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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 3, 1867, Galveston, Texas Semi weekly Felt it telegu talk inc. Associate a 1 net Yaqi i a 5uly easier Anil lower culls 011 governments 3@4 per cent. Stock collateral Liuo prime paper scarce at 6�7. Gold cloned at 140j@140j. Exchange Dull nominally 10 per cent. Govern Zients closed firmer and higher. Stocks lower throughout. Treasury receipts 60,459,000 payments $0,780,000 balance $129,874,000. The new York express in its financial article says the week opens with some ease in Money which has existed so Long. The Bank statement is quite favourable. Loans increased ,003,000 circulation increased $21,000 deposits increased ,172,000 Legal lenders in reused 51,101,000 specie decreased $2,459,000border state stocks generally firm. The following Are the quotations at last open Board 02 registered 108.�109 coupons 1110 coupons 109j 05 coupons 1098 new Issue 108j 07 106. .7-303,. First series 1075 others 107.�?� grew Yoke july 29. A arrived Steamer Mon tort a from new Orleans. Columbia s. C., 29.-the statement made a the new York times this my Ruig is an exaggeration. Messes. Armstrong Aud j. Ethompson correspondents of a Cleveland paper were assaulted night before last at 8 of Codi by two drunk Cen men. Both were a reeled before Inid Nocht by the who is brother of one of the assailants. The citizens without exception denounce the assault. It wus the result of liquor and entirely unpremeditated. Armstrong is acting As Mugnani Mously in thu matter As he behaved bravely in the Brief fight. But Thompson desires to to considered a Martyr and is sending out sensation dispatches. General Burton May try Tho As Haili uits by military commission but Tho citizens Are anxious to show that Tho Laws will be vindicated. Whatever attempts Are made to show premeditation or facts different from those above stated Arel Alse. On , july 29.�?Cotton unchanged sales 100 Bales middling 25j w Igic. Receipt j00 Bales. Weather very warm thermometer 92, heavy Thunder in the afternoon and Strong winds. New York july 29.�?arrived, sea Gull irom Baltimore. Sailed schooners Colison and Trident to Providence. New Yoke july 30.�?flour lower at $10 20. Wheat 203c lower. Corn Dull and drooping. Pork a Shade lower $23 75@23 80. Lard steady at 12i@13.se. Whisky quiet. Cotton quiet at a a lie. Freights Dull. Tur Pontine steady at 58jc. Rosin firm common 5-3 c2j strained s3 74i Gold 110j. Sterling Tinc 110i sight 110j. �?T02 coupons la lib Llly Georgia 7s�?bids 85 asked 855. It new , july 29.�?arrived Malta from Europe. Gloucester mass., july 29.�?a series of Pas explosions occurred in the cellar of Tho mansion House last night Aud burned seriously fifteen or Twenty firemen one dead. Washington july 30.�?the scandalous eve Deco purporting to have been Given before Tho judiciary recently a rid published in the Cincinnati Gazette is pronounced bogus. Ney it York julyt30.�? arrived Tho Concordia from Liverpool. Philadelphia july 30.�?arrived, the steam f hip to Owonda foul Savannah new you july 30.�?stocks Strong. Gold 1392 �?Tg2 coupons 11. Cotton firmer a sales 3000 Bales. Uplands 27i flour irregular High grades 10@20c. Lower. State $0 25� in. Southern $8 75�$1g. Wheat Southern red $2 19@$2 50 White $2 co. Corn mixed was Ern $1 02�$1 04. Pork heavy $23 75. New Orleans july 30.�?cotton�?sales 1500 Bales firm Low middling 25c.- receipts for Throo Days 501 Bales exports for Samo time 1103 Bales. Sugar and molasses unchanged. Flour Dull and unchanged. Corn Dull declined 5�10c. Oats nominally $1 15. Pork quiet at $20 00, holders asking $26 25. Bacon demand limited jobbing at 14c. Shoulders 10i@10ic. Clear sides 19�23c. Lari quiet kegs 141c. Pierces 134�13,. Gold 110. Sterling 52j�55 Liow York sight a a 8 discount. -7 a the a following order appears in print this evening Headquarters Fly till a Lulu Ait debt duct new Orleans july 30th. F special order no. 105 a careful consideration of the reports of Brevet major Gen. Griffin United states army shows that j. W. Throckmorton governor of Texas is an impediment to Tho reconstruction of that state under the Law to is therefore removed from that office. E. Penso is hereby appointed governor of Texas in place of j. W. Throckmorton removed the vill be obeyed and respected accordingly. By command of major general p. H. Sheridan. Georoe s. , assistant adjutant general. Wilmington n. C., july 30.�?Cotton, no Valeu. Spirits of turpentine advanced and firm 51�51i Rosin firm $2 75�2 77. General Rains in this Section resulting in great Benefit to Trio crops. Arrived Pioneer from Philadelphia. Augusta july 30.�?Cotton, demand Active prices firmer Bales 2.00 Hales middling 24j� 25c. Weather pleasant. Colton crop accounts favourable. Savannah july 30.�?Tho registration of Clinch county 581. Largo majority of Whites. Cotton firm Aud in Good demand. Baltimore july 30.�?Cotton quiet. Flour in Good demand. Wei eat receipt Light in Lilito s2 30@$2 00 red $14�$14 go. Com 1 car of White is 25 mixed Western $1 08� is 10. A a Washington july 30.�?Tho following issued to Day was addressed to Tho District attorneys Aud marshals of Tho United states attorney general a Orick july>30. By direction of the president of Tho United stiter., you Aro hereby instructed to observe with vigilance All persons whom you have reasons to suspect of combining unlawfully for expedition Quot into Tho territory of any for sign nation and to promptly in Terroso Tho authority of Tho United states whenever you Havo probable Causo for believing that any person bus violated the neutrality Laws of Tho United states. Signed it John a Binckley act. Atty general. Washington july 30.--Carrington Cinelu led Luto this afternoon and Pierpont will continue to Morrow. Bern Pis. .of.jiho. Intern Al. Or a Ftp be. Have been $480,000. General Grant returned to Day. The cholera is increasing in the West. Colonel Mcgills wife at fort Lyon lieutenant Helen at fort lamed father do of Duke ate Elesworth died. Indians Are deprecating Between Denver and Salt Lake. Cincinnati july 30.�?flour Dull and drooping. White Corn sacks 92c. Mess pork unchanged. Beon Dull shoulders 12i-j. Clear Siles 15i�lgc. Lard quiet at 13c. Cotton firm at 20�27c. New York july 30,.lf�?jlo Ney abundant Supply rates nominally unchanged but weaker Gold closed quiet 140 to 140g. Sterling at previous rates. Governments closed steady.1 stocks closed Strong with Sharp rallying a verging one half to one. Richmond july 30.�?this afternoon while a cohort a meeting was being addressed by a coloured Radical named Giren a White Man named Driscoll who it was charged disturbed the meeting was set upon and dreadfully beaten. He was rescued by the police who were followed to the station House by 1000 negroes to had a pistol which the negroes charge he attempted to use in the meeting. A considerable number of the delegates to the con. Montion appointed by late county meetings arrived this evening. A Niggio july 31.�? Pierpont opened his argument As follows question of this Case is whether the prisoner was engaged in aiding and abetting a conspiracy which resulted in the killing of Abraham Lincoln. If he was so engaged he is guilty under this indictment. If to was not engaged in the conspiracy which led to the killing then he is not guilty of conspiracy being established it is the Well settled Law first that each Confederate in conspiracy is liable forthe every conspirator and the declarations of each May be Given in evidence against every other and though conspiracy May have been formed years before the prisoner Ever heard of it yet having subsequently joined in conspiracy he is in All respects guilty As an original conspirator. A second that when several persons Are fire in y confederated in a conspiracy the Yare like one body and the act. Of each hand and the utterance of each Tongue and Tho Conception and purpose of each head touching the common plan is the act of each and All and every one of the several persons forming the Confederate body is responsible for the acts sayings Aud doings of each and All of the oth ers. To Laird that the conspiracy to Kidnap abduct or murder the president of the United states in time of rebellion or other great National peril is a crime of such heinous magnitude As to admit of no accessories but such As to Render All the conspirators their sup porters aiders and bettors and principals in the crime that such is the common Law of England and is the Law of this country. Fourth Tondt such conspiracy to abduct or kill the president Aud thus to overthrow the government and promote anarchy in the nation is n crime of such a nature As to Render every supporter of the conspiracy a principal in Quot the crime and liable for nil the con so Quencas of Inu Dor perpetrated by a conspirator while carrying out the common design though no such murder May have been originally intended and though the accused conspirator never personally parti Pute 1 therein. A fifth that a killing by a conspirator in pursuance of a common plan to abduct makes each conspirator guilty of the killing though no such crime was contemplated by the other that the personal presence of the Pris Mer in Washington was not necessary to his guilt in this Case. He could perform his part a Tho conspiracy As Well at Elinora As at Washington Aud be equally guilty atone place As at Tho other. That if to left Montreal in obedience to the order of his conspirator Booth to Aid in wilful conspiracy it matters not whether to arrived in time to Bear his allotted part or not being on his Way to take his part any Accident which May have delayed him does not Chango his guilt. Seventh tha1 in Legal contemplation each conspirator is present where the crime is committed towards which Tho confederates had conspired or which was committed As a consequence of Tho confederated plan though in fact the Coa Spiro tor on trial May have been absent when the acting conspirators did the deed. Eighth that a conspirator performing his part in n conspiracy to abduct or kill the president in the capital though not personally present May be lawfully convicted and punished for the crime whenever brought within Tho jurisdiction of this District. Ninth As a conspiracy is proved by facts and circumstances a which convince the mind precisely As any other crime or agreement is proved in a court of Justice. New y , july 31.�?flour Market slightly in favor of buyers. W heat Dull new drooping. Corn Dull a Shade easier. Pork firmer $23 70@23 75. Lard firm. Cotton firm at 27i@28e. Freights quiet. Turpentine in fair request at 57 4�58. Lihsiu fire. Stocks not so Strong. Gold 140. Money 5 per cent. Sterling 10�10i. Coupons of 1802 1ii4. Georgia sevens 85. New Youk july 31. Arrived Steamer Sherman from new Orleans and Steamer st. A a Orient from Havre. Cua Iveston s. C., july 31.�? at Tho Republican meeting held Here last night Tho freedmen largely predominated. Or. Mao key collector of customs presided. Among the j vice presidents were f. A. Sawyer collector of internal Revenue District , Aud several coloured citizens. A motion to add Tho Tho name of u. S. Marshall Epping to Tho list of vice presidents was voted Deown by an overwhelming majority. After soveral speeches resolutions were Linan Mously adopted expressing their unalterable purpose to carry out in Good Faith and without reservation Tho congressional measures looking to restoration embracing Tho platform of recent Republican convention in columbian Aud declaring Tho maintenance of that platform without qualification the Only evidence in any candidate for Public of Devotion to the great party through Whoso exertions alone Tho South can look Lor restoration. Sickles has dismissed magistrate scaly of Columbia from office for releasing on in sufi erint bail without due regard for to lion Public peace or Tho Gravity of the of enee committed ii do Lille and Daley the two men arrested 35038. Groceries quiet unchanged. Freights Dull changed. With assaulting and beating Samuel Thompson a Northern correspondent and w. J. Armstrong of Washington. Military arrested the accused parties. New , july 31.�?Cotton firm sales 800 Bales. Low middling 25. Receipts 205 exports 837. Louisiana sugar unchanged. Cuba sugar firm and in better demand no. 13 13c. Molasses unchanged. Flour unchanged prices nominal and Active $11 50. Corn Dull and declining $1 7j�$1 30, whole Range. Oats nominally silo Stock in first hands exhausted. Pork no sales held at $20 20 for round lots. Bacon very quiet and weaker jobbing sales at 13.j@14c. For shoulders . For elea sides. New Yohe August 1.�?flour Dull drooping. Wheat 1�?2 cts. Lower. Corn without change. New a Mesa pork $23 15. Whiskey Dull. Cotton quiet steady 28c. For Uplands. Freights Dull. Turpentine 53e. Gold 40. Exchange 00 Davs 10, sight 10j. 02 coupons 11 a a a new Yonn August 1.�?stenmer Chauncey from Aspinwall brings $1.807,312 in up . Cotton less native very firm. Sales 10,000 Bales. Flour Dull Southern common to Choice net $12 90 to 10. Wheat heavy 3 toi 5 lower. Pork-523 75. Corn quiet provisions quiet and Dull. Whiskey prime Western in Bond naval stores firm stocks Down tendency. Gold 40. 5s of 05 coupons 19i, new Issue 108. A a y.�?-.-. Cincinnati August 1�?-flour Dull demand Light. New Orleans aug. 1.�? Cotton quiet Aud unchanged sales 550 Bales Low middling 25c., receipts 93 Bales exports 2220 Bales. Sugar better feeling prices looking up yellow clarified Lousiana 16io. Cuba strictly fair 13 a pc. Molasses unchanged Cuba 50.� 55c. Flour Dull nominal extra $11 00. Com in better demand Quot but a further decline of 5�7ic. On some grades quoted $1 00� 1 25, whole Range. Oats unchanged. Pork quiet but firm holders asking $26 50 for round lots Bacon quiet and unsteady shoulders 13i Clear sides sugar cured hams 19�24c/ lard quiet pierces 13�14c. Gold 139i�x40. Sterling 52@54i, very Little offering. New York sight j pie Axium. A a new Orleans August 1.�?the following order was issued to Day Isilie Clell older to. 17. The boards of aldermen and assistant aldermen of new Orleans Are hereby readjusted As follows Viz a. W. Bosworth president George Clave James Mccloskey Thos. Mcknight Williamson Smith Gerard Stith Norman Whitney e. D. White of the Board of aldermen and Thos. S. Moore t. H. Higgin Bothal p. S. Camen Ings j. P. Prague f. Surge we. Mcculloch to. B. Cunningham j. P. Montamat v. Prodos John Paisley g. D. La eans h. F. Stuerken John f. Kranz h. Kiser of the assistant Board of aldermen Are removed and a. D. Grieff Jas. Graham Peter of Donnell John r. Clay e. W. Burbank k. G. Stopleton d. S. Dewes t. Jug. Dumas appointed to the Board of aldermen and John l. Stern s. Strought John l. Davies s. Thieson f. B. . S. Seu vient. c. Sampson e. S. Gambel Jules Lapene e. Rigney Oscar a. Dunn John gauche Edmund flood f. W. Perkins appointed to the Board of assistant aldermen in their Stead. The reasons for removing these persons Are to be found in the disordered condition to which they have reduced the v City credit and the efforts which they have made and Are making to impede the lawful execution of the Law of Congress dated March 2d, and the acts supplementary thereto. By command of major general Sheridan. Geo. L. Heart Styf asst. . New Orleans aug. 1.�?sheridan�?Ts order leaves one in each Beard of the original Council of the old Board. One in the upper and four in the lower elected on the Republican ticket. Of the new appointments two in the. Upper and three in the lower Board Are of mixed blood one in the lower is a pure nig str and one doubtful. None of the coloured appointees belong to the newly enfranchised t Ley Are free citizens of Tho state of Louisiana. Upon Tho recommendation of governor Flanders general Sheridan ,mayor and aldermen for the town of Lake Charles Calcasieu August 1.-�?in the Surratt trial to Day or. Merrick resumed and concluded his argument for the defence. The following were his closing remarks Thero has been blood enough shed in this country and it was now time the had ceased. No Man had a greater horror of the crime that resulted in the murder of Abraham Lincoln than himself that four had already been Hung and others were suffering. Three years ago there was in this City a Happy household sitting beside a Bright fireside. There sat a Mother and a sister just budding into womanhood beside them a Young Man just. Reaching manhood. He would Hove the jury remember the changes that have come Over that Bright fireside. The Mother sleeps in a nameless felons grave Trio daughter burdened and broken hearted drags out a wretched life and the son in Here before before you on trial for his life. May the almighty god to guide your judgment and enlighten j our conviction that the remembrance of this Day and your verdict May hereafter add forever a Sweet and pleasant recollection Broadberry will probably make a Short address to the jury to Morrow. A delegation of alabamians waited on Tho president last evening and urged the removal of. General Pope on Tho Grovind that his administration of flairs in District no. 3 was equally As obnoxious As Sheridan. The Presidio it merely stated that he would make a Noto of1 their. Grieye Aceb. Admiral fur ngut officially reports to the Navy department his arrival at Cherbourg on the 14th ult., at which Date to assumed command of the european Squadron. Boston austrian Admiral Tegethoff arrived in the China to recover Maximilian body if possible. Philadelphia August 1.�?considerable excitement Here among Cotton brokers owing to the seizure of nearly All Tho Stock by Revenue officers. They have seized All that is without tags declaring that Tho certificate of payment of Tivix is not sufficient. Merchants Delcuro that it is an attempt to Levy Black mail. New Yore aug. 1.�?exports from this City to foreign port exclusive of specie for six months ending june 30th, one Hundred and eleven millions. _ Memphis aug. 1.�?4 r. fur tue election has progressed quietly and there is no fear of disturbance,. Can be Learned. E�orope1mme. Paris july 29.�?the Moni eur says that the existing relations of France with All Europe is eminently peaceful. It denies to lat the for. Mation of new military Camps avs contemplated and says the reserves of the artillery and cavalry horses Are to be sold to Farmers in the departments. Vienna july 29.�?it is denied that Tho hungarian National guard is being re established a several meetings of the National guard of 1s18, was recently held in Hungary to effect reorganization. The movement is encouraged by neither the austrian or hungarian governments. London july 29�?2 advanced 4. And now sell at 94, Bonds a. Higher �?�25 Erie declined. Liverpool july 29.�?there is no change in quotations of Cotton. Bacon advanced to 43s. London july 29�?evening.�?consols closed steady at 94 a Oncas 72 7-1g. Liverpool july 2j�?jsvening.- a Cotton Market closed with middling Uplands of lojld., Orleans lod., with sales of 12,000 Bales. Bread stuff s closed quiet Corn 35 to39s. Pork 73s. Bacon 43 to 5ls. London july 30, consols94. Bonds 72 7-10. Quot 1 Liverpool july 30.�?Cotton quiet and unchanged sales 9000 Bales. Breads Tufi s Dull. Corn 3.5036s., others unchanged. Quot Londonderry july 30-the Steamer. Hibernia has arrived. J a London july 30�?evening.�?consols 9-i. Bonds 77 9 16. Liverpool july 30 a evening a Cotton closed Dull middling Uplands Loid Orleans 10d sales 8000 Bales. Corn declined to 35s, but closed at 35a 3d. Flour 30s. Lard 49s 9d. Pork 73s. Bacon 41s. Manchester advices unfavourable. Yarns Dull and depressed. Berlin july 30.�?the prussian journals denounce a false the Moni Teuro a denial of Napoleons note regarding Schleswig. They insinuate that the denial was prompted by the defiant tone of the King of prussians reply to., Napoleons note. Vienna july 30.�?the press announces this morning on authority that Napoleon will leave on August 7th, on a visit to the emperor of Austria Boron von bust and the sultans minister have had a conference on . London july 31.�?consols 94 Bonds 72 7-16. Liverpool july 31.�?Cotton quiet and unchanged. Sales 10,000 Bales. Corn 35. Pro visions and produce quiet. Steamers Germainia and st. David arrived. London july 31, .2 of clock v. Al a Consols 94 3-16. Bonds 72 i. Liverpool july 31, 2 of clock p. very Dull. Sales not exceeding 8,000 Bales quotations unchanged. London july 31.�?sebertne won Good Wolsey second and Sultan third. L Ord Stanley announced in Tho House of commons that i it Apoleon had written to the King of Prussia and that the present disclosure of the note was improper Paris july 31. A crops damaged by drought. The Mccormick reaper was victorious in the mowing match on Napoleons Vincennes farm. London july ,31.�?evening�?consols 94. Bonds 72.5. Liverpool july 31. A evening Cotton closed Dull. Uplands declined middling Uplands 104. Orleans 103. Sales 10,000 Bales. Turpentine 31. London noon August 1. Tendency for All securities better As the feeling that War is approaching Between France and Prussia is declining. Consols 94. Bonds 723. A Liverpool noon August 1.�?Cotton quiet steady. Sales 10,000 Bales. Weather Beautiful and favourable for the crops. Vienna aug. 1.�?by the explosion of a mine belonging to Rothschild a in Moravia a Hundred miners were killed and wounded. London aug. 1.�?the Duke of Beaufort a horse Gomera won the Goodwood stake. Specials. New Yore August 2.�?Gold opened at 140. Cotton Market quiet but steady middling Uplands nominally 28c. Exchange steady 60 Days 10g sight 10 9-16. New York August 2�?12 k0 Cotton demand fair prices unchanged. Fannie Fern thinks it ought to be it so Sid ered a disgrace to be sick confidentially adding a i am fifty five and i feel half the time As if i was just made. To to sure,.i was born in Maine where the Timber and human race last but i pastry nor Candy nor inc Cream. I done to drink team Bah i walk not ride. I own Stout boots pretty ones too. I have a water proof Colali and no diamonds. I like a Nice bit of Beefsteak and a Glass of ale and any body else who Wantai it May eat pop. I go to by at 10 and get up at 6. I dash out in the rain because it feels Good on my lace. I done to care for my clothes but i will be Well Aud after i am buried i warn you done to let any fresh air or sunlight Down on my coffin. If you done to want me to get a Gypsy singular trait of the gypsies is reported by Tho Dayton journal. It seems that some years ago a Man named Stanley the King of Tho tribe in this country was buried in great state in Tho Woodland cemetery. Since then no matter where a member of the tribe in this country has died the remains have been conveyed to the same place for interment. Last fall and Winter four children of Tho Tribo died in Texas and the remains Wero sent to the vault in Woodland until a sufficient delegation from the Tribo could he gathered to celebrate Tho ceremonies properly. The Dayton journal Speaks very Well of Tho conduct of the gypsies in that , y. Post. I . The United states ministers to. Spain and Portugal Cost $20,000�?comfortable quarters for seedy politicians. In the following manner does a Colorado editor Welcome Tuo a respectable citizen a a our respected townsman or. Geo. Tritch returned from Tho East in last even Quot Inge a coach. He has on a Fino suit of mate clothes inducing a plug hat and is the dog oldest look ii a cuss we Havo seen since Jim Ford left. We Are glad Tomb to him Back again however and Hope be Quot will now Ettle Down Aud behave himself. A. Conesco Lenco of the Missouri Democrat fort Zara july 15, 18g7. At seven a. M., to a May n band of about Twenty mounted indians was discovered dashing from a Ravine towards some government Stock grazing on Tho East Side of Tho Post. I few minutes later another band of mounted indians was seen on Tho South Side of Tho Post making for the stage Stock of which there were about Twenty head. Fortunately the vigilant commander of the Post had skill fully arranged his forces Ond the indians were completely foiled. No Stock was lost and no Man was Hurt. Tho indians were fired upon and at least three were wounded. They were cheyennes of the dog tribe. Another band supposed to be much larger was detected in the distance partly concealed. It is supposed Tho first party was a Decoy to draw out the Garrison. Tho troops were excited and some were for Hunting after the a indians but were restrained by the prudence of Captain Helm As his men Wero not mounted and the remembrance of Trio fatal disaster at fort Phil. Kearney was too recent. The plot was most skilfully Laid by tha indians but failed in every particular. It fort Zara is of Walnut Creek half a Milf from the Arkansas River and eight Miles West from big Bend in an exposed position. It is commanded by Captain Isaac a., Helm 3d--United states infantry. Tho Garrison enlists of Only Twenty six soldiers and Twenty government addition to danger from indians another foe More in sinuous has appeared Viz Tho cholera. We Lear from or. Perry the medical officer in charge of the Post that Ciuco the-10th instant there have been fourteen casesj>��hsii>nf7tlwstly Cosine cod with passing trains. / a Only one Hinn Haj died. The health of Tho 3 Garrison Ami i Apt yees is Good. Honors conferred on a fran Eli surgeon. The medical profession As a body is not spoiled by Large fees or a flattering appreciation of the services of its members. Surgeons come under a larger share of pay and honors than physicians. A Man will pay for amputation of one of his limbs a sum to would begrudge to a physician for saving his life. Among Tho fortunate men of the Chirurg. Gicii1 class is the eminent French surgeon m., Neaton who a few years ago rendered great service to Garibaldi in Tho Case of Tho wounded foot of the italien hero. For some time past his professional Aid has been enlisted for the Young Prince Imperial and with results Gratifying alike to patient and doctor in the convalescence of the former Aud the distinction conferred in consequence on the latter. Or. Neaton was paying a visit about three. Weeks ago to Tho Punco at st. Cloud when his a Young patient said to him a wait a Little. Doctor i have something to give to then presented the Cross and ribbon of Tho grand order of Tho legion of Honor saying a it is not quite new As my father has worn at for some Neaton immediately drove to the Tuil eries to thank the Emma Cir who confirmed the Welcome fact and bedded a i shall never forget doctor the care which my son has received from it would Nowc be easy to Confer a favor with greater delicacy and Grace. As much cannot to said of Trio Rich West Indian who had been operated of with Success by sir Astley Cooper. The latter ended his last visit by rising and with a Low Bow saying that there would be no further occasion for his services. Izump tits grunted Trio patient who was still in his bed Quot i suppose i must thank you. Tako that a throwing his the retiring in Recac sir Astley anticipating perhaps Tho jokes caught the Cap in his hand and put it in is pocket. On reaching his Carriage lie founds Cheek for a thousand pounds in the Cap. Tiow the flow Weed saw the first steadier on the 1807, sixty Yearie ago and when or. Weed was Only ten years old,0 the news was Recei ved that the first Steamboat to Albany Ever on Tho River was to pass use place. To and his companion stripping themselves and putting their clothes into their hats and their hats on a Board i swam out to the Island pushing the Board before them and donning their clothes again when they arrived on dry land after waiting a while the Steamboat appeared in sight and As it approached fear began to take the place of wonder in the minds of the boys. It came up. With an awful noise and surge its huge paddle wheels exposed and its funnels vomiting fire and smoke so that to the unaccustomed eyes of Young Thurlow and his Comrado it seemed More like a monster from the infernal regions than anything else they could imagine. The were greatly frightened but it passed harm Quot Lessly and they had it to say in after years that they saw the first Steamboat that Ever went up Tho Hudson. A new life Lifeboat of improved construction is shown at the Paris exhibition. It is about thirty feet Long weighs a Little loss than three tons and can accommodate a it its full Crew of thirteen nearly forty persons. It is impossible to sink it and it is self righting. This is effected in several ways Bat mainly by constructing at each end two Largo air tight hollow compartments supplying buoyancy of themselves to float the vessel with its company and rendering it impossible for her to remain for More than a moment or two on her beam ends. It would take Art enormous Force to hold her Down in that position. In addition Thero Are the usual cellular spaces running along each aide so that submersion is out of Tho question with any human Load that could to crammed on Board. Beam the deck which is above the water line or close to it Are Iron tanks some of which filled with water afford ballast while others Are hammered Down and empty which increases the buoyancy., Vethe Scotia a mail brings advices of Tho amalgamation of the old and wealthy firm of messes. Finlay Hodgson amp co., merchant Bankers of London with the eminent House of Baring Brothers amp co. The principal partners in the House As thus recognized Are or. Ti103. Baring or. Kirk Nan d. Hodgson or. Russell Sturgis and or. Stuart Hodgson with six Junior partners. Women to be attractive to All sorts of people must have great readiness of sympathy. it naturally and Many work hard in acquiring a Good imitation of it. Messes. Greeley and Wood measure pens in a a air papers Tongue s in the new York convention. a cd
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