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Galveston Flakes Semi Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 14, 1869, Galveston, Texas / flakes. Rcv bal we Kly bulletin web Jesada a april itis to Ier Are Loyal Mon and we Boli Evo Oneat non. Tho Yaro patriots Bat Lioy Uro men cab cot to human a nations and Ufir Mitiez. They Bavo got an absurd notion so it. Seems to is in. Their Heads quot and they have done Racli that Vry cannot App nov but we Are not t for using such language As Dopa the be pubic can. To Tell the Republican that no Thor Sido exhibits half to Dehi to for Cononi nation that it ought to. We Donot Boito to that they ust out to a Rule ruin the either of them would give in at onto if he could to convinced that he was in error. But it is just a As difficult to convince the Republican that it is Varro do As it is to convince them. We believe that both sides Are honest that both do Eire to do right and that both to a certain sex. Tent fail. To do much regret that to president did not do As a certain Echo nitric clergy Man did. To was appointed to Settle a Little quarrel Between two ministers who had appealed to him As the final arbitrator. To listened Day. After Day to the accusations and arguments of Tho two gentlemen. Seeing at was a Citso of misunderstanding and Tern. Por to gravely Proton need his sentence a that to two antagonists should Helmke bands and a Ever open their months about the dispute could president Grant have Dono As a Minoh Between Tho Brothers Hamilton As the a representatives of two factions to would have done Good for Tho Loyal men of Texas. My sew 1emjhk up offi ii we. To new tenure of office Law is not altogether free from Tho fault which Aro so Noto Sously possessed by to reconstruction Laws it is a piece of badly joined Patchwork. The several parts do not agree Well with ouch other. Section first provides that ovary Ofil car appointed confirmed and qualified according to Law shall be entitled to hold such of Lico during the term for which to shall have been appointed unless sooner removed by and with Tho advice and consent of Tho Senate by he appointment with to like advice and a Mont of a successor in his piece except As herein otherwise provided. Then comes the eco and Section giving Tho president Power daring recess to so Pend any officer except judges of Tho United Stales courts until the cad of Tho next session and designate 6 me suitable person to fill to Placo. Then within thirty Days from to commencement of to session he shall Mako a nomination to fill the vacancy and if the Senate during such ses Cion refuse to advise and consent to an appointment in Tho place of such suspended Pilicer then and not otherwise the president shall nominate another person As soon is practicable to said a Essieu of the Senate for Eaid office. The clumsiness of this Patchwork will to seen when to understand that it May Dot to certainly known that a person will be finally a it Joe ted Nutil the session to coded for to May have friends who will stave off a Voto Antil Tho session is ended. In this Caso it will to impossible for the president to no Mica to a now Man. It seems to As that the Law Means this if the senator it a a cts a presidential nominee before to end of the session another and another May to nominated but if at the end of the session the Placo Baa not been filled then Tho suspended officer resumes Bis place. This in our understanding of Tho matter though to confess that the a moaning is very obscure. It Tio it tub by Ruu Cit la it Best for a political party to be con in noted honestly this is a question on which Here ought it would seem at first sight to is but on opinion an t yet Soma of the party journals have their doubts about it honesty hot so journals would admit is certainly the Best policy tor individuals but for a political party ? that Depe Udu it you i Pojo Tho rogues they fear you injure Tho party. To do not believe buy Biog of Tho kind. We believe that a journal Wutoh gives Souid advice to a party serves it hotter and is a truer Friend to it tau Oue Wuich weakly Fol lows Tho dictates of corrupt blundering leaders Aud that a journal which Pui uts out the Ore Kut i Tho wicked Ais of u party Quadt a Doea Tho Paity a real service by Una Blitz a to Gist rid of him Aud destroying ilium it flue co which Ollir wife to Wourl Usa to Cornu i Tho party Rind bub ordinate it to his private a ambition. A political party has but n Short lease of life when it Bulmes to be led munged controlled by corrupt men Aud the True Frienda of a party Ura those who expose and reprove wrung wherever Tiey Fiad it. N. Y. Postie wish our Texas politicos would put this a to boil pipes and to Moke it for without a particle of doubt it has a Barrow Load of Good sense in it still a party journal a one that a ticks up for Ita party All Tho Timo. It May condemn any Mao any act that it does not believe to to lowest but it will soon find ont that to words of holy writ Uro True quot to that Beli Eveth not so Mil to damned. A doubt any act Man of your party mud Down you to to a depth of pen Litiola so Low that you eau never loud Tho Bottom. A floating Rorsi Wii u Imit in its Bead Fourni in Nuich new you Ilio o her Day. Prove to i get Ibe bouy of us Aue Truu Aelic. Always thirty Days belied time. Two three mails Buckho new came Tomt the austrian appeared it the Luttrul mud Jtb it in Ruby protested that it web not him and a up reared a great Deal of id ignation at that part of to Etory which mingled a pleasant piece of Denadai with his priv to history. To Austin Republican in speaking of the 12th of August conv minion say wort Gret that we. Did not Havo Tho pleas Aro of in i aug timer . Fluke Alt Salt. Quick Aud truly in to Couve Tiou. Hid they been present Aud noun to Mit Jority of Tho Couve Tiou Lubo Tud for peace and Apo Ukiu tor ourselves we would have bad no business save As a journalist for we be Long to to party and therefore could not have participated in up meeting. Tho new in Osipoff. Tho Post ister general a has appointed men Rel. A. T. Stewart we. Orton Andhor Aoa a select a new site for Tho new York Poa Toffle we Trust they will take it entirely out of the City Hall Park. . Mallet is to be Tho architects to entreat him to give us i Soin Eibing other than White. Marble and painted Iron in . T Post. If the plan adopted and Uncle Sam sgt willing to foot. The Bill one at our Elbow who has examined Tinq plans pied cts the finest building in new York. One of Tho Hothouse in the Vicinity of Portland. Me., raised ten thousand Rosen in anticipation of for easter sunday. The owner it amp that he would Havo them left on Bis hands but on saturday night they were All sold and Many orders were left unfilled from inability to Supply general Publio does not know that to shall soon have a regular florists establish ment Hothouse and All. Of Galveston Island and that it will to possible to Procuro Boquet and cat Flowers for Money instead of haying to beg them for love As we now do. A Covington Kentes Yuhas j St Beeh sur prised by the a vent of one b. F. Winans who arrived from Clermont county Ohio expressly to Tako Chargo of Tho Covington Post office. Wonder ceased when it was discovered that Winans had married a Niece of Gen. Grant world. This a not Tho worst of it. The office was filled by the father of president Grant an old citizen who was turned Mac to make Way for Tho new Comer. Such a thing As a military commission in England in time of peace indeed at any time would convulse the realm from Center to circumference. Nothing is More clearly understood there than that Tho regular forms of Law no As lord chief Justice Cockburn recently said a safeguards which Are of the is sense of . Jews. Causo Utby her most gracious and benign majesty has such an amiable habit of banging rebels on the Spur of the moment that Sho bail Nono left for military commissions to work upon. Tho Wnda Harbie Argus talks the following Good sound hard fit Tod sense then let Uhall forget that to Ever were we get i Merutk know nothings re pub Lic Tiu Copp it and let us look to the Guod of the country for to Day. Aud in doing this let us look not alone o a Bat is right but also to bul a practicable. If we find that we cannot do have done just the thing that to think the i rav text let us take Tho next bist thing that is practicable and await with Tho time when we can got Boot better Chooro Between evils Aud Al Wuyu Luke Toto least. In evil Isle Gortat As aug Tryby conf us iou uncertainty. We Winve Hud enough of these Lor Trio lat ten years. Let Asli Urt our Ruitz it in Auizius it some sort of Bett cd go frument something that will form a certain Rule. To bulletin is in error in regard to the 12 h of August convention. Instead of its by aug u nil of lug of the grand Sanhedrin of the Loyal league a it was the largest political convention a Ltd held in the state. Ninette twentieth is of the districts of the Batu were represented uni the a lilt men quot of the party sunt it re As Hep. Who elected the defecate ? when and where and Bow were they elected a Tho coat of Longstreet treason is made infamous by putting it into a col a torn a office in no Orleans where nearly everything else is and always bail been infamous. Such a confirmation despite the protests of men so different As Cameron Sumner Aud Brownlow is not we fancy the soul Tel a answer Yea nay As to tha status of former rebels but it is a demonstration of Grants strength in the . No but it is Tho Seal of the nation s Pardon. It does not ignore the crime of rebellion Bat it does a Eleaby from the penalty. Among the nominations it will be seen that j. Ii. Hume bos been sent to the Senate for United states Marbal for the weak a v i Trio of Texas. Tuis announcement will a Louis it i the Loul people of Western Texas our present my still a. P. Blocker is us Coo in Jii bed mud efficient officer As Well us u staunch mud faint us Itu publican who e the it my rum primp one it it a Edu Caiiou nor Brutus. He will be moved i Tibia Kix Luo Nttah tor if be Shou d be cite filmed. Pretini deut Grant Hus Evnin utly been lip Maud upon a Austin Jit pub lican. To must soy a word in defense of col. Lippard the Tatem it that be has neither character education nor brains is an error. A a never heard the slightest breath of allegation against him. which May to Cap Ureil in Waters a the High setts near this Inland having of Board persons arms w,.r Muti rials which can m any a Tiger contribute to Itie Lomy Utu Tiou of the in this province no matter Beuce Ita Point of departure port of procedure after us examination of the a hip a papers Bali be Cou dered hostile to the ter i Turkut Lute Rity Aud Rea Educ pirates us Crit in to Luo rules Mill of Limiti oct h of Tho Navy Laid do Oil in to it huh Carmeni the persons who May lie Oppre beaded in snob venue la Bill of the number f hid t. B shot Itu mediately. . , March 21, 1sr9. By the Tiomi . Domingo Dulce a shot a be w mud a few British sul j ots he Wilt Timi himself m an scrape. In Tho Meau so Sou blockade running is uni very we telex -uie.i. General Hamilton mud a Large number of to Texas Reposi Iolaus cd Titu that every tui Bas been Oblu ii o i that in really Vireil a t a a that they be permitted to reconstruct Yov Eru Lieut there fhe re Pouso of their Yipu Tif Iii in that the Housti Tuttos Down get it to tria a ii he it Dougli pers mix in tue site. Our i it Fea is that it a Reptik Joau form of govern meet Cut to be Heo ured Only by Nwe Piug of the people it must Tio a very curious and Coutrado toy . The trouble is that Pauli p dirty Consi lers his own the Only original Jacob l of Watn l Republican g Over smut Aud Ull others no Tore tau base imitations. ,1 tub a bbses pc had Inuss a flt the Cou Hittso Sixo the Bouse of Maeon 31st this1 was pas3�d but did not reach Tho Senate and therefore did hot become a Law. 7 . Whittemore. On leave introduced tha following Billy a Bill to remove political disabilities from get Tail persons a a to it enacted by the Senate and hone of. of the United states of America to Congress assembled two thirds of each 1 Hondo concurring therein that All Legal and political disabilities imposed by the fourteen Ali amendment of Tho Constitution of the unite state by reason of participation in the Lata a rebellion to and they hereby Are removed from the following persons namely a a a . A Atascosa county w m Duck 1 Blanco county e c Hines and j w her. Man Bexar county William j Locke Thomas a Stribbling f Simon a Mondragon a m. Chaves Balcom g Anderson Louis Zorn Joseph , t g Anderson a Dittmar John a a. Jocko , a Udoye. Charles Lis Tieb a Siemering a Sartor. George Noel jnli08hoyer,,-�?~chri6topher" Rhodius David w Bennett c c. Mckinney t n Mckinney Thornton a Washington Minin h Campbell and a Simering. Bosque Foamy s s Nichols l h Crutchfield Oie Cann Teon and f c Clay Bough. Bee county Noah c Webster. It Calhonn county James Ashworth and Lauie d Heaton. Cameron county f Cummings,5 Frank e Mao Manns Joseph Hopkins and William w Davis. Colorado county Don f Payne Alexander lookup Kiddey Walker and Edward Collier. Comal county emd von Stoin George Webber g p Harlos Hubert Lux Julius Reich Charles Foege David Elze John j Meyer Nichlaus Holz Gustav Bodemann h Guen. Ther Casimire Rudorf Julins Rennert Carl sense Silvester Simon Peter Haag Fritz Heidemeyer Albrecht Kuhne August Shulz Bernard Kyeun Carl Schaefer John Charles Esser curl Wall Jef Eernst Groen a gust Reeb Julins Mookler and doctor we. Remer. Cherokee county James m Wiggins. Dallas county James m Patterson John cup Ian Accel Dawdy Stephen c Atter Bury w a Bledsoe Gabriel Samuel Clemen crore Aud Frank Porter. Denton Counti Joseph minor John l. Love a by ., and James is. A Rod. Dot Witt county Thomas c Smith and Hugh b Boston. Falls county s w Ford Fannin county s Hunt s j Galbraith and a go St Bauh. Fayotta county Hamilton Ledbetter Nat Joiner John l Smith and William 21 Davidson. Fort Bend county we e Kendall., Counis Auti it Uutola Toj j league h m True heart a p Wiley and Edward t Austin. Uil Tespie county h Bierce Wall a o Cooley j w Wilson. Christim k d he Juo san Baui Julius Schuchard Henry Ocise c web Meyer Albert to Leberger curl Weirick we Lucken bulb and Leopold Schultz. Gonzales coup to it Ibert l Mai Teri William j mending c p Hopkins and Green Lickey. Gobi us county George w Jacobs o &1 Jonex n Simmons Eil Berry Lane and h u Lane. Guadalupe county Asa j l fro Well Leon Ard Tilsley willium Stein Henry Maney Juo f Gordon a j Fry and b a brow. Harris county c b Sabin and j j o Winch. Jackson county a b Sodd and j san Ford. Karnes county James d. Campbell Kendall county William e Jones William in brass h w Topperwein it Topper Wein Charles Cole August Staffel Otto Bank Caann Joseph Kew rough Theodore Weiden Feld Leopold Donaiz s c Nowlin e o Kreig re Adolf Rosenthal August Faatiu w hear my in and Marion Mariin. Kerr county Casper real and Fritz tec Ner. Lamar county Williamh Johnson Henry Moore and Fraucis Milur. Williamr pad. L the atone county w o Reeves. Lavaca county j b Wright. Live Oak county Mathew Kivelin Josiah Hinton s x . Mcle Naip county c b Way James f Davis. Ssmuel Evans George w Patton frauds Barlow. Mason county i Barg a Orf o to d mop b biters Fem. Fran i Ketouer u t Cuther by h Hoerster g Brauden. T.cole. Medina county be Ort of 11 Noiman John Suoi k. H j Guiou Itris. Joseph Kempf. Al eur Niue Volkier b Aii slut Tuff Tjoseph Wiff Aud Michael Wipff. Nieces county Procop Hoffman. T s Parker Juhu Kun Itrat Ivory dotted rein thu b Micheil j b slurp to Ltd tid go Nroa f a uns. Tau Patricio court Jhu Ryuju. Travis county 1 g Cilenus Georgo j Thielepape mud George c.ves. Uva Ute coup to j v cd Minot in. Upshur court a Charles a of. Z Victoria county j by a cuu Ninkham Sterns to e Bradford to a Hind Saidi. Aud c g Hll Wal Liaman Poauty p h Adams. Barion county Wili Imus Munios James g Hunt j Bant f g Frank b h Boone jus Mem Siers Ltd. 2. And be it further enacted. That All Pera Oua Lri a whom the a imposed by the fourteenth the Crux to Lutlo of the United at Tegt Baku been Blu l be removed Aud who Havo been shul be elected Upp Luied to any if file place of Truat in under the it Tim it it of the us try states of till f the Tutei. Of Terri tories Kim i brei to Uteri Ujj u in the Licis that a of Tafte Aud sub it in Ilia Tho Oati Pirc id Luttie act up Rev a july 11 in Lutis. Untitled a a a net picnic Rittu a on Tutu of office to be Luken by per it Oua whom left us it Mitil lilies Hall ii att been rom Luh Tead it the a a am prescribed in the net a Zippro Vii just a 2 i. 1862. Euculed quot ill act to inc Dorisd i Yalu of Uffia mud for older pit Rio est tuyt Biuso it buy o her act to tue contrary uoti Obsta Diug. Tfir Liuva log Gnu a a .1,t. The following is a liar a Bulowa As the gov not a lint which the Ufuti Ali unit men us lodged was called fur by Gen. A is and marked with. it a bin underscored names were omit Iod from the diva Billy Bill. If tia Usu lenient in True and it is made by Oue of the ajor get Promise i of the anti a amp a it then the on this list which d a not appear to the to it ill to tried by the House Are whoa o that were marked in red Ink. To prevent mistake we will aay that this list is not a list of ail that applied nor do we under stand that it comprises All recommended by governor Petao. But Only Encl a had naked Bis signatory at the it Date of its being made no any subsequent applications do quot not appear on it. To a a a re i c c Binckley $ b Morgan s Bostick by Bradley Geo w Hobson Jase Beny Jas it h Tuttle John w Hnatek Dray son county i Robt h Taylor 8 j Galbraith Lebard 8. Sanders Fannin county Samuel f Moreley Marion county j k p record Dallas county a p Mccormick Brazoria a county James h Bell Travis county Frank Lin Brigance John h Wilson g m mooring Orv Ltd b Caldwell Grimes county Thomas i h Stribling m g Anderson t g Anderson Bexar county f w harms Madison county w e Jones John w transom Kendall county g Campbell Travis county Thomas bean i Fannin county Eugene Wilson. Thomas t copes j w Yerby j s Rogers Samuel 8mastre g Moller Erwin Wilson Brazoria county Dan a m Coleman Rob t n read James 8 Corley Richard Douglas John h Barnett Jacob a11 Bright James Barnett Levy w Cooper Houston county James m Herod Joseph Miner. Denton county Jphn Lovejoy Wise county a m Bryant Gray-.60ncountyjua.burke, Harris county a-1� Darnall w h Andrews j b Rogers Jacob Routh a t Robertson Collin county w h Fleming n. W town Clement Dickson d h Bearder h w Gaines m w Cundle John h. Beaty bed county Lewis Alexander. Bowie county Wiley w Gideon Josiah n Peck. Bed.ver county Hamilton Ledbetter a g Ledbetter James p Ledbetter Robert Zapp n c Joiner. John l Smith Fayette Donn to j b Mcfarland j b copes Alford a b Mcgill a j Hawell t c Collins l h. Luckett Frank Brown Simon Loomis eds Ward Christian Travis county a b Pedigo Hays county m priest Cherokee county James Wrigley Jesse d Lane Liberty county e p Hunt Galveston county Robert Leonard Jefferson county j Douglass Brown Polk county a p Wiley Tipton Walker a j Ward t h Mcmahan Gulvesta county Joseph c Terri Tarrant county Henry Maney Guada Lupo county w a Daley. Harria county s 8 Nichols Bosque county Kidder Walker Colorado county we w Wallace san Augustino county Jobyna Johnson Titus county j d Mcadoo e in Tarver Washington county a Siemering Bexar county s w Ford Falls a county we non Brather Willianson coun. To o h Milligan Richard Riley Travis counts v it i Franks w j Phillips Wharton county James Muster son hums county James w. Smith i Ruvis county b f Bedford Tarrant county a w Gray red county Alex Audet Bon Brazos county a h Denton Wil con Donn to m a Wheeler a Shelby coup to e Iward our Meson Haya county. The foregoing list is recommended by the following names e m Pease governor ii Lindsay a j Hamilton. Q old it vell. Judges of the us. Preme court e b inner attorney j h. Raj us a�n8sor 3d District Brevet it Igor gone Rel j j Reynolds Brevet my Jor general e 8 cubby w paso hah d Johnson Oscar f trip a h m Truehart e b Seti to j a Settle a k lat John West Erl Atje c h l Onard s Jones Frank Dirk b , Pat Carville us Andrews. C f White a a fort hot urd n b Yard j l a big in a co inti h h d it obey Harris county get c Reeves Travis count John say Lea Wash Guiou count b g Duval Smith county j b Searcy Grimes county Jos Boon Montgomery county f w Smith the Byrnes Harris coup to Chun l Durbin d let Atchison Gimme county h b b Iston Dew to county John Riordon Harris county. John e George Montgomery county a me Donald ruins county c a Russell Karnes county. A the foregoing list reon amended by Tho a following persons o b tia Trio g w Paschal j j Reynolds Brevet general besides. The endorsements on the original petitions. Judge Paschal recommended the following names c b Sabin Harris county by Epperson red count Geo w Baylor a m Lee Andrew Neill Galveston county gains w e Wooten red county Isam Terry w h Christian Tailua county w j Johnson Lamar county. Bookek Tai of Bill b. We have a copy of the Wax Bachia Argus dated april 6tb, giving the very Welcome news of the killing on the 5 b,.of Ben the outlaw and Thompson his first Leuten iut in crime and outrage. We condense the Story by omitting the rhetoric Bick St if find from Sou bad been residing fur Mouth a months near Alvarado find it was tier custom to i it that place late it the evening and Lulu ing Tbs night to its tute a Carmit of robbery Aud other Crit a. Biuk a Sulf bad assume i Tho Uay a of t ion of Bac it appear that u Fow i Xvi duals Kurt his real Suid. Tue Grimm a b o no Iuta b it a Draud their outrageous Auis Grovv to by unbearable. Cons q Iet itly. Of the even Iii mentioned tha citizen to it it of Bev Illume pared themselves for the purpose of ridding their Community of these to reagent pets they had Ever known. The Toneu Rode up bore rack and dismounted Aud so snot us they had alighted a Shower of death Den aug Lemilen balls was directed at Ihetu. Tuom Sou was killed in. A tacitly hoc b overs Tate was struck in three pm ice Nowith stailing his wounds. One of which either burst the bail of his right Eye so confused it As to Render it entirely might less he tir a two Well aimed shot at his adversaries one Ball a Mug through the do Hes of Oue of Bis auiiiiiut8ts. Aud one Bot Rurik tug h Gnu in the bunds of a other. He then fired several Tilkus it , shoeing while i Vii in tha clutches it death Bede Pertle and Nizio ii q Pratile spirit Shiuli Tiad a tended Hui a i Ulouis it through his c Treer of crime. Tieu i wits pro Sirato upon the ground Aud hoi a it to it is Init a Ergi a red a Iii tui he exclaimed quot you Havu killed As Nave n Man us Ali Urvis in toe s a util us was disposed it ill be iv.-, but lie lulled to Gat buy iut rested utter unti auditors. Thus Pasi Eil Fotu Euribe a Man who bad doubt let a sleep a Ami i in crime As heinous Anil fat Ulas it re kilo Vul in that to to duals of ibis country mud the ius uti yes of Iii Are. A quot that is. Only second in number to those of Bis f Iru Ier chief Aud Uia�i. spirit Culleu m Thompson bad been a citizen of Alvarado Havivi i Eil there., we believe As h respected oili2�u tor Alibi Ltd two years. Us was reduced into the vicious c Greer upon Whiteb he had entered by built a Huff. A Mau who was then already wed of it to Highway of crime. We learn i hat so be menu of Cut zeus of Alvarado have by a Milf it being Koh petted that they were of Tucker stuff mud Thompson. We Tori our to Mei Tiou games As tue parties have been highly respected and As there is not yet proof positive of their Goa Section with tha = while we should have greatly preferred that both Bickerstaff and Baker had died. By the hands of the Law it is Well that Texas is relieved of her chief outlaws and. To Havo a a Hope that peace will reign throng hone her Border. Tho question has been mooted As to whether Tho five justices Oft peace shall to voted a for be the whole people of the county Listeal of Oleo Ting each each Justice in Liis resp Dativo beat precinct As heretofore ? it is oar impression that the election of the a Sioea Willit be by general voting a were the county commissioners elected. Under the. Presen Constitution. Are we right not who witf1 explain a Bastrop a a. If elected at All it will be by general Voto of the county but to Hopa that a Chango to mischievous will not be made Bat the Section will to submitted separately and Defeated. Roix Ino Theiu six Eeves commit be of we a and Means to Day passed a Ross lotion that they will personally examine_.int9, All custom houses. Rave no a offices etc., Mit everything pertaining to the Revenue Law la order to enable them to Frame a Tariff Bill by the next session of Congress. They a ill probably extend their visits from Boston to san Francisco commencing in new York dispatch apr 2. We Hope they will Homo to Galveston. A a amp it. Get stack hard and fast Jor ten Daya on Qia bar. A a /. On yesterday afternoon oar town was considerably awakened by the filing in of a Large guard of mounted and armed citizens having in charge a prisoner named Cathey. A few months ago the tax collector and assessor of Johnson county in company with Cathey whiles travelling on Tho Publio Road in bin county were attacked and robbed the assessor of his funds Cathey of a thousand dollars professed to be by a party of men unknown Bat supp Osai to have been Bickerstaff and company. The two men were separated and taken in diff rent directions. This with some subsequent developments All of which evidence was brought to this place by the guard in sealed envelopes led to the suspicion Cathey was an accessory to this crime and a i partisan of Bicke Raulfs. After the a death of the latter Cathey was arrested by the citizens and sent to this Point for Safe keeping1. To lives about five Miles from Alvarado and his. Hitherto we understand been above no Ousa Tion. He is a Good looking Man a but forty years old. He is now in the military if co sex. April 9. Glorious weather this Jeewek on crops and vegetation. An abundance of rain cheered is on monday last which was timely since , warm aun Rhine Days have greeted adv. April to. Is if. . I. Holst.ein183 Market Street Galveston Texas Gnu urn and Abib St t Ealer in Gorr aaa and eng St school and other Bonks. S a e land of mar sutly Onorr n i Lana at. Bams Gold i Oua to. Fan33jmltjcawr w anted. V two a Puent ices to a baby the bin Ting by Alness boy from tha a Monteg pro oried. Apply at this of Leo a Xci Icett tce1ioe. V. Ion a is. I. Of i Geis a a a Access tos b Law amp co wh0ie8a13 a Etlah dbl Jib in ice a a Houtos and Luxl Obston Texas. Orders from City and country Eoll coteil.,. _ mi3m.�wloidental cards. A a. Ii. E. I aum10s, a. a elitist. Established is18s�o. I Oslas Aal read onto no. I to u. Postol hcs Street a cab pm Al a. The of of Pircea agreed non w the Deas tests of Luu City months not shrine Brea re Pec Tail i new Avue that pub c that l a a a by ion a by of b mud by Thorn Auto Bali hereafter jew All dental operations a cheap a i buy dentist. In tue to it in. K. Bomon Soh. I not to hid freq int Oil Sloas to exit Las the plate Waric Ait Al Jui Teeth. Well As the flu of Sau i Uther a Dull Ouer Atlas anus try do l. K. It 7 Oft -5 by j Inna Iii tor i i y jars int a my i Totua Plok Iao Iaea in i Constser him nimbly quit Flat in Bolli depot Mouth of Juenst Ioury a Jas. S. Kasapi. By d an w. O. Deut to Molleca. Of Veston. Ans. I8i>3. So prom amp swig ,. Fled Cai cards. Dit3, Dow la amp Pineter office 20rn Street no. 2�. Up Sra Obj. Private patients boarded. Gaast i us do a Ell to. D., physician and far Geum i a me a St Aud ave be i. Isms w pm big u. I per alien Anil to Idonea 4ld Ualat Huith at. Ap9 Sujat at Karu a. Ukoh at i�?. Avegael Bateau 31st and 33-1 its. A medic it Al Tel be a a div a Naff culty Evory Day both fou the Hon 8 of i jul Iris f11i5is i j at oui it for Mutlu in a Aud la stint Meta. u -v7-�zi.l u if a i ls5>-Xiniiwly Doan of , amp a. W. Joc Willsch amp co58 Fluiro a tract Coson tiered a building near . A a beak using to Ituen Anli to Lestic sex c h an g Ewill rive Spada attention to a at ult Points in this state Aas i Kir Eio a a g�l-1 Tud Suva i Oais it a old on order. Has heat p i Vej pm i of to Ruigui coins Cudtud states , Etcie. Y a a Unta Foi those a Len a cd a hib and Are Glass ply out a of Kig bold la Mann amp co., ii i cd Zutl of Iii. ù4>vcatou. Nov. S. Ies8 Damp ate 4 loss do to p . No Tho celebrate Cor i i flu inet Slid. Valvo at. Air a. Of Iolj iai->ii1i1i> i �?1.m of Pon Uhle a a glues also ii cur Mui t an Ltd Anc a i Jlia us amp tri Ana Sanc viju8, Aumi is Sbal Lili. Pal Yii Oji the Ami so Anglo Mill n Vaiar saw la Olizi if a. Our for of circa Lua Aud la i Ici lift. Two in amp Mann steam Eno col fill dam amp Injia fit tick hew a Tok

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