experiments in their efforts to destroy the Cotton worm. A 1 a Ojo a Quot a attempt to Rob the Evansville journal of the 3d has the following a daring attempt was made on wednesday morning to Rob the it. Vernon mail. The mail Hack left Here at the usual hour without passengers and when about six Miles from the City a Man armed with a revolver stepped from the Woods Aud ordered the Driver to. Halt. He being entirely unarmed complied when the Man accosting him walked to the Side. Of the vehicle keeping his revolver pointed directly at the Driver., to then in. Quire a whore Are you going a the Driver replied a to it. the Highway a Man then looked into the Hack and said a you carry a pretty heavy mail Over the Driver replied that it was mostly newspapers Aud not of a much value to which the other replied a there must by something. Here of just at that moment a gun was fired close by Aud the Man who had addressed the Driver suddenly darted off and As he left the Driver saw another Man Start from behind a tree at the Roadside and Rush off into the Woods previous to the above colloquy the supposed highwayman had asked i f the up stage had passed and being answered in the negative asked if there was any it Good game of that Road. The Driver replied that there were plenty 61 squirrels. The other replied a a do a the squirrels it is two legged game i am the Driver describes the Man who accosted him As a Large Man with fair complexion and with heavy false whiskers. Oregon which was admitted As a state in the Union february 12, 1859, has had eight senators including the present incumbents. Of the sex senators Joseph Lane George w. Nesmith and Benjamin Harding have gone largely into agricultural pursuits each o Wing extensive and valuable farms the first named gentleman in the Umpqua Valley near Winchester and Tho last two in the William Ette Valley near Salem or. Nesmith particularly astonishes his neighbors by his display of improved Eastern machinery and Harding in a Fine residence under a Grove of. Magnificent Oaks is reported in Oregon a phrase As being a was Happy As a Clam at High water.1�?T Delagoon Smith and e. D. Baker Are dead the latter killed at balls Bluff. Benjamin Stark has located at new London conn., and was lately mentioned in connection with the govern ship of Sitka a Oregon letter of june 28, says a your present senators Williams and Corbett have been pleasure haunting up the Columbia River out of Tho reach of All civilization and enlightenment. One of them has a new wife and the other is said to have the same desperate act in Paepae axioms to resist a attack bomb. Preparations Are being made at Quot Rome to resist an attack by the revolutionary p?.rty.-r�? Cardinal Antonilli inquiries to the representatives of foreign Powers asking what stops their governments would take if it could be proved first that Tho insurrection broke out with the Connivance of the italian government second if Tho revolutionists should arrive at the Gates of Rome third if the insurrection should break out in re my it self. Tho Anibas adors replied that they would protect the Pope and the cardinals but they must refer Home for instructions As to what More than this Thev ought to do. A b�33faa�t30rca. Tho Victoria colonist of Juno 26, has Quot an. Account of the trip of Tho British War Ata Amor Sparrow Hawk to archangel and Sitka. It says a. A Quot a h. M. S. Sparrowhawk Captain Porcher with his Exco Loncy. Governor Seymour on Board arrived from new archangel Sitka yesterday afternoon. Tiiu itt Owumi la fac Sitka on wednesday last at noon causing at port Rupert on the Way Down. To lib Otto left now archangel the Day before Tho departure of the Sparrowhawk. The fido liter was lying in Tho Harbor of now archangel awaiting a a Rush Quot from san Francisco on the or flamme. Or. Of Dwyer and or. Sharpson of this City have opened stores and were Selli iii goods briskly. They were Well received Liy the russian officials and people. Thou had also preempted lots. The Sparrowhawk remained in pork four Days. Governor Seymour was Well received by the russian governor Prince. Matisoff but the Princess having been delivered of a child Only a Faw Daya be fore no Public demonstration took place. The weather at Sitka was very pleasant and the Days without end. A correspondent of the colonist writing from archangel january 16, says x. After saying Good Bye to Victoria i retired to my state room on the Fidel tor to awake in the morning and find the boat in Nanaimo Bay where we coated. We afterwards landed at fort Rupert where to took on Wood and then came on straight to Sitka. I is a pleasant trip to make to Quot say nothing of the advantages in the Way of business. New Arch aural is situated Outha in la of Sitka. Tho Island is about two Hundred and fifty Miles in circumference. Gold and Copper Are said to abound. Theye about 500 russians hero and about 800 indians. The indians Are fenced off in their own reservation and kept apart from Tho Whites Tho buildings Are old Somo of them having been built forty years the town seems ancient. Sitka has All the natural advantages for a Fine town some Day. A a. Number Are taking up lots intending to establish themselves in business. Or. O Dwyer his son and i have each taken up a it and Are now very busily engaged in building our stores. In. This town there Are about Quot gq0 russians and fins men women and Czkildi a a us 8�0�?T a indians. The Days Are very Long Here. I am writing this letter to you af3 of Clochi in. Tha morning with the Daylight and i could have Light enough to write at 11 of clock at night. There was no English speaking person Hera until the Fidelity or a crowd Wero landed. The russian government told us to could take up any lots that had no improvements on them. We then commenced staking off lots. The russians a wondered what the matter was with us i believe they thought we were crazy. I cannot say if we Cali old Triem but Stein Ewe can Quot i have taken up two lots. 1 a the Catholic Church Onul the death or. Maximilian. From Tho journal <le3 do bats july so. The Pope wept when he Learned of the tragic Fate of Maximilian and caused masses to be chanted for the repose of his soul. We cannot doubt but that the tears and prayers. Were sincere but we. Believe that his holiness mourned for a sinner rather than for a Vittini. The Church has not forgiven Tho emperor of her own making for having deceived her Foad est Hopes. She had deputed Maximilian to a lost country there to re establish theocracy and when the unfortunate Princo saw the elements which lie was compelled to use in Tho reconstruction of the throne and the altar to shrunk Back dismayed. As was said to him he had contracted in Italy the disease of liberalism in Austria a had sowed Tho seeds of a Jose prism a and in France Andin Bali a urn he had become acquainted with tha civil code. After that nothing could be expected of him. The rupture with the Church waa immediate and violent. We remember Tho remonstrance of the Bishops and Tho censure of Rome it was but yesterday via read tha Sharp reply that Maximilian addressed to Tho mexican Bishops when to spoke As follow a a you must admit venerable prelates that the mexican Church by a deplorable fatality has meddled too much with politics and temporal affairs and neglected Loo persistently Tho Catholic education of her children. It is Truo that the mexicans Are pious and Good but Tho larger portion of the people Are not yet Catho Lutcs in an evangelical sense. This is not owing to its o in faults but to the negligence of others. The mexicans must be enlightened the sacrament must be administered to them As it is ordained in the evangelists May doubt if you will Tho sincerity of my Faith in the Catholic religion but All Europe has Long known my however Good a Catholic i maybe i shall also be a just and Liberal. a a a Athis assertion embodied., the Archduke a sentence. The modern Church does not recognize it possible for a Man to a Bot ii Catholic and Liberal nothing can be in More direct opposition to the spirit of its syllabus. In Tho a yes of the Church Maximilian has paid the penalty of his errors and Etfer death is but an at nement of his and merciful and Liu Mahe pious and charitable though a Man May be and pop a Pius in. Is really pious and charitable a doctrine is pitiless Laws and not men Aro alone to be accused and held responsible. his address upon the a a life and Publio services of Commodore Stockton a .1 delivered in Freehold governor Parker gave the following incident a having arranged the preliminaries and agreed upon tha terms for the Purchase of the District upon which the Colony of Liberia i a Africa is settled Tho Commodore accompanied by three aids left his seat and went a a inlaid Many Miles to the seat of government to Limaye the treaty ratified. He was conducted to the Kings presence and found him surrounded by a room still of armed Savages. Tho chiefs mind had been poisoned against the contract he had agreed to make and there was great hesitancy in signing the papers. At a Given signal the warriors All arose to their feet and aimed their weapons at Tho Commodore. Without losing his of mind for a single instant he Drew from his a breast a pistol and presenting it at Tho Kiugo a head declared through an interpreter that he would kill the Monarch if a _ a Vida Chi Dvo need a Quot 6t�pr a a were a a a of a Wod by his determined courage a and the articles were at once signed and delivered to is hands. A Fri i. Somo. Weather Wise individual has discovered that it Rains always on the 25tij of july. The last was the 41st consecutive instance of this fact. The marriage Between the Princess ii Ouisa of Sweden and the Crown Prince of Den Park is arranged on the part of the two Royal families but the final decision is left to that it Prince and Princess themselves. V ;