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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 17, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi we a fat a off o of it or by kit it Ayax Avay v no vol. A Galveston sat i repay m0rmng, &Quot-��gust/17, 1867 m 37etelegraphic. 1 associated press dispatches. I new Orleans aug. 15.�?sales to Day 200. Bales Dull and unchanged. Low middling 26@26a. Receipts 96 Bales. Prime to Choice Louisiana sugar Lac. Cuba Low fair 13c. Juba molasses quiet at 40@55o. Flour Dull and unsettled superfine �8 of Corn Dull White Deli Node Oats quiet firm at 60c. Pork $26 Bacon shoulders 134@13i Side 16,j Hump unchanged. Gold 139$@i40, Sterling 52i�54i new York bight a Prem. New Yorik August 15.�?steamships Denmark and ammonia arrived with governor Wrights remains on Board. Later mexican advices via Havana says Juarez ordered Santa annals trial under the Law of sixty two by which conviction follows identification. Vidal is closely confined. Marquez is captured at Hacienda Parn Dono. The a Princess Sunlin sulm is among the condemned. A Havana letter of the 10th says a serious riot at Matanzas occurred during a Bull fight. A negro conspiracy is announced in Santiago Cuba lost of the leaders arrested. Yellow. Fever jew in gang a Over the Island. The St. Thomas dry Ziock sunk. New Voitk aug. 15.�?Tho fenian president Lla berts arrived. To the steam for Sierra Nevada grounded a off Point Isabel California. A. Richard o Gorman delivered general Omagh Era a funeral oration to an immense crowd. Mayor Hoffman presided. A Washington aug. 15.�?it has been ruining incessantly Sinco was arrested this morning of an affidavit. It charges him with sending a Challenge. Bradley waved an examination and gave bail of $1000. A aug. 15 a 1 of clock Grad Leys bail $2000. Tho chief of police swore out the warrant. Tho rain continues without intermission. Neither commercial nor financial news received from now York yet. New York Ang. 15.�?stocksactive Money n@5 per cent. Gold 140 �1 Sterling time 109� sight 110 5-20 s of �?T62 coupons 1132 5 1132. Augusta aug. 15.�?an Accident occurred on Tho Augusta and Savannah Railroad last a night near Mcbean a station a by the washing away of a Culvert which resulted in the killing of Tho Engineer Pat. Cushing and two firemen Clias. Calvin and Freeman. Rain storm subsided. A a. R. Lamar solicitor general of Musco goo county has been removed by general a. Tho Montgomery advertiser says Gen. Pope Baa removed All civil officers of Macon county from probate judge Down. Charlie a. John Uon coloured banished from Mobile by mayor Horton imprisoned offence Selling papers ridiculing Horton county conventions Are being held in Florida for the purpose of adopting a platform upon which Whites and Blacks can unit in the formation of a state Constitution at the approaching convention which gun ran tees equal Jatico and Protection to rights and interests of both parties. It if believed Tho Rains yesterday will injure Corn by overflow of Bottom lands. So Jar As heard from the following is Tho re ii ult of registration in lab a Whites 59,-015 Blacks 70,010 total 135,085. New Orleans aug. 15.�?Tho Steamer Cuba l rom Baltimore reports that in Lati tudo 31-20, Longitude 76-30, August orb that she spoke a Baltimore Schooner. Idu Birdsall from i Anannab to new York All except two of the Crew sick of fever relieved. Her , ice Etc. Returns of registration Whites 45,732 Blacks 82,907. Total 127,639. Tho Whites Lavo very Small majorities in ten parishes White majority in this City 40. A soon As Tho state is arranged in districts Sheridan will Jeboo an order for the election of members of the convention. A yellow foyer deaths for this week up to Toifl morning la continued accounts reach Hereof the destructiveness of Tho Cotton worm in this the coast counties of Texas. New Yoke August 15.�? Cotton firmer Osob 1,000buics at 28if3 28i. Freights quiet. Omaha August 15.�?the of a Battle near fort Kearny has been received. Tho indians attacked a foraging party and stampeded their Stock. A Tho soldiers entrenched a thums Oiver behind to Weir wagons and fought three hours Whereon reinforcements arrived and drove Tho indians of sixty indians and soldiers including lieutenant Jonns major Rowell who commanded the foraging party attributes Tho successful resistance to Tho Long Range breach loading arms. Washington aug. 15.�?rain continues but becoming cold. Gon. Steadman s business Boro is confined to Tho Rovento interests of his District. Judzio Holt has returned from hi3 Northern trip his suspension daily expected. Brig. Gon. Horace Porter Aid to Grant replaces Gen. Pelon Seo As adjutant of War department who retires As is alleged on account of ill health. Tho turkish legation has arrived. Tho Treasury contains Ono Hundred and six millions in coins seventy four and a half in currency to Day. To Day a internal Revenue three Hundred and five thousand. Tho same a Treasury order that applies to Missouri Bonds Etolen from Tho Interior department is Mado applicable to those of Tennessee and North Carolina stolen at Tho time. Holders showing that they purchased Tho Bonds in Good Faith can realize on them. E Tho report of Tho congressional committee on Southern railroads exoulpate3 or. Johnson from any connection with alleged frauds. E. P. Saulnier Consul at Veracruz under Dato of August 1st, informs so rotary Seward that Santa Anna arrived Thiro on Tho 30th of july. Tho order from the Govor Mont at Tho City of Mexico is to co Lino Santa Anna Vidal and Rivas in Tho Castle of ban Juan in rooms and in cloak Confin Omant. Saul Nior also communicates regarding Tho customs at Vera Cruz that regulations previously existing will prevail with a pledge from merchants Linlor Custod to Abido by what Trio government May re Solo upon Hatif Kaftor. Is news. London aug. 15.�?it is raining throughout England. Consols 91.?. Bonds 74. Live troop aug. 15, quiet and probably ton thousand Bales. An sex Navy of filcer Wotli n wife la Connecticut and one in Washington. From the Washington express for some weeks past detectives Bigley and Kelly have been working up an interesting Cass of bigamy and this morning the matter was made Public. It appears that Nathaniel s. Morgan formerly a commander in the United states Navy and at one time Captain of the United states Steamer Ascutney did on the 10th of Only 1866, marry in this City miss Martha Wroe daughter of Samuel Wroe Esq., the Well known livery stable proprietor of this City. Tho marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. B. Sunderland. Morgan married under the name of Sinclair Morgan omitting his first name. The marriage was published in the daily papers and All seemed Well. The couple boarded in the Vicinity of Tho Navy Yard on account of his being attached to the service and the convenience of being near by. Miss Wroe was congratulated by her friends the match was a Good one and she was Happy in her love her husband was kind and attentive and was a favorite with All who knew him. It appears however that in the Spring of 1857, Morgan in his full name married miss Emma e. Kellogg of Hartford Connecticut. This lady is old of respectable family and the match was pronounced a Good one by her Many friends. Morgan had her living with some of her relatives in Hartford and always visited her during his trips to Northern cities which were very frequent. Thus matters progressed Morgan having a wife in Hartford Connecticut mud another in Washington. By his first wife he had two children and his second wife is Enceinte. In september last his first wife by some Means or other heard lie had married a Young lady of this City but would not credit the Story nor did she make any investigation of the report at that time. Or. Wroe father of Tho second wife and her Uncle or. Wroe hearing some four months since that Morgan had a wife in the North they set to work to ferret out the matter a they succeeded in ascertaining that the report was but too True in the meantime some three months since miss Wroe returned to the Home of her father where she remains and Morgan went no one knew whither. Quot to left Tho naval service in contingently stating to 51 r. Wroe that he had a difficulty with an officer in the Navy Yard and left. Thus matters stood when the Case was placed in the hands of detectives Bigley and Kelly. Or. M. E. Merrill attorney at Law of Hartford conn., Camo to this City and As attorney for mrs. Morgan the first wife swore out a warrant before Justice hazzard charging Morgan with bigamy. Alter a weeks Hunt the accused was captured this morning in Georgetown where he was employed Lis a clerk by Godey the ice dealer. He there passed by the. Name of Matson registered this name at the Fountain hotel and or. Godey Only knew him by such n name. Tho accused was arraigned before Justice hazzard Quot in the room of major Richards at Tho police Headquarters. He was accompanied by Bis father who resides in Connecticut and his lawyer John e. Norris Esq. Or. Merrill and his first wife or. Wroe and his daughter or. Wroe and others were present As prosecuting witnesses. Judge Hughes was retained by or. Merrill As the attorney for the prosecution on the part of the first wife and to appeared As such. Justice hazzard said the change was a serious one and. To would place the amount of bail required at $1500. Morgan is apparently thirty years of age of a the medium Hight and evident Good temperament indeed for his affability of manner he is noted among his acquaintances. He assumed an air of nonchalance during the. Arraign ing of the Case before the magistrate that was quite surprising to Tho spectators.�?T. Tho ladies who had be ii Mado his dupes Are both quite Young and in their respective Homes have hosts of friends who can but sympathize with them in this their hour of sorrow. The father of the accused who a was present during the examination is a venerable looking old gentleman who appeared very much agitated while the matter of bail was being discussed by the lawyers. Washington. Washington August 12.�?the first communication from the executive department to general Grant As Secretary of War and into rim was issued to Day at 2 of clock and referred to Louisiana matters. The order it is said on Good authority is in Harmony with the views of Cutler. Rovento acc copts to Day $1,062,000. No further changes in the Cabinet Are probable. A Washington aug. 12.�?it is confidently stated that Holt will be suspended in a Day or two from hib functions As chief of the Bureau of military Justice. Roussseau had an interview with the russian minister to Day and has received his commission and instructions As Sale commissioner to receive the territory. In confirmation of previous dispatches regarding Tho War deportment it Moy be stated that Tho details of the commission requiring action on the report of the Secretary of War Avero transacted by general Grant. Tho commission leaves on the 21st int. For California whence they will proceed to their destination in a Man of War. After concluding Tho labors of the commission general Rousseau will return to Portland Oregon the Headquarters of his department which includes Tho new territory. It would seep from Tho indications that the president will now push his views through. impossible to night to predict Tho next step. The excitement in political circles is intense. Washington aug. 12.�?Tho reports regarding Tho presidents resignation Are groundless. Rousseau has arrived and will have an interview with Tho russian minister to Day. Tho meeting of Tho bar to consider the Fisher Bradley difficulty was largely attended. A commit co. Wag an print amp a to investigate and a report on Tho matter and Tho meeting adjourned. An attempt postponed. From the Philadelphia inquirer it is reported that Garibaldi has Given up his designs against Rome. The Rumor seems probable inasmuch As Italy has at last determined to defend the pontifical prerogative and dominions against All outside filibustering. Signor Ratazzi the Organ of the King in the italian parliament has declared that a the a italian government would secure the integrity of the pontifical this will Settle to be adopted in Case of attacks from outside parties. But it is also to be deduced from this expression of the minister that if the roman people were to attempt a revolution Italy would assist in putting it Down. This goe6 much further than could have been expected and it is calculated to a make Pius feel Mcra comfortable than he has for some time. Considering the Way in which he has been thundering his anathema against Victor Emanuel for Many months this late sign of Grace ought to be gratefully received. Italy has no doubt adopted this policy at the negotiation of France being bound to it by treaty. It will Quot also be better if there is to be a intervention to l end the Pope that it should be done by Italy than by any other Power. The Long French occupation will serve for a lesson which none but the most Uno servant can reject and it would be a grievous mistake if Italy would lose an Opportunity in Case of an assault upon the papal dominions which would be eagerly embraced by scene other Power. Under such circumstances it will be Wise for Garibaldi to give Over his Enterprise. He did not reckon upon the forcible opposition of Italy and the party of action will wisely if it becomes the party of inaction. Death of a prominent John c. Montgomery Esq., who was Well known to Many of our citizens died in new York on monday from disease of the heart. Or. Montgomery thirty years since was an Active politician in this City. He belonged to the Ultra whig party and bore a Active part in the political campaigns of that time. He was especially Active during the. Harrison struggle of 1840, and he was among the most popular of the Many Stripp orators of that eventful Era. He was appointed postmaster of this City by general Harrison during the Brief month which that statesman was permitted to live after his accession to the presidency and to was subsequently removed Byor. Tyler because he refused to abandon his. Old Friend Henry Clay and pin his Faith to the miserable faction Quot that or. Tyler attempted to establish upon the ruins of the whig party. In 1844, my Montgomery again entered the Field As an advocate of the claims of or. Clay for the presidency in the. Hotly cent eve Dolay and Polk Campaign of that year and with the defeat of his fave rite statesman he retired from Active political life in Philadelphia and he subsequently removed to new York where to engaged in important business enterprises and formed new Domestic ties. Or. Montgomery a sral a Man cherished and respected by his friends for his Many Good qua. . Although reasonable and kind he was firm in his opinions of a Happy. Disposition and courteous bearing. At the time of this death he was in is 75th year. He has several sons resident of this City who have formed business and professional relations in our midst. His remains will to brought to this City for interment. His death will bring grief to Many and firmly attached enquirer aug. 7. Blood letting and Doo Milwaukee on sunday night near the hour that divides the going from Tho coming Day August Lott and one Volkert was seated m a 6aloon playing cards and emptying Beer glasses. After the continuance of these befitting ceremonies for some time they got into a discussion about worldly matters and Lott insisted that the other should pay him for one certain pair of boot9, the Bill for which had been a footed for some time Volkert Yas impecunious and took up a firm position on the theory that blood could not be obtained from a Stone. Lott resented the Money less condition of his debtor As a personal affront of great magnitude and finally after sundry minor blows and three scratches of undeniable distinctness across the right Cheek of Volkert struck him a How with a knife under the fifth rib probably to Overset the proposition of Volkert As he literally understood it that no blood could be obtained from him. The doctor in attendance aware that the complainant lost forty six ounces of blood which would seem to have been enough to satisfy even Lott who was so anxious to have his portion. The court fined the defendant $25 and costs. While Lott was within the court room having put up ii him the sentence of the Law his Little dog standing on the pavement without in Wistful anxiety for his masters Fate received a poisonous dog Button and was ruthlessly slain. On Tho question of a Tiringo Tho Boston Post democratic says a two have urged Tho North again and again to make its citizpn3 equal before Tho Law and before Tho ballot Box. To should to glad to see Tho Massachusetts suffrage Law adopted by Ozery state in Tho l Nion. No a matter what a maps color or size May be if to Cun read and write is 21 years old to Havo no objection to 18. And so Forth let i in epic comic. We extract the following from the new Orleans Picayune steamship we. G. Hewed a Indianola aug. 8, 1867. J a to his Honor or. T. E. Hughes mayor sir you regard yellow fever at this time As epidemic in your City if to please state the number sick with it at present number of deaths and number attacked this week. Yours rest a j. B. Lockwood command or s. S. Win. G. Howes. Mayors office a Indianola aug. 8, 1867. J a capt. J. B. Lockwood steamship we. G. Hewes dear sir your favor of this Date has just been banded me. I am glad to to Able to state to you that the yellow fever As an epidemic in my opinion no longer exists in our town. I base this opinion on the following state of facts Viz from Tho commencement of the sickness a Here nay 20th june up to within ten Days ago there were at no time in private practice less than one Hundred cases. And in Hospital not loss than fifteen. Within the past ten Days there has been a steady and rapid abatement of the disease and to Day there Are but two cases in Privato practice and two in Hospital. But one death during Tho last week. Very respectfully 1 your obit serve to t. A. Hughes a d., mayor. The Indianola bulletin publishes in the form of an extra a letter from or. We. Hea den chairman of the executive committee of the Howard association of Corpus Christi which we urge upon the immediate and Earnest attention of our readers our City authorities and the Howard association of new Orleans. The following extract gives the material Points of the letter a Corpus Christi Texas aug. 5, 1867. Messes. Editors Indianola bulletin i noticed in your Papor a very exaggerated statement of the extent of the sickness in this place. Permit me to say that up to the present time there have been but nine deaths. Quite a Large number of our population have been prostrated by the fever and in some in stances nearly a whole family at a time however owing to Good medical attendance and the application of the usual remedies it remark Able an arrest of a Minnesota Ruffin took place yesterday afternoon in this City under somewhat remarkable circumstances. It appears that in september of 1865 one Carsten Barton applied at the farmhouse of Captain John Edward Reinmuller situated near new Ulm Brown county Minnesota for assistance. The Captain on account of the beggar being a fellow countryman invited him to stay in the House and extend every kindness to him. Two Days afterwards Barton suddenly disappeared. About a week subsequently he called at the House armed with a Tomahawk and revolver and with the weapons attacked hib Benefactor and almost murdered him. To then robbed the premises of �600 Worth of property and . The county was scoured by civilians and military in search of the guerilla in vain. Yesterday afternoon Captain Reinmuller came to Chicago in business. At 3 of clock to was proceeding along Wells Street when should lie suddenly you Trout but Crest Eli Barton. A moment and Tho latter was in the grasp of Tho Captain and on his Way involuntarily to Tho Armony. Barton was so horrified that to troubled Liko an Aspen Leaf and was incapable of resistance. To was taken before Justice Sturtevant and hold in Bonds of $800, subject to a requisition from Tho governor of journal july 25. I Iii in a a Oman was brought before the police court in Clevo Jand Ohio a few Days since for. Drunkenness who a Ore Jowers estimated to b-i.worths5000. Quickly yields to treatment. If fatal it can in almost every instance be traced to imprudence or neglect of nurse or patient i am glad to say that in our town composed of representatives of Many nationalities the people As a whole have come Forward to each others assistance doing everything in our Power. Our physicians Aro gentlemen of great skill and experience untiring Energy and not hesitate to visit Rich or poor when called. The sickness is increasing it is spreading among the Whites and has extended to our mexican and negro population and while we Are amply supplied with medical attendance in our drug stores still we want Means. Nurses if poor must to pr.i<2, for in. They sit. Up at night they cannot work the next Day. Our Means Are expended for ice nurses drugs and delicacies and yet the demand increases. Our people have Given Are giving and wiil give but they cannot meet i very Case and a a without assistance some will suffer. At this juncture a dozen nurses Niale and female ate sadly needed and dub less would save valuable lives. We Are already indebted to you through messes. Dale amp Ashworth for ice and to three of your citizens or. Wefer Surg messes. Quail and Nelson for valuable assists Ance in person. But urged by. Tho dire necessity of our situation we Call for help. Though overtaxed yourselves you can sound the Call for us which will be heeded by our friends in Galveston and new Orleans. Whatever is sent us will be judiciously expended by our association and be appreciated by our people. With a expressions of High esteem i have the Honor to be very respectfully your obedient servant we. Headen for executive committee Howard association. A we congratulate Indianola on the Prospect of returning Good health and Hope that the improvement May be lasting. A charitable making his will Tho late Paschal p. Pope of Boston remembered but of his $700,000 estate the institutions in that City in Tho following gifts to the Boston society of natural history 520,000 to the temporary Homo for the destitute �10,000 to the Boston dispensary $20,000 to Tho sailors snug Harbor $30,000 to the Howard benevolent society $20,000 to the Boston provident association $10,000 to the Home for aged a men $30,000. He also left to the Harvard College $50,000 to found the Pope professorship of the latin language and literature. James Haywood of Boston who died Worth $200,-000, besides his Privato legacies left $20,000 each to the american Institute at Boston to Harvard College for an astronomical Observatory and the american unitarian society $5,000 to the Boston Young men of Christian Union $2,000 to the Arlington Street Charob and �1,000 apiece to most every charitable institution at Boston. A Springfield Republican. A few words Fob new soy a As it has been called has been a kind of byword for Many years to the enterprising. Citizens of new York and Philadelphia. In Philadelphia new Jersey men were formerly known by the Slang term a Al Serines Jeand Here when a Man goes to new Jersey he is said to go out of the Union. An increasing number of the Best citizens of new York yearly go to new Jersey to live which is not to to construed however into a dislike for the Union. Now Jersey had by the census of 1865,773,-v.ofloinhahitfln nne i non Gomz sus was taken Tho same year had 3,831,777 that is to say new York has nearly five times More people than new Jersey. But our Stato has about sixteen times 4s great a state debt As now Jersey we two Over fifty millions and new Jersey Only $3,395,200= this circumstance probably alleviates some of Tho miseries of a residence in new Jersey a Xao York Post. A Sweet Young lady says that males Aro of no account from Tho ladies Stop kissing them As infants till they commence kiss ing them a Lovei f. A strange incl Flint among imm Granis. From Trio Mih Vauko Wisconsin on sunday a Steamboat Load of norwegian immigrants arrived in this City from the a Derland a Auttlia sea. Attending Tho arrival of these people there Are always incidents worthy of a passing notice. Tho arrival or those on sunday was no exception. Among the immigrants was a norwegian who was accompanied by two children one about 12 and the other about 10 years of age. Tho Man had come on with his Little ones to seek a Home in Minnesota. On the Dook Thero were gathered a number of norwegians who had lived Here for a number of years and who were ready to extend a Welcome to those just seeking Trio Shore. Among the so was a woman who stood near the Dook she appeared to take Little interest in the people As they came out from the boat and Tho Bustle attendant upon seeking for baggage and having it properly checked to their Homes. Yet she cheerfully gave advice when it was asked for. She gave a glance at Tho immigrants As they Camo Forth Joist a glance to see if she knew the parties and would then turn away she had evidently satisfied her curiosity and was about to turn away and go up South water Street when her attention seemed riveted to the stranger and two children spoken of. From a glance the look changed to Ono of ear. Neatness for a moment when she gave a slight scream of if of astonishment an 3 sprang Forward. Grasping one of the child Dren in her Arm. Sho hugged it to her bosom and kissed it Many times and Tho second Ono she treated in Tho Samo manner. Tho children were surprised and began to cry. The amp woman tried to dry their tears and sobbed herself the while., meanwhile Tho father of the children was attracted to the spot by the scene. He too was surprised. To looked at the children and then at Tho woman who was acting so strangely. Even in his Eye a tear started. A Tho children Clung to his Side while Tho woman appeared very much abashed but Hung her head arid sobbed loud enough for All to hear. In a few moments the Man leading Tho children Ono by each hand took them to one Bonier of the shed which protects the immigrants from Tho Sun and beckoned the woman to follow. In that Corner Trio Man and woman were engaged in Earnest conversation for some moments and when Thoy Camo Forth the Froman had dried no her tears and a smile had taken their place the Man too seemed happier than when he went to searched around among the baggage be Lesting it out and giving directions As to where it was to go with As Happy a manner As if he had just found a Fortune. Tho woman stood off one Side but she Clung to the children As if she Felt afraid they would be separated from her. Naturally interested in what was going on to inquired of our Friend Paul Mondean who was making himself useful in getting Tho immigrants fixed out and Paul soon found the Story. Tho woman was the wife of the norwegian and Tho Mother of the two children. Some years before she had been led to leave her Home and her husband and her babies and Fly with a stranger to this country. The new life soon lost its charms for her and she was left alone to toil on. A she supported herself Here in the City by hard labor and lived on hoping she hardly knew for what. Many bitter tears she had shod for her children whom Sho did riot Beli ovo she would Ever meet again. Sunday morning she Learned that a Load of norwegians was to come in and Sho went Down to the boat hoping yet scarcely expecting to meet somebody who could bring news of her husband and her Little ones. Instead she met them. The. Husband was not loth to forgive the woman Mas very anxious to be forgiven and the hearts which but a few hours before had been filled with sadness were now made Happy. Comins Bali to Tho it sip. T the grand jury of the City of London in a recent document called the attention of the a recorder to the increasing frequency of assaults Aud robberies in the streets Espres Seti their conviction that the criminal part of the population is growing More Savage and dangerous every year and advises the restoration of the whipping Post to its old importance. They remark that a Ruffian fears nothing a so much As physical suffering while familiarity has bred a very Hearty contempt for prisons. A London paper thinks that the grand jury is undoubtedly in the right and adds a if to Are to form any opinion from the manner in which flogging sentences Are heard and the punishment itself received. During the week a fellow named Dundis was convicted at the. Old Bailey of robbing a Man with brutal violence ind sentenced to ten years penal servitude and to receive Twenty lashes from the cat. Tho penal servitude would perhaps have been regarded As a Mero. Trifle but the fear of the cat sent the prisoner howling from the . Press. How is this ? the class of roughs Aro not those whose backs Aro the most tender. Prize fighters and brutes of All races come from among them. To believe that the criminals would rather be whipped than imprisoned. The objection to the lash does not ise from its cruelty but from Ito dams Al Quot izing effect. A .�?afiggg3a�?�?�� a. From key West the heralds Tioy West special of Tho 3d says a everything is in readiness to Lay the Cable. Paying out. Began to Day. The line will to opened about Tho 15th of August. A knows of july.38th, and Vera Crnz of the 24th,. And Mexico. The 19th, has been received. Santa Anna is still in prison. Nothing has been Hoard of Marquez foreign ministers were unmolested. Tho press was advocating a general Annesty but All agree that severe punishment should to meted out to Marquez and others.�?�. A i a a. Some of Tho proprietors of the. Atlantic Tol graph Stock in England Are making efforts to a obtain of weekly publication of the rec a in Tai by a the Cable. They urge that the interest involved Aro consider Ablow and that Trio desired publication would tend very materially to assure Tho. Most concerned of the actual position of their securities. A hymn Sung by an old negro woman runs thus i heard a Rush Liuz in it to allies. Juwa by Vours 11 Plum t i hears u rumbling in aides Jows screws i dam. An inquiry elicited Tho fact that Tho second and fourth lines which form a sort of chorus originally Road. A Quot a a to on exiled him
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