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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 14, 1867, Galveston, Texas By Vil a Quot of a a y. Nov u 1 vol. Galveston. Widm spa a Lorn Long August 14, 1867. M be. Telegraphic. I associated Tarcsa dispatches. New York aug. 8.�?Money Call Louis freely offered at 305. Prim business paper in demand at g07 a Little offering. Gold closed at 14001404. Governments fire Selling to it moderate extent to relieve the pressure for Cash. Sterling very Dull at 9.4094 governments Active throughout the Day with a general Advance. Stocks Dull and lower. Washington August 8.�?a special despatch irom Montreal denies that or. Davis was disrespectfully treated in Vermont. He was entirely unmolested and espressos Bim Teli much leased with the trip. A the Deputy marshal has paid already f20,000 Legal ii is in the Surratt trial. St. Louis August 8. Indian commission Greo that general Sherman and colonel by pms should communicate with the officers and agents under their control sending run users to the indians in their respective vicinities to meet the commissioners during september t and october. The Board adjourned to meet at Leavenworth Munday a my a Hen proceed to Omaha whence they will i Send the Missouri to the highest Point to communicate with examine lands. Lor reservation. General Sherman instructs Hancock Anil Wagner to confine operations to the Protection of routes of travel and settlements. New York aug. 8. A flour lo01oe better for old. Cotton Dull middling Uplands 28 a. Gold 1404. Washington aug. 8, 1 p. M. A the jury hive just sent for judge Fisher. A new York August 9.�?jerry0�?Tbrien, who eighteen months ago murdered his mistress was Hung this morning in the tombs. His closing hours he occupied in making appeals to Bis maker for York August 9.�?Cotton, Shade lower ales 10,000 Bales 28�28i flour state $6 35 �11 Southern $11 10015 00. Wheat red Southern $2 3002 37. Corn Dull and declining mixed Western is 10 yellow is 20. Provisions generally firm and steady Ness $2315. A a a groceries to Kiev Iii id naval a to Oreg Quot a unchanged and firm. Freights unchanged. New Yore aug. 9.�?no change in monetary affairs Money plenty Call Loans 305 prices of discounts g07. Gold closed firm it Moc Exchange 6teady. The demand for government Bonds is reduced. Railway stocks lower but steady. New Orleans August 9.�?-Cotton, sales 800 Bales firm and unchanged Low middling 20 receipts for thc_weo.lf.1116. Bales exports for Tho Weeti 53g5 Stock on hand 21,449. Sugar and molasses unchanged. Flour better feeling superfine s8 5008 g2i. Corn 5 cents better. Oats in Good demand $115. Pork quiet $25 do Bacon shoulders 13jo Clear Nidc-8, lc01cic lard pierces 14c. Gold i39i@140. Sterling 32051. New York tight Hall per cent a Premium. A Washington aug.-"9.�?Stanton was not at the Cabinet meeting to Day. A it nothing new from the jury they sent a t sealed document to judge Fisher the contents have not yet transpired. A motion in the new York constitutional convention looking to the restoration of Gold Van exclusive Legal tender was referred. The commissioner of the land office has confirmed the title of san Miguelito to Morici Gouzalez who claims under a mexican giant Given previous to californians acquisition by the United states. It appears from a official document which will fee published to Morrow that Charles a. Gorhau recently applied to the president for Pardon. Dorhan is the same who the assistant attorney general Bays has become notorious under the name of Sanford Conover. He qua recently convicted of perjury and tent to the Albany Penitentiary. Thib application seems to to predicated in part upon a supposed technical irregularity in Constitution of the jury. James m. Ashley who has been Active for president has addressed a letter dated july 22d, to judge Holt and Hon. A. G. Kiddle suggesting that Derham was clearly entitled to a Pardon and endorsing a form of a paper for that purpose. Or. Riddle on july 23d, addressed a letter to the president stating that lib was Early in april last retained to Aid Tho government in the prose a cution of John ii. Surratt and took the general management of Tho preparation of Tho Case and that the labor and difficulties of the Case were he says great and the government is under great obligations to Durham for much valuable information both As to facts and witnesses for the United states and for history and flints. Although in jail he managed to cop informed of the Progress of Tiro Case and from time to time communicated valuable facts suggestions amp a. It seemed to him that for Liis services in a Elolf of Tho government it should Mark its appreciation of them in a Way not to to mistaken. Judge Holt also wrote a letter to Tho president urging Durham s Pardon. Durham on july 26th, petitioned Tho president for Pardon and on july 29tb be wrote a Lotter to him detailing alleged schemes of Ashley and others to obtain false witnesses to associate the president with Booth in Tho assassination of or. Lincoln. Tho assistant attorney general gives outlier Pointa of interest and a very Long. Omaha August 9.�?Tho spotted tails have broken Camp and part of them Liao crossed the Platte joining the Hostilo cheyennes. Settlers Ore flying for Protection to North Platto station. Tho Steamer Antelope lies Njo ovo fort Benton riddled a with Indian bullets. A passenger on Tho Steamer Imperial Yas killed by indians to Day. The recent Light near Mexico resulted in killing eleven and capturing eight indians new Orleans August 9.�?havana, August 5.�?Tho Steamer Narva laying Tho Cable started for Koy West on saturday morning and Laid Twenty and a half Miles. Tho paying out Tho Cable was four a Miles an i Tahoma and Fountain and Spanish men of 1 War san Francisco and do Alisa Nocom panic her but no assistance was required. Tho Narva begun operations hero at 5 a. Jr., mid will Start to Morrow for key West. New York aug. L a stocks Strong., Mon in g0g per cent. Gold 140t. Sterling time uu�9.5 8igk 10i�10j. �?�?T02 1330133. New York August 15025 but coupons. 15025 Ter we Cit 203 better Corn Dull and drooping pork �23 lard steady at 32.�@m�.�? Cotton steady 28028a. Turpentine scarcely so firm gag Rosin. No. 1, 5,5006,75. Washington aug. 10. Surratt jury was discharged being unable to agree standing eight Lor acquittal. After the jury was discharged it was ordered that the name of Joseph Brady leading Counse for Surratt be Strick ii from the Rolls of the court owing to a difficulty Between the judge and Brady during the Progress of the Trini. It is stated that after the adjournment of court Brady followed judge Fisher into a Street car and presented the judge with a Challenge which the judge on Reading Tore up. Washington August 10.�?it is stated that the Cabinet has agreed that the president can remove Stanton by first under the second Section of the tenure of office Bill. Nothing new regarding the Surrat jury. Quebec August 10.�?ten houses were burned. In consequence of the derangement of the fire alarm Telegraph no alarm was Given. Louisville August 10. Southern belief commission Hiis disbursed-$90,000. Quebec August 10. Steamer secret Oto her was from Montreal Cut the Steamer link Al St. Pyfer in Twain sinking her in three minutes. The Crew took Refuge on the wheel House and were All saved. San Francisco August 10. Independent Union committee nominated Caleb j. Fay for governor. Receipts of the Central Pacific Railroad Foi Quot july $175,000 Gold. Baltimore August 10. democratic procession when returning Froin ii pole raising was fired into by a crowd and two wounded. Washington aug. 10, closing scenes of Surratte a trial tool Pince to Day at one of clock the prisoner was brought into the court room and assigned the scat occupied by him during the trial beside his counsel. He came into court smiling and seemed in Good spirit As he chatted with Hia counsel. Merrick made an allusion to Tho report that an attempt would be made to Rescue him Whereat the prisoner seemed much amused. At five minutes past one judge Fisher resumed Bis seat upon the Bench. The crier called the court to order. Marshall Phillips was directed to bring this jury Down by this time the court room was much crowded. The jury wits brought Down at eight minutes past one and by direction of judge Fisher the names of the jurors were called by Middleton. The clerk addressing the jury said gentlemen of the jury have you agreed upon a verdict. A a or. Todd we have not been Able to agree. Judge Fisher said i have received,.the. Following letter from the jury. To Hou. Geo. P. Risici judge of criminal court. Sir the jury in the Case of the United states is John h. Surratt most respectfully state bae they stand precisely now As when they first balloted upon entering the room nearly equally divided and that they Are firmly convinced that they cannot possibly make a verdict. We deem it our duty to the court to the country and in View of the condition of our private affairs and situation of our families and in View of the fact that the health of several of our number is becoming seriously impaired under the protracted confinement to make this statement and to ask your Honor to dismiss us . Most respectfully submitted signed w. B. Todd Violt. Bale w. Bark Taos. Bern Geo. A. Oepen. G. Schneider. James y. Davis. Columbus Alexander we. Mclean Benj. F. Morsel b. E. Gilbey . Both. Alter the letter was received judge Fisher asked if anything was to it be said on either Side Why the jury was not to be discharged. Bradley said the prisoner did not consent and if there was any discharge it would be against the protest of Tho prisoner. Carrington said he would Leavo the whole Matte with the court. A Ridge he had already received two or three notes of a similar Tenor to the one read and if there was any possibility of the jury agreeing he would not object to keeping them for a reasonable time but As he was informed they could not possibly agree lie would discharge them. The jury were accordingly discharged at ten minutes past one of clock. Tho jury then left the court room. Fisher then immediately read the following i have now a very unpleasant duty to Dis Chi go but one which i cannot forego. On the 2nd of july last during the Progress of the trial of John a Surratt for Tho murder of Abraham Lincoln immediately after the court had taken a recess until the following morning As Tho presiding Justice was descending from the Bench Joseph h. Bradley esq., accosted him in a Rudo and insulting manner charging the judge with having offered him or. Bradley a series of insults from the Bench from the commencement of the trial. The judge disclaimed any intention whatever., of Passine any insult and assumed or. Bradley that he entertained no Othor feelings for him but those of respect. Or. Bradley so far from accepting this explanation or disclaimer thereupon threatened Tho judge with personal chastisement. Ashe understood him no court can administer Justice or live if its judges Are ,t9 be threatened wife a personal violence a Quot on All a occasions a whenever the counsel May to excited by an. Imaginary insult. Tho offence of or. Bradley is one which even his years will not palliate. It cannot to overlooked. Jar. Bradley cannot go unpunished of a contempt of Cotrit. It is therefore ordered that his name to stricken from the Roll of attorneys a practising in this court. Or. Bradley immediately Rose to his feet and asked if the court had adjourned. Fishery it has not sir. Bradley then sir in the presence of Tho court and this a Gembry a on Toca. Tho a Itu Lemeul just Quimo by the judge utterly Falso in every particular. Fisher interrupting ordered the crier to adjourn the court Mullon Tho crier said a this court is now Well then i will say it now. Fisher rising to leave Tho bench�?1you can say what you please sir and make a speech to Tho crowd if you like. have no authority to dismiss to from Tho Tho act of. Three of Tho judges in supreme court. Judge Fisher made a reply which was inaudible to our reporter and then left the room followed by a Large crowd of persons. Immediately after leaving the court room Fisher. Proceeded to the Street and entered a car. He was followed closely by Bradley who entered the car and stepping up to Fisher handed him a note. Fisher took the note Rose to his feet opened and began of read it and or. A Bradley turned and left the car around which an excited crowd gathered. It is understood that the note was a Challenge. Several police sprang into the car and officer Mckenney stepped to the Side of or. Bradley and kept in that position while he remained in the car. On leaving the car Bradley passed through the crowd. And entered Bis office and was followed by several friends belonging to the bar. A Large crowd immediately gathered on the Corner in front of his office Rafter remaining in the office a few moments Bradley came out Arm in Arm with his brother Charles Bradley of the National Bank of the Republic and proceeded Down Louisiana Avenue. followed by a Road of his friends and persons who excited la discussed the proceedings which had Juit transpired. In the judge Fisher resumed his seat in the car and continued the perusal of the note while the car moved off. A number of Hii personal i hands had entered the car and a great Deal of apprehension was manifested of a personal encounter Between the judge and the deposed lawyer. Washington August Are afloat to indict Bradley for sending judge Fisher a Challenge but it appears that Bradley simply accepted Fishers verbal Challenge of Fere a during the difficulty which led to Bradley a debasement. The dilemma is if Bradley is punishable for accepting Fisher is liable for sending and the penalty is Fine and imprisonment for five years. The interest in the Surratt trial yields to the Fisher and Bradley quarrel. The jurors for. Conviction Are Todd Snyder Mescon and Bow. The Revenue receipts for to Day Are Quot $415,000 for the week $3,744,000, Raleign aug. 10.�?-the following Tele graphic correspondence Between. Governor r Worth arid general Sickles took place to Day state of North Carolina executive depot Baleigh August 10, 1867. Major general d. E. Sickles commanding second military District Charleston s. C. The county courts whose duty it is to revise and provide juries both for our county and Superior courts in Many counties have not made such revival since your order no. 32. This omission has not sprung Froin an disposition to disobey your orders. Your order qualifies As jurors those who have been assessed and who shall have paid taxes for Curt year. Tae we ills arrest year Beta construed As the present fiscal year ending on the 30th Day of september next. Our Revenue act Section 44, Paige 12, requires the tax list to be placed in the collectors hands on or before the 1st Day of july. The a machinery of our Revenue Law makes it impossible that the clerk can have tax lists ready for delivery much before the 1st of july. Sheriffs usually begin to collect about the 20th of july and Are allowed until october .1st to Complete the collection and make returns. The county courts cannot know who have paid taxes this year until the sheriffs shall have made their returns at first term of county courts occurring after the 1st of october. I have no doubt All the county courts will comply with your order. The full circuit of our Superior courts is just commencing it is believed that in Many and prob Bably in a All the counties the jury list will not have been revised. Two of our judges now in my office on their Way to their circuits report to me that they have just consulted colonel born Ford and that he construes your order As forbidding them to try any sent before a j Ury not drawn conformably to your order no. 32. If it be True As i think it is that the county courts Here construe your order As above set Forth. The calamity will result that no courts will be held during the fall circuit in Many of the counties. If you can suggest any Mode of avoiding the calamity by Telegram i will communicate by Telegraph to the judges. A Jonathan Worth governor of North Carolina. Charleston a c., August 10. His Ericc Lyncy Jonathan Worth governor of North Carolina the circumstances set Forth in the Telegram of your excellency shows that it has been impracticable to revise the jury lists in compliance with general orders no. 32 in time for the present term of the courts. Par graph two of general orders no. 32 is therefore a Pended in its application to the present term of the Superior and county courts for Norta Carolina and the jurors for said term May be Impan eled a8 heretofore provided by Law. The publication of your excellency a Telegram and this reply is authorized for the information and guidance 61 All concerned. A by command of maj. Gen. D. E. Sickle. J. W. Class Captain amp a. A. G. New Yore Ang 10. following is published very conspicuously in this mornings Herald the Nev crisis is Benator Mauris on the be Zelir condition of the a . To the editor of Tho Herald. New Yore aug. 8th, 18g7. A i thu Iii you for your Manly announcement in this mornings Herald in the article headed a the new your views in that article Are so wholesome that i cannot leave the City this morning being transiently Here without expressing my gratitude. I assure you sir that the present attempt of party leaders to secure political Power by making the Southern states negro states in most alarming and the people of Tho North must not allow its Success if they value their own Freedom and. Prosperity. If the people Stop to think they will spurn such on attempt with a indignation. Nothing but. Fms issues can Poe Gibly a Law he Tui miso project i Suc i need to that. The advocates of this nefarious scheme will keep before them Tho idea of martyrdom and All that sort of thing but Tho True Issue should be Ever present to our minds and Tho martyrs rewarded at less expense than the overthrow of our institutions. Now sir i have done my Humble part in Tho late War two of my sons Havo fallen under the Union Flag and my part has been in contributions and not Tho reception of a Penny a profit during Tho strife but never have i wished anything but a restored Union. For thi and this none i have sacrificed and not for the Elevation of the negro nor the disfranchisement of the people of Tho South. If the people of the South Are not to be restored to the Union then the old Copperhead cry that the Union could not be restored by arms is verified. The idea that Tho South must be a Africani Zed before its states Are allowed to return is an admission that War has been a wicked failure and has been urged for the destruction of the Republic. It is not a debatable question. We did not Send our Bons to die for the erection of negro states in the South. I Appeal to the great masses in the North who so generously poured out their blood and treasure in the conflict if this was their object. Or. Editor you have hit a tender chord in your remarks this morning and will i know awaken the sleeping sense of Tho people on this crisis. I have purchased a Plantation in Alabama and contemplate removal there and am encouraging others in the North to follow me but if that state isto be a negro state Farewell to my project. A the reasons Are obvious fanatics May Neft see them but men of common sense cab 1 thank you again from met heart. Iba e. Harris. New Tofik. August a Shade firmer. Sales 900 at 28�. Flour sales gg0 at Sll 25. Wheat closed quiet. Corn 102 lower very heavy. Provisions firm. Naval stores firm. Groceries quiet and unchanged. Freights firmer. New York August 10.�?Money easy and unchanged. Sterling 9?�09�. Government securities Dull. Gold closed quiet at 140@ 1 -10o. Stocks Strong higher at close. The Bank statement on monday is expected to. Show a decrease of $1,500,000 in Loans ,000,-000 in specie $1,500,000 in deposits and an increase of $1,000,000 in Legal tenders. New Orleans aug. 10.�?Cotton, sales 350 Bales Dull and unchanged Low middling 26c. Receipts 992 Bales exports 1533 Bales. Sugar and molasses unchanged. Flour superfine s8 50. Corn firm White advanced 2jc., yellow mixed is 20 White is 3501 37j. Oats in demand is 15. Pork quiet and unchanged shoulders 13�a. Clear sides 160 164c. Sugar cured hams 21i@22ie. Gola ,139. Sterling �?T52�054�. New York sight. A Premium. A new York August 10. specie shipments to Day amounted to three Hundred and fifty five thousand dollars. New York August 11.�?arrived, Weser from Europe 13th. Parts press says Garibaldi had issued orders. In chiefs of bands that disturbances had already broke out in Venice. New York August 11.�?arrived rising Star from. Aspinwall 30th with $1,1,000,72 in specie. She is detained at quarantine. Also arrived Steamer Moneka from Charleston August 9th,"off Cape Lookout spoke Schooner Ida Bird Ivo Iii. Lard mount for new York. Quot Crew sick supplied her with three men. New York August 10.�?a flood burst in canal Aqueduct and Reservoir flooding Northern parts of the City. Loss is $100,000. Washington August 10.�?on account of apprehensions of yellow fever becoming epidemic the government has ordered that officers absent on Leavo from Louisiana and Texas May upon application to the adjutant. General have the leave extended to the loth of october. Washington aug. 10. Post office department has authorized a postal service Between Galveston Texas and tux an Mexico Semi monthly by Means of a line of packets established by j. R. White amp ., of Galves on. Washington August 10.�?secretary Stanton it is said has received letters from numerous Quot congressmen endorsing his refusal to resign. A carefully written editorial in the Herald bitterly denouncing both republicans and democrats but auditory of the government Pirty contains these sentiments a Are we Drifting from the excesses of Liberty Equality and fraternity to a French reign of terror to the bloody reprisals of St. Domingo or to that fusion and confusion of races which culminated in me lean anarchy ? it will be better to wait two years or ten years longer for Southern restoration than to push it. Through on the basis of a controlling Southern negro balance of a. New York August 11.�?arrived the steamers Mariposa from new Orleans. Sex senator Harris publishes a card Sta ting that his letter repudiating the congressional policy of reconstruction published in a new York paper of saturday which Many persons supposed to have been written by him is a forgery. He fully endorses reconstruction by Congress. New York aug. 11.�?arrived, George Cromwell from new Orleans Herman Livingston and Rebecca Clide from Wilming. Ton and Jura from Europe. In the French Senate on the 27th, Baron Duffer said that Prussia had formed a confederation in Germany offensive to France. He did not think after the successes they had gained Prussia would Stop but hoped the Large states would unite and limit her Empire. Cardinal Antonilli has forwarded a circular dispatch to the papal no Novas at Catholic courts stating that the attitude of the italian governments is greatly at variance with the engagements which have been made with the Pope. The dispatch also refers to preparations being made by italian Quot volunteers to deprive the Pope of temporal sovereignty. The Church property Bill in the italian Senate passed by a vote of 204 to 58. New York August 12.�?stocks Strong Money firm at 5 per cent. Gold 140i@140g Sterling time 109g�109$ sight 110�@1104 coupons �?Tg2, i a a Virginia go a new Issue 50051. Flour a old 10c. Better new Dull and heavy wheat Dull com heavy and is 102c. Lower pork firmer at s23 35 023 37i lard is quiet at 124013�oc. Whiskey steady Cotton steady at 28 pc. Washington August 12. reports regarding Tho presidents resignation tire utterly groundless. Thai Pri Issitt minister hag and Rio fads vim have an interview with the russian minister to Day. A meeting of the bar to consider the Fisher an Bradley difficulty waa largely attended. A committee was appointed to investigate and report. Adjourned Chicago aug. 12.�?colonel r. A. Gilmore postmaster Ems drowned in Lako Balto the Corner Stone of Tho monastery under Tho auspices of Tho order of passion its was Laid yesterday in pre Sorice of five thousand persons. Three thousand catholics went in . New York aug. 12�?pannma advices state that quiet has been restored throughout Tho columbian states. Magdalena however still holds out. Mosquera a secret archives contain documents proving Mosquera a anti american scheming. Cholera has broken out in Nicaragua again. The transit route is unaffected As yet. The peruvian government has ordered a Gold medal for Juarez for his services in behalf of republicanism in America. President Prado was appointed minister to Mexico. The Chiliano Saro indignant at the declaration of defensive War against Spain. They want offensive War. Of a a ,. E so is i Peter we is. Liverpool aug. 8�?evening.�?Cotton closed firm with an Advance of on middling Orleans. Closing quotations middling up. It lands 10id Orleans 10��d sales 12,000bales., breads Tulis unchanged. London augusts evening. A Consols 91� Bonds 73. The Bullion in the Bank of England has in creased �330,000 week. Frankfort August 8.�?Bonds 77��. Liverpool August .8�?evening.�?provisions closed Dull lard 49059s. Pork 73s. Bacon 44s. A a. London August 8�?evening.�? sugar Easice but quotations unchanged no. 12, dutch Standard 2502g?. Berlin August 8�?the minister of finances budget will show Prussia s receipts in excess of expenditures. The City of Hamburg has voted to sign Tho military treaty with Prussia. Liverpool August 9�?noon.�?Cotton quiet and steady sales 10,000 middling Uplands. 104d Orleans 10jd sales of Tho week. 66,000. Whereof 20,000 were for Export. And 20,000 by speculation. Stock in port 734,000, whereof 332,000 american. Whether favourable Fogt crops. Bread stuff easier though quotations Are unchanged. Provisions and. Produce quist and steady. A a Casoos August 9�?noon.�?Consols si�.-. -bonds73. Y Quot a a Quot a Queenstown August 9.�?cuba touched. A London aug. 9�?2 p. 73 like Batool. Aug. 9�?2 p. M.r4-Breadsuffd. Firmer. Cotton unchanged. London aug. 9. russian loan is rapidly Token at Paris. The House of commons refused concurrence with the House of lords on the amendments to the Reform Bill. Quot. Traced Dorie won the Brighton stakes. Had cup won the club stakes. Fort Hamilton new York Harbor aug. 9. A Steamer Emily b. Soudan. For Charleston is ashore in West Bank. A. Y London aug. 9.�?marie Sophia daughter of Maximilian Joseph,1 Duke and the sex Queen of Naples is dead. Liverpool aug. 9�?evening. A bread stuffs quiet and steady. Provisions generally quiet. Lard has advanced to 50 Don aug. 9.�?in the a a Louse of lords the government submitted a treaty with the United states to reduce Tho rates of postage. Thirty persons were killed outright by a Accident at Bra head Ireland. Tho consideration of the Reform Bill in Tho House of lords is fixed for the 12th, the Home Secretary Saip in the House of. Commons that the fenian prisoners Are treated. Better than any others. A London. August 8�?evening.�?Consols 94?.-Bonds 73j. _ a. Liverpool August 8�?Cotton firmer and quotations unchanged sales 10,.000 Bales. Manchester reports Are ii or favourable. Lok dds August 8, government is. About sending a Large body of troops to Canada to repel the threatened fenian invasion. The Law abolishing Church rates was rejected Joy a Largon Jonty. The French forces have occupied thru of provinces of Cochin China. A terrible Railroad Accident occurred at Bra head wicklow county Ireland. The express train from Dublin for wicklow ran off the track and eight passenger coaches were precipitated from the precipice into the sea. Only one person in. The.,\yholo4rain who a Seapy a alive. London Ang. 10�?noon.�?Cotton a unchanged. Liverpool aug. 10�?noon.�?Cotton firmer and More doing sales 12,000 Bales. Weather delightful for crops. Market unchanged.1 Locos August 10�?1 p. 94j. Bread stuffs and provisions firm pork advanced. Paris August 10. turkish Admira took a dispatch from Tho servant of minister Morris who has Laid the matter before the turkish government. The porters reply has not yet transpired. London August 10.�? an american War Steamer has been ordered to Crete. Florence August 10. cholera is racing with considerable violence in Palermo Sicily. Quot St. Petersburg August 10.�?a treaty a of peace was concluded yesterday Between Russia and Bokhara. London August 10. Bra head Accident is exaggerated Only three coaches were precipitated into the sea and four persons killed outright Liverpool August 11.�?steamers Deus Toji land Minnesota and Atlantic Haver Riedout Paris August 11.�?at a great fire at Bordeaux eighty persons Are reported As killed and injured. Negotiations Between Austria and Italy regarding Boundary &c., have been suspended. Tho turkish government in a note to it diplomatic agents denies the truth of the reported cruelty to cretans. A Glasgow August 11. Steamer United kingdom has arrived. London aug. 12�?noon.�?Consols 9-1 Al Bonds 73?. Liverpool aug. 12�?noon.�?Cotton firmer and More Down Quot to Balboa i3.fl0 ii tons unchanged. Weather favourable for crops. Bread stuffs provisions and product unchanged. T London aug. 12�?2 p. �? Consols 943 Bonds 73 a. A Liverpool aug. 12�?2 p. hag advanced to 10u. Bread stuffs pork ba3 declined 50g. Medium Rosin has declined to 11 mass. Sylvanus Thayer of Braintree iss., who graduated at Dartmouth College .1807, hr.3 Given Tho College 840,000 to found department of Archit exturs and civil engineering
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