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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 10, 1867, Galveston, Texas Vex la a a go Alveston saturday morning August 10, 1867� no. 85.telegraphic. A associated press dispatches. I Washington Angust 4.�?there a a of doubt but that the president formally requested Secretary Stanton to resign his position. New Yorik aug. 140�. Cotton steady sales 1200 Bales 28i@29c., chiefly 29c. New Yore unchanged. Gold closed steady 140�. Foreign Exchange Jie avy and lower prime Bankers 109i@109,i. Shipments of specie to Morrow will be Light nov Emmentt a Strong stocks continued to and Vince to clone of to Day. Mining shares Gen Only Dull and lower. New Orleans August is firm with sales of 1000 bale6�?low middling 25 i 2gc. The receipts for three Days Are 705 Bales and the sex porn for the same time 333 Bales. Sugar and ?las6es has declined. Flour is better but the Market is overstocked and prices Ore nominal superfine $7 50@950. Corn firm at is 05@1 25. Oats .$115. Pork has declined 50c. And is now at $25 50. Lard prime in tie ices 13c. Gold 139.j@l4. Sterling Exchange and new York sight unchanged. A new Orleans August col. von Schroder of Gen. Sheridan a staff died Mardenly last evening of brain fever. Radical meeting called to night to endorse general Sheridan. Several prominent party loader announced to speak. Steamer Kaleigh from new York with reports to August 3d, off key West 8 a. M., spoke Pilot boat reported Teumer Honing. Havana Cable on Board everything in readiness would proceed to Lay that Day. Washington August a a Secretary Seward bn6 returned. Stanton did not attend to Day at the Cabinet meeting. Revenue excepts to Day $445,122. Ujj Ecim. Putative statement of the debt covering two months shows the debt bearing Coin interest Bai increase $70,202,750 the debt bearing currency interest decreased $80,726,910 May turd debt not presented for payment increased $5,023,795 55, and debt bearing no internet has increased 51,814,458 74, this makes the apparent decrease of total debt during the last two months $35,402,814, but the to ii in the Treasury during the same period has increased $4,148,760,39, while the currency bos Only decreased $19,180,800, so that the Adinol reduction of Public debt from june 1st to Angust 1st amounts to $4,309,510,98. Pierpont concluded his argument this evening. Judge Fisher will charge the jury in the morning. / new Yoke aug. 0.�?vessels arriving report a tremendous Hurricane which lasted seven bore. Several vessels arrived to Day More or less injured pieces of wrecks were picked up by various Pilot boats. The steamship America just off goes into Dock. St. Loris aug. Armstear with 11 men was surrounded by indians to Cut Bis Way out and reached fort Hayes hotly pumped tie was reinforced from fort Moreo and nothing has been heard irom since. , Honduras aug. apprehension of further Indian trouble. Additional United states emigrants have a lived. Imprest duties ruined 3 per cent. . Aug. Lawrence Conditi to take charge of the negroes discharged for meddling in politics. Lawrence finds ome difficulty in providing for them. A , i�?Ta., August 0.�?ex governor David 1. Porter died aged seventy nine. A Washington August 0.�?Secretary Stanton has replied to the president s note. He states in ezied that the name consideration those of a High Public character which would make his Stanton s resignation acceptable to the president induce Stanton to retain his office until the nest meeting of Congress. New Yorik Ault a. 7.�?stocks Dull. Money Active. Gold 140fi. 1862 coupons 13g. Cotton easier sales 1000 Bales 28i@29c. New Yoke aug. 7.�? Cotton quiet at 29c. Gold 141c. New Orleans aug 7.�?Cotton firm. Sales c50 Bales. Low middling 28c. Receipts 19g Bales exports 870 Bales. Louisiana sugar nto Cli Light and Only Josal Trade. Cuba fully fair to prime 13i014c. Molasses 48�55e. Flour firmer. Treble extra $11 37i@12 50 Choice $14. Corn firmer at $1 0501 25�? Liole Range. Oats sold soon As landed at is 15. Pork $25 50025 c2. Bacon show in a d�b4n Good jobbing demand at 13jc Clear a hides a 10. Gold 140. Sterling 52�o054j. New York sight i Premium. Nov Orleans aug. 7.�?the Picayune says that the first action of the new City Council is Encomb aging and helps to dissipate the fear that they would renew the dispute of the legality of past issues. A Resolution was sent to the finance committee adopting and legalizing All outstanding issues As on equal footing Ami pledging Trio Council to arrest further Issue and do All. In its. Power to relieve the circulation. Washington aug. 7.-�?jn connection with Stanton s official refusal to resign it is stated that he will not to allowed to participate in the cd Bidet councils. The president will not Renovo farther in the. Matter during Stanbery a absence. A Quot mrs. Davis is in Baltimore in route for Canada. A grand agricultural and horse exhibition takes place at the National tace course near Washington october 28th. Premium lists comprise 820,000. The managers who Are to represent the Northern and Southern state have made arrangements to Sec to the attendance of the Tanious running and trotting Witock of the country. A judge Fisher concluded his charge to the jury retired at 12 o clock. Wasmut Ron aug. 7.---Revenue $442,Coo. Washington August 7. A judge Fishers charge covers four and a half columns. Its general tone is regarded As Tina Vorabo to the prisoner. The following is Tho summing up from the observations which i have Quot to infer 1st�?that a conspiracy formed Intima of War to Tako the life of the president and Vico president of the Republic and of Tho executive departments for Tho purpose of aiding Tho enemies of Tho Federal government by throwing it into anarchy and Conns Iod is treason As heinous and As hurtful to the people of this country As Tho co passing the death of the King or Queen of great Britain into Tho subjects of that realm Tjit every person engaged in such conspiracy As Long As lie Conj Ines a member of it is Quot responsibly not Only for the act of treason but for any murder or other crime which May flow from it. 3d. That the government May waive the charge of treason against one or All of the conspirators and proceed against them for the smaller crime of murder included in the greater crime of treason. 4th. That under an indictment for a murder resulting from Tho prosecution of such conspiracy evidence of the entire scope of the conspiracy May be considered in estimating the heinous character of the offence in the indictment. 5th. That it was hot necessary to aver in the indictment the fact that Abraham Lincoln the victim of the murder was at the time of its commission president of the United states or to prove in order to allow the jury to take that fact into the account in determining the heinous character of the crime it being a fact of which courts will take judicial cognizance. Ctr. That he who does an act by another does it by himself and is responsible for its consequences in criminal As Well As in civil cases. 7th. That although an Alibi a when clearly established forms a Complete and unanswerable def Niue the Mere absence fro the immediate scene of a crime resulting1 from a conspiracy unripe a de of and a abandoned by the party charged it will not Avail him if he were it some other place assigned him and his part in that conspiracy. 8th, this plea is unless clearly made out always regarded with suspicion and a circumstance weighing against him who it because it implies an admission of the truth of the facts alleged against him and the correctness of the inference drawn from them. 9th, that flight from the scene of crime the fabrication of false accounts the concealment of instruments of violence Iii circumstances indicating guilt. 10th. Although a confession in the slightest degree tainted with tie Promise of favor by duress or fears is not admitted As evidence against him who makes it yet if made freely and voluntarily is one of the surest proofs of guilt. The Foreman of the jury requested a copy of the recorded evidence. Judge Eisler said it was unusual. The defence was willing but the prosecution objected so the jury retired without the documents. Verdict is waited for with feverish anxiety. New Yobe aug. 7.�?money, abundant Anco unchanged. Gold closed firm at 140,i. It a a understood that the government sold half a million to Day to relieve the pressure. Sterling Dull and lower. Prime Bankers 9j@9. Governments closed firm. Stoks closed. Steady after Tho close of Board. Eries Rose to 70 Treasury receipts �3,817,000 payments $2,210,000. Washington August 7.�?it is said that the president and Secretary Seward Are not in perfect Accord regarding the movements in the Stanton matter. The following extract Froin Congress omd proceedings pending the passage of the tenure of office Bill is quoted As applying to the Case said a i agree to Tho report of the conference committee with Good Deal of reluctance. The scare had by two deliberate Voles declared its purpose not to make the duration of Cabinet officers fixed by any time but that they should hold their office at the pleasure of the president and that was the original design in the creation of their offices but the general purpose of this Bill is so very important and it is so salutary a Reform that i thought it not to to endangered by a dispute or a collateral question. The House committee conferred and by two votes were very tenacious upon the subject and there seemed to be a probability that the Bill would be lost upon a question that was collateral and unimportant. I take that no Case can Rise where a Cabinet minister would attempt to hold on to Bis office after his chief desired his removal. I can scarcely conceive of such a Case. I think that no gentleman no Man with any sense of Honor would hold a position As Cabinet officer after his chief desired his a removal Aud therefore the slightest intimation on the part of the president would always secure the resignation of a Cabinet officer a for i do not wish to jeopardise this Bill by an unimportant and collateral question. Quot the following is Tho text of the president s and Stanton a correspondence Washington August 5, sir Public considerations of a High character a constrain me to say that your resignation As Secretary of War will be accepted. Very respectfully Andrew Johnson. Non. E. 11stanton. Secretary of War. War department / augusts. Sir your Noto of this Dato has been received stating that Public considerations of a High character constrain you to say that my resignation As Secretary of War will be accepted. In reply. I have Tho Honor to say. Those Public considerations of a High character which alone have induced to to continue at the head of this department constrain me not to resign Tho office of Secretary of War before the next meeting of Congress. Very respectfully Edwin m. Stanton to the in Resi Iii to 10 30, r. took his seat the Bailiff stated no present Prospect of an agreement. Some jurors were disposed on lounges others arguing the matter. Fisher without adjourn ment of Tho court said he would go Home and not receive Tho verdict till morning. It is i seriously apprehended that Tho jury will hang. I Short a charge is characterized in some circles As a stump speech. Washington aug 7.�?two Hundred and fifty workmen have been discharged from tie Springfield mass., armory. At last accounts Tho chinese were instituting anxious inquiries regarding Tho increase of the american Squadron in their Waters j. S. Galladay is elected to Congress. Advices from. Fort Hayno say Tho fort will i a Are Stayn fret lift a Afcin Iocca Plains. A a St. Louis aug. 7.�?Tho Indian commissioners met yesterday col. Taylor is permanent chairman and a White Secretary Indian matters were discussed commissioners present Aro colonel Taylor general Sanborn colonel Tappan general Sherman general Harvey senator Henderson. Tho commission will move Westward. General Terry will join them on the Plains. An Omaha despatch says Tho indians deceive Tho miners from South pass. In spake has notified Bingham Young to recall his miners As the country belongs to map Akeer a tribe. A Large band of Sioux crossed the Black Hills yesterday going East. Oniell a Engineer party struck them killing one Indian. Several cholera deaths occurred at Omaha. A dispatch says a freight train on the Union and Pacific Railroad wag thrown from the track by indians at Plum Creek station the Engineer firemen and Brakesman were killed the freight burned three or four men at the station were also killed. The outrage is attributed to the spotted tails whom the general had been feeding. The Silver Lake arrived from fort Benton she was fired inter forty Miles above fort Rice one of her Crew wounded. New York aug. 7.�?gold 140jj Money 5 per cent flour old 1g to 20 better new Dull wheat 3@5 better Corn 1 cent lower. Cotton Dull 28�. New Orleans aug. 8.�?austrian Sloop of War Elizabeth arrived from Vera Cruz to Day having on Board a number of austrian soldiers. Reports that United states Steamer Susquehanna sailed from Verdi Cruz on the 28th Ultimo destination unknown. New York August 8.�?the bark Akridge lost. Her Crew of nine persons All lost exempt the Captain who was picked up from it raft. Every arriving vessel brings report a of the severity of the Gale Many unknown vessels noticed in distress. Sapho from Wilmington arrived. Washington August 8.�?it is stated that the president has directed his subordinates to hold no communication with Stanton a Secretary of War. The Surratt jury still disagree and stands so it is asserted 10 to 2 for acquittal. Considerable interest is attaching to the commissions recommendation for the commutation of mrs. Surratte a sentence. It cannot be doubted that the president never saw it he reiterates his previous assertion to that effect. The president also says the documents were not arranged that presented to him As now they were in Loose sheets. The following is an extract from special orders no. Ill. New Ekx Lanb aug. 8. For denying the supremacy of. The Laws of Congress raid stating that he we till not obey them when conflicting with the Laws of the state of Texas and openly denouncing the government of the United states in office and presence of Brevet major general j. J. Reynolds commanding sub District of the Rio Grande Edward Dougherty judge 12th judicial District state of Texas is hereby removed from that office and Edward Basse appointed in his Stead in. At the request of his Honor mayor. Heath of the City of new Orleans Thomas a. Adams chif of police of that City is hereby removed from Bis office cd j. J. Williamson appointed in his Stead. By command of major general p. H. Sheridan. Geo. B. , asset adj to Gen. Speaking of the newly appointed chief of police the Republican says he was formerly of the 128 new York. Volunteers and served a with great distinction in the ordnance department and having millions of dollars in charge and distinguished himself greatly in front of Mobile assistant to general Baily in the red River dam Enterprise. New Orleans aug. 8.�?sales of Cotton 900 Bales prices unchanged. Low middling 2gc. Receipts 13 Bales. Flour Little movement superfine s8 02. Corn advanced 5c for White. Oats none in first hands nominally $1 15. Pork moderate enquiry prices unchanged from $25 50. Bacon Light jobbing demand shoulders 1.34@13i Cly or sides 15�16.�? sugar cured hams 19@22j. Lard in pierces 14c. Gold 39@40. Sight in Premium. New York aug. 8.�?Cotton easier sales 1,200 Bales at 28�. Gold 404. Washington aug. 8.�?judge Fisher went Home at g of clock a. M., not to return till 10 in the morning it is stated that the jury now stand eleven to one for acquittal. Revenue to Day amounts to $543,000. The state ment that the executive business with the War department is now done through the. Adjutant general is untrue. The president attended the Schutzen feast to Iii afternoon. No movements whatever have yet been made cramping Stanton a official Junction. _ Detroit micii., aug. 8, constitutional convention the liquor prohibition clause was carried 44 to 83. A Washington aug.-8.�?a fixed White Light visible 18 Miles will from Light House recently erected on East Point Prince Edward s Island Gulf of St. Lawrence. A. Fixed red Light will be exhibited from Light House Point of the spit of passage seven Miles within the Entrance of Waterford Harbor Ireland. The Beacon pole and barrel recently exhibited on bite passing Light House removed. S Peck gals. A a a a a a new Virti tartlets. New Yore August 9.�?gold opened at 140s-Liy Ibe Cable. London August 9�?noon.�?consols 94 to five twenties 73. Liverpool August .9�?noon.�?Cotton Market quiet but firm sales-10,000 Bales r middling Uplands 104d. Orleans 10i@10ad. New Hampshire failed to pass the Normal school Bill and so depends on Masselin Btte. Another year. The population of Mississippi by a state census just taken is 724,7.18,. Viz Whites 343,400 coloured 381,258. Tho Boston journal avers that All of educated Boston understand and speak French Pei factly and that move than half of them Denaui Quot French. Tho Providence people Are troubled about Tho Quality of their drinking water. Tho press says the Wells Aro gradually failing in Quality and that before Many Yeara the water will become so impregnated with foreign s i myth Birtty few to fco in entirely useless. Tho South although no longer in danger of suffering from absolute starvation still contains Many poor people. It appears from statistics compiled at Milledgeville the capital of Georgia Tho number of paupers in that state has increased to 70,000. Mrs. Amanda mrs made widow of Quot major franci3 Langhorne Pade a virginian by birth who was massacred with his whole command a one Hundred and seventeen men by Seminole indians in , 1835, has just died in Florida. Be �oeope1j� Kew. Foreign summary. Kossuth declines a seat in Tho hungarian parliament. The French papal candidate is at present Bishop of Orleans. Eugenia a visit to England originates numberless conjectures. The emperor is expected in England Early . Victorians memories of Prince Albert have been published and produced quite a sensation. Her majesty relates All the circumstances of her first introduction to her future husband describing Bis appearance and manners at that time and repeats her declaration of love. The North Germany parliament convenes on the 27th instant. The prussian government has instituted inquiries whether or Warez has treated its minister Baron von Magnus in accordance with the Laws of nations. The prussian army commission report in favourably regarding the Chasse pot Rifle the convention at Stuttgart recommends Southern Germany to join the Northern confederation. Woolsey won the Brighton cup 2nd Tyndal 3d, lecturer. won the a Nursery stake persian 2d, Chanticleer 3d. By be Cable. London August United states r practice Squadron has sailed from Portsmouth for America. Dublin August 4.�?it is reported that general fare la Hab confessed his connection with the fenian outbreak on the Clyde and offered to detail the movement and testify for the government. / , August 4.�?Bonds 763 London August 4�?noon.�?consols opened at 94j 5-20�?Ts 72. Liverpool August 4�?noon.�?Cotton quiet but steady Uplands lord. Orleans 10�d. Sales estimated at 10,000 Bales. Paris August 4.�?the Semi official journals deny that the visit of Napoleon to Vienna has any political object and declares the published Rumor which attributes political significance to the interchange of courtesies Between the emperors of France and Austria Are erroneous. London aug. 6, 2 p. rain storm a a a prevailing throughout England. In con Seq Quot ence of unfavourable weather bread stuffs firmer Corn 37@39s. Lard 50@o5s. Fine Rosin 17s. Florence August 6.�?garibaldi has abandoned the movement against Rome for the present expressing himself confident of its ultimate Success. Queenstown aug. 6.�?the steamers Antwerp and Nova Scotia touched. London August 6�?evening.�?consols 94 Bonds 73 1-16. Frankfort August 77�. Liverpool August 6�?evening. A Cotton closed Dull. Uplands 10id Orleans Loi sales 10,000 Bales. London August 6. the House of lords last night an amendment increasing lodgers franchise trom ten to fifteen pounds was rejected and the Bill passed to a third Reading to night. Dublin August go thirty three fenian convicted in tipperary. Berlin August Bancroft has arrived. Paris August 6.�?bishop Dupaul Orf is looked to As the papal successor Fra nce will support him. It is denied that Napoleon proposes having an interview with the King of Prussia. Vienna August negotiations Are. Progressing Between Austria and the holy see for the establishment of a new concordat. London aug. 7.�?noon.-�?consols 94. Bonds 73 1-16. Liverpool aug. 7�?noon.�?Cotton quiet sales 10,000 Bales a middling Uplands i04d. Orleans 10id. Weather unfavourable for crops. London aug. 7.�?2 p. Bonds 73 5-16 Liverpool aug. 7.�?2 p. 44s. A common Rosin is. 7d turpentine 33s. 3d. London August 8�?noon.�?consols 944.�? Bonds 73j Liverpool August 6.�?Cotton steady and quiet sales 10,000 Bales. Weather unfavourable. Provisions heavy. London aug. 8.�?2 p. �?Bonds 734. Liverpool aug. 8, 2 p. 11.�?tallow 44s. 9d. Cotton firm others unchanged. The reliability of the memorial diplomatic que much curious Light has been thrown on the condition of the press in this country by the trial going on at this moment Between m. Brag non the sex editor of memorial diploma Tique and the Clif Valier Defranz de Salda Fenna the founder of that political Organ. The Case stands thus on the 19th of april a telegraphic dispatch appeared in the memorial which created a tremendous sensation at that time. It asserted in the most distinct language that Prussia would not evacuate. Luxemburg that orders had been issued to increase her Parks of artillery and that the a Mot do Ordre Quot in official circles was that evacuation would prove equivalent to abdication. The question arose was this really a dispatch or was it a forgery m. Baragno was asked to retract the news and inform the government How he had received it this he refused to do. His counsel after stating the Case so far informs us that news is constantly printed under the form of a dispatch which has intact been gathered. Silie various embassies ministers and other official residences. In France the havas Agency has the monopoly of foreign dispatches. These pass under the notice of the ministers before being distributed to the papers. The result is that dispatches a re constantly suppressed and the Public Only reads what the government pleases. Paragon having been of one time a member of the diplomatic world has Many friends in that Circle Fruim whom he obtains information. News so acquired he published in the form of dispatches in the memorial diploma Tique thus out of eighteen Hundred Soi Disant dispatches pub that paper during the inst forty one were genuine. With All duo defer Enco to our colleagues on this Side of the water one cannot help being struck by the ingenuity of their conce tive John vol Des debt is Jurj 15. Crops of the Pacific coast. From the san Francisco Alta Juno 22. The Harvest which a fortnight ago Frois. General Rumor was thought to be Little More than half a Ere a will probably to nearly to it full one in most of the Grain growing counties. Such Are now the reports from Napa Alameda Santa Clara san Joaquin Yolo and Seno Mai Quot the a Rea planted is a fourth greater than last year and the yield no doubt will to greater. The yield of fruit will be enormous save in the far North where it has buffered from late frosts. The agricultural districts were never seemingly so prosperous As at the present time. New towns and settlements Are springing up All Over the country and the old ones supported by Tho farming interests Are wonderfully improving in wealth and business. Stockton san Jose Santa Clara los Angelos san Bernardino Chico Healdsburg Napa and Santa eos in this state and Salem Albany Corvallis in Oregon All purely agricultural towns never experienced such an Era of Prosperity As during the year just Quot ended. Tho statement of the Marysville an ii Stockton land offices for this season show As much activity in Tho Purchase of government lands is the Best Quot districts in the Western states and what is better most of the Lande sold have gone into Tho hands of actual settlers. The following remarks by a letter writer in the Stockton Independent under Date of june 7, will show something of the recent changes which have taken place in the Valley of the san Joaquin. He says a leaving Stockton i passed via French Camp across the Plain and across the stanislaus River to the recently famous and Well known Paradise District. To no accustomed As recently As three or four year ago to look upon the vast expanse of plainly no Between the stanislaus and Tuolumne bivers then in its native wildness and untouched by the implements of the Husbandman now waving with its Luxuriance of Golden Grain extending Over an area apparently. As boundless As the sea Tho sensation is like that of one in a dream. Crossing the Tuolumne River at Empire City to take the Trail for Hopeton a quiet and hopeful Village sic Miles below Snelling. Every Thimig upon the Plain would indicate a District equally As goofy As the Paradise District if not speaking of the natural Fertility and wants of the upper san Joaquin country in the was of development this writer adds a on Mariposa Creek the Only Field of Grain we saw was toll even and heavy headed All indications of a Good yield. On the Chowchilla and Fresno creeks but Little lies been put in but enough has Boon the. Line of farming to demonstrate the fast of the great Fertility of the soil and the practicability of Grain raising. The Fertility of the District known As four creeks is fast becoming known to All. Thousands of acres now condition of swamp lands Froin Tho Annuel overflows but As easily Reclaimable a the lands upon the Calaveras Only await such reclamation to become the finest gardening soil passing on to Tho South across Tuie Stiver Deer Creek White Kivor Posey Creek and Kern Ili vers in succession to find no diminution in Fertility until to arrive at fori. Tejon the extreme limit of the Valley southward. Easy communication with the rest of the world is what is demanded. The Railroad is what is going to place the whole Valley Quot be tween the san Joaquin and Sierra nevadas in a position far surpassing in importance than any other in the s the coloured vote of the round numbers the aggregate population of the ten outside states May be set Down acc eight millions and the proportion at four million five Hundred thousand Whites against three million five Hundred thousand Blacks which gives the Whites a majority of a million. Allowing one voter to every seven persons a these figures will cover five Hundred thousand Black voters to six Hundred and fifty thousand White voters. The Blacks have decisive majorities in South Carolina Louisiana and Mississippi the Whites in Virginia North Carolina Georgia Aiu Bama Arkansas and Texas while the two races nearly balance Eracli Othier in the larger destruction of the Whites by the War Aud the increase of the Blacks by accessions during the was from the Border slave states. Hence if Ali the voters of both races Are brought out the Blacks Are sure of three states find they May carry four or five of the ten. We Inay safely assume Liat while the Blacks get i Masse will vote the Republican ticket they will be supported by some considerable fractions of the Whites so that if we go no further Tho chances Are in favor of tie Blacks. But rebel disfranchisement will probably in the aggregate Cut off say seventy five thousand men otherwise entitled to vote so that in All the ten states concerned the Whites will have but seventy five thousand majority to rely upon. But in the. Next place the actual registrations made of voters from Virginia to Texas exhibit an almost unbroken Catalogno of Black majorities so heavy in most places As to show that Large numbers of Whites from indifference disgust or despair have Given up the fight on the threshold and that from the Potomac to the Eio Grande the republicans with their solid Black vote and their White supporters hold the game of reconstruction in their hands. So from the facts and figures before us tie actual situation of things warrants Tho conclusion that the Republican party will carry near Lyall if not All these ten outside revolutionized Southern states in their work of y. Herald july 26. The District of Columbia since the seat of government was established there has witnessed a fearful mortality among newspapers. Over one Hundred have been started of which but nine survive. These Are Tho Globe National intelligencer chronicle express Star constitutional Union keep Nican times and the Georgetown courier. A singular Quebec me Cuip relates the following in connection with the death of Captain w. B. Spear a Soldier Ului had formerly served in India this Spring he Mada a Long tour through the states and West indies and returned to Quebec before leaving for tie West. Strange to say to stated to several gentle Ines before -k0ttiuyut5-th�t-Hu hml4�iahvxift he distinctly saw a coffin with the name a a a. B. Spear died 17th june 1867,�?� on it and in waiting to a lady about three weeks be fore he Sai cd in a joke that Ono reason for Ndu dressing her was his own approaching end As foreshadowed by his dream. Tho Date of his death is not known but it must have been on the Day named or very near it. It appears to Aat hews going to his Cabin on Board a Mississippi Steamer which was Somow Kere in the neighbourhood of Indian disturbances when in a the Middle of Tho night i10 was shot dead by a sentry who omitted to Challenge him
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