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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 7, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi weekly a t7 o a it it i. . Wednesday morning August 7, 1867. No. 34.telegraphic. 1 associated press dispatches new Yoke aug. 1.�?the Money Market is unchanged arid the Supply larger than Ever Banks offer freely but there is liitle demand Call Loans 304 per cent on governments and 405 per cent on Stock collateral prime paper 607, but Supply Light. Gold closed quiet at 139i,014o. Foreign Exchange Dull prime Bankers 109i@110p. Governments closed quiet and steady stocks quiet and bouy not and advancing at the second Board but declined from the highest Point and closed lower at lust open Board. Erie is prominent Stockh and their fluctuations partially govern the Market. Business at the sub Treasury to Day receipts $1,490,214 payments $720,219, balance $127,085002. Petroleum and mining shares less Active and declining. The official correspondence regarding mexican affairs which was sent to Congress by the president in response to a Resolution a by a a Quot its to a a i Pum Stein therein mexican minister to the United states sets Forth the atrocities committed by the imperialists during the reign of Maximilian and the reasons which led to the exec Nti ii of a hat unfortunate Prince and his generals. The various Means used by Secretary Seward to save the life of Maximilian Are detailed in the correspondence with m. Romero. Everything touched upon in those official documents is. Treated Liberal stir and Point and the imperialists Are charged with the most atrocious find bloody crimes. It is stated therein in a letter to m. Romero dated Guadaloupe Hidalgo May 3d, 18g7, that general Bazaine through a third party Oil or. D to surrender to to the cities which they occupied and also to deliver Maximilian Marquez Miramon &c., into my hands provided i would accede to a proposal which he made to me ind which i rejected As i deemed it not very honorable. Another proposition was also in do me by authority of Bazaine for the Purchase of six thousand muskets and four million percussion Caps and in i had desired it he would have sold me both guns and powder but i declined to accept it. The intervention and �?z�o8 if sales hav opened. War eyes and Here after we shall be More cautious in treating with foreign Powers particularly with those of Europe but especially so with France. New , aug. 2.�?gold 140. Exchange 00 Day 110. Money 5 percent. Flour 150 25c lower. Wheat Dull and unchanged. Pork lower new mass $23 45 0 23 00. Cotton quiet at 28c. New to ii aug. J2.�?Cotton firm. Sales -2000 Bales at 28c. I our Dull. Choice new Louisiana $12 50015 75. Wheat Dull and easier. Corn tin changed. Yellow Southern $1 11 mixed Western 99c�$l 03. My a is pork $23 45. Turpentine 58c. Rosin $3 75 08 50. Freights drooping. New Orleans aug. 2.�?Cotton, Bales g00 Bales unchanged. Low middling 25. Receipts for the week 1089 Bales. Exports 41g0. Stock on hand 27,66 5. Flour Dull and unchanged. A Corn unsteady at 97 to 1 23 a whole . Oats firm 1 15@i--2 i. Quot pork a $20 50. Bacon quiet at 13i013i. Shoulders 10, and 10 j for Clear sides. Gold 139�014o. Sterling mud new York sight unchanged. Washington aug 2.�?the Secretary of the Treasury has decided that Tho payment a of compound interest notes with interest thereon will Only be made at maturity at the Treasury of the United states and by the assistant treasurers at Boston Philadelphia and new York. New Yore aug. 2.�?Money unchanged. Gold closed steady at 11ol014o. Foreign Exchange weak and lower. Governments closed Strong. Stocks closed quiet without any material Ehu nge in prices. Mining stocks generally steady. Receipts at Tho Stib treas Ury $2,290,001 payments $1,551,319 balance 127,823,000. Licit Nik August 2.�?Many negroes have been discharged in consequence of the exec Tiona it is said they threaten Quot retaliation everything is quiet so far. Washington August 2.�?a special dispatch Fitu Teh it is understood from official sources that Tho president is finally determined to appoint Hancock s successor. New Yoke August 2.�?files from Japan have been received to Tho first instant. Or. Hepburn an american missionary had completed his roman japanese and chinese dictionary. Twenty Arab horses had arrived from the emperor of the Crouch As a pro sent to the tycoon. Quot a a grand requiem mass for the repose of Maximilian s soul a us celebrated in the Church of St. John the Baptist in this City yesterday. Avo Jota aug. 2�?ex-gov. Brown is publish ingate Riesop letters in the chronicle an Sou Tihel in reply to sex senator Hill and in advocacy of reconstruction under military Rule. Perry has written another letter advising opposition to reconstruction on Tho congressional plan. Washington August 2.�?bradley, counsel for do Fence in Tho Surratt trial addressed the jury to Day. Pierpont for prosecution closes to Morrow. It a a Tho despatches received from Tennessee indicate that the election yesterday passed off quietly and without bloodshed As was anticipated in Memphis. A regiment of infantry woo stationed there to be called upon in ease of emergency but its services were not re Quirck. A. A Largo vote was polled Brown love seeming to have the advantage. Tho reports however Aro not full enough to warrant speculation As to result. A Knoxville dispatch to Cincinnati commercial says Brownlow it is now estimated has a majority of at least thirty thousand. All eight congressmen will to Radical and a Radical senator in Placo of Patterson. A new Yohji August 2.�?-Tho heralds Panama correspondence dated july 24tli says no official information from Bogota and Tho Interior had been received but. Private letters that All wan quiet. Riascos bad been Defeated by Levros but Tho latter lost heavily. And was unable to follow up his Victory. It waa believed that Lopez subordinate officers would soon recognize Acosta. A search among mosque Oraas pm pors disclosed Tho fact of several Small Loans with european capitalists having Boon effected in opposition to Tho will of Congress. was also discovered accusing or. Bay ton Lato american minister of scheming to Annex Columbia to Tho United states. Tho Steamer great it Public of Tho China and Pacific mail line company s line Ltd arrived fit Panama from new York. Aud had departed for san Francisco. The health of the isthmus was Good. Montero the peruvian rear Admiral who rebelled against the appointment of Confederate Tucker to be Admiral had arrived ostensibly on a Mission to Columbia he thought it probable that he would go to new York also of gov. Eminent business. Cholera a. Reported in the Western District of Nicaragua. Richmond aug. 2.�?the convention met at 1 of clock in Capitol Square about two thousand coloured persons and two Hundred Whites were present. Or. Bayne coloured of Norfolk moved that As the convention had done its work that they now adjourn sine die. The proposition was hailed with cheers. Or. Hunnicutt opposed the adjournment As the reason for adjourning yesterday till to Day was to give Botts and others who have not participated in the proceedings an Opportunity to be heard. To hoped the convention was not afraid to hear what they had to say and if there Juii been any political., Tomahawk War. Quot Between ill. Botts and the Republican party it was now hurried. The party will carry the state by thirty thousand majority and that the ship was Large enough to carry All shades difference.-. Grits of yes the speaker favored the Dis franchising Only of those rebels who would talk against Congress and the Republican party and would not like Longstreet to work in any harness for reconstruction and peace. At this Point loud cries were raised for Botts who appeared and was received with three cheers by a portion of the. Crowd and then followed a scene of confusion. A Clorde speaker attempted to address them but was 0 cried Down with shouts of a vote the Resolution Down Quot Quot vote it up a a vote Botis or. Bayne said he believed that the Wing of the party represented by Botts wanted to speak without mingling in the convention under its auspices. A vote was then taken a and the convention adjourned sine die with great cheers. A mass meeting was then organized and Botts who bad maintained his stand addressed them. He said he was not an intruder but came As a. Member of the Republican party. 1 it bad be in circulated that he had written letters denouncing Northern me 5 i. Virginia As squatters. The charge was in. Founded. For thirty years he had s Ood by them so much so that he had made himself odious. With reference to having been unwilling at one time since the War to give the Blacks suffrage he said he had Only been so because he knew if the negro was Given suffrage before he had Protection his vote would strengthen the democratic party or he would be shot , the streets for attempting to vote with the republicans. He had not attended the convention of april because he thought he could do More Good out of it he endorsed the platform and to did his friends who had come to the City to attend the present convention but had been crowded out whether by Accident or design he could not say. They would have readopted the platform. He wanted the meeting not to be deceived by demagogues in Toto belief that they had All the Power. The democrats of Vir. Ginia will not resist the republicans but wait till Back into the Union. We will need to fight them we Faust not drive any Man away frown us. Cries of a no he then read an address to the people and a platform which he said had the approval of judge. or. Hunnicutt. The address re a cites events since Tho close of the War and the conduct of the Southern people led on a a by Johnson a policy which had delayed reconstruction. The platform was telegraphed last night. A or. Geo. Rye of Shenandoah moved to endorse the address and platform a but the motion met with such violent opposition that. It was withdrawn. Here a loud voice announced that a speaker who was opposing the endorsement of the meeting had stolen a horse from a one armed negro this created great confusion. The speaker came up the Capitol Steps to confront Tho accuser and a crowd of Blacks surged up after him and everything looked like a riot for some minutes but the matter was settled by the accuser explaining that he had Only heir Aud could not a vouch for the charge. Pierpont made a very Brief speech and was followed by cd. Chandler District at Torney Rev. Or. Givens coloured Lewis Scott coloured and others. The following resolutions were introduced and unanimously adopted the Izieah the Loyal american citizens will soon be required to select a representative Man us their candidate Lor the office now held by the Chance president of the United states and As the into War has placed Tho Republican party As Well As the nation under obligations to Many distinguished generals for Tho service they rendered in Tho desperate struggle for Liberty and greatness and As the names of general Grant Sheridan Thomas Butler Sickles Logan and Schofield and the Hon. Sch a to Raj Colfax Thaddeus Stevens and Henry Wilson Are prominently held up As amongst Tho most a deserving in connection with the said office. Therefore resolved that we endorse the action of general Sheridan in his efforts to execute the Laws of the country considering the embarrassments throw a around him by the president. Resolved that Tho Republican party look Forward to such acts of Protection As general Sheridan and other generals Are extending to them with great Hopo in Tho future of the Prosperity of the country and that we As a party now give notice that when Tho proper time arrives to nominate for president and vice president we will give All such acts of Protection to the Loyal people of the South their due consideration. A peking was continued at the meeting until nearly dark to then it adjourned. New York August 3.�?Cotton Shade firmer sales 2,c00. Uplands 28. Flour now 25 050c, lower for old. Sales favor buyers. Ohio 915019. We torn 0 250 9 50 Southern easier 12015. Wheat quiet without decided change. Corn s10$l 3ic. For new mixed Western. Whisky quiet at �35037 for bonded. New mess pork 22j0234. Gold Fortu at to. New Orleans aug. 3.�?sales of Cotton 950 Bales. Prices firm. Low middling 25 025jc. Receipts 380 Bales. Exports 3,255. Sugar Chico Louisiana ig4 prime to Choice Cuba 15c. Cuba molasses 48055. Flour nominal superfine $9 go. Corn firm yellow mixed $1 05 White mixed $1 20 White $1 25. Oats none in Tot hands nominally $1 15051 20 pork quiet at 20. Bacon Dull Aud prices downward shoulders 134014 Clear sides 1o0�oo4 sugar cured bams 210213. Prime lard in pierces 13i Keg 14i. Gold 140. Sterling 52�o055. New York sight i Premium. Washington August 4.�?marshal Goodloe of the District of North Carolina has reported to the attorney general that the process of the United states circuit court lately held by chief Justice Chase is obstructed by order of colonel Franks commanding the port of Wilmington. The ground is expressly mentioned in the order to be that in each of the cases obstructed the cry use of the action to be adj rated upon by judge Chase occurred Between the 14th of december 18g0, and the 15th of May 1805, general Sickles order no. 10 having forbidden judges to entertain any such for matters occurring Between those dates. The marshal supposes that general Sickles did not mean to include courts of the United states but those Only of the state. Colonel Frank interpret the or3er differently from marshal Goodloe but has suspended action until he hears from general Sickles or receives instructions from Washington he being anxious to avoid any collision. This matter is regarded As Quot a very grave event although the impression prevails that the Wilmington acted without. The knowledge of general Sickles who is confidently expected to disapprove his action. Goodloe a course has been approved at the attorney general a office but no step will be taken until the time has passed for a report from the commanding general. A new York aug. 4.�?a correspondent of the Panama mercantile chronicle in a letter from Lima save that Admiral John r. Tucker was merely by his own request relieved from the command of the peruvian Navy and that he still holds the rank of vice Admiral. He with a Large party had left Lima on an exploring expedition to the head of the Amazon River in the interest of the government of Peru. As soon however As the news of the expected approach of the spaniards read lied the government a messenger was p osted off to bring Back the Admiral immediately in. The event of Active operations. He will resume command of the Allied Fleet. R new York August 3.�?the privy Council of the Dominion of Canada held a Sharp session at Ottawa yesterday during which it was decided to Issue writs of election to Day. Parliament will Convene Early in september. The. The great Seal of the Dominion is now in use. It bears the British arms and is As Large As an Ordinary Saucer. New York August 3.�?arrived steamers general Barnes and Virgo from Savanah. The steam yacht Alice Riggs from new York to Barnack was abandoned on the first. The Captain and Crew was rescued by the Steamer a it re i. A Caudiano commission is in session in new York taking evidence in behalf of the United states in a suit against Jacob Thompssn in the chancery court at Toronto to re cover the Confederate Privateer georgian which was intended for service on the lakes. New Youk aug. 0.�?arrived, Rapidan from new Orleans and Louisa Moore from new Hern. New York aug. 5.�?Cotton very firm at 28i029c. Sales 1400 Bales. Flour heavy state1 $6.25010 00 Southern common to. Choice new $11 75 Southern common $14 015 25. Wheat declining Milwaukee no. 2, $1 9001 95. Mess pork $23. Spirits of turpentine.ji80goc. Rosin s3 750 8 53. Freights Dull and drooping. Money easy and plenty unchanged. Foreign exo Bange quiet. Bankers nominally held at 110. Gold closed it 141 a Cash Gold in better supplies. Governments closed steady and Advance Well sustained. Miscellaneous stocks Dull generally. New Orleans August 5.�?Cotton firm sales 960 Bales. Receipts 589. Low middling 25i02gc. Louisiana sugar quiet at 14c. For. Fair. Cuba sugar a and molasses unchanged. Flour no sales Stock Large buyers holding off for lower Market. Corn firm at $1 05 to 1 25, Oats firm at $1 15. Pork quiet and Dull at $26 00. Bacon Dull and weaker. Shoulders 13.1c. Dear sides 16c. Choice sugar cured hams 20@22ic. Lard prime in pierces 135014c. Gold 13910140. Sterling none offering but quoted at 52i054i. New York sight a Premium. New Orleans August. 5.�?the Picayune says a letter from Vera Cruz of the 24th was received via Pensacola from the Captain of the austrian Steamer Elizabeth which states that up to that time the mexicans refused to deliver up the Corpse of Maximilian no cause assigned for refusal. The Elizabeth would leave for new Orleans to Day the fifth. Her Captain has tio Hopes of bringing the body. Washington. August 5. second a Nual festival of Washington Shuetze Verin commenced to Day. Delegates present from other cities and the entire Schnitzen corps from procession to the Park where Tho festivities took place was Brilliant. The National base Ball club of this City accepted a Challenge to play a series of Home and Home games with the Mutual club of new York. _ Washington aug. 5.�?pierpont continued the argument in the Surratt trial and will conclude to Morrow. Receipts of internal Rev nuo to Day. Oyei a million four Hundred thousand the Public debt statement will probably appear to Morrow and will show a fair reduction. Reports which have been in circulation regarding the ill feeling Between Secretary sew Ard and the mexican minister Are unfounded. Romero goes Home because his health and his Privato affairs require his presence in Mexico. Peti Iola pa., aug. 5.�?great destruction of Oil Wells and Oil occurred Here last Satur Day night. 25 acres burned and ten Wells with All the machinery were destroyed. Loss $80,000. New York aug. 5.�?havana advices to the 31st Aro received. Great preparations Are making for Tho Celebration of the laying of Tho cuban Cable. The Steamer Virginia brought City of Mexico dates to Tho 20th, Vera Cruz 24th and sisal 28th of july. The presidential election is progressing peaceably. Tho generals opposed to Juarez Wero organizing forces in the mountains. Tho indians were making bold incursions into Tho White settlements near Yucatan. Havana sugar Market quiet. Offers not above 112 reals for no. 11. New Yorik August 3.�?�.an. Orizaba Lotter of july. 18th, gives an account of Tho enthuse a tio reception to Juarez All along the to the City of Mexico. Juarez will be the Una i Mous Choice of the people for president. Correspondence from san Domingo states that Cabral has fallen into Disfavour among the people by his actions Sinco his return from a tour through the country. A conference to form the basis of a treaty with Hay to had commenced. Sol nor is still executive of Hayti. Ehjis.�peamiew�. New Youk August 3.�?steamship America from Bremen july 20, via Southampton 23d, arrived this evening. Her news mostly anticipated by copious telegrams recently received. News publishes telegrams dated Valentia july 30th, which reports that Atlantic Cable 1866 was again broken suddenly that afternoon. It was thought about 50 Miles from hearts Content. The chairman of the Anglo american Telegraph company says Tho break has occurred at a very moderate depth of water and the injury can be repaired with great facility As in the Case of the recent Accident to the Shore end of the same Cable. The Cable of 1867 is in perfect working order. That grand vizier gave a Farewell banquet to lord Lyons previous to his retirement from his Post of British ambassador to the Porte. The Pope had Send some valuable presents to the Sultan and Viceroy of Egypt for the Protection accorded to catholics in their dominions six Hundred Garibald ians who had appeared on the papal Frontier were driven off by stationed troops on Tho 17th of july. Twenty two deaths from cholera had occurred lit a Rome. Perth journals state that russian emm Issa Ries Are distributing Money among the romans in Transylvania. Extensive lire occurred at Lisbon on Tho 21st. The mania pea Asylum was destroyed. The deficit in the italian budget is 217 millions of Livres Empress Eugene had made a visit to Queen Vic a Toria at Osburn on the 22$. A Bill preventing a Public meeting in the Royal Parks passed a second Reading in the House of commons it opposed by messes. Mill and Taylor. Ship David Canon from Mobile had arrived at Liverpool. Is the Cable. London aug. 1.�?2 p. declined i. American securities steady at opening quotations. A a Liverpool aug. 1.�?2 p. firm but no improvement in prices London aug 1�?evening.�?the leaders of Reform have made arrangements for another grand movement in Hyde Park on monday next for the purpose of protesting against cutting Down the franchise extended by the Reform Lilas it passed tie Hobo of commons. To Day the third Day of Tho Goodwood races the attendance was Large an3 the scene one of exciting interest. Vaud on Tho Defeated favorite for the Derby won the cup. Dublin August 1�?the reports of distress in Tho counties of Mayo and Conemara from famine have been much exaggerated. Affairs have a much More cheerful Uspel. Brussels aug. 1�?manuel Carrello minister of Chili at this capital died to Day. Pabis aug. 1.�?a new russian loan is to be offered in this Market nest week. London aug. 1, , 94 5�?Ts, 72. A a Liverpool aug. 1, closed quiet middling Uplands 10jd. Sales 12,000 Bales. Manchester advices unfavourable. Goods and yarns heavy and declining. Liverpool aug. 2.�?sales of Cotton for the week foot up 57,000, of which 13,000 were for Export and 30,000 for speculation. Stock in port 376,000 Bales of which 349,000 Are american. Sales to Day estimated at 10,000 Bales. The the opening quotation middling Upland a lord Orleans 10a@10�d. London aug 2�?2 p. Ill Consols advanced. I now quoted at 944 5-20s 723. Live Podl aug. 2�?2 p. Dull and heavy owing in part to the favourable weather for growing crops. Vienna aug 2.�?the Sultan left to Day for constantinople. Besoin aug. 2.�?von Bismarck a official Organ Here in an editorial to Day strongly urges the great Powers in Europe to interpose in the cretan question. King William of Prussia to Day issued a proclamation assuming the duties of Sovereign of the North German states. Perth aug. 2.�?at a recent election for members of the hungarian diet Louis Kossuth was chosen to represent the City of wait zen without a dissenting vote. London aug. 3�?2 p. despatches received to Day from Athens bring the intelligence that the greek government has announced its determination of declaring War against the Sublime Porte on the first of september should the hostilities against Tho christians in the Island of Candia not be ended by that time. Great military preparations Are being made for such a contingency and orders have been issued calling oat the Entile reserves of the kingdom. Pakis american ram Dun Derburg which was purchased by Tho French government after a remarkable Quick and successful trip across the Atlantic has reached her destination safely. The emperor has received an address from the foreign members of the Imperial commission of Tho exposition uni Verselle. In his reply he says to Hopes for the peace and the whole world will Spring from such exhibitions. Arrangements being made for an interview Between Napoleon and King William of Prussia to take place after the visit of former Loviena. The place of meeting has not yet been designated. Florence August 3.�?William r. Roberts one of the leaders of the recent fenian movement in Tho United states in now in Naples where he is reported to be intriguing with Radical democrats and men of party for action in Southern Italy. A Perth aug. 3.�?Tho election of Kossuth to Tho hungarian diet from Weitzen causes alarm among the conservatives. Hungarians who fear his extreme Iowa May disturb the existing agreement with Tho emperor of aug. 3.�?bonds closed at 76, for Issue of 1862. A efe Sisel. A . Specials. New York Yorik August opened at a log. Cotton demand moderate prices firm . Upland�-28-i029c, Mobile 29jc. Orleans 30c. 1 Nashville. Nashville August 1.�?Tho election to Day was the quietest Ever known hero. Ujj Whites Aud Blacks voted without interruption and., not a Hurrah for either party was Given at Tho polls. A few parties were arrested for at tempting to Voto twice and others for carrying concealed weapons. Returns from All the wards but one give Brownlow 3163, Etheridge 704. Four precincts in this county give Brownlow 457, Etheridge 159, Republican ticket All elected. Mason Independent got but few Yotes. At Murfreesboro Brown lome a majority 649 at Lagrange �10 Jefferson 77 Columbia Brownlow 1449 Etheridge 148 Franklin and four precincts in Williamson give 398 majority for Brownlow Tullahoma a majority for Brownlow 10 Humboldt Carroll county. Etheridge 64. Brownlow 24. 3 Brownsville Haygood. County Brownlow. 764, Etheridge a 133. Gallatine Brownlow 309-, Etheridge 122. All the votes not yet counted. Clink ton. Charleston aug. 2.�?Sickles has removed the police of the town of sinter for alleged maltreatment of Blacks and inefficiency. He appoints two coloured and one White policemen to succeed the late incumbents. U. S. Marshal Epping was arrested last night on a charge of intending to fight a Duel with c. C. Bowen owing to an abusive letter about Epping published by Bowen. The difficulty originated in rivalry for Tho leadership of Tho Republican party organization Here. Several of the freedmen who emigrated to Liberia last year have returned bringing very discouraging accounts. Letters from Koso who remained in Liberia Are to Tho same effect advising Southern freedmen against further emigration. F a West Quilles. Havana july 23.�?the Spanish Steamer Ellsa arrived on the 23d from Vera Cruz 18th. She brings intelligence of the loss of Tho Spanish Steamer Cinda Condal on her trip from this port to Vera Cruz. An open boat had reached sisal with the second mate two passengers arid seven segment they report that As the Steamer sunk All hands took to Tho seven boats and rowed off. Nothing is known concerning the Fato of the missing six boats. It is hoped the government will hold Tho agents messes. Sama Stolon Govic co., to i strict account As the vessels of the company Are pretty nearly worn out. A the Ellsa brings about Twenty refugees spaniards and mexicans from Vera everything was quiet there when they left and there was no foundation for Tho reported hostility of the liberals to foreigners. Tamaca. Only 9.�?business was vory Dull. No arrival of american vessels had taken place. The weather was drier than usual at this season. All Tho sugar estates had finished taking off their crops and there was a very cheerful Prospect of a Good yield next season. All Public works has been suspended. Sugar somewhat advanced in Price dark was Selling at 12015 shillings medium lg@17s., and. Fair 18020s. Havana july 24.�?a further respite of ten. Days is Given the people to Register for taxation. Foreign goods imported in foreign vessels Ara a to 35� per cent., and Valorme unless specified in the an Active prosecution is. Going on against parties to the recent Landing of Tho african. Slaves at puerto padre. The sugar Market is less Active Sinco yesterday. Thera were no sales reported on the 23d, but the Market closed firm on Tho basis of 8�o083 rials per arroba for dutch Standard no. I. There is a great Scarcity of Unen aged tonnage. Arrived on the 23d, american Schooner a. Hunter in ballast. Havana july 25.�?an attempt at a military revolt similar to that lately reported in puerto Rico was made at St. Jago do Cuba inst week led by sergeants and corporals. Meeting wills no response from the people they surrendered to their executioners. Our press is wisely silent on the indies july 10.�?the a turn of or. Hill to the command was the cause of great rejoicing with the people of Austria. terrific whirlwind had visited that Island on the 13th of june running Down windmills Aud Many houses. The rain was very abundant. The United states gunboats Mian Tonemah Aud Augusta were expected there., about the 1st july. Trinidad. A Many disastrous fires had oct curved lately supposed to be the work of incendiaries. Demerer. The governor had made Iown to the planters that a contract for 4400 coolies had been effected for the Island. Havana july 25.�?sugar quiet prices firm on the basis of 81082 is per. Ar., d. D. No. 121 on the coast fair to Good refining 81081 is. Per a. Exchange on London Isa per cent Premium. Paris 3 per cent Primi Uin. United states currency 25 per cent discount. Go p. negro sailors of the american bark Wallace have just murdered the second mate or. Michael Ryan of Philadelphia. No particular3 known As yet the murderers have been removed to the Guai a ship. Of the county Tbs Enterprise of the 20th says everybody almost is Hunting tin and but Little else is spoken of. There is no doubt but that the Metal does exist and it May eventually to made a source of wealth but the question remains to be solved whether Tho Ore contains a paying per cent of the Puro Metal. In testing the matter Many difficulties Are encountered not the least of which is the fact that our geologists and minors Aro not acquainted with the manner of smelting and testing the Ore. Alinosi daily do to Leo practical miners and geologists passing through our town to or from Tho mines and All agree in saying that tin has been found and the opinion is almost unanimous that the per cent will to very Large As soon As a Short distance in depth has been obtained. At this writing a number of specific and practical miners Aro inspecting Tho mines and Steps Aro being taken for the. Erections of property in thai Vicinity of Tho mines is Selling rapidly at almost fabulous prices and speculators and miners Aro eager to buy. There is a boy in Minnesota 12 years old whose legs Are Only ten inches Long and Quot Aro without Bones
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